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(FF) Change @ Twilight (Epilogue Pg. 123) (Page 108)

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Part 30

"Shaili are you sure you got the right address?" Simran asks, as they both keep walking around and around in the school grounds.

"Do you want to call Rushvi and check again?" Shaili asks as they finally come in front of the media building.

"Okay, we're here, now we need to find the editing studio." Simran says, checking the map.

"Need any help?" They both turn as they hear a male voice from behind.

Two guys are standing against the frame of the other door.

"Excuse me?" Shaili asks.

"We're both wondering if you two needed some help with finding the editing studio?" The one in the green olive shirt asked.

"Why do I feel drawn to him somehow?" Simran looks down. "This has never happened to me before."

"Yeah it would be helpful if you two directed us to the studio." Shaili says.

The two guys walk in front of the two girls, who keep whispering to each other. The one in the olive shirt turned around again. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"What a total flirt! Simi would never fall for that!" Shaili smiles and looks at Simran, who looks sort of dazed.

"I think so too, are you in one of my classes?" She asks him.

"She's falling for it? She's actually falling for a flirt line!! My Simran's all grown up!" Shaili looks at the other guy, and just smiles, seeing how shy he looks in this moment.

"Umm, it seems like it. I'm Raj Malhotra, and you?" He says, inching one step closer.

"I'm Simran; we just came in two days ago." She says, smiling.

"Yes! I knew it! You're in my English class!" Raj says laughing.

"Oh good, I've been trying to look through my class list for someone to ask, but I didn't know who to ask." Simran laughs embarrassed.

"Oh well, do you know what to talk about the paper then?" Raj offers.

"Please? It would help so much!" Simran says, as they both quickly sit down on the bench.

The other guy comes and stands next to Shaili. "So they've hit it off pretty quickly?"

Shaili turns to him and gives him a side smile, "Seems like it. So should we wait for them to finish, or go find the editing studio ourselves?"

"It'd be easier to go look for it ourselves. I've got Raj's cell anyways, if they go somewhere else." He tells her.

"Thanks—oh I never got your name?" Shaili says, as they start walking.

"Rohit. And you are?" He says, smiling his crooked smile.

"Shaili." She says, smiling back.

"That's a really pretty name." He says looking straight again.

Shaili looks towards him and raises her eyebrow. "Thanks. So where's this editing studio?"

"Next left." Rohit says. They both reach a door that has a sign for silence on it. "Here it is." He whispers to her.

"Okay, let's go in." She whispers back.

Rohit pushes open the door, and they see Maya with Rahul's arms around her, handling all the controls.

Shaili finally turns her eyes to the video they're editing and sees her date from last night with Sharad. She quickly covers her mouth with her left hand, and just turns around and leaves.

Rohit notices and so he goes after her and sees her hiding behind a corner. "Hey, everything okay?" He puts his hand on her shoulder.

"Everything's fine, thanks. I just needed to pull myself together before I go in and yell at my friend." Shaili says sarcastically.

"Your friend? The guy or the girl? And who was the guy you were with in the video?" Rohit asks all at once.

"The girl's my friend Maya, and that guy was Sharad."

"Is he your boyfriend?" Rohit asks, avoiding her eyes.

"Why do I find myself wanting to say no? Even though saying yes would be the best thing?" Shaili looks at him. "No, he's not actually my boyfriend."

"Oh." Rohit can't help but lets a small smile escape.

Right then Maya and Rahul come out of the room.

"Shaili? How're you here? I thought you had an accident?" Maya asks, as she leans on the wall.

"I—uh—no. We just wanted to know where you we, and who you were with since we got different stories." Shaili admits.

"Stories? Like what?" Maya asks.

"Come with me." Shaili takes Maya's hand and takes her to the side. "What the hell is going on here?"

"What do you mean?" Maya asks, innocently.

"First of all, when we asked Neha where you were, she said you were at the mall, and then you never picked up your phone, so we told you I had an accident, and then you tell us you're here? What's going on?"

"Okay okay, don't freak out okay? Well Neha and me came here to see your date with Sharad. And then we ran into Aditya and Rahul—"

"Who's Aditya? And who's Rahul?" Shaili interrupts.

"Aditya dropped off Neha at the dorm, didn't you guys see him? Or didn't she at least tell you guys about him?" Maya asks.

Shaili shakes her head.

"Okay, well yeah that's Rahul, who's with me, and umm—we both kinda hit it off really well so we decided to spend some more time together." Maya starts blushing.

"Oh Maya, stop giggling like a little girl! Anyways, so let me get this straight. Neha got dropped off by some Aditya, who she never told us about, and now she's on her date with Sharad. And you have started liking this guy Rahul?"

Maya nods. "So who're you with right now? Hmm?"

"His name's Rohit. And we just met a little while. He's the one who told us how to come here." Shaili says nonchalantly.

"Oh? Really? So there's no cutie radars going off inside?" Maya nudges her and giggles.

"Maybe. Ab chale? I need to meet this Rahul now." Shaili winks at Maya.

They both go outside and see Rahul and Rohit talking and laughing.

"Hi Rahul. I'm Shaili." Shaili puts out her arm for a handshake.

Rahul takes her hand, and kisses the back of it. "Pleasure to meet you."

Maya glares at Rahul, and looks away towards Rohit. "Hi. I'm Maya, one of Shaili's old friends."

"And I'm Rohit, a new friend of her's." He says smiling.

Nishi and Rushvi

"Do you think they actually found Maya?" Rushvi asks pacing.

Nishi nods. "But they're going to get hell from Maya; once she finds out they went to spy on her."

They both laugh, and right then both their phones ring simultaneously. Rushvi goes into her room to answer hers. She looks at the caller id.

"Hmm, private caller?" She flips it open. "Hello?"

"Hi gorgeous." A male voice says.

"Aryan?" Rushvi smiles as she says his name.

"Wow, you can recognize my voice? I'm impressed." He laughs.

"What can I say? I'm talented!" She laughs. "Any reason you called?"

"Nope, I just wanted to ask if you'd like to have lunch with me tomorrow at school."

"Like to? No. I'd love to!" She smiles at her reflection, unable to control her excitement.

"So that's set for another date then." Aryan smiles.

Rushvi giggles. "Yes it is. I'll see you then?"

"Definitely. Bye." Aryan hangs up and Rushvi walks out of her room with a dazed expression on her face.

"Kya hua?" Nishi asks Rushvi.

"I've got a lunch date tomorrow!" Rushvi says excitedly.

"Ooo with Aryan?" Nishi asks.

"Who else?" Rushvi says happily.

"I should've known!" Nishi laughs.

"Who called you?" Rushvi asks, finally coming down from her excitement, or at least trying to.

"Anik." Nishi says her face turning a bit red.

"Oh ho? Isliye sharma rahi ho?" Rushvi winks and laughs. "I just hope he's not coming over, otherwise I'll have to leave!"

"Maybe." Nishi giggles. "And no, don't worry. He's not coming over, so don't worry!"

"How'd you know I was thinking that?" Rushvi asks confused.

"I'm just a genius!" Nishi laughs. "And besides, that's what you all think of whenever I mention him!"

They both laugh again.

Neha and Sharad

They keep playing their game and finally finish and head to the coffee shop, which is virtually empty.

"That was a lot of fun!" Neha laughs.

"It really was." Sharad agrees.

"I wonder what Aditya must be doing? I really wish I didn't meet him today, it just feels so weird to be with one guy while my mind is focusing on the other."

"It's more than weird." Sharad mutters.

"Sorry?" Neha asks, unaware of what he said.

"I didn't saying anything." Sharad says, defensively.

"I could swear I heard you say something that almost sounded like you were answering my thoughts." Neha says.

"How could she have heard that? Why do I feel Neha can sense the truth of who I really am?"

This was crazy long! So I probably won't update at all tomorrow! Please do leave comments though! If there's anything confusing about it, then don't hesitate to pm me or anything. It's getting kind of confusing for me to handle so many people at once. But don't worry it won't last much longer; this ff is slowly slowly getting closer to ending!

Luv ya all loads,


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indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by inavars

See, this is the kind of length we were all telling you about, Meera Wink Are you kidding? This took me forever!LOL

Awesome part hun!! So now every girl has a guy. I feel sorry for Sharad. But I'm guessing there will be an entry for Divya soon? Embarrassed We'll see!Wink don't feel that bad, he played all the girls!LOL

Loved his "It's more than weird." comment. I can totally imagine him muttering that to himself LOL Glad it worked out!Tongue

continue soon! Will try! thanks!Tongue 
Little Foot IF-Rockerz
Little Foot
Little Foot

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Kya baat hai!!! Longyyyy update! Tongue Tongue

Totally fabulous! Really...I dunno where to start.

So Sharad's left alone...well for some time. hehe...
The girls really get their bf's pretty fast. Would be nice if it could happen in real life too. Embarrassed LOL

Awww...this FF's ending soon!? So sad...
You're really doing an awesome job with it Meeru Sheeru.

Loved it! Tongue
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Little Foot

Kya baat hai!!! Longyyyy update! Tongue Tongue  No kidding!LOL

Totally fabulous! Really...I dunno where to start. I didn't either when I wrote it!LOL

So Sharad's left alone...well for some time. hehe...
The girls really get their bf's pretty fast. Would be nice if it could happen in real life too. Embarrassed LOL For some time...and believe me, it shud've happened in real life too!Wink

Awww...this FF's ending soon!? So sad...
You're really doing an awesome job with it Meeru Sheeru. It'll have to!Tongue  but thanks so much!Tongue

Loved it! Tongue
muqualp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
meeru such an awesome part, now all of them have a guy right? so even if sharad goes off with Divz they wont be heartbroken!!
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 3:53pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by muqualp

meeru such an awesome part, now all of them have a guy right? so even if sharad goes off with Divz they wont be heartbroken!!

Thanks Muqs!Embarrassed We'll see, will he get Divs? who knows?Tongue

Isha Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2008 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
Meera hun...thankooo...for the length..awesome...Had so much fun reading...

Poor no match for our smart girl Neha..ehhehe

I like the fact that everyone has a special someone...even Simran...hehehe

Please continue soon darling..and how can you even think about ending this? To me it feels like the story just started...please reconsider...

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