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Laaga Chunri Mein Daag(AR) NOTE-PG 150 19 (Page 86)

simran1285 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 September 2008 at 3:52pm | IP Logged

Phew I thought we had lost you again Pinky...the promo is hope can't wait till you post the next part

dmg123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 September 2008 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
hey....good luck on ur exams...dont worry...take ur time
will wait.....n when u post...can u pls pm...thank u!!! i noe its gonna be awesome....but wat bout ur other ff bhool bhuliya
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bookadict303

Heartone of a kind story!!!!!!!! love it!!!! update soon!1
thanksssssssss 4 ur lovley comment...........Smile
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 6:14am | IP Logged

I'm very very sorrrrryyyyyyyyyy for this big delay.....i need to say this that even the next part might take sometime for being uploaded as my study pressure is increasing but i'll try to update soon....



           Intro of all characters after the leap.



          The beautiful night witnessed a lavishing party in the grand hall of Mallik Mansion.The entire house was decorated.Everyone was enjoying this beautiful birthday party of the worlds most naughtiest but cutest 3 children: maya,harsh & minnie.They were the life of mallik mansion.They would cause havoc in everyones life whom they met but they were also the apple of everyones eyes.Hence their birthdays were always celebrated in a grand bashing way.Being small they couldnt talk much but the less they talked the more they troubled everyone.They played pranks on everyone especially on their grandparents whom they knew would never mind their pranks as they loved them a lot.They tried including armaan also in their plan but he would just shrugh off saying he is busy.Ofcourse somewhere their innocence & mischief would remind him his young days as the way he would trouble everyone & then he would frown remembering how his life changed into a complete disaster.

           All 3 of them cutted a huge chocolate cake together.They dint want to cut seperate cakes as they were always in unity & did everything together.Among the 3 maya was eldest as she was born 5 mins earlier than harsh who was elder to minnie by 3 minutes.People clapped & enjoyed the evening.Children played games like musical chairs & passing the parcel while the elders were busy dancing or chatting.Armaan was busy standing in one corner with a drink in his hand since 1 hr.He was smiling looking at the children playing but deep down his thoughts were somewhere else.Somewhere wandering to his past.He unknowingly was still remembering riddhima.Her face,her voice,her smile.If only he could see her once & ask her wat wrong did he do?But his fate dint bring them together.He wondered;if she hadnt left him,even they would have a child who would play with harsh,minnie & maya.He would have his own children & a beautiful wife & a normal life but life had taken some other turn only.He had a strong reason to believe she was his wife as he still remembered the days after his recovery from the near death.He remembered atul was upset regarding his marriage with anjie.When he had asked the reason atul told that the pandit told the mahurat in which he got married was the best one in years & if a boy filled girls maang with his own blood no 1 could seperate them till eternity.They would be recognised as husband-wife instantly.Atul was upset that he dint fill anjies maang with his own blood & blamed the pandit for being late informer but armaan smiled remembering how he had unknowingly filled ridz's maang with his blood.He knew god had made this bonding but didnt knw why did god send her away.He felt after hearing this that they hadnt done anythinjg wrong as they had become husband-wife.He couldnt think of any other girl & his heart & mind agreed that he was married to riddhima-a girl whose name he never knew.

            Everyone were too busy in their own world to see armaans sadness.Even RM & AA were busy playing with kids as it was their birthday & they dint want to leave them alone.Shubh was hosting the games while keerti was talking to nani & shashank.


The music stopped on muskaan.Maya told her mom to tell shayari for rahul the way she had caught them red-handded once in their bedroom.Muskaan blushed remembering wat had happened.


          RM were bickering as usual.Rahul told muskaan that she had lost all her interest in her husband & only cared for maya.Muskaan started yelling that he is talking rubbish.She still loves him the way she did earlier.So rahul asked her to prove it.Little did they know that maya had just entered the room.Muskaan was looking at him in shock & anger.Rahul patted himself mentally for making muskaan shut up once in her life.He was glad that he won the arguement for the 1st time.But muskaan couldnt give up easily.She stopped him & caught hold of his hand.She came very close to him & looked deeply in his eyes.Kept his hand on her heart & told in a very deep sensual voice:

              "Choti baaton pe takraar na kiya karo,

                 Har majaak ko dil pe na lia karo,

                 Kya pata saath hai aur kitne din,

                 In palo ko toh pyaar se jia karo."

Rahul looked deep in her eyes & replied:

             "Har karz mohobbat ka adaa karega kaun,

               Jab hum nahi honge to wafaa karega kaun,

               Hey rab mere mehboob ko rakhna salaamat,

               Warna mere jeene ki dua karega kaun."

Muskaan smiled at him & replied:

              "Jaruri nahi ke jine ka sahaara ho,

               Jisko chaho wo hamara ho,

               Dub jaye kashti mein hame gham nahi,

               Bas tamanna hai ke dubne tak saath tumhaara ho."

Rahul looked at the tears formed in her eyes & came more close to her till their lips were just inches apart & whispered:

            "Waqt ki dhoop ho ya ho tez aandhiyaan,

               Kuch kadmo ke nishaan kabhi nahi khote,

               Jinhe yaad karke muskura de aankhen,

               Woh door rehkar bhi dur nahi hote."

Muskaan kissed him softly on his lips & smiled & replied through her tears:

              "Saamne na ho toh tarasti aankhen,

                Yaad mein teri barasti hai aankhen,

                Mere liye na sahi inke liye maan jaao,

                Tumse bepenaah mohobbat karti hai aankhen."

Rahul smiled at her & told:

            "Khwaabon mein sapna tumhaara ho,

              Aankhen kholu toh mukhda tumhaara ho,

              Tumhaare pyaar mein marjaoo to koi gham nahi,

              Kafan mile woh jo aanchal tumhaara ho."

Muskaan placed her hand on his lips & burst into fresh tears holding him.They hugged tightly.

M:  rahul dubara marne ki baat mat karna.Main tumhaare bina nahi jee sakti.Main tujhse bahut pyaar karti hu.

R:  muskaan marna toh sabko ek din hai....Hum jab tak rahe saath rahe aur khush rahe....Agar hum mein se kabhi ek mar gayaa toh dusra uske yaad mein aasu nahi bahaayega balki in khubsoorat palaoon ke yaad ke sahaare jee lega......wadaa kar muskaan agar mujhe kuch hua toh tu nahi roagi.....

       Before muskaan could reply they heard a voice of crying.They turned to the door to see maya in tears.She came running in & hugged muskaan.It was evident she couldnt imagine her life without any of her single parent.She couldnt speak much but she didnt need at the moment as muskaan consoled her saying no 1 will die & they'll always remain together.Even rahul consoled her.They put maya to sleep & then talked 4 sometime & went to sleep after telling hw much they love each other.


Muskaan remembered it was one of those rare days when they would get emotional & tell each other how much they loved.The 2nd child in her stomach was somewhere the result of their this emotional breakdown.

Next rahul was punished to kiss muskaan in front of everyone.While all the elders were shocked at this demand the children were giggling.Afterall once a year they get to trouble their parents without getting shouted.Rahul kissed muskaans hand as he was very shy to kiss her in front of so many people.Harsh was made to dance while maya had to sing.Atul proposed anjali in the most romantic way.The evening ended with the end of the bash celebration of the party.

         On the other hand ridz was celebrating birthday of junior armaan.The room was lightly decorated & there was a simple chocolate cake.Music was on & all the girls were dancing with jr.armaan.But ridz was standing in one corner & just like armaan was remembering ridz & his life if she would be present ridz was also remembering armaan & wat would have happened if she wouldnt have left him.She remembered how bi had told her 3 years back that somewhere she was married to armaan.Even bi knew about the shubh mahurat & told ridz that god had married them.She consoled ridz that she hadnt done anything wrong.Ridz was very happy hearing this & since then she started wearing mangalsutra & claiming that she is married & jr.armaan is its result.Moreover she was more tensed regarding the income.She dint like dancing in the club due to the comments of people there & she removed 3 years in studying & taking care of jr.armaan.But she knew for his future she would have to earn money.Just then bi came to her.

Bi:  riddhima beta tum itni pareshaan kyu ho????

R:  kuch nahi bi......

Bi:  main jaanti hu tujhe paise ki zaroorat hai....armaan ke parwarish ke liye.....

R:  jee bi par mein club mein dance nahi karna chahti......

Bi:  jab mein hu toh tu fikar kyu kar rahi hai??????

R:  kya matlab?????

Bi:  tujhe Mr.khanna pata hai???

R:  woh jo bade bade shows organise karta hai????

Bi:  haan wohi....Maine usse baat ki hai....Usse dancer ki talaash hai....Agle mahine mein goa mein ek bahut bade hotel ka inaugartation ho rahaa hai.Hotel ke maalik wahaan ek charity program karna chahte hai.Iske liye ek bahut badaa dance show kiya jaa rahaa hai aur show ke paise kissi trust mein diye jaayenge.Isliye inhe dancer chahiye aur maine tera naam lead dancer ke liye de diya hai.....agar tu unhe pasand aa gayi toh tujhe fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi padhegi.Tujhe bahut tarakki milegi....

R(happily):  sach bi!!!!!!main bahut khush hu......aap nahi jaanti aapne mere liye kya kiya hai.......thank you bi........

Bi:  lekin tujhe do din mein goa ke liye nikalna hoga....

R:  lekin bi armaan ka kya hoga???woh mere bina kaise rahega?????

Bi:  tu usse bhi saath le jaa......maine naina aur kajal se bhi baat kar li hai....woh bhi tere saath aa rahi hai.....maine unka naam group dancing mein daal diya hai....

R:  par bi agar unhe main pasand nahi aayi toh???

Bi:  beta tu aisa kabse sochne lagi???tu toh bahadur hai......itna kuch sahaa hai tune toh ek chote se audition se darr gayi???aur waise bhi dance mein tujhe kaun maat de sakta hai?????aur agar tu select nahi bhi hui toh group dance mein to tujhe daal hi denge.....fikar mat kar mera aashirwaad tere saath hai aur tujhe kaamyabi zaroor milegi......

R(hugging bi):  thankssss bi.....



A lady in pink sari screaming armaans name near a cliff.She is standing near the edge & echoing armaans name.She is none other than riddhima.Someone holds her waist from behind & she smiles knowing the touch.Its armaan.

Ar(nuzzling in her ear):  bahut intzaar karwaaya tumne.Kahaan chali gayi thi tum mujhe chod ke???

Ri:  main toh yahi thi.....tumhaare paas...tumhaare saans ki khushbu mein....tumhaare dil ki dhadhkan bankar......har waqt...har pal sirf mera hi toh ehsaas tha.....

Ar:  jaanti ho tumhaara ehsaas tha par tum nahi thi.......maine tumhe kitna dhoondha par pata nahi tum kahaan chali gayi thi....main tumse bahut pyaar karta hai....mere saath dobara aisa mat karna....

Ri(turning & facing him):  main bhi tumse bahut pyaar karti hu.....

Tears are flowing from their eyes.Armaan kisses away her tears while she kisses away armaans tear.They both hug each other.Armaan kisses her eyes,hair,cheek & finally their lips meet.They start with a slow soft kiss which gradually turns into a deep passionate.After breaking from the kiss armaan looks into her eyes with pain.....

Ar:  wadaa karo tum mujhe kabhi chod ke nahi jaaogi....Hamesha mere saath rahogi......tumne mujhe abhi tak apna naam nahi bataaya....

Ri:  mera naam hai......armaaaaaaaaaaaan........She trips from the edge of the cliff screaming armaans name.

Ar:  nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............

Armaan gets up from the bed sweating.The same dream which he sees every night from the past 3 years of riddhima going far from him.He drinks water & stands near the window remembering her.Same questions ringing in his mind.Who was she?Why did she come?Why did she leave?

Just then he hears a commotion outside.He goes in the hall & finds shashank there present with the whole family of malliks.He looks at everyones tensed faces.

Ar:  kya hua?????uncle aap itni raat ko yahaan.....kya baat hai???

Sh: beta mujhe hamaare goa wale sanjeevani branch se phone aaya tha......wahaan ek problem aa gayi hai....

Ar:  kaisi problem????

Sh:  mujhe amit se pataa chala ki usse shak hai ki humaare hospital mein kuch gadbad chal rahi hai.....wahaan kidney transplant aur heart transplant ka dhandhaa chal raha hai....kuch log patients ki body mein se kidney aur heart nikaalkar usse bech rahe hai.....

Armaan shocked to hear this.....

Ar:  lekin yeh kaise ho sakta hai????humaara hospital itna dignified hai.....agar yeh baat sach hai toh yeh bahut buri khabar hai.....

Sh:  main jaanta hu aur amit ka kehna hai usse bhi yeh baat abhi abhi pataa chali aur police ko bhi shak hai isliye humaare hospital mein investigations shuru ho gayi hai......Main chahta hu tum rahul aur atul wahaan jaao aur is maamle ke baare mein jaano....police ko koi suraag mile isse pehle tum log hi sachchaai find karo aur police ki madad karo....log bahut vishwaas karte hai hum par...hum is tarah unka vishwaas ghaat nahi kar sakte....

Ra:  lekin mein muskaan ko is haal mein chod kar nahi jaa sakta.....aur phir yeh toh bahut badaa maamla hai.....isko solve karne mein mahine bhi lag sakte hai.....

Sh:  lekin woh hospital tum teeno ke naam par hai.....isliye mujhe lagta hai tum teeno ko jaana chahiye.....

Ra:  maaf kijiye uncle lekin mein muskaan ko yahaa chodkar nahi jaa sakta....

M:  theek hai toh main bhi chalti hu tum logon ke saath.......

Ra:  tu pagal ho gayi hai????is haal main tu kaise jaa sakti hai????tere liye travel karna achchaa nahi hai.....

M:  arrey goa kahaan door hai????sirf 45 minutes to lagte hai plane main.....aur tu bhi toh saath hoga......aur waise bhi abhi toh 6th month hi chal rahaa hai......

Ra:  lekin muskaan.....

M:  lekin vekin kuch nahi......main bhi aa rahi hoon.....aur bhool mat main pregnant hoon...tu mujhe wahaan patient banaa ke le jaa sakta hai.....waise bhi humme wahaan jaane ka koi na koi bahaana toh chahiye......toh main hi bahaana ban jaati hoon....tu mujhe wahaan admit kar dena.....

Ra:  nahi tu wahaan admit nahi hogi.....agar yeh baat sach hai ki wahaan aisa giraa hua kaam ho raha hai toh.....nahi main tere saath risk nahi le sakta.....

M:  theek hai toh mujhe bas wahaan roz check up ke bahaane le jaana...

Ra:  theek hai lekin tu wahaan ki koi dawaai nahi khaaye gi....main tera khyaal rakhuga.....aur tu hamaare saath hotel main hi rahegi.....

M:  theek hai baba....ab jaane ki tayaari karein????

An:  agar tum sab chale jaaoge toh main yahaan akele kya karoogi????

M(smiling slyly):  anjie seedhe seedhe bolo na tum atul ke bina nahi reh sakti....isliye.....

An(blushing):  nahi.....woh......

M:  achchaa chal zyaada natak mat kar.....hum sab chalenge.....

Sha:  theek hai main parso ke liye tickets arrange karta hu.....

Ar:  lekin yahaan ke hospital ka kya???

Shubh:  fikar mat karo.....yahaan hum log sambhaal lenge....tum log jaane ki tayaari karo.....

Ar,RM & AA:  jee papa....

2days later everyone leaves for goa......


Hope you enjoy this part.....i dont knw how it is but i've tried to make it long....i hope u dont get bored with it......

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-Mansi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Wow! I guess im the first one 2 comment..Pinky it was really worth  all the wait..simply beautiful..the 3 children..thier sweet bday party..the games..
RM flash-back touched me! I had tears in the end when Maya came running with wet eyes..the words were beautiful!!
The love of Rahul for Muskaan was so sweet..also Anjali..
But the saddest part was Armaan's. That dream! Uff! So sad!! I hope they unite soon!!
Simply wonderful Pinky! I jus cannot wait for the nxt part!!
simran1285 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 7:28am | IP Logged
*reserved* I will read and comment
pickytg Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 7:39am | IP Logged
 yayyy!!! tey gonna meet in d nxt part!!! wooohoooo!!!

grt update!  
bary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2008 at 7:50am | IP Logged
wonderful,bad dream and i hope never comes true,mainly RM flash back is wonderful,how sweet of rahul and he takes care of muskaan really well,please make AR meet as soon as possible

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