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FF : Tudwa Pyar: FINAL WORDS pg14 (Page 7)

simran1285 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by candy princess

[QUOTE=simran1285]Argh when will RanKan meet Angry , I am tired of imagining their meeting LOL hurry up and write the next part so I can be at ease

Wait where does it says she has lukemia it said her results were perfect!!!!!!!!!! Confused

Candy go back and read the story from the beginning she is in remission from Leukemia

dilkeroshni Goldie

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i am so laate... the one dedicated to me.. and i am so late Cry
suganain Goldie

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Originally posted by simran1285

Argh when will RanKan meet Angry , I am tired of imagining their meeting LOL hurry up and write the next part so I can be at ease

Great story!! so sad Kannu has Leukemia my 5 year old nephew has had it since he was 2...such a terrible disease I tell you...but right now I can't feel bad for Kannu...must have something to do with the past few episodes Dead

Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai!Wink

Anyways want to let you all know this Story is dedicated to
Kacey Rose Mitchell a little girl I know who just passed away from Leukemia.
I actually just came back from her wake.  It was extremely hard for me she was like a sister to me.  She had the blanket (which she calls the "naina blanket") near here. 

God does some unknown things.  I don't understand at times.Cry

More Information go to Kacey Rose website.

diya219 Senior Member

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aww how sweet of u
simran1285 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by suganain

Originally posted by simran1285

Argh when will RanKan meet Angry , I am tired of imagining their meeting LOL hurry up and write the next part so I can be at ease

Great story!! so sad Kannu has Leukemia my 5 year old nephew has had it since he was 2...such a terrible disease I tell you...but right now I can't feel bad for Kannu...must have something to do with the past few episodes Dead

Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai!Wink

Anyways want to let you all know this Story is dedicated to
Kacey Rose Mitchell a little girl I know who just passed away from Leukemia.
I actually just came back from her wake.  It was extremely hard for me she was like a sister to me.  She had the blanket (which she calls the "naina blanket") near here. 

God does some unknown things.  I don't understand at times.Cry

More Information go to Kacey Rose website.

so sorry to hear about Kacey god rest her soul in peace, I would be devastated if something happend to my nephew...he is a doll, so far he is doing good, poor baby has had so many blood transfusions but he's still running around like any other 5 year old, they grow up so fast feels like just yesterday I was staying up all night with my cousin and her daughter trying to feed him every 2-3hours (he was born pre-mature)

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Sallu- IF-Dazzler

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awww..... Cry Cry
candy princess Goldie
candy princess
candy princess

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Cry Cry Cry
suganain Goldie

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Note from suganain:

This is the longest update.  So I won't update till I'm satisfied with enough comments. I took FOUR HOURS TYPING THIS!

diya219: Sadiya has a brief appearance as Ranbir's girlfriend, here is a picture of her.

And of course my love.  Xiah Junsu has a brief appearance in this part and the next part.

If you want to be in the story, details are in the first post!


N: Omg! I have an idea!  How about I try to ask all the Nanda brothers to come?  I mean I can lure Ranbir with some bribe.  And make him bring his whole Nanda family.  I mean this might be exploiting them….. but It is to benefit Leukemia.


K: Great plan!  Can you do it?


N: Kash!  Your forgetting I'm Sunaina Ali Shah. A.k.a DJ SugaNain & Attorney!  I can lure Ranbir in many ways. Muhahaha!


::Flirt Flirt::


             In Brooklyn, NY in the Nanda Oil Company we see a big building and in that big building is a big office and in that BIG OFFICE… is a woman.  None other than Malika Nanda.. and in front of her are her three sons. Ranbir, Eklavya and Akash.


Malika (M): What is up with you three? I'm not getting any younger!  I need all of you to help out with the business!!


Ranbir w/ a smirk: Sure… mom… I can pick up the check & talk to the hot secretaries..


Eklavya: Ranbir… how could u even think of women in that way?  Shameless brother of mine.  Mamma I can help.. because I did financing.  But, other than that I don't know….


Akash smiles: See mom, Eklavya is willing to help.  But I don't want to.  I'm sorry mom I want to open up my own business.  And I understand you want us three brothers to be in this company.  But I want to make my own name in this world.  Plus, Aditya Uncle is not old yet & Ayan is not just our cousin but our brother.  And he is a Nanda too.


Ranbir smirks: Yea, mom the dude, loves the business.  I have to admit he enjoys business and the ladies. (laughs)


M: Ranbir when will you grow up?!  I might have to think of you getting married soon!


Eklavya & Akash laugh! Ranbir glares at them..


E: Mom, the chance of Ranbir getting married to someone is like winning the lottery! (laughs)


Ranbir smirks: Mom you should get Eklavya married first…. O wait.. Bechara ladki ko tho chew bhi nahin sakte! (Poor guy can't even touch a girl) So how do you expect him to do saat pheres hand in hand with some girl! Ranbir & Akash laugh and Eklavya glares at them


E: Mom you know that I like to help with charities and I want to be a single man.


Suddenly Ranbir phone rings.  The ring tone "Crazy Kiya Re," Ranbir picks it up.

R: Hello? Ranbir here.


On the other line, it's Naina


N: Hey Ranbir, its me Naina.  Listen you and your brothers are coming to the Leukemia Charity Benefit Talent Show at my hospital Shah Sister Hospital.


R: Yeah right, me and a charity event? Forget it Naina!


Eklavya listens closely when he hears the words Charity.


N annoyed: U better come, or else I will tell your Mom about the time you got drunk and started dancing.  *Half naked to Crazy Kiya Re


R gulps & whispers: S-s-she wouldn't believe you.


N smiles: I have it recorded Ranbir.


R annoyed: Tum dost ho ya dushman? (Are you a friend or a Foe?) What time?


N satisfied: It is in 5 hours get ready.  And bring the whole family.


Ranbir hangs up the phone


M: Who's phone was that Ranbir?  Is it a girlfriend?


Eklavya excited: I heard charity event!  I'm soo their!


R: Well we all have to be their.  Mom she's just a friend. Sunaina Ali Shah.  She is my only good friend that is a girl.  We have to be at her Leukemia Benefit Charity thingy.  And this is good for Akash to go to.


A: Y is it good for me?


R: Well, you said you wanted to start your own business, and you will need a financial attorney.  Plus, Naina's a great dancer.. especially (Ranbir starts daydreaming) she has flowy hair & some d*mn sexy hips… and


A interrupts questioningly: She's just a friend?....


R: Yea, she is .. I'm just saying for you she can be more than a friend


M confused: Ok, kids I can't go because I have a board meeting.  But I think It's great that all three of you go.  Great for publicity and it's good for the benefit.  It will raise some money. (Malika leaves)


Eklavya turns to his two brothers: I'm excited!  Leukemia is a horrible disease…..


Akash still confused: Ranbir, Dude, what did u mean by "it's good for me" who is this girl you are talking about? 


Ranbir smiles: You will see.


4 hours later


             Over at the Leukemia Charity Benefit Talent Show has started.  And they are many guest and people.  Naina, Sara and Kanya are the hosts and are participating in it as well.  Naina comes on stage.  The stage is huge and there is a big audience of people as well.  All of which is outdoors.  With the fresh of the summer blossoms


Naina: Happy Summer!  Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Leukemia Benefit Talent Show.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 dollars.  And also proud to say my beautiful twin sister Kash!  Has been in remission for three years!  Now my sister Dr. Sara Naz Shah will like to say a few words.


Everyone claps!


Dr. Sara Naz Shah: Thanks sis! (gives Naina a hug)  Thank You everyone for coming.  We have some special talents tonight!  We have Xiah Junsu from DBSK, a good friend of Naina's (winks at Naina, Naina just glares at her) and Ayumi Hamasaki is also here again, if you guys were at Club SugaNain, you probably informed about that.  Also, my good friend Sundhi Chauhan will be here.  And Kashish's close friend, Atif Aslam… soo you women can be mesmerized by some hot voices tonight.  We also have Diya, the dancing sensation.  The Nanda Brothers will also be here as well!  But now, please.  Give it up for Sundhi Chauhan! (she walks out)


Everyone claps again!


             Sundhi comes on stage, and starts to sing.


The Nanda brothers come backstage.  Naina is the only one their.  Kanya & Sara are attending to the guests.  Naina sees the Nanda brothers & is just shocked because she has never seen them all together.  All three come up to her.


R rudely: Well, you blackmailed me and I'm here with all of my brothers, this is Eklavya.


Naina puts her hand forward, but Eklavya doesn't: O, you must be Eklavya!  How about I just say! Namaste!  Or asalamu-alaikaum!


Eklavya greets: Asalamu-alaikaum!  Are you muslim?


N: Yeah, full name is Sunaina Ali Shah.  Call me Naina or Nain!


Akash nearly chokes & thinks: Sunaina?  Is this the same Sunaina I had a crush on in high school.  D*mn!  The woman def. got hotter!  No wonder I thought I seen her before, finally I get to meet the girl of my dreams (he sighs and keeps staring)


Naina snaps her fingers in front of his face: Hello?  Hi! Asalamu-alaikaum!  Nice to meet you…Akashdeep…. I mean Akash? Right?


Akash (sighs): Yeah, nice to meet you again Sunaina!


N: We have met before? (ponders) really? O of course you have probably seen me at my club.  Your brother here (points to Ranbir) was saying you want to open up your own business that's good!  I would be glad to help!


Akash murmurs to himself: It will be your pleasure! (Only Eklavya and Ranbir hears this)


N: Y don't you all have a seat in the VIP section I have reserved.  It's that way (she points to a high seated table)  I will be with you guys shortly. (Naina leaves)


Eklavya nudges his brother, Akash: Wat was that all about?  You know Naina. 


They are all walking as their talking. Ranbir: Is this the girl you had a major crush on in your high school. (All three twins had gone to different high schools) Omg!  Is this the Sunaina!  The Sunaina!  S*it!  How did I not notice!  You guys so need to NOT hook up!


The have their seats. Akash: Y is that?  I didn't recognize her, because she got soo much hotter!


Eklavya: Yea, she is pretty hot, and has a nice soul!


Ranbir & Akash stare at their brother, Did Eklavya just call a woman hot?!


R nudges Eklavya: R u ok dude?  Were u breathing in a little too much incense during your morning pooja? (he laughs)


Eklavya changes the subject: So why can't Akashdeep date Naina?


R: She is my friend, but the girl is mental, dude you want a steady relationship?  That girl is not steady in the brain.  She dates weird people.  She has been a Serial Dater for the past year.  Which I don't think is bad, because (he brushes his long hair with his hand) I'm a serial dater myself.  It's just that I know Akash wants a steady relationship.  She isn't.


Sundhi song is over and Naina comes on stage.


Naina: Didn't Sundhi's performance rock!!! (everyone claps) Tat is my favorite song this year!  Ok next is my favorite performer, who will be dancing to a very cute song with my boy fr….. my friend.  Xiah Junsu!  From DBSK!  Give it up for Kashish & Xiah! (Everyone claps)


Ranbir thinks: Kashish!... interesting name. (he looks at the stage when suddenly he sees the most mesmerizing creature on stage)


People are screaming Xiah! Xiah! & Kash! Kash! Kash!


And then the song dance starts..

Dekho Nashe Mein-

Dekho Nashe Mein (Xiah comes and does Salsa w/ Kash, Ranbir is awe struck) Sara jahan hai kitni hassin mulakat haiBetabi chahyi Hothon mein aaiDil mein chupe jo baat haiBahaaon mein aake Ashiq banake (Kash goes into Xiah's arms, Ranbir's hands already turn into a fist)Come shake it shake it some more


O baby Rock da dance floor (Both of them move their hips.)Rock da dance floorRock da dance floorAage bhi yehi show (Xiah touches her hips, Ranbir is glaring at Xiah as if he will kill him)Peeche bhi yehi show


Rock Rock!!! Shake it!! (Audience screams)


Song keeps going on and the whole time, Ranbir is questioning himself: Y I'm feeling so weird, these emotions I have never felt for someone before?


Song Changes to: Ishq hai Jhoota


chalta jaaye ishq musafir  (Kash sways her hips with Xiah behind her… Ranbir is burning with jealousy)ruke kahi na ishq yeh kaafir) (Kash puts her arm around Xiah's neck)ishq mein tere sab chootasara jahaan kahe ishq hain jhootha - hain total kamzarf kameena (Xiah sways his hips leaning against Kash, Ranbir is on a fire of jealousy)ishq ne hal kar diya hain jeenaraakh ki raatein aur jale dinjiye ham - 2 jab tere binlove hain passion kya kehar hain (Xiah gives a small peck on Kash's cheek as he is dancing with her) Ranbir wants to punch that son of a b*tch!)love hain toxic love zehar hain (Xiah caresses Kash's face) sara jahaan kahe ishq hain jhootha (Audience starts singing as the two on stage dance. )sara jahaan rahe ishq se rootha )-sara jahaan kahe ishq hain jhootha 


The song is done and everyone starts clapping.  Xiah and Kash give a friendly hug to each other.  Ranbir just keeps staring at the girl on stage. He thinks:  She has such innocence in her face yet such sexiness.  Who is this very beautiful woman?  I must find out.  I'm sure Naina knows.


Sara comes on stage, she is wearing a churidaar and looks like she just came from a temple: Well, Everyone!  I have to say that was a wonderful performance!  Well, of course it was.  That was my sister.  Kashish Sara Shah.  Everyone's Kash and our Kanya.


Ranbir's world comes crashing down: O Sh*t!  this Is Naina's younger sister.  She warned me not to go near here.. (Ranbir smirks) But what Naina doesn't know wont hurt her.  I so have to get a date with her but how?  (Ranbir looks at Akash, who Is staring at a smiling Naina) Well, brother I guess I will have to hook you up with Naina after all. (he smirks)


Sara: Well now my sister Kashish, would like to say a few words. (Sara hugs Kanya and goes off stage)


K: Hello, Everyone!  It's good to be here.  I would like to thank everyone for coming to this event.  It means a lot to me.  My sisters.  And my mother. (Kanya looks towards the sky) I'm sure, Ami would be proud of her daughters right now. (she gets teary)  But, this cause is important because I have been in remission for three years now. All three Nanda Brothers are shocked, especially Ranbir! And happy to say I'm now a Physician's Assistant here at our hospital.  Working at the outpatient clinic for awhile and then on the Cancer Center Floor.  Now I would like to introduce the VIP guests today!  The Nanda Brothers can you please come on stage.


Nanda bros come on stage and Ranbir just keeps thinking how to meet and hook up with Kanya without Naina knowing.


Kanya comes greets them.


K chirpy voice: Hi!  (gives her hand, Akash shakes it, Ranbir shakes and feels a jolt erupted in his body, Eklavya just does a pranam) Would one of you say a few words to the audience.


Eklavya: I would be glad to Ms. Shah.  My brothers don't go to many charities.  I have been to.


K smiles: That's nice that you have a big heart. And please you can call me Kanya.  I only let people close to my heart call me Kanya.  And you have already touched my heart.


Eklavya blushes. Ranbir just about wants to kill his brother, because he doesn't even know he is flirting with a woman. Eklavya goes to the podium.


Eklavya: Thank You to Ms. Shah.. I mean Ms. Kanya.  Leukemia is a horrible disease.  30,800 individuals will be diagnosed with leukemia in the United States and 21,700 individuals will die of the disease.  I have done my research and I can say this is a wonderful cause.  In fact, I will be donating my own money.  $50,000 dollars to this cause.


Everyone starts clapping.


Ranbir mutters under his breath: Show off!


Akash hears him: If you want to impress Kanya then, go to the podium and donate more money than Eklavya.  You own that club in Dubai, it's probably worth $200,000 dollars.  Of your own money.


R shocked: Yeah, (goes to Eklavya and whispers something in his ear)

Eklavya to the audience: My brother, Ranbir would like to say a few words. (Eklavya leaves the podium.)


The audience roars hearing Ranbir's name.


Ranbir thinks: Start your act Mr. (starts speaking) Ladies and Gentlemen, My brother Eklavya is an inspiration to all of us.  Ever since I was little I wanted to be like him.  We are the same age, I'm two minutes older than him.  But, he is truly a heart of gold!...


Eklavya thinks: Wat is wrong with this kid today? He's complimenting me?


Akash is staring at Naina who is sitting in the front row: D*mn!  How do I get a date with my beauteous.


 Ranbir continues:…. My brother has inspired me to help, so I would like to also donate some money.  It's a small portion of my own money.  This is a (pulls out his check book) and signs it.  A blank check to (turns to Kanya) and gives it to her. 


Everyone claps roarly

Kanya so excited gives him a tight hug. 

Ranbir whispers in her ear:  Can we meet at Japanese Sushi at 3:00pm tomorrow?  My number is in Naina's cell.


Kanya does not know how to react to that question.  Ranbir lets go.  Naina who is in the audience doesn't think anything bad is going on.  Naina and Sara go on stage.  And greet the brothers.   Sara goes to the podium.


Sara: Thanks to the Nanda brothers for their company and a generous donation.  Now for a short lunch break we have Garam Samosas from Jackson Heights in the Lunch corner.  And then we will see some more performances.


Everyone heads to the lunch area.  Eklavya sees the samosas and goes to grab one.  When he does someone gets the one he wants to get.  Eklavya flinches from the womans touch.


Sara: O sorry……… Your Eklavya right?  So nice of you to give such a generous donation. 


Eklavya finally looks at the person his hands touched: O Hello!  It was my pleasure I love samosas, with green chutney. (he bites into one)


Sara: Me too! (they smile)


Scene shifts to Akash and Ranbir


R: Ok dude, I give you permission to hang out… no flirt with Naina.  I mean your Sunaina.


A happily: Well, I don't need your permission I'm going to be working with her anyways.


Ranbir who is looking at Kanya..: Yeah, just keep her busy, look their she is, go talk to her (he pushes Akash towards Naina)

Ranbir walks towards Kanya and whispers in her ear: Excuse Me Miss, I saw you from across the room, and just wanted to say you look mesmerizing.


K excuses herself to someone she was talking to: Mr. Ranbir Nanda, I presume, How many times have you used that line on someone.


Ranbir thinks: Playing hard to get (speaks to Kanya) Well, I have to speak the truth, your dance was breathtaking.  ……… You are breath taking.


Kanya thinks: Good thing Nain, warned me about this kid, he is a total flirt, but extremely sexy! ……. O focus Kanya, you cannot think about him this way…. But he is hotter than the other twins. (speaks to Ranbir) So ….. you want an answer to ……. Your question?


Suddenly a girl Diya runs to Ranbir and kisses him on the lips for a full three minutes.


Diya: O Ranbir Darling!  Where have you been sweetie?  I didn't know you were here?


Ranbir taken aback: uh……..


Diya: It's me your Diya darling!


Naina walks over with Akash.


N smirk on her face: O Hey, Diya .. see you found your Rannu Darling!


Kanya thinks: Uhh……… this guy is a total flirt.


Ranbir thinks: Uhh.. stupid Naina always ruins my plans!


Diya: Come on Jannu, let's get out of her to the clubs (she pulls Ranbir with such force, she turns and winks at Naina)


Akash: Y did that girl wink at you Sunaina?


Naina: Sunaina? That's sweet..  You call me that.  Just call me Naina hun.


Kanya thinks: All though this Ranbir Nanda is a flirt.  He is soo attractive in so many ways.  Should I really listen to Naina?  Or does she want him all to herself?


20 comments and promise I will update! You should be happy I'm updating this soon!


*My longest update till date*  So won't update till my hands come back to life!OuchOuch

Silent Readers!!

Please Comment as Well!!Big smile

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