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"A strange feeling ".THE END!(Note-Pg 84) (Page 46)

sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 10:19am | IP Logged
ok waitingggggggggggggg

-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 10:23am | IP Logged
ha ha ha navin aur alekh chale te raj aur naina ko ulloo banna ne aur kud ulloo ban gaye LOL LOL it's right that you can't prank with the pranksters LOL LOL but i am glad that navin is alright with this relationship, but yaar how dare he and naina call my raj a bandar, but anyhoooo maaf kiya dono ko, but what raj said to naina was so sweet Embarrassed something like tumhare liye to main voh bhi ban jaounga i think it was something like that anyways i also liked the line he said to rosy kya tum ek din ke liye sirf ek din ke liye.... meri behen banogi LOL LOL i was in stitches my raj is soooooooo cute Embarrassed

anyways great part Clap Clap but yaar i want some flash backs of naina and akash too

take care Big smile

p.s i am so sorry for the late reply again, forgive me
-Tina- Senior Member

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 10:54am | IP Logged
It was a new beggining for both R-N 's...That night all dressed in their bests...All were really happy!...They had some awesome time together that night.....

At the hotel..

Raj--Aaj yeh party mere dost aur meri behen ke naam....a toast to the perfect couple!!....

Navin-I repeat those words....

Everyone laughed..

Navin-Aaj yeh party mere dost aur meri behen ke naam...a toast to the perfet couple indeed...Raj what should I say..Initially i was little upset but I am sure you will keep Naina happy always...I wish the both of you nothing but the very best in life!!...

Naina and RAj were smiling....Life looked like a perfect picture!!...

Naina-Bhai I am also very happy for you and Rosy....

Navin--Thnx Naina...

Naina--By the way there is something very very important to discuss!!...


Naina looked at Aakash...It was time to prank Navin....

Naina--I need to confess...

Navin--Whats this do I look like a father in the church.....why is evryone using this word today..

Naina decided that they had enough pranks for the day....perhaps another prank meant agian their revnge...better leave the game here!...Forget pranks!...so she decided to tell him properly!.

Naina-Umm not confess....say..

Navin--Ok go on...

Naina--Bhai I found it strange....I mean you knoe Aakash...

Navin-Yea i knoe but whats strange??

Naina-Dunt you feel differnt when Aakash is around??

Navin--Umm Naina get to the point!...

Naina-He is Aakash Aakash DAs!....A.k.a A.D......

She picked up his left hand and showed the mark...

Navin went blank!...He was shocked to the core...


Aakash--Yea Navin...look at the circle of life....we are here today...

Navin still couldnt believe that..

Navin-Oh gawd...Aky is your wifey!...Man this is so weird!.. Wink

Aakash--i knoe...We met but never recognized eacch other....

Navin--I am sorry...Naina howw did u manage..

Naina looked at Aakash..

Naina--Well Its a long story...forget it....isnt it enough that we realized!.. LOL


RAj waiting for the discussion to end..

Raj--Ok now may I knoe whats happening?? How do you guys knoe Aakash.... Confused

Naina-Alright Its a long story ja...ahh Raj..

Raj blushed..

others were laughing...

Naina--Umm okok nothing so funny LOL ....Raj...The story goes like this..

Aalekh-Neelu jaan....I am thirsty.. Wink

He stressed on Jaan... LOL

Naina blushed...she knew it was to tease her...

Naina-Neelu please get ur boyfriend a glass of water hes thirsty..your jaan is thirsty!.. LOL

Navin--Guys....We are diverting!..

Naina-Right ...So Raj I and Navin knoe Aakash from years.....We were neighbours...basically very good pals!...very very!...We were called "NAN"....for short... Navin Aakash and Naina....We were kinda pretty naughty!....I was the youngest so pampered....the tomboy!...I remmeber days i used to play cricket with all the guys!..woe!...lovely days!.....

Navin--Right...Well dont you think these days are good too... Wink

Navin pulled Rosy hands tight...Under the table..Rosy trying not to smile.....

Raj-Absoluetly arent these days gud Naina..

Raj caught Naina;s hand under the table... (areey under the table romance shuru ho gaya) LOL

Navin-Then one day Aakash with his mother left their house...After that there was no news of them!!....And today here we are....

Raj-Why did he go?? Ouch

Navin-Ask him.. Dead

Aakash--Umm..Navin woh..

Navin-Kya hua Aakash...

Aky-Its ok Aakash...main batati hoon....Well mum wahan khush nahi thi.....she was harrased...so Aakash ne apni mom ke liye...dad ko aur us ghar ko chod diya..

Aakash--Dunt call him dad!..(aakash said angrilyy) Angry

Aky-Ok I am sorry..calm down...

Navin looked at Naina..

Naina-We are proud of you Aakash...

Aakash gave a sad smile..

Aakash-Ok so now tell us your love story..

Naina looked at Raj..


Navin--Telll us Naina..

Naina-Not today bhai...please...some other day....lets get home...its late..

Naina says no means no!...no further arguement!..


Naina was sitting in front of the mirror....and smiling..

SHe felt the strong hands on her hair..

Raj--Dekhne ki zarrorat nahi hain...you still are the most beautiful woman in the world!. Wink

Naina blushed!

Raj--Naina sab kuch theekh ho gaya...navin bhi maan gaya...plus tumhara aur Aakash ka bhi koi chakkar nahi hain

Naina laughed!..



Raj-What if i say I want to get engaged to you...

Naina was a little surprised..eventually it had to happen...but what was the hurry...

Raj-Naina Dunt mistake me...maybe your not ready for marriage but we should just get engaged...i mean otherwise the media...we will have to hide and stuff...i dunt want that..we could be engaged for 2 months 6 motnhs 2 years how ever long...but atleast then these media people have nothing to interfere!!

Naina-I will do whatever you say Raj...Speak to bhai and we could get engaged...with the whole paparazi coverin our engagement!.

Raj laughed!..

Raj-Once we get married Ill ask for a transfer to the headquarters....there I would be on a normal post...no media noo tension!..

Naina-We wil see that later

Raj-How about a kiss now??


Raj--Hmm...yes or no jaan..

Naina--What if I say no..

Raj-Umm I will still kiss you Wink

Raj did the needy...he started kissing Naina...he kissed her lips with all the love he had for her!...they broke!..



Naina gave him a hopeless look..

Just then there was a voice..

I am coming in....please watch out..

RAj shook his head...

Raj-Come In..

Aakash-Hope i dint spoil a romantic moment!. LOL

Raj-Even if you did ....nyways....tellme what brings you here...

Aakash-Excuse me thats my best friend...I could come in whenever I want..

Naina was smiling..

Raj-Hmm...Then I should tell Navin that Aky is alone!!

Aakash-Sala ... you wont change!..

RAj smiled

Aakash-k you carry on..I prefer to be with Aky...buh bye..gud night!...and Raj please use your house also...ITs lying empty from quiet a few days...And Navins back just to remind you...

Aakash winked..RAj and Naina blushing.. Wink

Raj-Thnx for the info...

Aakash left...shona wanted to sleep with her dad today!..

Raj-So shona is not there..

Naina-Bhai iis there..

Raj-Hmm...so should i go? Embarrassed

Naina-I guess.. LOL

Raj-Sure? Wink

Naina-Hmm..do we have a choice.. Wink

Raj-Jaan you will sleep without me?? Smile

Naina-Raj stop it...gud night..I am sleepy..

Raj--Wish i could sleep with you Wink

(raj said flirtasouly)

Naina--Jaan enough of flirting now....get to your house...its lying empty for 2 days...

Raj-I want you to come there soon....

Naina--Uff....that would do...I am floored...and i luv the flirting...but now enough...let me sleep..

Raj-Ok one kiss..

Naina-you got that..

Raj-One more.. Wink

Naina was blushing..

She was silent..

Raj-I want you to come first Tongue

Naina-Raj what difference does it make... Wink (naina was feeling shy)

Raj-It does...I want you to come first!.. Tongue

Naina-Raj.. Smile

Raj-You dont love (be fore he could complete. his lips were sealed.....)

It was one of the most passionate kisses....the kiss got wilder and wilder....tough for either to break....

At last they did..

Raj--Your wild!..

Naina blushed..

Naina-dunt ever say that I dunt love (naina couldnt complete)(her lips sealed)

Naina understood his game...wen they broke he would continue this...he trapped her evry time..

They broke..

Naina-Ok we shouldnt speak nyymore...otherwise this game wont end..so gud nyt..

Naina took her gown and rushed to the washroom..



Raj-Could i help you changee??

Naina-Raj pleasee stop this here...I will go red forever then... LOL

Raj-I luv red....the red on your cheeks.. Wink you look way too hot when you blush....

Naina-Stopp it... Embarrassed

Raj-Let me help you change..

Raj pulled Naina by the waist...his chin rubbing against her shoulder...he knew that one move was more than sufficient to seduce naina...

Naina was also moving her head...both in rhythm....naina's eyes closed....when raj did that...she was sure to be seduced in no time...it was like the easiest way for raj..if she was angry he would need his chin and her shoulder thats all...she couldnt control....it was her weak spot!..

Raj moved

Raj-Was just checking if the button still works..

ANd Naina hated it when he just stopped it like that...she used to get pissed...how could some one break like that..

Naina-Ahh!...ok now enough...it still works...and your breaking like that still pisses me offf..

Raj smiled.. LOL

Raj-I'll seeyouu jaan....gud nyt!.. Wink

RAj loved to leave the scene leaving naina wanting more!..

Naina--You are again that crazy guy I knew!...
Naina laughed and went to change!..

Raj went back to his house...

In his room..

Both lay on their beds...thinking about one another...it all looked like a dream...media paper articles..aalekhs guts...raj's re-proposal , naina's yes...aky catching them,...aakash is arrival...navins arrival...navins prank...navins yes...navin and rosy.....

Gawd life was a roller coaster ride!...it was riping in the air....

Naina was still laughing at her weakness...she got seduced so easily by raj...and raj loved leaving her mid way...that was the raj she knew...the naughty raj...and she was glad he was back!...

Both remembering the wonderful moments they shared in just ike 24 hours!....

And both dozzed off!!...


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-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Ok here is the casting for the characters in " A Strange feeling called LOVE"

Mr.Rajveer Singh Shekhawat ----
Played by Rajeev Khandelwal ...

Ms.Naina Singh Ahluwaliya
Played by Priyanka Bassi

Mr.Navin Singh Ahluwaliya
Played by Sammer Sharma

Mr.Aalekh Sharma
Played by Arjun Bijlani

Ms.Neelu -- Played by neelu of Left Right Left fame!

Played by Ankurr Nayyar

Played by Aprna Tilak

Ms.Rashmi Gupta (Rosy) Played by Gauri Pradhan

Ok thats about it for now!...
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 01 June 2008 at 11:10am | IP Logged
i thgt  a lot bout the casting nd rchd to this conclusion!...so lemme knoe ur views bout that...and as far as gauri-hiten fans r there...here there is only gauri nd sammer...hope dats not much of a prob...aftr all its a fic dats it..!...lookin forward to ur views!!

Edited by cool~~gal - 01 June 2008 at 11:10am
-Yaz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 11:12am | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwww they make the most adorable couple ever Embarrassed and see i am not late today wooooopie!!! LOL anywhoo i lovedtodays update it was really good, navin and raj holding their respective partners hand under the table was dead cute Embarrassed

awwwwww bless akash his mother had to go through harassment gosh i hate those kind of men so much Angry akash did the right thing Big smile i find him really cute and how he says to raj your hous has been lying empty for 2 days was really funny LOL

and Navin is cute as well, it's too bad that he was a ghost in the actual LRL otherwise i think LRL would have rocked even more because i really love his acting and raj and navins chemistry as friends would have rocked Embarrassed they would have been two cuties in the bloke that's why LOL

and raj kitna naughty hain, but that's what makes him cute Embarrassed i really love his chemistry with all the charcters especially with naina and our little shona, btw where was she in todays update i was missing missing her LOL

once again the update was toooooooo good Clap Clap Clap

take care Big smile
aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 11:13am | IP Logged
hey itz simply superrrrrrrrrrrr Clap ,
a complete hatz of 2 u dear,

excelent n wonderful,

Al the best 4 the next part,

sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2008 at 11:15am | IP Logged
awesome too good very nice waiting for next asap.

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