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FF : Tudwa Pyar: FINAL WORDS pg14 (Page 11)

kspooja10 Groupbie

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Posted: 09 June 2008 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
wonderfull pls continue

unpredictable91 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 June 2008 at 5:11am | IP Logged
naina pls update soon Confused
suganain Goldie

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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 6:19pm | IP Logged

Note: Sorry Everyone!  I know late update!  But, have been extremely busy!  And I graduated from high school!  I will be starting a summer program June 30th to August 8thSo their will be late updatesSorry!  But this is a long update with surprises!  I dedicate this update to my sisters!  Fatemah Baji (muhaz, u are such a cool baji!), Juoty Jaan (so called "Angel"), Salma Jaan (where are you?), and Sara (mad at you currently).


And this update also goes to Simran Di!  Who was begging me to update!


So here it is:






Naina: O my gosh!  Where is my black berry!!  ERrr!! Kash!


Kash runs out of the bathroom naked.  When Naina starts laughing on the floor uncontrollably.


Kash: O Sh*t!  I thought it was something serious. (Holding her towel closely to her body) 


And she runs back in the bathroom.  As Naina smirks


Naina screams: That's always so fun Kash, next time I will make sure I take a picture and send it to Juoty and then she will send it to all your friends.


Kash yelling from the bathroom: R u sure you want to do that?  Hehehe!  Because I have the picture of you when your tube top fell off in the swimming pool last summer.


Naina gulps: I thought you deleted that.


Kash comes out dressed in her Physicians Assistant attire. And comes and give Naina a sisterly hug to her.


Kash smiles: Hey, I'm your lil sister right.  I also know how to blackmail people as well.  She winks, just like you (hands her the black berry she was looking for) Please give me your blessing baji!


Naina smiles: Wat's with all this baji crap, You only say that to Sara.  Don't be such a kiss up!  You know I love you and my love is always with you.  That's all that counts.  But, one question, before you go, your so interested in The Cancer Center, then why work in the regular emergency floor.


Kash gives a sisterly kiss on Naina's cheek: Baby steps sis, baby steps.  I will be working on the emergency floor for a while then shift to Respiratory. …. Then last I will go to Sara and work on the Cancer Center floor.


Naina smiles: You won't need my good luck, but Good Luck.  I also have to meet Akash, he wants to look at some properties, It's weird why he wants to take a lawyer to the sites.  Because he will only need me after he gets the paperwork.  But, he said since he wants to open a Club, and since I have one………… Strange, but o well I'm getting paid.  And he is Ranbir's brother.


Kash eyes widen when she hears Ranbir's name: BTW, are you and Ranbir going out?


Naina disgusted: Eww, no way!  I have dated many guys after…….


Before Naina could finish her sentence. Xiah Junsu walks in and Naina's face turns disgusted to Angry.

Kash: O shit!  Alright sis, gotta go! (gives Naina and kiss, and says hello to Xiah, and shuts the door on her way out)


Theirs a 5 minute silence in between them.


Naina finally speaks: Ok, Wat the h*ll are you doing here Xiah?


Xiah: Naina, please baby listen to me…… It's not my fault that I misunderstood you……. I just couldn't accept.


Naina yells: Wat do u think I will forgive you?  Really think I'm going to say it's ok Xiah…  it was only our baby right??!! Right!!?? RIGHT!!!??


Just then Xiah pushes Naina against the wall, putting both his arms on each side trapping her, Naina looks up at his eyes, full of love or lust?  He kisses her like there is no tomorrow.  Naina wants to get out of this kiss.  But she still has feelings for Xiah.  She can't stop the World War 10 going on in their mouths.  Xiah starts to pull Naina's cashmere sweater down from her shoulder.  Then Naina gets a jolt of flashback.




Xiah: You had s*x with another man, this cannot be my baby?


Naina: How can you even say that?  I love you.. an.


Xiah cuts her mid-sentence: No you went out with … um er..


Naina mad & crying at the same time: O I understand, you don't wanna accept the baby do you? Because your nervous about being a father? I mean I'm too……


Xiah: NOO!!  I just don't want this baby in my life, OK!!  It is a…..


Naina just slaps him hard on the face, and storms out of Xiah's apartment.




Xiah starts to nuzzle her neck and grab her in those desired areas…. When Naina realizes that this is the man who betrayed her and left her with her daughter, Emeuri.  She kicks him right where it hurts and screams at him.


Naina screams: Don't even dare!  KIM JUNSU!  Yes, I might have those feelings for you!  I might… but, nothing can replace the pain you gave me that day!!! Nothing!!! I only called you at the Benefit was because we needed a celebrity…… None of my sister's know about the baby incident.  They just know that we broke up.


Xiah still holding his nuts: Ow……. Comon Naina we can…..


Naina: Just LEAVE before I shoot your balls, and you will have no identity as a man!  (Naina goes to her drawer and grabs a gun)


Xiah runs to the door and out, Naina shoots the gun, and bubbles start to come out She thinks:


Naina tears flowing down her face: Just like these bubbles, my life is like this, Clear and beautiful, but sooner or later it will (a bubble pops) POP!


Scene shifts to Shah Sister Hospital


Kanya is all set to work at the emergency floor, excited, nervous and many other emotions going through her brain.  But, happy that she finally gets to do her dream job.  Many emergency cases come in. When one of the nurses come to Kanya.


Nurse Sharon: Dr. Shah, a male patient who only wants to be checked by u is here.


Kanya confused face: Me?  Ok what room is he in?


Nurse Sharon: He is in room 212.


Kanya knocks the door, and walks in to find none other than, Ranbir Nanda.  He is wearing a muscle shirt showing his 6 pack abs, huge biceps, and his signature Dolce & Gabbana shades.


K thinks: O gosh he looks so hot, CONTROL KASH!  CONTROL! She says: O, Mr. Nanda, so what's the emergency?


Ranbir w/ his signature mischievous smile: Ooo, Ms… I mean Dr. Shah, I have a heart problem…………….. ever since I've met you. (he winks)


Kanya angry: Look RANBIR, I don't want to deal with this crap, the first day on the job. And…….


Ranbir just comes up to her and backs her up to the wall and whispers in her ear: Dr. Kash… (he smiles) can u meet me at Club SugaNain…? (his arms still in each side trapping her.)


K smiles back: Your not scared of Nain?


Ranbir sly smile: Naina is not working their tonight…


Kanya takes out her pen and scribbles her cell number rite on his cheek: Don't wash your face, till you get home.


Ranbir embarrassed: But, there are a lot of people out their…….


Kanya removes Ranbir's arms forcefully, Ranbir shocked as to how strong she is: Mr. Nanda I will meet you their at 8:00pm sharp.  (She starts to head to the door and turns) You know…… I also know karate too…… like my lovely sister…… Naina (and she gives a sly smile & winks).


Ranbir thinks: Should I believe I'm a dead man or…. Nah!  Kashish Sara Shah digs Ranbir Nanda for sure! (Ranbir looks at his face and sees the she wrote loser, with a permanent marker and her phone number, Ranbir tries to erase the loser part, but doesn't come off.) Shit!  This girl is feisty! Hmmm.. Ranbir like! (we see a big smirk on Ranbir's face)


Scene Shifts to the Cancer Center, where Dr. Sara Naz Shah has just been informed that one of her patients has fainted and is being brought in by a very handsome man.


Sara angry: Handsome?! Nurse Amerie, I did not ask for the description of the man, let's go!


Nurse Amerie all enamored: But he is!


Sara angry tone: Shut up!  And let's go!


They head to one of the wards.  And they see Eklavya Nanda with 12 year old little girl named Hira Khan.


Sara astonished seeing Eklavya: Mr. Nanda u brought Hira in?  Thank You so much!


Eklavya: It was no problem, at all, I saw her on the sidewalk, and found your card.  People are such lunatics I tell you, people were walking past her and didn't even help her.  Heartless morons!  Some ppl are.


Sara smiles: That's really nice of you Eklavya.  Not many people have a big heart like you.  If you don't mind can u step outside.  So I can check on Hira?  Thanks.


Eklavya steps outside the ward and 10 minutes later Sara comes out.  She tells Nurse Amerie a couple of things and meets Eklavya.


Sara: Thank you again, Eklavya (she goes to shake his hand and surprisingly he does without hesitation)


Eklavya nervously: I better leave now, I have to go to the oil company to deal with some financial issues.  Would you like to meet me for coffee sometime today?


Sara surprised by his question: Sure…………… How about at 4:00pm its 12:00pm right now.  We can meet at Oasis Caf.


Eklavya: That's great!  See you then.


Eklavya and Sara part.  When suddenly he realizes he just asked a woman out.  A WOMAN OUT. 


Eklavya while driving to the oil company is on the phone with his brother Ranbir: I just asked out a woman?!  I just shook a woman's hand!?


Ranbir laughing: HAHA!  Congrats Brother!  You finally did what we, Akash, me and the whole world thought you would never do.  Ask a woman out!  For a second their we thought you were gay.  So who did you ask out?


Eklavya: Sara Naz Shah.


Ranbir chokes, and gets all excited: PERFECT!


Eklavya driving into the company's parking lot: Wat's so perfect?


Ranbir: Uhhh….. umm….. Because Sara is a nice girl for you.  All the Shah Sisters are nice.


Eklavya gets out and heads to the office: OO, all right bro!  I'm at the office I will talk to you later. Bye (Eklavya hangs up)


Ranbir: This is just perfect!  Eklavya is going to busy with Sara.  And my dear Akashdeep will be busy with Nain. Hehehe. (Ranbir smiles mischievously to himself.)


Scene shifts to Naina who is about to pick up her 6 year old daughter Emeuri at the PrestigiousSchool for the Elite in Manhattan.

This school is only for the smartest and brightest and because Sunaina is a well known socialite she made sure that no one knew about this.  The school is run by one of Naina's best friends, Salma.


Sunaina: Thank You so much for sitting with Emeuri.  I'm sorry I took so long.  U know NY traffic. 


Salma: It's ok Nain, here is your lovely daughter.


We see a cute little girl who looks exactly like her father except for her nose which is a little pointy like Naina's.  Her smile resembles just like her fathers, cute and adorable.


Emeuri: Mama, You're here, I hate waiting this long you know………. I was afraid something happened (looking extremely sad & frightened.)


Nain picks up Emeuri in her arms and gives her a big kiss on the cheek: Come on Sweet Heart, you know nothing can happen to mama.


Emeuri: Does that mean you will take me to work today?


Naina looks at Emeuri and then Salma, as much as she wants to take her beautiful daughter to work and home, she can't.  She wishes that Emeuri could meet her aunts.  And live with her.  But, their families' reputation is at stake.


Sunaina: We are going to take you to my job, but you will not tell anyone about who you are right.


Emeuri confused face: Sure, my name is Emeuri Naz Kim.


Sunaina: No.. Just say Emeuri.  And that you're my best friend's daughter.


Emeuri: ok (she goes inside and sits in the car)


Salma: Nain, it's not such a good idea to teach the girl how to lie.


Nain sighs: I know Salma, but exactly what I'm I supposed to do.  I have to tell her this so she doesn't spill the beans.  I don't want to be a burden on you.  She always stays at your house.  It's my job to take care of her I'm her mother.  I will just tell my sisters I'm taking care of her for a 6 months, because my so called friend is getting Cancer treatment in Europe.


Salma laughs: And that will work?


Nain: For awhile at least.  Until I come up with another plan.


Salma: Good Luck Sweet Heart.  But what if Xiah finds out.


Nain: That b*stard!  Will never FIND OUT!


Salma hands Naina Emeuri's homework: Here's her homework.  (gives Naina a tight hug)


Nain: Thanx for being their for me.


Salma: Anytime. 


Nain and Emeuri head to the property place, where she is supposed to meet Akashdeep.  Sunaina is a little scared, but she has trained her daughter to make sure not tell anyone about their relationship.  Sara and Kash have met Emeuri before so they don't know that Emeuri is their niece. 


Nain drives up to the property and parks her LDC Hybird Convertible.  Both, Sunaina and Emeuri get out and meet Akashdeep.


Akashdeep looks at Naina while she is walking towards him, not noticing Emeuri at all, He just stares at her long legs flashy black leather jacket.  Her glossy lips that he just wants to dive into.


Sunaina nudges Akash: Hello!  We are here!  So let's look at the site.


Akash: We?


Sunaina points at Emeuri who is sucking at a grape lollipop: This is my da—arling friend's daughter Emeuri.  Emeuri put the lollipop down and say hi to Akash, I mean Akash Bhaiya.


Emeuri looks at Akash top to bottom: He doesn't look like a bhaiya, more like an Uncle.


Sunaina: Sweetie, he is still young like me, so obviously he is a bhaiya.


Akash annoyed by Emeuri: So she will be joining us? He's thinking: kebab mein hadi!


Sunaina guilty look: I'm sorry I had to bring Emeuri work, I'm in charge of her for six months.


Akash astonished: SIX MONTHS?!


Emeuri drops her lollipop: Do u have a problem with that smartone?!


Sunaina yells: Emeuri!  Mind your tongue!  Because of that tone!  I'm going to take you to Archita's house right now!


Naina dials a number and calls Archita's house.  Archita comes by and picks her up.


Emeuri upset: But Ma-


Naina cuts between Emeuri sentence: I will pick u up in about………….


Akash really happy: Neve-r…….. I mean in one hour.


Emeuri leaves with Archita, vowing to herself that she will take revenge on Akash. 


Nain: Sorry about that, she never talks to anyone like that.


Akash smiles at Sunaina: It's ok, shall we go.


They look around the site, and Naina smiles, she loves it so much.  Most importantly because it is in front of the beach. 


Naina twirls around: This is a perfect place for a club.  I'm jealous my club isn't at such a wonderful location like this.


Akash comes in front of Naina and smiles: Do you want to switch your club here?


Naina: ?


Akash smiles: U and I can own the club together… Or we can make this the second location for Club SugaNain.


Nain smiles: But this is your dream to own your own Club.  I don't mind having competition. (she winks)


Akash smiles: R u flirting with me?


Naina smiles: Don't worry, I do that with everyone.


Akash winks: He said I mind.


Naina smiles, not knowing that Akash actually meant what he said: I like your offer, but I think you should open your own club here.  Believe me your club can be all about a certain kind of music and age group.


Akash confused: Ummm…….


Naina smiles: Club SugaNain is ages 25-35.  I don't' allow anyone older, and music played at my club is everything except country.  We even have a SugaNain Rain Night which is actually in two days.  That is a dirty night.


Akash confused: SugaNain Rain Night?


Naina explains: I can't work that day, it's on the first floor, The sprinklers go on and everybody dances in their bathing suits.  We do it in the summer four times a week.  But people have to pay extra for that floor.  Oh No!  I'm telling you all my secrets! (she gasps)


Akash: It's ok, I won't steal your ideas promise! (he crosses his fingers) Why aren't you attending the SugaNain Rain Night.


Naina awkwardly: We are friends right?


Akash puts his hand on Nain's shoulder: Of course.


Nain: All my sisters think I'm the wild sister.  But tell you the truth, I have more on my shoulders then they think I do (Sunaina thinks of Emeuri) I just don't want them to know that I'm all responsible.  That's Sara's job to be the perfect sister.  In reality I'm not that perfect woman. (Sunaina starts tearing up and crying)


Akash goes and hugs and consoles Naina: Hey, Sunaina.  Don't cry!  You look really ugly when you cry!   I thought you wore a tough karate girl huh?


Naina shocked: What!  (she starts hitting him) Ugly?! How mean!


Akash smiles: Ouch!  U are strong! (wipes her tears) at least that made u smile.


Naina smiles and then looks at her watch: O sh*t!  I gotta go!  I will fax u the papers u need to sign and meet with the contractor.


Akash smiles: How about dinner at Olive Garden? I'll book the rooftop, so it's private and we can discuss business.


Naina smiles: Omg!  Olive Garden is my favorite place to eat!  I should have been friends with you a long time ago.  Ok I better go..  Bye!


Akash thinks to himself: Don't worry, Sunaina soon we will be more than friends.


Scene shifts to a downtown bar where a very familiar looking girl in short skirt and black leather tube top.  Drinking a heavy drink.  It's none other than KASHISH SARA SHAH.


A man walks up to her and asks flirtingly: Hello Sexy Lady!  Who are you?


K angry and annoyed: I'm Kash!  B*tch! GET YOUR filthy hands off me!



So Please Comment People!

And Silent Readers, I love you!

So please comment too!

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KC294 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 6:21pm | IP Logged

This was a shocker...

i absolutely loved it

First of all Thank you for dedicating this update to us (ur sisters) love you loads mwah....

now what can i say about the update its self...

How can naina hide such a big secert from her sisters?

and Xiah turns evil...(total opposite of his true nature)

Now Sara and Eklavya... hmmm i'm intersted to see how this track develops...

As for naina and Akaash... looks like there is an emotional bond forming between them...

And kash... she shocked me the most... hard drinks... i thot she was innocent baby... and that swearing... naina wahs her mouth with soapWink

i totally loved it... can't wait for the next part...

Edited by KC294 - 21 June 2008 at 7:40pm
desaigirl101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 6:53pm | IP Logged
great job
can't wait to read the next update
continue soon!
stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 November 2007
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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
hi naina
awesom update!!
continue soon!
sam78 Goldie

Joined: 05 October 2006
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Posted: 21 June 2008 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
awesome update.
Sallu- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 March 2008
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Posted: 22 June 2008 at 6:03am | IP Logged
okay first of all..

one word !
i mean it ... i love the way each sister is different and has their own sorta personality..!
kash ..surprised me...
and i love nainas character ..really brave..!
sara story is just begining (heheh i want more !!!)

naina excellent update (aakhir behen hain kiski :D heh lol!) and good luck in your courses!..... will chat to u soon and keep the excellent work up:D luv ya !
i kno i dont get to chat wid u guys much ..but im workin on it as the school year is endin in 4 weeks it kinda hectic... (okay dats enuff of da excuse )

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