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FF - ***HUMSAFAR*** pr - 19 updt pg 90

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  hello  everyone...Smile

howz u all??

Ok guyz i was getting no body was dere at my home.. so I thought to rite a ff. , I m writing a ff on armi n ridzi 4 d first time ... coz of SONALI(sumeetwadhwa) who inspired me as she luved my hussain - juhi's ff, so I thought to try my hand here too.... DIS PART IS DEDICATED 2 U MY LIL ANGEL - SONALI & YES ALSO 2 ONE OF MY SPECIAL FRD. SONAM KEDIA she luvs dis jodi..
 wel here it goes...

      concept -
 armaan n ridhima are v.much in luv wid each other.. they r engaged n will get married in 2 weeks ..... basically dis fanfic is based on dere 'journey from engagement to marriage ' n ofcourse after marriage also.. n yes i forgot 2 tell muskaan n rahul hv started developing feelings 4 each other so no fights but yes a lil nok - jhok u can say...

  ok so here's the Ist part..itz jus d introduction... no romance ..plz tolerate it ..

                                            PART - 1
   (atul anjali n rahul  in locker room ...enters muskaan)
m-   hi..sab log kaise ho.??
an - hey muskaan .. well  i m gud Smile
at - haan aur main bhi ..anjali achchi to main bhi achcha .. hai na anjaliEmbarrassed
an - yeah rite !!!
m - lil shy .. aur tu rahulEmbarrassed
r -  (smiles) bilkul theek Embarrassed... aur tu ?
m - main bhi changi(gud) Smile
at - hey tum logon ki tabeyat to theek hai na.. aaj no ladai baat kya hai ?? 

      muskaan  abt 2 say sumthing ...ENTERS OUR HERO ARMAAN
ar - hey champ ..hi everyone Wink
all - hi ..Smile
ar -  anjie ..ridhima nazar nai aa rai ..Embarrassed
m-   phite muan!! abhi - abhi andar aaya hai.. aur aate hi ridhima k naam ki maala japne laga ...LOL
an - stop it muskaan .. vo jiju.. i mean armaan ridzi ko kal raat se kaafi fever she'll nt. cum ......Confused
ar -  wat kal raat se??... aur usne mujhe bataya bhi nai..Ouch
at -  ab kaisi hai vo ?
 r -    haan .. is she ok.. is sumbody dere at ur home .. matlab ridhima ka dhyaan   rakhne k liye

                 anjali abt. 2 say muskaan interupts .....

m - oye kankhjoore .. obviously nani hogi na..
an - No yar .. ghar pe koi nai hai.. papa to surgery k liye bahar hai aur  nani 5    din k  liye lonavala orphanage gayi hai.. mujhe meri duties ki vajah se   aana pada... Confused
ar - rid. akeli hai.. guyz listen main kuch bahana kar k aaj chhuti le  raha hun..   she needs me ! plz i need ur help.. mujhe  ridzi k paas jaana hai.....Cry
at - haan mere dost kuch to karna padega ..

              announcement - all interns report 2 dr. kirti

r - chal raaste mein kuch sochte hai.. (dey discuss evrything n a plan is ready )       (i know itni jaldi ..but dey are full dramebaaz naa...  anywayz.)

dr.kirti - interns aaj koi naya case nai hai .. cont. wid old duties n dr.      armaan .... no reply.... DR. ARMAAN Angry...kahan hai dhyaan aapkaAngryAngry

                         ar  abt. 2 say.....
r - vo mam aaj armaan ki tabeyat theek nai hai..
    suddenly armaan pretends to faint.. n after a long drama  armaan gets a leave   LOL
an- armaan ridzi shayad so rai hogi.. ye lo ghar ki keys .. 
ar - thnxSmile
at - ridzi k baare mein inform karte rehna ..
all- bye ..
ar - bye .

Armaan goes near  ridz n touches her forehead n finds it was v. hot.. ridz wakes up coz of the touch ..

rid - a.r.maan armaan tum yahaan ..kaise ??? tumhari duty..
ar - (puts finger on he lips) shhh... kitne sawaal karti ho... Embarrassedtumne mujhe bataya    kyun nai tumhari tabeyat theek nai hai..Cry
rid - vo.. maine socha tum aise hi pareshaan ho jaooge..Tongue
ar - jaise abhi to main  bahut khush hoon..without any tension..leave it.. ab tum    kaisi ho ??
rid - tum aa gaye na.. ab theek ho jaoongi.. Embarrassed
                 armaan smiles..Embarrassed
ar- mere saath flirt kar rai ho..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
                  ridz blushes
ar- let me check ur temp. first ... Smile
     4 the whole day armaan looks after her .. n she recovers quickly..
     after 3 - 4 days she is completely well n joins sanjeevani back...

   I know I took a leap like ekta's serial but it was required 2 update the     romance part...

               in locker room...
rid - hey everyone.. n hugs everyone over dere...
m - ab kaisi hai tu ??
rid - bilkul theek
r -  haan sab armaan k pyaar ka kamaal hai..
     ridz blushes .....  enters ARMAAN !!!!
at - lo shaitan ka naam liya aur armaan haazir..LOL
an - shut up atul !!
ar- kya baat hai champ.. mere baare mein kya baatein ho rai hai..Embarrassed
an -  kuch nai  yar vo bas... u know na atul to hamesha hi.. ,Dr. at,Dr,ra & Dr. anjali immediately report to dr. keerti..

at - (sings) chalo bulava aaya hai.. gabbar ne bulaya hai..LOL

       everyone laughs LOL... n goes leaving armaan n ridhima...Embarrassed

ar - ( moves fwd. )  welcum backWink
r -  (muvs back) thnx Embarrassed
ar - (holds her hand..) Embarrassedaaj raat mere saath ghumne chalogi ??
r - a.r maan vo aaj nai  ... di nani k paas lonavala ja rahin hai.. aur papa  bhi out of town hai mera bahar aana mushkil hai... i m sry.
ar -  itz ok.. I understand..

           announcent - dr. armaan n dr. rid report to

ar - chalen ...
                                                     they go
all of dem hv. a tiring day at sanjeevani... anjali leaves 4 lonavala

ok guyz i think itz enough 4 d day  i know dis part must b boring but promise The other part will hv a loads of romance ahead.... 

 precap - armaan goes to meet ridzi... ridzi shocked n... n sumthing happens..  ehem ehem later !!

plz do comment....


hey every one....

thnx a lot 4 ur comments.. 


                             PART - 2

 ridz in her room .. thinking of armaan n receives an sms of armaan...
                  sms - open d door...a surprize 4 u ...Embarrassed
ridzi shocked... n opens the door n sees armaan standing over dere..Wink
ri - armaan tum..pagal ho gaye ho..  (ridzi was saying dis ..armaan  walks in n      goes to her room..  ridzi behind him saying..) jao plz armaan kissi ko pata     chalgaya bahut prob. ho jayegi..
ar - shhh..kitna bolti ho tum basket..Tongue.main yahan tumhe kuch dene aaya hun..Embarrassed
r-    matlab..Confused
ar- ( hands over a gift) tumhare liye...Embarrassed
 r - mere liye..par tum itni raat ko kyun aaye.. (n moves her hand to take d gift)
                           ar moves the gift back..
ar - isse pehle tum gift lo..meri ek shart hai...Wink
r -   shart??Confused
ar - hmm.. tum mujhe ye abhi pehan kar dikhogi...Embarrassed
r -  abhi.. tum pagal ho gaye ho armaan ..
ar - theek hai... (sits on her bed ) main bhi yahin hoon ...jab tak tum ye nai  pehnogi.. main nai jaane wala...
r -  armaan..Embarrassed
ar - mujhe kuch sunai nai de raha..(armaan gets naughty)par shayad tumne  haan kaha... rite basket !Tongue
r - blushesEmbarrassed ..theek hai..
           (n moves towards bathroom..armaan pulls her back..)
ar - kahan ja rahi ho..Confused
r -  change karne aur kahan ??
ar - yahin ..karo na ..Embarrassed
r -  wat ?? Angry
ar - haan.. kisse darr rai ho ??  mujhse ..come on basket..Wink
r -  armaan ..main maar daloongi...Embarrassed
ar- ohh.. main darr gaya... LOLachcha jao..lekin jaldi aana.Smile

   (ridzi goes to d bathroom n sees the dress it was a v. pretty dress
   ridzi blushes ..she changes n cums out.. armaan is mezmerised by her      beauty..)
r - a.rmaan..Embarrassed
ar - oye hoye !!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
    armaan moves forward...
r - ar..rr..maan ...armaan aise kya dekh rahe ho..Embarrassed

ar- hold her from d waist.. sirf dekh hi to raha hoon.. kuch kar nai raha..WinkEmbarrassed
 ridzi slaps lighty on armaan's shoulder...
ar - u r luking v. beautiful..

   ridzi blushes ... she slowly hides her face in armaan's chest ...armaan picks Embarrassed   Embarrassed  her up.. n takes to the bed n sumthing unexpected ..... throws her on bed ..LOLLOL

r - angrily..armaan Angry.... n throws a pillow on him... n starts running after him..Wink
    after a long race they both fall on bed .. armaan on top of ridhima..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - i luv u ridhma.. n kisses her forehead n cheeks..Embarrassed
ri - arm..aan.. Embarrassed
ar - shh.. armaan removes her hair from her face... n gets closer to her ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
( ridzi was feeling his warmth & then she decided to be in armaan's arms ,& share some intimate moments, both of them enters in there dreamworld ......)EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ar - ridhima apni aankhein kholo.. main tumhari in aankhoin mein apne liye pyar  dekhna chahta hun...Embarrassed
r - nai armaan.. aaj main tumhe sirf mehsoos karna chahti hun...Embarrassed

    armaan starts showering kisses on her... Embarrassedhe kisses her neck.. shoulders n   Embarrassed    moves upward... n finally kisses on her lipsEmbarrassed (it was just a kiss ...not d long   n passionate oneEmbarrassed)
  ridzi cums 2 her senses n pushes armaan back..
r - nai armaan ...shaadi se pehle ye sab theek nai hai..

 armaan like a god boy.. understands ..& says sry. n go back to his   house. ..ridhima in her home cherishing all d moments she spent with him n so was  armaan.... 

               nexy day SANJEEVANI  n anji back
                               locker room...


r -    hey di.. kaisi ho??
an - bilkul theek.. tum batao raat ko theek se neend aa gayi
        (ridzi luks at armaan ... n says)
r -     jee di..Embarrassed
m - oye tu  ji - ja - ji  ko kyun dekh rai hai.. kahin kal rat vo...??Wink
r -  oye chup kar sabko apni tarah besharam samjha hai kya..LOL
m - oye pidde , tu na mujhse.. (moves fwd. na falls, rahul catches her.. both  stare each other)Embarrassed
at - abe rahul.. pakad k chhodna bhi hota hai...LOL
           all laugh..muskaan blushes ....Embarrassed
at - chalo , ghulami shuru ...
Dr. KEERTI - dr. at n dr. anjali.. OPD
at  - thank u mam..Big smile
ke- kuch kaha aaone dr. atul..Angry
at - k..kuch nai mam..
K- dr. muskaan aap children's ward mein rahengi dr. rahul k saath
     muskaan blushes n so rahul..Embarrassed. everybody surprized
K - dr. ar n dr. rid. aap log general ward.. back 2 work..  N yes dr. arm , dr.rid n     dr. anj   kal se aap logon ki leave hai.. (coz of shaadi)
ar - thank u dr. keerti...Smile
  (armaan ridhima in general ward... armaan wants to talk her but rid. tries to   maintain distance..)
  (armaan notices dat.... after 1 hr.. ridhima in corridor n armaan pushes her to      fire escape..)

ar - kya hua?? subhah se dekh raha hun mujhse nazrein chura rahi ho.. agar kal       raat ki vajah se.. to plz i m sry. mujhe.. (rid puts her hand on his mouthEmbarrassed )
r - nai armaan..Embarrassedkal jo kuch hua usme tumhari koi galti nai.. vo hamare liye 1   kamzor pal tha.Embarrassed. jo beet gaya... plz khud ko blame mat karo..Embarrassed

ar - (gets naughty )Smile oye hoye... chalo ab vaise bhi 4 din baad to shaadi hai... to   koi tension nai hai..
r -  (blushes) armaan ...Embarrassed
ar - achcha suno ... kal jo poora nai hua usse abhi.....Embarrassed  (oops PAGER RINGS)
ar - wrong timing..Angry
r - no.. perfect timing LOLn runs....Embarrassed

precap - to kal se shaadi ki tayariyaan shuru. but armaan is v. mischevious...    as u all know ..lets c wat will he do...


 do comment.. n give suggestions
thank u ..

   luv u




   hello everybody.. Smile
thnx a lot 4 ur wonderfull comments ... i m glad i lived upto ur expectations...Big smile
well here's d next part....Embarrassed

                                    PART - 3
prep. 4 mehandi nite going on..armi's family reaches to ridzi's house..
everybody give dem a warm welcum...  everybody dere... padma , shashank. nani , anji, ridzi of course.... all interns n armi's family his dad , mom dats it..Wink
(no long family it creates lots of confusion 4 me)LOLLOL

 an - aunty jiju nazar nai aa rahe??
ar's m - beta , rasam hoti hai ki shaadi se pehle 3  din tak ladka ladki ekdoosre   se nai  milte..
  at - matlab ar - rid 3 din tak ek doosre se nai milengein...LOL
  m - hayo rabbaji.... (n whispers 2 rahul ) dekhiyo pakki baat hai koi na koi setting kar k roz milne aayega..LOLWink
 r - tu fikar na kar main bhi aaonga...Embarrassed.(rahul didn't realized wat he said)Embarrassed
 m - (shouts) kya ?? n blushes Embarrassed
 at - ab tujhe kya hua ???Confused
 r - k..kuch nai tujhe to pata hai na.. pagal hai.. kabhie bhi kuch bhi karti   hai.. Ouch ( n says 2 muskaan) chup kar tere liye nai kaha tha..Embarrassed.
                         SITUATION UNDER CONTROL ...PHEW..
       ( b4 mehandi rasam.. ridzi goes to her room to change coz as per custom        girl has to wear d clothes gifted by her inlaws during dis mehandi rasam..)
     ridz goes to her room... locks it.. n  starts changing

 ri - (shocked )Shocked armaan .. tum ..tum yahan kya kar rahe ho... plz jao ..Confused
 ar - holds her arms ... n says... main nai ja raha.. subah se 1 bhi call receive        nai kiya.. kyun... now u hv 2 pay 4 dis ... main yahin rahunga..EmbarrassedWink
r - armaan plzz zid mat karo ...dekho i luv u na.. plz jao.. koi dekh lega to bahut     problem ho jayegi..  Confused
ar - i dont care.. arre tum meri beewi ho..Embarrassed
 r- hoon nai ... abhi honi baki hoon ...aur custom k according humein milna  allowed nai hai..
ar - (picks her up )Embarrassedoh.. custom.. arre aisa custom hi kya jo tumhe mujhse door  rakhein..Embarrassed
r - armaan ...plz mujhe neeche ..utaaro...Embarrassed
ar - no... achcha chalo theek hai.. but pehle mujhe 1 kiss do..Embarrassed
 r- wat ??Angry
ar - wat - wat kya ??  Winkmain tumhare hone wala pati hoon come on.. i m w8ing... varna....Wink
  r- varna mujhe pata hai tum nai jaoge...Embarrassed
ar - correct... wow basket tum mujhe kitni achchi tarah se jaanti ho.. chalo abhi      jadi karo i m w8ingTongue
 r- theek hai.. par apni aankhein band   karo..Embarrassed

ar - oye abhi sirf kiss karni hai.. meri izzat pe haath dalne ka plan to nai hai  na..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - (irritated)nai..mere ghar mein baap - bhai hai...  LOLtum band karte ho ya main       jaoon ??Angry
ar - jaoogi kaise ..pehle meri god se utar k to batao..Embarrassed
 r - armaan.. n brings her face closer to armaan'sEmbarrassed
         KNOCK - KNOCK  - evrybody dere outside ridzi's room..Angry
mu - oye ridhima..darwaza khol.. nai to maine tod dena hai...Wink
 r -   oye jungalee chup reh..Angry
 an - stop it guyz.. ridzi darwaza kholo..Confused
r - (scared) armaan i m dead... plz kuch karo..Dead
ar - don't wry .. main cubord mein chip jaata hun.. tum kholo..pakka jaldi...Confused
 ridzi opens the door...
at - itni der kyun lagayi..Confused
r - vo ..di.. vo ..main...change kar rai thi .Ouch
 m -par tune to vahi kapde daalein hai... Confused
 muskaan gets lil suspicious ... she walks in the room n starts searching..luks here n dere ridzi v. scared n nervous..n muskaan finally opens the almirah..Wink
m- HERO TU ?????Shocked andar kya kar raha hai chal bahar nikal...
   armaan cums out.. (my poor baby)
m - dekha kaha tha na.. zaroor aayegaLOL
ar - guyz plz kissi ko kuch mat kehna..Ouch
at - kyun?? chor .. chori se 1 jawaan aur kuwari ladki k kamre aata hai.. sharam   nai aati...LOL
ar - abbey champ.. ye meri property hai.. Embarrassedanji samjhao isko..
 r - vo sab baad mein.. tum logon se koi milne aaya hai..
ar - rid together - KAUN ??
an - khud dekh lo...
r- SAPNA..... (ridz  is v happy ..) Big smile
both hugs ... Smile
ar - sapna main bhi hoon...Tongue
at - sharam kar vo kissi ki biwi hai...LOL
ar - pointing 2wards rid. aur ye meri hone wali aur ye (pointing 2wards sapna)  meri dost.. samjha... bahut bol raha hai tu..Angry
s - armaan ab bas bhi karo... both hugs Smile
ar - kaisi ho tum ??Smile
s - bahut badiya.. tum logon ko bahut miss karti hun
r - tu yaahan aayi hamein bahut achcha laga..
s - arre aati kaise na...
armaan's mom calls ridhima..
ridhima jaldi karo beta..
ar - guyz listen main ja raha hoon tum log plz chup rehna ... bye ...

  armaan goes .. n at nite mehandi's rasam takes place...
 itz nite everybody is v. tired n go 2 sleep but ridzi is missing armaan v. much.. she luks at her mehndi... n says.. i luv u armaan....

ri (shocked) - armaan ..tum ..tum phir aa gaye.. itni raat ko.. plz jao.. di  so rai hai.. jaag gayi to main to gayi ..plz..Confused

ar - pulls her to balcony ...oye.. pyar karta hun tumse.. kisi ka dar nai hai.Embarrassed. aur vaise bhi main yahan tumse milne nai aaya..Wink
 r  - achcha to.. aadhi raat ko.. chaunkidaari karne aye ho mere kamre ki..LOL
 ar - nai..main yahaan tumhari mehndi dekhne aaya hun.. i m sure bahut dark  hogi.. Embarrassedcoz i luv u soooo much..Embarrassed
 r - (hides her hands n gets naughty)  nai to..infact colour hi nai chada..
 ar - impossible.Shocked.. mujhe dikhao..Confused
  r - nai..Wink
 anj-(in her sleep) ridzi aadhi raat ko kya aawazein kar rai ho so jao.. LOL
  r - armaan jao.. plz Confused
ar - no..pehle mehndi..Embarrassed
 r- jao..  (but armaan holds her v. tightly.. n c her hands..)
( ridzi blushes...)Embarrassed
ar - hmm.. to proof mil gaya hoga ki main tumse kitna pyar karta hun...
 r - (gets naughty.). nahi to.. mehndi to isliye dark hai kyunki.. achchi quality ki thi..LOLLOL
ar - achcha.Wink.. kisses her hands..Embarrassed
 r - still blushing.. Embarrassedachcha armaan batao.. A kahan likha hai ?
ar - A ...wat A?? ... ooo to tumne A likhvaya..mere naam ka.. so sweet..Embarrassed
 r - mazak chhodo.. batao na.. Embarrassedvarna main tumse kal poora din baat nai karungi..Angry
ar - ye baat hai.. agar dhoond liya vahi karogi jo main kahunga..Wink
 r - pehle dhoondo...Embarrassed
ar - pehle bolo..Wink
 r - ok done..
armaan finds d letter... ClapClap
ar - ab main jo kahunga karogi na..Embarrassed
 r - runs .. NO..WinkTongue
ar - (tries 2 hold her) arre ridhima...
( he 2 runs but .. a flower vase falls n anjie walks up..armaan hides behind d curtain)
an - ridzi.. adhi raat ko marathon kyun kar rai ho.LOL. so jao na..
ri -haan di vo bas so.. hi rahi thi.. Confused
she goes to her bed sits n .. requests armaan to leave... n passes a flying kiss
armaan catches it.. n whispers I LUV U .. n goes...

ok...guyz dats all 4 d day.. i guess it was a mixture of romance n comedy... hope u liked it....
but now only 2 days are left ...1 day 4 one more rasam which will turn into a romantic day than a rasam day.. 4 ridzi coz of armaan n his bet...  n next day marriage... 

 do comment n w8ing 4 sug.s

luv u

                              PART  - 4

hii guyzz thnx a lot 4 ur lovely comments... but i alwayz w8 4 sugestions...
anywayz here's the next part...
so.. 2morrow is a weding day.. n today is a v. beautiful rasam.. in dis rasam...  girl is painted with uptan 2 make her look more beautifulSmile ...everybody dere except boyz... but u all know na ..armi is so naughty dat he will cum here 2 Wink.Embarrassed... letz check dis out...Wink
                            everybody at ridzi's house...
r - ma , itna sara uptan.. plz na thoda kam lagao...Confused
p - ridhima beta ... ye to shagun hota hai.. varna kal sundar kaise likhegi..Embarrassed
s - arre aunty jee thoda kum lagao.. varna armaan  to isse kal dekh k behosh ho jayega....Embarrassed
m - vaise bhi kaunsa vo kal tak vo rukne wala hai..aaj hi aa tapke gaLOL
kirti -muskaan ...aapne kuch kaha..Confused
m- lil scared ...nai mam...Confused
k - arre aap dar kyun rai hai.. ye hosp. nai hai.. aur hosp. k bahar hum sab frd.s hai..Smile
an - bilkul theek mam.. aap yahan aayi hamein bahut achcha laga..Smile
          kirti smiles......Embarrassed
nani - arre chalo.. ab tum log bhi ek - ek karke rid. ko uptan lagao..Wink
r - saare !!!!!!!! naani... Shocked
n - chup kar badmash.. ye shagun hota hai...LOL
    every body applies uptan n tease her .. n now itz muskaan's turn
m - oye tu dekhiyo kal na hero tujhe dekhta reh jayega.. (n suddenly sum uptan spills on muski)
m - phite muan.. Angryab yahi hona baki tha.. ye meri fav dress thi...Cry
n - are muskaan puttar... ro na.. ye to bahut achcha  shagun hota hai.. tu dekhiyo ab teri bhi shaadi bahut jaldi hogi..WinkTongue
(muskaan blushes... n starts thinking of rahul.. n gives a jerk 2 herself...n says to herself.. oye muskaan tu pagal ho gayi hai... vo kankhajoora..)
an - arre kya bol rai hai..?? aur kisse..Ouch
m- k..kuch nai...Confused
ri -(irritated coz of itz smell)LOLma ...ho gaya... main ja k naha(bath) loon..Angry
p - ja.. par jaldi aana..Smile
r - theek hai ma..
ridzi goes to her room, take bath n cums out of bathroom with just a towel..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
suddenly sumbody pulls her....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - (rid is soooooo shy.. she was only in a towel..)armaan ..tum yahan..
ar - kal ka vaada hai.. mujhe to aana hi tha..Wink (he notices ridzi is feeling shy n is uncomfortable)Embarrassed.. 1 min... abhi aaya(armi goes n takes a duppata n covers her..)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - ye neeche kya rasam ho rai thi ??Tongue
 r-  vo ..kal shaadi hai na.. to mujhe aur bhi sundar lagna tha isliye ye rasam thi..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - aur tumhe lagta hai tum sundar ho gayi...Tongue
r - armaan.. obviously..Angry
ar - na... nai huiWink
r - (looks in the mirror) par main to aur bhi fair lag rai hun..Confused
ar - nai artificial colour hai... asli colour nai..Wink
 r- (gets naughty)aur asli colour kaise aayega ??Tongue
ar - bataoon ??WinkEmbarrassed
 r - hmm..Smile
armaan takes her in front of mirror.. n goes behind her.. n removes her dupatta n starts kissing her shoulders..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - a..r..maan..  (she starts breathing heavily)
 (armaan keeps on kissing ... slowly - slowly moves upward... kisses her cheeks n den whispers in her ear... saamne aaine(mirror) mein dekho... asli colour.. rid luks up.. n was blushing like hell... she was as red as a tomato)Embarrassed
ar - ye hai mere pyar ka rang... aur tumse wada karta hun ye rang kabhi nai utrega..EmbarrassedWink
 r - armaan... mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai... (her eyes filled with tears..she turns 2wards armaan)
ar - rid tum ro kyun rai ho.. maine kuch galat kiya kya..Confused
r - nai armaan... (n hugs her..n says) I luv u armaan ...Cry main tumse bahut pyar karti hun... plz mujhe zindagi k kissi mod par akela mat chhodna .. varna tumhari ridhima mar..Cry
ar - (puts his finger on her lips)shhh... main tumhe kabhie nai chhodunga...Smile aur abhi to hamein bahut jeena hai... mujhe tumhe bahut hasaana hai..tang karna hai..Embarrassed. main tumse vada karta hun ab humari zindagi mein sirf khushiyan hi kushiyan hongi...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - i luv u armaan Embarrassed
ar - i luv u 2...Embarrassed
k - ridhima .. darwaaza kholo..
r - (scared )armaan dr. keerti... ab??Confused
ar - kuch nai .. bolo change kar rai ho..Wink
r - dr. keerti.. change kar rai hun bas abhi aayi..Confused
k - theek hai... jaldi keejiye.. sab aapki w8 kar rahe hai..Smile
r - jee....
ar - ye hitler na.. Angry
r - armaan ..Embarrassed
ar - arre haan ridhima vo kal ki bet yaad hai na tumhe ..Embarrassed Embarrassed
r - kaun si bet?Wink
ar - oh.. mujhse hoshyari...Embarrassed
( he keeps is hand on rid waist n says)
ar - rid .. ye towel bahut achcha hai.. can i use it..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r (blushes n holds her towel)ar..maan .. plzz..ConfusedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - arre wat plz.. i need it.. (n pretends as if he is going to open it )Embarrassed
r - armaan.. plz.. achcha sry.. kya karna hai mujhe..Embarrassed
ar - zyada kuch nai.. vo kal vali kiss.. ... abhi tak due hai.. mujhe vo chahiye ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
[rid blushes.. n after a long pause brings her face close to armaan's face..
 she was abt to kiss her cheek but armaan.. turns his face  n ridzi  accidently kisses his lips... (yes u guessed it rite.. it was armaan's plan) ]Embarrassed
ar - oye hoye...Embarrassed
r - (blushes like hell)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed tumhe sharam nai aati..Embarrassed
ar - na.. meri hone wali beewi ho na...Wink
r - aayii ma.... armaan tum jao..Confused
ar - theek hai..but aaj main rat ko nai aa paunga..Tongue
r - thank god..LOL
ar - kya ??Angry
r - kuch nai..Smile
ar - puchogi nai kyun ?TongueWink
r - kyun ..

ar - (armaan gives a v. naughty smile)aaj mere liye BACHELOUR'S PARTY organize ki hai....Evil Smile

r - wat ??? BP.. aur tum jaoge..Angry
ar - obviously.. vahan soni - soni kudiyaan hongi..WinkEmbarrassed
r - armaan ... Angry
rid was abt to beat him ..LOL
ar - arre rid tumhara towel......... n closes his eyes ....EmbarrassedLOL
ridzi luks down ... everything was f9 ....armaan runs..LOL.LOL
ridzi to herself... bach k kahan jayega... shaadi ki raat ko mazza chakhaungi.. MR. SO CALLED BACHELOUR KO.....

 Ok guyz i m tired now...i hope u all enjoyed.. now itz weding day... n den their FIRST NITE... ..  it will be g8 fun....

do comment ... n plz as i said earlier  I ALWAYS W8 4 UR SUGGESTIONS...

Luv u

                                   PART - 5

hi guyzz u all... thnx 4 ur comments... i didn't knew i'll get such a nice response... thnx a lot 4 motivating me....Smile dis part is all abt. fun , emotions n romance but of rahul n muskaan...Wink
So.. 2day is weding day(finally)Wink... ridzi is luking v. pretty n armaan (eligible bachelour just 4 ,3 more hrs.)LOLLOLLOL is luking v. hot....Embarrassed 
                          at armaan's house...
at - kyun saale... kaisa lag raha hai..Wink
ar - nervous hun yaar..Ouch
r - tu mazaak kar raha hai ??Tongue
ar - arre nai yaar... darr lag raha hai..Confused
amit -arre kuch nai hoga yaar...Wink
ar - abbey chup!!Angry apni haalt dekhi thi.. jab sapna se shaadi karne ja raha tha..Angry
am- tujhse to better thiLOLLOL
armaan's mom.... ARMAAN ....chal beta puja karni hai.. fir baarat le kar bhi pahunchna hai....armaan blushes...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
at - (kisses armaan)LOL haye meri jaan sharmate hue kitna cute lag raha hai...LOLEmbarrassed
r - chhod na atul ... kyun bechare ko pareshaan kar raha hai..Tongue
at - arre isse nai to muskaan ko pareshan karun ....Wink
r - m..muskaan ko kyun... Confusedi mean ... vo kahan se aa gayi..Embarrassed
am- tujhe kya hua.. haklaane kab se lag gaya..WinkLOL
ar - arre chalo na yaar ...Smile
at  - haan haan... dulhe miyan dekho na kitne betaab hai...LOL
                at ridzi's house
r - di mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai..Confused
an - kyun..?? Confused
r - di.. main tumhe bahut mis karungi...Cry tum kaise uthogi.. tumhara pvt. alarm to ja raha hai..Cry
an - (in tears)Cry jaanti hai ridzi.. maine kabhie socha hi nai tha ki mujhe apne is alarm ki itni aadat ho jayegi... i'll  will miss u ...(both hugs n cry)  Cry
sh - kya baat hai .. rid beta tum theek ho... anjali kya hua..Confused
an - kuch nai papa...Smile meri chhoti behan bahut badi ho gayi hai na.. bas isliye..Embarrassed
p - ridhima beta .. tu darr mat.. armaan tujhe bahut khush rakhega.. she hugs her mom , dad n naani...Smile
sh - arre chalo.. baaraat aati hogi.. jadi karo
n - haan chal padma ..puttar..
p - jee... (2 rid)aur tu rona band kar... chal has k dikha..Smile
 ridzi smiles..Smile
they all go enters muskaan, kirti, n sapna..
m - oye kya hua.. chehra kyun utra hua..ji-ja-ji nai aaye isliye...LOL tu fikar na kar ji-ja-ji aate hi honge...Embarrassed
s- aur rahul bhi....Wink
m- r..rahul.. Confusedmatlab kya hai tera..Embarrassed
an - arre ..muskaan over react kyun kar rai hai.. matlab atul, rahul , amit sab aayeigein na armaan k saath.... Wink
k - ridhima.. aaj aapki zindagi ka sabse khubsurat din hai..all d v. best... wish u a - v. happy married .. life...Smile (holds her hand) armaan aapse bahut pyar karte hai... vo aapko bahut khush rakheingein...Smile
m - arre ..maam vo dr. shubhankar aa rahe hai na.. vo keh rahe the hosp. mein koi emergency haiWinkTongue (smiles in a v. naughty manner)
k- (blushes )Embarrassedhaan.. vo unse meri baat hui hai.. vo direct shaadi mein hi aayeingein...Embarrassed
                                 all smile..Embarrassed
 rid see him 4m her window.. n feels her dream is fulfilled now..
all the rasam begins.... n finally they get married ... all the doli rasams takes place.. n ridzi.. goes with armaan.. to his..i mean their home..with lots of dreamz in her heart...
                      AT RIDZI'S HOUSE...
all go back to their home.. except muskaan..
m - arre yaar main kaise jaun ??Confused
 r- tu kahe to main drop kar doon..Embarrassed
m - tere saath ...aur main.. isse behtar to main kissi bus mein hi chali jaun..LOL
r - dekh zid mat kar...main drop kar deta hun.. Embarrassed
(rahul goes near his car n opens the door 4 muskaan.. Embarrassedshe blushes v. much ..Embarrassedshe goes n sits.. WHILE DRIVING...)
r - ek baat bolun??Smile
m - hmm..
r - tu aaj bahut achchi lag rai hai... sabse alag..Embarrassed
m - (blushes)Embarrassedthnx.. vaise tu bhi aaj 4 a change ..bahut achcha lag raha hai..Embarrassed
r - thnx ..Smile
m - rahul.. rid kitni lucky hai na.. jisse vo pyar karti thi.. usse vo mil gaya..Smile
r - hmm.. muskaan ek baat batayegi....??Confused
m - pooch na..Smile
r - main tujhe kaisa lagta hun..Embarrassed
m - ye kaisa sawaal hai...(blushes)Embarrassed
r - v..vaise hi.. bata na (n luks at her..)Embarrassed
m - seedha dekh varna accident ho jayega..Wink
r - ye mere sawaal ka jawaab  nai hai..Embarrassed
m - rahul mera ghar aa gaya... Ouchshe luks at him 4  few mins...n goes but turns..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
 rahul still luking at her..WinkEmbarrassed
m - (says) kankhajura...blushes n runs..Embarrassed
r - (blushes) n says 2 himself ... chipkali(lizard)Embarrassed
ok guyz dats all 4 d day..Smile. i hope u liked it... wel i thought to write  rahul n muskaan's part..  instead of all the rasam's armaan's home..coz i don't know much about rasam's at groom's houseTongueLOL.. hope u liked it..Embarrassed
do comment....
Luv U ..

                                PART - 6

hey guyzz .. dis part is specially dedicated to TIYA... as she made a special request.. thnx a lot tiya 4 ur luv...Embarrassedhope i live up2 ur expectations..Smile coz i wrote it in hurry...

So 2day is dere first nite....Embarrassed cum on stop blushing... Winkit won't be  romantic...Big smile coz ridzi has 2 take revenge na.. datz y ....Tongue but i hope u will like it...Smile coz u know if ridzi is naughty.. den armi is hotty n  naughty... letz check out..
 (ridzi sitting on bed.. w8ing 4 armaan ...hellooo is it ridzi ??? nywayz...ENTERS
ARMAAN.... n LOCKS THE ROOM.....Embarrassed)
ar - (cums fwd)oye hoye!!! oye basket.. mujhse sharma kyun rai ho.. ab to mere
paas license hai tumhe tang karne ka my dear wifeyyy.....EmbarrassedLOL
r - SILENT Confused
ar - oye .. chup kyun ho ??Confused kya hua ?? aur tum moti kaise ho gayi ??Confused
r - SILENT ...
ar - ridhima .. (n removes her duppatta)AAAA........................(screams)
it was not ridhima.. but armaan's mom....LOLLOLLOL
ar - maa.. aap yahaan ... Shocked
ma  holds her ear .. kyun re ..main moti hun..Ouch
ar - nai ma.. vo ridhima kafi patli hai.. Winkma plz kaan bahar nikal aayega ..LOL
ridzi was hiding in bathroom n came out laughing..LOL
ar - totally confused ..basket ??? ma??..Confused
r -  explains him abt. her plzn n revenge.. LOL
ar - ohh.. ma aap bhi ..Angry
ma- beta isse apni bahu nai beti banna kar layin hun.. aur beti to hamesha bete
se pyaari hoti hai... (n kisses ridz's forehead)Smile
r - thnx ...Embarrassed
ma - ab main chalti hun..all d best..Embarrassed
ar - angry..Angry. kya all the best main bhi chalta hun..Angry
ridzi n ma shocked ...Shocked
ma - tu ?? tu kyun?? Confused
ar - mujhe aapki beti k saath nai sona...Angry main bahar so jaunga..
[armaan picks up the pillow n sheet n goes out...(u again guessed it rite.. it
was his plan...)]LOLLOL
ma - armaan sun to... rid.. tu fikar mat kar.. tujhe iska gussa pata hai na.. main
isse abhi mana kar lati hun..Tongue
 ..... MOM GOES OUT...
ri -(2herself) maine achcha nai kiya.. arre armaan ne party organize thodi na ki
thi , vo to atul rahul aur amit ka plan tha??? PAR ARMAAN GAYA KYUN?? vaise gaya to gaya... PAR FIR BHI.. CONTACT MEIN TO REH SAKTA THA...
  outside the room..
ma - armaan ye kya bachpana hai...Angry
ar - ma.. aap plz jao.. mujhe sone do.. i m tired..Wink
ma - armaan ridhima tera intezaar kar rai hai...Confused
ar -(luks here n dere ) paas aao...Wink
   (ma goes near him...armaan say sumthing in her ear.. she smiles .. n says
SHAITAN... )EmbarrassedLOL
 ma goes inside 2 meet ridzi..
ma- ridhima vo naraz hai.. tu 1/2 ghante tak(after half n hr) uske paas jaana.
aur manaa kar kamre mein le aana..
ri - jee ma(wid watery eyes)Cry


ri - whispers i m sorry armaan .. meri galti hai.. main tumhe dukhi nai karna
chahti thi..Cry plz 4 give me..Cry tum bas maan jao.. tum jo kahoge main karungi...Cry(kisses his 4head Embarrassedn turns to go  near the sofa.. in the same room.. armi.. holds her hand..)Embarrassed
ri - (shocked)Shocked armaan tum.. tum soye nai..
ar - tumhe kya lagta hai ridhima.. n gets up..Embarrassed
r - i m sry armaan ..Cry
ar - oye basket .. sry kis liye 1 prank tumne khela..1 maine..Wink
r - (confused ) tumne..Confused
ar - hmm.. n tells her.. u know maa na half n hr..ridzi tries 2 hit armaan but he picks her u in his arms.... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - armaan (blushes )Embarrassed
armaan takes her to the room.. ma was watching all dis .. n know she is
relaxed n goes to her room n sleeps..Smile
armaan places her on be n closes d door... he cums back to ridhima na says
ar - jaanti ho ridhima.. aaj tum vo rid nai lag rai jisse maine pyar kiya tha...Confused
 r- (shocked)!!!Shocked

ok guyz i m tired ... i know i left the part at wrong place....even i m v. naughty.. WinkTonguebut a lot of romance is cuming ahead ..coz first nite is just nt. yet over... rite !!!

but y armaan said u are not the same ridhima ??? u will get to know in next part.. ConfusedConfused

sry guyz i think i was boring... but i wrote it in a hurry.. hope tiya n others u liked it....
do comment..

Luv u

                                    PART - 7
hi guyz... howz  all ... so ready 2 read abt. their first nite... letz go..

armaan places her on bed n closes d door... he cums back to ridhima n says
ar - jaanti ho rid.. aaj tum vo rid nai lag rai jisse maine pyar kiya tha..Wink.
 r- (shocked)!!!Shocked
 r - ... m..matlab armaan.. main kuch samjhi nai..Confused
 ar - meri ridhima.. to bahut hi simple aur sober hai .. vo itni jewellery nai pehnti...Wink
 r - armaan !!!Embarrassed tumne to mujhe daraa hi diya... tumhe nai pasand to main nikaal deti hun..Embarrassed
ar - oye!! sab kaam tum hi karogi..Wink.
r - ( blushes) ...matlab..m..matlab kya hai tumhara..Embarrassed
ar - hmm.. (he gets up n sits behind her)..Embarrassed

he removes he duppatta.. n starts kissing her neck.. slowly - slowly..he removes her necklace.. ridhima blushing like hell.... after dat..he kisses her ear..n removes her earings.. rid breathing heavily.. armaan moves down kissing her arm...n finaaly reaches to her bangels.. removes dem one bye one..

r - a..r..maan.. Embarrassed
ar - shh...Embarrassed
he slowly turns her face 2wards him..Embarrassed
ar - dekha.. kaha tha na.. aisa raaz hun jo kabhie chhupa nai paogi...WinkEmbarrassed
r - matlab..ConfusedEmbarrassed
ar - tumhe yaad hai.. jab tumne kaha tha ki tum mujhse pyar nai karti..Tongue
r - hmm.. maine jhooth kaha tha..Embarrassed
ar - jaanta hun..Embarrassed isilye to kaha tha. aisa raaz hun jo kissi se chupa nai paogi.. dekho.. saamne aa gaya na.. aur aaj tum mere paas ho..( kisses her 4head )EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
he opens  her hair..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - nuzzling over her neck.. main bahut lucky hun.. ki mujhe tum jaisa saathi mila... Embarrassed
r - a..r..maan .. main..kuch kehna chahti hun...Embarrassed
ar - nai ridhima... aaj kehne ki raat nai hai.. aaj main sirf tumhe dekhna chahta hun.. aaj hum chup rahengein..sirf khamoshi baatein karengi..Embarrassed n gives a naughty smile....Wink
 he removes his kurta.Embarrassed..(ohh wat a hot body)..Embarrassed

he folds ridhima in his arms..kisses her neck.. n pulls down her top 4m shoulder n showers kisses.... lost in each other arms.. ridhima .. slowly moved her face towards armaan's face.. armaan cums more close.. she knew armaan will kiss her lips..Embarrassed she closed her eyes.. armaan came close.. n kissed her on lips..dere 1st french kiss.. the 1st passionate kiss... a kiss of trust, loyalty..n a promise dat dey will always remain with each other.. watever the circumstances are.... unknown with the world...they share the most sacred moments of dere lives....Embarrassed

ridhima still in arms of armaan.. opens her eyes.. n c armaan.. his innocent face...Embarrassedn says 2 herself..
r - yahi to chahti thi main.. ki jab bhi meri aankhein khule tum mere saamne ho...Embarrassed
 n kisses his cheek.. she sees d time .. it was 8.
r - omg , 8 baj gaye..Confused
 she covers herself n tries 2 gets up.. armaan holds her hand..Embarrassed
ar - gud mrg..Embarrassed
r - gud mrg.. tum kab uthe ??Embarrassed
ar - jab tumne mujhe kiss di... n pulls her down..Embarrassed
r - ahhh... armaan chhodo na baba... plz mujhe nahane (bath) jaana hai.. plz mum dad kya sochengein.. subhah k 8 baj rahe hai..Embarrassed
ar - tumhara matlab hai hum late ho gaye ....Wink
r - haan...Ouch
ar - fir to hame jaldi bahar jaan chahiye..Wink
r - haan baba ..Ouch
ar - fir to hame jaldi tyar hona padega..Wink
r - haan baba...Ouch
ar - fir to hume saath nahana chahiye.. time kam lagega..Wink
 r- haan baba... kya ...Embarrassed armaan  tum subhah subha shuru ho gaye ..hato..Embarrassed
 she pushes him .. go n hv bath cums out.. n says
r - armaan ab tum bhi jaldi karo main puja kar k aur mum dad se mil kar aati hun..Smile
she goes out do her puja.. meet her in - laws takes dere aashirwad.. meanwhile armaan was hving bath..she cums 2 room with  the puja ki thali...
armaan combing his hair..
r - armaan .. aarti le lo...Smile
armaan takes the arti.. ridzi gives the prashad.
ar - pehle tum khao..Embarrassed
r - armaan ye prashad hai..Smile
ar - nai ..pehle tum fir main..Embarrassed
  ridhima eats half n gives half 2 armaan ...Embarrassed
  armaan takes the thali.. keeps it on table n holds her 4m her waist.. she tries to escape.. but he twists her arms..Embarrassed
 r - armaan kya..kya kar rahe ho koi dekh lega..Embarrassed
ar - kaun.. papa newspaper pad rahe hongein..Wink aur mummmy unhe daant rai hongi.LOL. hame koi disturb nai karega.. aur vaise bhi darwaaza band hai..Embarrassed
 r - ahh... armman plzzz jaane do na.. Embarrassed
ar - no..Embarrassed
r - plzzzzz armaan i luv u .. plz mere pyaare pati jaane do..Embarrassed
ar - chalo theek hai.. lekin pehle meri gud mrg. l kiss do..EmbarrassedWink
 r- (blushes) armaan subhah dee to thi..Embarrassed
ar - oye hoye .. meri beewi kitni innocent hai.... jaan kiss hamesha hoonthon pe le jaati hai.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
 r - armaan plz zid mat karo...Embarrassed
armaan tights the grip..Embarrassed
r - ahh.. armaan ..lag rai hai..
ar - pehle kiss do fir jao...Embarrassed
ridhima surrenders.. n cums close 2 give a kiss.. she closes her eyes.. armaan cums close n gives her a long kiss.........Embarrassed 
ar n ridhima unlock dere lips in a hurry..AngryEmbarrassed
ar - ye saali bhi na saali hoti hai..Angry
 r- khabardar jo di ko kuch kaha..Angry
ar -  sry... jao dekho subhah subha saali sahiba ka fone kyun aaya hai...Confused
 ridhzi goes.. armaan 2 himself.. ye anjie ka kuch karna padega..Ouch
armaan goes..
ar - hello.. namaste papaSmile
sh - namaste beta.. kaise ho ?
ar - bilkul theek papa..
sh - beta aaj pug - phere ki rasam hai..
ar -(confused) vo kya hota hai papa?Confused
sh - beta , shaadi ke agle din beti apne maayke aati hai.. aur kuch waqt unke saath bitati hai.. to tum ridhima ko lekrar aa jaoge??
ar - of course papa..kitne baje ?Smile
sh - 11 baje beta..
ar - jee papa main aa jaunga.. aur ghar mein sab kaise hai ?Smile
sh - sab theek hai beta.. to fir theek hai beta.. tumhara intezaar hai..
ar - ok papa bye..
ar 2 rid.. chalen mam aapke ghar jaana hai.. jaldi se tyaar ho jao..
ok guyz.. i m tired hope u njoyed it... I tried v. hard to make it romantic ...Smile
next part will b full of romance, flirting , teasing.. coz everybody will be dere...all the interns... n omg.. anjie will feel sumthing 4 atul???
 YACHU MAM... hope u liked my homework...LOL

do comment ..

Luv u


                                       PART - 8


hey guyz.. thnx a lot  4 ur lovely comments...Smile

anywayz I thought 2 change my idea a lil...dis part will include rahul - muski n atul anjie... no armi - ridzi romance.. sorry.. but i think u will njoy it 2.. n yes now u will c a changed ATUL... WITH A COMPLETE MAKEOVER..Wink

 ok so scene is like... everybody dere at GUPTA house doing the prep. 4 the pug-phera rasam...Smile
mu,rah n anjie in hall enters atul..
eerybody had the same reaction.. completely shocked by his new luk..
r- oye atul.. tu...  tujhe kya ho gaya hai..Shocked
at - (in a v. emotional manner luking at anjie) duniya ki is bheed mein... khud ko badlna pada..ConfusedCry
an - tumhe kya hua hai..Confused
at - kuch nai.. Ouchchalo bahut kaam pada hai.. chal muskaan Confused
 mu , ra , n anjie luk  at each other..
mu - tu theek to hai na ..Shocked
at - main bilkul theek hun..
an - atul vo..Confused
at - (ignores her) baad mein,Angry rahul - muskaan tum log plz vo room handle kar lo.. main yahaan sambhalta hun..
  they go...
m - oye , ye atul ko kya hua hai..Confused
r - usne anjali k liye khud ko badal liya hai muskaan ..Ouch
m - lekin kyun??Confused
r - pyar kissi ko bhi badal sakta hai.. aur jahan tak mujhe lagta hai.. atul bhi ab badal gaya hai..Confused.(he changes his tone)  chal - chal kaam kar... jab dekho gappe marti hai..LOL
m - tries to hold his neck - kankhjoore.. but slips.. rahul holds her.Embarrassed.after a long pause..Embarrassed
r - muskaan.. kuch to hai na.. hamare beech..Embarrassed
m - gets up.. (v. confused) Confusedp..pata nai.. matlab nai hai...Confused
r - (he smiles as he know muskaan is lying)Embarrassed
muskaan stands on table 4 some decorations.. she looses her balance  n rahul catches her..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m - rahul !!!Embarrassed
r - silent..
m - rahul ..mujhe neeche utar..Embarrassed
r - nai.. pehle sach bata...Embarrassed
m - s..sach.. kaisa sach ??Confused
r - sach bata muskaan.. tu mere liye kuch mehsoos nai karti..Embarrassed
m - luks down.... naiConfusedEmbarrassed
r - meri taref dekh k bol..Embarrassed
an - ye kya ho raha hai..Shocked
rahuls puts her down... Embarrassed
r - kuch nai ..iska balance bigad gaya.. to girne lagi thi.. hai na muskaanEmbarrassedWink
an - ok..nywayz guyz.. tumhe kuch pata hai ..atul ko hua kya hai ..Confused
r - nai yaar, pata nai ..achanak se aisa kyun behave kar raha hai...Confused
m -par tu kyun fikar kar rai hai..Wink
an - vo.. mainConfused ..arre yaar frd. hai dats y Ouch
m - sirf frd. anjali..EmbarrassedWink
an - tum log kya bekaar ki baatein le  kar beath gaye ..chalo yaar kaam karte hai..Confused anjie confused
everybody welcum dem.. all interns .. dr. keerti n shubhankar.. n ofcourse ridzi's parents.. n one more girl DISHA .. anjie's frd.
an  - ek min - ek min jiju.. itni bhi kya jaldi hai.. ridzi ko apni god mein utha k andar lao..Embarrassed
r - di !!Embarrassed
padma - anjali , ye kya bachpana hai..Confused
an - kaisa bachpana, ye to rasam hai..hai na nani.. kyun papa..Tongue
nani - aisi to koi rasam nai hai..Wink
an - nai hai.. to ban gayi.. chalo jiju ridzi ko utha k andar lao..Embarrassed
              armaan 2 ridhima..
ar - may I ??EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m - oye hoye meri jaan .. 1 din mein ye haal hai.. permission leni pad gayi..EmbarrassedWink
nani - chup badmaash...Tongue
 armaan picks her up..n..dey enter.. n 4 about 1 hr. they chit chat n finally shashank says..
sh - bachon tum bore ho rahe hoge.. jao tum log anji - ridhima k kamre meinSmile.. hum tab tak yahaan kuch case study kar lete hai.. vaise bhi kafi dinno se hospital nai gaye..
m - nai nai uncle.. oops sry sir.Confused.
sh - muskaan beta , hum hospital mein nai hai.. to u can cal me uncle..Smile
m - smiles.Smile. uncle ab to ye sirf anji ka kamra hai.. kyun ridhima.Wink
ri - muskaan.. maar padegi..Embarrassed
 dey all go to room..
ar - arre champ.. tujhe kya ho gaya hai ?Confused
at - mujhe kya hona hai..
ri - haan atul.. itne badle badle andaaz..Confused
at - kuch nai ridz.. bas aise hi..meri chhodo.. tum log batao.. raat kaisi gayi ???Embarrassed
ar - fantastic..EmbarrassedLOL
ri - armaan.. Embarrassed
m - hmm.. to kuch bata.. to sahi..Embarrassed
ra  - muskaan.. bolne se pehle socha to kar.Ouch.
an - i m sry guyz but i guess tum logon ka isse theek se introduction hi nai hua... pointing 2wards disha...
anjali introduce her . n blah blah...
atul - so wat r u doing..Smile
disha -  law..Smile
at - cool..
anji realised dat sumthing is definately wrong wid her..Confused
an - atul tumne to kuch khaya hi nai..Confused
at - mujhe bhuookh nai hai.Ouch. hey guyz i m sry. mujhe jaana hai..
an - yeah.. tumhare plants tumhe miss kar rahe honge..LOL
  all laughLOLLOL
at - mujhe 1 party mein jaana hai anjali.. aur kuchAngry
 all luk at each other..Shocked
at - chalo.. bye..Smile
disha - atul ..can u plz drop me ..Tongue
an - are u sure ??tum iske saath CYCLE pe comfortable hogi ??LOL
at - hello.. BOLERO..(car)Angry
all - wat ???Shocked
at - so wat ??.. chalein disha.. n gives her hand..Smile
di - sure..Smile
all - bye ..Smile
anjali was so jealoused.. but tried 2 hide her feelings..Ermm
m- kuch jal raha hai...LOL (snif - snif)
r - kya ??Wink
ar - actually mujhe bhi laga..Wink
an - wat guyz.. matlab kya hai tumhara..ConfusedAngry
ri - arre di ..humne tumhe to kuch kaha hi nai..Wink
m - chal ab sach bata hi de..Smile
an - kaisa sach.Confused.
m - vahi jo tu chupa rai hai..Wink
r- sach chupana.. ladkiyon ki purani aadat hai.. kyun muskaan..Wink
ar - ye.. sab.. kya ho raha hai..Confused
m - k.kuch bhi to nai..Confused
m - m..main kuch khane ko laati hun..Confused
 she goes..
r - main bas 1 cal kar k aaya 1 min..Wink rahul goes
ri - (whispers) armaan ye.. sab ho kya raha hai..Confused
ar -( whispers) pyar.. dekho na saali sahiba ka chehra saaf bata raha hai ki unhe kitni jalan ho rai hai.LOL. aur muskaan rahul ko tumne khud hi dekh liya..hamara bhi to kuch yahi case tha.Embarrassed
r- armaan..Embarrassed
ar - shouts.. ANJIE kahan kho gayi..LOL
an  - kuch nai.. tum log kuch lo na...Confused
                                        IN KITCHEN
muskaan making tea 4 everyone..
m - r..rahul. tu yahaan kya kar raha hai..Confused
r - tere jawaab ka intezzar.. Wink
m - rahul plz..Embarrassed ja yahaan se.. mujhe tujhse koi baat nai karni..Embarrassed
r - ye baat hai..Embarrassed holds her hand tightly.Embarrassed. baat na sahi.. kum se kum apni aankhoin ko hi bolne de...Embarrassed
       muskaan lost in rahul's eyes..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m - rahul.. main.. rahul main tujhse..ConfusedEmbarrassed
r - bol muskaan
m - aayi.. rahul plz abhi jaane de..ConfusedEmbarrassed
r - pehle jawaab de..Embarrassed
m - rahul plz..Embarrassed
r - to theek hai.. tujhe ghar main drop karne jaunga..Embarrassed
m - theek hai...Embarrassed

ok guyz i m too tired now.. i thought to change the concept a lil.. coz even ra - mu n at - an.. are also part of my fanfic.Smile. n evryone have dere HUMSAFAR.. hope u liked itSmile.. n yes dis rude atul will calm down but slowly... he is bad only 4 anjie... Wink just 2 teach her a lessonWink

yachu mam.. sry.homework thoda late ho gaya... shhoorryy madam..Smile

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Luv u


                                        PART - 9

hello everyone, howz u all??Smile
ok time 4 another part.. hmm.. armi n ridzi are deciding were 2 go 4 dere honeymoon...Embarrassed

 ridhima sitting on bed with a brochere in her hand.. armi lying in her lap..Embarrassed
r - armaan ..(irritated)  batao na kahan jayeingein..Angry
ar - .. yaar ..tum dekh lo.. mujhe tumhari god mein sona hai..Embarrassed
r - armaan.Angry. (shakes him)
ar - basket kya hai..??Angry
r - theek hai.. jao .. nai jayeingein hum honeymoon pe khush..Angry
ar - exactly.Embarrassed. (gets up n tries to hug her..) jo bhi karna hai yahin karte hai na..Wink
r - armaan..Embarrassed jao main tumse baat nai karti..Angry aur mujhe haath bhi mat lagana.

ar - oye hoye.. tumhe main nahi haath lagaunga.. to aur kaun lagayega..EmbarrassedWink
ridzi  gets up 4m the bed..Confused
r - ye lo.Angry.(throws brochere on bed..) akele hi jaan honeymoon pe..
ar - ridhima.. to pakka hai tum nai ja rai ..Wink
r - haan pakka..Angry
ar - theek hai.. to main tina ko bolta hun vo chal legi..Wink
r - kya.. kaun tina ??ConfusedAngry
ar - tumse matlab.Wink.
r - armaan mujhe matlab hai..Angry
ar - kya matlab hai.. Wink
ridhima goes fwd. n bends a lil..
r - dekho armaan tum....Angry (armaan pulls her down.Wink. ridhima over armaan..)Embarrassed
ar - kya dekhna hai basket .. i m ready..WinkTongue
r - chhodo mujhe.. jao us tina k paas..Angry
ar - pakka ??Wink armaan looses his grip...
r - haan..Angry
ar - theek hai.. Winkarmaan leaves her..
ar - hatto mere upar se..Angry
r - kyun??Confused
ar -mujhe tina k paas jaana hai..Wink
r - o.. (gets up.. )jao..Angry
  armaan goes near the mirror n starts combing his hair..Embarrassed
r - to.. to..tum sach mein ja rahe ho ??Confused
ar - haan .. tumne hi to kaha...Wink
ridhima shakes his head v. well... which gives n untidy luk to his hair... LOLLOLLOL(still so sexy... )Embarrassed
ar- kya hai.. mere baal kyun khrab kare..Angry

(n starts combing again.. ridhima takes d brush 4m his hand.. n throws away.. n holds his collor... )Embarrassed
ar - kya kar rai ho ?? meri shirt..Confused
r - tum mere ho samjhe sirf mere..AngryWink
ar - oo.. possesive..!!! EmbarrassedWink
r - not really..Confused
ar - to theek hai.. let me go..Wink
she pushes him back ward n both fall on bed.. ridhima on top of armaan..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - kyun jaane doon ??ConfusedEmbarrassed
ar - aise hi.. meri marzi.. vo mujhse pyar karti hai.. bahut pyar..Wink
r - aur main bhi to tumse karti hun..AngryConfused
ar - really.. proove karo..Wink
r - ye baat hai... Angry
   ( ridhima gives a tight kiss on armaan's lips..Embarrassed wen ridhima leaves.. armaan turns her.Embarrassed. now armi on ridzi.. he gives a french kiss ... after 5 mins armaan leaves..)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - kaisi rahi??Wink
r - she blushes... Embarrassed
(but sudenly her eyes fill with tears.Cry. armaan still on top of ridhima..)
ar - kya hua ridhima ??Confused
r - armaan tina kaun hai??CryConfused
ar - makes a funny face.. n starts laughing..LOL
r -armaan .. plz batao...Confused
ar - tina.. tina.. hmmm.. tina... tina meri bhabhi ki beti ka naam hai.. jo sirf 8 saal ki hai..LOLLOL
r - kya.. Confused
ar - haan...LOL
both laugh..
ar - chalo.. is se ek baat to pata chali..Wink
r - kya..Confused
ar - yahi ki tum mujhse kitna pyar karti ho ..Embarrassed
r - achcha... kitna ??Embarrassed
ar - jitna main karta hun.. usse thoda sa.. bilkul thoda sa zyada..Embarrassed
r - maan gaye na..Embarrassed
ar - hmm..Smile
 ridhima blushesEmbarrassed
ar -itna sharma kyun rai ho ?? pati hun tumhara..Embarrassed
r - armaan .. vo.. tumhare..Embarrassed
ar - mere kya.?Confused
r - vo tumhare hoonthon pe..Embarrassed
ar - kya ??Confused he slides his finger n sees.. lipstick mark..Embarrassed
r -  saaf karlo.. n gives her duppatta..Embarrassed
ar - pehle tumhari to kar lun..Wink
r - meri.. matlab??Confused
 (armaan gives her a passionate kiss... ridhima was melting.. armaan started showering kisses..)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - ar..maan.. Embarrassed
armaan holds her hand tightly.. removes her dupatta.. n starts kissing her neck.. slowly he removes her kameez(top) ridhima breathing heavily..
r - armaan.. phone aa raha hai..Embarrassed
ar - (kissing her.. deeply lost in her..) bajne do..Wink
r - ar.. maan Embarrassed
(n moves her hand to take phone.. armaan holds her hand tightly.. n keeps on kissing...)Embarrassed
r - armaan hato.Embarrassed. n pushes him back..
armaan gets a lil angry.. but his anger melts wen ridzi says
r - hello, mrs. ridhima armaan malik speaking...
               armaan gives a naughty smile..Wink
armaan's mom was dere on phone..
mum - haan beta.. main mumma..Smile
r - jee mumma.. aap log kab aaoge.. Smile
(armaan gets naughty .. starts kissing her.. ridhima.. gives him a angry lukAngry n tries to remove his hand..)Ouch
mum - kya hua beta ??Confused
r - (armaan still kissing)Embarrassed.. k..kuch nai mumma..Confused
mum - beta , main thoda late ho jaungi.. so u dnt. wry..Smile
r - jee..jee mumma..Confused
mum- beta sab theek hai na..armaan zyada pareshaan to nai kar raha..
r - (armaan kissing)Embarrassed.. nai mumma armaan kyun pareshan karega..(armaan bites her ..)OUCH !!
mum- kya hua beta..Confused
r  - k..kuch nai mumma.. Confusedtheek hai to fir aap time se aa jaana.. aur plz kuch kha leejiyega..Smile
mum - ok beta , bye..Smile
phone cuts...
r - angrily.. tum pagal ho gaye ho.. kya kar rahe the ??Angry
ar - pyaar !! tumhare  pyaar mein to main kab se pagal ho gaya hun..
  ridhima smilesEmbarrassed.. armaan puts his arm around her shoulder..Embarrassed
ar - batao.. kahaan chalna hai ??Smile
r - kahan ??Confused
ar - honeymoon k liye..Embarrassed
r - hmm.. new york chalen ??Confused
ar - nai.. mujhe nai jaana..Ouch
r - ok.. paris ??Confused
ar - kahin aur..
r - amm.. new zeeland ??Confused
ar - ok. done.. hum apna honeymoon new zeeland mein manayeingein.Embarrassed.
 armaan starts removing his shirt..Embarrassed
r - kya .. kya kar rahe ho..EmbarrassedConfused
ar - arre itni door jayeingein.. itna kharcha hoga..pehle practise to kar le ??EmbarrassedWink
r - practise ??ConfusedEmbarrassed
ar - hmm..
r - armaan maar padegi.. n runs...Embarrassed
ar - (still dere ) 2 himself.. I LUV U RIDHIMA....Embarrassed

ok guyzz. datz it 4 d day.. hope u liked it...

precap - armi - ridzi naughtiness cont.. n muskaan's confession....

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                                 PART - 10

hey guyzz thnx a lot 4 ur lovely comments... here's d next part.. I know i m v. late... ,tiya n yachu. will surely kill me 4 dis.Wink sry tiya.. n yachu..Embarrassed

 armaan - ridhima packing dere bags....Wink
r - armaan jaldi karo..
ar - (throws his clothes) yaar mujhe ye sab karna nai aata..Angry.
r - hatto.. tumse to kuch kaam nai hota..Angry
ar - ek kaam hota hai na...Wink
r - really kaun sa...ConfusedAngry
ar - tumse pyaar.. Embarrasseddekho na main tumse kitne pyar se pyar karta hun..Embarrassed
r - hatto na...Angry kaam karne do.. jao mumma k paas...
ar - oye main koi bachcha nai hun jo mue mumma k paas bhej rai hun...ConfusedLOL
r - (smiles) Smileto tum nai jaoge??Confused
ar - no way ..Tongue
r - theek hai.Wink.. MUMMAAAAA.......LOL
ar - (closes her mouth) kya kar rai ho...ConfusedAngry
mum - haan beta.. (enters mum) armaan kya kar rahe tum..Confused
ar - mum...vo kuch nai..
mum - kya hua ridhima..Confused
r - mummy dekho na.. packing nai karne de raha.. aap plz isse bolo na mujhe tang na kare...Wink
mum - armaan ja tu papa k paas..Angry
ar - maa .. main..Confused
mum - jao..
armaan gives an angry luk 2 ridhima..n goes .. she smiles..Wink
mum - la beta main teri help karun...Smile
mum - apna khyal rakhna..Smile
r - jee ma..Smile
mum - (2 armaan) tune kyun muh.. fulaya hua hai??LOL chal has bhi de ab.. ab to ridhima tere saath hi hogi na poore 10 din tak..Embarrassed
ar - (still upset) yeah.. rite.. chalta hun ma.. bye... bye dad.
dad  - bye beta.. ridhima ka dhyan rakhna..Smile
r - bye papa.. na hugs himSmile
dad - bye beta..
anj - bye jiju.. jaldi aana..Wink
at - haan aur ho sake to 1 cutie - piebhi lete aana..Embarrassed
r - (blushes) atul...Embarrassed
m - phiten muan.. itni jaldi kya hai..tum log sirf masti karna.Big smile.
r - kyun ?? tujhe bachche pasand nai hai kya..Wink.
muskaan blushesEmbarrassed was about 2 say sumthing.. armaan interupts..
ar - guyzz.. hum late ho rahe hai.. agar tum logon ki permission ho to jaayein??LOL
m - jaa na.. humne kab roka..Angry
  they hug all frd.s n leave..
armaan parent's go.. n all other sitting in cafetiria..
at  - kya loge ??
r - amm.. 1 chocolate brownie..Smile
m - mujhe pata tha... nakalchi bandar.. tu yahi maange ga..Angry
r - maine ye tere liye mangvaya hai...Smile

muskaan blushes like hell
an - guyzz listen (pager rings) Angry .... o god yaar ,nite duty..Cry
at - same here...Cry
at - chalo main to chalta hun..
r- tu anjie ko bhi saath leja..Confused
at - uski marzi.. chalna hai tumhe??Angry
an - agar tuhe koi prob nai hai to...Confused
   dey go... IN CAR..
an - atul.. watz wrong wid u..Confused
at - nuthing..Angry
an - tum mujhe ignore kyun kar rahe ho..Confused
at - bilkul nai.. music??
an - kyun ab meri baat bhi nai sun ni?Angry
at - jo sochna hai socho..Angry n playz the music .. after sumtime..
at - hosp. aa gaya..Ouch
an - aur tum ?? tum nai aa rahe ..Confused
at - park kar k aaya..
an - thnx atul... (atul without giving any response .. drives the car n goesOuch , leaving anjie shocked)
 IN CAFETIRA.... rahul - muski finished wid their meals..
r - raat bahut ho gayi hai.. main tujhe tere ghar drop kar deta hun..Wink
m - amm.. theek hai..Embarrassed
r - tera jawaab abhi baki hai muskaan..Wink
m - k.. kaun sa jawaab.Embarrassed
r - tu itni bhi bholi nai hai muskaan..Wink.
m - amm.. mera ghar to yahaan se hai tune yahan kyun turn kiya..Confused
r - abhi pata chal jayega..
rahul takes her to a place... MUSKAAN SHOCKED!!!!

ok guyz.. i m sry it was a short part.. but surely 2mrw. muskaan 's confession
precap - confession.. n armi  - ridzi honeymoon.. ridzi going naughty...
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                                          PART - 11

hey frd.s howz u all....yesterday i posted d short part na... so my punishment is dat i hv to post a longer part..Embarrassed rite na Smile..njy ....
recap - muskaan shocked!!!
m - (scared) r..rahul tu mujhe is purani haveli mein kyun laaya hai??Confused
r -  smiles...Smile ye tujhe purani haveli lag rai hai.LOL. ab bahar hi rehna hai ya chalen?Wink
m - (scared) haan to chh..chal na.. mm..maine kab mana kiya ??Confused
rahul takes her in..
LIGHTS OFF..Embarrassed
muskaan holds rahul tightly...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m - r..rahul..lights ko kya ho gaya..Confused
r - blushes... 1 min..Embarrassed
rahul switch on all the lights.. it was a big house very beautifuly decorated .. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m -shocked .. sab kya hai..Confused
r - pehle andar to chal..Smile
they go in..
rahul bends on his knees...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - muskaan.. main tujhse bahut pyar karta hun.. kya tum apni poori zindagi mere saath bitana pasand karegi.. will u marry me...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m - (still in a g8 shock...) tu mazaak kar raha hai kya..
rahul gets up.. holds her .. dey cum v.close..Embarrassed
r - dekh meri aankhoin mein ..kya lagta hai tujhe.Embarrassed
muskaan still luking down...Tongue
r - dekh muskaan.. Embarrassed
muskaan luks up..into his eyes.. completely lost in his eyes...Embarrassed
dey cum really v. close 2 each other.. n were just about to kiss..Embarrassed.but muskaan cumes 2 her senses.. n pushes him away..Angry
m-(cries)nai rahul.. main.. main ye shaadi nai karungi...Cry
r - lekin kyun muskaan..Confused
m - meri kuch majburi hai..Cry
r - majburi.. kaisi..Confused
m - main nai bata sakti..Cry
rahul holds her tightly..
r - kya main tujhe pasand nai..Confused
m - aisi baat nai hai..Cry
r - to prob. kya hai..Confused
m - patiyala mein maine tujhse shaadi k liye inkaar kar liya tha.. teri mummiji ko kitna bura laga tha.Cry. vo mujhe kabhie nai apna payeingi..Cry
m - arre pagli.. vo tujhe bahut pasand karti hai..Smile
m - nai rahul.. n runs away 4m dere ...leaving rahul shocked..Cry
m - chhod mujhe.... chho de... SCREAMS ....RAHUL....Cry
gunda - aye kaun rahul.. tujhe yahaan bachane koi nai aane wala..
gunda tears a lil bit of muskaan's top 4m shoulder.. ENTERS RAHUL..ClapClap
r - chood usse..
g - tu kaun hai... kya lagta hai iska..Confused
r -dekhiye bhaisahab , meri kya lagti hai pata nai..(muskaan luks at rahul)Embarrassed..par tumhari to behan hai...(rahul throws his jacket to muskaan..n a big fight.. rahul wins)ClapClap
r - tu ..theek hai..Confused
m - haan.. aur tu??Ouch
r - hmm.. chal tujhe ghar chhod deta hun..Smile
m - nai mai.. khud chali jaungi..Confused
r - raat bahut ho chuki hai... chal..Wink
dey sit in car n go..
r - tera ghar aa gaya..
m - thnx.. suddenly muskaan notices sumthing..
r - rahul tere kandhe (right shoulder)se to bahut khoon aa raha hai..Confused
it was right na.. datz y , was nt. visible 2 muski..Wink
r - koi... baat nai..Ouch
m - tu ghar chal main.. dressing kar deti hun..Embarrassed.
r - nai itz ok.Ouch. aur tujhe to vaise bhi khoon se darr lagta hai..Smile
m - plz rahul , chal.. main sambhaal lungi..Cry
he agrees .. IN MUSKAAN'S ROOM..
rahul removes his shirt.Embarrassed.muskaan do all d dressing n is sobbing..Cry
r - kya hua kyun rai hai..Confused
muskaan kisses rahul near his wound ..Embarrassed n keeps her head on rahul's shoulder n cries..
m  - I LUV U RAHUL....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
rahul turns.. n hugs her...Embarrassed
r - I LUV U 2.. MUSKAAN... Embarrassedbas ..ab rona band kar...dey hug each other..
rahul wraps muski in his armsEmbarrassed.. muski njys d warmth of his arms... n share a passionate moment... dere first french kiss....Embarrassed after dat both cums to dere senses.. muskaan blushing like hell... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
r - i luv u muskaan...aur hamesha karunga..Embarrassed
m - i luv u 2 rahul...Embarrassed
rahul luks at the time...
r - arre baap re bahut late ho gaya...(he gets up)chalta hun muskaan ..Smile
m - (holds his hand)r..rahul .. tujhe bahut chot lagi hai.. PAUSE..main soch rai thi.. tu aaj yahin ruk ja.. subhah chala jaiyo..WinkEmbarrassed
r - smiles..Smile nai muskaan aisi koi baat nai hai..Smile
m - plz mere liye..Embarrassed
r - theek hai.. par maregi to nai..LOL
m - smiles nai..Smile
whole nite dey chit - chat..n next day both r tired still get ready 4 sanjeevani..
r - armaan , ab tak naaraaz ho..Confused maine sry. kaha na.. flight mein tumne kuch baat nai ki..Cry
ar - ridhima plz..Angry mujhe kuch nai ..mere gussa bahut khrab hai..faltoo mein tum pe chilla padunga..Angry
r - armaan plz tum...Confused
ar - plz yaar, mujhe fresh hona hai..Angry
both unpack dere bags... armaan goes to freshen up..
r- (2 herself.. ) kuch karna padega.. soch ridhima..Tongue
armaan cums out..
ar - kisse baatein kar rai ho...Confused
r - kk..kissi se bhi to nai..Confused
ar - main neeche reception pe ja raha hun.. formalities poori karna.. tum fresh ho jao..
r - ok..
armaan goes... r - IDEA !!!ClapClap
armaan cums back after 15 mins.. n sees the door is half open.. lights are switched off...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - ridhima.. u dere.Confused.
she switch on the lites...n holds armi's collor n throws him on bed..locks the door...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
armaan notices ridhima wearing a v. sexy night gown.. his eyes wide gives a naughty smiles but tries 2 hide it .. n shows a fake anger..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL
ar - ye sab kya hai..Wink
r - shhh....Embarrassed
she plays soft music...Embarrassed
ar - ridhima..Wink
she sits on bed.. n tries to seduce armaan...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
she lies on armaan .. n opens his shirt buttons..Embarrassed armaan gets up 4m d bed ..Wink n tries to button up his shirt...(actually pretends..LOL)..ridhima cums n stops him 4m doing dis... she kisses armaan on his chest.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed. n moves towards neck.Embarrassed..armaan is melting... he holds ridhima 4m her hair n pushes her back...ridhima removes her  net of gown Embarrassed... n passes wild n naughty gestures..Tongue. she again cums back to armaan.. she again kisses his chest... armaan smiles.. Embarrassedcompletely melted... picks her up n takes her to the bed ..n starts kissing her... ridhima njys.. each n every bit of dat moment..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed. both of dem enters 2 dere dreamworld.Embarrassed.after few hrs.
ridhima in armaan's arm.. under the sheet..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - wow..mujhe to pata hi nai tha..meri beewi itni sexy hai..WinkEmbarrassed
r - armaan...Embarrassed
ar - achcha .. 1 baat bato ..main aise maraaz ho jaunga.. to mujhe aise hi mana logi na..EmbarrassedTongue
r - lets c..Embarrassed
ar - O.. vaise aaj mazza to bahut aaya.. hai na.. achcha 1 baat to batao.. tumhe ye idea aaya kaise...Wink
r - silent Confused
ar - bolo na...Wink
armaan luks at ridhima.. n finds her sleeping..Smilearmaan smiles n kisses her 4head n he 2 goes to sleep....Smile
OK GUYZ .. I M TIRED NOW... HOPE U NJYED my punishment over..LOL
precap - honeymoon cont... atul's make over disclosed...
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                                      PART - 12

hey guyz.Smile. i m bck with another part..n MARISHA... 2day again i m in a v. naughty mood... god ne tumhari sun li... Embarrassed
at - hey guys.. Smile
mu - hi..Smile
r - hey.. howz uSmile
at - kool..Smile
r - arre..muskaan. anjie nazar main aa rai... Wink
atul goes to operate his locker..Confused
r - (in sign language..) isse kya hua..Confused
m - (in sign lang.) pata nai..Confused
m - atul tujhe pata hai ..anji kahan hai..Wink
at - (irritated) how would i know.. mujhe aur koi kaam nai hai kya..Angry
m - yaar tu mujh par kyun bhadak raha hai..Ouch
r - haan, yaar isne kya kiya..Confused
at - i m sry muskaan..Cry pata nai kyun..
an - hey guyz..Smile
r n m - hi..Smile
an - hi atul..Smile
at -  hi.. Ouch
an - breifing mein abhi time hai.. coffe peene chalen ??Smile
r - itz a g8 idea..Big smile
m - chalo.. atul chal na..Smile
at - nai mujhe kuch kaa hai..Ouch
an - baad mein ho jayeingein..  doston k liye 15 min to nikaal hi sakte ho..Smile
at - hosp. mein main kaam karne aata hun.. coffee peene nai.. Angry
m - yaar ye atul ko ho kya gaya hai..Confused
an- pata nai muski.. pehle kitna cheerful rehta tha.. ab dekho baat karta to karele si kadvi ...ConfusedCry
r - rite ... tum puraane atul ko bahut miss karti ho na anjiConfused
an - bahut.. i mean pehle kitna khush rehta tha.. vo bachkani harkatein.. i really miss dat atul..( while saying dis a tear trickle downs her eyes..)Cry
m - (keeps her hand on anjie's hand..) tu theek hai...Ouch
an - i dont know muski..Confused mujhe kya ho raha hai.Confused. i mean main atul ki itni parwaah kyun karun..Confused
r  - anjali.. kahin is change ki vajah tum to nahi??Confused
an - m..main.. par maine usse kuch nai kaha..Confused
r - tumne nai kaha..lekin tumhare behaviour ne sab kaha..Ouch
m- rahul bilkul theek keh raha hai.. mujhe to lagta hai atul ne khud ko tere liye hi badla hai..ConfusedEmbarrassed
an- mere liye.. chalo maan lo agar mere liye to mujhse itna rude kyun??ConfusedOuch
r - dekho anji..
all d duties a given , all of dem do dere duties.. duty over...
r - achcha hua na yaar , aaj jaldi chhuti mil gayi.. Smile
an - ya, chalo kahin ghoom k aate hai..Smile
m - haan , ye acha idea hai....Big smile
r - nahi...Confused i mean ye nai ho sakta.. LUKS AT MUSKIWink
an - kyun..Confused
r - vo muskaan teri to frd. ki b'day party hai bhool gayi..WinkEmbarrassed
m - (confused) meri frd.?? Confusedrahul gives a naughty luk. muski blushes .. O haan , main to bhool hi gayi..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
an - ok.. rahul tum chalo..Smile
r - m..main.. nai actually mujhe frd.s k saath bahar jaana hai..Embarrassed
an- ok.. den..
r - chal theek hai den bye..Smile
an- bye..
m - bye..
an  - bye..
dey leave.. now atul n anjali in locker room..
atul gng. through sum files..
an - ammm.. atul , mujhe tumse kuch baat kehni thi..Confused
at - kaho..Angry
an - yahaan nai..
at - to phir kahan ?Confused
an - kahin bahar chalen ?Confused
at - after a pause.. theek hai main car nikalta hun.. neeche w8 karta hun..Embarrassed
an - ok.. bas aayi..Smile
atul anjali in car.. none of dem utters a word.. finally anjie takes the innitiative..Smile
an  - atul .. vo mujhe kuch baat karni thi..Confused
at - haan .. kaho..
an - atul vo.. ATUL'S PHONE RINGS..
at - x-cuse me..hello.. haan DISHA(rem. anjie's frd.)
anjie's eyes wide opens..
at - tum abhi milna chahti ho.. kyun kya hua..chalo theek hai main 8 baje tumhe pick kar lunga..ok bye
anjie was jealoused... even she didn't realized watz wrong wid her..
an- kiska phone tha..Angry
at - disha.. usse kuch baat karni thi.. to ..
an - angrily... atul tumhari prob. kya hai.Angry. aisa kyun behave kar rahe ho.. n holds his shirt tightly...
at - removes her hand.. n holds her tightly ...Wink
an - ahh.. atul u r hurting me..Cry
at - achcha maine tumhe zara sa hurt kya kiyatum itna chilla padi.. lekin mere dard ka kuch ehsaas nai hai na tumheAngryCry... TUM HO MERI PROBLEM...Angry
anjali crying.. n luking at him.. without uttering a word..Cry
at - (shouting badly at her) maine vo har koshish ki jisse tum khush raho.. lekin tumhe to hamesha 1 aisa b.f chahiye tha jo smart ho . lo ban gaya main smart.. dude rite ?? lekin ye main nai hun... I JUST HATE MYSELF 2 LUV U....CryAngry
anjali in a g8 shock...atul goes ..leaving anjie behind...anjie manages  2 reach her home.. locks herself in her room.. n cries ...v. loudly... as if she wanted atul to hear wat she feels 4 him..CryCry
an - crying.. atul main tumse .. bahut pyar karti hun..Cry..lekin main tumse kaise kahoon.Cry.RIDZI TUM KAB AAOGI..CryCry
anjie is crying n after sumtimes sleeps..Cry

IN NEW - ZEELAND..Embarrassed
 OK MARISHA...ONE MORE NAUGHTY PART ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
mrg. time.. ridzi sleeping... but armaan is ready ...combing his hair..ridhima opens her eyes..Embarrassed
r - (in a sleep voice.. SV)armaan..Embarrassed
ar - goes near her.. sits on her side n kisses her 4head.. gud mrg..Embarrassed
r - (SV) gd. mrg.. tum tyaar ho gaye??Embarrassed
ar - hmm...Smile
r - (SV) mujhe kyun nai uthaya.. rubbing her eyes..SmileEmbarrassed
ar - smiles.. tum itne pyar se jo so rai thi.. tumhe uthane ka mann hi nai kiya..Embarrassed
(rid.  gets up a lil.. an arranges her bed sheet 2 cover herself.. but is so sleepy dat she keeps her head on armaan's chest..)Embarrassed
ar - kya hua ridhima.. (n cover her bare back wid the sheet..)Embarrassed
r - (SV) jaante ho armaan.. tumhari bahon mein jab hoti  hun na.. to aisa lagta jaise kissi aisi jagah hun.. jahaan sirf pyaar hi pyaar hai.. jaise koi jannat hai..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar - (blushes) sach mein..Embarrassed
r - hmm..Embarrassed
ar  - achcha .. ab utho.. tyaar ho jao.. ghumne chlengein..Smile
r - (SV)... amm.. tum mujhe bathroom tak le jao na..plzz.Embarrassed
armaan picks her up.. n takes her 2 the
ridhima freshens up.. n cums out..still v... sleepy .. she covers her self with bedsheet.. Embarrassedn again lies on bed..LOL
ar - ridhima kya hua..Confused
        (rid pulls him.. 2wards her... armaan on top of ridhima..)Embarrassed
ar - kya hua ridhima..Smile
ridhima wraps her arms.. around armaan's neck...Embarrassed
r - I LUV U ARMAAN..Embarrassed
ar - smiles I luv u 2 ..Embarrassed
r - jhoot..Tongue
ar - arree.. Confused
r - (Sv) closes her eyes.. agar pyar karte ho... to ...Embarrassed
ar - to.Embarrassed.
r - kuch nai...Embarrassed
ar - ridhima.. tumhe subhah subhah .. ho kya gaya hai..Embarrassed
r - janaab ye aapk pyar ka khumaar hai...Embarrassed
ar - ohh.. armaan starts removing his shirt..Embarrassed
r - kya kar rahe ho??Embarrassed
ar - pyaar..Embarrassed
r - armaan..Embarrassed
armaan get up.. picks her up n take her 2 d bathroom..

precap- armaan took ridhima to bathroom.. but y ??
 do comment...
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                                PART - 13

Hey guys.. i m so sry 4 d delay.Cry.actually i was not well...but now i m feeling better..n luckily in  a v. nottie ..Wink. plz yaar censor ki scissor mat chalana..LOLLOL. here it goes ....
recap - armaan takes ridhima 2 bathroom..Embarrassed

r - tum yahaan kyun laye ho mujhe...Confused
ar - hmm.. vaise to log bathroom mein nahate hai.. par tum kaho to hum isse bedroom ki tarah use kar sakte hai...Wink
r - (bulshes)armaan.Embarrassed. chalo ab neeche utaro..mujhe nahana hai..
ar - saath mein nahaye??Wink
r - armaan...(blushes)Embarrassedchhodo mujhe.. tum bahar jao.. main aati hun..Embarrassed
ar - kyun??..Confused. dekho jab bathroom tak laya hu.. to nahane mein tumhari help kar sakta hun...Wink tumhe to pata hai na..mera nature.Wink. kitna helpful hun main..Wink
r - jee, janaab pata hai.Embarrassed. par mujhe aapki help ki zaroorat nai hai... ab utaro varna main ...Embarrassed
ar - varna...Tongue
r - armaan ..plzz na..Embarrassed
ar - achcha , chil la kyun rai ho..LOL
armaan puts her down... Smile
ar - ab jaldi aana..Smile
r - theek hai..Embarrassed
armaan goes.. ridhima.. starts taking bath..oopsss 4 got 2 close the door...EmbarrassedWink
  ridhima was taking v. long tym.. armaan was frustrated.. he was about to call her.. but notices the door is unlocked...
ar - (with an evil n nottie smile ) oye hoye...Evil Smile
armaan moves 2wards the BR ..n opens the door a lil.Wink. n sees ridhima was njying her bubble bath..Embarrassed. she was playing like a child.. n was writing 'I LUV  U ARMAAN' with the foam on the mirror.. Embarrassedarmaan was soo happy 2 c dis... Smile
ar - whispers... i luv u ridhima..Smile
r - (to herself.. unknown dat armaan is watching her...)Ye armaan bhi na.. ek no. ka budhu hai.LOL.. chhoti chhoti baaton pe naraz ho jaata hai, Confusedpar fir bhi mujhe achcha lagta hai..Embarrassed.gussa to jaise naak pe hai.LOL.. par fir bhi bahut achcha hai...Embarrassed ek no. ka flirt hai..LOL but i luv him..Embarrassed. hmm.. mujhse pyar bhi bahut karta hai..lekin possesive bhi bahut hai...Embarrassed but i luv him 4 dis 2.Embarrassed.. Armaan ...main tumse kaise kahun... ki I LUV U SOOOOOOOOO MUCH....
r- (shocked) - armaan Shocked.. tum.. bahar jao armaan...tumhe sharam nai aati... Confusedarmaan walks inside d bathroom.. Embarrassedridhima.. tries to cover herself wid towel.. (in bathtub only..LOL.)..armaan.. jao na..Embarrassed
ar - kyun??Wink vaise to mujhse bahut kuch kehna chahti thi... ab mere aate hee chup kyun ho gayi...Wink
r - armaan , tum bahar jao plz.. main bahar aa k sab batati hun..Embarrassed
armaan gets naughty.. n starts removing his clothes..Embarrassed
r - armaan ..kya kar rahe ho..??Embarrassed
ar - aaj garmi bahut hai yaar.. socha dobaara naha.. lun..Tongue
r - armaan , dekho shaitani mat karo tum..EmbarrassedConfused
ar - achcha, par main to karunga... n enters the bath tub ..Embarrassed
r - armaan, tum naha lo.. par mujhe to jaane do..Embarrassed
ar - mohatarma..akele to roz nahata hun... aaj tumhare saath nahane ka mann kar raha hai...WinkTongue
r - ridhima tries to get up .. armaan pulls her back...Embarrassed
ridhima  surrenders.Smile. n starts njying each n every bit of armaan's touch on her body...Embarrassed armaan blows foam on ridhima's face... n den.. removes it with his hand.. Embarrassedafter sumtime both of dem are tired with dere childish acts.. ridhima keeps her head on armaan's chest.. Embarrassedarmaan playing with foam..n tickling ridhima's bare back..Embarrassed
r - armaan.. tum kabhie nai sudhroge na..Embarrassed
ar - well..let me think...( after a pause) NAA...Wink
r - (blushes) tumne sab dekh liya tha..Embarrassed
ar - abhi to kuch dekha hi nai maine..WinkEmbarrassed
             (rid hits him slowly... )
ar - u know wat ridhima..Smile
r - wat?Confused
         (ar  wraps his arms around ridhima...)Embarrassed
ar - i luv u v. much...Embarrassedagar tum meri zindagi mein na hoti.. to shayad meri zindagi itni khoobsurat nai hoti...Smile thank u 4 everything ridhima..Smile
ridhima lifts her head up n luks at armaan....armaan cums closer... n gives a kiss on her lips...Embarrassed
r - (blushes) Embarrassed I luv u armaan..aur sach baat to ye hai maine tumhari nai... balki tumne meri zindagi itni rangeen banayi hai..Smile. tum meri zindagi vo saari khushiyan laye.. jisse main dil k chhote se kone mein kaid kar ke rakhi thi..Embarrassed n a tear trickles down her eye..Cry
ar -  (smiles) tights his grip... sach mein..Embarrassed
r - hmm...Smile
  ridhima holds armaan's hand..Embarrassed
r - tum mujhe hamesha aise hee pyar karoge na...Embarrassed
ar - u mean.. bath tub mein... with bubble foam n stuff..LOL
r - armaan..Angry
ar - sry.. kidding..(kisses on her head)... isse bhi zyada... mera pyar din par din tumhare liye aur bhi badta jayega..itz a promise...Embarrassed
   ridhima smiles...Smile
ar - achcha 1 baat batao... tumne chunnu - munnu k baare mein kuch soch hai..WinkTongue
r - abhi tak to nai...Embarrassed
ar - to socho na... mujhe to poori cricket team chahiye...Big smile
r - armaan...Shocked itne saare...tum pagal ho gaye ho...Angry
ar - haan... maine to naam bhi soch liye hi..LOL
r - armaan...maine na tumhe... Embarrassed
ar - sry sry sry... maaro mat yaar..LOL
r - tumhe haath tak lagay maine...Confused
ar - to lagao na...Tongue
r - slaps lightly on armaan's face...Smile
ar - achcha on a serious note.... batao na..Smile
r - armaan mujhe to 2 baje chahiye... Embarrassed
ar - bas..Wink
r - armaan..Embarrassed
ar - actually maine bhi yahi socha tha... pehle beti..fir beta..Embarrassed
r - armaan..pehle beta , fir beti..Embarrassed
ar - kyun ??Confused
r - kyunki main tumse zyada pyar karti hun....isliye pehle junior armaan...Embarrassed
ar - (gets nottie... n starts nuzzling on her neck...) arre vo to tabhie hoga na..jab tum senior armaan ko kuch karne ki permission dogi...Wink
r - armaan...tumhe har baat mein sirf romance dikhta hai na..Embarrassed
ar - hmm.. vo to hai... Tongue
r - tum se to baat karna hi bekaar hai... (n tries to get up.. armaan pulls her back)Wink
ar - kahan ja rai ho...Confused
r - main poora din tub mein nai beath sakti.. aur tum bhi utho..sardi ho jayegi nai to..
ar - thodi der..Embarrassed
r- NOAngry
ar - achcha shower to le lo yaar..Wink
r - tum le lo... main w8 karti hun..
ar - aise kaise...Tongue tub mein saath mein shower bhi saath he lengein... Wink
(pulls her back.. n turns on the shower.... both ..under d shower..burning with passion...armaan nuzzling over ridhima's neck, shouders...ridhima deeply lost in armaan's arms.. unknown to the world...luving each bit of his wildness...n finally... armaan gives  a love bite.. to ridhima..)Embarrassed
r - armaan...Embarrassed
ar - (nuzzling on he neck)i luv u ridhima.. i luv u soo much..Embarrassed
r - i luv u 2.. armaan.. n gives armaan a love bite.....Embarrassed
after sumtime... ridhima turns down d shower...Angry
ar - abhi ..kyun band kiya.. abhi to mazza aana shuru hua tha..Wink
r - armaan sardi lag jayegi...Embarrassed
she covers herself with towel.. n quickly dries.. armaan's hair...
r - chalo bahar..Embarrassed
ar - ek min..jaise laaya tha ...vaise hi le ke jaunga..Wink
r - matlab..Confused
armaan picks her up.. n takes her 2 d bed...Smile

plz comment... n yes now i need suggestion.. u want me to cont. dis part... or anjie's conffesion..rly soon...otherwise next part will bi delayed....MAJORITY WILL WIN...Smile

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                         PART - 14

hey guys ..i m so sry 4 d delay... actually was not feeling like writing it..coz of shilpa's news,as u all know.CryCryCry i dnt know now weder u will njy dis ' ff ' or not..but guyz plzzz.. if even new ridhima enters dmg...our ridhima will remain same...Smile

ok guyz.. as 4 dis part I asked ur suggestions..n said d majority will win... but u all won't believe... u hv voted equally (including all pms)Big smile..n ..few smart people..said dey want 2 see both..WinkLOLso here it goes...

recap - armaan takes ridhima to bed...Embarrassed
he makes ridhima sit on bed.. n moves a lil.. to go..ridhima holds his hand..Embarrassed
r - kahan jaa rah ho?Confused
ar - hmm.. lagta hai mohtarma abhi tak romance k mood mein hai..
n jumps over ridhima...armaan on top of ridhima..EmbarrassedWink
r - armaan..kya kar rahe ho..Embarrassed
ar - maine kya kiya..infact tumne mujhe bulaya..Wink
r - maine??Confused maine bas poocha tha kahan ja rahe ho..Confused
ar - O .. maine suna tum keh rahi ho.. kahin mat jao..Wink
r - armaan.. tum na..bahut... Embarrassed
ar - I know ...bahut shaitan hun..Wink
armaan gets naughty n tries 2 remove her towel..EmbarrassedWink
r - armaan kya kar rahe ho...Embarrassed
ar - pyar..Wink
r - armaan..Embarrassed utho na..plzz kahin ghumne chalte hai..
ar - jab thodi der pehle main keh raha tha to...Wink
r - tab mujhe neend aa rahi thi..Smile
ar - aur ab mujhe pyar aa raha hai..Wink
r - armaan..plz na chalo..
ar - haan chalte hai...pehle ek kiss do...EmbarrassedWink
r - (irritated)armaan jab se yahaan aaye hai.. kahin bahar nai gaye... bas kamre se hi bahar ki khoobsurti dekh rahe hai...
ar - (moves his fingers on ridhima's face)Embarrassed
 pehle andar ki khoobsurti to dekh le ..Embarrassed.n winks...Wink
r - armaan..Embarrassed
 armaan brings his face..closer to ridhima's face..but ridhima covers her lips..Wink
ar - kya hai..??Angry
r - BOBOBOBOBO...ConfusedConfused
ar - kya ???Confused muh se haath hata ke baat karo..LOL
r - removes...main tumhe kiss nai dene vali....Wink
ar - kya...kyun ? Shocked(suddenly an idea clicks his mind)Wink
ar - chalo theek hai... kahan jaogi...Tongue
r - (was surprized a lil...)  ( 2 herself) armaan itni jaldi maan gaya.Confused.chalo achcha hai...Smile
ar - bolo na..Tongue
r - BOBOBOBOBO....Confused
ar - kya hai.Angry. haath hata k baat karo..
ridhima removes her hand... armaan immidiately holds her hand... n kiss ridhima's lipsEmbarrassed...(SO NAUGHTY NA)
r - tum...tum kabhie nai sudhroge...Embarrassed
ar - pata hai to mujhse..panga hi kyun leti ho...Wink
r - meri galti hai....
ar - hmm.. chalo maan gayi na..Wink
r - haan baba.. ab utho...mujhe tyaar hone do..
ar - main kar dun...Wink
r - kya ...Confused
ar - tumhe tyaar..Wink
r - armaan...Embarrassed
ar - haan...god promise main kuch nai dekhunga..WinkEmbarrassed
r - armaan plzz..satao mat na..
ar - chalo is baar tumhari baat maan li..jao go n get ready..
ridhima goes.. n after sumtime they go njy....Smile

                        INDIA   (ITZ NITE TIME IN INDIA) a party is organized by shubhankar 4 keerti... all the interns r invited..  duties over..n interns in locker room..discussing dere plans..
m - anjie tum kaise jaogi ?Confused
an -i hv car yaar..dnt wry i'll manage..par tumhara ghar to yahaan se door hai na.. main tumhe pic kar lungi..Smile
r- n..nnahi.. uski koi zaroorat nai hai..Confused
an - kyun ?Confused
r - vo..vo.. vo muskaan mere ghar k paas rehti hai aur mere saath aa jayegi..hai na muskaan..Wink
m - blushes.. haan ..Embarrassed
an - are u sure.Confused.
r - haan na.. dnt wry..Wink
m - aur atul tu ??Confused
at - main manage kar lunga..Smile
r - k...
atul fone rings..
at - haan DISHA.. (ANJIE GOT JEALOUSED) haan main tumhe pic kar lunga..dnt wry.. ya rite 9.30 sharp..ok byee......Wink
r - disha bhi aa rai hai ??Confused
at - haan..dr.shubhankar ne usse bhi invite kiya hai..Smile
m - par dr. shubh. usse kaise jaante hai ??Confused
at - vo 2 - 3 baar hamein saath mein dekha to..introduction to ho hee jaata hai na.. chalo yaar chalta pe milte hai..
  anjie sits on the bench n cries.. rahul n muskaan consoles her..Cry
m- thand rakh yaar , sab theek ho jayega..
an - nai , muski..meri galti thi..main uske pya ko kabhie samajh hi nai payi..Cry
r - anjali itz ok.. atul ko hum samjhayeingein
an - koi fayda nai rahul.. n hugs him... i luv him rahul...Cry
m - hugs her 4m back...hum jaante hai anjie... par tu fikar at kar sab theek hoga....
everyone greated each other..
ever1 goes wid dere reapective partners..
r - (to muskaan) may I ..n gives his hand..Wink
m - holds his hand... sure..n blushes...Embarrassed
at - disha shall v ?Wink
di -  yeah y nt.Smile
anjie was left alone.. was watching atul n disha.. her eyes were filled wid tears..Cryshe remembered dose golden days.. wen atul used to irritate her..n she alwayz said no 2 him wenever he offered her 4 dance..just 2 tease him.. she silently walks away 4m the hall..n goes to the garden... atul see's dis..Wink
at - disha..i'll just b back..
di - ok..Smile
he goes out 2 find anjali.. n see her standing near a tree..crying..Cry
at - anjali.. kya hua ??Confused
an - tum yahan ??Confused
at - haan , vo tumhe hall se bahar jaate dekha to.. maine socha..Confused
an - thank god atul tum mere baare mein sochte to ho..mujhe to laga ab to disha hi tumhari sab kuch hai.Angry.Cry
at - anjali tum ye kya keh rai ho..Confused
an - atul tum jao..disha tumhari w8 kar rai hogi..Cry
atul keeps his hand on her shoulder..
at - anjali tum ye..Confused
an - i said leave me...AngryCry
atul holds her firmly...
at - (raises his pitch a lil) tumhari prob kya hai.. tumse baat karun to prob, na karun to prob..AngryConfused
an - haan atul ab to tumhe meri har baat problem hi lagegi na..bas achchi hai to vo disha...CryAngry
at - ab ismein disha kahan se aa gayi.. aur vaise bhi tumhe kyun jalan ho rai hai agar main disha k saath hun..Confused tumhe to vaise bhi..
                                 anjali interupts
an - COZ I LUV U GOD DAMMED !!!!!!
atul shocked......
precap - an - at story sorted ... n obviously armi - ridzi part cont...
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Luv u

                                   PART - 15

hey guyzz thnx 4 ur lovely comments... here's d next part...Smile
recap - anjali confessed her luv..atul shocked...
at - kya ??Confused
rahul - muski n disha cums out 2 search atul n anjie n c dem talking..
an - holds his collor..main tumse pyaar karti hun...AngryCry
at - lekin tum to...Confused
an - mujhse pyaar karne ka daawaa karte the..mere dil mein kya hai..iska pata bhi nai laga sake...Cry
at - smiles.. jaanta tha..EmbarrassedWink
an - kya?? tum jaante the..Confused
at - haan..shayad isiliye..khud ko badla..taki tum khud kabool karo..Wink
an - fir vo disha..Confused
at - JUST A FRD...nuthing else..Big smileWink
an - (hits him lightly on his chest)i hate u atul... CryEmbarrassed
at - main disha k paas jaata hun..n moves a lil..LOL
an - (holds him) atul..Cry
both laugh n hug each other....
mu - rahul n disha all clap....ClapClapClap
anjie atul quickly depart...Embarrassed
m - oye laga reh..hum kuch keh thodi na rahe hai..Wink
anjie blushes...Embarrassed dey go near dem..Wink
r - hmm.. to ab sab theek hai lagta hai..Smile
at - haan sab theek hai..Smile
an - disha i m sry..maine tumhe galat samjha..ConfusedCry
di - (holds her hand) cum on anjie..tumari jagah main hoti to shayad main bhi aise hi react karti..Smile..atul is a really a nice guy anjie..n u r v. lucky ki tumhe itna pyar karne wala mila.Embarrassed. jisne tumhare liye khud ko hi badal liya...Embarrassed
  an smiles luking at atul...both disha n anjie hugs..Embarrassed
m - oye tu to bada chupa rustam nikla..Wink
at - tujhse kam..Wink
m -m ..maine kya chupaya hai...Confused
anjie gives a strange luk 2 atul..Confused
at - bata dun rahul...Wink
r - m..mujhse kya puch raha hai....Confused
at - tum dono ek dusre se pyar karte ho na ..Embarrassed
an - wat ??Shocked
at - haan..aur hum sabse inhone chupaya..Wink
an - isiliye..muskaan ko mere saath nai bhej rahe the..
     both rahul n muskaan blushes..... EmbarrassedWink
r - par tumhe pata kaise chala..EmbarrassedConfused
at - us din.. tumhara kitchen romance dekh liya tha..Tongue
m - par tu to chala gaya tha..Confused
at - haan..lekin main jaane hi laga tha ...but yaad aaya ki kitchen mein kuch saamaan rakha dr.shashank ko dena tha main lene aaya..tabhie maine dekh liya..WinkTongue
r - to tune bataya kyun nai..Confused
at - dekhna chahta tha..kab tak chuppa sakte ho..n winks..Wink
DR. KEERTI CUMS. - aap log bahar kya kar rahe ho?? Confusedandar aa jaiye..dinner shuru hone vaala hai..Smile
all - jee mam..Smile
all go inside...
                                      OK NEW ZEELAND
armaan n ridhima doing loads of shoping..Big smile
ar - ye achcha hai na.Smile.
r - nai ..Ouch
ar - arre tum pe bahut suit karega..Embarrassed
r - kab se tumhe dekh rai hun..poora show room kareedne ka irrada hai kya ??AngryConfused
ar - tum kaho to ??Wink
r - armaan... chalo bahut ho gayi shopping ab hotel chalte hai..shaam bhi ho gayi hai..Smile
ar - itni jaldi hotel jaane ki ..irraade nek nai lag rahe tumhare...Embarrassed
r - irrade nek hai... shopping bags room mein rakh ke..lake par jayeingein..LOL
ar - O ..mujhe laga tha..Ouch
r - kya laga tha ?Wink
ar - kuch nai....Confused
den armaan notices a v. pretty dress.. n thinks 2 buy it 4 ridhima..but he was sure ridhima won't allow him to do so.. but he knew wat 2 do..Wink
ar - ridhima tum bahar chalo main bill banva k aata hun..lao bags do..
r - nai armaan..itz ok.saath chalte hai..
ar - arre tum do na..plz chalo main banva k aata hun..
r- armaan..tum.
ar - Go...
r - ok..(n handsover all the bags to armaan..)jaldi aana
ar - haan tum chalo..Smile
ridhima goes armaan quickly buys the dress... n cums out after paying d bills ..
ar - chalen ?Smile
r - haan chalo..Smile
both reach hotel..keeps dere bags on table n lie on bed..
r- kuch der aaraam karte hai.. phir chalte hai..Smile
ar - ok.. amm.. ridhima main tumhare liye kuch laya hun..Embarrassed
r - mere liye kya ??Confused
   armaan hands over a packet..
r - armaan ye ??Confused
ar - dekhogi nai..Embarrassed
ridhima smile n opens it.. it was a v. beautiful dress...
r - armaan...Embarrassed
ar - kaisi lagi ??Wink
r - bahut sundar hai..Embarrassed
ar -pehen ke nai dikhaogi....Embarrassed
r - abhi ?Confused
ar - hmm..Embarrassed
r - theek hai..Smile
(n gets up.. armaan holds her hand..)
r - armaan ..main yahaan change nai karne vali... LOL
 armaan 2 gets  up..Embarrassed.
ar - ridhima..Confused
r - hmm..
ar - (very softly) if u dnt mind..main pehna dun..Embarrassed
r - blushes .... she faces towards armaan..luks into his eyes...drops d dress on bed ...n closes her eyes...
armaan smiles...cums closer 2 close dat ridhima was able to hear his heartbeat.. .slowly he removes her dupatta...ridhima was feeling soo shy...her heartbeat increased...slowly armaan removed her clothes.... Censoredhe was able to hear her increased heartbeat..n feel her breathing heavily... in d whole process...ridzi never opened her eyes..not even once... armaan made her wear new dress... both were sharing the most passionate moment of dere she was ready..Embarrassed
ar- apni aankhein kholo ridhima...Embarrassed
ridhima was so shy..dat instead of opening her eyes..she hugged armaan tighly..armaan wrapped her in his arms..he knew wat ridhima must b feeling...
armaan moved her face towards her face (her eyes still closed).....n kisses her beautiful pink lips...not ready 2 leave each other as if dey will never get to share such a passionate n sacred moment again.. both departed after sometime..ridhima's eyes still close..a tear drops 4m her eyes.. armaan wipes the tear...ridhima slowly opens her eyes..
ar - kya hua ridhima..Confused
r - armaan...Embarrassed
n hugs him again...Embarrassed
ar - kisses her ...kya hua ??EmbarrassedConfused
r - i luv u armaan...tumhare bina nai jee paungi...plzz mujhe kabhie mat chhodna...Cry
ar - ridhima..(tights his grip) main tumhe kabhie nai chounga..I really luv u ...Embarrassed
r - armaan ...nai jee sakti tumhare bina Cry
ar - oye... idhar dekho...Embarrassed
ridhima luks up...Smile
ar - main tumse bahut bahut bahut pyar karta hun..aur tumhe kabhie bhi nai chodunga....promise...n kisses her 4head..ridhima smiles...
armaan to make atmosphere a lil lighter..
ar - aaine mein dekhogi nai khud ko... Embarrassed
(n takes her near the mirror.. ridhima smiles...)
r - bahut achchi lag rai hai ..Embarrassed
ar - hmm.. so moral of the story is...Wink
r - moral..Confused
ar -hm.. ab roz tumhe main tyaar karunga..n winks..Wink
r - armaan..n hits him lightly... both hug ...Embarrassed

alright guys...dats all 4 d day hey SACRED SHRINE i hope know u r happy... n i lived up2 ur expectations...
precap - romance cont..surprize by atul 4 anjali...
do comment...

Luv u

                        PART - 16

HI every1 ..howz u all.. i know u all must b v. angry wid me..but kya karun i was v. busy wid my exams.. i m really v. sorry 4 d delay... promise it will never happen again....n yes one more sry 4 not replying ur pm(s) n comments... But now i m back.. n promise i'll rite long long parts...after all i re-opened it coz of ur luv na...

well i think i should start wid d part now.. u all must be thinking.. she is so talkative... but kya karun i m meeting u all after such a long tym na.. datz y ... ok now without waisting anymore tym... here's the next part..

OK ONE MORE THING.. b4 u all start reading ... let me tell u i hvnt used any emoticons.. coz I tried 2 update my part thrice.. n alwayz some kind of error occured.. n i got tired... still i hope u'll ejy

 well i thought 2 change my idea a lil..instead of surprize... now u will get 2 c at - an emotional scene... n yes atul has not changed..i mean he is no more joker types ... he is dat dude atul only.i know it would be difficult to imagine..but atleast give it a try...even it was v. dissicult 4 me.. to imagine dem u know romancing n emotional scene..but i tried..hope u'll like it ..

dr. keerti - interns.. aaj hospital mein work load zyada nai hai.. so u can leave early..
all - thank u mam..
keerti allots duties 2 every1...duties chhuti.....
r - to kya plan hai..
at - plan kya ?
m - chalo na ..kahin ghumne chalte hai..
an - ya dats a gud idea.. vaise bhi kitne time se hum log saath kahin nai gaye..
r - to  kahan chalen ??
at - hotel - Heaven.
an - itz a kool place..
m - ye kahan hai??
r - raaste mein bata dunga... vaise to saara tym dhano(her scooty) pe ghoomti hai.. itna famous hotel nai dekha ...
m - rahul tu na..
an - stop it guyzz..
at - rahul tum aur muskaan chalo.. main aur anjie aate hai.. vahin milengein..
m - kyun hamare saath jaane mein prob hai...
at - nai ..tujhe aur rahul ko hogi..
r - aisa kuch nai hai..
at - itz all rite guyzz.  tum log chalo hum aate hai.. big deal.. aur vaise bhi mujhe kuch files submit karni hai.. main kar k aati hun..
r - thek hai..milte hai fir... bye
an - at - bye..
m - bye
both - bye
dey go ...atul luks at anjie..
an - (blushes)aisa kya dekh rahe ho ..
at - tumhe...
an - atul plzz..
atul moves towards anjie... anjie moves back n bangs against wall...
atul cums more closer.... anjie tries 2 escape ..but atul stops her..
at - aur kitna bhagna hai..
an - matlab...
at - anjali ..mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai..
an - kaho na...
at - tumne apna pyaar kabool karne mein itni der kyun kari..
an - pata nai atul... par shayad kisi ne theek kaha hai... ki kissi ke door jaane k baad hi uski ahmiyat(importance) ka ehsaas hota hai...
atul - achcha...
an - hmmm.
suddenly atul changes d atmosphere ...
at - kissne ??
an - atul...
both laugh..
at - chalen ??
an - hmm..
anjie submits her files n goes wid atul.. in car..
an - atul i m sorry..
at - sry ??
an - maine tumhe bahut hurt kiya hai na..
at - 4get about it anjali... aaj hum saath mere liye kaafi hai...
an - atul tum ye sirf meri khushi k liye keh rahe ho na..
at- nai..jaanti ho anjali.. jab kai pyar aur nok - jhok bhare kai saal beet jayeingein na... to hum dono mein se kissi ko ye takleef yaad tak nai rahegi...
  A tear drops 4m anjie's eyes..
at - anjie.. plz ro mat.. tumhe pata hai na.. main tumse udas nai dekh sakta smile... cum on plz.4 me once..
anijie smiles...
an - atul... gadi yahan kyu turn kar rahe ho ?? .. hotel to left se aata hai na..
at - jaanta hun....
an - to phir..
at - arre yaar.main tumhare saath kuch pal bitana chahta tha..
at - aur ra - mu.. ko kya kaheingein.
at - traffic jam... tyre puncture... etc etc etc... n winks..
anjie smiles...
m - ye dono kahan reh gaye..
r - aa jayeingein.. achcha hai tak humein kuch pal saath bitane ka mauka mil jayega...
muskaan blushes....
atul takes atul to a resort..while r - m .. were njying dere only..n all of dem 4got dat dey were supposed 2 be 2gether...
late nite..
rahul drops muskaan to her house n atul drops anjie...

             NEW ZEELAND.....
nite around 2 o clock... armaan changes his side..n keeps his hand on ridhima but finds ridhima not on bed.. he luks around n sees ridhima standing near the window..LUKING AT HER HANDS COLOURED WITH MEHNDIn smiling .....armaan cums 4m back n wraps his arms..around her waist..
r - armaan.. tum.. tum uth kaise gaye..
ar - tum soyi nai..
r - neend nai aa rai thi...
ar - tum apne haathon ko aise kyun dekh rai ho ??
ridhima turns her fae towards armaan.. his arms still around her waist..
r - apne haathon ki lakeeron par naaz kar rai hun..
ar - naaz? kyun...
r - kyunki ye tumhare haathon se jud gayi..aur hamesha k liye tum mere ho gaye.. (while saying dis ridhima keeps her head on armaan's chest)
ar - oye hoye ..
r - armaan.. pata hai..
ar - hmm..
r - jab main choti thi na.. main na hamesha dulhan ki tarah saj kar tyaar hoti thi.. aur nani mujhe kehti thi ki ek din mera sapnon ka shehzada aayega aur mujhe apne saath le jayega... jab main badi hui to maine ye khwaab dekhna chhod diya ...
ar - kyun ??
r - (ridhima tights her grip trying 2 hide her fear....)apni frd.s k itne break ups vagerah dekh k.. mera pyar naam se vishwaas hi jaise uth gaya..fir..
ar - fir..

r - (ridhima raises her head n luks deep into armaan's eyes) fir tum meri zindagi mein aaye.. ek achcha dost ban kar..  mujhe pyar ka matlab bataya..pyar karna sikhaya.. aur meri zindagi mein daakhil hue mera***HUMSAFAR*** ban kar... (her eyes were filled wid tears while saying dis).. n kisses his chest...
ar - ridhima.. tumhe ho kya gaya hai...aaj achanak ye sab baatein kyun sochne lagi ??
r - armaan mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai...
ar - darr ??
r - hmm... agar kissi ne mujhe tumse alag karna chaha to..
ar - jaan le loonga main uski... tum nai jaanti ridhima ki tum mere liye kya ho... tum meri zindagi ki vo pehli ladki ho.. jisse maine pyaar karna to sikhaya.. lekin pyaar ka ehsaas tumne mujhe karaya...
 ridhima luks up into armaan's eyes.. armaan still  holding her 4m waist ....
ar - haan ridhima.. tum mere liye kya ho tum bhi nai jaanti.. aur mujhe kasam hai tumhare pyar ki.. main kabhie bhi kissi ko hamare pyaar k beech nai aane dunga.. n kisses her wattery eyes..
r - main bahut lucky hun armaan ...
ar - lucky??
r - log kehte hai ki kissi ka bhi pehla pyar pura nai hota... lekin mera pehla pyar hi mera jeevan saathi bana... I luv u armaan..
ar - i luv u 2 ridhima....
dis time ridhima takes the initiative.. she moves her fingers in armaan's hair.. n slowly brings his face closer to armaan's n kisses on his lips...
armaan knew ridhima was scared n needed  support so he tried turning dat emotional moment into a passionate one..
both completely lost in each other... both depart after few mins. armaan picks up rid. n takes her 2 d bed...armaan on top of ridhima..
r - armaan...
a- hmm..(playing wid her hair)
r - armaan vo main tumse kuch poochna chahti thi..
r - hmm.. pooch na..
r - vo.. armaan vo..
a- kya vo .. vo.. kaho na ridhima kya hua.. sab theek hai na..
r - armaan.. main tumse ye puchna chahti thi.. vo jo airport pe atul ne kaha tha.. (guyz i hope u hv nt 4gotten it.. still to refresh ur memory.. here's atul dilouge-------at - haan aur ho sake to 1 cutie - pie bhi lete aana..)
ar - kya .. (he recalls)O.. to ye baat hai..
 ridhima blushing like hell...
ar - amm.. to tum samajhti ho ki vo tym aa gaya hai..jab hamari zindagi mein ek naya mehmaan shamil ho..
r - hmm.. par agar tum nai chahte itz ok.. hum w8 kar sakte hai..
ar - arre ..maine aisa kab kaha... balki main to vaise hi poori cricket team chahta hun..
r - (hits him lightly)armaan..
armaan starts removing his clothes..
r - kya kar rahe ho ??
ar - arre ab junior armaan chahiye senior armaan ko hi kuch karna padega na...
r - armaan.. abhi ??
ar - to kabhie ??
r - i mean... itni jajdi kya hai...
ar - amm... yaar vo hindi mein kya kehte hai..
r - kya ??
ar -- let me think... haan --- kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab.. n winks..
r - armaan... hatto mujhe neend aa rai hai..
ar - arre aise kaise..
r - armaan plzzz na so jao...
ar - kya yaar.. hamesha aise karti ho...
r - maine kya kiya..
ar - pehle mujhse romantic baatein karti ho.. fir sone k liye kehti ho ..aise koi so sakta hai kya ??
r - (laughs)n kisses his cheeks...sry. baba.. lekin ab mujhe sach mein bahut neend aa rai hai..plz so jaate hai na..
ar - chalo iss baar tumhari maan lee ..lekin har baar aisa nai hoga ..
r - ok boss...
armaan kisses her cheek.. n gets uo 4m her n lie beside her... ridzi keeps her head on his shoulder... n both sleep...

 In all dis romance session of everyone... days passes away.. honeymoon over n armi ridzi back to india.. n will join sanjeevani 4m 2mrw.

 Dats it guyz.. hope u all hv njyed it ....i m writing after a v. long tym dere must b some mistakes.. so 4give me 4 dat 2.. n yes end of honeymoon does not mean end of romantic part.. coz now u'll get an extra dose of romance.. coz  know everything is perfect...
 do comment...
Luv u


                            PART - 17

AJI.. maine kaha. AADAB ARZE!! Wink vaise ye ARMAAN K ISHQ KA KHUMAAR HAI JO SIR CHAD KAR BOL RAHA HAI... Embarrassedoops..baad joke... but true haanWink
amm.. to shuru karein aaj ka armaan - ridhima ka gyan.. PATH(lesson) no. 17Wink

precap - armaan ridzi back 4m sanjeevani...
                  LOCKER ROOM ...
rahul in a v. naughty mood... n is holding muski 4 back... mski nt. able 2 do nything...Embarrassed
m- dekh rahul to abhi mujhse itna satak mat..Embarrassed
r - (in her ear) kyun..  tu to ab meri hai..Wink
m - achcha ..tujhe kisne kaha...Tongue
rahul turns her.. now her face 2wards him..still holding her 4m waist..Embarrassed
r - achcha tu meri nai hai...Wink
m- nai..Tongue
r - cums closer... muskan tries to go.. rahul tightens his grip..Wink
r - mujhse bach k jaana asaan nai hai...WinkEmbarrassed
m - rahul dekh abhi chhod de... baad mein plzOuchEmbarrassed
r - baad mein ?Tongue
m - hmm... Embarrassed
enters armaan ridzi...rahul - muski quickly departs... rahul scratches his head...LOL
ar - ye kya ho raha hai..Confused
m - k..kuch nai.. ye rahul bhi na...n hugs him.. kaisa hai tu..Smile
ar - bilkul fasclas..(perfect)Smile
muskaan hugs ridzi.. n rahul hugs armi..
m - kaisi ho..Smile
ri - bilkul theek.. tu bata..Smile
m - main to bilkul bhali changiSmile
ri - hi.. rahul.. kaise ho..Smile
r - hi .. bilkul theek.. tum sunao..Smile
ri - i m gud..
enters atul anjali..
at - hey ridz.. armaan.. kaise ho.. n hugs dem..Smile
ar - g8 as usual.. par champ tu to bilkul badal gaya hai.. u know kool dude types.. Wink
he luks at anjali... she blushesEmbarrassed
ar - wat.. anjie ko kyun dekh raha hai..Confused
an- nuthing ...jeeju.. howz u ..Wink
ri - di..Embarrassed
an - wat... ye mere jiju hi to hai na..Wink
ar- absolutely rite saali sahiba...Tongue
at - abhi breifing mein tym hai.. coffee peene chalen..Smile
                                  IN CAFE
at - hum sabko tumhe kuch baat batani hai..Wink
ri - kya baat hai .. atul sab theek hai..Confused
r - (luks at muskaan) pehle nai tha.. ab sab theek hai..Wink
ar - matlab..Confused
r - matlab... ab sab perfect hai..Big smile
ri - rahul. ghuma phira ke kyun bol rahe ho.. seedhe seedhe batao naConfused
at - main batata hun...Wink
at - tumhari behan aur main...hum dono.. u know wat i mean.WinkEmbarrassed(silence)
ar - wat !!! Shockedchamp kahin tu ye to nai kehne vaala ki meri saali meri bhabhi banne wali hai..LOL
at - correct...Wink
ridhima n armaan shocked but happy.. anjie blushing like hell.Embarrassed.
ri - lekin.. ye sab.. hua kab..aur kaiseConfused
(atul explains.. everything.. u know dat disha veghera..n anjie's confession)Embarrassed
ar - not baad at all saali sahiba...LOL
at - wat jeej... mujhe akele kya suna rahe ho.. rahul - muskaan ko bhi to kuch kaho...LOL
ri- story kab shuru hui...Shocked
rahul explains everything..Tongue.
ar - yaar 10 din mein duniya itni badal jaati hai.. socha hi nai tha..Shocked
at - hamari chhod ..tu bata honeymoon kaisa raha..Wink
ar - ooooo...WILD...Evil Smile
r - armaan..Embarrassed
(rid blushes like hell..Embarrassed anjie muski also blushes luking at dere respective partners..)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ar -sry..kidding.. it was gud..Wink
at - chalo.. ghulami shuru...LOL
reporting centre..
all interns standing dere....enters dr. keerti...
ke - inters... arre dr. armaan n ridhima... welcum back..Smile
2geder - thank u mam..Smile
ke - dr. rid i must say u r luking v. beautiful(she was wearing a red suit.. n her bridal churawid mangalsutra n was wearing sindoor..)Embarrassed
ri - thank u mam..Smile
both smile.Smile.
k - ok.. interns...
     dr - mus -  general ward..
     dr -ra     - path lab..
rahul makes n annoying face..LOL
k - koi prob. dr. rahul.Angry.
r - prob.. no prob..Ouch
k - gud.. dr- atul .aids ward.. ,dr - armaan - opd ,dr - an - u hv 2 assist dr. shashank in surgery , dr - ridhima - gen..(pause)...opd.Embarrassed.
ok back 2 work..keerti goes..
r - (2 armaan)ye hitler tujh par kuch zyada hee meherbaan nai ho raiAngry
ar - muskaan se shaadi kar le.. tera bhi kaam ho jayega..Wink
muskaan blushes... chalo yaar duty pe...Embarrassed
MUSKAAN IN GENERAL WARD...rahul cums dere n stands at d door..n tries 2 call her..LOL

r - ch.chh
r - ch..chhh..
muskaan turns her eyes widens up..Shocked
m - (2 pateint)x - cuse me.. i'll just b back..Smile
n goes 2 rahul..
m - kankhjoore pagal ho gaya hai kyaConfused.. gabar ne dekh liya to band baj jayegi..LOL
r - main darta hun kya.. sun mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai...
m - abhi..Shocked
r - haan..Wink
m- abhi nai.. 10 mein tujhe fire escape mein milti hun...Embarrassed
(perfect place 4 all lovers)LOL
r - ok.
both sitting in fire escape.. romancing..
ridhima against the wall.. n armaan nt. allowing her 2 go..Embarrassed
ri - armaan.. plzz jaane do na.. dr. keerti ne dekh liya to bahut prob. ho jayegi..Embarrassed
ar - achcha.. playing wid her hair..Wink
ri - armaan plzz.jaane do..Embarrassed
ar - nai..aaj nai..Wink
ri- armaan jo karna hai ghar mein hospital hai.. acha lagta hai kya ?Embarrassed
ar - bahut.. still playing wid her hair..Wink
ridzi pushes him away.. n tries 2 escape..armaan pulls her back in his arma..both of dem v. close..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
ri- (soooo shy) armaan plzz... (n luks down)
ar - lifts her face up.. n luks at her pink lips...Embarrassed
ri - ar...Embarrassed
ar - totally lost in her beauty... cums v. close...n was about to kiss her....Embarrassed
BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLenters rahul holding muskaan's hand him he was pulling her...LOL
armaan ridhima quickly departs... rahul leaves muskaan's hand..LOL
ar - tu.tu... tu yahaan kya kar raha hai... n scratches his headConfused
r - amm... main..main vo..Confused
ar - kyaConfused
r-  main muskaan ko fire escape dikhane laya tha..Confused.hain na muskaan tu.. tu yaahaan kya kar raha hai.. vo bhi ridhima k saath..Wink
ar - vo actually... amm.. ridhima keh rai thi ki.. vo...voo..Confused
r - kya vo..Confused
ar - vo bahut thak gayi hai.. to maine kaha..chalo thodi der kahin beathte hai..LOL
r - fire escape mein...Confused
ar - kya hua..hai na ridhima..hamari marzzi jahaan marzi beathe..
vaise muskaan tune kabhie sanjeevani ka fire escape naidekha jo ye tujhe dikhane laya tha..LOL
m - vo actuallyConfused
ridhima.. interrupts... muskaan chalo.. hum duty k liye late ho rahe hai... in dono ko to koi aur kaam nai hai...LOLboth of dem hold each other's hands n go.... leaving armaan rahul behind...LOL
ar - saale tujhe yahi tym mila tha yahaan aane ka..Angry
r - to tujhe puch kar aata.. Embarrassedvaise mujhe kya pata tha tu yahaan hai...LOL
r - achcha sun(v. naughtily)tu kar kya raha tha...Evil Smile
ar - jo tu karne aaya tha...Evil Smile
both laugh n give each other 5..Wink
BEEP BEEP BEEP.... pager rings...
all interns at reportin centre.. submitting dere files 2 dr. keerti..
k - gud.. kaafi mehnat ki hai aap logo neWink
armaan rahul luk at each other n passes a naughty smile..Evil Smile
k - dr- armaan n dr. rahul.. bahut muskura rahe hai.. maine koi joke nai sunaya..Angry
r - jee.. mam .. vo..Confused
k - vo..vvo.. kya .Angry.
ar - vo dr. keerti..hua kya na acually..Confused
ar - mam dr. shubhankar aa gaye...LOL
sh - hii guyz..Smile
al - hello sir..Smile
sh - hi keerti..Embarrassed
k - hi..Embarrassed
ar - amm.. mam hum jaayein ..Wink
k - yeah sure.. 2mrw. 10.30 sharp.. Smile
all -yes mam.. dey go leaving sh - ke behind...
                  IN LOCKER ROOM
rid n muski v. silent.. as dey are embarresed..
at - aaj to gabar tumhe maar hi daalti..LOL
an - rite.. tum log aisa karte hee kyun ho??Angry
r - arre anjali hua kya na..Confused
an - watever hua jo bhi ho... plzz yaar apne emotions ko tum log control karna seekho..kahin bhi dono shuru ho jaate ho... rite ridz..kyun muskaan..Wink
r - kya.. haan di..bilkul sahi keh rai hai aap..Wink
m - hmm.. correct... ye dono na 2geder total loss hai...LOL
 mu, ri, at n anj laugh..LOL. while rahul n armaan luk at each other..
ar - watever... hum ghar ja rahe hai.. already v r v. late.. chale begum(wife)Wink
all (except ar n rid) OOOOOEmbarrassed
ar - wat ...Confused
at - nuthing.. Wink
r - di tum kaise jaogi.. tum to car pe nai aayi..Confused
an  - haan vo atul drop kar dega...Embarrassed
ar - AHEM AHEM...WinkEmbarrassed
at - kya ??Confused
ar - kuch nai.. kuch gale(throat) mein atak gaya hai.. LOL
at - dabba doon...LOL
ar - nai theek ho gaya..LOL
r - armaan.. tAngryheek hai di.. hum chalte hai..
all - byee.Smile.
muskaan goes wid rahul n anjie wid atul....Smile
an - ridz kitni khush lag rai thi na...Smile
at - hmm.. ho bhi kyun na..armaan usse bahut pyar jo karta hai..Smile
an - hmm..Smile
at - kya hua.. chup kyun ho gayi...Confused
an - atul ..tumne kuch soch hai.. Embarrassed
at - kiss baare mein..Confused
an - amm.. hamare..Embarrassed
at - hanaare ??? matlab.Wink.
an - hamare is relation k baare mein..Embarrassed
at - u mean.. future plans..Wink
an - hmm..
atul stops d car on a lonely road.. n moves out of it...anjie 2 cums out..
an - kya hua atul ( n keeps her hand on his shoulder)..maine kuch galat kaha..Confused
at bend down..on his knees....miss anjali gupta kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi..Embarrassed
an - atul..Embarrassed
at - bolo.. kya tum zindagi k safar mein banogi meri ***HUMSAFAR*** ... n gives his hand..
an - atul.. her eyes filled wid tears...Cry
at - cum on say yes..yes ..yes...yes...Wink
an - holds his hand.. yes i 'll...Embarrassed
    at  screams... YES... n hugs her....Embarrassed
both of dem hug each other.. v. passionately... atul moves his hand.. all over anjie's back.. wereas.. anjie..nuzzle over her shoulder n neck..... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed....BEEPP BEEPPPP.... anjie's cell fone rings... both cums 2 dere senses...Embarrassed
an - nani...Confused
she picks up d fone..
an - haan naani.. bas ghar pahunchne vali hun.. dnt wry... bye..Smile
at - kya hua??Confused
an - nani ka fone tha.. kafi late ho gayi hun na.. to unhe tension ho gayi thi..
at - ok..chalo chalen..Smile
dey sit back n go....

hope u njyed the 3 in 1 mixture .....IF DERE IS ANY LOOPHOLE...PLZZZ MENSION IT... I WOULD B V. HAPPY....Smile

n yes b4 closing dis part.. i would like to tell u d reason of dis shudh hindi cum urdu mix (u know .. adab.. n gyan.. n bhaktjanon types ...) b4 u all think i hv completely lost it...LOL. well i was in a v. funny mood 2day.. not naughty... so dese words came automaticaly on my notepad...Wink.hope u liked dem.... Smile

do comment...

Luv u


 HEY GUYZ... PART 1 - 17 ON PG - 1 Embarrassed


PART 18 - 19 CHECK OUT PG - 90 !!! Big smile

 n 4m now onwards.... other parts will be cont.. here in dis section... PN=1&#16782394

check out !!!

luv u - chandni Smile




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123abc123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 4:40am | IP Logged
hey nce ff
lkin da conpt
updte sooon plzzz
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 4:45am | IP Logged

yay 2nd to comment...........

okay coming to your ff dont u dare say it was not good Angry.......i really loved wish this would happen in DMG but for now i can remain happy reading here only Tongue.........plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soooon would love to read your next part........u deserve this Clap

Edited by pinky_5 - 05 May 2008 at 4:52am
meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 4:54am | IP Logged
wow!!!!!!! dey r engaged.... gr8888888888
Kanika05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 4:55am | IP Logged

EmbarrassedHey Chandni!Big smile..It was such a Cute Part!Embarrassed..AR engagedLOL....It was very Sweet!..I Loved itBig smile..

I am waiting for the Next *Ahem**Ahem* PartLOLLOLLOL

Luv KanuHeart

-Vanshika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 4:58am | IP Logged
lovely ff yaar..........
really awesome.......
plz cont. soon......

Smile Smile
IsabellaCullen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Mela didooooooooooooo Embarrassed

Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeesum as ever.... Embarrassed

Mazaa aaya..bit plz plz plz update soon....i will be very eager to read more... Tongue

And there's no need to acknowledge... Embarrassed u r my elder sister na...

aur ab be ready for my pestering n "cotinue soon"

I felt as if i am seeing not reading..

Very picturesque...fantabulous..!! Embarrassed Embarrassed
sheenu Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2008 at 5:06am | IP Logged

Originally posted by sweet-niz

hey nce ff
lkin da conpt
updte sooon plzzz

thnx ..Smile

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