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Originally posted by *nitz_rocks*

Here people...siggie of the day!! It's made by our very own pinkyyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed And one of the best AS siggie ever!Embarrassed


Isnt it just beautiful siggie!?!?EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I just lovee the was more painful for me to slap youEmbarrassedEmbarrassed I mean it's soo touchy...I simply love the siggie and the effects in the siggie gives that pain that was in the sceneEmbarrassed Seriously I love this siggie a lot...and i am seriously losing words to describe it...but I just love it...and that's why thought to keep it as siggie of the day!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

yeeeeeeah without a doubt its one of the bestest AS siggys everClapClap

and what an outstanding scene this was WHAT a scene this was i don't remember it exactly coz this whole epi is in my cd..but i remember it was such an emotional and painful episode...i mean yaa i know ahsi behaved very badly with sonya but uske pov se socho yaar she was all gaga over that guy and i know it was teenage infatuation but whatever it was feelings toh thy hi she tried hard for his attention and she might have succeeded too but her mum came into the picture

i remember that scene where woh sports teacher and ahsi go out and he says ki he was wanting to talk to her abt smething since a long time and he was just not getitng how to talk he knows its wrong and ashi finishes the sentance for him so happyly saying ki but it feels so right thinking he was reffering to her and the fact that they were teacher student and it was wrong but it felt soo right not just to her but even him and she was soooo happy and jublient that he felt the wibes tooo and then the very next second she was awakened to the reality that the feelings weren't towards her but her mom...put yourself in her place and u wld too feel that why was it always ki her mum managed to be the one preffered by people whom she fell for..also remember that hers was a teenage mind yeh age wage ki baaten baad main samjh aaty hai wen u r crushing away on someone u r just helplessly gng on crushing away on him without paying heed to the fact how old or young is he all that matters is u like him and u want him to like u back theres obviously no love coz u r way too young and meddlled up to even realize what a strong feleing like love actually is its just dil ko bahlane ka thing which won't even matter later on but it matters at that time that moment it feels as if this is why u were i really do understand how ahsi felt then how betrayed and cheated she felt that her mum managed to steal all her limelight knowingly or unknowingly didn't matter and i remember the hurt in ashi's know i have been saying this to many people but seriously life is all about choosing and trust me when you are confident that someone owuld choose you but he or she doesn't pic you and insted pick someone else for a moment you wld end up disliking that someone how so ever close he or she might be to you.... 

and then at that moment she was heartbroken do u remember before this talk both of them had lit candles together and she felt so happy sooo soo elated and then suddenly everything turns topsy turvyyy so she tries to take out her hurt and anguish by belittling her mum and saying false stuff about her to him it was but natural yaar it was but natural after all she was just a child whose heart had been stamped under the castle of her mum's beauty how do u expect her ot understand that her mum wasn't a party to this that her mum wldn't hav caused her pain deliberately that it wasn't her mum's fault ki she was pretty and this guy was attracted to her or rather the logic that it was but natural ki he wld be attracted to sonya and not her coz sonya was of his age and she was his student?/ in such times all reason all sense fails and then do you guys remember the way she tried to wash away to erase all her hurt in that u remember how insanely and crazyly she had danced in that party as if she didn't care how she looke dwhat people thought of her or rather she deliberately wanted people to think she was a nutter she danced away all alone trying to ebb the pain away in the aggression of her moves...

and then this scene betwene ahsi sonya happens where sonya is shocked and devastated ki ahsi said lies abt her and ashi is totally not in her senses coz she thought htat her mum always did it deliberatly always deliberatly wanted to be the center of attraction always getting the attentionw ithout even trying for it always ocming her her vicinity and sheaning her share of adullation well obviously ahsi wld realize later that the only reason her mum was there was coz she wanted to be with her she would realize later ki for her mum nothing and none really was mor eimportant than her mummum but at that time her mum was htis big villian who had snatched awya her "love" yeha am using love coz in ahsi's mind she had exaggerated the crush to love for that moment only coz kids r like that the things they r unable to attian they run after it with much more pasison and this was the same case....tommorrow when ahsi wld really flal in love she would not even remmeber this man but today this man was important only to the extent she succeeded in getting his attention and she fialed coz of her mum so her mum definatly had ot bear the brunt of her anger...ashi said some bad htings to sonya which became unbearable and she slapped her...and i felt it was needed here the way it was done was just supeeeeeeerb no drama no natak she just slapped her and ahsi pahle oth kept on satnding unable to believe what just happened and htne silent tears started flowing her porbably even she realized ki she had gone too far this time and had really deeply hurted her this was ashi;s wake up call to reality this was the hting which got her out of her heartbreak her dellussion with this teacher everything and now the only pain that remained was not that ki she couldn't get the teacher to flal for her but the fact ki she and her mum were standing far away form each other and in betwene them was loads and loads of hurt pain and guilt.....

and see again sonya proved it that for her nothing is more important than her dotty nothing and noone she liked that guy too and she oculd have gone ahead and dated hum but she didn't why coz she knew it owuld really hurt ahsi more and shhe oculd obviously go on without dating a man but what she couldn't go on without was her dotty and the fact that she was happy infact it killed osnya to go away form that summer camp but she knew that at that time ahsi needed breathing space and sonya backed out though her heat would have died for staying bakc with her shonaa there

and then i just looooooooooove the scene where mp shouts at ahsi and makes her realize her mistake and says that whatever tashan hai jo uska is becoz u hav such a loving mum who can lay her life for u and ashi really feels sooo sooo guilty and ashamed of herself then she calls her mum up and they share such an adorableeeeeeeeee convooooooo i just lovee this part of their relaitonship rotth ke mananeeee wala part is just soo cutee u should see both their antiques while manofying each other and thats what actually is their best part u know they fight they quarrel they hurt each other they say horrible things to each other but always they know it that they would find a way back in each others lives and hearts and that never ever would doors close for them coz they were bodn together for forever bond of love and trust a conneciton syphoned off by god a conneciton which never be discoonected not now not today not never not ever....   

and yeah i toooooooo lovee the text of this siggy it really was more painful for sonuu to slap herrrr coz the scar of the slap and pain it caused was felt straight in sonu's heart and even ashi was ahamed ki she had hurted her mum to such an extent that she ended up slapping her...but then this is part of life if there arn't upheavals then kya zindagi..baar baar hurt hoke fir se us hurt ko bhoola ke ek aur mazboot rishtey ko banana hi life hai and nly this life is lived to the fullest its not perfect but its full of fun and spice and the beauty of growing stronger after every falll...    

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Happy Mothers Day Mumma Hug

Seriously guys just this feeling that there is someone out there for u who will do anything n everything for u so selflessly......someone who will always care for u......someone who will always stand beside u during ur bad times.......someone who will place ur happiness above her own.........this feeling of always being protected is so completely indescribable ......and I am sure not just me but all of us have experienced this kinda feeling only bcoz of this one person on earth.....Maa HugHugHug

I cant think of day without u Mumma......n I dont know how can I thank u ever for all that u have done for me....right now I am getting all emotional n all I can say is...THANK YOU MOM & LOVE YOU Hug
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And well guys on this special occasion of Mothers Day....heres a beautiful siggy n Avi for all of u.........n I really thank Zinu soooooo much for making the siggy for me on such a short notice.Hug

U remember smriti last night u asked me if I have a siggy n I said no......can u imagine after our talk I requested thsi siggy to u n she made it tooBig smile n that too such a beautiful siggy Clap

neways here is the beautiful siggyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and a matching avi to go with it Big smile

n smriti I soo know u wanted a vid avi of atleast one ashi sonia scene EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...n guess what.....our dear Zinu made a vid avi for us too EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed....I hope all of u like the scene that I chose....somehow I wanted it to look like Ashi is wishing  Sonia n so I didnt use that scene nappy where Sonia is kissing Ashi....I wanted it to be in a way that Ashi is kissing Sonia n wishing her Embarrassed...hope u dont mind nappy EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

neways heres the vid aviBig smile

Do use them n comment on them hun Embarrassed

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Posted: 11 May 2008 at 2:14am | IP Logged

a very very very very happy mommy's day to all of youuuuuuHug its really impossible to sum up what a mother means i would just say today whatever we are today its because of this woman in our lives she has sacrficed her own happyness her ownd esieres and dreams only for us and have always found happpyness in our smiles and laughters and i guess today is the best day to tell her thank you for everything but tell you what no thaanx can be enough to express the gratittude which we owe to her perhpas even this lifetime would fall short to say thank you to her and she really doesn't need a thaanx what she needs is for us to say that i lovee you mommyy and will always lovee youHugwhat she needs is that we don't forget her as life moves on and we hold on to her hameshaHugHugi for one will because for me seriously theres no day no night without my mumHugHugcan't even imagine how cruel life would have been without herHugHug

but you know what guys i think mom's day is plagued for my family...CryCry....last year my nana passed away on this day this year my mum's bady-mummy expired...Cry...shes going to jodhpur today only and once again i was unable to celebrate this day with feeling sooo bad cpz i was really excited for today..........but then when destiny strikes nobody can do anything...can't celebrate with mom but i can obviously shoout out that i lovee youuuuuuuuuuuu loads and loads mommyyyyHug  you are the world's bestest mother ever and am realyyyyyyyyyyy lucky to have youuuHugHugHuglife would be meanigless without youHugHuglovee youuuuuuHugHug we would always be together coz when you are here i don't feel the pain of sadness and my joy of happyness tripplesHug..."touch wood"WinkHug

and guys ashi sonya came to my rescue again todayHugHugHugi was sooo morosed and down but guess what last evening only iw as telling u all that i had requested loads of siggys but none were ready...i don't know what happened but sooo many siggy makers went out of their wayyyyyyy to make this day special for me and for all of usssssssHugHug....can't than them enough for giving me all of these treasures for todayHug..its really made this day this bond and this lovee soooo have to see it for believing itEmbarrassed 

sooo here i goooooooEmbarrassed everyone hold your breath coz u guys won't knoww what hit you when you would see theseeee....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ashitaaaa you were soo right i was litrallyyyyyy craving cravinggggggggg for a video aviiiii of mommy-mumummmmmmmEmbarrassedand mery whackyyyyyyyyyyyy satisfied that craving and that toooooooooooo in such an adorableeeeeeeeeee styleeeeeeeeEmbarrassedHugoh my god waaaaaaaaaax thankooooooo sooooooooooooo soo much for it you know how hyper iw as going when i realized i had no siggys for today...LOL..and then mossibat ki potly comes to my aidEmbarrassedHugHugand the best part was i kept you awake till four am day before yesterdayyyyyyyy for giving u the vidsDancingbut kitna mazaaa ayaa tha na us dinWink......thankoo for this one whaacksHugand i hope your dhonni and his dhurander wins every match but looses ont he final day against shane warneLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

isn't it juuuuuuuuuuuuust awesomeeeeeeeeeeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedoh gooooooooood am in utter loooooooooooove with the aviiiiiiiiiiiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedfour adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee scenes culminate to form oneeeeeeee splendid aviiiiiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and what a text maaaaaaaaaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassedwhat a teeext "my world is in your arms mom"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed sooooooooooooo trueeeeeeeeee not just ashi's even my world is in my mum's arms that fierce feel of being protected and adored comes always when mum hugsEmbarrassedHug...thankoooooooooooo thankoo thankoo waax for this speecial gifttyyHugHug

and now once again take a deep breath revive from the unrevivable shock of whacky's giftty and brace yourself for another treeeeeeeeeeeeatEmbarrassed Embarrassed

this cuddlyyyyyyyyyyyy siggy is by maadzHugshe made it last night only and she loooved ashi sonya soo much together ki shes planning to make us moreeeeeeeeeeeeHug you know maadz is one of the besht siggy makers everrrrr and i found her opne after agesssss i am sooo glad to have ashi sonya being repesented in her exclusive creationsEmbarrassedHugHugand the besht part about this siggy is that it so totally represents that "shona" wordEmbarrassedEmbarrassedsonuuu's another nick for her mumummmm and i just used to love every single moment when she used to call her shonaaaaaaaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedits in bangali culture only to call someone whom you loveeeee mooost shonaaaaaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedand the way sonuu used to call her was just sooo aweeeeeeeeeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed thaanx to maadz i was able to get this shonaa siggy for youuu alllHugHug

and now another equisite siggy by unnatiEmbarrassedHugHugthis siggy is beautyfl expression of the selflessness and unconditionality of a mom's love for her dottyEmbarrassed how she without any qualms and with pleasure stands in the way of any harm coming towards her dotty and takes the entire pain onto herself and in return just leaves a flower laiden path for her dotty to walk onEmbarrassedHug

goooooooooosh hasn't she expressed the feelings superblyyyyyyyy??EmbarrassedEmbarrassedand i juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust loveeeeeeeee the textEmbarrassed its formt he atif aslam song "kuch is tarah"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedgooosh whenever i hear these words "aansoo tere saare meri palkon pe saja de"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedi just think of ay and as two relaitonships in which the people involved owuld happyly and with honour and pride bear all the hurt and pain of the otherEmbarrassed this para of the song..."mujhkko toh tere chahre pe yeh gam nahi jachta jayaz nahi lagta mujhe gam se tera rishta jooo bhi gammmm ho tereeee unhe toh mera bata deeeeee..." just always reminds me of ay and as togetherEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...thaaaaaaaaaanx thaaaaaaanx a million ton unnuuuuuu for making this soooo sooo beautyfully for all of usEmbarrassedHugHugseriously its adorable beyond limitEmbarrassedHug

and now guys the final treat of the day and trust meeeeeeee trust meeeee this one would go straight to both your heart and souuuuuulEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...goosh i don't need to say much on this siggy i want you all to feel its impact when you see itEmbarrassed its made by the phenomenol muqualp who made the "magic resides at ayls" siggy for usEmbarrassedHugHug

and the matching avis in unique muqualp styleEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

brilliant arn't they??Embarrassed

i have always worshipped that text on the siggy like a bible its not just a quote for me but a fact coz seriously if you really want to know and love god then you have to feel the joy of having a mother only then you would understand why god is called the almighty the dukh harta the one who would always be thee come what may and oyu just have to close oyur eyes and htink about him once and if you have faith you would feel his presance though many a times the picture that would conjure up in your mind would be that of your parents and in my case of my motherHugHugand hats off seriously hats off and a standing ovaiton to muqualp for expressing it soooooo beautyfullyyyyy

can't thank you enough muqualp its totally touched my soulHugHugand am soooooooo soooooooooo overwhelmed that you did it for me even though you were so hard pressed by your exam pressureHugHugthank youuuuuuuu so so muchHugHug

seriously thaankooooooo to all of you for making this day so special for us all you guys have always been there for us to make the festival or any occasion a real fiastaaaHugHug

guys i appologize for the delay in putting up this but i had beem trying since morning and again and again getting dcLOLOuch and plus my mum and dad were leaving sooo...but thank god i finally managed it really sowiee for the delay guys hope u all have a blast today and do wear these gorgeous siggys guys coz the siggy makers really went out of their way to give me these by today early morning only FOR YOU ALL only to make it extraordinory and memorable for you allEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHugsooo do thank them and am suree oyu guys would go gags on all of these so do thank and appreciate their effort and hard work guysEmbarrassedHugHug

and ps...ashitaaa the siggy and avi is gorgussssssssssssssEmbarrassedoh my god i was so feeling bad ki we don't hav a sig representing that scene and now we even have on that one yeeeeahEmbarrassedyhaaaaaaaanx for requesitng it for all of usBig smileEmbarrassed..even am soo happy that i got all these siggys for u guysBig was really magical on part of sigyg makers to do it for me last night onlyyyyyEmbarrassedHugHug

and pps....happy mommy's day once again guysEmbarrassed HugHugdon't be lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and change your siggy boxes NOWLOL

and sooooooooooo sad mom dad both left...Cry..come on everyone give loony a big huggy coz shes aloneeeeeee on mommy's day again...Cry...

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guys i got this banner from "kruthi's" shopEmbarrassed its sooooooooo gorgus and the text soooooooooo sooooo fits ashi sonya and all our mommys' that i couldn't help but share this with you all and make it a part of this celebrationEmbarrassed

credit and courtsey : the ever charming kruthi whose siggys have always left a mark on meEmbarrassed    

the text is just sooo soooo soo wooowEmbarrassed its reminding me off u say the best mixxxx specially that part the touch of your hand says u wld catch me wenever i fall the look in your eyes says u need me......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by smritisashi - 11 May 2008 at 3:42am
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Posted: 11 May 2008 at 3:18am | IP Logged
guys did my post register or no i dnt know why my post sint showing here Ouch for those who can't see plz chek out magic guys hav a special treat for u all bt dnt know why the post is not getting registered Ouch
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Before starting on anything... I would just like to say... I love you mummyyyyHugHug Can not imagine my life without her!! She definatly is my strength...and I lovee her lotsssssssHugHug Always i fight with her...but in the end its obvious that i love her...and i can never stay angry with her... even if i want to... and show like i am katti with her....i will start talking to her in next 5 minsLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed I lovee herrrrrrrrrrr tonssHugHugHug And I am getting too senti now... Seriously would love to thank bhaggu for giving me best mummy in this whole worldHug Love you mummy and thanks for everythingggHug

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