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Hi guys Big smile Its chandni aka Nishi ! I thought about posting this for a long time. And finally got to it (lol), I owe it all to my best friend Shaina  cuz believe it or not, she's the one who taught me almost everything I know ! hehe… And someday, I hope to be as good of a writer as her Embarrassed So first off, I'd like to dedicate this to God Embarrassed and my family. Amma, daddy, Jaya paati, and Chandrika Embarrassed. And to all my I-F friends cuz without them, I dunno where I'd be Hug

 Jani-yeh,Shruti_5, Inpsector Sahib, Sabrina, Anam, Sara, Thameen, mandy, tanishtha, and everyone else !


Thanks guys !!!!  HugAnd last but not least, my 9 yr old Russian friend, Shaina Hugspaciba shainushka dear Embarrassed


  ***Notes***- For those of you who don't know what Hollister or DeliA*s is- They are both clothing stores Smile very cute clothing stores Wink

 Also.... This story is very much like anime. If you don't know what anime is, Then please watch something like Gakuen Alice(Alice Academy), Fruits Basket, or School Rumble Smile. I reccomend Veoh.com Smile



[Funny Clip]


   Long long ago, …..in a faraway place called Japan…There lived three best friends. Kimi. Jaslyn. And Sapna.they were the sweetest, most kindest ----

 Kimi-whoa, whoa, *waving hands* Hold it !. I thought this story was about Sapna and her sister !!

 Narrator-brit accent- uh… it is.

 Kimi- well then get to the point ! And take off that stupid hat of yours ! helloo ???? narrator ??? Im talkin to u fuzz-face !

  Narrator- uh o-ok. As I was saying, they were the most----

 Kimi- And put on a smile ! you look like u just saw a ghost !

 Narrator- Kid, cant u see im trying to tell a story here ?? Leave me alone and go play with your little friends. Go on. Run along darling.

 Kimi- (hands on hips) Excuse me !?!??? I'm one of the main characters ! You listen to what I say.

 Jaslyn- Kimi, just leave him alone and let him tell the freak'in story…

Kimi- NO I wont leave until he atleast smiles ! I wont stop unitl I succeed !!!

 Narrator- ugh… ok I will. Now let me do my job ok ?

 Kimi- (baby talk and pinching cheeks)- aaww I see that smile ! Come on now, smile, smile ! Aaww ur so cute. Oh yes u are. Tickle tickle tickle. Coohie coochie cooo.

 Narrator- Aaahhh !!!

 Kimi- You get back here right now young man ! 

                             *chasing eachother*

 Narrator- Aaahhh !! Stop it !! Get away from me little girl !!

 Jaslyn- Oh geez….. oh hello boys and girls. Since kimi-kins (kimi-don't call me that !!) and Mr. Narrator are a little bus chasing eachother, lets hand it over to our sweet Sapna. Sapna !..... Sapna !....

 Sapna- yes !!

 Jaslyn- Why don't u tell us the rest of the story ?


 Jaslyn- ipods……

  (yanks the headphones out)

sapna- Heeeyy…. I was listenging to that.

 Jaslyn- What were you listening to ?

 Sapna- Magic carpet ride.

   *akward silence*

 Jaslyn-….. your too old for that crap….

 Sapna- Yeah I know….

 Jaslyn- Ok Can you Tell these nice people the rest of the story or not ???

 Sapna- Oh alright. But I can't do it right now. Hollister's having a HUGE clearance sale!!!

Jaslyn- holy crap….. why didn't u tell me sooner ?

 Sapan- Well now u know ! Lets grab Kimi and go !

 Jaslyn- yes…. Let's

 *  Kimi and Mr. Narrator join in*

 Narrator- NO Way ! I'm coming to Hollister with you !

 Kimi- (jumps up and down) Yay ! me too !

           *everone gets in car and leaves*

 Kimi- Hey is it the Hollister across from DeliA*s ?

 Sapna- Yeah it is !

 Kimi- Cool ! cuz theres this cute top…. (trailing off)

 Jas- I'm just coming so I can switch the mannequins.

 Kimi-Oh Jas ! you'll get in trouble !

 Jaslyn- Duh I'll get in trouble.

           *they ride off into the sunset*

 Billy runs in….

  Billy- Hey ! Who's gonna tell the story then !

 Jaslyn- Hey get outa here. This is our story. We do whatever we want.

 Kimi- Don't be so mean to the little kid !

 Jaslyn- I'm just stating facts. We don't even know who this kid is.

 Billy- All I wanted was a stoooorrryyy…waaaahhhhh *cries uncontrollably*

 Kimi- Oh don't cry ! Hey you can come to Hollister with us !

 Billy- o-ok *sniff, sniff*

 Kimi- To Hollister !

 Billy- Yay !

 Kimi (whispers to Jas,) "Im realy liking this kid "!

 Jaslyn- Way to go Kimi. Let's bring a 4yr old with us to Hollister. Why didn't I think of that ??

  *they get in car again*

 Billy- Yay ! Hollister !

 Jaslyn- Where's your parents billy ?

 Billy- Yay !

 Jaslyn- Mom ? Dad ?

 Billy- Hollister !

 Jaslyn- Where did you come from ? Your parents have to be here somewhere.

 Kimi & Billy- Hollister ! Hollister !

 Jaslyn- This is gonna be a long ride…

 Kimi & Billy- Hollister, Hollister !

      * they ride off into the sunset again*

[ Funny Clip]


Alex- Oh my gosh ! I just had the weirdest dream ! I dreamt that we were stuck in the past. And… we were in japan…. With samurais and stuff !

 Ashley- (hitting herself w/ a pillow) ah-bam-ah-bam-ah-bam-ah-bam-ah-bam

 Sapna- uh… hate to break it to you but that wasn't a dream.

 Alex- oh. (disappointed)

  Sapna- What else did u dream ?

 Alex- Oh it was nothing.

 Sapna- Come one ! tell us !

 Alex- well everything was colorful… and made out of cotton candy ! and there were bubbles flying everywhere…. And flowers were singing. Caitlin was there ans she finally told me-

  Ashley- waaayyy to much information.

  Sapna- (laughing and rolling until I catch my breath) *clears throat* that was NOT funny……

 Ashley-  …. Hehe…. Bubbles….cottoncandy… hehe…

  Ash & me- and Caitlin !

     *laughing all over again*

  Alex- ugh…why did I have to tell them in the first place ?

  Me- Aaww we're sorry

     (Sapna tries to hug him but he just stands there)


                5 minutes later….   



Ashley- Alex,….what are you doing now ???

Alex- I'm practicing my speech. So when they find us, I'll know exactly what to say. (says like he's a genious)

Ashley- How can you even think of that right now ?!? And how do you know they're gonna find us !?! We'll die in here. Our bodies will rot and--- ( cuts off)

Alex- Hey, things could be a lot worse.

 Ashley-  Uh …. We are stuck in 16 century Japan all because we just had to go find sapna's  sister…and u know the worse part about it ??? *tearing up* They aren't going to find us. It's been 3-4 weeks ! We're stuck in this 'underground prison' living on….. rotten fish….. that too in the past :S ! We'll be lucky if we even make it out alive.

 Sapna- (on ground, on her side holding her stomach) You guys….. stop fighting….

 Alex- (standing now) Oh come on, why do you have to be so dramatic ?!!

 Ashley- I'm NOT being dramatic I'm just showing the facts !

 Sapna- guys……

 Ashley- I mean, what's the chance of them finding us ?? Huh ? Like 1 in a billion ?!!!

 Alex- ugh for once in your life could ya just shut up ???

 Ashley- Oh, so  you have a problem with me talking ? Is that right Irish boy ?!!

 Alex- I'm not Irish !!

 Ashley- Well you have to face it someday you know.

 Sapna- I said stop fighting !! (no one hears) (and wondering how it changed to this subject)

 Alex- You little.... !

 Ashley- What ? What are you gonna do about it ? Push me ?

Sapna- GUYS !!!! BE QUIET !!!!

 Ashley & Alex- YOU BE QUIET !!!

 ***Guard bangs on door signaling them to be quiet. And slides food to them.

Sapna looks at it and pushes it away. Ashley takes a bite, turns and throws up. Alex slowly puts it in his mouth….***

 Alex- Hey,… this tastes pretty good ! What is it ?

 Sapna-  more rotten fish…. Except with a new color ;)

 Ashley- ( who finally recovers from throwing up, throws up again).

 Alex- Well this is some pretty good fish

 Ashley- (thinking back) Hey… how did we get in here anyway ??

 Alex- Stupid. It was a time machine remember ??

 Ashley- No dufus I meant how did it start ?

 Alex- *burps* Yeah....how did it start ? Like from the beginning… *burps again*

 Ashley- eeewww stop burping !

 Alex- You stop talking

 Ashley- No way—(cuts off)

Sapna-Guys ! ok… I'll tell the story of how we ended up here… from the beginning. But you guys have to promise not to fight.

 Alex & Ashley- Promise

Sapna- Ok. It all started long ago… well I guess that's in 300 yrs since we're in the 1700s. But anyways, it all started in Summer of 2007… in Japan…. when I was in the 8th grade :D


  Ok guys !! that's all for now SmileWould you like me to post more ?? Like I said, things are a little slow right now but it gets better Wink


 Hope you enjoyed it !


Chapter 2- Page 4 






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Inspector Sahib

shruti_5 IF-Rockerz

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Nishi, wow! I didnt know u could write this good!!! awesome job!! Clap I loved it! do post more! Big smile

Edited by shruti_5 - 01 May 2008 at 1:36pm
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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^^^ thanks sooo much !!!! i havent got around to telling all my friends yet so sorry i didnt tell u earlier !! Big smile Big smile Big smile yes i will post more !! Big smile Big smile Big smile im so glad u liked it ! Big smile
jani-yeh IF-Sizzlerz

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hey Nishi....lyk i told ya b4....ur story totally rocks...really cnt w8 2 read more....gr8 job honey.... Clap Wink

luv ya
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks jani jaan Embarrassed
jani-yeh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2008 at 8:17am | IP Logged
no probz honey Wink....mwah mwah....Jani jaan
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2008 at 8:18am | IP Logged
^^^ lolzz LOL LOL ok im gonna post half of the next chapter ok ? Big smile
Inspector Sahib IF-Rockerz
Inspector Sahib
Inspector Sahib

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Posted: 02 May 2008 at 8:40am | IP Logged
nice story! that was really cool Big smile

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