Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

KDMHMD - A Review

-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 1:31pm | IP Logged

Most of you are aware of my critical analysis posts on KYPH and then my review on KHNK. Today, I make an honest attempt to write a review on Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil. The story is still in its formative stage and it would be interesting to see how the producers/writers handle the story line/concept.

The review is just my own views on the subject and is meant just for reading and is not meant to be taken to heart. It is not meant to ridicule any one or any actor in it.

I often think that I am mad for trying to be home on time from work just so that I can watch Kis desh main hai mera dil. Am I mad or have i gone bonkers that i just want to be home in time to watch a good looking guy with very intense eyes on TV. Am I a born emotional fool who loves to watch anything romantic and cute - I dont know but what I do know is that this show is refreshing different and very much in tune with the times. Today I make an attempt to give an honest review in this so far perfect show.

True love they say withstand the test and time, overcome all failures and bridges. It captures hearts and crosses all boundaries. Perhaps this is in essence the basic crux of story line of Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil. They say jodiya upar se ban kar aati hain that is matches are made in heaven. I guess this statement holds true.

KDMHMD seems to be a rather refreshing soap, a soap very much in tunes with the times, a soap that makes one look at the traditional aspects of our culture with a renewed sense of awe and respect. It shows that one has to be forward but then not lose sense of one cultures and tradition in the bargain. The show does not teach us to be backward in our thinking but rather shows us to be progressive and have respect in what we stand for as individuals.

The serial shows how god plays a part in bringing two people closer to each other, if they are destined to be together and meet, even if matches are made and decided by heaven. How a girls believes for 20 years that there is someone by a name who will come and take her one day, only to learn one fine day, that the person may never come. how she had to adjust and reconcile to fate and then how destiny has totally different plans.

How the forces of nature work to bring two people together as if they were always meant to be.

About the Story and the Story So Far...
This story is about two friends Balraaj Maan and lalit juneja who used to stay together in Ambala (Punjab). 20 years ago, lalit after loosing his first wife Shipra marries Gayatri and goes to Canada to get settle...before leaving for Canada lalit assures Balraj that he will get Prem marry his daughter Heer. For 20 years, Balraj and his wife Teji along with two daughters are waiting for lalit to come back and take Heer as their daughter – in – law.

20 years pass by and there is no news from lalit. Balraj tries getting in touch with him but in vain. Assuming that lalit has forgotten all about his promises, he accepts faith and gets his daughter engaged to manmeet, a proposal he recieves from his younger brother and his younger brothers wife. Heer has her roka with manmeet but later balrajs wife finds out that manmeet is actually married. Upset, they tell off the younger brother and the wife (who are actually after money and the property). They are going back home, when their bus meets with an accident and they die.

In the mean while , lalit gets all set to return to India to fulfil his promise. He tells his son of his promise and his son agrees to fulfil his fathers promise. In the mean while, heer and her sister get ready to come to her chacha and chachi's house.
prem and heer meet but dont come face to face till quite along time. They show prem coming to heers rescue on innumerable occassions, at the station just outting his arms around her while they are road side romeos coming towards her to name one of the occassion. When Heer does realise that prem is here and is the one, its a little too late for her as lalit then has gone and arranged prems match with heers cousins (thanks to chachis tricks.) Heer and her sister are treated like servants, yet they take it in their stride. Prem seems to mesmerized by heers sadness. He sees there is sadness in her eyes which moves him. He comes in aide of heer on innumerable times without knowing who she is. Chachi in the mean while has lied to lalit about heer and to heer about lalit.

But they say, you cant stop people from meeting, you cant stop people from falling in love, and if they are destined to be together, so shall it be. Heer and Prem meet. There is something about heer that captivates prem and enchants him. And so he begins to fall in love. The interesting part here is that its the eyes and the body language of heer and prem that do the talking and makes you realize that love not only makes the world go round but it makes the ride worthwhile...

About the Characters:
Well some of the characters are yet to be shown. While some characters have been carefully etched out, there are other sketches which are a lil too confusing.

About the Screen Play & Dialogues:
The Screenplay is fantastic so far. The basic premise of this story is a promise of two friends - balraj and lalit that they make to each other 20 years ago of getting their children married to each other. The story so far has not been the run of the mills kinds. Its refeshing to see a "different" concept from the balaji stable. However knowing Balajis penchant for churning out masala serials, we know this will become a run of the mill kinds.

The Dialogues are a refreshing change with a touch of punjabi of it and there are some good dialogues mentioned so far.

The Lighting and camera works seems to be a work of art - a complete master piece so to say... The promos is one classy work!!

Some of my favourite so far:

a) Mandir Scene
b) Station Scene
c) at night when heer enters prems room and prem lights up to see her face
d) thursday episode where prem saves heer yet again and both are just lost in each others eyes
e) when heer is walking on the road, and sees manmeet and wonders why he didnt recognise her
f) prems engagement party dance

Music & Lyrics:
Music is captivating for now. The title song has been penned by lyricist lalit sen. The back grounds songs in the show so far have been soothing to the ears. O re Piya being a favourite here.

ummmm, there is no dance sequence yet shown other than the dance sequence on prems engagement - the song chapppa chappa 69.gif 69.gif 69.gif 69.gif 69.gif 69.gif 69.gif

Indian for the girls and the guys are shown in jeans, t shirt. prem is shown in western formals or then in a formal shirt and trousers... sigh, I would love to see him in kurta pyjama. 105.gif 105.gif

The show will be a sure sure hit abroad. Its is refreshing to see the junejas having retained the culture and values amongst themselves and ensuring that their children live by that value. Its not as if they have forgotten their roots, They go for parties, atleast the younger lot does, they respect their elders and they live like a family. They have sense, morals and values attached to them.

Heer is not any village girl. Her character is very contemporary. She is intelligent, has a mind of her own, is independent . She has dreams, she has hopes and she has aspirations but like any other indian girl, would forsake her own happiness for that of her parents and her family.

Prem is soft spoken, is an ideal son, who loves his family to the core. He seems to show some guts and seems to come across as a man with some spine. He seems to be caring, sensitive and a very family man.

On the relationships shown in the show so far:
There is a close emotional bonding that is shown amongst the Manns. They do seem to have their share of joys and sorrows but the bond is such that they tend to be in it together. As the family, who opts to stay in ambala when balraj gives lalit all his hard earned money, as the family who are in the thick and thin , who decide to wait and wait for the day when a promise will be fulfilled. The manns will move you. A family, that accepts fate and decides to move on, the mann will maje you appreciate life and look at life with a different perspective. As a friend and then as a brother who feels badly let down, balraj mann gives a heart rendering performance.

Relationships within the Juneja Parivar is still unclear and are waiting to be unfolded. They are characters who are yet to be introduced. However, an interesting contrast in this regard in this soap is that it is shown that in a typical business family, the children of the house are shown to have some values and some amount of emotional vulnerability in them. It isnt as if they are into plastic cash or after the riches of the world. Atleast that angle hasnt been shown as yet. Lalit Juneja in this regard to me seems to be someone who has taken alot of pains to build up a business empire and doesnt want that hard work to go down the drain. It still happens in todays world that the upper rich class do look down upon the middle class. Family Virtues is something which i think sadly is not prevailing in todays world but is fortunately shown in KDMHMD.

Some characters and missing links seem to be there. For instance, it sureky aint for the property that daljeet wants to get heer married to manmeet. Obviously there is more twist in the tale which hopefully will get sorted out and come in the limelight. Hopefully some storylines within this soap will not go in the back burner.

Considering that the show is just two months it wont be fair on my part to go into a critical evaulation of the show as yet. However, whats not explained or bought into light as yet is the the story of heers brother which may perhaps never be explained or shown to us. Whats hard to understand as yet is the fact that lalit does not even remember his childhood friend and has made no efforts in finding the daughters of his friends. Whats not known is why daljeet is in a hurry to fix heers match with manmeet. Whats unimaginable is the fact that Lalit or gayatri has made no efforts in finding the daughters of manmeet. Whats not shown is the pain or then regret of Lalit.

All in all the whole stoy has a very different but comtemporary feel to it with the characters still opening up and coming to light. Coming at a time slot of 8:30 pm on Star Plus, it seems asa timeless love saga, which will go down in the history of television as one of the love stories ever spoken about.

Heer Ranhja, Shahjahan - mumtaz, Romeo Juliet, Adam Eve, all were great love stories which are till date spoken off. love they say is a universal language of the world which only eyes can see, ears her, heart sing. It does not need to be spoken but just needs to be felt. perhaps, it is the best how I can describe the love that prem seems to have for heer or that which heer has for prems. Some relationships doont need a formal stamp. They dont need a name and yet they exist. Perhaps, Prems and Heers love story is one such story!! and may be some 10 years down the line prem and heers love story will be one such love story spoken in the same breath in years to come.

Sitaron ka khel - May be. Shocked comingg from me - Dont be. For there is someone out there, made for you. Sab Lakeero ka khel yaaron

The show is slightly different and is catching on.... Definately a must watch if you havent seen it as yet and if you are already hooked on it....Enjoy the show darlings..It doesnt get any better than KDMHMD... Definately one of the best serials from the balaji camp after Kanyadan and KHNK....

Move over Karan - Nandini, Sujal - Kashish, Angad - Kripa, Mihir - Tulsi - Kavya - Anjali, Jai-Bani....

Prem - Heer are here to stay!!

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sidrah_88 Newbie

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Fabulous review misty,
Prem-Heer you bet are here to stay.Alas, a show from balaji camp, one can actually look up to. I hope it retains its charm though dis is a very far fetched notion

Lhethal.Me IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
kya review di hai...mindblowing!!! couldn't agree wid u less!!!
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by sidrah_88

Fabulous review misty,
Prem-Heer you bet are here to stay.Alas, a show from balaji camp, one can actually look up to. I hope it retains its charm though dis is a very far fetched notion


Thank You. I would like to give the benefit of doubt to the creatives. The show has a different feel to it and it just makes you think back n look at life with a renewed sense of belief and purpose.

Edited by mistyeyed_25 - 03 May 2008 at 1:47pm
-Faith- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Wow u actually reminded of the old Kyph forum days...*sigh*
Very well detailed, well thought out and well written...So honest and straight from the heart yet blunt and forth right..Though not as critical as u were making it sound hehehe...
It was a delight reading ur review...Wonderfully writtenClap Cudnt have said it in a better way....Ishh a must read!Big smile
And I agree Prem-Heer are here to stay!Smile
And misty looking forward to more of ur posts!
salma_786786 Goldie

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Prem Heer are here to stay for sure!!! normally i don't read reviews but yours was really interesting and plus its about KDMHMD which is a extra beneifit.

Asha004 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
WOW!!So beautifully written Clap

I was sitting here reading ur review and my window was open and it's afternoon over here right now and I could hear all the beautiful chirping sounds of the birds outside and the peacefulness of the weather that I started remembering Prem and Heer 4 some reason and the peacefulness of their relationship as well LOL Embarrassed Embarrassed

Anyways,the part where u were describing Heer and then touched my heart bcuz' it totally took me back to remembering all their moments on-screen [with/without the presence of each other]....loved it,loved,loved it....

I loved that last part...Prem and Heer are here to stay....I'm hoping they'll stay w/ us 4 many years...but I don't want this show 2 drag too much....I want it 2 be a short,sweet and simple love story...without the retarded twists and turns that BT always has 2 add to their shows....because they ruin the true essence of the jodi...Prem-Heer 4ever in our hearts now...they're engraved there now...just like memorable jodis such as Angad-Kripa,Sujal-Kashish and Kavya-AnjaliEmbarrassed Embarrassed
dollyandpinky Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
ehmm ehm ehmmm wow that truely deserves an applause Clap

Hats off to you misty

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