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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 30)

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Posted: 14 September 2008 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
amazing update.. so finally suhaan is getting close to ashi :)
im happy for them.. i hope its just a couple more updates till they are together. anyways thank you so much for updating. truely amazing :)

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Posted: 15 September 2008 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Hey Saanchi,
 so finally mr.Right comes to know that he made an mistakeOuch
how would he scold her in such way that too in front of all.Shocked
well he is scare to say sorry to AshiLOLthat's good Mr. Suhaan Malhotra really scared girl LOL
"No body had taken this much care of me, other than my Mom or Dids…" 
hhmm kuch toh gadbad haiEmbarrassedi mean u know when men started to find the qualities of their mom n sis in someoneWinkTongueEmbarrassed
luv the whole part.i knew it was Rav's plan she only do such thingShocked
but Suhaan gave an enough answer through his action that everything is fine between Ashi n Him..........

         Manish n Rahul are darling dear, i luv to read them,
waiting for next update..........
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Here's d nxt part :
aThirty Threeb



     They reached Mumbai around nine, They had reached Mumbai by nine; it had taken them long this time as they had preffered more break during the journey. They were busy saying goodbyes to their friends when Manish noticed Suhaan a bit disturbed,


        "Suhaan, is anything wrong?" he asked


        "Ah…..nope nothing much"


        "But you seem lost, tell me what's wrong?" he urged placing a hand on his shoulder


        "Oh ho, I told you it's nothing, I can manage" he replied sporting a smile


        "Ohk as you say" as they went to where the others were


        "Ok so it's decided, we'll go in groups" declared Ankur, "Ok Suhaan good….." as he looked at him "You, Ashi, Soniya, Rimil will move in one group"


        "But I can't" Suhaan declared as Ashi looked at him surprisingly


        "No that's fine, we'll take a cab" Ashi said looking for others


        "But Suhaan why not? I mean you too will go in that direction" said Rahul


        "No I'm not, I'm going somewhere else" he said


        "Where?" he asked


        "To someone special, I just need to meet her now" he said, "So I need to rush guys….I'll see you people later" as he moved Ashi followed him


        "Suhaan" she called from a distance


        "Ashi, what's wrong?" as he stopped


        "Nothing just…."


        "Do you want to say something to me?" he asked as she nodded, "What?" but she kept mum n stared at him instead, "Ashi" he waved his hand before her


        "Huh" she came back to reality


        "You wanted to say something, right?"




        "Can you please do it fast, I need to go…….."


        "I……. just wanted to say thanx"


        "Thanx? What for?"


        "For everything that you did, I had my best time on this trip" she gladly announced


        "Well in that case, you are most welcome" he said, "Should I tell you one thing?" as she nodded, "I too had a blast….with you" smiling he added


        "I hope you are not pulling my leg?"


        "Of course not……now if you are done with your thank you's n all, can I move?"


        "Hmm…..bye" she said sadly but a longing was clearly evident in her eyes


        "Bye…..but why are you looking so down?"


        "Actually, I'll miss you" she murmured under her breath


        "What?" she looked up worried, "Did you say something?"


        "No nothing at all, but all the best to you"


        "All the best?" he asked surprised


        "Yup, I know that wherever you are going, it's very important to you"


        "Ok then cya later sometime……n cheer up" as he hit her head lightly before going, "Bye guys" he shouted waving to the others, Ashi kept staring at his last sight visible


        "I love you Suhaan" she said, "I'll not allow you to go anywhere once you are mine" she promised herself, as she returned to them





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Posted: 15 September 2008 at 9:21am | IP Logged

The moment the bell rang, Rimi jumps off her couch. She had been waiting for her Di impatiently from the moment she had been informed of her homecoming…..


        "Diiiiiiiii" she shouted as she came down, n running before the servant to open the door, but she found none, "Di" she called lightly


        "Rimi, close the door n sit here" said her father


        "But Baba, I heard the sound"


        "Oh ho can't it be someone else's?" asked her Maa


        "N the bell?" she asked, "Was it for someone else too?"


        "I don't know when will you grow up Rimi?" as she went in to the kitchen


        "Now what's that to do with my growing up?" she asked banging the door,


        "Off ho Rimi, come here" Mr. Bedi called her to his side, "Why are you so miffed? She'll come when she has to, right?" she nodded lightly


        "But Baba, she doesn't love me anymore"


        "N why do you feel this?"


        "Earlier she used to be on time, never kept me waiting like this, n now see……I'll not talk to her" she declared standing up, leaving him smiling over her childish behavior, n just then the bell rang again, Rimi had forgotten all her words as she ran to the door, "Di" she called, this time it was Rahul


        "Hi Rimi" he gladly wished her


        "Hi" she returned it even more gladly, as she kept looking here n there for her Di, "Where's Di?"


        "Ah…..actually she's not come"


        "What do you mean by that?"


        "Hmm, she had stayed back at Tamy's place"


        "Who's it Rimi?" called her Baba from in


        "Din't I tell you Baba that she doesn't love me anymore?" she sadly asked, as he Baba looked at Rahul, "I too don't care for her….she can stay there for as long she wants to"


        "But I can't stay without you" said she hugging her from behind


        "Di" turning to hug her back, "I knew you couldn't do that to me"


        "But just now you were telling Baba that I don't care for you"


        "I was very right when I said that, you don't love me the most in this world anymore" she said making a face,


        "Off ho Rimi, there's nothing like that" Ashi assured


        "So take an oath on my head" placing a hand on her head, making Rahul laugh while Ashi lost in thoughts


        "Ashi I din't expect such a filmy entry for you" Rahul commented which brought her back


        "Ya Rimi just stop it, n lemme come in" avoiding her query


        "Ok" letting her in, Ashi went to her Baba hugging him n later her Maa


        "How are you beta?" she asked


        "I'm fine Maa, see"


        "N how's your trip?" Baba asked


        "It was amazing Baba, I've never had such fun before" Rahul knew it better


        "N Rahul how are you beta?" she asked him


        "I'm okay aunty n I think I should leave now"


        "But you have just come, atleast have something" she urged


        "No no aunty, if I don't leave now Mummy will worry" he said


        "Thanx Rahul" Ashi said


        "Now what's that?" he asked

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Posted: 15 September 2008 at 9:21am | IP Logged

"Ok sorry"


        "Fine I'll see you later, n Rimi grab your Di for all the exciting stories" he suggested


        "Of course I'll" she said smiling


        "Rahul Bye" Ashi said to make him move before anything else





     Suhaan reached the Singhania's place, he was asked to sit as the servant went to call upon Mehr. Suhaan was in two minds whether to call Sameer regarding this or not, but then he decided on handling this his way….


        "Excuse me" asked a voice behind him


        "Ah…..hi" he greeted


        "Oh Hi Suhaan, what a pleasant surprise?" Angad greeted back, as he was back from club


        "Well it's a surprise, whether pleasant or not, it's upto someone else" he explained


        "How's that? I din't get it?" he asked


        "Oh hi Mr. Malhotra" Mehr said


        "Mehr, what's wrong?" asked he


        "Bro….. you go n freshn up, I need to talk to him" she said looking at him, that made Suhaan conscious


        "I would do anything but not let it go wrong for my stupidity" he thought


         "So Mr. Malhotra, what brought you here?" she asked maintaining her stern voice


        "I know that was rude….." he started


        "No it wasn't, infact it was quite justified"


        "Actually I had thought that you had done the same thing as…….."


        "N so you had said those words to me, right?" Suhaan was left to nod only, "You know what Suhaan, I don't really need to care what Sameer's brother thinks about me, as far as he's with me"


        "I know that, n you are absolutely right, you need to care about me because am stupid……"


        "Yup that you are" she said hiding her smile, "But you love your Sameer very much….."


        "Ya n that's why I don't want anything to go wrong just because of my stupidity………"


        "Hmm so what do you want me to do?" she asked


        "I know it's in your hands whether to forgive me for that or not but please don't do anything to Bhai for this" he said in a pleading tone


        "Does he knows that you are here doing such a thing?"


        "No I din't inform him…….but why?"


        "He should know this…."


        "Know what?"


        "That his bro Suhaan, who never pleads to anybody or even says sorry, is doing all this for him" she said


        "No he doesn't need to know this, I don't want him to"


        "Ok I won't tell him, but then you need to do something for me" she suggested


        "I can do anything for………" he said hurriedly


        "Relax, I think you should have listened to what I'm asking you to?"


        "I don't need to, just tell me" he urged


        "As I told you that I don't need to bother about you being Sameer's bro…."


        "Hmmm, so…."


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Posted: 15 September 2008 at 9:24am | IP Logged

"But what you don't know is that, I need to care for my friend, isn't it?" he nodded before realizing it, "So how about me as one?" she asked gladly, he looked up at her for the first time


        "Are you serious?"


        "Why don't I look that or is it that you don't see me as one?"


        "You deserve much more than that, for you the special one in Bhai's life" his eyes seemed teary for a moment


        "So can I have a hug from my friend?" he nodded before hugging her


        "I'm really really very sorry Bhabhie" it slipped out of his mouth instantly making her look at him


        "Ok now no more sorries between us, n you can surely continue calling me that" she said


        "Thanx a lot Bhabhie"


        "I never knew you are such an emotional person………"


        "Now that you have known it, it doesn't mean that you will shout at that" he warned playfully


        "You never know" ending it teasingly, "Now do I need to act formal with you" asking him to sit


        "No you don't, but I need to rush now"


        "Don't tell me you haven't been home yet?"


        "No I havn't"


        "You are simply too much, just relax, I'll bring on something for you" as she turned


        "No not at all, you had given me what I wanted, n that's made my day, n I'll keep haunting my friend more often, so don't even think it's over"


        "I'll happily wait for that"


        "Fine then it's time to scare someone else, I'll see you later, bye"


        "Surely, take care" n he rushed off to home





     As soon as Suhaan reached home, he was noticed by all,


        "Suhaan" called out his Mom


        "Hi Mom, how are you?" he asked hugging her


        "Leave me" she said making him face her,


        "Now what's wrong Mom?"


        "I have noticed one thing, whenever you are away, you don't even care to inform how are you doing……we need to call you repeatedly" she said complaining


        "Uhhh……you know me right? I just forget all these things, I do what I intend to do there" he backed, "N I was fine there, wasn't I?"


        "You know that you are okay, but how can we stay here like that?"


        "Off ho Mom, now he's back, let him be" Snigs said in support of him


        "Thanx Dids, atleast you know"


        "You people have made him so irresponsible, that's why he didn't even care to inform us that he had fever"


        "Now who told you that?" his brows shot up


        "That's not a point, is it not right?" his Mom asked


        "Ya but it was nothing serious, n Mom please for heaven's sake, stop treating me like I had been away on any school excursion" he gave an tiring look


        "Suhaan, you'll always remain a little boy to her" Mr.Malhotra added


        "Ya Dad but………" he started


        "She worries for you because she cares for you….."


        "N she cares for me because she loves me shooooooo much" he completed hugging her yet again, "N Mom I love you too"

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"Hmm, ok ok, now go n freshn up, we'll have the dinner together" she said


        "Dids how's my shweety pie?" he asked while passing her


        "Ah how do you know it's a girl?"


        "I don't but I want one, just loving n caring like you" he explained squeezing her cheeks


        "Suhaan I think you have changed a bit" she said


        "Changed? N how can you say that?"


        "Ah…….that I'll reveal later, now go n hurry up, your shweety pie can't wait much for her meal"


        "Oh right! But where's Bhai? He didn't even come down to greet me…….. I hope he's home?"


        "Ya he's, but may be on the phone talking to Mehr" said Snigs


        "Oh no" slipped out of his mouth


        "What happened?"


        "Nothing, I'll be back soon" as he rushed to Sameer





        "Bhai" he stormed in




        "So you are here? N am searching you everywhere" he said


        "Searching me why?"


        "I knew it, you must be on the phone……who's it on the line" Mehr kept on listening to their in going convo,


        "Ah…..just like that, noone special" he tried to sway it away


        "Oh I see……so my would be bhabhie is noone special huh?" he said it rather loudly, "Can you hear that?" he asked indicating Mehr


        "Hmmm here you are" said Sameer handling over the phone to him,


        "That's pretty fast" as he took it, "So……I hope you haven't spoken it all to him?" as Sameer looked curious


        "What do you think?"


        "Ah…..I have heard that girls can't keep secrets for much long, is it true?"


        "You seem to know all about us, then why do you claim to hate girls?"


        "I don't hate them" he said outright, "How can I?"


        "Hey hey hold on, have you chosen anyone for yourself?"


        "Now this is what I hate to hear, same old rubbish…..I think you two should get back to your coochie- cooing, but don't break your promise" he warned her again


        "I'll try not to" she said laughing at his words


        "Hmm, over to Bhai" as he threw the phone over to him, "N Bhai do it fast, everyone's hungry…..except you for sure" he banged the door shut




      Ashi was laying on his bed, switching her lamp on n off several times, she was no doubt thinking about him…….her expressions kept changing everytime a new moment captured her thought, but one thing she was unaware that Rimi was noticing her from quite a while……the moment she turned


        "Aaaah" came a scream


        "What's wrong Di? You scared me" said Rimi


        "I scared you or you scared me" was an instant snare, "Who told you to stand here like a ghost?"


        "How mean? I came here to share the stories n you are scolding me?" she made a face


        "Ohk sorry, I din't mean that" she said hugging her


        "That's good for you"

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"So what did you do all this while, did you miss me?" asked she


        "Naaaah, but am sure you didn't" she said it in confidence


        "How can you be so sure?"


        "Because you are missing someone else"


        "Someone else? What rubbish?"


        "Hello, am not you are trying to fake it, but one thing you should know that you can't fake in front of me"


        "Oh now sound like a granny to me, like you know all"


        "Of course I do, n in this matter there's no doubt about it"




        "So out with it baby, who's it?" as Ashi seemed surprised by her choice of words, "Who's that charm because of whom you have lost your's?"


        "Rimi, I think the first thing I should do in the morning, is take you to a psychiatrist"


        "Hahaha, very funny…..don't avoid my question" she confronted her


        "Off ho I told you it's nothing, now lemme sleep" as she went back to her bed


        "Hmm, well keep trying if you can get some" teasing she went to her own, leaving Ashi blush, she knew how right was her kid sis





        The next day was a busier one, with Sameer's engagement by the corner; they seemed engrossed in their own arrangements. Sameer had asked his Mom n Dad, to take special care, so that Suhaan doesn't come to know who the actual Aayesha is… they had invited the Bedis' to the ceremony


        "Hmm seems like all's set" said a yawning Suhaan as he descended the hall


        "No it's not, n please get into work soon" said Snigs


        "Hmm, so tell me what do I need to do?" as he sat beside her, resting his sleepy head on her shoulder


        "Won't you ever grow up Suhaan?" asked his Mom


        "Now what Mom?"


        "You know it very well that your Dad is busy in his office, Your Dids is not that well……"


        "Hmmm" his voice still a sleepish one


        "Now don't tell me that you were expecting Sameer to arrange his own engagement?" she added


        "No Mom, I didn't mean that" he sat up a bit sensing the seriousness of the matter


        "Hmmm so get ready fast, n get to work" ordered she


        "Ya ya" he laid back yet again


        "Suhaan if you continuing doing this, Mom is not going to spare you this time" warned Snigs


        "But why me?" he asked in a nagging tone


        "N why not you? It's time that you take your responsibilities seriously"


        "Didn't I when I was sent……"


        "Ya you did, n you have to do it soon again"


        "Is he sending me again?" he asked


        'No, but he was telling Mom that you'll join him after the Sameer's engagement, n he'll get you introduced to all at the party itself"


        "Aah…..not again" as he stood up, "Did I tell you how I hate these officially clad ceremonies?"


        "Ya you did that many a times" came a quick one from her


        "So my life's gonna be at it's boring best" he declared in a raised voice


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