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"A strange feeling ".THE END!(Note-Pg 84) (Page 79)

Riya_16 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 June 2008
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Posted: 27 June 2008 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
Hi! Tina
That was absolutely greatClap
you have definitely lived up to the expectations dear.
A great piece of workClapClapClap
All the scenes were simply rocking.
The scene between Nisha,Raj and Naina  was simply  beautifulClap
God bless u dearSmile

Shaina_b IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 July 2007
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Posted: 27 June 2008 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
Too good!!!Awesome!!!!

Raj and Naina were looking awesone!!! Smile Smile Smile Dono toh ek dusre par fida ho gaye!!! Embarrassed

Unlogo ne actually Naina ke khayal ko enact kar diya!!!! LOL Aky was soooo funny!!!! LOL As was Nish, Rohan ,Shona and the kid!!! LOL LOL LOL

Raj is the protective brother!!! Tongue Acting se bhi problem!!! LOL

Nish ka dialogue was very sweet!!! Cry So touching!!!! Cry

And then she started teasing Raj!!! LOL Really woh rulati bhi hai aur hasati bhi hai!!! Smile

Nish ne sahi kaha wakai mein this is the perfect love story!!! Smile

Nish aur Rohan enacting Raj and Naina were too good!!! Clap

Nish toh kamal ki thi!!! Wink Pura sab kuch enact kiya!!! Embarrassed Wow!!! Clap

Raj and Naina lived every moment again!!! Smile It was great!!! Clap

Ab sab couples aapas mein romance chalu unka!!! Embarrassed

Rohan and Nish are keeping each other company!!! Smile Great!!! Smile

Raj and Naina were so romantic!!!! Embarrassed

Par galat time pe Nish aagayi!!!! LOL Nish teasing Raj was too funny!!!! LOL

Ab Raj aur Naina ek ho jayenge hamesha ke liye!!! Smile

-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 29 June 2008 at 4:21am | IP Logged


thnxx!!......raj was caught by his sister thats embarrasing as you knoe...ahem ahem....were you caught up wid smthin lyk dat!!...hehe!!

thnx a lot!!........

thnx a lot!!......

raj aur naina toh hamesha ek dusre par fida hain!!..........
sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
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Posted: 29 June 2008 at 4:23am | IP Logged
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 29 June 2008 at 5:19am | IP Logged
After half an hour the whole gang was sitting in the hall...raj reached there after changing..

Raj-Guys i have some news..

Navin-GO on..

Raj-Meri head quarters mein baat huyi about the whole transfer thingi..

Navins face fell..

Raj-They are not promoting me because i have been working hard...but they are promoting me because an important seat has fallen vaccant there...so they want me to handle it till they find a replacement ....precisely some 4 months...they are expecting some one from europe to come...and that would take some time...so i guess i would be there only for 4-6 months.....

All were happy that it was juss 6 months and not for always..

Raj-And till then i....uh...i thought naina could stay here...i mean if she doesnt mind....its after all jus 4 5 months i'll be back... Confused

Navin-Are you crazy raj?....your obviously taking naina with you!

Raj-Will you be able to live without her?? Ouch

Navin-As a matter of fact will you be able to?? Confused

Raj put his head down....he had put a stone on his heart and offered to levae naina behind...the truth was wat 6 months he couldnt live without her for 6 hours!!....but he knew same was with navin!!..

Nish-Ok so there are two heroes and one heroine!!...i have the solution...not to worry!!.. Wink

Naina-Bhaiya why us?? Cry

Nish-Bhabs no need to get senti...wait...listen you and big b go to kolkatta yaar...bindasss....rosy is there na...rosy can move in with navin....and then navin will have fun for 6 months....without you and big b... LOL

Nish smiled..

RAj smiled..

Raj-So my friend....live-in huh?? Smile

Navin blushed...rosy blushed more!!..

Naina-Hmmm but bhaiya remeber not below the belt!!.. LOL

They all laughedd!!...

Navin-You guys will come back na??? Cry

Raj-I promise!!...we will man!.....i am not leaving your life so fast!. LOL

Navin-I'll miss you guys!!.. Confused

Naina-We will too...but you knoe we are not going today...that reminds wen exactly are we going??...

Raj-Uhh in a weeks time.. Dead

Nainas face dropped..

Nish-In a week??????? Angry

Raj-Yeaa!!.... Confused

Nish-What the hell??...thats like 7 days!.

Raj-SO you noe how many days are there in a week....(raj laughed) LOL ....by the way wasnt it what the fish!!.. LOL LOL

They all burst out laughing!..

Navin-Seriously raj your sis is one hec of a girl!!...

Raj-Excuse me.......your committed!!... LOL

Navin laughed!!..

Raj-ANd you ms.nisha....mind your tongue!!..

ROhan was a bit confused!!.

Rohan-Ahh wen did she say something rong!!.

Raj-Ahh....you need to support her ah?...well let me enlighten you to keep away from my sister...shes one hec of a girl..if she gets angry she'll use some beautiful abusive words....she almost told hem to me also....then who are you??

RAj laughed..

Rohan amused looked at Nish...their eyes met...and rohans was not able to believe!.

ROhan(mind) this gal and abusive language!...cmmon she looks so inoocent and beautiful....ahh lots more to this girl...need to noe rohan...and why the hell are you so bothered..

ROhan shook all these thoughts outta his head..

ROhan-I guess i gotta beware!!.. Wink

All laughed!!.

Raj-Naina i havent heard your voice?...what happened all well??

Before naina could say anythin

AKy-You havent hrd mine either but your not bothered!!... LOL

Raj-Ahh di....any thing rong?

Nish-Well i dunoo bout di but i guess i noe why naina is upset!!... (nish winked at raj) Wink

Raj pleaded her with some actions not to tell anything!!..

Nish smiled!..

Nish-Big B would you mind if i said i have a boyfriend....and you knoe later wanted to marry him.. LOL

RAj-Ahh no not at all.. Ouch

This made all heads turn!!..

Raj knew he was caught...this was blackmail!!...ahhh!...nish... LOL

Nish smiled..

Nish-Ummm thts so sweet big b!!....

Raj gave a fake smile

Navin-Something rong somewhere....ahem ahem...chakkar kya hain? LOL

Raj-NOthing yaar....yeh nish bas aise hee!....ok i think we should sleep now kal shyam ko shaddi hain!!.

Navin-Yea ryt!...shaddi!!..terii barbadi!! LOL

Raj-Azadi dost...not barbadi!!.. Wink

Naina-Uhh i am sleepy...chalti hoon!!. Confused

Raj was like thats exaclty what we were saying...naina wasnt listening to them....something disturbed her..

All saw her leave...

RAj-Uhh its ok...its normal...shes getting married tomorrow....perhaps jus a bit nervous!...ill manage that!!. Tongue

Navin-Your not supposed to be meeting her you noe!!. LOL .

Raj-Yea!..i wont.....we have other ways...(showing the phone),, LOL

He knew it was not coz nish caught them,...something else...wonder what!!..

All retired to their rooms!!.raj in his room...naina in hers!!

Nainas phone beeped!.

"jaan wat hpnd?...all fine?...you looked upset..if its bout nish then chill..i m sure she wont tell ny1 nythin"

Naina replied

"its not bout nish...jus a bit of a headache thats all..."

Raj replied to her stupid message

"I told you to complete the kiss...now see you have a headache"

Naina smiled and typed..

"uff your learning to fast from aalekh..."

Raj laughed...

"nyway jokes apart...tell me whats the problem"

Naina knew raj wont leave...so she told him

"ahh....jus little upset bout how i will cope with the whole change...i mean marriage transfer....life evyrhtn...its jus to much of a change....i noe maybe dum but i am not used to all this"

Raj read thought for a while..

"Naina you noe we are jus 2 rooms away.and we are sittin and texting each other...come down in the lawn!"..

Naina sent him a message

"wanna be caught again?"

Raj quickly replied



Raj ttok her hands into his..

Raj-I am sorry jaan...because of me your going to be facing so many changes...thats why i suggested you stayying herre..

NAina-Shut up...i noe that was a formality...you noe i cant live widout you...nor can you widout me

Raj-Even navin cant naina...why dont you see that..

Naina-I am sure rosy will take care of that!....bhai wont want me to stay back alright!...ok now just assume.....nish and some guy get married....would you tell nish to stay back and d guy go....for your selfish motive.. Confused

RAj nooded in the negative!

Naina-Thats it...try thinkin the other way alright!..it helps!!.. LOL

RAj smiled.

Raj-I'll die without you baby!!..

Naina smiled..

Raj-So your coming with me?


Raj-SO dont worry...i will be there with you na...we will manage evrythng...

Naina -hmm..

SHe just looked around...the sky the stars...it was all so peaceful..

Suddenly her eyes caught something...a smile spread acrooss her face!.



Naina-Ehh what do you think about rohan??

Raj-Rohan...what do you mean?...

Naina--no i mean...rohan is a very gud guy na.. Tongue

RAj-Hello any plans of marrying him tommorow? LOL

Naina-Nah....not me but somebody else.....

Naina showed him somethin..

Naina-They look cute na!.. Smile

Raj-Cute my foot...that guy walking in the middle of the night with my sister....bladii ill fix him up..

Naina caught his hand..

Naina-Why are brothers so protective!!...i am bhai's sister...evr thought how bhai should have reacted... Wink

Raj-Ahh why do you always show me the other side...but anyway...this guy is crossing his limits....i mean..

Naina-Shh!...your crossing too...we are not supposed to be meeting!!...and we are..

Raj-Naina whats got into you today...your speaking so much sense!!.. LOL

They both laughed!!..

THey saw Nish and rohan sit down in one side...

Nish burst out crying......

RAj's heart missed a beat..

Naina comforted him......

Raj-Nish..why is she crying...if that rohan did something..i sware i ll kill him Angry Angry

Naina-Shh...wait for a minute...

Nish was crying....rohan sitting by her side trying to comfort her!!...

15 minutes earlier!!.

Nish went down to drink some water...she saw rohan sitting outside in the lawn....she joined him.


Rohan-Ohh hey..

Nish-Not sleepy?

Rohan-Not really...used to being up late...friends and parties and stuff..so..




Rohan-I mean not sleeping?

Nish-Ahh jus came to drink some water...saw you here..


Nish-Soo girlfriends?? Wink

Rohan- laughed... girlfriendS.......how many am i supposed to have?? LOL

Nish-Ahh i mean girfriend?? Smile

Rohan-Not as of now...i am single!!...and i am glad i am single!!..... LOL



Nish-Ahh single... Wink

Rohan smiled..

ROhan-So will you be one of my many girlfriends...??

Nish was shocked..

Rohan-Ahh that was a joke.. LOL

ANd they both laughed!!..

Rohan-Tell me something bout your brother...

Nish-Big b?...you mean rajvver


Nish-Ahh hes a very sweet guy...between why are you askin? Confused

ROhan-No i guess he dint like that you and me part of it in the drama...hes been sayin stay away from you....in some way or the other.. Dead

Nish laughed..

Nish-I am sorry on his behalf....hes jus kiddin...a bit protective thats bout it....i relli am sorry!!... LOL

Rohan-Ahh thats ok..i was jus a bit scared....

Nish smiled..

Rohan-Ahh how bout a walk??


They started walking..

Rohan-So who else is there in your family??..

The word family brought tears to nish's eyes..

Rohan-I heard what you said...but i mean

Nish stopped him..

Nish-I jus have one brother thats bout it..

ROhan-I am sorry bout that....i noe how it feels...i havent seen much of maa baba as well..

Nish-It feels horrible!!....in school theres noone who takes care of you...noone who comes to pick you drop you..and wen your there for some event you see all the others with their mom and dads...but there was noone for me....later i guess it was always bhai after he fnshd his schooling...it was him all the way..

Nish narrated what happened to her parennts and how her own uncle betrayed her father.....at the end she was crying....

Thats what raj and naina saw!.

Raj-Nish...never cries like this.. Angry

Rohan-Nisha...its ok please stop.....i am sorry for bringing the topic!!.

Nish wiped her tears..

Nish-Before you think i am one of the rona-dhona types...let me tell you i havent cried this way before...never ever...when ever anyone asked me about family i would give an answer point blank...i have no clue why got so senti with you...sorry bout it..

Rohan-You noe people do cry once in a while...you can...its not something rong.. Smile

Nish smiled..

Rohan-BUt the question is...why you cosidered me comfortable enough to share your story with...i mean we jus met this morning..and we have clicked immediately..its strange na!!..

ROhan looked straight into her eyes...she looked at him....she looked away after a while..

Nish-ahh....I knoe....but perhaps its the age...we are of bout same age...so we were able to connect instantly!...plus its all couply couply here....so i needed a friend badly!!. LOL

They laughed!!.

Raj couldnt take anything longer!.

He went towards them..naina couldnt stop him either.

Raj-Nish whats the prob??...did this guy do something?...why are you crying baby?? Angry

Nish got the shock....

Nish-Ahh big b....what are you doing here?

Raj-Jus tell me did this guy do anything.. Angry

Rohan was taken aback....why was this guy always ready to kill him!!.. LOL LOL

Nish-Bhai jus chill...rohan dint do anything...

Raj-Then why were you crying? Angry

Nish told him what happened?

Raj-Nisha.....do you knoe what that means?...you never told any of your friends this story...you never even cried to me in your life ....accept for the tear i saw last night...and here you cried your heart out to this guy whom you harldy noe??

Nish-I kneo its very strange..i was jus saying that...anyway.....leave lets get back..

Nish saw niana..

Nish-Ohhh so bhabhs is here.. Wink

Nish went towards naina..

Raj and rohan left behind...rohan was feeling weird..

Raj-Uhh i guess we havent met properly since morning...loads of confusion...i have no clue what you mus be thinking bout me ryt now....but ahh i am not the bad man..

Rohan-Nono un(was he saying uncle) (he dint noe wat to call him)..ah..no i am not thinking anyting bout you...i noe your a nice man...thats what i have heard from my sister!!..

Raj smiled.

Raj-Rajveer...call me rajveer..

Rohan shook hands with him--ROhan!!.

Raj-Well rohan...i think i better leave..its late..il see you tommorow!!.

Rohan-Gud night!!..

Raj leaves.......he goes to nish and naina..

Raj-Naina its late lets go....

He takes naina and goes...leaving nish with rohan!!.

Naina found it weird...

Naina-Tell me what happened??...ypu left them alone?

Raj told her!.

Naina-I told you they look cute!!... LOL

Naina teased Raj...

They all went to sleep.....awaiting the arrival of the new day....the D day....the day they all waited for...they day we are all waitng for!!.....the wedding day!!


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aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 January 2007
Posts: 10269

Posted: 29 June 2008 at 7:01am | IP Logged

realy super n fantastic sweety, Clap ,

liked u r dialogues a lot everywhr it waz not 2 emotional or not 2 funny excelent dear u realy did a gr8 work every whr u need 2 do, Clap ,

hatz of 2 u 4 u'r dialogues,

simply super, Clap

the best part waz Rn which is realistic n simply super,Clap

All the best 4 the next,







Edited by aarsow - 29 June 2008 at 7:02am
Riya_16 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 June 2008
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Posted: 29 June 2008 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Awesome dearTongue
I know that I am going to miss this fic a lotCryCryCry
The update was as always very beautifulTongue
Raj is so possessiveLOLLOLLOL
Chalo finally the day has arrivedSmile
Thank u dear for this brilliant storySmileSmile
God bless u
take care
Shaina_b IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 July 2007
Posts: 42668

Posted: 29 June 2008 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Too good!!!Awesome!!!!

Raj was very sweet!!! Embarrassed He offered to let Naina stay back with Navin!!!! Smile

Par Nish came up with the best solution!!!! Smile

The teasing was quite funny!!!! LOL

I loved their messaging each other!!!Raj toh message mein bhi bahut naughty hai!!! Embarrassed

Raj and Nain met in the night!!!! Embarrassed Raj samaj gaya that something was disturbing her!!! Smile Kya pyaar hai!!!! Embarrassed

Raj and Naina's convo was very sweet!!!That was the best part!!!! Smile Naina ka ish tarah ghabrana is natural!!! Smile Raj ka usse sambhalna was very cute!!!! Smile

Nisha told Rohan everything!!! Confused Confused Confused What is cooking there?? Confused

Nisha ne toh kaha tha Rohan uske bhai jaisa hai ab ussi ke saath pyaar hone laga usse!!!! Confused

Raj is the protective brother always!!! Smile

Naina wakai mein Raj ko kitne acche se samjhati hai aur sambhalti hai!!! Smile

Accha huya Rohan aur Raj became friends!!!! Smile

Tomorrow is the wedding day!!!Wow!!!!Finally!!! Clap

Edited by Shaina_b - 29 June 2008 at 4:21pm

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