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Laaga Chunri Mein Daag(AR) NOTE-PG 150 19 (Page 144)

Winetersoon Newbie

Joined: 03 September 2008
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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 4:40am | IP Logged
woooow amazing story

Winetersoon Newbie

Joined: 03 September 2008
Posts: 6

Posted: 08 December 2008 at 4:40am | IP Logged
update very soon
Winetersoon Newbie

Joined: 03 September 2008
Posts: 6

Posted: 08 December 2008 at 4:42am | IP Logged
plz conn
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazy_4_karan

Hey pinky i loved ur ff its great..wen r u updateing next plzzzzzz jaldi karo n can u plzz pm me wen u update.......n yeah i have also read ur other ff BHUL BHULAIYA but i not getin the link of its 2nd thread so can u plzzz provide me with the link plzzzzzzz i eagerly wont 2 read it.
thankssssss a lot for your lovely comment......i'll surely provide u the link very sooooooon.....Smile
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Winetersoon

woooow amazing story
thanksssssss a lot for your comment......i'm just updating.......Smile
pinky_5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2007
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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 7:09am | IP Logged


           AR's confrontation.


           Few weeks passed by.3 more weeks were left for riddhima's performance.AR shared a new relationship now & that was of friends.Ofcourse armaan would keep flirting with her always on which riddhima blushed.Ridz had grown more close to the mallik family.Armaan would always keep gazing at ridz lovingly & would not miss a chance to kiss her quietly.Ridz was always scared of armaan's behaviour as she knew his behaviour could cause them trouble & reveal her identity.Her dance practice's were going on very smoothly whereas mallik's case regarding sanjeevani was not progressing.All their plans to catch the culprit would go fail.It seemed someone was always keeping an eye on them.Jr.armaan had also become a special part of mallik's family.He was adored by everyone.One day he called armaan 'papa' in front of everyone leaving everyone shocked but armaan handled the situation saying that maybe he misses his father & after meeting minnie & maya's father even he might wish that he has a loving father.He also announced that he has no objection if jr.armaan calls him father & everyone else were left happy.It was then armaan winked ridz & she understood that armaan had taught jr.armaan to call him papa.Ridz wanted to be angry with him but her heart never allowed her to be angry at armaan & she would always end up smiling.One day was another shock when jr.armaan started calling minnie,maya 'didi' & harsh 'bhai'.Once again everyone dismissed any suspicious thoughts & were happy jr.armaan was getting someone to call his own.Once again ridz was mad at armaan for his doing but he would end up impressing her with his charms.Armaan would spend a lot time with ridz & jr.armaan.He had made a special bond with naina whom he regarded as his sister.He would sneak at nights in ridz room to spend time with them & naina would smilingly leave the room to give the small family some privacy.RM & AA relationship was still the same.Muskaan's 7th month was about to end & they had decided even if the case got solved soon they would leave goa only after muskaan's delivery.Rahul was much more tensed than muskaan regarding his wife & sons health.Muskaan would keep throwing tantrums & rahul would quietly follow her.He had reduced their nok-jhok cause he was tensed regarding muskaan's health & didnt want her to become hyper.But he didnt know that just like him & muskaan was missing their cute fights a lot & would get pissed when rahul wouldn't argue back.AA were still the same sugary couple.They would never fight as they always shared the relationship of understanding.They would always give advices to each other whenever required & would always support each other.

            Ridz dance practices were now getting too hectic but she was somehow managing.Today while dancing she fell on her own legs & yelled in pain.Everyone surrounded her & saw ridz was crying in pain.Her leg was hurt badly & she couldnt even stand.They immediately carried her to hospital.Even armaan,rahul & atul were in sanjeevani discussing the case & interrogating people when they saw ridz being carried to hospital.Armaan ran to her asking others what happened.Rahul felt something fishy as he had not seen armaan like this for his own family since past 3 years.Anyways he shrugged off the thought as ridz health was more important.They took her & did some check ups.The x-ray report told she had a minor fracture as one of her leg bones had gone disentangled but it hadn't broken.She had to remain in the hospital for atleast 5 days & according to her progress they could decide if they could discharge her.Other group members were tensed regarding the dance but the choreographer was confident about ridz & didn't want to change her.She knew ridz could directly dance even on the day of program & they still would have full 2 weeks with her before the program.Armaan decided to take over ridz case himself & take care of her.

             3 days passed by with armaan taking full care of ridz.Ridz was highly impressed with dr.armaan who would still not leave a chance to flirt with her.Armaan would always make her eat everything & wouldn't leave her untill she felt asleep infact past 2 days he was with ridz 24*7 but rahul's suspicous eyes didnt leave him.He realised rahul was slowly understanding AR's relation is more than just friendship.He knew something was wrong because armaan had stopped coming to their meetings regarding the case.He would always remove some reason & remain with ridz.Armaan realised since past 2 days ridz was upset regarding something & armaan very well knew what it was & today he was going to give surprise to ridz.He came in the hospital to see ridz lying down just closing her eyes.He quietly went towards her & kissed her eyes.She opened them smilingly knowing fully well it was armaan.

Ar:  so tumhaari tabeeyat kaisi hai?

Ri:  theek hoo...bas thoda dard hai par woh jaldi theek ho jaayega na....

Ar:  achaa dekho main tumhaare liye kya laaya hu....

Ri:  kya????

Ar:  pehle aankhein bandh karo.....

Ri:  armaan yeh kya bachpana hai????

Ar:  please....(making a puppy face)

Ridz smilingly closed her eyes.She felt someone kissing her cheeks.She let out a cry ARMAAAAAAAAN......She opened her eyes to find jr.armaan there.She was very happy & overcomed to meet her son after 3 days.Ridz knew armaan bought him here & she was very grateful to him.

Jr.arm: papa laaye(dad bought me here).

Ridz kissed jr.arm & couldn't hold back her tears.She finally met him after a long wait...

Jr.arm:  aaaaap ja..l..di  se theeeek hoo jaoo...(u get alright soon)

Ri:  bachaa aap mumma ke pass aa gaye na ab mumma jaldi theek ho jaayegi....

Jr.arm:  mu..jhe aaaap ki yaad aatiiii haaai(i miss u alot)

Ri:  mujhe bhi tumhaari bahut yaad aati hai...

Ridz hugged jr.armaan & looked gratefully at sr.armaan as she knew it was he who taught him all this.Even armaan could no longer resist & hugged his small family.The 3 of them hugged while armaan gave kiss on their foreheads.Just then naina entered & looked at the much adorable family.She saw their bond & always prayed to god that this family never seperates.Ridz played with jr.armaan & talked to naina for sometime & then all 3(armaan,jr.armaan & naina) of them left.Armaan didn't want to go but he didn't want to draw more suspicions from rahul & didn't want to give him a chance to ask question.Moreover he realised ridz health was lot times better & at night she could manage alone.


Ridz was sleeping peacefully while armaan was very restless in his room thinking about ridz.Ridz got up with a jerk as she heard the noise of breaking of glass from nearby room.She got up & went near a room & heard someones voice.She couldnt hear properly but from the small glass on the door she saw someones back.It was a male & he held a piece of broken glass in his hand.Opposite him was a peon looking terrified.Ridz could only see the peons half face but fear was evident in his eyes.She understood the person was scarying the peon with that piece of broken glass.If only he would turn & she could see his face but too late.A nurse came from behind & shouted at ridz for roaming in the hospital at this time of night.She didn't let ridz explain about the situation & started pulling her to her room.While moving ridz had a last glance & saw that the man had gone & the peon was on his feet crying.The remaining night was sleepless for ridz as she tried to analyse who the man was who was trying to scare the peon & why was he doing this.Who was the peon?What was going on in the hospital?Was this related to the case armaan & others were working on?She decided as soon as armaan comes she'll tell him all about this.

               Next morning ridz told armaan all that she had seen.Armaan was shocked on getting this info from ridz.They knew such things were happening in hospital but were not getting proofs.Armaan immediately asked ridz to relax & rushed to rahul & atul to tell them this.He called an immediate meeting where they all discussed over this recent discovery.They knew they had to find the peon before it was too late & use ridz to identify him.

            They assembled all the peons in the hall who were or were not having any duties at the night time.Ridz looked at all of them but she told that none of the peon was that one.Just than sister lovely came to them.

Lovely:  dr.rahul woh jee woh teesre maale par jo peon hai na....jiski night duty hoti hai....jee woh bhaag gaya.....

Ra:  kaunsa peon?

Lo:  jiska naam premsingh hai...

Ra:  kahaan gaya woh???tumhe kaise pata ki woh chala gaya????

Lo:  jee woh mera bahut achaa dost hai....kuch dino se woh bahut pareshan dikh raha tha lekin mere poochne par woh bolta sirf uski tabeeyat thodi kharaab hai....main jaanti thi kuch to gadbad hai....maine usse kaafi baar poocha....aaj woh hospital nahi aaya isliye main uske ghar gayi thi dekhne ko lekin wahaan woh nahi tha....uska saara saaman gaayab tha....mujhe ek letter mila jisme likha hai ki usne bahut bure kaam kiye hai aur ab woh kaam aur nahi karna chahta isliye yahaan se chala gaya.....

Ar:  zaroor woh is case ke baare mein kuch jaanta hai....

At:  riddhima aur sister lovely mere saath chaliye...baaki log apna kaam kariye....

Atul took ridz & sister lovely with other doctors on this case to a huge frame lying on wall of the main hall.It was a frame having photos of staff members of sanjeevani.

At:  kya tum dono in mein se us peon ko pehchaan sakti ho????

Ridz & lovely's eyes scanned through the photo observing each person closely & then all of sudden both yelled in unision pointing at the same frame 'YAHI HAI WOH'.

Everyone looked closely at the photo & concluded that premsingh was the peon being troubled by some man last night.He knew alot about this case & would prove a good evidence to solve it.Rahul immediately called the police commisioner & filled him all the details.They were on their search of premsingh.Armaan took ridz to her room & made her rest.Then he left her after giving her a good bye kiss & making her sleep peacefully.He didn't want ridz to take tension regarding this issue.

It was again night time & ridz was sleeping peacefully but like yesterday even todays sleep got broke when she realised someone was very close to her....someone was about to kiss her....someone was touching her.....She very well knew it was not armaan & in an instance pushed the person & opened her eyes shocked.She realised this back of the person.It was the same man.She recognised him because of the small pony tail he had.The person turned around having an evil smirk on his face.....


Man:  tut....tut......miss riddhima....bahut madad karne ka shauk hai na....aaj tumhaari madad kaun karega????is samaj mein tum jaisi prostitute ko mujh jaise shareef doctor se kaun bachaayega????aaj tumhaara anth hai....

Ridz looked at him shocked.

Okay once again sorry for the terrible delay....Next time i'll update within a week......Enjoy this part till then....sorry if i disappointed anyone......

Thanksssss to all those who keep commenting.....plzzzzzzz keep commenting.......

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av10dulkar Groupbie

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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 7:11am | IP Logged
hi pinky
r u going to update today
eagerly waiting for it
well to tell u abt the previous ones they were fab
was not able to reply since my computer was giving problem
but lovely yaar
janu1610 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Pinky I alwaz hate cliffhangers,and ialwaz accept it with heavy heart.
Dr ----------------- couldnt able to bear but no choice.
AR moments r really touchy.Armaan is great.
good part.Plz disclose thi suspence.
cont. soon. THANKSSSS 4R PM

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