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IFS ConfessionAfter1May updated PT6Pg19 (Page 18)

komalsirwani IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 October 2005
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 3:09am | IP Logged
omg...that was soo superbly cute...esp the last partt.....whr she tries to move away frm him..but he holds her bak...omg dat was choo choo choo cute i could actually imagine that...loved the upddate...though u made us wait 4 this...the update was worth the wait...it was reasly really really goood....cont soon Clap

sea_nyx Goldie

Joined: 18 October 2007
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 2:28pm | IP Logged
Just wanted to tell u that I adore ur ff
It's just fantastic Clap
I read it for the first time about a week back
And since then I've been re-reading it every time I sign on to if
I couldn't comment earlier cause my connection has been acting up Dead
For the past 10 days or so and nothing seems to work
I haven't even been able to check my mail Cry
Otherwise, I would have done so a long time ago
Once again its just FANTASTIC
I love the way you fleshed out their characters
And Armaan's possessiveness was soo sexy Embarrassed
Not to mention ridz's new found openness and also the 2 other jodis
Do update soon
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
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Posted: 14 May 2008 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
please update it
urmila_17 Goldie

Joined: 08 March 2008
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Posted: 16 May 2008 at 10:38am | IP Logged
hey sash u started new ff and didnot inform me Angry Angry
ateast do u remember me or else forgot that also
hmm any ways comming to ur ff its awesome wonderful excellent superb Clap
first part i loved dance and their emotional touching dialogues

second part i loved padmas reactions and their affection

third part i loved the way the poor cute couple got fired off all thought its just a drama

fourth part : i loved the way anjie and atul accepted their relation and gave them a helping hand and loved anjie saying juliet bhi

finally fifth part: i loved the way arman convinced ridz and thank god atleast sasurjhi got some impression and loved the way ridz jerked arman


if u dont mine pls try to pm me after ur next part
pls update super soon love to read ur ff

kav_k2 Senior Member

Joined: 26 July 2006
Posts: 725

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
hey yr rilli nyc ff!! Clap
waiting fr ur nxt update.. Embarrassed
akaur IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 June 2005
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Posted: 23 May 2008 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Fab stuff sash
but its been ages since u hav updated Confused Embarrassed
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 21049

Posted: 23 May 2008 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
please update it
sash4love Senior Member

Joined: 15 April 2007
Posts: 509

Posted: 24 May 2008 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Hi guys am back sorry vo exam chal reha hai so got late will be back on Wednesday- last exam and continue with the previous scripts as well. Hope u like it actually writing this script i did loose my script format. it was more explanation i did in this sorry guys. But this part required a lot of explanation. But i promise next part will be back to my dilog script format. Hope u like it. Any mistake please let me know guys + plsssssssss do comment.

Part 6

As Ridz finished her duty she made her way to Dr shashant's cabin knowing she gotta have real hard talk this time with her dad. She was all nervous thinking how she gonna answer him all the question he will put infront of her.

She knocked the door to let him know her presence while he was buried in his files. He looked up and gestured her to come in.

Ridz: sir vo vo am sorry for blaming Dr Armaan for the bhang issue. I just misinterpreted there chat and I vo voooooo sorry.

She quickly stumbled all the stuff feeling really nervous.

Shashant stared at her noticed the way she was struggling with words for explanation which he didn't even ask.

Shashant: Dr Rhidhimaa I hope this never happens again caus I take ur words quite seriously and for now I didn't call u as a intern but as ur dad jo tumsa baat karna chahata hai. Batho

He said pointing to the seat.

Ridz quickly grabbed the seat and gave him a nervous smile. He saw the look at his daughter and knew something was amiss. He knew his Rhidhimma very well from the day he held her he knew her internal feeling and how she used to avoid confrontation of any bad sort. How she used to make peace at any cost .

Shashaant: u were dismissed from ur monitor beta but kya mana tumha kuch kaha.

Ridz stared at her dad with tears forming round the corner of her eye. She tried her best to not spill as making her dad ashamed of her was the last think she would ever want to do. She was always proud of him and she wanted him to feel proud of her too.

Shashaant seeing the uneasiness continued. He had to get out facts from her. He knew his douts which he was having were now gonna shape up to reality as he saw the fear in her eye.

He got up from his chair and came towards the apple of his eye whom he adored so much but today just somehow couldn't help putting her through this test.

Shashant: rhidhima main jana chahata hu tumsa kuch but usa pehla I wanna tell u am ur papa. Tell all that's going on beta and I will help u out.

Ridhimaa on hearing that started sobbing and shahaant held her trying to make it as easy for her as possible.

Ridhimaa: Papa ma…. I organized all this games stuff to make armaan happy caus he was not himself caus of me.

Shashant stared at her Ok his douts are clearing….

Shashant: tumhara karan kyon.

Ridz got stumbled there: kyon ki papa mana…mana……….

Shashant by now had got more than enough hints…hints about there was something more than friendship between his daughter and Dr Armaan he could feel that too when he was talking to padama….

Shashant: mana what ridhimaa. Kya……..seeing she just didn't respond at all now was only crying. He stopped knowing very well where this was hitting.

Shashant all pretending: ladhai to hoti rehati hai but I don't want all this again. He patted her from behind and said Ok back to work ridhimaa.

As ridz left the room he called Padma in and inquired all about the matter. While padmaa at first was not sure how to break this news but she confined in him all about Armaan and Ridz.

Shashant though didn't like this as he was really very disappointed with armaan from recent events but hearing all this he somehow seemed to accept that he was not all at fault.

He smiled to himself saying good choice ridhimaa but not so easy yet. Ur Armaan better prove himself back the top.

While Ridz just so in her self was walking by the corridor while someone grabbed her arm and dragged her to fire escape.

Armaan stood there holding her and seeing her eyes all red.
Ridz starred at him looking what will she do without this joker in her life and smiled to her self.

While Armaan was a bit tensed cing her red shot eyes.

Armaan: Kya hua

Ridhimma: kuch nahi pa na kaha vaha beta kya kamaal ka kam kiya hai am dam proud of u.

Armaan: acha aur meri tariff ki tum na jiska tumna shikar banaya tha.

Ridz: sher kabhi gidar ka shikar nahi karta

Armaan: acha hmm ma gidar. Aur tum sher. Dr shashant ki cabin pa kiska pasina chot reha tha.

Ridz hearing her dad's name got tensed again. She just didn't know how she gonna make armaan back to her dads good book. Armaan sensed the uneasiness in her eyes. And pulled her closer to him in a teddy hug and whispered in her ears

Armaan: itni chinta nahi karna ki jarurat ma hu na. vasa bhi ab ma tum sa alag nahi hona vala chahai tum ya tum hara dad mujha jutia( shoes) mare.

Ridz hitted him on chest in playful manner and stared at him. In his eye there was all she could see the love for herself was the world of happiness for her. She gave him impulsive hug, her arms sliding around his waist, her hair brushing against his cheek. This gesture of hers took armaan by surprise. He took in a deep breath, the scent of her hair….he held her back tightly against his body, smiling all he needed was her in his life to make him happy. Kissing her again seemed as important as a heart beat to live, and he dove for her lips as if she only could provide him the next heart beat. He took her by surprise, delivering into the warm of her mouth before she could protest or resist, and she melted into him. She bloomed in his arms, her lips lush, her scent intoxicating. He lost all tracks of time and place. When ridz pulled back whispeing to him.
Ridz: agar chorna ki koshish bhi ki na to mar dalungi.
Armaan chucked at her. : mar dalugi uff kitni bar rhidhimaa. Vasa tum hai chor ka bachunga to na.

He tucked her hair behind kissing her eyes. When someone pushed open the door……

Atul: oya hero heroin romance ho gaya ho to mission shuru kara sasurji ko patana ka.

Ridz quickly pushing armaan a bit away as he was still holding her way too close. He saw her getting all nervous and shy. He winked at her with his killer looks cing how she was still blushing with his kiss he gave her.The innocence and shyness of her face glowed made him go more crazy for her. He wanted to pull her back and kick atul out there but he resisted. Thinking will carry on later.

Anjali came from behind: gosh tum log yaha ho. Ridz I was so worried. Kya hua papa ka saath.

Ridz : kuch nahi di bas asa hi meri nayi harkto sa pareshan. But he is cool now. Par di I think he has douts of me and armaan. She said all tensed up again.

Anjie hugged her assuring we will win pa back soon.

Atul all making detective sound of james bond from behind.

Anjali: ya ya our mission started so armaan holi mess cleared, now impression marna hai that's all.

Armaan nodded as if a kid being instructed by there guru.

Anjali: so atul keep track on papa kaha kaha hai. vahi vahi armaan hoga.

Armaan all furious hearing this: kya tum meri madat karna chahata ho ya marvana.

Ridz: oh armaan papa ko patana ka liya tum hai unka saath to hona hi parega na.

Armaan making all puppy face trying to tell her that won't work.: actually tum hara dad sa door rehonga to hi patenga. Ridz gave him a angry look and pointed anjie to continue and him follow what her di says.

Atul: anjie no worries sasurji pa ma nazar 24/7 rakhon ga vo kya hai na mera bhi kaam ayaga future pa.

Armaan: oya yaha main problem pa fasa hu and tujha apni setting ki pari hai.

Atul: arr yaar saath patayanga. Samjha kar mujha bhi to tips chahiya.

Anjie: hey u both focus on ur stuff and duty.

She pulled ridz with her calling it the night. Anjie: good night by guys c ya tomarrow.

Ridz: bye and went along with anjie. While armaan tried to grab her back missing her dupatta.


Armaan all could not sleep well came early to try impressing his sasurji.

Dr shashant was all there and saw him doing his rounds that early and helping around with reports. He smiled when padma came in and followed his gaze.-Armaan- and they both smiled together.

Dr shashaat: Lagta hai kaam jorosa chal reha hai.

Padma: vo to chalaga hi after all tum hai patana koi asan kam nahi hai.

Dr shahsnat: tumhara liya to bahot asan tha.

And they both stared at each other knowing that no matter how much they resisted there was a bond that always holded them together.

Padma trying to distract him: vasa bachara armaan itni mehnat kar reha hai thora hosla to do

Shashnat: acha itna pyaar abhi sa apna hona vala jamai (son in law) pa. Itni asani sa nahi meri bachi ko la jayaga mujhsa. Well he gotta work for it. He winked at padma and smiled.

Locker Room

Armaan was all there alone after finishing his round. Sitting on the bench with bottles of foundation. He was applying the foundation on his tattoo to make them invisible. When Dr Shashant from behind approached him.

Dr Shashaant: So Dr Armaan kya chal reha hai

He saw armaan applying foundation to cover up his tattoo and remembered his comments to him not liking them. The way armaan was trying to be all mr right for his daughter indeed was impressing him but cing the length he is going to cover his tattoo for his love sake left him deeply affected deep within his heart and he knew there was no better guy for his princess.

Armaan cing Dr shashant in locker room got all nervy he spilled the foundation bottle in rush to hide it and was almost tried to cover up cursing him self "impression my foot armaan yaha to band baj gayi"

Armaan: vo vo sir ma vo….hmmm he bended his face down as he just could not think of any excuse for what he was doing.

Dr Shashaant: well ma sirf isliya aya tha bolna ka liya good job Dr armaan. He patted him on his back and made his way out when he turned and said

"am getting impressed aur vo tattoos are kya kehata hai COOL hai". And winked at armaan leaving him puzzled, surprised,happy ..........


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