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Samyukta Pt 15 - Alliances ~Siya & Harsh~ (Page 2)

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brilliant part chech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up

the only thing missing was dharam's presence... but u've made that up by sia's hallucination... she discovers the stunning Dharam smiling charmingly at her, just as he did so when he was admiring their raucous concert a few days ago  awwwww that's such a lovely scene... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

i could totally relate to sia's discomfort and awkwardness while meeting so many people... just like me when i'm in front of too many guests... LOL

this harsh is an interesting character... i'm glad he's very different from the serial one... this one actually gives a feel of a prince... me thinks if sia hadnt met dharam before she MIGHT have been impressed by this harsh.. not his arrogance though.. but alas he's too late now..   Party   
but whats this???? he's friends with agni.. and his kingdom's siding with agni and jv in the war!!! Shocked

sia's so cute... this girl knows how to laugh at herself.. and she remembered how dharam and veer described her cooking and singing skills... LOL   
"The last time I tried to prepare something, I was advised never again to subject anyone else to the tortures of my culinary skills…"
"Rajkumar Harsh…if I start singing, even the Lord himself would come down personally to stop the torture…" LOL LOL LOL i totally love this girl... she's perfect for dharam.. Smile

nice scene between nivi, moonhead and swathi... it'll be interesting to see nivi's interaction with pari when they meet... Smile

i'm glad your agni has a mind of his own... Big smile jv's plan is good.. evil guy.. Evil Smile

and i loved the veer-shera scene... brilliantly written part... Clap i loved all of shera's dialogues.... smart girl... Cool  i like the name ananya too... dumb men who cant pronounce it... LOL i'm glad veer's not one of them... LOL 

i wonder how dharam is coping up after all that embaressment... poor chap... i hope he's alright... Cry

till next saturday... this is for u... Hug



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bunny007 IF-Dazzler

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aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww loved that sia keeps remembering dharam and loved veer and ananya's part as well keep rocking lashy.

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 3:49pm | IP Logged

@ arshoo baba

i need to double thank you for the comments on the previous part and this one here.. its nice to see you being the first one to post comments LOL

wowwww i cant believe arshittttttttttt is praising the romantic scenes.. i still cant believe it.. i am just happy to know that you are enjoying them.. Tongue and i am glad to know that this was one of your favourite parts.. Embarrassed

Rajkumar Harsh.. well he is a normal Rajkumar.. nothing exceptional about him... didnt want him to be a monkey like in DV.. LOL yes this part did contain a bit of everything.. Embarrassed

and as for your predictions, assumptions etc.. all without revealing much all i can say is that you have hit the nail on the head. Tongue

@ sonu

awwww sonu a big hug to you HugHugHug

awwwwww...lovely lashy as usual...so sia keeps remembering what dharam has said to her...oh bechara rajkumar harshLOL...he was paising her beauty...was keep asking about her hobbies but sia was some where elseLOL...tooo goood lashy the way u discribed it...what i like in sia's part is that here harsh is talented ...and arrogant

thank you so much for all of the above comments Embarrassed... they mean so much to me..

nivriti hmmmmm....why does she wants to meet pari...she must be feeling insecure or it was something else

she just wants to meet the lady because she remembers na that neither was the lady apologized to.. nor was she thanked for.. and also she feels a strange affection towards her.. Embarrassed

best part was as usual veer and sheras...i love his cute and innocent behaviour...but shera is interesting as well as confusing what was she trying to do thereConfused...she always gives advise to veer ... mystery........... mystery

yes she is mysterious.. 50% of her mystry will get solved with the next episode and the remaining 50% after about 5-6 episodes Smile but she is an enigma... and i wanted her to be different from anyone else i have ever seen on TV or in movies.. as she is for veer na.. tho hatke honi chaahiye.. Embarrassed

@ abhy

awww abhy will be waiting for your comments.. glad to know you liked siya.. Embarrassed and her emotions.. she is a very different princess.. perfect by heart.. and yet embraces her imperfections gracefully..


divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2008 at 4:39pm | IP Logged
Wow lashy,Hug


This is another brilliant and wonderful part.Clap ClapClapI was dying to read this today and every time I sat down to read it someone kept disturbing me. Cry


I loved how you have described siya thinking about dharam, nivritti praying about her son's safety, agni and jai's plan to take over all the states and veer and shera's interaction.ClapClapClap


I like the harsh you have decribed here as he is just a prince who likes the princess and is trying to please her and not like the character we see in the serial. Smile


What I loved :


         The way you described siya's outfit in glacial blue with sparking jewellery. Wow, she looks so beautiful and lovely that anyone who sees her will be enthralled and awed by her beauty. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming


         This line she humbly bows to the awestruck Maharani Vaidehi and Maharaj Anantgupt of Chatarpur  - so regal and dutiful at the same time


         "she slowly casts a glance at Rajkumar Harsh to look at his attractive face. Noticing the mesmerized prince staring at her, the girl smiles at him uneasily for an instant and then immediately proceeds towards her luxuriant chair."- awww she feels nervous look at harsh and he is just astounded by her beauty.  Little does he know that she suits the best with dharamEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


         "Gauri, your daughter is the most beautiful princess I have ever come across"

Siya's mother flashes a spirited smile, as she watches her daughter meekly nodding to Maharani Vaidehi in gesture to her flattering comment.  I like how siya is agreeing to what Maharani Vaidehi saying so cute. LOL


         Aware that Rajkumar Harsh was gaping at her and hoping for her to return his gazes; Siya anxiously tries to evade looking in his direction and quietly watches the casual conversations and discussions between the two families about the impending engagement she is embarrassed, nervous and harsh is waiting for her to look at him. LOL


         When maharani Gauri says to siya "why don't you show Rajkumar Harsh the guest landing…acquaint him with the Niphaudi palace…" this is such a subtle excuse of making sure that both harsh and siya talk. Bechari siya had no choice, she could hardly say that I am sure he can find his own way round the palace or that she is not ready to speak to him yet. I am glad that daksha and nanda went together with herLOLLOL


         Harsh trying to start a conversation with siya and her getting embarrassed by the compliment.  Harsh wants her to talk more and when he asks her "Are you adept at anything in particular?" she nods her like no awwwwww so sweet. Siya is more adept at making dharam smile   EmbarrassedDay Dreaming


         Siya was showing harsh the palace and when she points at the kitchen areas he assumes that she is good at cooking. Little does he know the torture dharam and veer had to face ROFLROFLROFL


         Siya becomes reminded of the experience when the princes of Aryanagar were subjected to eating the horrid feast prepared by her and unwittingly grins, as she repeats Dharam's comment "The last time I tried to prepare something, I was advised never again to subject anyone else to the tortures of my culinary skills…"  this is so sweet and honest answer,ROFL I think slowly step by step sia is realising all of dharam's qualities and remembering himDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming


         Nanda and daksha giggling and siya is smiling thinking of dharam and harsh is happy that she is smiling. Wait till he finds out who siya is thinking about.LOLLOL


         "Do you sing well? Are you proficient in the arts? Do you play any instruments?" harsh ko kya pata siya ke amazing singing talent kaa, maybe siya should have sung for harsh as well. I would have loved to see what his expressions would be ROFLROFL


         "she feels a strange presence beside her. Casting a casual glance sideways; she discovers the stunning Dharam smiling charmingly at her, just as he did so when he was admiring their raucous concert a few days ago. The astonished girl immediately moves away till she realizes Dharam's vision to be a hallucination of hers"- this is such a romantic scene, siya dheere dheere is missing dharam and is seeing him smiling at her. She is beginning to realise about her feelings for dharam. Day DreamingDay DreamingHeart


         Harsh repeating the question, and he is not used to being ignored especially  by a princess who he finds very beautiful and trying to gain her attentionLOLLOL


         Bhabi ko devar ke yaad ah gayi as she remembers his words "if I start singing, even the Lord himself would come down personally to stop the torture…" Even daksha joins in the laughter. ROFLROFL


         Baffled and irked by the repeated silly reactions of the girls, the clueless Harsh turns around to them and addresses them nobly "Why are you smirking at us? I have come all the way here to meet and talk to Rajkumari Siya…I am the prince of Chatarpur...I would be very grateful if you would respect my feelings!"  Bechara harsh, he has no clue on what is going on and feels that they are laughing at him when all daksha was doing was remembering what veer saidROFLROFL



         Siya's visage eclipses with sadness, as the disturbed girl gradually turns away and recollects the similar encounter with Dharam at the temple market. She mumbles to herself in a low tone "At the market, I laughed at him in front of the entire crowd …he is a prince too… how bad he must have felt…yet he bore all my insult quietly…" siya is beginning to understand how gallant and nobel dharam because he bore all her insults so quietly and was still respectful to her. She misses him and me to want to see them together againCryDay Dreaming


         Harsh becoming more and more confused as to what is happening – I feel like saying to him, don't worry you have no idea the amount of confusion dharam and veer had to deal with ROFLROFL


         Siya saying that she was talking about veer and dharam and harsh is getting jealous. Siya is thinking of their friendship and is not able to understand why harsh is minding it so much. She is so sweet when she asks him "if she said something wrong". She is so innocent and cute SmileClap


         Siya's fears and her uneasiness when she hears that harsh is friends with agni Confused


         Harsh finds a few scrolls casually lying on a large chest and turns to Siya for permission, as he picks one up. He is asking her permission to look at them, she can hardly say no to him LOL


         "I tried my hand at painting too…but I don't think I was very successful." Viewing the painting, Harsh becomes shocked by the amateurish figures in the scrolls and immediately rolls back the scroll, flashing the abashed princess a restless smile. I think gobsmacked is how  harsh feels when he sees the paintings and does not know what to say about the pictures so just smiles. ROFLROFL


         Harsh showing his painting to siya and telling her about all the stuff he is good at but the minute he sees siya's sad face he says that her talent is in her grace. I thought this was so sweet of him. EmbarrassedClap


         This is a poem I wrote describing what I feel for you...I would be very grateful if you read through it…if you spent some time to go through every expression in it…and if you let me know what you found so admirable about it…"  he is giving her the scroll and wants her to tell him what she found so good about it. he is saying it like it's an assignment she is doing and he is going to test her on it. ROFLROFL


         Siya just  nodding her head to keep harsh happy about the poem.LOL


         How nivritti is defending dharam and veer that what they said must be true Clap


         This scene is so touching "the saddened Nivritti slowly opens her ivory chest to place the shawl in it. Glancing by chance at the bamboo idol of Lord Krishna neatly tucked in, she mentally prays to the Lord "Please solve my son's troubles...please let no one be harmed …I hope the words of the lady come true…please protect my son…"   she believes the power of the idol and remembers the lady who gave it to her. This shows how much nice nivritti is as she did not have to keep the idol with her, but she did and is worshipping the idol as well. ClapClapClap


         "She was a Shramik lady, but there was something so magnetic about her. She did me a kind deed, but she was never apologized to or thanked for it. I need to meet her…visit her…I want to visit her!"   so thoughtful of nivritti to remember pari and thinking about going to visit her and how pari was not thanked for the idol and best wishes for her son.ClapClapClap


         Agni and jai's plot to still go ahead with the war and saying that by the end of the surprise attack, Maharaj…his faithful nobles…accomplices are all going to be destroyed…" how evil they are, how can jai do this to his own family and peopleAngry


         Agni saying "It was a visual treat to watch how the foolish Maharaj and his nobles didn't believe the brothers and thought Dharam was trying to implicate us. I really hope that dharam and veer beat the hell out of him. He is having fun at how everyone did not believe what dharam said.Angry


         Agni saying "To top it all, I am sure Veer will not sit still…he will do something that would anger everyone even more...my spies are regularly reporting to me of any developments!" he is so sure about veer and what he will do. I am sure he does not know how smart veer is. LOL


         I cant believe that even harsh is involved in this and how jai and agni will kill Gadhwar's commander-in-chief and capture all neighbouring countries. Jai is very jealous and full of bitterness of his brother and all the peace he has made with other states.AngryAngry


         Veer taking his anger out by throwing pebbles on the cliff and how dharam is not allowing him to take any acton Cry


         "he detects three pebbles whizzing ahead to hit the same point on the rock in quick succession and splintering simultaneously. He closes his eyes in frustration, immediately realizing who the person standing behind him was. Not even turning around to acknowledge her presence, he orders vehemently "This is my private cliff ... I come here when I want to be alone...you cannot sit here...please leave me alone…" I can just imagine this scene, as soon as veer sees the pebbles hit the cliff at the same point he did it he knew that trouble in form of a beautiful girl has arrived. The way he orders her that this is his cliff is like its got his name written on the cliff.LOLLOL


         The fascinating girl then steps forward gracefully, flashes a naughty glance at him and points to another large stone, as she asks him "What about this rock…is it yours too?" she is teasing him and point at other large stonesEmbarrassedLOL


Still not looking in her direction, Veer nods his head  

angrily"Yes…" She then shrugs her shoulder and persistently 

moves a few steps away, pointing to another rock "What about

this one?"

Veer slaps his forehead and sighs deeply. After a few moments he finally mumbles "It's all right…sit wherever you want...I am just being silly…" he finally gives up. At least he is beginning to understand that he is not going to win against shera, ROFLROFL


         Aww she sits with him and asking him about the problem. Such a nice scene both of them sitting together and veer suddenly starts to confide in her. He is beginning to trust her but has not realised it.EmbarrassedSmile


         I love how shera is giving him advice and saying that he should follow his instincts. Veer is unsure and how nicely shera explains that it is okay to break a promise to save someone. ClapClap


         Flustered, Veer glares at her "I know my duties…why are you always eavesdropping…and why are you so interested in our personal affairs?" Veer getting angry at her because he knows she has told the truth.  I love her answer The girl stares for a moment at Veer with a twinkle in her eye and then replies pointing to the rock "Well…Rajkumar…looks like my aim still continues to be better than yours…" she distracts him by saying that her aim is better than his. Talking about waving a red flag to a bull and veer trying to get better than her at throwing pebbles and gets angry.   ROFLROFLROFL


  • Hurriedly realizing that he was gazing at her spellbinding features, the prince looks away and runs his fingers through his hair in exasperation. Veer is spellbound by shera and gets distracted by her beauty Clap go shera - LOLand then gets angry that she knows about his  problem. ROFLROFL chori pakdi gayee to phir gussa.


         "Gently playing with the threads of her skirt, the girl smiles and replies "No Rajkumar… I generally don't steal" she ponders deeply to herself and then shrugs her shoulders "Hmmm…yes it's generally a very rare occasion…I was just hungry that day…" kyaa jawab diya chorni ne, its not her fault that she was hungry that and she had to steal because of that. Veer is in total disbelief on the calm way she said that and starts laughing. At least she made him laugh and forget his anger. Finally he asks for her name Embarrassed


         How she describes her name and what it means. I love all the names sanwri, shera and ananya Day Dreaming


         Ananya becoming sad when she remembers her mother and the troubles she has been facing since Cry


         How veer instinctively says that not all men are alike. I thought this is so sweet of him.Day DreamingDay Dreaming


         He is going to call her ananya and asks about her tribe and at the same time comforting her Day DreamingDay Dreaming


         "Two strangers sitting on a cliff at sunrise is not a good omen…I will have to take your leave now…" awwwwwww why is she asking him to take his leave, when she is the one who turned up and disturbed him  LOL


         Surveying his confused expressions, she smiles and then concludes, as she bows "I still think you have a chance to prove both your innocence if you tried!" she has encouraged veer to do something Embarrassed is there a mystery surrounding her doing this. Smile


         "She chirpily struts away from the rocky cliff to attend to the rest of her duties, fully aware that she was leaving behind a thoroughly perplexed prince." Veer is like yeh ladki hawa ki tarah aati hai or aandhi ko tarah chali gathi hai ROFLROFLROFL


looking forward to the next part. such a wonderful part ClapClap

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lashy IF-Stunnerz

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@ kiran

omg ye meri kiran hi hai na.. nayee andaaz..nayaa font.. nayaa style.. lambaa post Tonguekyaa baat hai jee..

oh my nice to see a lambaa para where you mentioned about sia and harsh.. and you have absolutely got it right about both Siya and Harsh.. yes its nice to see that Siya has changed slowly and because of her experience with D and V, she is able to laugh at herself... and misses the lovely times she had with them...

Harsh is a normalllllllll rajkumar nothing exceptional.. but not a monkey like the one in DV.... yes he is arrogant and does throw his weight around.. exactly how i pictured him to be.. Smile i didnt want to show Harsh as an absolute idiot just to show Dharam good.. it can still be done without doing that i felt.. Embarrassed thank you sooooooo much for your comments.

Nivriti wants to meet saakshi, mahraj and maharani not trusting there own sons and jai agni happy with their plans going smoothly, very depressing paras but I think they are needed to be there to take the story forward.Confused


awww sweetie... kyaa karein mazaa also comes only if the story moves forward.. some depressing parts will come up but as per my promise to you i am trying to ensure there are lighter bits or lighter parts every now and then.. Embarrassed and besides there comes the adrenaline rush when D and V defeat all their nonsensical enemies and emerge victorious.Embarrassed


Hailaaaaaaaaaa veer shera encounter was the much needed in this otherwise quite serious episode.LOL There encounter just like in the serial raises the bar of the complete episode. It was so cute and childish of veer not wanting to share his fav spot on the hill with sheraLOL. Just by seeing the aim of the rocks he knew who it was who had come to torment him.LOL LOLWooww woman liberation so veer accepts that its only shera who is better than him.

hee hee Embarrassed

But I didn't like shera rubbing the same fact in veers face. She could have just kept quite there was no need to point out this to veerLOL.

she did it just to distract him.. he asked her a question "why are you so interested in our personal affairs?" so she wanted to distract him by changing the response...Tongue aur veer bhi kaunsa kam hai apne kartooton show off karne main khaas karke is ladki ke saath LOL


And what is this lashy u become a politician, u used all three names that were suggested, shera, sanwari and ananyaLOL

waise bhi in story i needed two names for this sweet girl.. Embarrassed out of all the names i liked saanwri the most.. but then i was also told to retain the names in the serial so everyone would be able to relate to her.. hence.. one is her pet name and one her real name.. anyway her having such names will also have its implications in future...


LOLVeer is so sweet to call shera by the name her mom gave her even though its difficult to pronounce.Embarrassed Veer is definitely very disturbed by this girlEmbarrassed.

i'd say more distracted.. Tongue


But I was confused once again by her behaviour was she trying to help veer or is she digging a deep hole for him.Confused


hee hee all as confused as veer baba himself. Embarrassed  dont worry 50% of the mystery will be solved with the next episode... i.e. what she is doing.. and the remaining 50% i.e. why she is doing it..will be solved in about 5-6 episodes. Smile


@ harshu

Wowwwww.....with each chapter you leave me mesmerized lashy!!!!!!!! It was a very beautiful chapter especially the last part atop the hill with the sun rising. There was an ethereal quality to the hill top scene and there was a mystical beauty to Shera/Ananya which had Veer spellbound as well as completely confused and perplexed.

awww thank you so much harshu.. Embarrassed i never went so much into the detail and thought about the setting in this instance.. (i thought about it with the Niphaudi springs but not here) i am touched that you liked it so much Smile

More than anything I love the Shera you are characterizing....all the dreaminess and the mystery and the careless elegance with which she always manages all her tasks and dumb-founds Veer with her nonchalance! I loved the last part very much!

awwwww thank you so much.. and yes i am trying my level best to portray shera in such a way that a girl has never been before...on TV or in any book in the past ... a very different girl.. Embarrassed

The arrival of Harsh was interesting too since he is not half a fool in this story as he is in the serial LOL LOL and a secret allegiance b/w Agni and Harsh was a masterstroke....it will complicate matters greatly when the love triangle of Siya/Dharam/Harsh is full in potential.

awww thank you so much... Embarrassed thank you so much for your complements..  Embarrassed but i guess many didnt recollect that harsh was indeed mentioned as agni's friends even in one of the previous episodes... when agni is sitting in the bar room remember.. he is talking to harsh.. they are discussing about what dharam and veer are up to with this trip to Niphaud.. Smile awwww thank u so much for your lovely words harshu Tongue

Btw, one of my nicknames is sometimes harsh so....... LOL

awww so true LOL Harshu Hug

@ kundalia

thank you so much devki Hug

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*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Update Lashy di! Big smile

It was nice to see Niv praying to the Idol that Pari gave her!There is surely a kool nonding coming up! Now she wants to see her! Tats quite nice and different frm the present Real trak of DV! Embarrassed

Harsh sems to be blind in love! I can very well imagine him siting and painting! haha! Sia is remmbering flashbaks! Lovly part tat was! Embarrassed

Jai Mama and Agni! haha wat to they want to be??Junour Alexander in conquering? hehe! between good dream! Embarrassed

Shera n Veer at the end was good! So her real name is Ananya! Embarrassed Aww so u finally went with the nakli name of Real Shera! LOL hehe! I liked the way she gave advice to Veer! Between i was wonderin wasnt Shera leaving Veer in a more perplexed situation? LOL
I loved her skirt! hehe! by ur Words!

CheerZ n LovE
Minzy Embarrassed

shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2008 at 8:20am | IP Logged
omg di that was awesome...so well written...one just gets plugged in immediately

what i liked

i liked the whole Harsh and Sia bit where Sia remembers Dharam and Veer...it was really gd

Harsh doesnt seem a bad peince...but him friends with agni is Dead

i loved the whole Ananya and Veer scene on the cliff...the way she plays around wen giving her name and how she talks abt her mum n he reveals his personal problems...theres a connection between them Embarrassed

i hope they meet agen soon

What i didnt like

Agni and JV are so Dead Dead Dead

Aryavardhan-why wont he believe DV

and why wont Dharam let Veer take some action

on the whole it was really gd part which was well written and it was enjoyable

cant wait til the next part


bhuvana3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 May 2008 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Another BRILLIANT part Shrads Clap Clap Clap … I loved it.. It goes without saying that I loved the exchange between the irked Veer and naughty Shera..
and the fact that the character of Shera is as much of an enigma to the readers as it is to Veer. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming . I am still unable to conclude whether shes a friend or foe … ErmmErmmErmm
The pebble throwing competition was choooo chuweeeet… Embarrassed n the sentence "Hurriedly realizing that he was gazing at her spellbinding features, the prince looks away and runs his fingers through his hair in exasperation. " was soo woowwwwww …. BlushingBlushingBlushing
Shera was the hero of this episode Tongue

I loved Sia remembering Dharam n feeling his presence.. you wrote the whole episode sooo beautifully … I am in love with ur Dharam.. I want to marry someone like that now BlushingThey don't make such nice guys anymore.. I want Dharam Tongue I kinda missed him in this part but you made up for it by showing sia remembering him… I missed him as much as Sia did EmbarrassedBlushing

Another thing I really loved is that fact that even Prince Harsh is an intelligent, well mannered, talented person.. Clap not a big moron as the sagars showed.. Dead it explains why queen gauri wants to get her daughter married to this fellow. Smile

N a suggestion.. I want description of Sheras clothes n jewels also please Embarrassed .. n I HATE pari Angry .. I hate her n hate her Angry .. hope Nivs is nasty to her but knowing ur nivs she will be kind to tht pari I think :-s

post the next part soooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn…. Tongue

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