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Tributes are not written very often – fortunately. Loosing a loved one is painful and writing  a tribute is more painful. It is never easy to list the goodness or write all that runs in one's  mind – just that words become redundant and whatever word that comes  to your mind has already been used by some one for some one. Unfortunately , words are the prime requirement for expressing your thoughts – I am at a loss for words just now and I do not plan to edit this message. Repeated editing will minimize the emotions brimming inside me – just an one liner – Vinu is here with us,  whenever we laugh at some message, whenever we sit through a sloppy episode, whenever we express our dreams to each other – in short always in our thoughts. I can never bring myself to use the past tense – and I am sure that all of you will agree with me in this sentiment. We shall cherish the short period of her stay in IF – Vinu , we love you , God bless.

Messages  From Our Members

Atina - Moderator, Tamil Section IF

I never thought a faceless friend can have

Such a huge impact on me

But Vinu did


Vinu has become an angel

Flying with angels on  her way

To the gates of Heaven


Beyond thoughts and opinions

Beyond songs and silence

Beyond today and tomorrow

Beloved Vinu you are missed


Juts one thing remains

Your friendship and memories


May god's bless your soul buddy

May god give your family the strength



Each Day A Life
Robert Service

Tribute To Vinu - Written By Caryn

I count each day a little life,
With birth and death complete;
I cloister it from care and strife
And keep it sane and sweet.

With eager eyes I greet the morn,
Exultant as a boy,
Knowing that I am newly born
To wonder and to joy.

And when the sunset splendors wane
And ripe for rest am I,
Knowing that I will live again,
Exultantly I die.

O that all Life were but a Day
Sunny and sweet and sane!
And that at Even I might say:
"I sleep to wake again."


The above poem is dedicated to Vinu.   For a person who asks lots of logic about serial, I am sure she has deciphered the logic of her life. 

Vinu sweetie, the phrase "I came, I saw, I conquered" is very much aptly applied to you.   You came to IF, you saw the lively participation here and you have conquered many of us here with your logic and your sense of humour.  

You were loaned to this life for a short while and now you are back to our Maker for He has new plans for you.

Salute to your new life!

Tribute to Vinu - Written By Hosanna

Anbu sagothari Vinu

Ungal anbuku ellai illai

Ethiri yaarum illai

Athanaal neengal kadavulin pillai


April maatham pidikkum

April maatham maraintheergal


Sorgam Kashmir endru sonneergal

Aanaal nijamagave sorgathuku sendreergal

Sirippu unggaluku romba pidikkum

Aanaal engalai azha vaithu sendreergal

Ammavin agaala maraivu ungaluku thuyara ninaivu

Aanaal ippo ammavai santhipathil aanantha niraivu.

Santhosham samaathaanam engaluku vaazhthineergal

Engal nenjil  maraiyatha maanika chuddar neengal!

Tribute To Vinu - Written By Kadhambari

Mugam theriyatha Thozhiyin

Vidai theriyatha kelvigalukku

Vidai thedal polum ippirivu

A  Tribute   To   My   Dear  Vinu - By Kavitha

When  someone special  passes on
It  does  not  mean  they  are  gone,
Though  they  are  no  longer  with  us
Their  memory  lives  on.

It  hurts  so  much  to  lose  a  friend
Especially  one  that  is  trustworthy  and  kind.
Vinu,  you  were  that  special  friend,
A  rare  and  special  find.

Vinu,  you  will  always  be  with  me
In  sprit  and  in  mind.
You  will  always  have  a  special  place  in  my  heart
Forever  until  the  end  of  time.
Vinu,  I will not  say  "Good-bye".
This  is  not  the  end.
So  I will  just  say  "So long"
Until  we  meet  again.

Tribute To Vinu - Written By Netra

Beyond thoughts and opinions
beyond songs and silence
Beyond today and tomorrow
Beyond life.... just one thing remains
May God's blessings and memories from all of us
Keep you happy up there.

Love you and miss you

Tribute To Vinu - Written By Nitipp

Dearest Vinu


We only miss your postings and comments in the forum, you have not left our hearts, you are always with us.


May God bless your soul, and bless your son and husband with lots of courage and strength to face the biggest loss of their lives.


I still remember your humble, hilarious, intelligent comments in the Kolangal section when I used to do the updates. I searched the archive section for one of your postings, where you had helped me with Tholar's dialogue in iniya tamil, which every member of the Kolangal thread had enjoyed a lot.

Vinu's update on Thozhar's conversation


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Here is the Translation of the tamil converstion of thozhar and dhilla. I am translating only thozar's tamil. Translation is in paranthesis.

Thozhar: aiyaa aayvaalar avargale, naan ninaikkiren, naam pazaniyambathiyai nerungi vittom enru.
(Inspector sir, I think we have come near pazhani.)

Dhilla: Pazaniyambathiyaa? Driver, in which route are you going?
Driver: I am going in the correct route, sir.
Dhilla: Are you going to the same pazani where they put mottai and give panjamirtham?
Driver: yes sir.
Dhilla: Then why this thozar is saying pathi, madhi, nidhi etc?

Thozar: aayvaalare, mottai adippadhu, panjamirtham koduppadhu enRu neer kurippitta pazaniyum naan kurippitta pazaniyampathiyum onru thaan.pathi enraal iruppidam. pazaniyampathi enraal aiyan murugan iruppidam.
(Inspector, we both are referring to the same pazani where they put mottai and give panjamirtham. pathi means residence. pazaniyampathi means Lord murugan's residence.)

Dhilla: I don't care about Murugan's residence. All I want to know is where Thols payal is. If you don't show me Thols, I don't know what I will do to you.

Thozar: ippozudhu mattum thangalukku therindhadhai mattum thaan seydhu kondirukkireergalO?
(Do you think you are doing what you know now?)
thozar laughs sarcastically.
Dhilla: yov, route ai maathi pesaadhe.
Driver interfers saying, "Sir, I am going in the correct route."
Dhilla: Driver, I am not talking to you. I am talking to this man who is wearing eye glasses. You go straight.

Thozar: aayvaalare,ippodhu thaangal enna koorineer?
(Inspector, what did u say now?)
Dhilla: I asked him to go straight.

thozar: yen ivvalavu kuzappam? padhariya kaariyam sidharum.
(Why do u have so much confusion? Any deed done in haste makes it waste.)
Dhilla: yes, your head will be broken. Just give an answer to my question. where is thols payal?

thozar: adhil enna aiyyappaadu? thozar thols namadhu thozargaludan thaan avargal iruppidaththil  irukkiraar.
(Why do you have doubt in this matter? Thols is with my thozars in their residence. )
Dhilla: Will he be there when we reach there?

Thozar: yen edhaiyum edhir maraiyagave sindhikkireer? avar urudhiyaaga angu thaan iruppaar.
(Why do you always think on the negative side? thols will definitely be there.)
Dhilla: Have you informed him that we are coming in search of thols?

Thozar: adheppadi avvaru seyven? thangal thaan naan appadi ellaam seyyak koodaadhu enru kooriyirukkireergale.
(Why would I do like that? You have told me not to inform him.)
Dhilla:(starts talking in thooya tamil like thozar) appo naan kooriyadhai ellaam (realises he is talking in thooya tamil like thozar) ...
Dhilla: che....(thozar laughs)
Dhilla: I think I will start talking like you. Will you do what I tell you?

Thozar: nichayamaaga. appadi oru urudhimoziyai aanaiyaridam aLiththu vittuth thaan naan ingu vandhirukkiren. appadi irukka ennidamirundhu
vaakku meeral varumaa? adhe pol thaangalum kattalaiyai meerak koodaadhu. enna kattalai enru theriyumaa?
(Definietly I will keep my promise. I have given this promise to the commissioner that I will show where thols is. I won't break my promise. Like me, you also have to keep your promise. Do you know what promise you made?)
Dhilla: what is the promise I made to commissioner?
Thozar: thuppaakki mozhiyil neengal pesak koodaadhu. puriyavillai?
vanmuraiyil nengal eedu padak koodaadhu.
(you should not talk with your gun. You still don't understand what I'm saying? You should not indulge in violence.)
Dhilla: yov, I know what to do. keep quiet now.

Thozar: mikka nanri, aayvaalare.
(Thanks a lot, Inspector.)

Thozar sniffs and says to dhilla: aayvaalare, santhanam,  panjamirtham, javvadhu ivarrin narumanam melliya kaarralaiyil midhandhu varuvadhai thangalaal unara mudigiradhaa?
(Can you smell the nice fragrance of sandal and panjamirtham in the breeze?)
Dhilla: Turns right, left and again one more swift turn says he can't smell anything.He asks his colleagues if they can smell it. Colleagues say they can smell it.

thozar: paarththeergalaa, naan sonadhu sariyaagi vittadhu. silarukkuth thaan sila vaasanai therivadhe illai. indha idaththil naan karpooraththai kurippidavillai.
(See, What I said was right. Some people cannot smell some things. I didn't mean camphor. There is a proverb: kazhudhaikku theriyuma karpoora vaasanai.thozar indirectly says dhilla is a donkey.)

Dhilla comes very near thozar and stares at him angrily.
Thozar: sari, sari, muraikkadheerum.
(ok.ok. Don't stare.)
Thozar: naam pazaniyampathoyai nerungi vittom. aayvalare, thozar thols ai sandhikka thayaaraaga irungal. innum sila kal thurai thaan irukkiradhu.
(We have come near pazani.IOnly a few miles to go. Inspector, be ready to meet thols.)
Dhilla: driver. Go fast. The he alerts colleagues.We have to catch Thols.
Thozar keeps on sniffing and Dhilla murmurs to himself that he will catch Thols.

(I know you will be bored with just one scene. Before anyone throws a stone at me, I better stop. :)

More of Vinu's postings where she is desperately trying to look for logic in the serial:


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Anandhi rushes to the ICU and mottai maadi soon after knowing that it is not live but recorded prog, whereas dhilla and dr take their own time to come to mottai maadi.
Anandhi runs here and there and looks for abi but dhilla and dr keep staring at the dead lingam. Anandhi has to tell the dr to get hold of the control room guy to know the truth. Dr says yes yes as if he doesn't know how to think. aprama anna nadai pOttu varaanga. It is only anandhi who is in action. God, I hated the way dhilla scared the control room guy by sticking his tongue out. disgusting pa... (Thols, engeyya pidichche indha aaLai..!!!!)

when nurse tells anandhi that she will tell the truth to commissioner, anandhi says no. enge unmai solli andha commissioner nambittaa, kadhai mudikka vendi vandhurume. so, conveniently anandhiyai no solla vachchittaaru Thols.

live recording paakkum podhu thols abiyai thaLLittu pora scene varudhu. (thols, enge umadhu hat and sunglass? epdiyya police niraiya irukkira idaththukku un ishtaththukku vandhu pore? athtanai police, nurses, reception thaandi abhiyai kootittu easy ya car le vadhutte. killaadi thols, neenga. :)
what happened to the lingam murder? edit paNNittaangalaa? naama enna avlo muttaaLaa? seeing thols and abi, everybody leave the control room immediately. andha cd fullaa paakka maattaangalaa? yaar venaa easy ya andha room poyi cdyai thirudittu poyira maattaangalaa?
These are the blunders I can remember off my head. innum niraiya thappu irukkum. namma thalai ezhuththai maaththa mudiyumaa?
abikku ninaivu thirumbiruchchaa, illiyaa? she looks like she doesn't remember anything....(look e apdi thaano? :)





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Hi guys. I was away for a while. I am a newbie.
old movies le maaRu vEsham pOdanumnaa kannaththule oru black machcham ottittu varuvaanga, as if no one can find out who the person is. :) adhe pola oru hat and sun glass pOttuttu vandhaa thols ai yaarum kandu pidikka mudiyaadhaakkum. ennamaa kadhai vidraarpa. :)
lingaththukku oru bgm music varudhe. kaadhu kizhiyudhu. kashtam da saami.



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Thank you, NItipp for the nice update. :)
Abhi phone senjadhum andha paiththiyam thaanaa adhai answer paNNanum? oru aLave illiyaa, thols? indha abi vere nurse vaaiyai poththi sh...saththam podaadhe nu sollittu avale oru periya kadhai saththamaa solraa.... appo mattum psycho lingaththukku adhu kekkaadhaa?
maaRu veshaththile irukkira thols: seekkiram abiyai kaappaaththi kootti poyi kadhaiyai mudinga. mudhalle andha cell phone evidence vachchi uruppadiyaa edhunaa seynga.





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Thanks to Nithi for the update. :)
thollai should be taken to madhi kettaan solai and left there. thillai rajan is another thollai rajan. :)
100 crores, 400 crores, 600 crores - Directors cannot imagine having this kind of money in real life. So, they just dream of this in their serials. kaasaa panamaa? summa kadhai le adichu vida vendiyadhu thaan. reel vidra serial le ipdi elaam sonnaa makkal nambith thaane aaganum. :)
When thols called thozhar for the first time and informed him that he is in pazhani, dhilla and co take him with them. Dhilla theatens thozhar the whole way saying, "pazhaniku poyi andha thols payalai kaamikkalainna...." Until thols called  thozar for the second time, thozar had no idea that he was in their paasarai. namakkum niraiya poo vikkiraangappa. :) thols, I beg you to come and read this discussions.



…"Vinu – the angels are gonna love you"……………


Tribute To Vinu - Written By Preeti

Vinu dear, you were such a sweet and cheerful person. Your funny comments always brought a smile.  I  came to know of  your demise,  just a day after my b'day and was terribly shocked . It was very hard to control my tears.  Forever I will remember you sweety, and pray for your son and hubby, whom you dearly loved.

To Vinu's  Hubby and Son,  Vinu's demise is such a sad thing. My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May the sweet memories of Vinu, bring you comfort from God. I just like to tell you both something.  Just remember that one day you will be able to see Vinu again in heaven and that God is taking care of her now.  No matter what, as long as you cherish the good times with her, she will always live in your hearts and you will never be alone.

May God grant Vinu eternal peace and keep her safe in His arms. May the Lord comfort Vinu's son and hubby and  take special care of them, all through their lives.

These are some of the answers written by Vinu when she was on the hot seat. She
took the grilling with smiles. We just read the answers and each of us interpreted them differently -  but now we know exactly what was going on in her mind!!! 

your favourite month...
April, (I feel so happy to see leaves coming up on the trees and spring flower buds coming up after the dreary winter.)

Yes. My favourite vacation spot. Will go there some day.

next summer....
No plans as of yet.

next week...
No special plans.
next year...
Visit to India.

What cant you wait for in life?
(To see my son graduate from college, to see him get a good job and to see him get married and ofcourse to see my first grandchild. It's all about him, isn't it? sorry chellams.. Husband is all set..)

What are you scared of...
(Getting sick on friday night. I hate to go to emergency room.)

4. When it comes to politics, do you care? If so, which way do you
tend to vote? If not, why don't you care?
(I don't care. But I will vote for sure. My vote goes to Hillary Clinton.)

8. What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
Icicles on the bushes and sun shining thro them and making it look like diamonds. Sometimes, mother nature throws lot of diamonds in my yard.

5. Your heaven - vacation spot - where is that?
Kashmir. !!! (The Kashmir we see in thenilavu movie.)

7. I've been sick... can you tell me something to cheer me up???

Being sick is just a matter of a couple of days. Take 2 days off from work and rest. We rarely give the much needed rest to our body. So grab this God given opportunity.  These two days are for you  and you alone read or listen to music or if you like, watch your favourite movie. :) You will feel like a refined person full of energy after these 2 days.

(mookunu onnu irundhaa jaladhosham varath thaan seyyum. thalai nu irundhaa thalaivali varath thaan seyyum. idhukkup poyi alattikkalaamaa? eththanai per idhai vida suffer panraanga? cold, flu ellaam jujubi matter ma.)

This CK was written by me to break the melancholy in the Tamil Lounge. Vinu always read my CKs with enthusiasm and posted comments quoting some parts of the CK - her inolvement was always visible. I will sure miss her comments but I know that from now on she will be the first one to read my CKs - guess she will be standing behind me while I type!!!

IF Tamil Serials' Fans' Lounge.

The lounge lacks its usual madness - the turn out is less and those
who have come are also sober.

Sue's computer staged a strike - " if u are smart, I am smarter, I have been working for u non stop and u never gave me my well deserved rest, so here u go" Sue tried to cajole, plead, beg . "umhummm" computer said " podi podi pokke, ellu kattukku thekke" So, now Sue is running behind a tech who dodges her with his "itho, I am on my way" and after 1 hr again another  "on my way" excuse.

Jas came to know about this strike and is fuming - "computer kooda leave podarathu, enakku maattum ipdi moochu vida neram illame velaiyaa??? grrr" Ho is the one who shows some happiness on her face - "my vaathu is well on her way to graduating..even Roja appreciates
.........." She wrote a congratulatory note to Ekta Kapoor. Kutty Simbha is tired - he has to update Kolangal and Thols has brought some new
characters to justify "Operation theethu kattu Menu" -  half the IF ians do not  follow the story and have thrown  their hands up in desperation!! Kavi is playing kanna moochi re re re!!!!

Giri is kind of settled - new house - RTO office..... . plumber.... painter.....association meeting.......aanandam  updating .... "ennavO ponga Roja akka , eppo varuvaro enthan kali theera..." Suram has an opportunity to play Kovai Sarala once again - "snehidaneyy snehidaneyyy" that is Suram learning that song to 'oda oda virattufy"
the likes of aachi Manorama and Shriya. ...Eljay is back but she won't be here for some more time - "kitchen aa ithu??? ennathaan pannin nangalo inge???  parak parak parak.." that is Eljay mopping her floor with a small rumbam attached to the mop - "surandi  thaane edukka
mudiyum intha dirt ai!!!"

Fluidd, Meli, Niti, Kadhu,Caryn, Usha, Nallu and Netra - are seated in a corner and  keep darting expectant glances at the lounge door. Fluidd has some thing hanging from her ear - oh mobile phone!!! and at the other end of the mobile... vera yaaru... Ram Kumaraa Ram Kumaara US eppo varuvai nee... Veedu maathi veedu maathi ready aa irukkaal Fluidd  thaan" - Aalavanthan style dialogue by mad Rojaa... All are ready in their long flowing evening gowns..... for some this will be the first trip to the heaven... the first timers are asking doubts and the experienced ones are explaining.

Lounge door bangs....... oh yes, Maddie is in ...... holding a file in her hand.... Nallu gives a side long sly look..... "inge CK ezhutharathu porathunnu ange vanthum ezhutha poringalaa??" Roja has her mad gleam in place and looks at Nallu ..Nallu  shrugs... "vara vara manasile yethanum think  pannina kooda Roja akka kandu pidichidaraanga.... yethanum mind reading class porangalo??" ..another knowing smile
from Roja and Nallu hurriedly clears her mind of any thoughts......

Even the banging of the lounge door did not disturb the rest and so the "nava grahangal" adjourn to the terrace. Niti snatches the mobile from Fluidd -" hey apram peasalaam, ippo Roja akka pinnadi nikkalaam" Roja raises a brow at Nallu who gives the thumbs up - " namba song solli kuduthu aachu, rules and regulations solliyaachu.... all set" Another smile from Roja at Nallu - this time it is a benevolent one.....
.... Roja leads...... the rest queue behind ....holding on to the dress of the person in front... Caryn is asked to be the tail of the queue as she has flown once to  the heaven..... 1... 2... 3.. .... the group once again defies Newton and his Physics......... JAXA, NASA ESA, ISRO and RKA   - have no clue about this space mission - they thought that the IF ians have finished all their space journeys and did not expect any further turbulence in their researches....... 9 blips passed through the radars of  RKA ...... but there is no one to notice............

The IF ians reach the gates of the heaven - St.Peter has one look at the group and lets out a long sigh - "hmmm when they were here last time, Newton went underground and MS Subbulakshmi followed suit..but the rest of the sorga vaasis did have a good time...should I warn Newton?"
As he turns to go in and look for Newton, Roja tugs at his robe and gives a pleading look " please Father, I have to meet him this time, please do not send out a caution..." St.Peter shrugs.." as long as it is not me who is at the receiving end...." he floats away.

Roja opens her file and distributes some photographs. Caryn shows surprise but when she looks at the photo she could not help patting Roja on her shoulders - yes,Roja has collected Vinu's snap and made it easy for identification. Fluidd has a secret smile on her face - which gets translated as -"namba thaan Vinu vai parthathu illai, aana swarga vaasis are omnipotent, omnipresent aache, won't Vinu find us??"

Niti is puzzled - "adeyappa.. ithuthan heaven aa?? beautiful...." she nudges Caryn and expresses her total appreciation - Caryn acts as if it is she who master minded the construction of the heaven - Meli voices her opinion - "Roja sis, Vinu will find us, why carry this snap?" Roja smiles at Meli kutty "precisely sweet heart, ithunga thollai thaangame thaane inge vanthen, ippo ingiyum vanthuttangalennu odi poitta??" Nallu's eyes brighten up " ada ipdi oru angle irukka??? namakku thonaliye!!" - just to get that knowing smile again from maddie.

Caryn takes the lead and divides the members in to 2 groups  - one will be led by Nallu and the other will be led by Caryn herself. It is decided that once Vinu is sighted, the song will be sung and the rest should float towards the direction of the song. Roja whispers some thing to Nallu and Caryn and vichuk vichuks some where. Niti looks lost -"ayyo
Roja akka enge poraanga??? eppo varuvaanga??" Caryn comforts -
"do not worry, Niti all in place and u will be back home to feed dinner to your son, enjoy this now, ok??"

Fluidd is looking at mobile - longing look - the screen has a smiling RamKumar - "Ram, honey moon nnu oru heaven ponome, athai vida ithu nalla edamaa irukku, neenga mattum inge irunthaal...hmmmm" suddenly some one blows hot air on her back....awwwwww what a surprise.... a smiling Ram hugs Fluidd and winks.... Fluidd stutters and stammers..." neenga .... inge ,,,,epdi??" Ram says that visa is needed
only to come to the US - "inge no problem..Roja sent me a H(eaven) mail and sent me a route map here I am, pOvOmaa Oorkolam" both hold hands and follow Nallu.

Kadhu is looking around with interest - "time zone problem laam illai, stars meet ai inge vaichidalaama??" Netra has forgotten her back pain -"hiii jolly , inge nadakka vendaam... just floating thaan.... what if I develop some pain?" Caryn plays comforter again -" this is no pain, no unhappiness, no negative stuff zone baby, relax"

Usha looks around -  " any chance of meeting the great  Chithra- guptha?? these days I do not have time to innovate new punishment techniques..." Nallu says  that Mr.C.Gupthan is always in the hell - "not much work here for him, lets see if he pays some unscheduled
visit, ok?' Meli's eyes are hunting for Vinu - photo... look at the floating crowd... photo..look out.... -

well, where is Roja??? Hope she is not going to do some thing disastrous and make St.Peter impose a ban on the  IF ians ..never again to the heaven.... Roja is hunting for Mr.Newton .. the target of Roja's attack is oblivious to  the impending danger..... Mr.Newton is busy in the Physics lab... he is on to some thing new and is happy that this invention of his will not be defied....he trusts the swarga vaasis 100% ... no one will dare defy......hopes Mr.Newton  hopes.... well that is what keeps every one going.. u are no exception ......... but...... .hmmmmmmm  Rojaaa is here......

Newton is busy and he suddenly finds a shadow falling on him - he is shocked - his Physics is being defied in the heaven as well??? People have no shadows here as there is no such thing as day or night!!!! He smells trouble and bingo...... he sees mad Roja - Roja gives him one of those trade mark asattu sirippus - the one she reserves for needy times ... the one which turns in to a  mad gleam and later in to a hysterical  laughter ....once her mission is accomplished......Newton hurriedly hides his papers and looks at Roja questioningly... " you?? again?? hope u wont start  singing?? Roja continues with her asattu sirippu.. she can
not promise on that singing part.... she is sure to hear that song  any time soon... and she is obliged to sing.... To spare Newton of his misery , Roja goes near him and mumbles.... Newton's face shows utter shock ... "uh huh... how do u.... don't tell me that...u have some one....." Looks at Roja's face and knows that his fate is sealed... reluctantly agrees to Roja's suggestion. Newton explains what ever Roja needs to know. Roja is attentive ..totally...he also issues some warnings,Roja nods her head.  Finally Newton says "this time around maddie , do not even dream of messing up, got it?? if u do any thing out of turn.... even God can not help you..inge mandaiyai mandaiyai aattittu apramaa yethanum thirisamam pannalamm nnu plan pannathey, ok?" Now Roja does not hesitate to promise - she has no plans of flouting any rules!!!!

Just then the IF song wafts through the air..Newton is hurrying to his cave... plans to pick up MSS enroute... but makes sure to give some papers to Roja and raises his right index finger in caution. Roja carefully collects the papers, sings back and floats towards the direction of the song (noise??).

Vinu has been found and every one is trying to talk at the same time.Niti cries...Fluidd introduces Ram....Kadhu, Netra and Usha
are just holding Vinu's hands...Vinu is crying and laughing at the same time... "Rojakka varaliyaa??' Just then Roja wafts in.... has a very intent secretive look.... gives a hug to Vinu and whispers some thing in to her ears..."Rojakka enna kindalaa?? athu epdi mudiyum??" Roja has a floating meeting with Vinu, Nallu and Caryn - Caryn manages to  compose herself but Nallu can not close her mouth...The group is gathered and quietly asked to descend to IF  Yesssssss..... Roja managed to smuggle Vinu out of  the heaven for a  day with the help of Mr.Newton and yesss...Mr.newton's new research is about the two
way traffic - earth - heaven -earth ..round trip.... 

Jas gets a sms in her mobile - she reluctantly reads - "eppo parthaalum  asking for Indian food  mannagatti hmmm" - her eyes brighten ...she lets out a war cry heyyyyyyy and the sleepy lounge wakes up with a start ..every one gathers around Jas the dazz... Jas bites her lip and issues hurried instructions.." we have a visitor, a VIP ..coming soon.. let us decorate the lounge, quick quick" Ho hovers around for some more info but none is forth coming - Jas is busy ..has to call all the members who are not present .. a call to Vinu's son and hubby as well. Roja has asked her to make Atina's room ready so that
Vinu can have some quality  time with her son and hubby - " looks like she had to leave suddenly and did not have time to tell them all that she had in mind.."

The lounge is teeming with members..every one is present Seeing Jas' enthusiasm every one knows that the VIP is some one really precious ... the terrace shakes with the landing of nava grahas... only there is a 10th planet well hidden by the rest!!! Vani and Giri hurry with the harathi thattu.... Jas dims the terrace lights..still not sure about what is happening... or is it all a dream... she pinches Ho who screams ..oh yes, it  is no dream NO it is not.... yesss Vinu walks in to the lounge amidst thunderous applause....

Kadhu gets out of her long gown in a jiffy, collects Vani, Nallu, Giri, Suram - starts dancing for apdi podu podu podu, asathi podu kannale and ushers Vinu in to the lounge. Kavi comes running with some coffee for all and checks with Vinu "lunch ,  dinner kku ennallam venum, will cook in a jiffy - u will be with us for the whole day illiya?" Atina rushes in to see Vinu. Eljay has postponed her " operation kitchen cleaning"  - "it is fun time and I do not want to miss out" - Vinu is seated in the
center flanked by her son and hubby on either side.

Fun and frolic session starts - Ho, Sue and Jas are singing - " Kanda naal muthalay kathal peruguthadi" Suram shouts " Jazzuuu nadaiyai maathu" - Jas quickly changes to "ennadi muniyamma, un kannule maiyi, yaaru vaicha maiyi athu na vaicha maiyi" Kutty Simbha, Sri, Meli and Jenim join the fray - semai kutthattam happens. Kavi comes running from the kitchen hearing this song - does a jingu chikku jingu chikku with Sri and Kutty Simbha

Vinu is laughing her heart out. Netra hits Caryn -"naanum aaduven, ennai ethukku ipdi katti pottinga??" Caryn is unrelenting "kolai vizhum, just sit and watch, I gave my word to your hubby that you will be taken care of" Netra pouts, Caryn ignores. Pat and Supree are looking for another song

Lo and behold..... the speakers dole out "dilamo dilamo dila dila dilamo" Roja dances with vigor.... the IF ians are stunned... one could never blame Roja of such a skill.... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed she sings alright but never once has danced....The whole lounge jumps in to dance for the song ........Vinu is still laughing  ... tears streaming from her eyes... Kutty Simbha can not contain himself... twirls  Roja around.....

Roja signals some thing to Giri and Nallu - Vinu is taken to Atina's room along with her hubby and son.. great aroma wafts out of Kavi's kitchen..... Lounge is happy...all are dancing still... Netra stretches her legs and watches all the fun.... Kadhu is jumping..... 

Well folks... let Vinu spend time with her family.. Roja will take her back to the heaven when it is time... until then it  is David Bowie " lets dance.. put on your red shoes and dance your blues.. lets dance..... "

The Lounge jives.....

Each and every member in the Tamil Lounge misses Vinu's humor,
comments, updates...... But she will always stay with us in our
memories. May God bless her soul.

This thread was possible only because of all your co-operation folks. I take this opportunity to thank all those who spent their time and energy.  Niti spent more than 4 hours to find some of Vinu's comments and compiled them for me. All the messages written here must have taken a while to get coined. Atina found the nice floral border. So, it is a collective effort - just that, I brought it all together under one heading. It just goes to show that we all cherish Vinu and her memory.

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