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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 20)

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"Mom, I'll call u later, luv u byeeeeeee" as he rushed to her


        "Suhaan….." his Mom said, "Uff this boy, everytime he does this, n falls ill when he returns" Snigs kept smiling at her Mom's behavior


        "Mom, won't u ever let him grow up? He's no more your lil' boy"


        "I know that but….."


        "No buts Mom, let him be" she said hugging her






        "What happened why are u still waiting here?" he asked on reaching her


        "I was saying that they…….."


        "Just say that I have asked u to inform this, they'll get it" she nodded, "…..while I'll kick out the boys till then" as he went


        "Isn't he a bit bossy?" she asked herself, "But he's very sweet" it brought a glint in her eyes, "Oh ho………girls" as she ran




        "But Suhaan, why do we need to leave just now?" asked Aakash in a sleepy tone


        "Who's saying u to leave, I just said that I'll be leaving………… u stay back n sleep, after all we have come here to rest right?" as he shot back, "Useless, I don't understand why do u people……..


        "Hmmm thanx, jus give us the location, we'll join u later" suggested Adi


        "What? We had thought that we'll enjoy together, but……….anyways here it is" he said handling the catalogues over


        "Ok ok, I got it. But lemme get ready….." as he nodded meekly,


        "I'll be waiting till 12, be on time" he warned before leaving


        "Huh, come on get up. Don't know when he'll stop bossing around?" gushed Ankit


    Suhaan later carried on his blackmailing to whoever posed the 'tired' drama to him…….. Meanwhile Ashi went on to knock on the girls' door… Like all rooms, she knocked Rav's n Dolly's too…


        "Yes, who's that?" asked Dolly


        "It's me Ashi" she replied


        "Ashi?" uttered Ravs, "What the hell is she doing here?"


        "I'll take that" as Dolly went to open it


        "Hi…..actually I just came to ask that are u ready?"


        "Ready? For what?" asked she


        "Won't u be coming with us for the sight-seeing?" Ashi asked


        "Who told u?"


        "What's the matter Dolly?" asked Ravs from inside


        "I don't know about which thing is she talking?" they both came in


        "Actually we'll be leaving at 12, so whoever is interested in going with us, has to gather in the lobby by then" explained Ashi


        "Really?" asked Ravs as she nodded, "But I can't get ready by that time…….." declared she


        "Then I'm sorry that u'll have to join us tomorrow" said Ashi playfully


        "Oh……. so now u'll tell me when I'll be able to join my group?"


        "It's not like that Ravs…….u are taking it all wrong" she tried to explain


        "Only my friends can call me that" she arrogantly declared


        "Actually, I don't know your real name so……."


        "It's Ravina….." answered Dolly


        "Thanx Dolly" said Ashi


        "Shut up Dolly" scolded she


        "Anyways, I think my work is done, I shall leave" as she started


        "Ah…by the way, who asked u to do all this?" asked Ravs


        "Your friend Suhaan" Ashi completed it a fake smile, n turned to leave


        "Oh I din't knew, Suhaan was in need of an assistant so urgently" Ravs said to Dolly, making it quite loudable for Ashi to hear


        "Din't u know that? Actually he wanted u as one, but u seemed busier, so I stepped in" Ashi taunted, "If u want it back, I can gladly step down, u want it?" as Ravs  bye" banging the door she went


        "How dare she talk to me like that?" fumed Ravs


        "She's not as delicate as u thought" added Dolly


        "I need to think of some other way for her" said Ravs



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"So u called everyone?" he asked as they sat in the lobby, waiting


        "Hmmm" she murmured, he didn't miss her silent form


        "Did anyone say anything to u?"


        "Huh? No…..not at all" she hurried out


        "Ravs…right?" he asked n she stared at him, "I don't know why she can't stand anyone; I mean she wants to be in a group but then misbehaves with everyone……."


        "May be she stays in the group for some reason….." she suggested


        "What are u talking about?"


        "I think she does it all for….."


        "Hey Ashi, all set? See am on time, as per your notice" Sneha gladly announced as she came with Tamy n Smriti, Ashi smiled to them


        "Thank God at least someone took it seriously" sighed Suhaan, "What the hell is wrong with the boys?" as they laughed


        "Today girls are ahead in every field, do u want more proof of it?" teased Tamy


        "Yes I want more" demanded Ishaan


        "Ishaan, where are the others?" asked Suhaan


        "Aren't they here yet, I thought I'll be late"


        "No, I can't stand this indiscipline" Suhaan declared angrily


        "I guess it happens when moving in a big group……."


        "Exactly….." touted Manish "N Suhaan, no need to be so punctual dude…. we're here for a relaxation, right?" as he got a shot back, "Ok I have no problem, the moment they come, we'll start" he assured


        "I'll leave at 12 sharp" he repeated as the rest stared at each other at his adamance




     Thankfully, almost all had been gathered at the time, not letting him create another fuss over it……..


        "Ok, so now that all had gathered up here, I think we should move" said Suhaan


        "Hello…….were are we going? I mean the places we would visit now……" asked Manish


        "Excuse, am not the guide, its his work to tell, not mine" he replied


        "Ok fine, let's go. Come on everybody, get into the bus" said Ishaan, n all followed


        "A very Good Afternoon to all of u, I'm Prakash Dubey" the guide gladly announced n they cheered back loudly to him, "Now before  getting to any spot here, I would to present to u a brief history of the place.Mahabaleshwar, established as a health resort in 1829 AD. It was a jail for Chinese & Malay convicts from 1834 to 1864. The capacity of the jail was 120 prisoners. These prisoners introduced cultivation of red potatoes, strawberries & waeving of cane & bamboo baskets. Many of the prisoners stayed at Mahabaleshwar after they were released…………."


        "Dude, even am feeling like one of them" whispered Ankur to which some giggled, as the guide continued

         "…… Maharaja Pratapsinha of Satara (1818 to 1839) engineered a scheme to develop Mahabalsewar as a health resort. Sir John Malcolum, the first governer to visit Mahabaleshwar in 1828, established M'war in 1829. Sir Charles Malet, the first resident in Pune darbar of the Peshwas in 1791 happens to be the first European to step on this plateau"


        "Oh ho why do we need to know all?" said another



"Ohk, seems like u are finding all this of much interest, I'll come to your interest………" he got the bored faces, "We'll first be going to Pratap Gadh, which is at a distance of 27 kms from Mahabaleshwar stands the majestic Pratapgadh, housing the tomb of Afzalkhan at the toe of the fort. There is a temple of bhavani mata, the idol of worship of King Shivajiraje Bhosle. There is a statue of Shivaji Maharaj inside the fort called Bale killa"


        "Oh no, fort…..that means lotsa walking n walking" said an already irritated Ravs


        "Ya n to top it all, we would also be visiting a temple" added Neelu


        "I don't understand your problem girls…….." started Rimil, who had overheard their talks, "Tell me one thing that doesn't irritate u"


        "Shut up, how can u expect a girl to walk kms with her heels on?" asked Dolly


        "Oh ya…….but has anybody forced u to wear those? Can't u wear sneakers, for a change?" said varun


        "Dolly just leave it" ordered Ravs


        "Ya that's better" ended Rimil


        "U know what, I think it'll be better if we don't roam here n there…….." suggested Suhaan


        "Hmm, then where do u want to go?" asked Manish


        "It's not only about me, I think we all would love to play n flung around beaches, rather than visiting tombs n temples"


        "But what to say to this Mr. Prakash Dubey ji" he asked, "N I think we've come pretty close to the fort"


        "No no, let's watch this one, and then we would tell him, where we wanna go, n he'll then take us"


        "Ohk, that's gud" he agreed, n soon they reached the fort


        "Ok now this is the Pratap Gadh fort, we'll be staying here for an hour, photography is allowed to a certain point. So u can roam about by yourself but we'll meet here again in another hour" said Dubey


        "Ashi, I think we should take some lovely pictures" said Tamy excitedly


        "Hmmm, Rahul we are going that side…." Ashi informed him


        "Ok but don't wander too far" as she nodded


        "Oh ho don't worry, we girls will stay in a group" assured Siya


        "Looks like Rahul has gained a promotion" winked Manish, "From being a friend to guardian"


        "Very funny" gushed Rahul


        "No way, I can't move in a group like this" declared Ravs as Dolly supported, "I would go with Suhaan" moving next to him grabbing his hand


        "Ahan…excuse me" Suhaan said taking his hand out, as everyone waited for Suhaan's reaction but….


        "We would have loved to take u along Ravs…" said Varun


        "N what do u mean by that?" asked Ravs, "…that I can't come with u?"


        "Hmm, we'll be walking to that point" showing the highest point of the fort….. he added


        "But what's the need?" she asked


        "Actually I wish to take some pictures from the top so……" clarified Suhaan

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"N I'm afraid that u'll not be able to climb upto that hight…..poor ur heels" Rimil futher said n all tried hard to resist their laughs


        "Ok fine, leave" said Ravs banging her foot n soon all left


        "Suhaan don't u think that Ravs has been crossing her limits off late?" said Ishaan, as Suhaan stared at him, "I mean we knew that she's always sticking to u but…….." Suhaan glanced at Manish who seemed quieter


        "Stop it dude, can't we talk about anything else?" he asked


        "Hmm, with pleasure, why not talk about Ashi?" suggested Varun


        "By anything else, I meant except girls" he clarified, "Doesn't it get boring talking about them all day long?" he asked crossing his hands over Manish's sholulder


        "No not at all" winked Manish, "U'll get it later, when u'll fall for someone"


        "Not again" said Suhaan as he went ahead of them




        "Hey Ashi, let us have pics from there" ran Tamy to the other side


        "Ok" she gladly agreed, "Tamy, but after this we would go in….I need to take sum pics there too"


        "But is there photography allowed in?"


        "I only want some pics of brick ceilings" she said


        "What would u do with that?"


        "I like the arrangement of bricks in the domed ceilings"


        "Arghhh, I expected it in a bit more romantic way, but…" Tamy said, spreading her hands side ways, "Ok, we'll. But now time for some scenic beauty here" as they took some lovely pics in groups, or singly. As per Ashi's interest, they clicked some pics from inside too.


     They were almost back within 1hr, except Ravs……..because she was already waiting for the last half an hour, almost furious…


        "What are they seeing in that boring fort?" she asked Dolly


        "Taking pictures n running all through, God knows what fun is it?"


        "Suhaan too?"


        "I din't see him, but am sure he too is busy discovering sights" she replied


        "U won't understand it unless u do it urself" informed Reema


        "Jus forget it" nudged Ravs, n soon all were set to go.


        "Ah Mr. Dubey….can I talk to u for a min?" Suhaan asked


        "Ah sure…..what's the matter?"


        "Actually, I just wanted to ask where we are heading next?" he asked


        "Oh well where does the gang wants to go? I'll take u there only, after all my work is to make u have fun" he said


        "Oh that's so nice of u" Rahul added


        "Ah….. we would like to go some beach or some open space, if possible from here" suggested Suhaan


        "Well that won't be any problem, we can go to Om beach, a bit far but we'll manage"


        "Great! guys we are going to the beach" declared Manish n everyone cheered


        "Thank God, that guide got convinced" said Ravs


     The beach seemed to be the place, where they can run around n play various games or simply splash in the waters. The sea was a bit rough n waters sparkled because of the sunshine, the girls ran taking out their shoes dumping their bags n all……


     As for the guys, they were not the ones to miss this opportunity, taking out their shirts they jumped in the waters, making heads turn


        "Oh wow, para-gliding" said an excited Sneha


        "Hmm nice na?" said Neelu


        "Come let's go" suggested Sneha


        "No no I'm not going with u"


        "But why?"


        "I have never done anything like this before" she said


        "Neelu, there always a first time for everything" said Ashi


        "But Ashi, believe me I'll not be comfortable doing it" Neelu tried to reason


        "How can u say that before trying it?" Ashi asked


        "Oh really" poked Ravs


        "Yes, do u think it otherwise?" Ashi asked


        "No, but wanted to see how it happens…..I mean if u could please demonstrate.."




        "Ya why not?" urged Ravs


        "But how can I?" Ashi said


        "Lectures are so easy to give, but equally hard to follow, isn't it, Ms. PA?" taunted she, "Neelu, if u don't want to go, let it be"


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        "No Ravs, I want to go, but……"


        "Ok, I'll go too…..come on Tamy" called Ashi


        "Yippee, even I'll go" Neelu added as they went


        "Hey Tamy, where are u all going?" asked Rahul


        "Para gliding" replied Tamy


        "U too?"


        "Ya, I'll be going with Ashi" she said


        "Ohk take care n hold the rope tightly" he told to which she nodded with a smile


        "Off ho Rahul Sir, leave your sweeet friend at least for a minute n let her enjoy on her own" said Sharib smiling at Tamy, it was by now known to all that Rahul liked her


        "Is that so?" he asked




        "Ok u take care" as she went


        "By the way, u really like her na?" asked Sharib


        "Hmmm…." said Rahul, who was still watching her go, "No, I mean she's my friend, n I like all, u too"


        "But she tops the list" Rahul tried to protest, but "Ok ok I know it, so don't try to fake" as Rahul smiled


     The girls were super excited, Ravs kept a keen watch on Ashi as to where she was heading….


        "Ashi, I'll go with u" said Neelu


        "But…." started Tamy, "Ok I'll go with Sneha, no problems" she ended with a smile, n they were then tied to their balloons, with tightened belts, two were tied to one balloon


        "Ashi, we'll not fall down right?" Neelu asked, as if to assure herself


        "No dear, nothing will happen, but still if you are scared, then hold me tight" she said


        "Oki" she happily agreed


        "So girls, hold the ropes tight, n here we go" cheered the controller


        "Yaaaay" they shouted together


        "Hey what's that sound?" asked Ishaan


        "The girls have gone for para-gliding" said Sharib


        "Oh that's cool" said Manish


        "Is there any option of water gliding?" asked Suhaan


        "I think there should be…." said Rahul


        "That's great, let's find out" said Manish n they went


        "Wow! I havn't done this for ages" said Rahul


        "Awesome fun, isn't it?" asked Rimil


     Thankfully, they got the bikes shortly……


        "How about a race?" suggested Suhaan


        "Yup why not?" said Manish, as he took the other bike, Ishaan sat with him, while Rahul sat with Suhaan


        "Hey are u not coming?" Ishaan asked the others standing


        "We'll join u as soon as we get the bikes" said one


        "Oki" as they started


        "Suhaan plz don't let me fall mid-sea, its seeming quite rough" said Rahul


        "Chill dude, am not doing it for the first time" he assured


        "I know, but I'm sitting with u for the first time" replied he


     By then the girls were had enough fun, n returned to the shore.


        "Thank u so much Ashi" Neelu said hugging her, "If u had never urged me, I had never attempted it"


        "Why are u thanking me? U had done this because u wanted to"

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        "But…." she stopped seeing Ravs at a distance, as she ran to her, "U know Ravs, it was amazing. Ashi was so right, there's always a first time, u should try it too" she gladly said


        "No thanx" as she went


        "Now where are the boys gone?" asked Sonia


        "Hey look they are racing" pointed one


        "Come let's watch" as they ran to that side


        "Wow, I wish I could do that too" said Ashi


        "What……….. hugging him from behind?" asked Tamy in a whisper


        "Tamy stop it" as Tamy let out a giggle


        "I think they should return now, the sea is getting rougher" said one


        "Why don't we tell them?"


        "U think they will get to hear it, let's go the guard" as some rushed to him, Ashi kept watching him from the shore, she loved to watch him I such a sporting spirit, he had some pull in him, which urged her to stay hooked


     After some time, they returned as per the guards notice. They took lunch at the nearby food joint, it was not of a hi-fi restaurant or something, but the food was filling enough. After the lunch they went to the Connaught peak.


        "We will now be going to the Connaught peak" said Mr Dubey, "Connaught peak, the second highest peak of Mahabaleshwar stands amidst panoramic view of a green carpet. You can see sunrise as well as sunset from this point"


        "And what are the activities available there?" asked Atul


        "Well not much……….u can see the sunset over there" explained he n all others face gave a boring look


        "Are we going to see only the sunset? How boring man" said Varun


        "No I think there are some…….." said he


        "Is Bunjee jumping available there?" asked Suhaan desperately


        "I think they are" as his face lit up, "But they are done with artificial trekkers" he said


        "No problem at all" said Suhaan n then turned back to Ashi, "Get ready…….Bunjee jumping is on its way" the thrill evident on his face, Ravs was obviously fuming even more with this


        "That's great" Ashi replied


        "If I'm not wrong, have u agreed to try it?" asked Tamy n Ashi nodded, "No way, I'll be calling Aunty right now"


        "Tamy please, I have never tried some thing like this, please let me do it" she begged


        "Rahul see what is she saying?" Tamy said turning to him


        "Ashi, are you sure u can do that?" asked Rahul,


        "Hmm, I'm" she said


        "Did I say that someone has agreed to Suhaan's terms?" teased Manish


        "No, its not that Manish…………" Ashi tried to explain but…


     As soon as they reached Connaught point, Suhaan left for search of his adventure,


        "Well, whoever wanna give it a try, can come with me……" he announced before leaving, but not before glancing at her once


        "Tamy let's go" Ashi said as they followed with the others, most of the boys wanted it, but the girls followed it


     They located the place quite sooner,


        "I'll be trying it first" Ishaan said


        "Oki boss plz do the honours" teased Manish


        "All the best Dude" Suhaan said


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"Hmm thanx" n his legs were tied together, n within a few moments he jumped, n they all clapped n cheered for him


        "U know Tamy, there's also has an indepth meaning to this sport" Ashi said


        "Meaning to this? N what is that?" she asked


        "It shows that, no matter how down we descend, but we'll always be tied to our roots…….."


        "Huh?" Tamy seemed confused


        "Woo…..I have never heard something of this kind earlier" said Suhaan who had overheard them, as they looked at him, "U know I have done it many a times….. but its simply amazing"


        "Thanx" Ashi said shyly,


        "Suhaan she has more colours to her" Tamy said


        "Seems like" he replied, n then Ishaan returned


        "Wow, it's amazing" he declared


        "Now it's my turn" as Suhaan ascended


        "Suhaan, take care" Ashi said


        "I'll don't worry" he smiled back, n similarly his legs were tied up n he was signaled to jump, n he did……..Ashi caught hold of Tamy's hand in a reflex


        "He'll be fine" assured Tamy


        "I know but……" she feared for him


        "Do u still want to do it?" Tamy asked again, but Ashi didn't answer back, she was continuously looking at Suhaan, who seemed to enjoy the fall, was shouting in excitement, he was indeed a champ in this, fear couldn't touch him at all


     He returned after a few minutes…..the look on his face clearly showed that he enjoyed it thoroughly


        "Are u okay?" asked Ashi


        "Of course I'm" he quickly replied, "Do I look bad?" as she nodded in negative, "Well, now its ur turn"


        "Mine?" she asked




        "Can't I do it after some more people?"


        "U can, but actually, I fear that the light will be gone after a few moments…" Ashi stared at him, "Ashi, look at me"


        "I'm okay" she said, reassuring herself


        "Do u really want ot do it?" he asked, "Or u can back out, I promise no one will say anything to u"


        "It's not about anyone saying anything about it, I really want to do it………"


        "Then go for it…….jus close ur eyes if u feel like that" he said, "U can do it"




        "Ashi, take care"Rahul said while Tamy gave her a warm hug


     She glanced at him before going, she was a bit nervous but she knew she could do that………n when her legs were tied, she closed her eyes once..


        "Boss, just be a bit more careful…..its her first time" she heard him saying that to the controller


        "Don't worry, I'll" he replied, she turned to look at him, he showed a thumbs up to her….


      N then he asked her to jump, she closed her eyes n jumped, she had goosebumps in her stomach, but surprisingly that one face, which had confidence on her……….made her forget all her fears n she enjoyed the fall graciously…………


     While he kept a close watch on her, well he was nervous for her, probably for the first time for anybody in his life…



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That's all for now!!!!!!!!!
Thanx to IF especially for letting me post this Dancing
feedback Groupbie

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Nice update... so  now Suhan has started to care for Ashi :) good
hopefully soon enough he'll start to discover the feeling for her.
keep up the good work and update soon :D

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