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An Arrow of Love~RN fic..udtd-pgs 47 & 48 [9/6] (Page 13)

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     Sameer was thinking of different ways to convince his family, he knew it very well that his Di hadn't believed even a single excuse he had jus gave, but wat might appear to be a decent one, was still unknown to him……..


     On the other side, Suhaan was getting impatient as his Bhai has still not sent him the pics, so he called him up. It was midnight there, but Sameer was unable to sleep

        "Suhaan?" looking at the screen, "Has he cum to know of nething?" he thot, "How cud he?" he thot again as he took it

        "Wat took u so long?" came a quick query

        "Is it a time to call Suhaan?" he asked

        "Where are the pics?"

        "Wat pics?" he, utterly confused

        "Very smart" Sameer had totally forgotten abt those, "U had promised me that u'll send her pics, wat's her name?"

        "Oh I totally forgot"

        "Now u'll be forgetting me also" he nagged

        "Wen's ur flight?"

        "I'm at the airport itself" he blankly answered

        "Oh gud, then u'll see those pics once u are here"

        "U are kidding me right?"


        "Why wud I see her pics then? U wud take me to meet her" Suhaan was changing for his Bhai

        "Huh?" he asked confused

        "U hav to"

        "Ohk I'll"

        "Gud, then me cuming fast"

        "Hmm" he seemed to be lost in his thots

        "Ok fine, u seem sleepy, GN"

        "Yup Gn" n he hung up, "How wud he react wen he'll cum to know of the truth, that I'm not marrying her" he thot


     On the breakfast table, her Dad listened to her side of the story, wat actually she had said to Sameer, n wat did he say to that, unlike her mother's version wat he had listened to last night,

        "I'm proud of u beta" he uttered, surprising Ashi

        "Baba" her voice heavy

        "U know wen I told u to do that, I had never expected u to do it actually, but u had made it"

        "Yipppee" said an excited Rimi, "See Maa, u were scolding her jus like that"

        "How many times do I need to tell u, not to talk in all matters?"


        "Maa plz, I'm sorry for wat I had done" Ashi said

        "Why are u sorry? U had done the right thing" whispered Rimi to her, n she gave bac a look, n Rimi stopped

        "Maa, plz I promise I wud never do nething like this ever again"

        "Look Ashi, I'm not angry at u, jus that I'm worried for wat will happen next………"

        "Don't worry, she has done hers', now I'll do mine" her Baba assured, "I'll talk to Mr.Malhotra, once he returns"

        "Then I'm left with nothing to say" her Maa said, giving way to a smile

        "Thanx Maa" said Ashi as she went to hug her, "U are the sweetest"

        "No Baba is the sweetest" argued Rimi in a playful tone

        "Uff, u r too much Rimi" Ashi, rolling her eyes

        "No, I'm three four five much" n Rimi gave her typical naughty smile, biting her lip


     Suhaan was finding it difficult to sit back more, stucked in that place anymore, seeing him in a restless position, his Dad said

        "I wonder how might u hav dun all those work in office?"

        "Why? Do u hav any doubt whether I had done it or not?"

        "Then why are u so restless? We hav almost reached"

        "Ya, but I hav nothing much to do here" he said

        "Why don't u go thru the Marios' reports?" suggested he

        "Looks like u havn't noticed it here" showing him his lappy by his side

        "Wen did u do it?"

        "Wen u were sleeping last night?"

        "Hmm, I need to go thru the decision of giving u a break"

        "Why's that?"

        "I might need u, simple"

        "U won't" he said, "Bhai will never let u feel that, he's jus perfect"

        "I know, but that does not mean u r getting a long gap" he warned

        "U don't need to tell me that" smiling he said

     And after sum hours, their flight landed; n it took them about an hour to reach home, n this time he seemed happier, like he had been able to resurface himself,

        "Mom, Dids" he shouted on entering

        "Suhaan" said Snigs, "Mom look who's here"

        "Dids how are u?" he asked hugging her

        "I'm fine, tell me how are u?"

        "How do I look?" he asked

        "Hmm" she looked him up n down, "A bit slimmer"

        "How's that possible in two weeks?" he asked

        "Suhaan" his Mom called

        "Mom" as he rushed out to her n hugged her

        "Promise me u won't do anything like that again?" she asked in a teary voice

        "He won't" his Dad answered for him, as her mother turned towards him, "Now ur Suhaan will never be do anything wrong" a sense of pride cud easily be made out from his voice, as he looked at Suhaan for a nod

        "I promise, if I hav to, I'll inform u"

        "No u are not going anywhere"

        "Ohk I'll not" he replied, "Tell me where's Bhai?" their faces faded out a bit with the mention of him, as they knew it very well wat Sameer meant wen he said he's not marry her

        "Where else, in the office!" Snigs managed

        "I don't believe it, he knew I was cuming, n then too?"

        "U know na Suhaan, he's been busier after Dad left"

        "Ya Dids, but……. ohk no probs, I'll go to meet him right there"

        "No he might be busy right now, call him now, can meet him once he's back"

        "No way, I'm going now" he said rushing out


        "Wat's wrong Snigdha?" her Dad asked

        "Dad after u left, Sameer went to meet Aayesha n…….


        "I wud give Bhai a surprise today" he thot while entering the office,

        "Gud morning Sir" sumone greeted him,

        "Morning" he replied, "Hey where's Bhai?" he asked

        "Sameer Sir is in a meeting at the moment" he said

        "Hmmmm, meeting, no probs, I'll wait" as he entered Sam's cabin, "Lemme call Manish till then" as he did


        "Guess where am I?"


        "I'm back"

        "No kidding"

        "No, I'm not, I'm really back" he assured

        "That's the best thing to happen, wen?"

        "Today itself, n far more better thing is that Dad has given me a break from work" he said happily

        "Wow, such gud news" he replied, "So we can see u back in action now right?"

        "I think so too"

        "Where are u now?"


        "Jus now u said that Uncle has given u a break, n then………"

        "No no, I'm here to meet Bhai. Do u know he's getting engaged?"

        "No I didn't knew that'

        "That's why I came so hurriedly"

        "Ohk, so meet up at lunch?"

        "Yup done, I'll call on Rahul too"

        "That's ok" n later on Suhaan called on Rahul, who was equally delighted to hav him bac, n asked to meet him


        "I had never expected this to happen" Mr.Malhotra said

        "Ya u know that day he suddenly told that Aayesha is not at all like him" his wife said

        "But he never said anything like this before?"

        "That is wat I'm thinking, infact he seemed happier after it was fixed"

        "Sumthing has surely happened, or he had not said like that" he said

        "I know but wat?"

        "That only Sameer can tell, I'll talk to him"

        "Ok, how was Suhaan when u met him?"

        "Ah he was fine, but………."

        "Wat we had heard about him was right?" n he nodded her

        "I found him sleeping on the office table"

        "Oh, but he's looking very joyous n seems like u two had………"

        "We had a great time together, probably for the first time he had spoken out his heart to me, it felt as if I was knowing him all over again"

        "U don't know I'm so happy hearing all this, but I jus fear how will he react wen he gets to know that Sameer's……." her face saddened a bit at this

        "He's changed, will understand wat his Bhai might be going thru, I know"

        "Hmm, lets hope for the best, I'm worried for Sameer"

        "So I'm, but one thing I'm sure of, there's sumthing serious or Sameer wud not hav said anything like this" she nodded to this


     After the meeting got over, wen Sameer entered the cabin,

        "Hello" said Suhaan, making a heavy voice, was sitting with the chair turned

        "Who's that?" he asked surprised, as he crossed the distance, found Suhaan, "Suhaan?"

        "Of course! Who else can do such a thing Mr.Sameer Malhotra" he smiled

        "Its so nice to see u back" he said hugging him

        "But I'm not happy with u………" said with a mock anger

        "Why? Wat hav I done?"

        "U know it's the first time, u were not there to receive me at the airport?"

        "Ya, I know" he smiled, "But u see I was busy…….."

        "Ok fine, u were, but u'll hav to pay for it"

        "Ok ready, say wat it is?"

        "U wud take me to Bhabhi today" Sameer knew he was trapped

        "That's not possible" he declared outright

        "Ok fine, then I'll be returning soon n stay there as long as want to. I came back only for u, n now u are not even listening to me"

        "Suhaan, that's not possible" he repeated again

        "But why?"

        "B'coz………." he waited impatiently, "B'coz I'm not……."

        "Wat u are not?" his level of curiosity raised

        "I mean she's not here"

        "She's not here? Then where?"

        "I don't know"

        "I don't believe this, she mus hav told u"

        "Hav u contacted ur frnds that u are here?" he tried to turn the matter

        "Ya, I'm seeing them at lunch" glancing at the watch, "Oh shit, it's already 1, I shud run"

        "U better do that"

        "But u be ready, b'coz wen I cum back I'll not be leaving u" he warned naughtily

        "Ok ok u go now" he replied, "I wud hav to tell u all today once u reach home tonight, I can't lie any more" he thot waving at him


     Ashi was getting bored at home, as she was strictly instructed by her mother not to take part in the carnival, b'coz of which her classes were suspended for a while.

        "Maa" entering the room, though she knew that her mother has forgiven her, there was sumthing that was stopping her to talk freely, "I want to ask u sumthing"

        "Hmmm, I'm listening, say it" she replied, without looking at her, busy in arranging sum things

        "U had asked me not to take part in the carnival, so I stepped out, but now, as everything is fine, can I………….."

        "U mean u want to take part now?" she nodded sadly

        "Actually I have been getting bored like this, no college n nothing else to do…….."

        "As u wish, but isn't it too late for that?"

        "No Maa, I'll manage, I hav talked to Nisha, she'll do it all"

        "Oh that means u had done it all, n are here jus for my permission?" she asked sternly

        "No I didn't mean that……….."

        "Ohk ok go now, but always remember…….."

        "No late nights, promise" she completed her, "Luv u Maa"

        "Luv u too" she replied smiling


     As they met again, it didn't seem as if they had not met for days, their friendship even looked stronger with distance,

        "So Mr.Suhaan Malhotra is back after winning the world?" teased Rahul

        "Did I ever loose it?" he shrugged

        "No he means the way u went; we were really tensed for u" explained Manish

        "My god u all are speaking as such I had gone really to do anything to myself" he said, "As u had made it" looking at Manish

        "But that did help!" he stated

        "hmmm, it did" he agreed

        "So tell us how was ur the night life this time?" Rahul asked

        "Night life?" asked Suhaan, "Ah it was fun as usual"

        "Like wat?"

        "Like going thru reports n deals, no one wud hav ever enjoyed it like this I hav" he said smirking

        "My god, this is unbelievable" stated Rahul, "I can't believe that sumone cud change so radically"

        "Not everyone, but Suhaan, isn't it?" finished Manish

        "Yep, n now I hav gained back Dad's assurance n I feel on top" he declared loudly

        "Hey that's gud"

        "I know" said Suhaan, soon their lunch came n they had a nice time together, they went to sum places. Rahul had left them as he had sum work to do, so the two of them met few others in time,

        "Hey Suhaan we hav been planning for a outing next month" said Ishaan (a frnd), "I'm sure u wud not like to miss it"

        "Outing? Where?" asked Manish

        "Let's see, we havn't zeroed in on anything, but its gonna be fun for sure"

        "U can count on me then" said Suhaan

        "Me too, but where?" asked Manish

        "Relax yaar, we'll fix up everything once we meet in the pub tonight"

        "I won't be there tonight" declared Suhaan

        "U won't be there? But why?" asked one

        "My Bhai is getting engaged; n I need to be with him dude"

        "Ohk fine, we wud discuss it n let u know, u can suggest sumthing too"

        "I'll but later" saying he stood up

        "Are u leaving now only?" asked Manish

        "Ya, its almost evening, Bhai mus be back by now, I hav to talk to him"

        "Cya tomorrow"

        "Bye guys" as he excused himself

     As he was driving back, he felt tired, not hav been rested since he had landed, n he had not even slept well the last night. Driving down a by-lane, he went slow, closed his eyes for a sec, as they were paining much, n in that lil time, didn't notice, wen sumone had cum in front of his car, n he pushed the brake at once…………

      The girl in front let out a scream n his car was hit by another one at the back, as he had stopped it all of a sudden,

        "Can't u see properly?" asked the man in the other car, cuming to him

        "I can, but I think u can't see that there's sumone in front" he stated cuming out too, n he was seen by that girl

        "No, this can't be true" she thot, "I'm going mad, why does he not get the hell out of my mind?" she asked herself, but she was sure, he was in real, she cud hear him talk. As she tried to get up, being a bit hurt with the sudden fall, but she did, as she didn't want to face him

        "Oh is he alright?" asked the man

        "It's a girl I think. Let's see" as they went to her but…….she had already been walking though limping, "Excuse me" he said n she began walking faster, "Hello" he ran to her, she can sense it, "Are u okay ma'am?" n she froze right there, biting her lip


That was too much for one update Smile Hope it was gud enuf

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hey simply super,hatz of 2 u dear. Clap ,

dialogues were simply 2 gud sweety,

love thz a lot,keep up the gud work, Embarrassed Big smile

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awesome Clap .plz cont soon....
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read ud..
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Well am not too happy with the no of readers, Cry thanx to them who are steady Smile

I'll not be able to update for a while now, as my exms hav started, so am updating two chapters at once, hope it fills the gap, provided there's any   LOL
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        "But Sameer wat had happened that u r saying all this?" he asked

        "Dad, I din't knew that she was like this" he reasoned

        "Suddenly wat hav u come to know, let me also know?"

        "She's not like me" he hurriedly said

        "Now wat do u mean by that?" his Mom asked

        "Mom, I told u na, she's so very different"

        "Ok, fine she's different, not like u, I won't force u, but at least say wat happened that day, for which u hav taken such a decision?" he asked

        "Dad I think, she's been forced into this marriage"

        "Did she say this herself?" she asked

        "How can nebody tell this Mom? I found out sumwat from her words"

        "Hmmmm, not a matter, I can ask Mr.Bedi that" his Dad said

        "Dad no, plz"

        "But who else we are going to clarify it?" asked he

        "May be I'm wrong, may be she has sum other problem"

        "Then wat do u want me to do?"

        "I don't think this is going to work" Sameer declared

        "So u hav already decided?" he asked

        "He's right as…………"

        "Oh so u too are of the same opinion" a bit surprised, "Let me first clarify with Mr.Bedi"

        "If u ask, then too, do u think they are going to accept it, if they are really forcing her?" she reasoned, "N if this is true wat Sameer had felt, then it'll be of no good to nebody"

        "But how can u make this decision on the basis of simply a doubt?"

        "Dad plz, I don't want this to happen"

        "Ok but wat wud I say to him?"

        "Jus say that we are not in favour of this marriage" his Mrs told

        "N the reason is…….?"

        "That I don't want it" declared Sameer

        "Hmmm, that will be ok" she added

        "Fine if u two are saying, I wud do it" he said


     She didn't answer him, n thus he asked again,

        "Hello, are u okay?"


        "I don't think so, u are limping" n yet again she kept silent, "Excuse me………." facing her now, n she immediately closed her eyes, "You" he said loudly, n she saw him standing him right in front

        "Yup, ne problem?"

        "I shud hav guessed it, noone else can bump into me like this"

        "Don't u think u owe a sorry to me?"

        "Sorry? For wat? The fault is equally your's"

        "My fault, how's that?"

        "Ya, can't u cross the road carefully?"

        "N can't u drive carefully?" she argued bac

        "I did, it was jus…….." n he was cut

        "Excuse me" the man said, n they looked at him, "Are u fine?"

        "Ya, I'm, thanx" she replied sweetly

        "Ohk then why are u two arguing?"

        "We are not" he mouthed quickly

        "Ohk, do u live nearby?" he asked her again

        "Ya nearby" Suhaan was even more surprised by her lie but simply stared

        "Cum on then I'll drop u" he suggested n Ashi didn't know wat to answer

        "No that's fine, he'll drop me" saying she grabbed Suhaan's arm, jus to show that she was close to him, n this time he was jus shocked at this act of hers'

        "Do u know each other?"

        "Ofcourse, we are friends, right Suhaan?" she looked at him

        "Hmmm…………. ya we are" he added sensing that she was reluctant to go with the man

        "Fine then I wud leave" he left looking a bit disheartened

        "He's gone"

        "I can see very well see that" she said

        "Then leave my hand" he ordered

        "Oh sorry" a bit embarrassed by her stupidity

        "Its ok, bye" he said n turned to leave

        "Can't u really drop me?" she asked arrogantly

        "I thought u lived nearby n thus wud manage" he replied teasingly

        "That was for that man, but u know where I live, isn't it?"

        "Hmmmm unfortunately I know"

        "Wat's unfortunate in that?"

        "Nothing, can we go?" nodding she accompanied him towards the car

     The moment he started, she opened her queries,

        "Why did u lie to me?"


        "That u live in Malabar Hill" confronting him

        "We do live there" she stared at him, "I mean we hav a house there"

        "But u didn't stay there?"

        "Ah…..not now"

        "N u went to London na?"

        "Why are u asking me all this?"

        "Can't I do that to a friend"

        "Ok, so can I know wat's ur name?" he asked, "I'm sorry I forgot that" in a low tone

        "That's fine, after all we met only once"

        "Actually twice" correcting her, "But u seem not to forget my name" now how can she tell him that she was time n again reminded of him

        "Can't u forget that brawl?"

        "Provided u don't bump into me again"

        "I'll try my best not to" smiling she replied

        "Thank heavens" making a face

        "Ok me Aayesha" she introduced herself yet again

        "Hmmm, nice"

        "But u can call me Ashi, like all"

        "Ashi?" he said n she smiled at this, "Cute one"

        "Did anybody tell u that u hav changed a lot?"

        "Everybody, London seems to hav changed me fully"

        "No city can change sumone, its within ourselves wat we want to be"

        "Really?" she nodded bac, "So u mean u hav chosen to be a stupid…….."

        "This is not fair, I'm praising u n u are…….."

        "Jus joking, can't I do that to a frnd?" repeating her words to her

        "So wen did u come back from London?"

        "Today itself"

        "Rahul knows?"

        "Yup, already met" n soon they reached her house, she got out

        "Thanx" n she turned to leave, but faced him again, "I liked talking to u today, unlike………."

        "I know" he said smiling bac, "May be because I hav changed right?"

        "Yup cya"



     Mr. Malhotra called up Mr.Bedi, as planned, to say that this marriage will not take place

        "Mr. Bedi, Mr. Malhotra here" he said

        "Yes Mr.Malhotra, gud evening" he had guessed it immediately the reason behind its call

        "I had called up jus to inform that this marriage might not work………."

        "Ya I was keen on telling this to u too" he said

        "Actually I don't think that anyone shud be forced into any relation, so I think it'll be okay if we end it right here"

        "I'm so sorry Mr.Malhotra for wat had happened but…….."

        "I can understand it completely, infact I'm glad that its not too late for all this"

        "I can't thank u enuf for being so considerate"

        "Please don't even mention it, these things keep happening" he assured

        "I hope we wud continue our professional relations as always"

        "Oh sure, I'm not the one to mix my personal life with that of my professional one"

        "I can't say so much better I'm feeling now"

        "That's alright Mr.Bedi, I'll talk to u later"

        "Surely Gud night"

        "Gud night" as he hung up, "Hmmm, so its done" he said turning to his wife n son

        "That's better" she said, Sameer too felt burden free

        "But by the words it seemed that he was expecting this from me………"

        "May be she has told him sumthing about this"

        "Ya I too agree with Mom, that's pretty possible"

        "Ok whatever may be the case, its over"

        "No Suhaan still doesn't know anything of this" Sameer said

        "Where's he?" he asked

        "Not yet returned" his Mom said

        "Is this boy again going to turn that way?" he asked in surprise

        "He's jus arrived, may be he's busy with his friends" Sameer suggested

        "On the first day itself, he's so busy with them, I fear………"

        "Uff ho, u only said that he's been so responsible, n now u are saying that………let him enjoy himself" she said

        "Ok I shall wait for his return, he had told that he'll not spare me, n I need to tell him this"

        "Hmmm, I hope he gets it right" murmured his Mom


     Sameer entered his room, in deep thoughts, he knew that the moment Suhaan returns he wud hav to tell him all, he knew he wud hav to hide sumthing, but was not sure whether he can do that to him or not,

        "I don't know how is he going to take it?" he thot, "But I need to do it, if I don't tell him, he wud ask me to take him to Aayesha, which is not possible………..I hav to, whatever happens I hav to deal with it"


     Ashi went into her room, immersed in sum thoughts, thoughts of him, earlier she used to ask herself that why doesn't he talk nicely to her, but now she was experiencing an unknown feeling with his name itself,

        "He has really changed, I can never imagine that he wud talk to me so nicely after that day, infact I had thought that he wud fight more, but……..he had taken me over completely surprised" she thought

     She went on thinking that the way he looked at her when she held his arm, like she cud still sense the strong muscles under her soft palm, his eyes always had attracted her, they had sum deeper meaning to them, she cud hear her name "Ashi" wen he took it, n stated it as "Cute" it immediately brought a smile to her lips, as she went on thinking, a glow was noticed on her face,

        "My name is indeed cute" she said with pride

        "Di" shouted Rimi, n she was broken out of her spell

        "Why are u shouting stupid?" she asked, her heart beating fast

        "U are stupid, not me" she replied, "From the last few minutes I'm calling u but u are lost sumwhere, god knows where"


        "Then why are feeling proud abt ur same old name?"

        "Wat do u hear?" she asked worried that wat she had mouthed

        "Everything u said"

        "Like wat?"

        "Oh ho, why are u so worried, I'll not tell anybody"

        "I know u very well, u havn't heard anything, jus teasing me" Ashi declared

        "I don't know" she smirked

        "Ok now will u please tell me why were u calling me?"

        "Ya sure, Mr.Malhotra had called up Dad today in the evening…….."

        "So wat did he say?" her voice tensed

        "Relax Di, everything's fine"

        "Oh ho u tell me na" she urged

        "He had called it off"


        "Of course the marriage, silly girl" hitting her head playfully


        "Do u think I can joke even with this thing?"

        "No, I know my sweet sis very well" she hugged her tight, "I'm so happy Rimi"

        "I'm happy too, for u"


     Suhaan knew where to head once he was home, he went straight to his Bhai's room, in sheer excitement didn't even care to look whether he's in the room or not………

        "Bhai, I'm home" he called out on entering, but he wasn't there, "Oh so he's not here" he said n went towards the door but stopped suddenly thinking about sumthing, "So wat if he's not here, I can see Bhabhi's pic, if I find sum" he thought, n thus he started searching his drawers, was going even thru the files, "Huh quite a time pass" he smiled

     He was going on searching from one drawer to another, but all in vain, "Where the hell has he kept them, right in his heart, I guess" he laughed at his own thought

        "Suhaan" he asked, a slight panick was noticed in his voice, seeing him search like that, "Wat are u doing here?"

        "Relax Bhai, I won't steal anything from u"

        "Don't be stupid, wat are u looking for in the drawer?"

        "Bhabhi's pics……..but u seem to be smarter huh?"

        "There's no need to see them" he said sternly
        "But why? N where were u?" he asked, "Surely on the phone talking to her right?"

        "Will u plz stop it?" he shouted

        "Bhai, wat's wrong with u?" he was shocked by such a reaction of his Bhai, as Sameer has never done that before, especially to him, "I was jus joking. I didn't know u wud take it like this" he stated

        "Look Suhaan, I'm not marrying her, is that clear?"

        "Not marrying her?" he asked, "I din't get it. U din't tell me anything like this wen I came to u today, n wat happened all of a sudden?"

        "Nothing had happened all of a sudden, I had realized lately that she's not the kind of girl I want to spend my life with……….."

        "I don't believe this, u are lying"

        "I don't need to lie, it's the truth"

        "No its not, I had felt the happiness in ur voice wen he last talked"

        "I was happy then, but not now……."

        "Oh so u din't tell me as I was cuming home, was ur wedding really fixed or it was too planned?"

        "U can think whatever u like to"

        "I don't want to think whatever I like to; I want to know the truth"

        "I had already told u wat I had to"

        "No u had told me only that the wedding is not taking place, n the rest is a lie" Sameer knew he was caught, this is wat he had feared

        "No, I'm not lying"

        "I know u very well Bhai, u don't step out once u take the decision, it has to be sumthing with the girl, I'm sure"

        "Suhaan" he stared at him surprised

        "Bhai, the truth" he warned

        "Suhaan, I had really not lied to u"

        "Again another one" he shrugged, "Its pretty clear on ur face that u are lying"

        "Suhaan" his eyes had adorned by then with sum drops, n he hugged him, not being able to hold bac any more,

        "Bhai, plz tell me wat happened?"

        "She has sumbody else in her life" he said

        "Wat?" facing him now, "Then why the hell did she had agreed for the marriage earlier"

        "I think she was forced"

        "By whom?"

        "Her parents, though I'm not sure"

        "Wat kinda parents are they?" giving out a disgusting look, "N I wonder how she herself is?"

        "No she's not bad"

        "Bhai, plz stop being so nice, at least now look at it from the realistic point"

        "I'm being real, she's not, I know her well"

        "U hav a bad habit of trusting people so soon"

        "Suhaan plz, I don't want to talk about this anymore"

        "Ok fine, I understand, I'll talk to u later"

        "Hmmm, ok" Sameer said, "Suhaan plz don't say this to anybody else, not even Di"

        "U r too much Bhai" he said, "I won't" he went out, "But I surely need to find who it was" he thought

saanch_69 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 July 2008 at 2:35pm | IP Logged

        "Gud Morning Baba" greeted Ashi with a smile

        "Hmm, seems like Rimi had told u all" said he

        "About wat Baba?"

        "That all is cleared between us and the Malhotra's"

        "Ya, she had told me all, but I wanted to listen from u, that whether this can affect………….."

        "No don't worry; I had talked about this with him, n he has assured me to keep this aside n start afresh"

        "I can't tell u Baba that I'm feeling so relieved with this piece of news" she said nearing him

        "I know beta, I hav myself been tensed about this from the day u broke that news to me…….." Ashi looked a bit glum

        "I know Baba, I hav not dun it right by realizing it so late…….."

        "Oh ho, all is fine now, no need to be sad about that nemore. I want my old Ashi back, is that clear?"

        "Hmmm, I love u Baba" she said

        "Love u too beta" he said n she left in a much happier mood


     The Malhotra's were having their breakfast together, after a long time, n that too in a happy way, but one thing hasn't changed, Suhaan was still not there,

        "Sameer how's the work going?" his Dad asked

        "Its fine Dad, we hav a meeting with the Chopra's this afternoon, I hav delayed it as u were not here……….."

        "But u cud hav handled it urself……"

        "Off ho, is this a breakfast table or a boardroom?" asked Mrs.Malhotra, in a bit agitated tone

        "Right" supported Snigs, "Plz atleast hav ur breakfast in peace"

        "But I was jus asking him about the condition, wat's wrong in that?" he reasoned

        "Do u discuss family matters when at office?" she asked, n the father son looked at each other helplessly, "I know u don't, so this is my home, n u hav to abide by sum rules here too" Mrs.Malhotra ordered

        "Ok Mom, we wud" Sameer said in a defeating tone, "Right Dad?"

        "Of course" he added

        "But where is Suhaan? Is he still sleeping?" asked his mother

        "I think so, if he was up then he wud hav been here for sure" said Snigs

        "Let him be, don't woke him up" said Mr.Malhotra, n they all stared at him in surprise, "Wat?" he asked

        "Are u alright?" his wife asked, "U saying this for him?"

        "Yes, why not? I'm sure he hasn't slept well there, so let him do it here"

        "I'm so happy Dad, seeing u say in his favor" Snigs said

        "Wat do u think I dun know him well?"

        "No no u surely do, jus that I havn't seen u like this before" she said smiling

     After the breakfast, Sameer went up to check on Suhaan, but was surprised to see him awake…….standing by the window

        "Suhaan u are up?" he looked bac n nodded, "So why weren't u there for breakfast?"

        "I din't feel like it"

        "Wat's wrong?"

        "Bhai, who was that girl?" he asked, as he was not able to forget the incident

        "Which girl?" he asked, knowing it very well

        "Don't act plz, u know it about whom I'm talking"

        "Oh she……."

        "N I'm sure she does hav a name, doesn't she?" he asked suspiciously, stressing on 'She'

        "Of course she does, who doesn't?" he started roaming around the room,

        "So wat's that?"

        "What's the need now?" he asked going through a mag

        "I need it" he said in a determined tone

        "From when are u interested in girls?" he joked, "Well it's a gud sign"

        "Will u plz stop this?"

        "Ok fine, but why do u need it, atleast tell me that?"

        "I wanna meet her n ask that………"

        "I had told u all Suhaan, there's nothing else to it" he said holding him by his shoulders

        "There is, may be there is sumthing more to it"

        "So u don't believe me?"

        "Did I say that for once?"

        "But then why do u need it?"

        "Bhai look, u had asked me not to tell the truth to nebody, I didn't, but why are u not even telling me her name?"

        "Because I fear, u wud do sumthing wrong with her"

        "Bhai, for god's sake plz, stop being so nice, n tell me her damn name" he asked in a raised voice

        "Suhaan u are crossing ur limits" he warned, "N I won't take it"

        "I havn't but I may do cross" he said, "No problem, I wud ask Dids about it. I thought to keep it a secret, but sorry bhai……….."

        "U hav promised me to not to…….."

        "I'm still saying that I won't, provided u tell me about her"

        "Ok fine, but u hav to promise me that u won't do nething wrong to her" he nodded meekly

        "I'm waiting"

        "Aayesha" he said

        "Aayesha, ok" he said, "Wat else?"

        "Wat?" he asked, "U as asked for her name only"

        "Ya but there must be thousands of Aayeshas' in this city?"


        "So how the hell I'm gonna find her?"

        "That's not my problem, n u'll keep ur promise, remember"

        "Ok no problem, I will find out this Aayesha very soon"

        "Bye then, cya later in the evening" he said with a smile

        "Whoever u r Ms.Aayesha, I'll find u out soon" he said to himself


      Ashi seemed busier these days, with her college carnival round the corner, she was always an active participant, she wasn't taking part in any of the onstage performances earlier, but this being her last year in college, Nisha had made sum alternate arrangements for her frnd.

        "I jus can't thank u enuf Nisha, for this thing" said Ashi

        "Now if u wud say nething like this again, I wud cancel all" she warned

        "But u had indeed done a very……"

        "There's nothing more greater than friendship, always remember this, n don't bring these thank u's within us"

        "Ok fine, I'll not repeat this again" she said hugging her

        "So are u ready with ur dialogues?" she asked

        "Yup I'm, jus need to rehearse it with all" she said, they were enacting a play penned by their very own    professor Mr.Khanna, on the subject of Global Warming.

        "Ok then we can arrange for that this evening" Said Nisha,

        "Can u make it a bit early, u know Maa right?"

        "Ok then we wud shift this one after the classical item"

        "Hmm that'll be fine" she said, as her cell rang, it was Rahul

        "Hi Ashi, how are u?"

        "I'm ok, but why are u asking this all of a sudden? I mean………"

        "Jus like that, where are u? There's so much sound behind "

        "Ya I'm in the auditorium, me taking part in the play" she said cuming out

        "But u had told me last that u are not taking part……."

        "Ya but then Maa got convinced n I'm here" she said in a happy tone

        "That's great, ok so can we meet today?"

        "Ya but I can't tell u wen, as I don't know how much time will it take for my rehearsals to get over"

        "Not a problem, I'll pick u up"

        "Gud then I wud inform u the time" she said, "Oh by the way, u didn't inform me that Suhaan is back?" she said in a charging tone

        "Oh ya" he replied, "But how do u know that?"

        "I met him"

        "U really missed him right?" he asked

        "Why?" her eyebrow raised, she cudn't deny that

        "No I told u na, that if he gets to know that sumone is missing him so much, he'll be back n see………"

        "No kidding, did u really tell him?"

        "Wat do u think?"

        "Oh ho stop irritating me more, tell me na, are u serious?"

        "I don't know, c u later bye"

        "Rahul……….." but he had already hung up, "Uff he's so irritating" she said


     Suhaan had been ready for the day, he didn't had ne major plans for the day, but before leaving he thought of meeting his Dids, getting sumthing out of her about this Aayesha…….

        "Hi Dids" he greeted on entering

        "Hello Mr.Suhaan" she said even in a more cheering tone

        "Oh ho, may I know the secret of this wide smile?"

        "Ya sure, its u"


        "U know wat Dad said this morning?"


        "That we shud not woke u up, n let u sleep more" she said excitedly, "This is the first time, I heard nething like this from him about u, I'm sure u hav impressed him very much"

        "I know" he said raising his collar in utter pride

        "So wat are ur plans these days?"

        "Nothing much, freaking out with my friends, that's it" he declared, "N ya sumthing else too"

        "Wat else?" she asked

        "Searching sum Aayesha"

        "Who Aayesha?"

        "Bhai didn't tell me nething else about her, only her name………"

        "Oh u mean that Aayesha?"

        "Can u plz tell me nething else about her, I mean where does she live, wat does she do, u know"

        "Ok why do u need it?"

        "I jus wanna meet her once n ask her that why did she do this to Bhai"

        "But Suhaan all's over, wat's the use of digging it up all over again?"

        "Plz Dids, tell me, nething will help"

        "Ok fine, wat do u want to know?"

        "U had been to their place right, where's it?"

        "Oh that's very near"

        "Where in Bandra itself?"

        "Hmm………" n jus then her cell rang, "Jus a min" she was surprised to see Sameer's call

        "Hello Di, did Suhaan cum to u?" her face's color changed

        "Ya now only"

        "Oh no! Don't tell him that I'm on the phone"

        "Ok but……..why?"

        "Is he asking about Aayesha?"

        "Ya, right"

        "I knew it, he won't listen"

        "Wat's wrong?"

        "I'll tell u all later, but please don't tell him nething about her, plz di"

        "Ok I won't"

        "Thanx, I'll talk to u later" he hung, "Suhaan, I don't know wat to do with u" he thought helplessly

        "Dids, who was it?" he asked seeing her lost in thoughts

        "Oh that, a friend of mine" she managed

        "Is everything alright? U look tensed"

        "No nothing wrong"

        "Ohk, so she lives in Bandra itself right?"

        "Did I say that? No she doesn't live in Bandra, we went to see them in Bandra, at sum relative's house" she proved better in this than she had thought

        "So where do they live actually?"

        "That I don't know"

        "Hmmmm, ok thanx, no probs"

        "Suhaan, plz I'll still suggest u to forget all these, n carry on with urself, there's nothing left"

        "No Dids, I need to meet her jus once" he said, "Don't worry, I'll handle it bye" she let out a sigh of relief

        "Uff these two will drive me crazy" she said sitting back


     By the evening, Ashi had informed Rahul the time to pick her up, n he was already there, but she wasn't free yet, so he kept on trying her cell, every two mins, n at last she arrived,

        "Off ho can't u wait a bit?" she asked on arriving

        "U had urself asked me to pick u up, n now u are late" he complained

        "I'm not, I was jus packing up all the things, look only 15mins" showing the watch to him

        "Only 15 mins right" he sighed, "It looks so odd waiting here, the girls were looking at me in strange ways"

        "Oh that's nice, u're getting their attention Mr.Rahul, I'm sorry for cuming so soon"

        "Shut up, they might be thinking that I'm waiting for my girlfriend"

        "Oh u mean no one will approach u for that reason" she asked teasingly

        "No I din't mean that, n neither do I need their attention. If u had been late by another 10mins, I wud have left for sure"

        "I know U won't do that because u are the sweetest" smiling at him,

        "Ok ok stop buttering me" she giggled back at him

        "But where are we going?" she asked

        "Manish called me up to meet them up at Marios', Tamy will be reaching there too"

        "Oh ho, u look concerned about her very much these days, wat's the matter?"

        "Oh u girls, silly suspicisions"

        "Is there any special thing that we are going to meet them today?"

        "I don't know, we'll find out that once we are there, I'm sure u'll enjoy it whatever is it" he declared

        "Why's that?"

        "Suhaan will be there too" he said leaving her blushing with the mere thought of meeting him again


Well that ends my two long updates.

Will b bac after 27th with another Smile

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wowww!!!!!!!!!!!1really long one
just too good loved every bit
u desreve much more thsn this
ashu Wink

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