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Samyukta Pt 15 - Alliances ~Siya & Harsh~

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OSR SAMYUKTA Part 15 – ~Alliances~ Siya & Harsh!


Recap - At the prayer festival Veer accidentally bumps into his Shramik family and feels a strange connection with them. At the assembly, Dharam and Veer's attempts to prove Agni's and Jaivardhan's vile deeds are all disproved and instead the brother are blamed for creating chaos in the assembly meeting. Obeying the decree of the nobles, Dharam takes a promise from an unwilling Veer that he would not prod into the matter any further

 Links to Previous episodes and preview to next episode at the next post


Palace of Niphaud – Formal meeting chamber

Following an august announcement, the nervous princess emerges at the entrance of the eminent meeting chamber, flanked on both sides by her excited friends. Attention paid to every detail of her finery, Siya gracefully glides through the room donning resplendent glacial blue attire complemented with sparkling sapphires and diamonds. Sensing how the glistening crowd of the ruling sovereigns of Chatarpur were closely observing her every move; the unsettled princess turns around to face them. After displaying a faint smile to her proud parents, she humbly bows to the awestruck Maharani Vaidehi and Maharaj Anantgupt of Chatarpur. Eventually mustering her courage, she slowly casts a glance at Rajkumar Harsh to look at his attractive face. Noticing the mesmerized prince staring at her, the girl smiles at him uneasily for an instant and then immediately proceeds towards her luxuriant chair.


Ceasing the embarrassing silence, Maharani Vaidehi speaks up to her friend "Gauri, your daughter is the most beautiful princess I have ever come across"

Siya's mother flashes a spirited smile, as she watches her daughter meekly bowing to Maharani Vaidehi in gesture to her flattering comment.


The queen of Niphaud then familiarizes the Chatarpur family with Siya, who smiles formally; acknowledging all the introductions. Aware that Rajkumar Harsh was gaping at her in hope that she would return his gazes; the anxious Siya evades looking in his direction and quietly watches the casual conversations and discussions between the two families about the impending engagement.

Noticing her daughter's silence, Maharani Gauri then addresses her "Isn't it lovely that they are going to be staying with us for two…three days now… I would be able to enjoy the company of my friend after such a long while..." she pauses "Why don't you show Rajkumar Harsh the guest landing…acquaint him with the Niphaudi palace…"


Slowly surveying everyone's approving expressions in dismay; the obedient girl stands up with a soft smile to hide her awkwardness, and bows to the guests. She gradually leaves the room, followed by the elated prince of Chatarpur and her retinue of thrilled friends.


As the royal pair walk through open palace corridors followed by the entourage of Siya's chatty friends, Harsh admires the beautiful patterns formed by the morning sun's rays on the magnificent interiors. He then views the ravishing princess watching the bustle outside the hallways and tries to start a gentle conversation with her "Rajkumari Siya, the first time I saw a painting of you, I was taken aback...but you look even more beautiful in person."

Discerning how smitten the prince was with their friend, Daksha and Nanda start giggling; while Siya finds herself becoming crimson hued and thanks him softly for the compliment.


On receiving only a placid response from her, Harsh continues "W...W...What are your hobbies? What interests you? Are you adept at anything in particular?"

After few moments of embarrassing silence, Siya nods her head negatively in reply. She then speaks in a hushed tone, while pointing towards a tower adjoining to the passageway "That tower houses the kitchens and preparation areas." 

The enthused prince replies dramatically, as they take the turn towards the guest landing "Oh! So you are interested in supervising different delicacies and cuisines…"

Siya becomes reminded of the experience when the princes of Aryanagar were subjected to eating the horrid feast prepared by her and unwittingly grins, as she repeats Dharam's comment "The last time I tried to prepare something, I was advised never again to subject anyone else to the tortures of my culinary skills…"

Comprehending what she was referring to, Nanda and Daksha start giggling; while Harsh becomes glad to eventually see cheerfulness in Siya's seemingly reserved temperament.



Arriving at the grandiose prayer chamber, Siya proudly shows Harsh the prodigious room and her favourite massive idol of Lord Ganapathy. After appreciating the beautiful idol on the marble mantelpiece, Harsh notices the musical instruments on the floor and excitedly asks Siya "Do you sing well? Are you proficient in the arts? Do you play any instruments?"

Marking his question, the distracted girl leans onto the door frame; till she feels a strange presence beside her. Casting a casual glance sideways; she discovers the stunning Dharam smiling charmingly at her, just as he did so when he was admiring their raucous concert a few days ago. The astonished girl immediately moves away till she realizes Dharam's vision to be a hallucination of hers.


Noting that the princess seemed lost in her thoughts, Harsh repeats his question again. Snapping out of her trance, Siya relives the memories of her disrupting concert.

Echoing Veer's words, she starts laughing "Rajkumar Harsh…if I start singing, even the Lord himself would come down personally to stop the torture…" Recalling the comical encounter with her irritated hero on that day; Daksha also joins Siya and laughs aloud.

Baffled and irked by the repeated silly reactions of the girls, the clueless Harsh turns around to them and addresses them nobly "Why are you smirking at us? I have come all the way here to meet and talk to Rajkumari Siya…I am the prince of Chatarpur...I would be very grateful if you would respect my feelings!"

Everyone in the room immediately quietens down, and stares at each other in embarrassment.


Eclipsed with sadness; the disturbed princess gradually turns away and recollects the similar encounter with Dharam at the temple market in a low tone "At the market, I laughed at him in front of the entire crowd …he is a prince too… how bad he must have felt…yet he bore all my insult quietly…"

Overhearing parts of her thoughts, Harsh becomes confused and questions her "Rajkumari Siya…what market? What insult? Who are you referring to?"

Becoming alerted, she immediately tries to cover up for her thoughts "Oh! No Rajkumar Harsh…I was just referring to some of my friends…" observing Harsh's enquiring frown, she continues "My friends...the princes of Aryanagar...Rajkumar Dharam and Rajkumar Veer."

Harsh desperately attempts to try and hide his growing bitterness but, Siya detects his expressions and asks him apprehensively "Did I say something wrong Rajkumar Harsh?"

He sighs deeply and then strives to conceal his reservations by replying mildly "Oh! No ...No...I am a close friend of their cousin...Rajkumar Agnivardhan...so I know Dharam and Veer too!"

Recollecting how Dharam and Veer had mentioned about their cousin in an ill light, Siya becomes discomforted to know that her suitor was Agni's friend. Endeavouring to calm her fears, she composes herself and eventually leads the group towards her personal chamber.


Impressed by the extravagance and the magnitude of her room; the prince strolls around, marvelling its beauty. He finds a few scrolls casually lying on a large chest and turns to Siya for permission, as he picks one up. Siya exhales uncomfortably and informs him "I tried my hand at painting too…but I don't think I was very successful..."

Viewing the painting, Harsh becomes shocked by the amateurish figures in the scrolls and immediately rolls back the scroll, flashing the abashed princess a restless smile. He then requests one of Siya's maids to call for his attendant, who was waiting outside the room.


No sooner; the attendant rushes into the room, hands Harsh two scrolls, and leaves after bowing courteously to him. Harsh beams proudly, as he slowly unfolds one large scroll to reveal a mesmerizing life size portrait of Siya and admits "I made this just for you…"

All the girls in the room become dumbstruck by the brilliance of the portrait and its striking likeness to the princess, while the princess closes her mouth in surprise and exclaims "You are indeed very talented Rajkumar Harsh…"

Responding to her comment, Harsh smiles and adds "I do like to paint and sing…I enjoy hunting…I am good at archery too…" he pauses on looking at Siya's dejected face and continues "however Rajkumari Siya…you are talented too…your talent is in your grace and your innocence…" he then briefly gazes at the other folded scroll in his hand, passes it on to Siya and requests her "This is a poem I wrote describing what I feel for you...I would be very grateful if you read through it…if you spent some time to go through every expression in it…and if you let me know what you found so admirable about it…"

She stares at the scroll for a while and then nods her head with a mild smile in an attempt to appease the anticipations of the overjoyed prince.


Palace of Aryanagar - Nivritti's chamber


Discomforted by the melancholy of the serene night in her comely chamber, Nivritti slowly hands the gloomy queen the ornate silver plate containing betel leaves with all its accompaniments in little compartments. She then proceeds to finish her final errands for the night, while Swathi neatly prepares a set of folded leaves and hands them over to her anxious husband sitting on the lavish couch.

Receiving the betel leaves, Aryavardhan contemplates worriedly "I find myself constantly concerned about Dharam and Veer's irresponsibility…I thought they were improving, but I was wrong… they have accused bhaiyya in front of all the nobles … this is not the means to resort to, to take out personal enmity with Agni…"


Walking with her folded white shawl towards an alloyed trunk at the far end of the room, Nivritti responds to his complaints doubtfully "Bhaiyya…people say they seemed very confident of their claims…don't you think there is any truth to any of it…"

Swathi sighs and then refutes Nivritti's suggestions "Nivritti…truth to such major claims can only be proved with evidence, which they hardly had..." the dejected queen pauses "I am still not able to digest the fact that Dharam and Veer lied to us and entered Gadhwar…we arrange prayers for them...we fast for them...trust them every time...and yet they lie to us..."


Quietly listening to Swathi's statements, the saddened Nivritti slowly opens her ivory chest to place the shawl in it. Glancing by chance at the bamboo idol of Lord Krishna neatly tucked in, she mentally prays to the Lord "Please solve my son's troubles...please let no one be harmed …I hope the words of the lady come true…please protect my son…" Reminded of the appealing visage of the poor lady who had gifted her the idol at the prayer festival, she subconsciously thinks about her "She was a Shramik lady, but there was something so magnetic about her. She did me a kind deed, but she was never apologized to or thanked for it. I need to meet her…I need to visit her…I want to visit her!" 


Palace of Aryanagar - Agni's guarded private chamber 


In the grim nocturnal darkness of Agni's closely guarded chamber, the loathsome royals look into each other's eyes, waiting for a reaction from Jaivardhan.

Jaivardhan eventually lets out muffled frustrated screams echoing horrendously within the room, as he shouts aloud with his face still buried in his hand "I cannot believe the commander in chief would be such an ignoramus fool and repeat everything to Dharam and Veer…when I meet him, I will strangle that man with my bare hands… All our schemes have almost gone awry…we should have never underestimated Dharam and Veer..."

One of Agni's friends seated beside him asks resentfully "Should we stop the war?"


The furious Jaivardhan looks up and retaliates animatedly "All arrangements have been made… money spent… it's too late to stop now… Gadhwar and Chatarpur will be attacking in 3 days…" he then stands up with an air of authority and continues "No! We should stop fretting so much over this…no one has believed the brothers yet …only a handful of forces are going to be sent to the border…by the end of the surprise attack, Maharaj…his faithful nobles…accomplices... Dharam... Veer... all of them are going to be destroyed…"


Caressing the wooden arm of his flamboyant chair, Agni smirks "Indeed pitaji…we must not worry too much…" he stands up to join his father with folded hands and continues "It was a visual treat to watch how the foolish Maharaj and his nobles didn't believe the brothers and thought Dharam was trying to implicate us. Additionally, Dharam and Veer are having trouble understanding each other now. To top it all, I am sure Veer will not sit still…he will do something that would anger everyone even more...my spies are regularly reporting to me of any developments!" He smiles at his father and friends with a sly smile, while they enjoy his tenacious and fastidious planning in all his unscrupulous ways and means.


As Agni's friends stand up to leave, they rejoice at the thought of potential success "Now that no one trusts the brothers, when Gadhwar and Chatarpur march they would probably think that it was an independent attack...once everything is wrecked, the throne will be yours Agni…and we, your right hand men…"


Agni laughs heartily at their deliberations and walks towards the entrance to bid his friends an amicable farewell. Once they exit the room, Agni asks his father "What about the revolutionaries?"

Jaivardhan shrugs his shoulders "What about them? They will carry out revolts as planned!"

Agni nods his head with raised eyebrows and then contemplates "We shall send Gadhwar and Chatarpur urgent messages about the latest developments" he then pauses "Harsh had mentioned that he was going to see his bride…we shall send him a sealed message there…I will inform Dhananjeya at the border too. During the war, we need to capture the Gadhwar commander-in-chief before he blurts something out to anyone else..."


A serene countenance gradually masks Jaivardhan's vile expressions, as he revisits his troubled past and the arduous journeys that ensued "When my brother was crowned, I was all alone…all nobles hated me….now…purely due to my intellectual abilities, I have such a strong network… many bribed nobles are on my side and some commanders too…" he proceeds to hold Agni by his shoulder with fatherly warmth "I have set such a lovely stage for you…my brother is a coward, who signed up peace treaties with many neighbouring kingdoms. However, once this war will be over; we will start capturing our neighbouring kingdoms one by one...Gadhwar... Chatarpur... Nipahaud...move towards the south...we will rule a unified large kingdom...of India....we might be notorious as ruthless monarchs, but powerful we will be...remember all great emperors in the history of India have had ruthless streaks in them too..."

Agni grins at his ambitious father and then nods his head approvingly in reply.


Aryanagar – Atop a cliff; a short distance from the palace grounds


A pebble whooshes through the orange light of the rising sun to hit a yellow rock on the facing steep rugged cliff and shatters to pieces with a clicking noise. Resting against a smooth stone, Veer momentarily regards his aim with pleasure.  He picks up another soft pebble from the neatly arranged pile next to him and muses on the unfortunate turn of events "Dharam doesn't act…he doesn't allow me to act…it is futile to still try and convince Maharaj to send more troops…" taking his aim at the same spot, he grumbles "I'm sure that all the deceitful money to bribe the Gadhwar soldiers must be stored near the border...that way it would be easy to transport across…" He skilfully darts the stone at the same point and manages to successfully shatter the pebble again. Choosing the next pebble, Veer ponders "Maybe the treasure is being hidden in the royal guest house that is being constructed there..."



Just as he is about to aim the stone again, he detects three pebbles whizzing ahead to hit the same point on the rock in quick succession and splintering simultaneously. He closes his eyes in frustration, immediately realizing who the person standing behind him was. Not even turning around to acknowledge her presence, he orders vehemently "This is my private cliff ... I come here when I want to be alone...you cannot sit here...please leave me alone…"


The fascinating girl then steps forward gracefully, flashes a naughty glance at him and points to another large stone, as she asks him "What about this rock…is it yours too?"

Still not looking in her direction, Veer nods his head angrily "Yes…"

She then shrugs her shoulder and persistently moves a few steps away, pointing to another rock "What about this one?"

Veer slaps his forehead and sighs deeply. After a few moments he finally mumbles "It's all right…sit wherever you want...I am just being silly…"


Having received his permission, the gladdened girl neatly arranges her skirt and sits on the rock, dangling her legs from the top of the cliff. Admiring the red sun, she asks him politely "Why are you alone Rajkumar? Where is the other Rajkumar…why is he still angry? 

Veer retorts abruptly "Because Dharam is a person who cares for what others think about him…unlike me…I only think of those who care for me…" Suddenly aware of whom he was confiding in, he stops and finally turns to look at her with a distrustful expression. 


Picking up a pebble, the girl counsels nonchalantly "He must have felt very embarrassed in front of the whole assembly…"

Not caring to hide his suspicions, Veer asks her gruffly "How do you know all this?"

The pleasant girl replies "My friend works at the palace…she tells me all about the palace gossips…" she then pauses briefly "Rajkumar, if you followed your instincts and proved your innocence…everything will be solved and Rajkumar Dharam would also be happy…"

Unmoved by her advice; Veer continues his rally of aiming pebbles in an attempt to better the girl's achievements, but only fails at each instance. Noticing that she was observing his failed attempts with the pebbles, the annoyed prince states "I have promised Dharam…so I will not do anything against his wishes…thank you for your wise advice…"

The girl throws another pebble casually which easily hits her target and then smashes to pieces. She smiles and continues calmly "What is wrong in breaking a promise if it is done so for good intentions? People tend to forget good deeds, but a bad name can never be erased. If your brother has been blamed by the nobles, then isn't it your duty to help prove his innocence?"

Flustered, Veer glares at her "I know my duties…why are you always eavesdropping…and why are you so interested in our personal affairs?"


The girl stares for a moment at Veer with a twinkle in her eye and then replies pointing to the rock "Well…Rajkumar…looks like my aim still continues to be better than yours…"

Hurriedly realizing that he was gazing at her spellbinding features, the prince looks away and runs his fingers through his hair in exasperation. Overcome with irritation by how cognizant she was of their problems, by how her aim continued to be better than his and by the strange power she seemed to have over him, Veer addresses her angrily "You steal things off people and yet you're roaming around Aryanagar freely… I should actually be reporting you …" he pauses sternly "If I don't, I could get into trouble for talking to thieves!"


Gently playing with the threads of her skirt, the girl smiles and replies "No Rajkumar… I generally don't steal" she ponders deeply to herself and then shrugs her shoulders "Hmmm…it's generally a very rare occasion…I was just hungry that day…"

Taken aback by her calm confessions, Veer becomes amused and laughs in disbelief "How convenient! You steal only when the need arises! Do you even realize that you're talking to a Rajkumar of Aryanagar?"

She replies playfully "Isn't that why I have been calling you Rajkumar all this while…"


Veer nods his head in silent admiration at how witty and crafty the girl was. He then asks her with a deep frown "What should I call you…actually I don't even know your name…"

Responding to his question; she looks ahead into the beautiful sunrise and smiles dreamily, rubbing her hands "My complexion is dusky, so my tribe members sometimes call me Sanwri, but generally...I am known as Shera…." 

For a moment; Veer's smile turns sour, as he listens to her odd name, before he grins formally to acknowledge her reply. Entertained by his plethora of expressions, she laughs aloud "Actually my name is Ananya… My mother heard a noble lady once mention it... Ananya means unique... matchless…but you know how men are…they can't pronounce my name…they don't care… they just call me Shera… Ma was the only one to call me Ananya" she then pauses and speaks slowly, as her face cloaks a serious mask for the first time to reveal a small glimpse of her life "Ma is no more...before she died, her only advise to me used to be that I should face any trouble silently and strongly" she sighs with an amused grin "I think she could foresee the future... because I've only been facing and battling troubles ever since!"


Baffled by her confusing stories and complex nature, the puzzled Veer slowly smiles with a comforting reply "Do you realize that all men are not alike? If your name is Ananya...that is what I will call you…" he pauses "By the way, have your tribe members arrived safely?"

Impressed with his kind gesture, she raises her eyebrows in wonder and smiles "Thank you Rajkumar…I am honoured….Tasha, Baba, Bade Baba, Manu…Radha…all have arrived and settled too…" She abruptly ceases their conversation by standing up and indicating towards the rising sun "Two strangers sitting on a cliff at sunrise is not a good omen…I will have to take your leave now…" Surveying his confused expressions, she smiles and then concludes, as she bows "I still think you have a chance to prove both your innocence if you tried!"


She chirpily struts away from the rocky cliff to attend to the rest of her duties, fully aware that she was leaving behind a thoroughly perplexed prince.



Ciao till next Saturday Embarrassed

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OSR~Samyukta~.::Dharam and Veer::.

A historical tale...of brotherhood…of love...and of ideals


I have dedicated this story to the name Samyukta which signifies togetherness, unison and interdependance. This story is set in 13th century Northern India. It is a story of two cousin brothers - one royal, the son of the ruling monarch (Dharam) and other one brought up as a royal (Veer). The story is no doubt about the trials and tribulations that the brothers face, about their ideals, their relationships and their circumstances - However, the underlying message of the story being that unity is victory!

Hence named - Samyukta of Dharam and Veer

Preview to Part 16

Dharam smirks at himself sarcastically "In this myriad of horrible situations that I have been facing off late, you are the most beautiful memory that happened to me…you thought of me as your suitor and wanted my attention during my stay, which I couldn't give you…I'm in love with you, but being entangled in this mess about my kingdom now, I'm unable to do anything to let you know what I feel about you...I wonder what you feel about me!" he then sighs aloud "What am I doing? I am just being foolish…"


His silent thoughts are interrupted when he hears a loud stern voice questioning him from behind "Dharam…didn't we ask you not to pursue this matter any further? Why are you both so stubborn? Why don't you pay heed to official orders or decrees? Your recklessness is going to cost you a lot in future!"

Abruptly turning around, Dharam notices the grim expressions of his father, his uncle and numerous other nobles facing him. He stammers in an effort to reply "Oh! Pitaji...I didn't hear the announcement of your arrival...I was feeling disturbed, so I was praying to the Lord..." he pauses to observe their unmoved faces and becomes flustered "What happened pitaji? Did I do something wrong?"

Aryavardhan replies harshly "Don't act so innocent Dharam…where is Veer?"

The troubled prince shrugs his shoulders and answers "I don't know pitaji….I haven't seen him today…I was hoping that he..." he falters apprehensively on surveying the increasingly agitated expressions in everyone's eyes, and questions them in an anxious manner "What happened? Has Veer done something wrong? Where is Veer?"

OSR Links to Previous Episodes

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Part 14 -http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=928540  ; ; ; ;

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Very well written di........cool one......loved the scenes when Sia talks about Dharam n Veer.....LOLLOLLOL.....I just cant imaine the condition of Rajkumar HarshhLOLLOL.....Bechara.....so ab Sia ko har jagha Dharam dikhle laga........cool......its just reminds me of RT-MC scenesDay Dreaming wonderful....Di...i'll give full marks for this part....this is indeed....one of the best parts.........Sab kuch hai is part main.....War, friendship, loveStern Smile, .........everything.....so tht girl's name is shera, sanwri, ...ananya...all r cool.......Big smile....But i think tht girl is trying to break the relation of DV....Confused........Now i think the message tht Agni will send to harshh in niphaud, sia will get it n forward it to DV.........cool.......waiting for next part........keep rocking with ur talentBig smile

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awwwwww...lovely lashy as usual...so sia keeps remembering what dharam has said to her...oh bechara rajkumar harshLOL...he was paising her beauty...was keep asking about her hobbies but sia was some where elseLOL...tooo goood lashy the way u discribed it...what i like in sia's part is that here harsh is talented ...and arrogant

nivriti hmmmmm....why does she wants to meet pari...she must be feeling insecure or it was something else

best part was as usual veer and sheras...i love his cute and innocent behaviour...but shera is interesting as well as confusing what was she trying to do thereConfused...she always gives advise to veer ... mystery........... mystery


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Lovely update lashy. It was so touching when sia keeps remembering what dharam and veer said to her about her abilitiesLOL and is now able to laugh at there comments instead of feeling hurtSmile. You have potrayed rajkumar harsh also in a much better light, he can pain write poetries not bad, moreover he seemed to be getting engaged coz he admires the princess beauty and not coz he will get the whole kingdom of nirphaud. Some bowny points in his favourSmile, but he still remains arrogant and I did not like him trying to throw his weight around.Confused


Nivriti wants to meet saakshi, mahraj and maharani not trusting there own sons and jai agni happy with their plans going smoothly, very depressing paras but I think they are needed to be there to take the story forward.Confused


Hailaaaaaaaaaa veer shera encounter was the much needed in this otherwise quite serious episode.LOL There encounter just like in the serial raises the bar of the complete episode. It was so cute and childish of veer not wanting to share his fav spot on the hill with sheraLOL. Just by seeing the aim of the rocks he knew who it was who had come to torment him.LOL LOLWooww woman liberation so veer accepts that its only shera who is better than him. But I didn't like shera rubbing the same fact in veers face. She could have just kept quite there was no need to point out this to veerLOL. And what is this lashy u become a politician, u used all three names that were suggested, shera, sanwari and ananyaLOL. LOLVeer is so sweet to call shera by the name her mom gave her even though its difficult to pronounce.Embarrassed Veer is definitely very disturbed by this girlEmbarrassed. But I was confused once again by her behaviour was she trying to help veer or is she digging a deep hole for him.Confused


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very well written Wink Clap
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Wowwwww.....with each chapter you leave me mesmerized lashy!!!!!!!! It was a very beautiful chapter especially the last part atop the hill with the sun rising. There was an ethereal quality to the hill top scene and there was a mystical beauty to Shera/Ananya which had Veer spellbound as well as completely confused and perplexed. More than anything I love the Shera you are characterizing....all the dreaminess and the mystery and the careless elegance with which she always manages all her tasks and dumb-founds Veer with her nonchalance! I loved the last part very much!

The arrival of Harsh was interesting too since he is not half a fool in this story as he is in the serial LOL LOL and a secret allegiance b/w Agni and Harsh was a masterstroke....it will complicate matters greatly when the love triangle of Siya/Dharam/Harsh is full in potential.
Btw, one of my nicknames is sometimes harsh so....... LOL

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lashy 42 7415 17 November 2008 at 3:28am by -Vinisha-
something like samyukta gona happen in dv


Author: crazy_kiran   Replies: 12   Views: 857

crazy_kiran 12 857 25 August 2008 at 3:55am by crazy_kiran

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