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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 21)

vvdn Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2008 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Hey Saanch,
       update is as usual rocking.......oh my god Ashi is tyring Bunjee  JumpingShockedShockedShocked is  she crazyConfused well  but uska ek fayda toh hai kyuWink
so finally hamare the gr8 Suhaan Malhotra started keep eye on girl that too on Ashi, that means kuch toh feelings hai magar anjan haiWink
          what i say about RAV's she is too much. Suhaan ne Ashi ka chehra padhna bhi shuru kar diya hai bina kahe hi jaan liya ke kisine toh use kuch kaha hai good, nice progress.
          i enjoy the teasing between all the group.... too good. plzzzzzz update soon.
waise i can't imagine RAV's face when Suhaan confess that he luv Ashi wo toh jalke khak ho jayegi i luv to c her face then so am waiting for that movment hope it comes soooooooon.

aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2008 at 12:06am | IP Logged
wooooooooooow simply super,

weldun swweety,

thnx 4 the lovely update,

ashu20 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 1:23am | IP Logged
update was really very good
kads_8302 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 10:05am | IP Logged
hi dear,
            first of all thanks for this big ud .... i have been waiting for this ud.... all the earlier ud i have read already n i was excited that what going to happen next n u kept me speechless... such a good ud..... well i liked all the parts where suhaan is knowing about ashi's different shades.... i loved tha parts where everytime suhaan scolds ravina.... hai ashi ne bataya bhi nahi aur suhaan n jaan liya ki ravina use bura bhala kaha.... now suhaan started reading ashi's eyestoo good soon he is going to read her heart also..... n ashi is totally in love with suhaan even though she is not aware of it....  aur ha suhaan ka bossy atitude ekdum mast.....   like these people i also don't like hostorical places instead of that i like adventures places....
    rahul and tammy pair is also nice..... aur ravs ke liye heels pheno aur suhaan se dur raho.... wow beeches n para gliding i love all this .... aur ashi ka jadu sab pe chal raha hai...  n ashi is brave girl... woh toh bungee jumping kar liya... n suhaan is impressed by ashi's meaning of bungee jumping.... how much both suhaan n ashi were concerned about each other that was lovely part..... u know last sunday only i went for rock climbing n it was so much fun.... n next week iam going for go-ape.... it will be so much fun like suhaan n ashi... n this is the reason i was waiting for ur this ud that what adventures is going to happen.... n waiting for next ud to see what next exciting things they r going to do...
bye kads
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Here's the next part :

"Do u really think she'll do it?" asked Dolly to Ravs standing beside her, well they were there too


        "Who cares? It matters nothing to me"


        "Ya but it should ….." as Ravs faced her, "I mean I hope u havn't missed it out that Suhaan was really happy when he informed her about this…….."


        "So what the hell of a difference does it make?" she shot back angrily


        "Off ho, is it that u can't see or u don't want to see? Because u are not that dumb Ravs"


        "How dare u?"


        "Just think that if she succeeds then she'll be more dear to him……..n to top it all, u are not even doing any activity. I told u that u have to be like him to woo him, but u don't listen to me"


        "But am not like him, I don't like doing all those stupid games, which he likes" she uttered


        "Babes, u need to sacrifice some to get him, well it's totally your choice" Dolly said before leaving


        "Hmm, I think she's right" Ravs thought but it was interrupted by a scream, "Who's that?"


        "Just stop it" as Suhaan rushed to the controller, "I think she's not ok"


        "What are u saying……" as he started


        "Suhaan, Ashi……." Rahul came running to him


        "I know, just a minute" he replied, "What are u waiting for?" turning to the man now


        "But if she's not in her senses….." he reasoned


         "Do as I say" Suhaan ordered in a no-nonsense tone


        "Fine" as he turned the wheel to get her up n they rushed there, her face had gone bluer by then, her breath heavy when she was straightened


        "Ashi, are u okay?" Tamy asked hugging her as she meekly nodded


        "Everybody please back off, let her have fresh air" Manish said as Rahul just kept staring


        "I don't understand why did u attempt it, in the first place?" Rahul snared at her as she her eyes searched him


        "Rahul, let it be…….someone please bring some water" said Suhaan, "She'll be okay, it happens" as Ravs gave a stirdy look


        "No Suhaan, it wouldn't have happened if u……"he stopped


        "What are u saying…why would I?" as Ashi was given water


        "I know u very well, so please stay out of it" Rahul shot back


        "Great!" as he stood up n stormed out of the place


        "Rahul that was rude" said Ankur,


        "Now this is going to be fun" thought Ravs, "A nice way to……well" as a mocking smile spread to her lips


        "If u know him well, then u must be knowing that he never forces anyone……" added Manish as Rahul kept quiet, as he himself  knew it well


     A few moments later Ashi gained looked quite okay, n the tension too lowered, but Suhaan's anger refused to die down. The sunset point seemed gloomy at the very moment, with few concentrating on its actual beauty.Suhaan avoided Rahul in the trip back n Ashi was not in a position to sort things out then……


        "Ah….Is Ashi okay?" asked Siya from outside


        "Ya ya she's perfectly fine, come in" said Tamy


        "Thank god u are okay.." said Neelu


        "U scared us so much, u know we were so worried" said Siya


        "I know, am so sorry for that" replied Ashi in a weak tone


        "Why are u saying sorry dear, that's okay, we're just worried for u" reasoned Sheena


        "Ya but for me, u people couldn't see the sunset on time" she sadly ended

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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 2:43pm | IP Logged

"So what? Oh ho u are saying as such there are no sunsets in Mumbai" said Neelu, "Ya that's a different thing that we don't get enough time to look at it" n all laughed at this


        "But what Rahul did was wrong, ok?" said Siya, Tamy knew this would disturb her


        "What did he do?" asked Ashi


        "Uff nothing much, it's all between boys……..u don't need to bother at all" cleared Sonia


        "What are u saying Sonia? It's not at all like that" said Reema


        "For god's sake, will anyone tell me, what happened?" she demanded


        "Actually, Rahul was very worried to see u in that condition so…….." Tamy started


        "Tamy please u can support him later on, just tell me what happened"


        "He held Suhaan responsible for whatever happened to u" finished Siya


        "What?" as she stood up, "But this is not right……."


        "Ashi please don't get excited, u need to rest" said Neelu


        "No, I need to talk to him…….where's he?" she asked





        "Manish please, at least u don't say this" he said in an angry tone


        "But Suhaan, u know him better, he had no intention to hurt u…….u know it don't u?" he asked


        "I'm not bound to know everybody inside out" he clarified, "N look at him, didn't even think of saying sorry to me"


        "May be he's scared of your anger" a voice said


        "Ah shut up" he said n then turned to see, "Oh I'm sorry….how are u feeling now?" his tone softened a bit


        "I'm feeling much……." he didn't even let her complete


        "N what the hell do u think of yourself? If you were not confident in doing it, why the hell did u attempt it?"


        "I was…" she was again cut; she glanced at Manish who thought it better to leave


        "U know what that stupid is thinking……that I have forced u into this, did I do anything of that sort?" she was hardly given the time to nod properly, "Then why the hell he's blaming me for this?"


        "Because he had to blame somebody" she simply said


        "What?" he asked


        "Look when someone is angry, he takes it out on someone close, isn't it?" as he stared at her, "Like u are doing now, on me… your friend" she smiled at her own words




        "Hmmm, see u look much cooler now" she stated, "Don't u?"


        "No, I'm not n I won't spare him either" he said


        "Ya he deserves a scold for sure" she added,


        "N u too…"


        "U didn't answer me….."




        "That why did u attempt it when u were scared?"


        "It's true that I wasn't confident enough, but………


        "But what?"


        "But you were…" she hesitated


        "I din't get it still" he said


        "I wanted to live up to your confidence" she shyly finished

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 2:44pm | IP Logged

"What? But why do you need to do that?" he stood confused as she ran away


        "Ashi, what happened?" Rahul asked on her way to her room, when she stopped, "Don't talk to me, why did u say that to him?"


        "I know, but… he still angry on me?" he asked


        "A bit less, just go n talk. U know him better"


        "Hmm, u take care" as he went to him


        "Suhaan.." he called on entering, Suhaan was in the balcony, "I just came to ask u that can I stay here with u?" he asked on nearing him, but Suhaan didn't answer nor did he move, "Fine, if u don't talk to me then I have to go to the Princi….." this brought a meek smile on his face, the memories of their hostel days


        "For your kind information, I'm not scared of your Princi" he replied in the same manner




        "Suhaan Malhotra is scared of no one" he declared


        "Except Mrs. Wadia" he uttered


        "Right" he said in an hurry, "Actually no……." as he turned n laughed at himself, "I was so stupid na?"


        "Are u sure you were……I mean" he started


        "Hello enough" punching him lightly, "N I'm sure I was but u continue to be that"


        "Ok boss sorry for that"


        "Ok granted this time" as they hugged


        "But seriously Suhaan…….." as he looked at him,


        "I know"


        "……why were u so scared of Mrs. Wadia?" he asked in a teasing manner


        "What rubbish, I'm not" as he ran after him




     The next few days passed like in a roller coaster ride, they had been checking the other places too, some scenic while the others letting them explore their adventurous feets.


     Lately, Ravs too, had been showing interest with all, though it was probing a problem for her. But she was left with no choice, as Dolly had correctly advised her.


     In these days they had been to places like Wilson Point (popularly known as the sunrise point), Arthur's Seat, Rosamond Rock, Castle Rock, Baghdad Point, Polo Ground (often used as a helipad), Bee- keeping centre (though some got bored by the educational information provided there, but it seemed as an exciting to some others)…..n when they were not travelling, they played games n spent all the time together. It seemed like fun n frolic flowed in their veins…


        "Attention everybody" Suhaan stormed in the room, where all were busy chatting n rolling over the other


        "Yes Sir" said Manish, like saluting him


        "Hey I'm serious man, I have taken all the information regarding the trekking programme"


        "Oh no, not again" sighed Varun


        "What?" he asked


        "I mean not a bad idea" Varun said


        "Guess what guys…..we are going to Panchgani this time"


        "Now that's nice" said Rahul, "Suhaan u remember?"


        "Yup, how can I forget that trip?" he said as Rahul smiled


        "So when are we leaving?" asked Shashank


        "At the earliest, tomorrow morning……."


        "Tomorrow itself?" asked Ravs


        "Ya because we are not left with many days" he said


        "Ok fine, but we need to gather all the things before that" suggested Sharib

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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2008 at 2:45pm | IP Logged

"Thank u so much for reminding that to us" teased Ishaan


        "So everybody pack your bags…." he started


        "But why do we need to do that?" asked Ankur


        "Because it's going to be an overnight stay" he replied


        "N what about the bookings?"


        "Nothing required dear, we'll be camping there" he gladly announced


        "Now that's a brilliant idea" said Manish cheerfully as all joined him





     Ashi came to meet Rahul after her packing,


        "Hey Rahul" she greeted him as he opened the door


        "Oh good that you are here" he gladly said


        "Why?" she asked joining her brows


        "Because I know you are my best friend, isn't it?" he said


        "Hmm so what price do I need to pay for being that?"


        "Hey stop that now" as they came in


        "So done with your packing?" she asked, but little did she know that he's intending her to do that only


        "Actually, I'm stuck with that only"


        "No way, I can't help you in this" she stated, "Am too tired for that"


        "This is not done, just remind yourself that how many times I have done it for you?" as he got a sharp look back, "Oh I didn't" he asked biting his lip, "Then please do it as a favour…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee" he said squeezing her cheeks


        "Aaah" she shouted, "Leave me, I'll do it, ok?"


        "Cho chweeeeeet, you start, I'll be back soon" as he picked up his wallet


        "Now where are u going?"


        "I need something from the hotel shop"




        "I'll listen to your complains later dear, I should rush now or it'll be closed" as he ran out


        "Hmmm" as she turned to look at the mess spread over the bed, "Oh no, I can't believe it" as she started picking up one by one n folding them neatly, when the cell rang, "Huh" looking at it, "But this is not Rahul's…… it Suhaan's?" as she glanced at the number, it said 'Bhai', "Shud I take it or……" hesitatingly she took it, but before she could say anything


        "Suhaan what is this? You know it very well that Mom worries for you so much, n despite that you continue to be such an irresponsible……." Sameer kept saying, Ashi felt the voice similar but just then Suhaan came out from the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel, she didn't know that he was in,


        "Ah…..I'm" emberrasment evident on her face, he ran for his shirt, almost tripping over the carpet, "Your call" she managed to say


        "Ya just a sec" as he came buttoning his shirt, "Bhai…." as he took it from her n she resumed her work, she wished to run from there, but thinking that it would look odd, she stayed back


        "Suhaan, who was that?" he asked


        "My friend"


        "A girl? N that too so late in your room"


        "Oh ho you say, why did u call now?"


        "Because my very irresponsible brother always forgets to call" he stated


        "But I did that yesterday" he replied


        "Is it all? Don't u think that you should at least call once everyday"


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