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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 18)

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here's d nxt part :
aTwenty Fourb



     Mrs. Malhotra went to meet Sameer the very next morning, she was impatient to wait even for a single day more.


        "Sameer" she called on entering, he was getting ready for office


        "Mom, plz cum in" he said, "Why did u cum, u shud have asked me to do that………"


        "That's ok beta" she clarified, "Getting ready?" as he nodded


        "Did u want to say anything?" he asked


        "Hmmm, actually we were thinking of ur marriage" as he stared at her, "I know beta, U might think that why are we thinking of it so soon….." he thought it jus that way only


        "Ya actually Mom….."


        "Wat had happened, we can't change that, but u should move on in life… such incident cannot make u feel so defeated"


        "It hasn't Mom, believe me" he said holding her by her shoulders, "Its jus that I don't want it so soon… as u said rightly" he said smiling


        "Then when are u going to?" she asked concerned


        "I'll Mom, but…….."


        "I understand, but u can atleast meet the girl, isn't it?" she suggested, "If u dun like her, then we would not force u"


        "Who's she?"


        "U remember Mehr? Mr. Singhania's daughter?"


        "Hmmmm, I do" he replied


        "We are considering her for u………..u had made gud frnds with her at the party isn't it?"


        "Ok I'll meet her for u" as it brought a smile on her lips, "But Mom………"


        "But wat beta?"


        "I won't go to their place to meet her as I did to…….." he left it midway


        "Ohk, that's not a problem, we can call them here only, jus a warm dinner, will that be okay for u?"


        "It will be" he said


        "Very Good" as he smiled at her, "I just want u to be happy Beta" as she kissed his forehead n he hugged her back





     Ashi was busy in arranging her things when Rahul called her up,


        "Hi Rahul" she replied in happy tone


        "Hi……How was ur Diwali?"he asked


        "It was pretty good, though we had a very private one"


        "Rimi must have rocked it for sure!" he stated


        "U know her better, if she had not been with me, I don't know how I wud hav been…………."


        "Is anything wrong?"


        "No why?"


        "I had never heard u say anything like this about her, so just thought that…………"


        "No no, it's just that I was thinking if today she was not there to convince Maa-Baba, then I wud hav not been able to take this trip"


        "That's true"


        "She's an angel to me" as Rahul smiled, "U know I used to call her that only when she was born………"


        "Then start calling her that again" he suggested, "The way she's proving this name right, she deserves it"


        "Hmmm" as she smiled


        "So what were u doing?"


        "Nothing much, jus going through my clothes, n arranging my wardrobe"


        "Oh so u have already started packing?"


        "Not exactly, but sorting them for sure"


        "Hmmm, someone's super excited to meet 'her water' isn't it?"


        "What? No I'm not" she said, but was forced to blush at the thought, spclly mentionaing him as 'her water'


        "Okay Manish had just informed me that we might be leaving on 10th"


        "10th? U mean this Sunday?"


        "That's right sweety, so not many hours left for what u hav wished for" he teased again


        "Off ho won't u stop it?" she asked irritated




        "Then bye"


        "Ohk do ur packing, I'll inform u of the meeting, ok?"


        "Hmm bye"







     Mr.Malhotra had called up Singhania, who had been one of his associates since long, to discuss about this proposal, n he had been gladly informed that they themselves were looking out for someone nice for their daughter, n who else could it be, better than Sameer for this………so Mr.Malhotra had invited them for a cozy dinner at their place, this weekend!


     When the news reached Suhaan, he got a bit worried; he was unsure who to ask about this, so he went to his Mom...


        "Mom, wat this so urgent?" he asked




        "I mean why are u people thinking of Bhai's marriage so soon?"


        "B'coz it's needed"


        "I din't get it, how do u know it's needed?"


        "U won't undersand this, I'm his mother and I know wat's right for him"


        "Ya but Bhai is still not out of that………" he left it as he was not sure what he might say about her


        "That is why we are thinking of it so soon" she declared, "It will be good for him if he gets involved with sumone else"


        "And he has given his nod for this?"


        "Yes" she said


        "Really Mom?" asked Snigs from back, n she nodded, "Did he really say that?"


        "Yes, n that's why we are calling them for dinner"


        "Dinner? Wen?" came out another from him


        "This weekend" his Mom said


        "Great Mom" added snigs while he sat confused


        "Actually Sameer didn't want to visit them for sumthing like this…… we thought of inviting them over here"


        "Hmm, but why this very weekend?" he asked


        "What's wrong in it?" asked Mrs.Malhotra, "Look Suhaan, last time too, u were not happy with the idea, n see for urself wat's happened" she carried on in a stern voice, "I don't want anything to happen wrong this time for Sameer"


        "So u mean wat happened was b'coz of me?" he asked


        "I didn't say that but……."


        "Suhaan why are u not comfortable with this thing?" asked Snigs


        "I'm Dids, but why this weekend only?"


        "What's wrong with this weekend?" she asked


        "I'll be a bit busy" as they stared at him


        "We are not thinking about ur marriage this time, its Sameer's, u need not be there, if u have sum other engagements" joked Snigs


        "Ha ha ha very funny!" standing up, "I need to be there"


        "I din't get it"


        "I wanna see for myself that whether……."


        "Whether?" she asked


        "She's worthy of Bhai or not" completed he


        "Oooo……..n how'll u get to know that?" she asked


        "I don't know, but I have to stay with Bhai this time"


        "But we have already asked them for dinner this Saturday" interrupted his Mom


        "Saturday?" he asked


        "Yes Saturday"


        "Uff ho can't u say that earlier?" he said, "I was confused just like that"


        "But may I know, what will be keeping u busy this weekend?" asked Snigs


        "Ahh…I'll be leaving for Mahabaleshwar this Sunday"


        "All of a sudden?" his Mom asked


        "Not all of a sudden Mom, u know I go for this trip every year, don't I?"


        "When are u coming back then?"


        "Mom I'll be back in a week or so, don't worry"


        "Ok, does ur Dad knows this?" she asked


        "I'll tell him soon" he said, "Gud then I'll see u later" saying he left


        "I don't know what he will do this time?" his Mom sighed


        "Don't worry Mom, he'll never do anything which will prove bad for Sameer, n of late he's been all the more protective about him"


        "Hmmm, let's just hope this one turns out well"


        "It'll Mom" she said





     They had gathered yet again at their favorite spot to discuss their schedule…….


        "Great so we are all set for 10th" said Ankur n all shouted a yes in unison, the other occupants were bound to glance at them, their group was the most visited one, the staff almost enjoyed their presence


        "Ok that's decided but wat else? I mean what about the travel n the bookings over there?" asked one


        "What's the big deal in that?" asked Ishaan winking at others, indicating towards Atul, their cyber freak, "Look who's at work" he was already checking out the probable ways for the trip


        "Ok all we need is at least a transport with an accommodation of 40…………." said Suhaan


        "Why 40? We are hardly 20-25 in number" said one


        "Dude will that suffice? I need space, wat say guys?" he asked n all agreed yet again 


        "Ok managing a bus will be dun, wat next?" asked Mohit


        "The venue where we will meet" suggested one


        "Ah…. is that necessary?" asked one


        "Of course, or I'm sure sumone is gonna get lost, right?" Manish teased looking at Ravs


        "But Ravs will be joining us right there, isn't it?" Sneha asked her


        "Why can't I cum along?" she asked in return, her tone rude as ever


        "Ya u can, but u never do that, so just curious" he asked "Are we lucky enough to know the reason?"  Ishaan queried as she preffered to ignore it


        "Is it sumthing essen…….." said one


        "No no not sumthing, surely it is sumone" laughed Priya signaling at Suhaan, where he felt it irrelevant to budge on, Manish knew it was not him, but he tried to look fine


        "Aren't they pulling her leg a bit too much?" Tamy asked Siya


        "No no, she's always after him, u don't know" she said, "U know what she had done last time?" Ashi was overhearing it without letting them know


        "Wat?" asked Tamy


        "She usually joins us at the spot n last time she asked even Suhaan to join her"


        "Did he……." curiousness evident in her voice


        "No way, n thank heavens he didn't, or he wud hav never been able to join us" saying she giggled, Ashi felt relieved hearing this


        "Oh that's so very true!" exclaimed Tamy


        "N u know we had organized a trekking schedule, thanks to Suhaan, where she was not with Suhaan……."


        "Then who was with him?"


        "Soniya" she said, "N can u believe it……….she almost tried to push her off the cliff?"


        "Wat are u saying?" Tamy asked with her eyes blown wide


        "Again thank……."


        "……God?" asked Tamy


        "Ya ofcourse him, but Shashank too who saved her" she completed, "I tell u, she's so very dangerous when it comes to Suhaan" she said n Tamy turned to Ashi


        "Wat?" Ashi asked


        "Nothing, jus be careful enough that she doesn't lands up u  in trouble" Tamy explained


        "But what am I have to do with that?" she asked further


        "Didn't u see how she fumed when Suhaan supported u last time?"


        "But that was in general, not to me in particular" Ashi said


        "Who knows" said she


        "Is there any problem?" asked Siya


        "No not at all, everything's fine" cleared Tamy


        "Ohk attention everybody" clapped Ankur to draw other's attention towards him, spclly who were chatting


        "Ya all have been decided, so just listen to the schedule" added Sharib, n all listened


        "We have zeroed in on two spots to meet up, now say which one would suit more"


        "Ok which two?' asked one


        "Hmm one is Shopper's stop at Andheri and the other is Hotel Siddhartha at Bandra…."


        "But why only two? I mean there are so many places left" said Sneha


        "Because we have been booked upon a Volvo coach n they have their respective pick up points" explained Ishaan


        "Oh great! Already booked? Kewl!" said Siya


        "I think hotel Siddhartha wud be a nice place to meet, wat say?" sumone opined


        "Ohk no problem with that" agreed many


        "Oh n the time is 2200hrs, the journey is approximately of 7-8 hrs, so a night one would be cool, isn't it?" asked Manish, "We would reach there by 0630hrs in the morning"


        "Yaaaaaayyyyy!" a whirl of excitement crossed their faces as they shouted


        "Fine then, its Sunday, 10th at 2200hrs at Hotel Siddhartha" declared Suhaan getting up


     N soon they dispersed to their respective joints…………..





     Saturday, though seemed as more of a routine, was not actually that. Sameer had been to office as usual but not to forget he was having his normal tensed moments, everytime he thought of the meet with Mehr, he was unknowingly reminded of Aayesha. Despite being declaring it loudly to everyone, that he's fine, he was not fully fine, n he, only he knew that……….


       From the evening onwards, the Malhotras' were preparing themselves for welcoming their special guests, Mr.Malhotra was back earlier than usual, Sameer too was back, n Suhaan made it sure that he was back before the guests.


        "Oh gud Bhai u are here" he asked


        "I know" Sameer replied smiling, "But wat's bothering me more is that wat's wrong with u?"


        "Wrong? Hav I dun anything wrong?"


        "I mean how are u home so soon?" he cleared


        "Didn't u hear that guests are coming tonight, so I thought that it would be nice if I get back soon, isn't it?" he replied winking


        "Seems like u have started to take ur responsibilities seriously, hmm?"


        "Of course, but u seem to be very late realizing that"


        "U know wat I think u shud visit London more often" he stated


        "Really" Suhaan asked punching him lightly in the stomach





     The moment they arrived, Suhaan had glued himself behind Sameer,


        "Gud evening Mr.Singhania" greeted Mr.Malhotra


        "Evening Mr.Malhotra" he greeted back


        "Ah………. let me introduce u to my family" Mr.Malhotra said


        "Ya sure, that would be nice" said he


        "Well I think u know almost everybody else except……." his eyes went for Suhaan, "My younger son……"


        "Hello Uncle, hello aunty" greeted he, "I'm Suhaan"


        "Hello beta, wat do u do?" asked Mr.Singhania


        "Ah….I'm still trying" he replied


        "He'll be joining me the next month" added his Dad


        "Oh that's gud, then Sameer would hav some help too" Mr.Singhania said looking at him


        "Ya sure, I would love to have that" Sameer said encircling his hand around him


        "Well, my son Angad would be joining soon, right?" as he looked towards him, n Angad nodded,


        "Hi hope to do some great work together" said Angad to Suhaan


        "Sure I'll be looking forward to it" replied he


        "N this my daughter Mehr, she's completed her diploma in fashion n had joined her mother at our fashion house" Mehr, simple from out but her beauty lies in her eyes,


        "Ya I know that" said Snigs, "Hi Mehr"


        "Hi Snigdha Di" she greeted, "Hi Sameer"


        "Hi" Sameer completed it with a smile


        "Mehr u can call me only Di, like Sameer does, isn't it?" n Sam looked at her surprised, Suhaan was seated with Angad


     N soon Sameer n Mehr were seen seated in the garden, to let them talk freely


        "U know u have been much quieter than the last time" said Mehr


        "Really?" he looked at her, "I din't notice that"


        "How would u? Now u tell me hav I changed?"


        "Ah…..I dun think so" he quickly replied


        "Can I ask u something?"


        "Ya sure plz" he said


        "U might be knowing why we are here right?" he nodded meekly, "So I think we shud get clear about our past lives now only"


        "Hmm so tell me did u have someone in ur…….."


        "Ya kinda, but believe me it was just a passing affair, we were in the same college n u know right……" she cleared


        "I believe u"


        "So easily?"


        "Hmm, shudn't I?" he asked


        "No I mean men don't do that so easily"


        "But I do, may be I trust people very easily"


        "That's the difference I noted first when I met u"


        "So u had already noted that?" he asked


        "Ya, now tell me about urs" she demanded


        "I never had anyone, believe me" he said in a sumwat like tone of hers making her laugh


        "I believe u" she did that too


        "So easily?"


        "Ya…….ah………what about that girl whom u were supposed to marry previously?"


        "Hmm, it was like she had someone in her life n I thought of……."


        "Letting her go" completing it for him




        "That's so sweet of u" she said,


        "Thanx" smiling at her


        "Ah…….Bhai" Suhaan interrupted


        "Suhaan cum" said he


        "Bhai Dad's been calling u in" he said


        "Oh fine" as he stood up, "Let's go in then" as she nodded n stood up


        "No he's calling u only" he declared, "She can stay back"


        "Ohk fine, I'll be back soon"


        "Not a problem" said Mehr, as he went


        "Can I?" Suhaan asked


        "Oh ya sure" as she gestured him to sit


        "So how do u like him?"


        "Ah…..he's pretty gud" she said


        "Isn't he the best?"


        "I can't say that but ya he's a got heart of gold"


        "Actually, I wanted to talk to u so sent him in" he stated


        "Talk to me? About what?"


        "About him" said he, "Actually sumthing had happened last time, n so I need to be clear about that"


        "Last time? Oh u mean that broken one?" as Suhaan stared at her surprisingly, "He told me that she loved sumone else n so he let her go"


        "Did he?" he asked, "Oh I'm so sorry to say all this to u, the thing is that I was bit………u might be thinking that I'm sum kinda bad guy who had come to threathen u right?"


        "Right!" she said, "But all for only reason….."




        "For that u love ur Bhai too much, isn't it?"


        "Hmmm that's right"


        "Sameer is very lucky to have a brother like u"


        "Then I'm double lucky to have him as my Bhai" he said, "N u can be lucky too, even more than me"


        "How is that?"


        "U know it better……..Bha…" he stopped


        "I think u can call me that soon" she winked


        "Already decide…." he was stopped


        "Suhaan……Dad didn't call me" said Sameer on returning


        "I know" he stated blankly


        "Then why did u…………?" he stopped seeing Mehr's laughing face, "Is everything alright?"


        "Ya ya everything's fine" she said as Suhaan neared him


        "She's cool" he whispered in Sameer's ears before leaving, to which he smiled


        "What did he say?" he asked her


        "That I can be lucky too" as he gave her a puzzled look, "I can marry u………..provided………"


        "Provided? Are u imposing conditions?" she nodded




        "Wat's that?" he asked


        "If u stay this much gud all ur life" n he blushed


        "Are u serious?"


        "Wat do u think?"


        "I think……….." as she neared him, n took his hand in hers


        "I liked u wen we first met, its jus that I never realized it till today"


        "N now?"


        "Now I know that u are the one for me, if u think that too" he nodded n they strolled in the garden hands in hands






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wooow simply super update dear,

hatz of 2 u,

dialogues super thz time,

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luv u dearEmbarrassed kya update hai. finally sameer ne shadi ke liye haan kar di n mehr is just too sweet, sam really deserve a nice girl like pretty soon Suhaan is getting his Bhabhi that's cool..Tongue
        don't u think Suhaan is too much, why don't he join the C.I.D insted of joining thie bussinessLOLLOLLOL am happy for Sameer but same time worried for Ashi Confused dunno what served in front of her when Suhaan comes to know that she is the one n how Ashi react when she came to know that who's Suhaan is... god too many complecations but i  think ur there to handle that all so am urgly waiting for Sunday n am ready with my packing for sure Rocking picnic.
        i told u that this  RAV'S is real devil, tammy is rite Ashi have to keep distance from her, after hearing what she don with pure Soniya...n Rahul oh god he is such darlling.... i loved the way he teased Ashi , he is real friend of her.Hope our thirsty Ashi got 'HER WATER' soon.
          Rimi is really angel yaar, god give every one the sister like rimi but what she gonna ask Ashi for helping her i think it's surely related to Suhaan.
            so dear plzzzzzz update next part asap.
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hi dear,
          nice ud.... ashi is truly in love with suhaan.... n rahul never miss a chance of teasing her...  so suhaan is on mission to set sameer life properly nice brother-brother relationship..... its nice that sameer is set with mehr so our ashi is free for suhaan... n this ravs she is so dangerous.. i wish she dosen't harm our ashi... well suhaan is their to take care of her..... now all set to go to mahabaleshwar... i have read the further ud also but still i m excited to read the further part again...
so do ud soon
bye love
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  Here's the nxt part :

aTwenty Fiveb



     Ashi was doing the last round of her packing when Rimi stormed in,


        "Di, guess what?" she asked as Ashi turned sumwat surprisingly




        "Oh ho I said guess……" she nagged


        "Rimi, tell me na what's it?" said she


        "Ok I'll give u sum hint n u guess, ok?"


        "Hmmm, ok"


        "Its sumthing for u from……….."




        "Baba" she declared delightfully


        "Baba? What is it?" she asked curiously, "Ah is it sum dress or……….. but surely sumthing to carry with me, right?"


        "Ya u are on the right track, go on" said Rimi


        "Plzzzzz say na" as she went to her to have a look, but Rimi constantly kept her hands behind her back


        "This is not done, u say… may be the ur nxt guess hits the bull's eye" she teased


        "I don't wanna hit ne bull's eye, I'm asking u for the last time, are u telling me, or leave it" she turned with a fake anger on her face


        "Think again, it shall be my gain then"


        "Keep it, I don't need it" she said, "Whatever is yours is practically mine too" she declared


        "Hmmm that's true" nearing her, "Look what Baba has brought for u" as she placed it in front of her


        "What is this?" looking at the box she gave


        "Open it"


        "U open it"




        "It's the same thing, I open or u, what difference does it makes?" said Ashi


        "I know why u are fearing to open it…."




        "Because last time I fooled u, by a similar kinda box, which had the punching boy"


        "Ya……that's partially true, but I want u to open it otherwise too. Believe me"


        "Ok, I shall do the honours ma'am" smiling she said, they sat to open it, Ashi keeping safe distance from the box, "Off ho Di, its not that"


        "Then too, u open it" as Rimi opened it finally


        "Hey look, what it is…….wow it's a digicam"


        "Oh my god, this is so nice of Baba to bring this now"


        "Ya u can use it on your trip, how lucky"


        "U too stupid, its urs too remember" Ashi soothed


        "Then I shud inaugurate it" suggested Rimi


        "Of course, go on"


        "But my first pic will be of…………..urs"


        "No no plz, I'm not in a mood to pose for u" Ashi said backing off


        "Who said u have to pose, u do ur work"




        "Oh ho, try to be natural Di, boys like that" she added


        "I don't need to be liked by any boy"


        "Are u sure no one?"


        "What do u mean?" she asked


        "I mean nothing much just that girls do all to impress boys so………"


        "I'm not like that"


        "Who knows u better than me, right?"


        "Right, I shud go n say thanx to Baba for this" she said happily


        "Ya u shud" Rimi agreed but she was thinking sumthing


        "What happened?"


        "Nothing, just that why Baba has brought this for u all of a sudden?" she asked


        "Any problem with that" Ashi said


        "May be to convince u for sumthing" she suggested her


        "For what?"


        "Another proposal, who knows"


        "What?" she gave a shocking one, "U mean……….." as Rimi nodded


        "Though I'm not sure, but u know…….."


        "I don't think so, Baba wud never do such a thing to me" Ashi said making a puzzled face


        "Gotcha, it's so easy to fool u Di" as Rimi started giggling


        "What the hell? How dare u do that to me? I'm so stupid to fall in ur trap yet again" she almost fumed as she ran after her to catch her but Rimi, being Rimi, was faster ………………..






     While the dinner was going on, Suhaan kept an eye over his Bhai n Mehr, noticed them peeping onto each other at regular intervals, they exchanged smiles too, n for once, Mehr had smiled at him too, like telling him not to be worried anymore for his Bhai… as soon as they left, Suhaan caught up with his Bhai


        "So now tell me, wat is on ur mind?" he asked


        "Wat?" he said sumwat trying hard not to smile


        "Ahan, u can do that now, I know It's on" he declared


        "Wat's on Suhaan?" asked Snigs


        "Dids, it's a yes from her side too"


        "U mean Sameer also………wow u din't tell me"


        "Di, its not fully………" he started


        "Stop it Bhai, she said she likes u even told me that I can call her Bhabhi soon"


        "Really, but wen did she say all this to u Suhaan?" she asked


        "She did, I'm telling u she's perfect for Bhai" as Sameer was left only to blush even more


        "N how do u know that so early?" she asked again


        "B'coz she's cool like me" he stated, "N it will be fun having her at home as family"


        "Oh so all's decided huh?" she winked


        "Ya isn't it Bhai?" looking at him,


        "As far as my view is concerned, I would like to have sum more time"


        "Time? For what Bhai?" Suhaan asked


        "Suhaan, let him be" said Snigs


        "But Dids………." As Snigs stopped him,


        "Sameer, take ur time" she assured n they went to their rooms





     The nxt morning was a rather busy one, with the final packings n all, where sum did it beforehand like Ashi, who din't want to miss out on anything, not to forget the latest addition, her digicam, for which she was excited. Rimi had asked her to capture every single moment, if possible…….


        N on the other hand, there were sum last minute packers, ya Suhaan, who else. N to top it he woke up late, n then almost ran across the house to pack up his essentials, starting from his discman to camcorders n wat not………..he seemed like in a total mess, wandering around in a pair of shorts n tee.


        "Suhaan, atleast have ur meal first" said his Mom


        "No Mom, I dun have time for that now, I'm already running late"


        "How many times do I need to tell u to arrange these a day before?" she asked, "N cum n have this or I'll cancel ur trip at all"


        "Oh ho Mom, dun treat me like a child, I'll have it wen I'm dun with……….."


        "N if u r not dun with, then?"


        "Then too I wud have it, ok now…………where can I keep it?" he said scratching his head, "Oh right" as he rushed to get his kit


        "Why is this boy so messed up?" she said to herself





     As it was scheduled, they were to meet up at Hotel Sidhhartha, Ankur made it sure that no one gets late. All had started to gather up one by one, Tamy n Ashi reached there together n were happy to find sum other people already there,


        "Hey Hi, gud to see u" said Ankur, "I hope u havn't missed anything?"


        "I hope not" replied Tamy, "N if I did then too, I'm sure it won't be a problem"


        "At what time are we going to reach there?" asked Ashi


        "Sumthing around 7am, if all goes perfect" he said n Ashi stared


        "Oh ho don't u worry, it'll be perfect" added Rahul


     Soon after Ravs reached in her plush car, in a mini skirt topped with a tube top n a leather jacket


        "Look who's there" said one from behind n they glanced at her direction


        "Can't she wear sumthing descent?" asked Tamy sumwat louder


        "No" Ankur quickly replied, "Or how else she's going to woo sumone?" he completed with a raised brow


        "Ya didn't u see that day how she sat glued to Suhaan?" remarked Rahul


        "But Suhaan didn't………" Ashi started to protest


        "I know, he didn't"Rahul finished with a glint


        "But do u really think that 'sumone' will get away with this thing?" asked Tamy with a naughty smile as Ashi looked a bit worried


        "But then too they don't stop trying" stated Ankur


        "Hey Ankur" called Ravs,


        "Hi Ravs, come here" she didn't want to, but she did


        "Isn't here neone else?" she asked, completely ignoring them


        "Are we invisible?" whispered Tamy to Ashi


        "Stop it" Ashi mouthed back


        "Not yet, Manish's still not reached" said Ankur, "But he had called me up for whether u hav reached or not?" Ravs rolled her eyes in irritation


        "Did I ask for him?" asked she


        "No, but I thot of informing u" stated Ankur


        "Where's Suhaan?" she came to the point finally


        "Ah…….u were asking for him, u shud have done that earlier" Ankur said in a teasing manner


        "Ok I had dun that now, tell me where's he?"


        "I don't think he'll be cuming………….."


        "Wat?" shouted Ravs n Ashi together


        "Wo wo wo, chill" as he stared at them alternatively, Ashi checked herself rather quickly


        "Why didn't u tell me that earlier, I wudn't have cum at all then" as she turned, almost fuming, but to her luck, Suhaan entered the premises in his car just then, "Ankurrrr…." she turned to him but he was gone from there, leaving them


        "Oh no, why didn't he cum a bit later?" touted Tamy


        "Why?" asked Ashi still glancing at Suhaan


        "It wud have been nicer if she had left before that"


        "N u think she wud have done that without confirming him" reasoned Ashi


        "Hmmm, that's true, neways take care, I'm very worried for u"


        "Oh ho, stop it now" as she found him cuming in their direction


        "Hi" he greeted in general, "All's ready?"


        "Suhaan look wat Ankur's saying…….." Ravs got to him


        "Wat?" he asked a bit surprised, as Ankur winked at him


        "That u are not cuming n all that shit……….."


        "Ya for once I had thot of cancelling that, but…….." he made up


        "Then why didn't u tell me that?" she asked  


        "Oh com'on Ravs, can we talk sum thing important now?" he said, "Is everything alright?"


        "Almost, but dun know where's Manish?" said Rahul


        "Call him" said Suhaan


        "Its unreachable, now u say how to contact him?" asked Ankur


        "Ah he told me last night, he'll be cuming with Ishaan…..where's he?"


        "He too isn't here" said one 


        "One sec" as he called him up instead, "Ring is going………. hello Ishaan where are u?"


        "Suhaan ya we are reaching, 10 more mins"he replied


        "Manish is with u right?" he asked


        "Ya he's with me" as he hung up,


        "They are on their way" he said


        "I dun know u people are doing all this?" commented Ravs


        "Doing wat?" asked Mihir on reaching n all stared at her


        "I mean no one is a child here, if they are to come, they will"


        "U mean we shud not call them right?" Suhaan asked her in a sumwat raised voice


        "Suhaan……." started Rahul


        "No wat does she meant by that? Listen Ravs, u may not be knowing that we all are equal here, n we care for all, got it?"


        "But I was just…..saying that…." she softened a bit


        "If u have any problem with any of us, u can surely leave, we won't mind" as all were shocked, no one else cud say this to her except Suhaan


        "I know u all want me to leave, n now u too Suhaan?"


        "I don't want that but I'm noticing this attitude of urs from quite a few days……….." she kept silent for a min, n glanced at the others, red eyes n a face full of anger,


        "Fine nobody wants me here, I'm leaving" said she but n Suhaan not even glanced at her, as she decended the steps Manish caught her


        "Hey Ravs, where are u going?" asked he


        "That's none of ur business, go to hell" replied she


        "It is very much my business, u are not going anywhere" he commanded, "Hey guys, wat's wrong?" looking at others


        "Nothing dude, u know the usual tiffs…….Ravs said sumthing n Suhaan reacted back" Ankur finshed off


        "N u are leaving?" he asked Ravs, "Don't take it personally, cum" as she followed him, "Suhaan plz finish it off here" he said to him


        "Look who's guarding u?" he said to Ravs,


        "I'm sorry, I promise I'll try not to repeat it" as Manish smiled at her


        "Fine" as Ravs hugged him suddenly,

       "Ravs, its ok" feeling quite embarrassed, Ashi pressed Tamy's hand in a reflex, Manish gulped


        "Wooh, so all set up, n I hope everyone's reached" asked Ishaan, "So we shud finally start off"


        "Ya sure, cum'on everybody load ur luggage up n take ur seats" Ankur said n all followed, after 10-15mins we see the luggage tied up n they were seated properly, with the girls occupying the window seats, Ravs n Ashi had taken the two front seats, n Tamy had yet again warned Ashi for that, n she laughed it off


        "So here we go for Mahabaleshwar" as Suhaan thumped up n all shouted together


        "Ah….Suhaan, sit here" invited Ravs him by her side


        "No thanx, I'll manage" he said with a smile


        "Cum on, I said sorry, so sit here only" as she pulled him to the seat, Rahul sat with Ashi n Manish was left to manage with Tamy(his gal has already booked sumone else)


        "Ok friends we have arranged these food packets for the night, if anybody feels hungry or kinda munching, help urselves" declared Ishaan


        "Can I hav it now?" asked one from behind


        "Ya sure, but the rest have to be in self help manner, I'm sure no one would like to wake up in the night n serve sumone" winked Manish


        "That's so very true" added one, "At least not me"


         "See everyone's like that" it being a video coach, soon a movie was played but all being very tired for the day long packing n all, dozed off after sumtime, excepting sum who retorted to their personal music systems, while few others continued chatting.


     As the night grew darker, Ravs dozed off on Suhaan's shoulder, seeking support through a nap; he tried to woke her up but she was falling off again


        "Ravs….." he called her


        "Mmm" she murmured n further encircled her arm around him


        "Uff….." he gasped, "I can't be like this for the whole night" he said to himself, keeping her hand off his chest, n tapping Rahul (nearest to him), "Rahul, I can't sit like this, can u…………." he was cut off


        "Are u crazy? No way, I can't sit with her" he said, the last words in a whisper


        "I know that, call on Manish….. is he sleeping?" he asked


        "I think so" said he


        "Then woke him up n tell him to shift here, I'll go there………btw who's with him?" he asked for chking


        "Ah its Tamy" he said,


        "I hope she's better than this"


        "Of course"


        "Then call him na…." urged Suhaan


        "Ya ya wait" as she patted on his knee


        "Wat?" asked Manish, almost sleepy


        "U have to shift from here………"


        "Why's that in the middle of the night?"


        "Suhaan can't manage there" he said, as Manish left a smile


        "Ok fine, I'm going" as he stood up


        "U must be happy doing that right?"


        "Stop it" as he went to Suhaan, who was managing hard to keep Ravs' head away from him, "Ya dude wanna help?"


        "No I jus called u up to chat" he joked, "make it quick" he ordered, as Manish sat in his seat n he turned for his


        "Hey hey Suhaan, u sit here, I'll shift back" offered Rahul


        "Why?" as he glanced at Tamy, "Ok, got it, sure. All I want is a hassle free place" as he went to sit beside Ashi. As they exchanged places, Ashi woke up n was amazed to see him by her side, "Sorry to wake u up" he said


        "No that's fine; I was just listening to songs n fell asleep"


        "Actaully, I had to change places, Ravs was constantly falling over me……."


        "Oh" she uttered n smiled at him


        "I hope u won't do that" asked he


        "I hope no"


        "Gud then" as he smiled back, "now go to sleep, we have sum exciting things planned for tomorrow, so make sure that u won't fall asleep then………"


        "Exciting? Like wat?"


        "Ah…'s a surprise" he stated


        "Ok fine, I'll wait"


        "Gud night"


     It was almost dawn, wen a beam of light fell on Ashi's face……….she stirred a bit n found her head tilted on his shoulder. She woke up instantly….


        "Oh I'm so sorry" too embarrassed to even look at him, but wen she did, found him asleep. His face tilted on the edge of her seat, she had never thought of seeing him so close, wanted to capture this moment. His face reflected a calmness n she wished that this moment would never end…………..






That's all for now Smile 



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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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update soon............

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hey simply super ud,

itz realu gud,intrestn 2,

dialogues simply super,

All the best 4 the next UD,

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wowwwwwwwwwww........loved every bit..
plz continue soon

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