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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 19)

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Posted: 09 August 2008 at 3:38am | IP Logged
Hiiiiii Saanch,
     i like the update Rimi is really a sweet sis that everyone want's. like the convo betn Ashi n Rimi. n Ashi is so lucky that she found new digi from her Baba .Smile
                     well about Suhaan them he seems too be impossible. last minute pe packing ye toh had hogayi yaar.n this RAVS i tell u i want to slap her, she is so irritating. but update was nice.
                                        plzzzzzzzzzz update asap dear,whant to know what Surprises are store for next.

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2008 at 11:48am | IP Logged

aTwenty Sixb



    She was forced to wake up, with her phone ringing by her side, rubbing her eyes she glanced at the number, it was Rimi's. She didn't even notice that the bus was vacated n she was all alone…


        "Hmm Rimi, wat is it?" she asked in a sleepy manner


        "What do u mean by that?" she asked back, "Maa is very angry, u should have called us here on reaching na…" she complained


        "What I have reached?" she jerked up looking around, "Oh my God, where are they?" she murmured under her breath


        "Di, where are u?" this time in a stern voice


        "I have not reached yet Rimi, believe me" she replied in a shaky voice


        "Di, are u crying?" she sensed


        "No I'm not……." She tried to assure herself that all's fine, n just then she saw Manish entering the bus


        "Thank God u are okay" he touted, Ashi felt relieved to see him


        "Rimi, I'll call u later, n tell Maa that I have not reached there, ok?"


        "Ok, I'll. U take care di. Byeeee"


        "Bye" as she hung it up, "What do u mean that I'm okay?" turning to him, "Did anything happened to me?"


        "Ya, ofcourse" she got terrified, "I mean when we all got off the bus, u kept sleeping……"


        "Really?" she was surprised by this


        "We thought something had happened to u, n were even asking Kishore to check u"


        "For what?"


        "We thought u had been unconscious" well she couldn't really express the feeling she had while Suhaan was around her, she was merely in her senses


        "What rubbish" she stood up straightning her, "Ah whose shawl is this?" she asked folding it


        "Ashi can I ask u sumthing?" he asked seriously


        "Ya go on"


        "Don't take it otherwise ok….."


        "Come out with it, stop this formality" she commanded


        "Ok, if u insist" he sighed, as she waited impatiently, "Did u do anything to Suhaan?"


        "Suhaan, what happened to him?" she asked with much concern


        "No he's fine, but something has surely happened to him" he stated


        "Did………..did he say anything?"


        "No, but I know him better n something is not right"


        "How do u know it?"


        "Ok I'll tell u n u'll know it how"




        "Actually, he sat beside u right" she nodded, "N u rested on his shoulder……"


        "Oh shit! Did I offend him?" she thought


        "N then when u were shivering, he asked for sumthing to cover u up" he finished but she kept waiting




        "U want more?" he asked,


        "This is it?" she stared hard at me, "U scared me man" she seemed relieved, "Oh he covered me up with this?" he nodded, "Is it his?"


        "This is a ladies shawl, how can it be his?"


        "Oh ya" she said noticing it clearly for the first time, "Then whose is it?"


        "Tamy's……he had never done this for anybody, he didn't even say anything to u when he saw u resting on his shoulder" Ashi couldn't help blushing, "U know why he changed places……."


        "Ya Ravs was…….."


        "But he didn't do that to u, why?" he asked


        "How would I know?" she turned back, "Ask him that instead"


        "Tell me honestly, did u give in for the bungee jumping like mad stuffs……."


        "What?" she shouted, "what makes u think so?"


        "Because Suhaan can only be kind to those who agrees to his terms" he stated blankly


        "As far as I remember, I didn't do anything like that"


        "You are surprising me now"


        "I don't think he's that bad"


        "Ya ya I know u know him from years" he said in an exaggerating tone


        "No I'm not saying that but……"


        "I know no one can know him better" raising his collar a bit


       "Hmm, but where is the rest of the group?"


        "Suhaan is down" he replied smiling


        "Oh ho stop it"


        "I think u should thank him….."


        "For?" she asked cuming out of the bus as Manish followed her


        "For everything he did, believe me it's very unlike him" he tried to convince her yet again


        "I got it" trying to end it there, "I'll say a big thanx to him, happy now?"


        "Why would I be happy? U are not saying it to me"


        "Uff stop it please" joining her hands in front, "I'm not used to this much talking in the morning" yawning she managed


        "Ohk I'll end it here for now"


        "Thanx a ton" she stated, "What's wrong? Why are we here?" asked she finally


        "Flat tyre n our ached backs" explained he while walking towards the group which was seen at a distance


        "N how far we are from Mahabaleshwar?" she asked


        "We have crossed Pune, some 50kms back, so roughly a 70-75 kms"




        "Don't tell me u are tired?"


        "No I'm not, actually my Maa must be eagerly waiting for my call……whether I had reached safely or not?"


        "Your mother is very strict na?" he asked


        "Hmmm, but I know she's very worried for us that's why she keeps us under her eye" she stated


        "Good to hear that u understand her point"


        "I think girls understand their parents better"


        "I don't agree, it depends on the upbringing u had"


        "Ya that's true" n they stopped as they neared them




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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 August 2008 at 11:50am | IP Logged

        "Maa" shouted Rimi, heading towards the kitchen


        "What happened? Why are u shouting?" asked she


        "Oh ho u asked me to call her n now u are saying what happened?"


        "Hmm, so why didn't she call after reaching?"


        "She didn't call because………." she stopped knowingly


        "I'm listening go on" she said setting the table


        "Because she didn't reach there" she declared happily


        "Not reached? But she was to reach there by '7 in the morning……."


        "Hmm but there must be some problem" n then she realized it was not right to say that


        "What problem?"


        "I don't know. But she'll inform us the moment she reaches there" she assured


        "This is why I din't want her to go"


        "Off ho Maa, she's not away with her boyfriend" as her mother stared hard at her, "I mean she's in a group, n nothing will happen to your baby ok"


        "U'll not understand why I say this?"


        "I know Maa, but we have grown up enough to take care of ourselves" she said hugging her mother from back


        "It's more of a concern when girls grow up"


        "Now don't start all that again" she said rolling her eyes


        "U'll understand it when u become a mother, especially a girl's mother"


        "Oh God please don't let me have any girl child or I would behave like Maa, which I don't want to" the last few words in a mere whisper


        "Ok ok now go n call Baba, break fast is ready. U too will get late for your college"


        "Ok going" as she went running





     They had taken out all their mattresses n settled themselves well on the field, when Ashi reached them, her eyes searched for…………… him


        "Good Morning Ms.Ashi" greeted Ishaan


        "Morning" she smiled back


        "So how was ur sleep?" asked Niki


        "Very nice" she stated


        "Oh ho isn't it obvious?" teased one, n they started giggling making her realize that they are making fun of that


        "Ah……I din't mean that" slipped her mouth, "Where's Tamy?" she asked on not noticing her around


        "Ah she's gone with Rahul" said Esha


        "N where's Rahul gone?" she asked again


        "He's with Ravs"


        "Rahul has gone with Ravs?"


        "Ya because Ravs's gone with…..Suhaan" Rimil finished finally


        "Uff ho can't u people say it straightly?" she asked


        "No we like it the other way round"


        "Where have they gone?"


        "Well our Mr.Explorer has been very keen in finding out the area, so they had went just for a casual stroll"


        "Ah Manish would u please come with me?" she asked


        "To find them?" as she stared at him, "Or to find him?"


        "Are u coming or not?" she asked sternly


        "Ok ok chill, I'm coming" as he got up


        "Why are u all teasing me so much regarding that?" she asked on distancing them


        "Because we like it"


        "But there's nothing in it"


        "Really?" he asked, "We didn't miss the look on your face when u're sleeping"


        "What rubbish"


        "N moresoever Suhaan had never behaved so softly to a girl in his entire life, leaving his Dids n Mom ofcourse"


        "Oh he has an elder sister?" she asked happily


        "Hmm, n he loves her the most" as she listened on, "No he loves his Bhai more……..basically he loves his family"


        "But that's good" she said


        "That's very good, but the fact remains that he doesn't likes girls too much……n in this condition his attitude towards u, will surely turn heads, isn't it?"


        "Hmm… but why doesn't he like girls, any specific reason?"


        "There must be, I heard that once he had to change his school, a co-ed, for he was not fine with his fellow girls"


        "Oh then it must have been something serious" she added


        "Hmmm probably"


        "Did u try to find out the actual reason behind this?"


        "Not really, ya but sometimes I feel, I should" as they kept walking, "But why are U so interested in finding it out?"


        "Just like that, I think we should have a fair knowledge about our friends" she managed


        "Hmm so I like girls, I like partying, I like playing pranks on people………."


        "But why are u saying all this to me?" she asked


        "U only said that u should have a fair idea about your friends… only Suhaan your friend?" Ashi knew she was caught


        "Ah…..I mean…"


        "Ah got it" he said




        "Signal, trying to call them up, so……" she nodded





        "Suhaan, don't u think we had come much far?" asked Ravs


        "Why, are u tired?" he asked


        "No I'm not tired, but u know we had to return too" she stated


        "Oh really, I thought we would stay on here" poked Rahul


        "Well that's not a bad idea either" added Suhaan


        "What the hell……."


        "Stop it u two" said Tamy


        "Then who told u to come along?" asked Suhaan


        "Staying back was a worser idea for me" she reasoned


        "Oh no Ashi must have woken up by now" Tamy said


        "Hmm so?" asked Rahul, while Ravs gave an ignorant look


        "She must be searching me, I din't tell her that I'm coming here with u"


        "Relax, there are so many people, she'll wait there" suggested Suhaan


        "Ya but, she must be……."


        "Now stop being her guardian" Ravs said, "She's not a kid"


        "Ya Tamy stop being that" added Rahul, as she stared at him surprised; "Because I'm that" he winked


        "You? From when u have started doing all this?" he asked


        "From yesterday" he declared, "N I seriously think we should return now, or they will some searching"


        "Ohk, let's go" as they started, Suhaan's cell rang




        "Hello Rahul" said Manish, "Where are u?"


        "Ya, we are returning"


        "No we are searching u, Ashi wants to find Tamy n…." he left it

        "Oh she's with me"


        "Hmm so where are u?" he asked again


        "Can u see any fort kinda thing?" asked Rahul


        "Fort?" as he turned around, "Ya ya, I can"


        "Good we are somewhat near it"


        "Ohk we are coming"




        "Who was it?" asked Tamy


        "Manish, u were right… Ashi had been searching u" said Rahul


        "She really needs to grow up" commented Ravs, which they ignored


        "Where's Suhaan?" asked Rahul


        "He's on a call" said Tamy


        "Hmm then probably Sameer Bhai" Rahul said


        "How do u know?" asked Ravs


        "I know it better"




        "Hey Rahul" called Manish on reaching as ashi went on to Tamy


        "Why didn't u wake me up, when u came?" asked she


        "Actually Suhaan asked me not to……." she looked towards him, still busy on his call, "Said that u slept late n so…"


        "Oh ok" she said "Good morning Ravs"  


        "Morning" she replied sternly, "I think u should learn to sleep properly while travelling"


        "Why is it bothering u so much if Suhaan didn't complain?" asked Manish n she shot him a look


        "I think u should stay away from Suhaan for some time……." suggested Tamy in a whisper


        "Why should I stay if someone else has problem with that?" she asked back


        "Din't u hear what she did to Soniya?"


        "So what? Until Suhaan himself tells me anything, I'll stay normal" she declared, "With whom is he talking?"


        "Rahul told that it's his Bhai" said Tamy, n soon he returned


        "U know Bhai keeps me so protected, never lets me feel that I'm……." he stopped, "So u are awake?" he said looking at Ashi


        "Hmm" she smiled at him


        "So what are we waiting for?" asked Suhaan, "Christmas?"


        "No" as Rahul n Manish shouted back and they started running to their spot


        "Come'on let's run too" suggested Tamy


        "Ok" Ashi said


        "Ravs u are not coming with us?" asked Tamy seeing her glued there


        "I don't like all these silly games" shrugged she


        "As u wish" n they started off


     The boys had obviously reached much earlier than the girls, so they waited; the girls came running afterwards, Suhaan was a bit surprised to see Ashi running like that, to him she was the soft gentle type, but she proved him wrong. The thought brought a slight smile on his face.


     As soon as Ashi saw him seeing her, n their eyes met, she slowed down, being conscious of his gaze. Ravs caught up with them sometime later,


        "Ravs, I think u need to be a bit more sporty to woo him" stated Dolly


        "Thanx dear for the info" she replied back


     This time, Suhaan settled himself beside Manish, n Ashi sat with Tamy. They covered the distance munching snacks n juices, giggling over each other.


     On reaching there, they settled in their respective rooms. Two persons per room. Suhaan stayed with Rahul, as Rahul was newer to the group.


        "Ah this is so cool" stated Rahul laying back on his bed


        "Hello Mr. cool, get up n get ready" ordered Suhaan


        "For what?"


        "Don't tell me that u have come here to stay in the room……" raising his eyebrow


        "No but, what's the hurry? Let us relax now n party tonight, n then we can think of something for tomorrow"


        "Oh ho" he said, "I'm so sorry to disappoint u lazy bones, I've already fixed up the plan for myself"


        "What?"he asked


        "That's a different thing if u don't wanna come with me" he imposed a fake sadness on his face


        "Ohk ok I got it" as he sat up, "I wish sumone could make u dance to her tunes, like u do to me"


        "Ahan, put ur hopes to rest as no girl can do that to The Suhaan Malhotra" he declared


        "I'll do that for the time being" as he began to unpack his luggage


        "Hmm, I'll be back after a shower, plz order the breakfast" he said while heading for the washroom


        "Ok, what will u have?"


        "Some cornflakes n toasts with a sunny side up will be great" he ended with a smile


        "Anything else, Sir?" Rahul asked bending to him


        "Naaaaah that'll be all" he finished





        "Maa, I'm so sorry that I didn't call u earlier……."


        "U know it very well that I'll be so tensed n then too" said her Maa


        "Hmm I know Maa, n that's why I had called u now. We had just reached……."


        "Ok, with whom are u staying?"


        "Tamy ofcourse Maa"


        "Hmm, you are fine na?" she asked in a concerned voice


        "Ya Maa, u don't worry at all" she assured


        "Hmm ok, take care. I'll call u later"


        "Luv u Maa, byee" as she hung up


        "So aunty is relieved now?" asked Tamy


        "Hope so, she worries a lot. I can very well see her face" she ended with a smile


        "Ok now go n get ready"


        "But I'm hungry, can we eat first?" asked Ashi


        "No way, freshn up n then we'll eat" Ashi was not happy with it but she followed


Ravs was finding it tiring to leave the room so soon, she wanted to stay back n rest but she knew she couldn't do that………..


     Suhaan came out of his room, to look whether anyone is ready or not, found Ashi standing by the balcony, seemingly lost in the scenario visible…… he neared her tip-toing


        "Boo" shouted he from her back


        "Aaaah" she screamed in fear, as her spell broke,


        "Oops I'm sorry, I din't knew u would be so frightened with this" said he


        "No that's fine" she said, her breath heavy, "Actually I din't notice that u're here"


        "I was not here, just came n saw u" she smiled at his specific explanation


        "Ok" she said meekly, his presence was indeed making her conscious


        "Are u thinking something?"


        "Not really. Why?"


        "So u talk this less all the time?"


        "Oh no I thought, u might not like talking much" she said


        "N why's that?"he asked with a raised eyebrow


        "I'm so sorry………"


        "Sorry? For what?"


        "I know that u don't like……….." as he waited for her to complete, "I slept on your……….shoulder"


        "Ah yes… n I'm very upset with that act of urs" he mouthed


        "I'm really sorry, I don't know when did I………" n he let out a laugh as she looked on surprisingly


        "I know who does it willingly n who doesn't" said he, "I forgot to ask u, are u okay now?"


        "Hmmmm, I'm fine"


        "No actually u're shivering last night, so……."


        "Thanx for getting the shawl for me"


        "U are welcome, but not always"


        "I know"


        "By the way, u are surprising me repeatedly……"




        "That time I didn't expect u to run back your way" she blushed a lil', "N now too, u are ready before all…………I must say impressive. I have never seen any girl to get ready so quick"


        "Was that a compliment?"


        "Take it the way u like"


        "Oh u din't tell me what have u planned for today?"


        "Oh ya, we'll first go for a general sight-seeing, n enjoy all the available sports……. Participation is must" he added


        "Hmmm, then?"


        "Then I wud like to try some adventurous stuff…….."


        "Like what? Trekking?"


        "Not today, I'll do that spme other day, a bit tired for it" he said, "May be a Bungee jumping would be nice"


        "But I heard that its not available here….."


        "How many are in store for me?"




        "Surprises, I know they are not available here, but am sure we'll have some other way for it"


        "Its optional?"


        "If u want u can surely come, but I can't force anyone as it's a bit risky"


        "Then I would come" she gladly declared


        "Are u sure?"


        "110%" as they shook hands



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ashu20 Groupbie

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Posted: 11 August 2008 at 1:52am | IP Logged
hello dear.. superb part ...impressed to suhan in this way....really good part
plz continue soon
aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2008 at 11:28am | IP Logged
woooooooooow tatz relay nice sweety,

plz do contn,
itz super n intrestn,

All the best 4 the next part,

vvdn Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2008 at 1:44am | IP Logged

Hiiiii Saanch dear,

        Wat a update simply Fantastic,too cool. Starting is really superb when Ashi getup from her sleep , she too sweet. Like the teasing of Manish.

                 So, Mr. Investigater Suhaan Malhotra started changing good. He don't mind that Ashi slep on his shoulder aur wok am tha ki usne Ashi ke liye Shawl bhi maang li ,really cool. Aur Suhaan ka wo Ashi ko daudte hua dekhana how nice,

 I think Suhaan also started feeling for Ashi but anaware of his feeling , hope he realize very soon. Waise ye sab dekhkar RAV'S is getting jeoulous.n that's y am happy but I hope she don't do anything to Ashi like she did to Soniya,aur waise agar hua to Suhaan hai hi''..

              Suhaan is really changing, wo toh  girls se dur bhagta tha n now he came to talk Ashi when she is alone in the balcony to talk her''.i tell u I really het this RAV'S'..

        Waise yaar yeh  Bungee Jumping  kya chise hai I didn't get that,plzzzzzz explain that to me''

    am waiting for next rocking update.



feedback Groupbie

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Posted: 16 August 2008 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Amazing update.. loved Suhaan and Ashi <3
cant wait til your next update... please do it fast :)
and keep up the good work
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2008 at 5:40am | IP Logged

aTwenty Sevenb



        "Mom, u need not worry anymore" assured Snigs


        "But beta, Sameer has not yet said yes for Mehr………"


        "I know Mom, but u can't expect him to do that so quickly" as her mother looked at her, "I mean, may be he's not able to come over the previous matter yet" she suggested


        "I know, n that's why I had suggested this thing so urgently"


        "But don't u think these things should be given time? What if he says yes now n then he regrets later?"


        "No I don't want that for sure……..I want him to be happy, just happy"


        "It'll happen n that day is not too far, just be patient Mom" Snigs said


        "Hmm, I think u are right, I should not force him into anything" she completed in a hopeful voice


        "Yes my sweetest Mom, so stop worrying for him anymore"


        "Ok……..oh did Suhaan call after reaching there?" she asked


        "Hmm Sameer had called him n he said they had not reached yet, but it was around 8…….they must have reached by now"


        "N still he didn't care to inform us……."




        "When? He must have forgotten…..I'll call him" as she did




        "Ok Ashi, u do one thing….." he said




        "Kindly go n knock all the girls out of their rooms………." as she giggled, "What?"




        "Uff ho, inform them that we'll be leaving at sharp 12, whoever wanna come, have to gather in the lobby by that time or we'll leave"


        "But will they take it in good stride; I mean I don't even know all of them properly…" n then Suhaan's cell rang


        "Mom?" he murmured, "Oh shit"


        "What happened?" asked she


        "I forgot to inform Mom that I have reached" he gushed out hurriedly, "Mom, u know what……I was missing u so much" trying to make up, while Ashi giggled placing her hand over her mouth, he glanced at her


        "I know it very well that how much my son misses me…."




        "Why didn't u call me then?"


        "Actually we had just reached Mom, I was going to do that" he said while walking, Ashi kept looking at him from a distance


        "Hmmm, anyways how are u?"


        "I'm ok Mom, don't worry"


        "Take some sleep now, I'm sure u're not able to sleep last night" said she


        "Sleep? Noway Mom! I'll be going around the place today, am not here to sleep" he declared


        "But Suhaan……." as he looked at Ashi, standing there


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