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"A strange feeling ".THE END!(Note-Pg 84) (Page 42)

-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 3:35am | IP Logged
thnx lipi ashu nd vvdn......

thnx rani nd mahak also for being patient enough!!

Edited by cool~~gal - 30 May 2008 at 3:35am

sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 3:40am | IP Logged
update plxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 30 May 2008 at 4:52am | IP Logged

Well do you know anybody who would be happy to read negative stuff about himself...Well Who else Aalekh...That days paper carried the piece of information he wanted....He saw the headlinee..

Aalekh-Bingooo!!..This is what I wanted!!...Neelu I am learning to handle these people now!!..

THe article Readd

"I Am the BAD man in this story": Mr.Sharma

All rumours about Mr.Rajveer and his lady love have been brought to an end.Mr.Sharma a friend of Mr.Rajveer has spoken to the staff of C&G very roughly.He had made it clear that they have no right to invade in his personal life.Mr.Aalekh Sharma had made many such statements which prove that he is really angry.He himself claimed that Rajveer wont say anything to anyone so he is the bad man in this story.He has strictly instructed the staff to stay away from media.And Mr.Rajveer himself refuses to speak on the matter!.Well for now we have no clue what the truth is.So theres still a hope ladies!..Your man is still single!!..

Aalekh was grinning...

Neelu--Iss sab mein you become the bad guy ..

Aalekh--Like i care!!...Neelu relax...Rajveer ke naam ke saath pura C&G hain...Uska nam gharab to C&G ka naam kharab mere pecche kya hain....ek chota sa small scale industry ka apna business...not a problem...

Neelu hugged him!!..

Neelu--You make an awesome friend!..

Aalekh--Well thats something i knoe...tell me do i make an awesome boyfriend??

Neelu was blushing..

Neelu--You make a perfect boyfriend!!..

Aalekh smiled!!..


At NAvin's house!..

Aky-How long more do I have to wait..I wanna wake them up....Its like 9 A.D...

Aakash--Listen If your so intrested go....But I cant gurantee of the scene you will get to see...Two lovers...You knoe..

Aky--Aakash stop it!!....Raj is a good guy!

Aakash---Xcuse me...do you mean You need to be a bad boy if your in love...and moreover your sleeping with the girl you love!!..

Aky-Aakashh your too much!!...I meant They might jus be in each others arms!...Thats about it...Raj wont cross any lines I knoe!..

Aakash--Love makes you cross all lines!!..

Aky-Uffoo...What should I do....Sit here and let them get up on their own maybe in the afternoon...or actually tell Navin to go chek out the scnene...how does that sound!..

Aakash-Well Just send Raj an sms to dress up and sleep...navin should be here soon!..

Aky--Aakashh you stop it...hes my brother...

Aakash--My friend too...

Aky-Uff...Now think of something to wake them up without going in!...maybe we could knock!..

Aakash--Uff jus imagine we are together someone comes and knocks how irritating..

Aky--Xcuse me you and I are husband wife!...We can do whatever we like...but those two would be dead if Navin came!..

Aakash--Okok nough of masti now...what do we do?...I am not going into the room!...Nor are you!..So think of something else!..


RAj's eyes opened without anyone trying to wake him up...

He saw Naina by his side!..And his day was made...He was half-naked and Naina well not even half...but she slept so peacefully in his arms..one of the bestest mornings in his life....With his love by his side!..Raj saw the time...shit it was 9...He quickly moved out of bed...picked up his t-shirt lying on the floor!..While wearing he remembered the last night....the way naina removed his t-shirt and wanted to feel his chest....he irritated her by not kissing her!..Life was looking so beautiful...suddenly another thought popped into his head...Navin!..

Raj-Ooopss Navin would be here...what if hes come!...shitoooo

He went to naina..

Shook her...

Raj-Uthoo uthoo..

Naina--Jaannn suney doo na!..

Raj--Aiiyee abhi nahi uthi to tera bhai mujhe hamesha ke liye sula dega!!....uthhhoooo!!..


Naina got up wid a jerk..

Naina--Kahn aa gaye kya?

Raj saw the panic on her face..he looked at her bare tummy!...

She suddenly realized dat her t-shirt was not on her she pulled up the blanket to cover herself.....

Raj--Ohhh so mujhse sharmmm haann ...intresting!..

Naina--Aur nahi toh kya...aisee din mein tum mujhe ghorogey tu mein kya karoon....yeh din mein alag naina hoti hain....raat mein alag!!..

Raj smiled..

Raj--Ok ab meri ma t-shirt pehne ley bhagwan ke liye....kisi ne dekh liya to band baj jayegi...

Naina still catching the blanket tight!..


Naina--Tum bahar jao..


Naina--GO out....

Raj--You'r weird!!..

Naina--I know...now you go out..

Raj smiled at her...and left!..

Naina came out of the blanket and picked her t-shirt and wore it..


Raj came out knwing he might have to face another session of teasing if Navin had not come or a seesion of blastings if Navin had come....wither way he had problems...luckily navin hadnt arrived...he saw aakash sitting on the sofa...with aky...both kinda thinking something...

Raj-Gud morning!!..

Aakash--Ohh ur up...gud morning..

RAj found it weird....but he dint ask nything...

Silence...Aakash couldnt let go of this chance..

Aakash--You knoe we were just thinking how to wake you up..

RAj sensed something fishy


He dint want to talk..

Aakash--I mean you knoe right...We dint noe if we come in you knoe...what we would you knoe..

Aakash said smiling...

Raj knew what he meant..

Raj--Ohh nothing of dat sort....you guys could have come in and woken us...


Raj--Umm ofcourse!!..

Aakash--No i was worried...you knoe ummm one guy one girl one bed one room one night!...i mean anything can happen!..

Aakash was smiling all the way...

Raj was blushing...but he tried not to show any emotions...

Raj--Ummm ya I knoe!!..

AAkash was laughingg now!!..

Raj looked up..

Raj-Salaa...you wont ever change!..


Raj--Okk I'll go freshen up now!..

Aakash--Can aky go in?...I mean is naina dressed enough!...

He dint get a reply but got a pillow straight on his face....perfect aim by raj!!....

AAkash started laughing..

Aakash--Hey raj (he screamed)

Raj turned around..

Aakash--Theres some article about your friend in todays paper...i dint read the article but it was something about him....bad man or something...

Raj grabbed the paper....so much had happened in 24 hours he had forgotten that incident...he read the article.....he dint knoe whether to be happy or sad...happy coz the matter was solved...but allekh tok succh a big step....he spoilt his name!..

Raj had tears in his eyes....he dropped the paper....and left...he called aalekh..

Raj--tHankyou so much aalekh..i have no words for you...i mean you spoilt your name for ur sake..

Aalekh--Raj Raj please...relaxx i told you anything for you guys!..

Raj-Your are awesome....your my bestest friend!..


Navin was to arrive at 11...

Well it was 10:30 and naina was kinda tensed!.

Naina--Raj we are telling bhai today right?

Raj--Hmm jaan...we are....maybe in the night...but we are telling him...

Naina--He wont mind will he

Raj--I dunoo jaan....

Naina--Dunt say that...I cant loose you again....

Raj--Dunt worry navin knoes whats best for you...

Naina--I hope so...your r the best for me...if he has any problem then we will run and get married...but i am not leaving you at any cost!..

Raj--Nainaaa we will have to convince Navin if thers a problem....we are not running like cowards..

Naina--I dunoo I jus need to get married to you..someone is there or not there..

Raj hugged naina....

Raj--Why do you think so much these days...be like before not usiong the little brains you have..

Naina punched him..

Raj--Ouchh that hurts.....next time i will bite ur lip harder..

Naina--SHh....stupid guyy...

Raj--Right I will hurt you know in return..

Naina--Jaan you will hurt me....how can you see me in pain...(naina said dramtically)

Raj--Well this kinda pain I can see you ...Because its the pain i give you....the pain makes you mine...i will do anything which makes you mine.....and you have to bear all the pains i givve you!..

Naina was blushing..

Raj cupped her face...about to kiss her

Ahem ahem ahemmmm

Aakash started clearing his throat real loud!..

Raj dropped his hands he dint need to turn back..he knew it was aakash....naina was looking down...

Raj turned around..

Aakash--You knoe har ghar mein ek bedroom hota hain...bedroom....hall mein aise harkate..navin aa gaya toh..

Raj--Aakash....please mere baap.....kyun meri jaan ke pichhe pada hua hain?

Aakashh--BAdle boss....time for badla!!...Tune jitna bhi tang kiya hain...uss sab ka badla lena hain na.....kitni dhamkeiya de hain tu nee....sala mera junior hoke....mujhko dhamki....(mimicking Raj) Mujhe team me rakho warna tumhari mummy ko bata dunga ke tum pure 6 baar school bunk karke uss sushma ke saath bhar date par gaya....mujhe gaali maat do tumhari mummy ko bata donga ke tum school mein kya kartey hoon.....mujhe gussa mat delao mein tumhari mummy ko bata donga ke tumhari 7 girlfriends rahi hain..

Aakash--Ufff....toh to mummy ka samjho reporter tha....

Naina was listening to all this..

Naina--Tum aur Raj ek hi school mein?

Aakash--Haan mum ke sath mumbai chala gaya...wahan raj mila....phir mom raj se mila ek din...apna koi khoya beat nazar aa gaya usko....she used to love him a lot....phir hum delhi aaye....raj bhi saath mein aaya....mera skoll khatam ho gaya tha...raj ke ek do sal bache the...to usne woh kar liye...hum yahin baas gayey...phir mum ek din chal bassi....phir mein yahan se door gaya....shimla chala gaya....wahan paar chota mota business kar leta hoon....

Naina--Ohhh...Aunty ke barey mein sumkar bura laga..

Aakash gave a sad smile..

Aaksh-Well tumhe pata nahi yahan skool mein Raj was a big flirt......

Naina looked at Raj...One of the biggest grins ever!..

AAkash--Waisee Tumhe Raj kaise mila..appni love story to batao...

Raj started coughing!!...

Raj--Umm navin ke aneey ka waqt ho gaya hain!!....

HE avoided the topic..naina like always blushing!!

Aakash--RIght but yeh story kafi intresting hogi!...


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-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 30 May 2008 at 4:53am | IP Logged
i noe its smalll...i had typed sme more matter...but that gt wiped out!...so i will type that again later and post!....
sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 5:08am | IP Logged
awesome too good very nice waiting for next asap.
vvdn Senior Member

Joined: 05 February 2008
Posts: 875

Posted: 30 May 2008 at 5:31am | IP Logged
another Gr8 part! Clap
but it's too small Confused Confused Confused !waiting to know the love story of our RN.so update soon with long part.
            plzzzzzzz update soon ajkal bahoot intezar karna padta hai tumhare ff ka! dont do that ok plzz .
*Rajeevian* IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 February 2007
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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 8:14am | IP Logged
too good Clap .cont soon......
ashu20 Groupbie

Joined: 28 June 2007
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Posted: 30 May 2008 at 8:30am | IP Logged
superb........ Clap
bechara aalekh.......raj is really lucky to have him as frd.....
navin zaroor samaj jaye ga raj aur naina ke pyar ko as he himself is falling for rosy.........
aakash ne to mere mo ki baat cheen li LOL LOL LOL as iam also eager to know about their love story
arre raj jab pyar kiya tub nahi socha to aub itna kyon shrama rahe ho LOL
loved the update and plzzz update soonnnnnnn

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