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ff-The Substitute - PART 6 pg 19 (Page 19)

Naina123 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 July 2008 at 10:59am | IP Logged

So sorry for not writing for such a long time..Just had exams. I totally loved the update!! I loved the flashback!! lol...Lovers quarellLOL...I cant wait to find out whats coming next!!! Thnx for the PM


swatinarang IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2008 at 11:45am | IP Logged
lovely part dear, please continue soon

bookadict303 Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2008 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
please update soon!!!!!!1
inuyasharocks Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2008 at 7:01pm | IP Logged


"Tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi uthaya?"Ridz complained as she hastily did her braids.

"I was trying to wake u up, bahut koshish ki," Ashu answered, strapping on his backpack. "But u were totally knocked out. If I hadn't tricked you, maybe you would still be asleep."

Ridz quickly put on her socks. Although she was quite annoyed that Ashu had used the "we-are-having-noodles-for-breakfast" tactic to wake her up, she was thankful for what he did. She sighed wearily. She had only been on the job yesterday and she was already worn out with the combined effects of academics and an after-school job. "I'll drop dead from exhaustion before I know it."

"Main jaa rahoon didi!" Ashu bid his sister goodbye as he skipped downstairs. Ridz heard the main door slide shut after him.

After a quick check in the mirror to see if she had her uniform on properly since she had changed into them in record time, Ridz ran down the stairs to the dining room.

"Hey," her mother greeted pleasantly, pouring her a glass of orange juice. "Jaldi karo warna tum late ho jaogi."

Ridz gave her mother a thankful smile and downed the juice in one gulp. "Acha mama, bye," Ridz told her, giving her a light peck on the cheek. She grabbed a toast on the table before bidding farewell to her nani, who was reading the morning news at the dining table.

"Apna kheyal[care] rakhna!" Padma called out as Ridz quickly put her shoes on and raced to the shed to get her bike. {Imagine Ridz is going to school on her bike}

"I wish Anjali still came over to pick me up," Ridz thought as she stuffed the toast into her mouth. Mr. Sharma always dropped his daughter to school on his way to work, and since they passed her family's home on the way to school, it was only natural that Ridz hitch along. But since Riddhima had to use her bike to get to the restaurant and home afterwards to save money, she had told Anjali not to drop by anymore.{I know they all work together, however, most of the time they have different shifts}

When she reached the shed, her eyes widened with horror. Ridz screamed.

Armaan stared at his watch. Only fifteen minutes left before classes began. He drummed his fingers impatiently on his steering wheel. "Man, where is that girl? Don't tell me she woke up late," he mumbled. No way was he going to get late in class today, especially since first period was Chemistry. And Miss Keerti, being the harsh teacher that she was, was not very forgiving to tardy students.

He then heard a scream. "Bingo!" he thought, smirking. "Aur bilkul time pe." He patted the handy Swiss knife on his pocket which he had used earlier.

Ridz tried not to panic as she stared at her bike. Both her bicycle tires were flat. She could have sworn they were still in good condition when she used the bike yesterday.

"Of all the times to get flat tires, it has to be now," she muttered, moaning her luck. Keerti maam was anything but nice. She could already see herself standing in the corridor as a punishment for being late. "Oh well, I guess public transportation will have to do." She dashed down the steps, all the while praying that she somehow miraculously make it on time.

Heaven must have heard her as a silver Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of her just as she reached the bottom step. "What a coincidence," a familiar voice rang out as she took a minute to regain her breath.

The dark tinted window of the two-seater sports car pulled down to reveal Armaan Malik. "Want a ride, Gupta?" he offered. "I'll give you a lift if you want."

Ridz gaped at him, dumbstruck for a moment. Did she hear him right? He was offering her a ride to school? Ridz looked up, expecting to see flying pigs any minute.

"Oi, did you hear me?" Armaan growled. "You want a ride to school or not?"

"Kyun?" Ridz asked suspiciously. Something fishy was going on here…

"Kyun kya?" Armaan looked slightly annoyed.

Ridz glared at him. "Tum mujhe ride kyun de raho ho? What's the catch?"

Armaan frowned a little. "Kuch nahi. Hum ek hi jaagha ja rahe hai so might as well give people like you a ride, jo apne khud ki car nahi afford kar sakte."

Ridz raised a brow "Tum mujhe kidnap karne ka to nahi soch rahe ho?"

Armaan snorted, trying not to snicker. "Bhala main aisa kyun karunga?" He looked at her amusedly. "I have more money than you'll ever earn in a lifetime. Aur jaise tum mujhe paise de sakti ho apne ransom ke liye." At the background, Ridz popped a vein. "So are you going to get in or not?"

"You can stuff your car right in your dumb face!" Ridz snapped, turning heels and walking as fast as humanly possible to her destination. "I'd rather walk than hitch a ride with a conceited moron like you!"

Armaan took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. This girl was stubborn. He could have sworn that if he offered a ride to any other girl, they would be clambering to the passenger seat even before he finished his question.

"Hum waise bhi late hai," Armaan told her, trying to keep his cool as he made his car go on the same pace as Ridz's walking. "So stop acting like a stubborn bitc—I mean girl, and get in."

Ridz whirled around, and glared at him darkly. "Main tum pe bilkul bhrosa nahi karti, Malik. You're planning something completely sinister and I'm not falling for it." She continued her brisk pace, hoping to somehow loose him.

Armaan gritted his teeth, keeping his temper in check. He tried another tactic. "Isn't Miss Keerti our first period teacher?" He asked.

Ridz turned around and gave him a hard stare, debating which was the lesser of the two evils: hitching a ride with Armaan and probably arriving on time or arriving late using public transport and facing the wrath of Miss Keerti. There was definitely no contest.

Armaan smiled inwardly when he got her attention. "Dus minutes," he said coolly, looking at his watch. "Yeh meri  last offer hai. Chalna kya?"

Ridz sighed dejectedly, pushing away her suspicions of him for the time being. "Theek hai." She sat on the passenger side of the Mercedes with a huff and buckled her seatbelt. "No masti okay, Malik? Main tumhari offer isliye le rahi hoon because we're almost late for cla—"

She didn't finish her speech as Armaan revved the engine and stepped on the gas. "Hang on tight," Armaan instructed, sporting his signature smirk. "I'm taking a shortcut."

Riddhima did not need to be told that as she clung to her seat like a leech, praying that she get to school alive.


Ridz hobbled into the girl's locker room, intent on changing back into her uniform and having lunch. She was completely exhausted after PE{gym} that, if it were not for her stomach grumbling, she would have dozed off to get some much-needed rest.

"I wish I were as athletic as Muskaan," she mumbled, realizing that the locker room was already empty. Opening her locker, her eyes bugged out when she saw a beautiful white rose atop her school shoes. "Yeh mujhe kaun de sakta hai?" she wondered, picking the rose up gingerly. It was certainly not Valentine's Day and she doubted that even if it were, no one would bother giving her a flower.

Opening the small card that came with the rose, she had to pinch herself to make sure she was not hallucinating.

Sorry for the noodles incident yesterday. Hope you like the rose. Armaan

She read the sender's name again and again to be certain her eyes were not playing tricks on her. Armaan Malik sent her the rose? Okay, something was completely wrong here. First, he offers her a ride to school, now he gives her a rose. Ridz had this weird feeling that she has somehow stumbled across an alternate dimension when she woke up that morning. This was so weird it was giving her the creeps.

She gave the rose a wary sniff, lest he put something to irritate her nose, before deciding the flower was safe.

"Kya plan kar rahe ho, Malik?" Ridz narrowed her eyes, twirling the rose between her thumb and index finger. "Tum ek doosri ladki ko rose kyun doge[give] when you already have yourself a perfect girlfriend?"

Ridz yawned as she flipped through the pages of a particularly thick Chemistry book, looking for information about her Chemistry topic. Keerti maam had announced earlier that they did not have any class on her subject since she had to attend a seminar with Mr Shubhankar. Before any of the students could celebrate, she burst their bubble by telling them to spend her period at the library, browsing for information about their chemistry research topic.

Stacking the thick book on an already tall pile that was teetering precariously, she then grabbed another book and began scanning through it for information about the "heart."-aorta, pulmonary artery, superior vena cava, tricuspid valve, blah, blah............

After writing down a few significant information on her notebook, she yawned again. "I wanna sleep," she said drowsily, her eyes drooping. "Or eat lots of noodles…"

"So why don't you?"

Ridz's eyes snapped open. She looked up to see Armaan's amethyst eyes looking at her, amused. "Tum phir se?" Ridzcried, before clapping a hand to her mouth as she received a shush from the other students and a glare from the librarian.

Armaan picked up one of the books from her tottering pile. "Tum bahut research kar rahi ho, aren't you?"

"Mujhe nahi pata tum kya soch rahe ho, Malik," Ridz hissed, "but I would really appreciate it if you find yourself another table."

Armaan sat down on the empty chair beside her, completely ignoring what she had just said. "Par tumhare pas itna bara{big} table hai, all to your itty bitty self." Beside him, Ridz had to restrain the urge to conk him with the heavy book she was reading. "Oh, before I forget," he handed her a folder. "Here."

"What in the world is this?" Ridz asked, looking at him blankly.

"A folder, duh."

In the background, Riddhima gave him a dry look.

"Tumhare pass bilkul bhi sense of humor nahi hai, do you? It's some info that might come in handy in our research," Armaan said as Ridz leafed through the papers inside the folder. "Tum finished research paper check kar sakti ho and see if it's already okay." Armaan had conveniently left out the part that it was actually his staff at home who gathered all the information.

"Humara research paper?" Ridz arched a brow.

"Well, yeah. Main tumhara partner hoon, right?"

Riddhima eyed him skeptically as she leafed through the draft research paper he was talking about. As she browsed at the draft, a small blue paper the size of a check fluttered to the table. Riddhima picked it up.

"What's this?" she asked, looking at the piece of paper.

Armaan turned to her slightly. "Yeh yaha kaise?" He said casually. "It's a gift check of 150,000 Rupees to DMG Mall. Must have slipped there accidentally. Tum le sakti ho agar tum chaho."

Ridz's brows shot up. There were only three logical explanations for his sudden angelic attitude: Armaan got abducted by aliens, hit his head really hard, or is planning something evil to be this nice and generous to her. "Okay Malik," she said calmly, tucking the gift check back into the folder. "What do you want? Really."

Armaan looked at her innocently. "You dare question my good intentions?"

"I think your real intentions are anything but good." Ridz's eyes narrowed suspiciously and she suddenly pulled his collar. "Spit it out, Malik. What are you up to?"

"Stop pulling my shirt, woman!" Armaan hissed back dangerously. Ridz complied, but still managed to stare daggers at him.

"To be honest Gupta," Armaan looked at her seriously as he straightened himself up, "I have a favor to ask you."

Riddhima's eye twitched. "You're asking me a favor?" The car ride, the flower and apology, the ready-made research paper and now the gift check. Realization quickly dawned on her. So that was what all that unusual niceness was all about! "You were bribing me!" She whispered angrily. "Aur tumhe aisa kyun lagta hai ke main tumhari help karungi? I would rather jump into a snake pit than ever do you any favor." She stood up and picked her pen and notebook.

"And you're an ungrateful nobody, butt-ugly!" Armaan muttered, losing his temper.

Ridz popped a vein. In one quick motion, she pushed the teetering pile of books at Armaan, burying him in a pile of dusty and heavy books. She then stormed out the library, hitting an innocent student with the library door on the way out.

Armaan emerged from the 'rubble' of books. "What are you looking at?!" He growled at the heads that swiveled at his direction when he they heard the books come down on him. The other students hastily turned back to what they were doing before.

"Damn bit**!" He thought angrily. "Fine! She doesn't want the nice approach eh? No more Mister Nice Armaan. It's Plan B then. You asked for it, Gupta!"

Riddhima stepped into her house and was pleasantly surprised to see Ashu and her nani throwing confetti and blowing party horns as they pranced around the living room.

"Kya ho raha hai?" She asked, sweat-dropping, as Ashu handed her a noisemaker. "Koi aisi occasion hai jiske baare mein main nahi jaanti?"

"Mom ko job mil gayi!" Ashu answered gleefully. "Ek company ka phone aaya tha aur unhone mom se baat ki. Is Monday start kar rahi hai! Isn't that great?"

Ridz had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. "Eeh? Really? Kaunsi company?"

"Malik Corporation," her nani answered, fitting her with a party hat.

Ridz's eyes widened. Malik Corporation was one of India's leading information technology companies. She then noticed the party hat on her head and quickly removed it, sweat-dropping some more.

Just then, Padma entered the room. "I just heard the news mom," Ridz gave her mother a tight hug. "Main bahut khush hoon!"

Releasing her daughter from the hug, Padma gave her a cheerful smile. "Ab tumhe Bi ke yaha kaam karne ki koi zarrorat nahi hai."

Ridz looked thoughtful for a moment before shaking her head. "Nahi mom." She returned the smile. "Maine abhi abhi to kaam karna shuru kiya hai. Aur acha nahi lagega. I'll still work for her to help in the family income."

"Koi zabardasti nahi hai," her mother replied. "Main samajh sakti hoon tumhari reason. Don't overwork yourself now, okay?" She ran a hand through Ridz's hair.

"Okay theek hai," Ridz nodded gladly.

"Oh, cake bake kiya tha," Padma told her, leading her to the dining area. "Let's celebrate. Ashu to already kha{eat} raha hoga."

"Ab tak to sara kha geya hoga{must have ate all by now}." Ridz laughed. "Glutton!"

The phone suddenly rang. "I'll get that!" She said to her mom, dashing to the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Gupta," a masculine voice answered.

Ridz's eyes widened. "Malik?!" She gasped. How in the world did he know her phone number? She was about to ask him when he cut her off.

"News mili?" Armaan questioned.

"Kaunsi news?" Ridz twirled the phone cord on her index finger nervously. What was he talking about? She bet that it was not something good.

"About your mother being offered a job."

Ridz gritted her teeth. "So you were the one behind it!" If Armaan was standing right before her, she could have ripped his head off. "You tricked her!"

Armaan snorted. "I didn't trick her."

"You jerk! You must have paid somebody to call her and say Malik Corporation was going to hire her!" Ridz spat into the receiver, trying to keep her voice down so her family nearby would not hear.

"No, stupid girl." She heard Armaan sigh impatiently. "Woh job offer real thi."

"Oh really?" Riddhima scoffed. "Aur tum kaise jaante ho?"

"Have you been living under a rock all this time?" Armaan sounded annoyed. "My family owns that company. I asked my dad to hire her, and he agreed."

"Why are you doing this?" Ridz asked, even if she had a good idea what his answer would be.

"Main tumhe already bata{told} chuka hoon," Armaan said impatiently. "I have a favor to ask you."

"What if I still said no?"

"Then you can kiss that offer goodbye. Aur is baar, it would be your fault your mother lost that job opportunity."


Kk guys and gals plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i am really sorry. I know i haven't updated like forever. Next chappy will be ridz transformation yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Another request plxzzz guys leave comments or just press the thank you button.

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pal_1887 Groupbie

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Posted: 25 October 2008 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
nice update...pls continue soon....
cute_madhu Goldie

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Posted: 25 October 2008 at 10:36pm | IP Logged

Hey sweetzy..this prt was jus tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud..nah it was g888888888…kya kitta soniye..bache ki jaan logi..loved the way ammy tried to bribe Ridz..n ridz being the stubborn lil gal..didn't give him a now she will accept the offer n then transformation..woahhhhhhhh..G8888888 yaar..


Btw.U updated after a real long time..i had to pinch my self to see that the butt-ugly n phycotic fellow..fight that means one of my favorite bac..n boy..need I say I was so happy that I jumped from my seat n danced around merrily..hehe


Plzzzzzzz cont asap yaar..this FF n concept is jus mind-blowing..awesum..amzin…n every oder compliment I can ever give..plzzzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzzzz cont sn shona…


Love ya……t.ccccccccc




                        -Ur's Ever MadhuEmbarrassed

preet916 Newbie

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Posted: 25 October 2008 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
i luv ur FF
its really differnt frm the others
nd im soo glad u continued again
wonderful part was awesome
continue sooner this time
Sterva Groupbie

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Posted: 09 December 2008 at 9:08am | IP Logged
i read ur whole ff in one go.
amazing, u r  a really gud writer.
plzzzzzzz continue sooon and do pm me.

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