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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 17)

vvdn Senior Member

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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 3:44am | IP Logged
luv u n ur update it's owsome.
     story going to be on it's interesting mode hmmm.... that's nice but one thing i want to clear that whatever turn off n on u are come in the story at the end Suhaan n Ashi have to be together....
                        so plzzzzzzzz update asap. am really exited about picnic. waise mujhe lagta hai ye Evil SmileRAV'S
Evil Smile koi problem creat karne wali hai woh to abhi se Ashi ke khilaf bol rahi hai. i think she is the vilen of the story. see what going to happen next.........
                                           plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon.

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saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Aapki arzoo sarr aankhon par Smile
Originally posted by vvdn

luv u n ur update it's owsome.
     story going to be on it's interesting mode hmmm.... that's nice but one thing i want to clear that whatever turn off n on u are come in the story at the end Suhaan n Ashi have to be together....
                        so plzzzzzzzz update asap. am really exited about picnic. waise mujhe lagta hai ye Evil SmileRAV'S
Evil Smile koi problem creat karne wali hai woh to abhi se Ashi ke khilaf bol rahi hai. i think she is the vilen of the story. see what going to happen next.........
                                           plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon.
saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 10:53am | IP Logged

aTwenty Threeb



        "Ah……..did u say sumthing?" she asked puzzled


        "No……did u hear anything?" he asked, he had seen him enter the room, through the mirror, which was placed sumwat opposite to the door, fortunately for him, Suhaan din't notice that, but……


        "I think u named sumone………."


        "U think that, right?" he tried to continue the convo for sumtime, as to assure Suhaan that it was an usual one, while Suhaan being Suhaan, stood silently with his brows joined in suspicion


        "Ya may be" she said finally


        "Ok then I'll talk to u later" Sameer said


        "Hmmm" a bit surprised by his line, "Bye"


        "Bye, take care"


        "Did I really overhear him or he really said Suhaan…….." she thot, "ahh………I'm always thinking about him, now will I hear his name too, everywhere?" asked herself in irritation, "I really need to cum over it" said in a playful voice




     As Sameer turned,


        "Suhaan, u here?" he asked in a surprising tone


        "U really din't knew I was here?"


        "I din't get that?" he asked as Suhaan kept staring at him, "Uff now stop being so suspicious"


        "Anyways, who was it?" he asked




        "Jus like that……..actually u came up to attend the call, so thought of checking it………."


        "I can't understand why are u behaving this weirdly from the last few days?"


        "Even I can't understand, that why are u looking so tensed at times" he replied in same tone


        "Suhaan, wat's wrong with u?" he asked, "U hav started suspecting almost everything around……." he wasn't listening to him at all, infact he seemed in deep thoughts, "Suhaan" he called again


        "Wait wait wait, was this her?"


        "Her? Who?"


        "I mean that girl……..wat's her name?"


        "Suhaan it's not Aayesha" he replied


        "Yup Aayesha" he said, "That means it was she only" he said in a determined tone


        "Why don't u believe me, wen I'm saying it was not…….."


        "I'll….I'll believe u" he said spurringly, "Show me the phone" he demanded


        "Suhaan, this is a limit" he din't knew how to cover it, "Stop this nonsense right now, I'm not going to do anything like that"


        "Why?" his brows raised, n he knew he was going right, "If it's not her, then show me" as he neared him


        "Can't I hav anything personal?"


        "From wen hav u started having one?" he asked back


        "From now itself" replied he


        "Stop kidding n show me ur phone" Suhaan said again


        "Wat will u do if I don't?" he shrugged,


        "Wat am I left to do………." as he came face to face with him, "Can only snatch it from u" as he tried it


        "Wat the hell do u think u are doing?" Sameer asked


        "I know wat I'm doing ok?" he warned back


        "U hav got no right to interfere in my personal matters, is that clear?" Sameer knew it wud hurt him, but he had to, Suhaan stood there for sumtime


        "I hav got no right?" he asked raising his brows


        "Yes u have got none"


        "Is it over?"


        "Wat?" it surprised him


        "Ur kinda drama to shoo me away from here" he said blankly


        "Drama? Its not one, I'm serious"


        "Bhai, if u are really serious then let me know about her, I'm sure she'll not get anyone like u" he tried to reason, "I'll bring her back Bhai, to u"


        "Suhaan its over" he said, holding him by his shoulders, "I know u care for me but……."


        "U wanted her to be with u right?" as Sameer nodded, "Then how cud be it over so soon, n so easily?"


        "Suhaan I liked her, but she loves sumone else…….its part of life"


        "N is it that easy to take it?"


        "I have, I'm no qualms against her, believe me" as he looked at him


        "U are jus impossible" he said, "Ok fine I got it that u are not going to tell me anything abt her"




        "Then how am I supposed to……….." he stopped as Sameer felt a bit relaxed, "Don't worry, then too, I'll find her out" he said smirking


        "Suhaan why don't u stop this at all?"


        "The day I find her out it'll be automatically stopped bro" he explained, "But before that……..I don't think so, unless u help me out"


        "N if I ask u to stop, then too?"


        "U know it better Bhai"




        "A girl who has purposely refused u, in straight words almost dumped u, n look at  urself, u are guarding her…….." he said, "U can continue to remain that generous, I'm not. This is the reason, I dun like them, they are nothing but trouble-makers, they cum n leave men in splits"


        "How can u say this?"


        "I know, I hav seen much around me"


        "Not all are like that Suhaan" he defended


        "I dun know but this girl is typically selfish minded, who only does wat she wants, definitely a crook………."


        "Suhaan enough of that rubbish" Sameer warned in a raised voice, "I'm not saying anything does not mean, I'll not do it further"


        "But Bhai……."


        "Enough is enough, go from here" he ordered in a no-nonsense tone


        "U are saying that to me?"


        "Yes u heard it right, go"


        "Thanks a ton Ms.Aayesha, u hav even made us fight, great!" he spread out his hands


        "Why are u bringing her in this?"


        "Because I want to, n that's nothing to do with u, u get that" his tone furious saying that, as he backed out, "U shouted on me, n that too for a girl like her"


        "Suhaan, listen to me…….."


        "No need, I don't wanna talk to u" as he erased himself out of the room


        "I'm sorry Suhaan, but………." as he deleted her number from his cell in a hurry




     As Suhaan went down,


        "Suhaan who was it?" asked Snigs, but he din't even care to listen, storming out with his car, Sameer came down too


        "Sameer wat's the matter?" asked his Mom, as he looked on helplessly at them





        "Are u busy?" Mrs. Malhotra asked her husband seeing him immersed in sum files


        "No, nothing like it, say" he replied


        "I'm very worried for Sameer"


        "Why?" he asked, "Has he done anything wrong?"


        "U know him better, he can't do nething like that" she said




        "Off ho, I'm worried for him as his marriage had broken off……….."


        "Did he say anything regarding that?"


        "No never, but I think today he had a spat with Suhaan regarding this"


        "Why?" he asked worried


        "I dun know, but it seemed that they were fighting over sumthing…………."


        "Over wat?"


        "Don't know neither Suhaan answered nor Sameer, but I guess it mus be to sumthing with his cancelled one"


        "Seems like Suhaan is still not over it" he sighed, "Actually, he loves Sameer too much to stand this, he knows wat Sameer mus be going thru n………." he explained


        "Hmmm I think that way too"


        "Where's he?"


        "Who? Suhaan?" as he nodded, "He rushed out in his car, don't know where?"


        "He isn't back right?"


        "Ya, he'll be once he's ok" she said, "So wat was I saying?"


        "Sumthing about Sameer"


        "Yes, I think we shud find some other girl for him soon"


        "Hmmm, but whom?" he asked


        "U remember Mr.Singhania's daughter?"


        "Who Avinash Singhania's?"


        "Ya, remember his daughter" as he listened on, "They were here last at the New Years' party"


        "Hmmm yes" trying to recollect some more of it, "Oh yes, heard that she's joined her mother Renuka's business"


        "Mehr right?" she said


        "Oh gud, u seem to remember everything" he commented surpirisingly


        "No I didn't, Snigdha told me"


        "Already discussed then?"


        "U know who's suggestion is this?" he asked






        "Hmm nice, he really cares for them a lot, just like an elder brother"


        "Hmmm, so true" she added, "Now u just have to speak to them once, whether they have chosen someone for her or………."


        "Ok I'll do it, that's not a problem, I'll call Singhania tomorrow" he said, "But…….."


        "But Wat?"


        "We need to talk to Sameer about this first"


        "But u can do that once we know whether they can…."


        "No I want to know his opinion first, whether he wants to do this so soon, I'm sure he must have gone through some bitter experiences about the last one"


        "Ok I'll talk to him about that today only" said she, "But we need to do it as soon as possible"


        "Ok but this time I don't want anything to go wrong, he won't be able to bear another blow"


        "Hmmm that's true"


        "Fine then u talk to him, n let me know so that I can talk to Singhania soon"


        "Ok" she sounded relieved at that





     It was pretty late in the evening, wen Sameer came out of his room. He knew Suhaan was not back still…


        "Sameer baba, shud I serve the dinner?" a servant asked


        "No not now let Suhaan be back then……"


        "But he's back" he replied


        "He's back? Wen?" he asked surprised


        "I think it's almost an hour" as Sam started for his room, "But he's not in his room……."


        "Not there? Then………"


        "In the Gym"


        "Wat?" as he nodded "That means I was right, he's still wid it….. huh" as he left a heavy breath as he headed there. He knew it very well that wenever Suhaan was disturbed, he was found there.




        "So u are here?" he asked, who was busy doing some push-ups, he stopped looking at him, but kept mum. "Don't u think it's pretty late for this?" he asked again


        "That's my problem" he uttered under his breath


        "Suhaan stop this, u shudn't do this now, it will hamper………."


        "I know it well" was his curt reply


        "N then too?" n then he got it why, "Ok fine, But I need to talk to u"


        "About?" raising his brows


        "About wat happened in the afternoon………….."


        "Is nething still left?" continuing with his own


        "Of course, there is some" he looked at him surprised, "I mean I heard ur side of the story, now its my turn"


        "Once we had only one side to everything, n now there are different opinions about almost everything" he said


        "No its not that, jus that u are not ready to accept what's real……….." as he went to him


        "Fine I'm wrong, happy now?" standing up


        "No I'm not" n Suhaan shrugged


        "Now wat?"


        "I want u to be with me, not opposite me"


        "Even I want that n u know that very well"


        "Ya I do, but sumtimes it may happen that we'll be thinking differently but that doesn't mean we start arguing over it like kids" Sameer tried to reason


        "Really, if it's that, then too, then u are the kid, not me for sure, u are the insensible one………"


        "Ya ya,n who's illogical amongst us?" he asked n pointed at him with his finger


        "Ok I'm stupid, is that fine?" Sameer made him sit


        "U wanted to see the number?" as Suhaan stared at him, "Take it n end it right now" as he held his cell on his palm out to him, n he let out a smile


        "Like it's still there right?" he asked n Sameer was bound to keep mum, "Wat happened?"




        "Bhai, jus lv it" he said, "U know I had thought over it again n again, n guess wat u were right" as Sameer let out a smile immediately




        "I know it's not a very gud thing, but I suppose its better to move on rather than pondering over old things"


        "That means u'll never again try to search her……" he nodded meekly


        "I guess she was not deserving enough to have u in her life" h winked


        "That's my Suhaan" saying he hugged him


        "I know Bhai, nothing wud be achieved if I fight over this with u, so for u it's closed" he thought to himself


        "Ok now down fast, I'm hungry" Sameer said facing him


        "Wat? U havn't eaten yet?"


        "Did I do that ever wen I know u havn't?" smiling he asked


        "Ok fine, I'll be there after a quick shower"


        "That's gud, I'll be waiting"he nodded back


        "Aayesha, don't u dare cross paths with me ever again, I won't spare u, I hate u the most in this world" he murmured disgustedly





     The next went busy in the Diwali preparations, inviting guests, making arrangements for the occasion, same goes for the Malhotra's n the Bedi's, where Ashi n Rimi were busy shopping their new clothes, crackers n wat not. It looked like excitement flowed in their veins; Rimi being a permanent to that, Ashi too joined her, as she was delighted to be allowed to be away on the trip……


        "Di, did u ever thought of why I helped u for that?"


        "Because u are my sweet Rimz, isn't it?"


        "Ya that's right, but apart from that………'


        "Was there anything else?" she asked amazed


        "Ya ofcourse, I should see my gain too right?'


        "Ya but wat gain?"


        "Ahhh………that's to be demanded later according to my needs" she declared


        "Hello, wat's on mind?" she commanded


        "Relax Di, I won't ask u to sleep with the cockroaches"she giggled


        "Wat Rubbish!" scolded she, "U know I won't do that even if u say anything like that"


        "But u have to promise me that whatever I ask for, u have to give me that……" as she held out her hand to her


        "Ok done, provided it's I can" taking her hand into hers, "Watever u ask for, think its given, but only one time" she nodded


        "U should have thought about that twice before thinking"


        "I can give u even my life, so…….no more thinking"


        "But if anything is even more precious than it, then too?"


        "Ya ya, I said it, didn't I?"


        "Ok as u wish" as they tottered round the shops again





     On the eve of Diwali, a Lakshmi Puja was done in the household, for the well being of all, which was preceeded the burstling of crackers n sweets n whirls of enjoyment. Diwali meant sweeping away all bitterness n fill in our hearts with light n brightness of the crackers, it seemed like that all was fine but there was one who was pretending to be that,


        "Suhaan cum on……" Sameer called


        "No I'm fine Bhai, u carry on"


        "Wat's wrong? The puja's over n we are all at the terrace, wud it look gud if u here all alone, remember family time"


        "Huh" he smiled at that, "Bhai, I'm no more a kid to enjoy crackers, believe me I'm ok"


        "Off ho, I'm not liking it, cum on" as he dragged him out, "Everybody is asking for u there, n I'm fed up answering for u"


        "Everybody? Who?" he asked


        "Vishaal, Megha, Arpit n a whole lot of them……….." he went on (naming their cousins)


        "Ohk ohk I got it"


        "Hey look, Suhaan's here" called out one


        "Hey Bro, where were u?" asked Rimil nearing him


        "Ah jus busy" he made it up


        "Oh not a problem, over to u"


        "No that's fine, I'm better off here" trying to move away


        "Not dun bro, be a sport" nagged Megha surprising him in turn


        "Ohk fine, I'll do it"


        "Very gud" as they started n he was found to be much more active than he had actually thought, with them around him, it was not usual to see him like this, but he liked to be there.





     Ashi was a prompt wen it came to crackers, looked like they waited for this occasion the whole year, Rimi was seen to be impatient while the puja was going on, but her Maa's sight made her silent…..


        "I wish this day keeps on repeating itself more than usual" said Rimi


        "If it keeps on repeating itself more often, then it'll leave no excitement as it has now" explained Ashi


        "Ya but, I want to do this everyday" Ashi laughed at the childish behavior of her sis


        "Will u ever grow up?"


        "No, I'll say this even when I'm with my grand children"


        "Oh ho enough of ur future planning" as they giggled at this n continued with their antics with the crackers.




















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aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 July 2008 at 11:07am | IP Logged
hey thz time  avery big ud,

thnx dear itz simply super n hatz of  2 u,

dialogues r realy rockin,

this is realy excelent dear.contn soon

hatz of 2 u,


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vvdn Senior Member

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Posted: 01 August 2008 at 1:19am | IP Logged
Oh my god ! what an update yaar!
     Simply Superb......Clap
Suhaan is too much "
mr. Karamchand"
       yaar yeh Ashi ke piche kyu pada hai waise achaa hi hai kam se kam ladkike piche padna shuru toh kiya.WinkWinkWink
         well am really worried for Ashi.she started felling for Suhaan n when truth come front of both of them what gonna happened.Confused
waise am happy for Sameer that they are again thinking of he's marriage he deserves the best.
                     plzzzzzzzz update soon. i missed Suhaan n Ashi together so hoping to see them in next update.
kads_8302 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
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Posted: 01 August 2008 at 5:34am | IP Logged
hi dear,
          nice ud .... yaar yeh suhaan kya karne wala hai.... aise toh jab use ashi ke bare me pata chalega toh woh use dislike karega  support nahi... but sameer is tooo sweet.... use ashi ki kitni chinta hai... but apna suhaan bahut smart hai sameer ko bevkhuf bana diya..... aur ashi suhaan ka naam sunayi dene ke baad bhi sochti hai ki use galat sunayi deta rehta... she is falling in love with suhaan... are bhai yeh rimi kya magne wali hai ashi se kahi suhaan ke saath date toh nahi...
nice ud n do ud soon

rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 August 2008 at 8:19am | IP Logged
update soon...........
*Rajeevian* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 August 2008 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
too good.plz cont soon.........

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