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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 16)

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aTwenty Twob



        "Hi wifey" he said in a joyous manner


        "Anu? Wat a pleasant surprise?" she said


        "Thank god it's not a shock" he joked


        "Wat rubbish?" as he went to her, "Cum sit…..How's Mama-Papa?" asked she, while sorting some photos


        "They are fine but Mom misses u very much"


        "She knows I miss her too" she replied sweetly


        "Hmmm, so how are u Jaan?" he asked hugging his wife


        "I'm perfect, wat about u?"


        "I know that u r perfect, spclly for me" making her blush at that, as he planted a peck on her forehead


        "N how are u? Hey I had called u up but it said unreachable, where were u huh?" she asked, her brows joined


        "I was lost"


        "Lost? Where?" she asked with concern


        "With u n my Snigs part II" taking her in his arms


        "Oh so u want a daughter?"


        "Which father doesn't? Ask ne man, he'll agree"


        "But wat if it's a boy?"


        "Then its ur problem" he declared flatly


        "How mine? N most importantly why only mine?"


        "Because u hav to handle two Anus', isn't it?"


        "Oh no" she made a fake worried face


        "Look I can handle 10 more sweet Snigs like u; it'll be my utter pleasure"


        "Really?" as he nodded playfully, "Then I can too"


        "Ah that is wat I like in u the most…………. I miss u so much Jaan" hugging her tighter, "I wish the day cums soon wen I'll take u n my baby back home" as she hugged him back


        "It's nice to miss me sumtimes, or u won't realize my worth"


        "Hello did I ever say that I don't?"


        "No but still, like it goes we miss them more who are distant from us"


        "In that case I don't miss u a bit" as she looked at him, "U are never distant, always with me in my heart" saying he smiled


        "U know wen u say these things, it makes me fall for u ever again, I love u sooooooo much my dear Hubby"


        "Do I need to say that too?"


        "No" she cleared, "I know u do" as they sat back


        "So wat were u doing?" he asked


        "Ah jus taking out the photos from here"


        "Wat photos?"


        "Sameer's Roka ceremony's pics"


        "But why do u need to do it?"


        "U know Sameer didn't tell me before that Aayesha has sumone else in her life………"


        "That is the reason behind why she refused him?"


        "Ya but our Suhaan, the detective, found out" she stated


        "Oh! Really? How?" he asked curiously


        "He made Sameer speak up the truth"


        "Sings, I think we shud start looking for sum nice girl for Sameer, it'll help him forget all this quicker"


        "Ya that's a wonderful idea, I wud tell this to Mom, n we'll soon start looking for one"


        "Hmmm, nice" he said, "But that still leaves me unanswered wat makes u to sort these out?"


        "Off ho, Suhaan now wants to meet her n ask why she did that to Sameer, I mean refusing after accepting it"


        "N Sameer doesn't want that, right?"


        "Ya, as we all know wat Suhaan can do wen he's really upto it" she said, "He even came to me to enquire about her, but thankfully Sameer called up at the right moment n………."


        "Poor Aayesha, she doesn't know who's after him" he chuckled saying this


        "Shut up, it's not a joke Anu" she said, "But I don't know why, Suhaan looked so determined, that I fear despite our efforts, he'll find her out"


        "Where's he by the way?"


        "With his friends, where else?"


        "Did I hear he's changed?"


        "He has, but Dad has permitted him to take a break from work before joining him finally"


        "Then ok"


        "He might be back anytime soon, u havn't met him since then………….."


        "I'll try if he's back soon; Dad is expecting sum guests for dinner"


        "Oh then u go, I'll ask him to see u later, he too wanted to meet u too"


        "Now that's news, Suhaan the gr8 wants to meet me?"


        "Stop it now ok? He's not like that"


        "How can he be, after all he's your Suhaan!"


        "Right" smiling she said



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The next day, wen Tamy called up Ashi


        "Hi Tamy" said she picking up the phone


        "Hi there" she replied, "Hey listen……"


        "Hmm, wat?"


        "At wat time, is Uncle usually back from office?"


        "Baba, why?"


        "Baba why?" she mimicked her, "U stupid, forgot everything na?"


        "Oh no" she hit her head, "Ya ya I remember, so…….."


        "So wat, we'll cum over to ur place, that's y asking"


        "Hmmm, Baba is normally back by 8-8:30, I suggest u cum earlier to that, or it will look odd right?"


        "Thank God, u've got ur brains back"


        "Very funny" she said, "Ok then see u in the evening?"


        "Right on! Cya"


        "Yup Bye" hanging up, "I hope they get convinced about this, I really don't wanna miss this" she said to herself





        "Hey Rahul, did u talked to Ashi's parents?" asked Manish


        "Not yet but we plan to go by this evening, why any problem?"


        "No jus asking, as if she will not be cuming, then Tamy might not cum n may be u too………………."


        "Ok ok I got it, I'll try my best to convince them, but the rest lies in their hands"


        "Hmmmm, but plz try ok?"


        "I said I'll, right?" he said in a stern voice, "Tell me one thing, is that the sole reason why u are this anxious about, or…………." he left it in the air


        "Wat or huh?" he asked, "Wat do u think of me, I want everyone to be there with us, that's all" Rahul listened to him quietly, "n specially girls" ended Manish n Rahul let a chuckle out


        "Bingo! Girls"


        "So wat, being a normal boy, I like to be around them, I'm not Suhaan ok?"


        "Ok I got it, I'll inform u once it's done. Can u gimme any idea, wen are we leaving?"


        "May be a week after Diwali or so"


        "Ohk fine, I'll call u later then, bye"


        "Bye" Manish said hanging up


        "I have to convince your parents Ashi anyhow, I hav my own selfish reasons for that" he smiled to himself





     Rimi stood with her friends outside the college, chatting n giggling, when


        "Hi Rimi" said Sameer who was passing by there


        "Oh………. Hi Sameer" she replied, "How are u here?"


        "Actually I was passing, so u jus caught my eye"


        "Oh that's gud"


        "U are going home from here?" he asked




        "Cum I'll drop u"


        "No that's fine, I'll manage, u carry on"


        "Cum on in,I won't eat u up" he joked


        "No no I din't mean that" she said, "Ok fine, jus a min" as she went to her curious friends


        "Hey Rimi who's that?" was the fastest query


        "Oh a family friend" she blankly stated


        "U like him?" came another


        "Come on girls, he's waiting, cya later, bye"


        "Ok we'll be waiting for the answer, bye" they said n she rushed to the car


        "Sorry, I kept u waiting, u know friends………."


        "Ya I know" as he started, an indefinite silence followed thereafter, but finally Sameer spoke


        "So how are u?" he asked


        "I'm fine…………..ah how are u?" she asked hesitantly


        "Do I look bad?"


        "U are always good, that I know"


        "Was that a compliment?"


        "Of course, it was"


        "Ah so how's ur Di?" he asked,


        "She's fine too" she said


        "That's gud………..I don't know whether I shud ask this or not……………"




        "Did she tell ur parents about her friend?"


        "Friend, which friend?" she asked


        "U seemed to be quite close to her, that's why I'm asking u" she felt conscious as she knew she needed to cover it up, "Actually she told me that she likes sum friend of hers…………."


        "Oh ya that friend, I know him, but no progress as yet"


        "Ohk, don't mind huh, jus felt to know"


        "No that's perfectly fine"


        "So here u are" he said stopping in front of the gate,


        "Cum on in" she said, more of a courtesy sake, knew it very well, he won't


        "No that's fine, I should leave now"


        "Ok take care"


        "U too, bye" said he


        "Bye" waving at him, "Di u missed him" she thot




        "Hi Rimi" greeted her Di


        "Hey Di guess whom I met today?"




        "Mr. Goody Sameer!"


        "Sameer……..u mean Sameer Malhotra" she asked surprisingly


        "Oh ho how many Sameer do u know?"


        "Wat did he say? Was he angry?"


        "Angry? Very much……infact he was cuming along with me to scold u" she said


        "It can't be true, I don't believe this" n Rimi let out a giggle


        "U stupid" she said, "No need to say what he said, I'm not interested"


        "Ok ok, he hadn't changed a bit even after this, u know he dropped me to home"




        "Di did u call him after it got settled?"


        "No, I didn't" she said, "How could I even forget that?" she said hitting her head


        "Call him now" Rimi suggested


        "Now, won't it look odd, if I call him jus now?………I mean he had jus dropped u n…….."


        "He wud get to know that I had told u, so wat difference does it makes, now or later?"


        "It does, ok I'll call him tomorrow"


        "By the way he was asking that whether u had told ur parents abt ur boyfriend or not"


        "So wat did u say?"


        "The truth, I can't lie to such a sweet person"


        "Rimi I'll kill u, stop playing these pranks with me" she warned


        "Ok ok, don't worry, I covered it up"


        "But why did he ask that, did he got to know from sumwhere about my lie?"


        "Jus out of concern Di, he really liked u"


        "Ok fine, I din't ask that, I'll call him tomorrow without fail"


        "Ohk here ends my duty" Rimi sighed


        "Ok now go n freshen up, my friends will be cuming soon"


        "Ur friends? Why's that?"


        "Actually, we all are planning to go for a trip to Mahabaleshwar, so they are cuming to get me permitted"


        "Mahabaleshwar? Wowiiieeeeeee" she screamed in delight, "I wud go to" she said


        "Are u mad? May be I'll not be able to go n u are saying urs too"


        "Who's cuming?"


        "Rahul n Tamy"


        "Rahul's a genious, he'll handle Maa"


        "Don't be too confident, n by the way u don't even know ne other friend of mine……….

        "I know Rahul, Tamy, n who else is going?"


        "Suhaan, Mani…………" Rimi seemed least concerned about anyone else


        "Oh great! Suhaan is going too, I'll go plz plz plz"


        "Ok we'll try, ok" Rimi nodded, "Now go n get in form" n she followed


        "I really hope Mom says yes" she closed her eyes in prayer


        "For me too" Rimi said while going towards the washroom


        "Ok that too" she shouted back, "But I don't think Mom wud let u go with us to such distance" she thot




     Ashi was sitting quiet between her friends, who were trying hard to convince her parents,


        "Uncle please, its jus a matter of 1 week" pleaded Rahul


        "Yes Uncle please, please please" Tamy added in a yet more pleading one, "U hav to, please"


        "But try to understand where I stand" he started to clear him out, "Being her father, I cannot allow a night stay n u are saying about a week?"


        "But uncle we all are going, n will it look good if she doesn't………" Tamy tried yet again


        "No no Ashi cannot go anywhere like this" added her Maa, her Baba glanced at Ashi for a sec, who was found mum, she was never the outright protesting kind


        "Off ho Maa" started Rimi, "Let her go na, she'll hav fun" Ashi smiled at her sis, the one which got unnoticed by others


        "Yes Aunty please if she's not going, I'll too have to miss it, which I don't want to" she said with a sad face,


        "Aunty u trust me right?" Rahul asked, going upto her, as she nodded meekly


        "It's not that Beta, there will be other boys too, n how is it possible for u to take care of that always" she reasoned, "I hope u are getting wat I'm saying"


        "Hmmm, that's true but there will be many girls too n Ashi has made sum gud friends too" he replied


        "Baba please let her go na" Rimi said, "I promise I won't ask for mine" Ashi rolled her eyes in fear


        "Ur wat?" he asked surprised


        "Don't tell Maa, I had thought I'll go with her, but Maa is not even allowing her, so forget mine, but please let her go Baba" she almost whispered to him


        "I'm so glad to see that u love your Di so much" Rimi smiled at that


        "So should I take it as positive?" she asked cautiously


        "Yes" he merely said that n she jumped up with joy, drawing everyone's attention towards her


        "Wat happened?" asked her Maa


        "Ah I think we should let her enjoy this once" Mr.Bedi said to his wife


        "U too" she asked surprised, "But………"


        "She's grown up enough to take care of herself, isn't it?" he asked Ashi


        "I promise I'll" she said


        "N then Rahul n Tamanna will be there too" he added


        "Plz Aunty" they said again


        "Maa, if u really don't trust me, then I won't go" said Ashi, which shocked everyone else


        "Ok fine, stop blackmailing me emotionally" said her Maa


        "Really?" she asked n she nodded, "Thanks Maa" before running into her arms


        "Hello hello, am I invisible?" asked Rimi in a playful tone


        "Never, a star never is" her Baba said with pride, "U know Ashi, she's the one who convinced me" as Ashi looked at her with teary eyes


        "Wat's wrong Di?" she asked, "U shudn't be crying nemore"


        "I love u so much" she said hugging her, "Wat about urs? Shud I………" said in her ear


        "Don't even mention that, even urs will be cancelled" she whispered back


        "Thanx Rimi, u are really a darling" said Tamy as Rahul patted her head with affection


        "I know" smiling back to them




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The next day being a Sunday, all were in a rather relaxed mood, Suhaan was home, n all the more spending time with his family,


        "So Mom wat's the plan for this Diwali?" asked Snigs


        "I don't have any plans as such, u all decide sumthing" she said


        "Diwali? When's that?" asked Suhaan


        "U are a limit, I tell u" said Snigs, while Sameer laughed at this


        "It's day after tomorrow beta" informed his Mom, "I'll be bac" as she went in


        "Oh no, I din't plan anything" he said


        "What plan?" asked Sameer


        "Where do we need to go that day, I had to inform all………." he said


        "Put a rest to all ur plans for that day" ordered Snigs


        "But why Dids?" he asked


        "Because it's Diwali, as simple as that" she explained


        "Hmmm that's right" supported Sameer, "Diwali time is booked for family bro"


        "But……..this is…….." he tried to reason


        "Off ho why don't u understand it………" Snigs began


        "Wat?" asked Suhaan


        "May be this is last Diwali for us like this, next time there will be two more additions" she said smiling


        "Oh did the doc confirm that?" Suhaan asked in an excited tone


        "Wat's there to confirm?" she asked puzzled


        "About the twins" he said


        "Off ho Suhaan not twins, I'm talking about sumone special"


        "Now who's that?" came another quick one


        "Ur Bhabhi, who else" she declared, Sameer who had guessed it by now, felt a bit uncomfortable


        "Oh I see" he too was reminded of his mission once again, "Before that I need to do sumthing" he thought


        "So that's final, u are not going anywhere on Diwali, got it" declared Sameer, somewhat trying to change the topic


        "It's pretty diffiucult for me, but………." as he glanced at them n their rolling eyes, "Ohk I'll be at home like a gud boy, happy?"


        "Yup" said she


        "Thought of anything" asked their Mom as she returned


        "Not yet, but we'll soon do that, don't worry Mom" Sameer said


        "Ya ya sure, Suhaan u got to help us, clear?" Snigs said


        "Hmmm, how am I looking Dids?" he asked




        "Exactly" he said n they let out a laugh wen Sameer's phone rang, he glanced at the number n his reaction changed suddenly


        "Excuse me!" he said leaving


        "Bhai" he called, but Sam didn't answer, "Dids are u sure, there's no one whom Bhai likes?"

        "Ya no one's there, but why are u asking this all of a sudden?"


        "Then why didn't he spoke here, n went to attend the call sumwhere else?" he asked suspiciously


        "May be some friend" Snigs said


        "I'll jus check" as Suhaan followed his Bhai to his room


        "Suhaan, let him be…………" but he was not the one to listen, he smelled fishy


        "Mom wat happened?" asked she


        "U know beta I'm very worried for Sameer" she said


        "Why Mom?"


        "He so silent about his emotions, he will not let anyone to know what's in his heart, I'm sure there's sumthing bothering him"


        "U know Mom, wat Anu was telling me…………"




        "That we should now find sumone nice n marry off Sameer, that will help him to cum out of this fast"


        "Even I was thinking that" her Mom added


        "Do u remember Mr.Singhania's daughter?"


        "Hav I seen her?"


        "Of course Mom u have, she was here for the new years' party"


        "Oh yes, now I do. She's the one na who's joined her mother's fashion house?"


        "Ya I think her name is Mehr, she's such a lovely girl, I'll check if we hav a pic of her's………."


        "Hmmm, she'll be perfect for Sameer, did u notice how she befriended him well?" asked her Mom n she nodded, "Why didn't we think of her at first?" she said repenting


        "Leave it na Mom, it's over" Snigs assured, "Let's concentrate on how to correct it rather what we shudn't hav done"


        "Hmmm, I think u are right" she said


        "So wat are u waiting for, inform this to Dad, and let's see wat happens then"


        "Ok I'll do that today only" she said




     Meanwhile, in Sameer's room,


        "I'm really very sorry that I jus forgot to thank u" said Ashi


        "But why do u need to thank me?" he said in his typical manner, "I havn't dun anything that great"


        "I know it very well what u hav dun for me; and I cannot thank u enough for that" she repeated again


        "I met Rimi yesterday………"


        "Ya she told me, that u had dropped her home, that's so kind of u……."


        "That's not even mentionable" he said, "I'm sorry for I had asked her about ur boyfriend, that whether u hav told ur parents or not………."


        "No no that's fine" she said hurriedly


        "Can I suggest u sumthing?" he asked


        "Ya sure plz, go on"


        "Did he………I mean, he loves u, isn't it?"


        "A……am……yes, I know he does"


        "Then why don't u go n confront him?"


        "I'll do that, don't worry"


        "U might be thinking why am I taking so keen interest in this matter, right?"


        "Because u take me as a friend, isn't it?" she asked


        "Ya always remember this"


        "Sure" she said, "But about whom am I going to say to my parents?" she thought to herself, feeling bad to repeat the same lie


        "Suhaan" escaped his lips



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Hiiiiiiiiii am back as promised n that too with two posts together.
Hope u enjoy reading them
P.S. IF has been a great prob today while updating, please be a bit cautious while reading, as every has been edited n then posted, hope u'll be able to raed it in the correct sequence Smile

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hey simply super n realy fabulous update,

lovely hatz of 2 u sweety,

thanx 4 such a wonderful n lovely update n fic,

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too good
simply great
awesome part
update soon...........
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awesome part  yaar.....tat was really good one......... enjoyed every bit of it
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hi saanch,
              thanx dear that u updated...  well i have read all this ud's but it was  fun again reading the same  ud's.... so keep on updating.... n i forgot to ask how was ur exams......
bye kads

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