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~*Adhuri Kahaani....*~{AK} part 5, pg 7 (Page 7)

juicylove6 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 8:46am | IP Logged

Part 5




I went directly to bed and laid down holding a teddy bear. It was aged and looked torn in the corners. I've had that since I was about 4 years old. I would always stitch it up whenever it tore so it would last forever. I turned off my lamp and closed my eyes, not to sleep but rather to be back. I was back 9 years ago. I became the young, and playful girl. I was back as Kripa Kapoor, the same Kripa Kapoor that faced many things to be where she was today.



9 years ago


It was that day. The first time I laid my eyes on him, and never looked away. My first day, attending J.B High as I predicted would be just awesome. At least, I hoped so. I was going to be attending junior year and my 16th birthday was just a month away. I was thrilled to be starting regular school and not some private school as I have been attending my whole life. My brother Josh had it easy. He got to go to a public high school right after 8th grade. I agree that this was just not some public school but it was J.B High. It was filled with all kinds of kids from the upper side. All students attending the school were from suburban houses. I missed my friends but I was going to make new ones here. I never actually had a best friend, but I had friends, lots of them.


Josh had just dropped me off outside the large iron wrought gate before driving off. I knew he had late classes today but I did not know where he went every Monday and Friday before school, being a senior had many advantages. I stood there watching the crowds of students, hang out in the lot, walk around, and gossiping. I saw mini-clad freshman girls walk around in cliques. It was different from my former school. We never really got to hang out in the lot or wear that short minis. We actually had to wear uniforms. Then I examined my own outfit. I had worn these cute white shorts, a pink-laced cami, and white on pink polka dots straps shoes. My mid- length auburn hair was perfectly blow-dried and I had on a coat of gloss and a little eyeliner.


I entered the open gate with confident strides but I was nervous inside. I really wished Josh were with me now. He had wished me luck but I wish he had escorted me inside. He would always be there when I needed him, when I was happy or whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. The bell rung, since I had waited long enough outside I at least did not have to wait here alone. My first class was Physics. It took me a while to find it since I chose not to ask anyone in the hall. God, why was I acting like this? Kripa Kapoor was fearless, well at least I thought so. I walked into my period one class late. "Umm, 'scuse me... Mr. Brenin" I called from the door, looking at my schedule. The tall man with brown hair looked away from the thick book on his table and to the door where I stood. All heads turned to my direction except one group of girls in the back, who seemed too engrossed in their little conversation. "Yes" the teacher answered. Ok so I quickly did an examination of everyone in the room. A lot of them looked like seniors. I had good grades so they had put me in all advanced classes. I walked up to his desk and introduced myself. "I'm Kripa Kapoor." I saw his eyes fill with understanding. "Oh, yes Ms. Kapoor. Take a seat." He told me to sit right in the front and told me to get the weeks assignment from some one else. I could already tell that I liked him. He would not make me go to the front of the class and introduce myself. "Ok Class. Copy down notes from Pg..."


Ok, so that did not go so bad. I had double Biology with Mrs. Levine after that. She had a thick British Accent and seemed quite Haughty for a teacher. She introduced me and made me sit in the back corner and practically ignored me for the rest of the class. Oh God, where was Josh. I would have done about anything to have him here. He was quite popular here as well. He played in the schools Football team. I escaped to lunch after that. Many people talked to me in the classes, introduced themselves and some even invited me for Lunch. We could not leave the school premises but there were many food courts around. I wanted to text Josh and tell him to meet me somewhere but I didn't have a phone since they didn't allow it in my former school but I was geeing one soon. I bought myself a strawberry yogurt and headed towards the benches in the park.


I walked looking down and to my mortification; I bumped into something--a girl to be exact--from the squealing. Her face turned a shade of pink and her eyes shot an icy glare in my direction. "You" she squealed. Nothing happened though; a little yogurt was spread on her super white short-waisted jacket. "Opps, I'm so sorry," I said not feeling the least sorry. I already knew that I would never like these girls so why pretend. "Look what you did, you ruined my new shirt." I do not know how she managed to look that mean, Preppy and beautiful at the same time. I realized that she was not British because she had not even the slightest hint of accent and because her soft blond hair was, every bit bleached.


We both were at the same place for the last ten minutes arguing. I was not really arguing as much as trying not to burst into hysterics. This girl could just argue about the stupidest things. Enough. "I'd love to stay and chat but I'm quite busy" I lied but anything to get away from her, but apparently, she wasn't finished. "You ruined my outfit and you dared to talk to me like that." Clearly I was in the hit-list of the schools' B**** on my first day. Suddenly, her cold eyes were no longer cold but it leaped from icy to adoration. She was looking straight past me just like her followers. I quickly looked back and did a double take. It was Josh walking towards us with a smirk. I hadn't seen him all morning. He was about a feet away. I saw her eyes leap with hope and saw her face drain of color the next second. Josh put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. I held in laughter at the way she looked. "Hey Simone" Josh said and the girl looked up at his face with a tight smile. She mumbled a quick hi and turned around, flipping her hair. Good God, she though I was his girlfriend and by the look she was giving me I probably made it top on her list for snagging my own brother. Ha. When I saw that Miss Simone was far enough I laughed aloud. "What happened?" He looked at me amused. "Kuch nahi. Where were you?" I asked him. "Kuch kaam tha" he looked away making me suspicious. He never hid anything from me. "Let's go. You have lunch right" I nodded. He clearly didn't want me to question him. I'll get to it later. He led me inside a small caf and to a crowed booth. A bunch of guys and a few girls sat around the red vinyl booth. Few girls sat on the guys' laps. "Hey guys" josh slapped hi fives to all the guys and slid down to a corner. I took a seat next to him. Everyone was looking at me and Josh with questioning eyes. "Hey, that's Angad's seat" a girl pointed to me. I didn't know who that was. "It's alright" Josh said. "And guys, this is Kripa, my little sister." This quieted everybody down.


All the guys were from the football team and the girls were cheerleaders, figures. Except that, they were all nice, not like that Simone girl. The guys all introduced themselves to Josh's little sister. I saw some off them look at me a little longer than necessary. I liked Lakshya the most, who was supposedly some Angad's little brother. He didn't play football but he was still in the crowd. He was also a junior like me. When the bell rung no one moved, except for me. Clearly, most of them were seniors and did not care much about going to class. "I'll see you later" I waved at them and kissed josh's cheeks before heading out. Given my luck, I bumped into something else. I was sure I was going to fall flat on my butt but luckily, a pair of strong arms grabbed me. I kept my eyes tightly shut. I heard nothing in the whole caf, rather I tuned everybody's voices out. When I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of gorgeous golden eyes staring at me. It was a weird way of describing it but his eye color was unusual and beautiful. I never had seen anything like it. His eyes were hazel and there was a speck of gold in it. So, when they described these things in book, it wasn't all fake. I met his gaze and almost flinched at the electric current that leaped between us. What the hell was that?  I pulled myself out of his tight hold and shuffled my feet and looked away, distracting myself from looking at his super hot body. He was tall, way taller that me but a bit shorter that Josh. He had a large built but he was still lean and muscular, definitely football material. His shoulders had tight lean muscles, and his abdomen was taut. His eyes never left me and I did anything to avoid them. He was wearing faded jeans that were snug on his hips but they were riding a little low, slightly baggy. He wore a navy blue T-shirt that accentuated his rippling muscles. I saw a hint of a tattoo below his short sleeves. Back to his face. He had those long curly lashes the same color of his thick dark hair. He had a strong jaw, sharp nose and God, those lips. They seemed firm and soft and I wanted them on mine, rubbing against each other. God, these were some unholy thoughts and on the first meeting. What was wrong with me?


I still can't believe that I was there, in front of him for a few minutes. God, he probably thought I was some kind of Freak. The little preppy b****** already made up their mind and he probably adds on to the list. When I got back to the real world, I fled from there, not bothering to thank him for saving me another humiliation. I sat in Calculus, thinking about him again. For gods sake, I didn't even know him and looking at the size of the schools population, I'd never meet him again. "Hey, Kripa right?" I turned away from my book, that I had pretended to read and faced the girl in front of me. She was really pretty with soft olive complexion apart from my pale skin even after I happened to be Britain-born Indian. Silky waves of black hair framed her face. She was wearing a blue tube top and a little denim skirt. I liked her at once. She was definitely friend material. "Yea, and you." I asked her. "I'm Aaliya Khanna. Angad's cousin sis." We talked for the rest of the period. Apparently I shared a lot in common with her except that she was an awesome soccer player. The bell rang and we headed to our next class, Gym together. I sucked at GYM. Today we were supposed to play basketball. Thank god. I enjoyed it, and made a few baskets myself.


"Did you bring a car?" Aaliya asked me as we headed to the lot. Josh said he would meet me here after last period bell. "No, Actually I don't drive." I told her and she nodded. Clearly, she did not either. "How about we get some Frapps then go home later. I smiled, liking the idea. "Lem'me call my brother then. He was supposed to pick me up." I was surprised when she offered me her phone, grinning. She clearly understood when I had told her I went to a private school. I called Josh and told him I was going home with a friend and he seemed happy about that. "You are Josh Kapoor's sister," she asked, with her mouth open. "Yea, why is that surprising." I asked her and she turned a shade of red, color crept into her neck and face. "Ohmigoshhh, you're so crushing on Josh" I accused her and she hid her face in her palms. "But, you can't tell" she begged me. "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." I gave her a convincing smile. We talked as we walked through the large lot. I learned that Josh was pretty famous, apart from being the football team's quarterback, apparently, he was also famous between the girls and Simone was a perfectly good example. She also told me a lot about that Angad guy. Clearly, he and Josh are best friends and they are both pretty popular around. I turned around and froze at the sight. There, walking our way was the same guy. He walked with confidence and a lazy grin played on his face, making him look irresistible. He walked right by me and stopped by Aaliya. "Aali, I have something to do, can you get a ride with someone?" he asked her and she nodded. He turned to my direction and smiled that charming smile, making me go slightly blind fro a moment. "Oh Sorry, Bhai this is Kripa and Kripa this is my brother Angad." I was surprised, so this was the infamous Angad Khanna. "Sorry, you said something" he smirked at me. Oh God! I so did not say that aloud. "Umm...nothing" I said looking down at my manicured toes. "We've met" he grinned at me. I saw Aaliya raise her eyebrows. "Yea, um sorry about that. I was in a hurry." I lied. He just nodded and turned around, walking away. "You've met?" Aaliya asked me. "Yea I kind of bumped into him today." I was blushing hard. She chuckled and started walking.



So people,

        What do you think? I am going to continue with the flashbacks for a couple of parts actually. Sorry I could not post earlier. I've been really busy with finals and my internet was out for a few days. OH AND WHEN I SAID FOOTBALL, I MEANT AMERICAN FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER! I appreciate any comments or criticisms.

cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 10:39am | IP Logged
flashback is awesome. i really enjoyed reading kripas first day to public school. wonderful part. do cont soon.

AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 11:26am | IP Logged
hey great part..continue soon Clap
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 January 2008
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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
wowowow your all parts are soo dam coolll reallyyy plzz contuied soon
sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

Joined: 13 January 2006
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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
awesome part...loved kripas frst day...plz cont soon Big smile
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 19 June 2008 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
amazing part
MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2008 at 11:46am | IP Logged
great part
liked it
juicylove6 Groupbie

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Posted: 20 June 2008 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

Thanks a lot to iamsmart, sameira-90, Shafoo, sweet honey, Iqbal Neha1, deeya123.


Thank you to all of you for liking the part. I couldn't post faster because I had exams going on but now that its over, I'll post more frequently.....

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