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Laaga Chunri Mein Daag(AR) NOTE-PG 150 19 (Page 42)

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:30am | IP Logged

Originally posted by desi_angel101

hey first of all I m sooooo sorry main kaan pakad ke maafi maangti hoon
tumse ke i didnt comment on ur last part I m soo busy with my exams n
all ke aaj jaake time mila honestly u just blew me away with it! I'm not
even kidding what a terribly sweet part especially when u were comapring
the mangalsutra in AA's wedding to when armaan was putting I think it
was a chain on her that moved me so much! U went beyond my
expectations with this part n now I m dying to read the next part i know
its gonna b awesome jaldi se update karlo yaar! N for the song I think
saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do is perfect

Luv Richa

thanksssssss a lot richa for your lovely comment...........I thought u forgot me but I'm glad u read it & u liked it.........I'm posting the next part soooon.....Smile

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:31am | IP Logged

Originally posted by karanrox

hey yaar ur ff is too good

thankssssss a lot for your lovely comment.............Smile

pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:32am | IP Logged

Thankssssss to all of you for your help.I've selected Hum-Tum because it got maximum votes.I'm sorry to others whose song I couldnt write.
           AR meet & fall in love.Unknowingly they have married.Armaan's health worsens.He falls on ground.
             Armaans body is lying on ground.Ridz is scared & shocked.She shakes him little but he is unconscious.She realises he is shivering with cold & coming back in rain has worsened his condition.Car was too far to go & she realises keeping him under the rain may even cause his death.So she couldnt take the risk of going upto the car.She tried lifting him but he was too heavy.She made him drink some water with her soft hands & found him stirring.Her heart beat had stopped the moment he fell.She couldnt let him happen anything.His life was more than anything she ever wished in her life.He opened his eyes little to see her crying & shaking with shock if anything happened to him.He tried getting up but his body had given up.Finally she somehow made him stand but his whole body's weight was on her shoulder.He was too weak to walk on his own.At the same time the pandit told AA to get up for the pheraas.There AA started walking for the pheraas & here AR started walking together to reach the cottage.They didnt realise that ridz dupatta was actually stuck in armaans shirts button.Her dupatta indicated the bond between two people who marry.There AA's pheraas came to an end & here AR reached the cottage & again armaan fell on the ground.
               Ridz didnt know what to do.She looked at him shiver in his sleep & his body temperature rising.She removed his shoes & socks & pulled his body near the fire.She started massaging his feet with tears still flowing from her eyes.She thought she was losing something precious.She felt something really close to her heart going away.The thought of something happening to him pierced through her body like a knife.The thought killed her.Her brain kept telling her that he is just a stranger & dont care for him much but her heart told he is very precious & dont let anything happen him.Her mind & heart were still playing their cruel games with her but by now her heart had overpowered her.She went & slept beside him hugging him very tightly.She didnt know what would he think of her when he saw her like this but his health was most important now.She embedded her body with his in the jacket hoping that her body will produce enough heat to bring down the shivers rising in his body.She was really close to his face & kept staring at his innocent face.She entwingled her fingers with his.She knew he was the one whom god had sent for her.She kissed his cheek & fell asleep dreaming about him.After an hour or so armaans condition seemed to getting better.Ridz closeness had produced enough heat & now he had stopped shivering.He opened his eyes & saw her sleeping.Her face was just inches away.He smiled looking at her sleeping peacefully.How he craved to just once touch her face.Just remove the difference of few inches between them.Her half body was on top of his.She didnt realise it in sleep.Then he realised the position in which they were.She had come so close to him so that he could be saved.Had it not been for her he could have died.He realised they both were coiled together in one jacket.He couldnt believe some girl could come so close to him just to save him & that too who barely knew her.His thoughts broke when she opened her eyes from her deep sleep.She realised most of her body was lying on his.Both felt little awkward but they also liked it.They wanted to be like this forever.Just remain in eachothers arms.They could see intense love for eachother in their eyes.They didnt want time to go.Just then ridz spoke softly......
R: maaf karnaa......aapki tabiyat bahut kharaab ho gayi thi isliye mujhe aise aapke paas sona padaa......
A: koi baat nahi par.....
R: par?????
A: agar kissi ko pataa chalaa toh aapki izzat pe daag lag jaayega......
R(lowering her gaze & smiling): Meri izzat aapki jaan se badhkar nahi hai.....
Armaan couldnt believe his ears.This was the girl whom he could have ever fallen for.Someone who doesnt care about herself but cares for his well being.She looked into his eyes & both kept staring at eachother.Both knew it was pure love for them.It was God who bought them together.Her last statement had acted as an catalyst.Now even his heart had overpowered his mind.He didnt want the moment to go.He looked at her maang & was so glad to see she hadnt wiped away his blood from her maang.He knew even she feels something.Finally he gathered his courage & asked her.
A: aap ne apni maang se mera khoon nahi nikaala????
R(smiling & blushing): jee....woh........pata nahi kyu isse main nikaal nahi paayi.......
A: shayad yeh bhagwaan ki marzi ho........
R didnt say anything but simply blushed.
A: kya aap mere liye kuch mehsoos karti hai?????
Ridz was shocked to hear this question.She didnt know what to answer.She blushed even more & finally replied in small voice 'haan'.Armaan was overwhelmed by her answer.He rolled over her so that now he was on top of her.
A: kya aap mujhse pyaar karti hai?????
R: pyaar kya hota hai main nahi jaanti.......bas itna jaanti hu ki jab aapko dekha tab aapki aankhon mein ek sachchaai dekhi......jab aapki tabiyet kharaab hui tab lagaa mera dil toot raha hai......jab aapse door gayi toh lagaa ki mera kuch peeche choot raha hai......kya issi ko pyaar kehte hai????
A: haan kyunki mein bhi yahi mehsoos karta hu.....
       They both hugged & armaan kissed each part of her face.He kissed her lips passionately.First time in her life she had let someone come so close to her.She had finally found her prince charming.This could be the best birthday she ever had.She didnt want to stop him.She surrendered herself willingly.She wanted to be with him in his arms.They forgot about the outside world.They were in their own paradise.He kept kissing every part of her body.Today she was feeling completed.Background song from the film Kisna....




Hum hai is pal yahaan,jaane ho kal kahaan;
Hum mile na mile,hum rahe na rahe;
Rahegi sadaa yahaan,pyaar ki yeh daastaan;
Sunenge sadaa jisse,yeh zameen aasmaan.

Hum hai is pal yahaan,jaane ho kal kahaan;
Hum mile na mile,hum rahe na rahe;
Rahegi sadaa yahaan,pyaar ki yeh daastaan;
Sunenge sadaa jisse,yeh zameen aasmaan.

Rang dhal jaate hain,din badal jaate hain,
Raatein so jaati hain,raahein kho jaati hain;
Pyaar khota nahiiiiiii,pyaar sota nahiiiiiiii,
Pyaar dhalta nahiiiiiii,haan badalta nahiiiiiii.

Hum hai is pal yahaan,jaane ho kal kahaan;
Hum mile na mile,hum rahe na rahe;
Rahegi sadaa yahaan,pyaar ki yeh daastaan;
Sunenge sadaa jisse,yeh zameen aasmaan.

Hum jahaan aaye hai,mehrbaa saaye hain,
Hum yahaan khwabon ke,karwaah laaye hain;
Dhadhkane hai jawaaaan,gaa rahaan hai samaaaaa,
Peeghli-peeghli si hai,mehki tanhaayeaan.....

Hum hai is pal yahaan,jaane ho kal kahaan;
Hum mile na mile,hum rahe na rahe;
Rahegi sadaa yahaan,pyaar ki yeh daastaan;
Sunenge sadaa jisse,yeh zameen aasmaan.

Both AA are sitting on the bed.They have finally finished with all the rasams of marriage.Atul paid nice heavy price to others to come in anjies room.Both are sitting in eachothers arms.Anjie breaks the silence.
An: Atul main tumse ek baat puchu??
At: pucho....
An: jab hum anguthi dhoondhne waali rasam nibhaa rahe the(the rasam in which husband-wife have to search ring from the thali in which lot of red water & other things are kept) tab ring toh tumhe mili thi toh phir tumne chupke se mere haath mein kyu rakh di????sabko lagaa ki ring maine dhoondi isliye main tumpar raaj karugi.
At: main bhi toh yahi chahta hu.
An(smiles): achchaa suno maine woh table pe tumhaare liye gift rakhi hai.
Atul takes the gift & unwraps it.It was a rose plant.Atul gets really excited after looking at the plant.There was one pink rose flower already grown while other were still in buds.
At: thanksssss anjie.......mujhe hamesha se rose plant chahiiye tha.....
An: main jaanti hu....
At: tumhe kaise pataa chala?
An: us din jab tumne mujhe apne plants se milwaaya tha tab unme rose nahi tha......
At: oh anjali ur so sweeeeeet.....Hum iska naam rosy rakhenge....
But then he gets sad & looks down.Anjie confused by sudden reaction.
An: kya hua atul???
At: I'm sorry.....
An: kis liye???
At: woh tumhaari gift armaan ki gaadi mein hai aur woh pagal aayaa hi nahi.....maine kitne pyaar se woh gift li thi....socha tha aaj raat tumhe doonga par armaan ne saare kiye karaaye par paani fek diyaa....
An: its ok atul.....tum mujhe kal de dena....
At: par armaan meri shaadi kaise miss kar sakta hai....Usse ek baar bhi mera khyaal nahi aayaa....
An: ho sakta hai woh aanaa chahta ho par toofaan ki wajah se na aapayaa ho....humme yeh hope karna chahiye ki woh jahaan bhi ho theek ho.....Tum jaante ho na usse baarish ke paani se kitni problem hoti hain.......thoda pani lagta hai ki usse sardi ho jaati ya phir uska badan kaanpne lagta hai aur aaj toh kuch zyaada hi baarish ho rahi hai.....
At: haan tum theek keh rahi ho.......i hope woh theek ho......waise uske paas uska special jacket tha isliye usko koi problem nahi hogi......
An: I hope woh sanjeevani se niklaa hi na ho....Par tum itna udaas mat ho......Chalo hum tumhaara mood theek karte hai....
At: main theek hoon.....
An: jaanti hu main tum kitne emorional ho ab chup-chaap mere saath dance karo......
At: DANCE??????
An: chilla kyu rahe ho??sirf dance hi toh kahaa.......
She gets up & puts on some music & then pulls atul to dance.Hum-Tum song plays in background.....



Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zaraa, (Both of them catching each others hand)
Dheemi si dhadhkan ko badhne do zaraa, (they are moving closer & swaying in each others arms)
Lamho ki Guzaarish hai yeh paas aajaye, (they place their hands around eachothers neck)
Aankhon mein humko utarne do zaraa, (Anjie rests her face on atuls shoulder)
Bahon mein humko pighalne do zaraa, (Atul kisses her hand)
Lamho ki Guzaarish hai yeh paas aajaye, (Atul kisses her forhead)

Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zaraa..............

Silvatein kahiin,Karvatein kahiin, (He brings her face closer to his)
Dhal jaaye kajal bhi teraaa........; (He kisses her eyes)
Nazron mein ho,Gujarat hua, (He kisses her cheeks)
Khwaabon ka koi kaafilaa....;
Jismo ko Ruho ko jalane do zaraa, (He lifts her up & takes to bed)
Sharmo hayaa ko machalne do zaraa; (Her eyes still closed but a small smile is formed on her lips)
Lamho ki Guzaarish hai yeh paas aajaye, (He removes all her ornaments).

Saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zaraa..............(He kisses her lips)
Both the bodies coiled in each other with just the moon noticing these two soul making love like other couples somewhere else.......

Rahul is sitting on laptop doing some work.Muskaan has bath & comes out with wet hair.She wears a purple nighty.She looks at rahul who is busy on laptop & frowns because he doesnt give a single glance to her.She tries to get his attention.
M: hmmm
Rahul doesnt look up.
M: er....rahul....
He looks up to see muskaan standing & smiling.He doesnt notice the romantic mood going on her face.
R: kya hai muskaan???Mujhe kaam hai.....
Muskaan frowns.
M(trying some coversation): armaan se contact hua?????
R: nahi.......maine uska phone try kiya par network nahi mil rahaa......aur sanjeevani ka bhi nahi lag raha.....
M(placing her hand on his shoulder): I hope woh theek woh....
R(removing her hand): dont worry muskaan woh theek hoga......woh apna khyaal rakh sakta hai.....par actually uski thodi fikar mujhe bhi ho rahi hi.....I hope woh sanjeevani se niklaa na ho.....bahar ka mausam bahut kharaab hai....
Muskaan didnt pay attention to what he was saying.She was angry at the way rahul removed her hand but she was not giving up that easily.
M: tumhe nahi lagta ab humme bachche ki planning karni chahiye....
R(shocked): yeh achanak tujhe kya ho gaya????
M: mera matlab hai humari shaadi ko 2 months ho gaye hai....Aaj shaadi mein bahut log pooch rahe the ki mein khush khabri kab sunaoogi...
R: waise idea bura nahi hai par aaj hum planning nahi kar sakte......aaj mujhe bahut kaam hai......
M(to herself): achaa kaam hai......abhi bataati hu.....
She got up & put on music.Rahul was shocked with sudden music & that too such a song.Without looking up he told
R: muskaan music bandh kar mujhe kaam karna hai
Seeing no reaction he looked up & got shocked to see muskaan giving seducing looks & dancing.

O zaraa zaraa touch me touch me touch me, (she comes closer to him)
O zaraa zaraa kiss me kiss me kiss me, (she takes his hand)
O zaraa zaraa hold me hold me hold me, (she makes him get up)
O zaraa oooooh ooooooh... (she makes him touch her face)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum
Dum-du-dum-du-dum (she rounds around him)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum (She catches him from behind)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum
Dum-du-dum-du-dum (she puts his arms around her)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum (she makes him go round)
O zaraa zaraa touch me touch me touch me, (she goes behind him & catches his chest from behind)
O zaraa zaraa kiss me kiss me kiss me, (She bites his ear lobe)
O zaraa zaraa hold me hold me hold me, (She comes forward)
O zaraa oooooh ooooooh... (she runs her fingers on his neck & he smiles)

Tera hi tera intzaar hai,Mujhko bas tujhse pyaar hai, (she jerks such a way that her wet hair touches his face)
Tera hi tera ab khumaar hai,khudpe na mera atiyaar hai (She removes the outer cover of nighty to reveal a sleeveless transparent nighty which she wore inside)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum
Dum-du-dum-du-dum (Rahul mesmerised by her beauty as if he has seen her for first time)

Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum (she closes his eyes & lets her fingers run down his face)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum
Dum-du-dum-du-dum (he catches her fingers & kisses them)
Bin tere sanam is jahaan mein bekaraar hum (he kisses her hand & cheeks while muskaan is happy with the response)
Touch me touch me touch me, (He lifts her up & takes to bed)
O zaraa zaraa kiss me kiss me kiss me, (he kisses every inch of her face)
O zaraa zaraa hold me hold me hold me, (He entwingles his fingers with her)
O zaraa oooooh ooooooh...
(They kiss each other passionately for the remaining night)....

Thus tonight was a memorable night for these 6 lovers.It was God who somehow bought them together specially AR.The shining moon & twinkling stars were the only ones witnessing the love of these six lovers,witnessing the unoin of these 6 souls with their soulmates but who knows what destiny has planned for them.

Finally i completed writing this part.Believe me I've never written such a long part & moreover I was too scared to post this part.But I'm glad my wish is fulfilled beacuse I've always been dying to write a part in which i can show only the romance among these 3 pairs without bringing any charcter in & finally i've written.I had to really think a lot before writing this part.Hope u like it.Sorry if I disappointed anyone & plzzzzzzzzzzzz leave frank comments........

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shelly IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Clap Clap
Karan.T IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Fantastic Update Pinki
I really like it.
Great work Clap
Keep continue
Update sooooooooooooooon
patem031 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 8:15am | IP Logged
it ws such a beautiful prt
wow, so romantic, it ws too gud yaar
i dn hve any words to describe it, it ws jst awesome
abt a nd r, sayin tumne apni maang se mera khoon nahi nikala- it ws awesom
nd coz of armaan , atul coudnt even give a gift to anjali, bt it ws for better as ar met
nd hw can i forget rm, muskaan goin crazy, wow it ws such a beautiful scene
thanks for writting such gud prt, there were so much romance nd dis prt ws the bst
nd also it ws such a lng prt nd like everytime yu left me speechless by yur lng nd awesome prts
too gud prt, only romanceEmbarrassed
pls continue soon writting such romantic nd beautiful prts
eagerly waiting for yur nxt prt Tongue

Edited by patem031 - 26 May 2008 at 8:25am
123abc123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 8:16am | IP Logged

disapinted us r u mad!! dat was sooooooooo fabulously amazin
luved it all awwww AR togthr already it was sooooo cute all of it was amazin
u done such a great job really ncly writen left me speechless wot more can i say u deserve a big round of a plauseClap

especialy seeing how hard you tired to make this part special. luv evry updte of urz well done 

luv niz xxx 

Edited by sweet-niz - 26 May 2008 at 8:18am
Kanika05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 8:17am | IP Logged

Awesome update!EmbarrassedClap

I loved all the couples specially AREmbarrassedEmbarrassed & RMLOLEmbarrassed

U r such a great Writer Di!...Big smile

thanx for the PM hun!Wink

Continue soon!Tongue
Love KanuHeart

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