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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 29)

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Posted: 13 September 2008 at 3:25pm | IP Logged

        "I didn't expect Suhaan to say that" Rahul said, "I don't understand what's with him"


        "But Rahul….something surely has happened to him….." as Ashi nodded meekly, "Didn't you notice the marks?"


        "I did n that's why I got worried……..n what the hell were you doing with him yesterday?" Rahul asked again,


        "I told you, din't I?" she said


        "Hmm, did you really kiss him?" was his next query, but she was too hesitant to reveal that so she nodded, "Why?" he asked


        "I did it just to make him feel better" she said


        "You kissed him to make him……I mean Suhaan feel better? That's something new" he stated, Tamy asked Rahul to stop it there, "Ok fine, I'll not ask that but……."


        "Off ho Rahul, stop your queries, go n put some brain into him instead" Tamy suggested


        "Ya but if not she, then who would have done it?" he said, "We need to find that out, n how can she get to her room…….I think I should go n ask at the reception, if they can help"


        "Hmm, that's better" Tamy said as Rahul went





     He was pacing up n down the room, he was feeling all the more restless when those flashes disturbed him,


        "I should have taken Rahul along with me" he thought, "But no I thought I was enough to solve all……..damn" as he punched his hand on the wall


        "Suhaan stop behaving like that" Manish said as he entered


        "What are you doing here?" he asked irritated, "N please don't even try to convince me that she's right"


        "I'll not try to make her look innocent, but I think………" as Suhaan snared at him, "Let me complete dude….I think that someone had tried to trap her, as she's not like that, really"


        "Now why would anybody try to do anything to her? Manish we are all friends here, got it?"


        "Why? There's enough reason to do that" as Suhaan looked at him curiously, "Don't you think that you are mixing up with her quite well, unlike other girls in our troupe"




        "So that's a reason enough to make someone hate her n make you to hate her too"


        "What rubbish!"


        "You won't understand all this Suhaan" he stated


        "Neither do I want to" he waved it away

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2008 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

"But you have to…." Rahul said, they looked at him,


        "Now what do you want to say?" Suhaan asked, "That he's right n I'm wrong, isn't it? I was never right to you" he added the last words sarcastically


        "Yup, he's right, but not neccesarrily that you are wrong" he said


        "Now what's that puzzle?" as Suhaan thumped on the bed


        "I think it's solved more or less" he said


        "Did you find anything?" Manish asked


        "Hmm, I enquired from the reception about this, n they said that someone had asked for the master key" he said


        "Master key?" Manish asked


        "Hmm saying that she has lost her key to her room n showed them Ashi's room"


        "Oh that means when Suhaan entered the room, she was in n that very girl had done it all" Manish completed it


        "What?" Suhaan stood up, "But…"


        "Just tell me did you see her face?" asked Rahul


        "No she didn't let me put the lights on, it was dark……..n I was pushed to the wall" he stopped


        "That's it, whoever has done it, has really planned it well…knowing it very well that if she does it with Ashi's name you would hate her" Rahul explained


        "Ya n she'll not be get noticed either" Manish added


        "Ok agreed but who can she be?" he asked


        "May be someone who wants to get you……." Rahul suggested unmindfully but Manish got it fast


        "Hmm, she's very aggressive…"


        "Whom are you talking about?" Suhaan asked


        "Oh ho let it be na, we can find that later…" Rahul said, guessing it by Manish's face


        "Later? But I want to know that now"


        "Don't you think you have said it quite much of nonsense to Ashi?" Manish asked


        "I did" he said sadly, "But I wasn't in my senses after what happened there"


        "Ok we know that, but now go n say sorry to her" Manish said, "N till then we'll pray so that she forgives you"


        "What?" he asked, "You think she won't?"


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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2008 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

"I would like to think she would" Manish said, "But now you would know that how difficult it is to say sorry to a girl" he winked at Rahul but he kept quiet, "Rahul what's wrong?"


        "Nothing" he said quickly


        "Hey now do I need to say sorry to you to?" Suhaan asked as he neared him, he was still quiet, "Ok fine I'm sorry" as he made a face, before hugging him


        "That's ok, but don't you dare say anything again like this" facing him now, "You are as much a friend as she is to me"


        "Got that" he nodded fast


        "Now go n return only after she forgives you" warned Rahul


        "N what if she doesn't do that by the night?" asked Manish in a teasing tone


        "Stop it Dude, don't scare me" he said


        "Do I need to?" was a quick query, "You already are man"


        "No it's not that, just that I have not done this to any girl, so….."


        "We got it, now go" as he was pushed out, as he left Rahul passed on an assuring look to Manish placing his hand on his shoulder


        "Don't worry it'll all be fine" he said


        "Hmm" he smiled meekly before going off to his room





     Suhaan knocked cautiously before entering the room, as Tamy came to open it


        "Can I come in?" he asked softly


        "Suhaan?" she asked as Ashi heard it but din't turn


        "I wanted to talk to her, so……"


        "Oh ya sure" she gestured him to come in, "Ashi…..Suhaan wants to talk to you"


        "So, what can I do for that, who am I to stop him from doing anything?" she said quite angrily


        "Ashi…." as she went to her, "Now when he has come to you, at least listen what he wants to say?"


        "Ashi…." he started


        "Just don't take my name" she said as a warning, n he nodded


        "Ah….I'll be back soon" Tamy excused herself


        "But Tamy…." he said as Ashi looked at him


        "So you are still worried to be in the same room alone with me?"


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"No…..I din't mean that"


        "Then what do you mean now, that I was the one who had done it all to you?" she asked in a challenging tone




        "Or you might be thinking that may be I'm ashamed of what I had done to you, so am backing out, isn't it?"


        "No…not that one either"


        "Then you would say that….."


        "Will you please stop it n let me talk?" he asked finally raising his voice over her


        "You had said it all, Mr.Suhaan" she said


        "No, I didn't"


        "So just tell me what remains, I'll listen that too"


        "I…..I'm sorry"


        "What? The great Suhaan is sorry?"


        "I'm really sorry for what I had said to you then" he uttered


        "But you were right, weren't you?"


        "Ya…..I mean no….I mean at that time I thought it was you" he tried to reason


        "Great and very easily you believed that! How can you even think like that….that I could even think of doing that?"


        "Ashi listen to me….."


        "…..after knowing it all, how could you even think that about me" hot streams flowed down her cheeks, "N you went on to insult me in front of all?"


        "I was not in my senses, please try to understand" his tone a pleading one


        "Why would I? Did you believed me, no….."


        "Ok fine I didn't, but you tell me if anything like this had happened to you then would you have believed me?" he asked


        "Yes, I would have.." as he gave an unconvincing look, "Because I ….." she stopped realizing what she was about to say,




        "Because I take you as my good friend but you don't n that's the main reason why you didn't believe me" she concluded


        "No it's not true, n if it were not had been true then I would not have opened up to you about that thing" he spoke out in one breath as she looked at him, he stood puzzled at his own statement, "No no wait….I mean I consider you as a good friend too"

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        "Look Ashi, I know what I had done was wrong, n if you want to live with that you can, but if you had forgiven me then I would have felt better" she was listening to him, "Anyways sorry……I won't bother you more……good night" as he turned to leave, she wanted to stop him but..


        "Are you saying sorry because you really feel that you were wrong….." he stopped at once, "…or just because your friends convinced you to?" she asked sadly, a glint of mischief noticed in his eyes


        "I came here because I thought I was wrong" as he came to her, she felt lighter, "but it's also because they convinced me too" he completed with a giggle n that's when she realized he's joking


        "You are too much" as she caught hold of his throat, "I'll kill you" she warned


        "Aaah…." he uttered as her hand had touched the wounded area


        "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't notice"


        "You should have, after all you have done it" he teased n got a hit back on his chest


        "Come sit, I'll apply some ointment"


        "No that's fine, it's nothing"


        "Do as I say, or I'll not forgive you" she said, n he followed; she came back with a small med-kit, "How can you be so careless? You should have treated it na?" as she applied some antiseptic lotion to clean it n later she had done it up with ointment


        "You know Ashi you are very different from others" he said


        "I know"


        "No body had taken this much care of me, other than my Mom or Dids…"


        "Hmmm" she talked while doing it, he can see her eyes duly filled up with tears


        "Is anything wrong?"


        "No" she said biting her lip, "Just thinking that who can do such a thing to you"


        "That's what even am worried about" he looked tensed


        "Oh no there's nothing to be so worried about, I'm sure we'll find it out soon" she completed it with a smile to which he smiled back





     Back home it was a time for celebration at the Malhotra's, they had been planning for the big event – Sameer's engagement. Though as the day neared, Sameer was a bit weary about it, but
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Mehr's presence in his life had made him believe that nothing's gonna happen wrong this time.


     Mr. n Mrs. Malhotra were in a dilemma, on whether to call on Mr. Bedi n family for the event,


        "I don't think it as a good decision to invite them" suggested Mrs. Malhotra


        "But Mr. Bedi is one of my close business associates n how will it look when I'll invite all except them?" he asked


        "I know that but after what had happened between us, you think they would take it nicely" as he looked curious, "I mean they might think that we are showing them off"


        "No I don't think so, they are very well dignified people, and I don't think they will think anything on that line"


        "Well if you really think that, then I would have no problem, but make sure they are not hurt in any way…….as that would not be a good thing to happen"


        "Of course not, I have known him since long, n will surely take care of that" he assured


        "Ok then it's final, n I suppose the list is ready too" she said


        "Hmm, I needed Suhaan at this time n see he's still not reached" he complained


        "He'll be here by the night, don't you worry" she said before leaving





     By the evening, Anuraag had visited them to enquire if they need some kinda help in the arrangements done,


        "Good that you are here, Dad's a bit upset for Suhaan is not home" Snigs said


        "So what am here" he said spreading his hands


        "I know that but you know even Sameer needs him at this point so….."


        "Where is he?"


        "He's gone somewhere out"


        "Ahan….I smell it as a party" he said


        "With?" n he gave a wink, "You know he doesn't have much touch with his friends, must be gone for some work"


        "Oh no, it seems that work n Sameer are truly inseparable, I hope Mehr brings some change for the good in his life"


        "She has already done that, n we are very well aware of that"


        "That's nice n what remains, I'm here to fill the gap"


        "Oh ho you?"


        "Ya why not? He needs to learn from me that how to keep your personal n professional lives apart"


        "Now that needs a clap from my side" she said with a grin


        "That was funny wifey……ok listen in all these things, don't forget that you need to go for a final check up tomorrow" he told her


        "I remember that my dearest hubby, n I'll be ready by that time, all you had to do is pick me up"


        "That's not a big deal, I'll do that happily"


        "Hmm, now let's go n sort out the arrangements" as they went to where the others were





     During the whole journey, Suhaan chose to sit beside her. He was clueless why he did that, whether he wanted to make up for the mess he created publicly or to show the actual culprit that all's fine between them, n she had failed in her mission. Whatever may be the reason, someone was sulking behind to see them like that….


        "I was thinking that it would upset him totally" said she


        "Hmm but look at him, seems like he's giving her all the more attention after that" Dolly said


        "Is everything fine between them?"

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        "Ravs do you really think it's possible?"


        "Ya it might be, I don't believe that Manish anymore, he's too kind on that girl" as Dolly nodded, "N that Rahul knows Suhaan better than us, I'm sure they have sorted the matter out"


        "Even if it's true, don't discuss all these to anybody, or who knows we'll be caught?"


        "Don't be silly, how can we, I mean what Suhaan did was in open, so anyone can ask about this that how it got solved?" Ravs reasoned


        "You never know. May be they are in search of the main person, n this is all just a trap"


        "Hmm, then it can cause a problem, hey listen did you warn Riya to shut her mouth up?"


        "Of course I did"







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That's all for now

Hope u lyk it Smile

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