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"A strange feeling ".THE END!(Note-Pg 84) (Page 33)

ashu20 Groupbie

Joined: 28 June 2007
Posts: 184

Posted: 22 May 2008 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
too good yaar...
bahot accha tha....finally they are togeather.aub dono milke phir se navin k band bajayenge...wts say????
mujhe ye part bahot accha laga..

-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 22 May 2008 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
thnxx i will!!

thnxxx !!...yea der shd be sme r-n romance!!

thnx.....ab jab duno mile hi gayye hain...band to bajani hi hain!!... LOL
Mahak Sinha IF-Sizzlerz
Mahak Sinha
Mahak Sinha

Joined: 16 April 2008
Posts: 23748

Posted: 23 May 2008 at 12:50am | IP Logged

Originally posted by cool~~gal

thnx swetaa

thnxx rani thnx a lot!!...i hv no othr wrd othr dan thnx....i was completely crazy over dat sharukh line...i was laughin for almos 5 mins aftr gvn it a perfect place in my fic...."thoda aur wish karo kisss karo"...hehe!...finally r-n are back together....if i wld hv dragged ny longer i wld hv gt a hundred gallis..
nd we are approaching the end....we r nt at the end!..lol....nyway theres quiet a bit to go!!

glad to see a new reader....thnx a lot!...

glad to see a new reader..lol...thnx a lot!

I am not ur new reader mein tumhari old reader hoon .

LRL Forum ki Vertika.

daisy_luvs_ ff IF-Rockerz
daisy_luvs_ ff
daisy_luvs_ ff

Joined: 29 June 2007
Posts: 8835

Posted: 23 May 2008 at 1:31am | IP Logged
my god, love u for such a rocking loooooooong beautiful update Clap
wowwwwwwww RN r back together, i m sooooooooo happy
and alekh is such a superbbbbb friend, he handled all the mess........and me toooooo happy for RN!!!

hope aky gets well soon.
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 23 May 2008 at 2:35am | IP Logged
ohh vertika....kool...sorry mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum vertika hoon...thnx a lot ...

thnxx a lot!!
sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
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Posted: 23 May 2008 at 2:40am | IP Logged
update plzzzzzzzzzzzz asap with long part now only asap.
sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
Posts: 17806

Posted: 23 May 2008 at 5:08am | IP Logged
update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz asap now only with long part.
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 23 May 2008 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Same day evening

Navin and Rosy had a very nice day they were going to meet rohan at 5....

The had the whole day to enjoy...and navin had arranged their date in the night!!...

Navin and Rosy reached the boarding!...

There they saw an old lady...Rosy knew her well...

She got outta the car went and huggged that lady..

Rosy--Kaise hain aap??

Lady--Mein acchi hoon Rashmi tu kaise hain...bahut dino baad ayii hain

Rosy--Jee woh bas kaam tha...

Lady--Acha ab ja jaldi rohan se mile le phir baat karte hain...


Rosy went back to Navin...

Rosy--Lets go..

Navin-Woh lady?

Rosy--She is like my mom rohan aur mujhe inhone ne hi pala hain...aab chale?

Navin--Mein nahi a raha hoon tum jao..

Rosy--Rohan se darr rahe hooooooonn?? LOL

Navin--Kinda.. Dead

Rosy-Uff chalo...mein hoo na... Smile

Navin got down...

Rosy--Acha mein pehle jati hoon authorities se baat karti hoon 5 minute mein wapas aati hoon phir rohan se milengey..


Meanwhile that lady comes to Navin..

Lady--Tum rashmi betiya ke satth ayye hoo na..

Navin--Jee maaji..

Lady--Bahut acha ladka chuna hain meri rashmi ne..

Navin was smiling.. Smile

Navin--Jee wohh actually..

Rosy-Amma...kya hua

LAdy--LAdka bahut accha pasand kiya hain tumne..

Rosy--Amma aisa kuch nahi hian....bas mera dost hainn

Rosy said blushing.. Embarrassed

Lady--Mujhse jhothh bol rahi hain...

Rosy--Amma....(she hugged her)

NAvin and Rosy start walking towards the boys room..

NAvin--Rosy tumhari life kitni badal gayii hain na...from rashmi to rosy....

Rosy-Hmm janti hoon..

Navin--Tumhe kabhi wahi rashmi bannne ka mann nahi karta....

Rosy--Kya tum rashmi naam ke ladki se pyar karte kya koi rashmi naam ka secretary rakhtha ..

Navin-Well whats in the name.....

Rosy--HAHAH... LOL

Navin--You knoe tumhari qualifications acche hain tumhe secretary se achhi postpar ho sakti hoon..

ROsy--Janti hoon Raj ne mujhe opening bhi di thi....par bechara Raj....usko knee lenght waali secretary kahan milti isliye mein uski secretary ke saath hi thekh hoon... LOL LOL

Navin--Phir bhi..

Rosy--Mujhe kahan koi tycoon ban na hain..bas shaddi karke settle hoo jana hain..tumhari bahoon mein...sounds a much better option.. Wink

Navin--Yeah...lekin mujhe toh kaam karna hain na..

Rosy--Hey kahin tumhe mere "RAJ" ke secretary ban ne se koi problem toh nahi hain..I mean tumhe kehte hua sharm ayegi kya ke tumhari girlfriend tumhare best friend ke secretary hain..

Rosy asked seriously...

Navin--Pagal mat bano rosy....mujhe usse koi problem kyun hogi..

Rosy knew he dint mean what he said..

Rosy-I promies you yahan se lautney ke baad.....is mahine tak ka kaam sambhal kar i willl resign as his secretary....ya toh koi kaam nahi karongi ya phir ek acchi respectable job karongi..ya like i said...tumhari bahoon mein Wink

Navin--Rosyy actually..

ANd just thenn there was a loud scream...


Rosy turned behind and it was rohan...

Rohan--Tum toh sach mein usse mere pass laye hoon.. Wink

Rosy--SHut up....meet navin.. Smile

Rohan--Hellooo Mr.NAvin..

Navin--Umm hey... Confused

Rohan--Soo kabse chal raha hain yeh sab? Wink

Navin--huh Dead

Navin was now scared of his girlfriends younger brother ...lol LOL

rosy pushed him in the corner alone.

Rosy--Abeeyy apna mooh bandh rakh....isse aur kuch pucha na...teri kali kartoth yahan bata dongi... Wink

Rohan--Aaa gayi na tum apne line par blackmail.. Angry

Rosy--Wtever woh bechara already tere barey mein sunkar darra hua hain..please dang se baat kar...warna tera ssaara banda phood dongi..


Rohan--So Navin kaise hoon?

Navin-Yeah good..

And the chatted normalllyy Navin feeling much better!!

In Delhi the recently come again together love birds also had a very good timee!!...

Raj just went to freshen up he came back after some time looking dashing as ever!...in his denim jeans and white t-shirt and denim jacket!....

Naina saw him entering and couldnt help but blush!...

Raj--ITs so good to see you blushing mann..

Naina--SHutt up!..

Raj-Started ah?..again fighting wid me..

Naina--Yea...wat else can i do?

Raj--I thought we were supposed to team up and ruin others life..

Naina--Yea i missed that man...i mean we were the pranksters.....noone to beat us..one step ahead always...we ruined so many lives!....so many occasions..

Raj-Well we were"we"...

THey both laughed!..

Raj-I ll jus meet di...you get ready..

Naina--Hmm where we going?

Raj-Surprise...get ready now!..


Raj went to Aky's room..

Raj-Howz you di?hows my baby(lukin at shona)

SHona--Finey finey

Aky--GUd raj.....i dunt thik i need to ask you how you are...you like fit and fine!...more happier than ever...chakkar kya hain?

Raj-Uff your kinda unwell and ur still pulling my leg..

Shona--Veeru da mama not pullin your leg...wait.. LOL

shona went to raj and started pulling his leg ..

RAj was laughing.. LOL

Shona-Shona is now pulling your leg...mama sittin so far...not well how she pull your leg.. LOL

Raj picked up shona..

Raj--Sorry sweetheart your veeru da is mad!.. LOL

Shona was laughing!.. LOL

Raj-Di actually I am going out...i hope you can manage for a while..

Aky noticed a spark in his eye..

Aky wanted to play along!

Aky-Umm dinner? Wink

Raj-YEa Smile

Aky-Umm with aalekh naina and all

Raj-Umm yea..

Aky-Thank god..please take shona along...porr girl is getting bored...
Raj in his mind.. "hey bhagwan date pe bachhi ko saath"

Raj--Umm yea kool.. Ouch

Aky was laughing..

Raj-Why are you laughing?

Aky-I'll take care of shona...go wherever your going...

Raj-No i mean..um ah..

Aky-Shhh!!...dont need to tell me....just bring that girl home some day!..

Raj-Girl? uhuh...wat are you talking about

Aky-SHut up...i havent seen you look so happy in a age...so well dressed lukin hot and handsome...it gotta be a girl...

Raj was blushing..

Aky-Hang on...i hope its not that paper girl.. LOL ...i mean naina? LOL

Raj-Di please stop it right there...

Aky-Okok....chill my little brother!..

Raj-Little brother it seems...your jus 2 years older ok......

Aky-Older na.. Wink

Raj-Di...we are getting back to being kids..

Aky was smiling..

Aky-Its good to see you this way Raj...

Raj smiled..

Raj-Getting late now!..seeya

Aky-ENjoy your date!!..

RAj turned around shaking his head at his sister's beahviour...

AKy just smiled..

Shona--Mummy you dont noe todays date?

Aky laughed.. LOL

Shona-You just asked veeru da about the date

Aky pulled shona into her arms..

Aky-You should have been my mommy!!...and i should have been the kid..

Shona--Is that possible mommy?

Aky--Uff meri ma....now go to sleep!!... Wink

Aky put shona to sleep...

Aky went out to have some water..

Naina got ready in her fav outfit....something she was dying to wear the red saree what else...

Raj had gifted it to her....and was his very first gift...very special and very close to both their hearts....which was one anyway!...

Raj saw her and he was blown outta his sense.

Sitting on the sofa hand on his heart....this made naina blush..

Raj-You look gorgeous!!...

Naina was smiling..

Naina-you dont look bad either....shall we go now..


Naina--Get up lets go..

Raj-I'll prefer to stay here and watch you all night before your brother comes back..

Raj got up and went to naina...he cuped her face..

Raj-You look better than what you looked two years back...

He kissed her on her cheek!...

Raj-Your brother will come back soon...gawdd

Naina sat by his side..

Naina-You dare not say anything about my brother...what are we gonna tell him by the way


Naina--About you and mee

Raj-Well we are not gonna tell him are we?

Raj looked at naina and winked..

Naina-We have to tell him someday...

Raj-And i am shitty scared of that day!..

Naina laughed..

Naina-Ok so planning to sit here and watch and talk and get caught by shona or want to go out ...

" on a Date" someone completed the sentence

A voice beamed...naina looked at raj...not his voice....it wasnt naina either...horror on both faces...but suddenly a smile on raj's face..

Raj-(he whispered)-WE are caught not by ur brother but my sister.. LOL

Both slowly turned back..

A big grin on Aky's face..


Naina-Umm date?with whom are you going on a date di?

Aky-I am afraid I am not going your going

Naina-Me??? LOL LOL


Naina--Nice joke you think i will go on a date with rajveer...hahahha

Aky-I dint say rajveer did i??

Naina was caught..raj stood smiling he knew it was over...still naina wanted to give it a try...go ahead..

Aky--Your caught my little bro!..

Raj smiled and looked at naina..

Raj-Well di meet naina...the girl of my dreams..

Aky--Bladi cheater...now you'll say your introduced me to that girl..

Raj was laughing..

Raj-So now if we have your permission may we?

AKy-Yea please go...before you loose control and do some embarrasing stuuff in front of your "OLDER" sister.. LOL

Ra--2 years older..

Naina was laughing...but it felt so good to see the real guy back!..

Naina and Raj hand-in hand left navin's house....

Raj turned back..

Raj-Hey keep this news away from your boyfriend..

Aky--I have a husbandd & a baby..

Raj-That I knoe...I am talking about your boyfriend...Mr.NAvin..

Aky was laughing.. LOL LOL

AKy-I'll think about it (she said seriously)

Naina turned around..

Naina-No no please....please dunt tell him...i beg you..

Raj started laughing.. LOL

Raj-Jaan you ev never begged me in all these years...and your beggin my sister..

Naina-SHut up Raj...di please..

Raj--Hey she was kiddin chill.. LOL LOL

Aky was laughing.. LOL


Raj and Naina left ....


Navin and Rosy went for their first date!...

They bokked at table by the beach in one resort...it was beautiful moonlight a table for 2...champagne..and two love birds...the perfect atmosphere...

Rosy--Thnx for all this Navin..

Navin--ANyy dayy!!...

Rosy--I love you..

NAvin smiled..

Navin--The tone was different..

Rosy laughed with him..

Rosy-I'll tell it that way in bed..

Navin--Uff I wont be able to sleep then..
Rosy blushed!..

NAvin and rosy had a very romantic dinner date..and they had loads of fun....they sat by the water...hand -in-hand...just loving evry bit of their lives!!...

Naina-Where are we going??

Raj-Jaan you still not able to guess....

Naina--Tell me na please...

Raj--Okk We are going to the most important place in my life..


Raj-Yupp bingo...lovers point!...

Naina smiled..


At navins house..

Aalekh and neelu dropped in to find an empty house and aky shona...wer raj nd naina...

Aalekh-Hey wer raj and naina?

Aky-Umm gone out..

Aalekh looked at neelu

Neelu shrugged...saying i dunno

Aalekh-Ohh ok...
Aalekh couldnt stop smiling...he was just thinking where they could have gone..

Aalekh called up raj..

Raj picked up the fone...he was in the process of climbing those steps of lovers point!..

Raj stopped and picked aalekhs fone..

Raj-Hey dude..

AAlekh-Where are you?

Raj-Umm AT home

Aalekh--I am at home..so decently tell me where you are...

Raj--Umm Aalekh I am with naina..

Aalekh moved away from aky coz he dint noe she knew..

Aalekh-All fine

Raj-Yup..I proposed to her and she said yes..

Aalekh-I am so happpyyy for you guyssss!!..(ok that was rather loud and aky heard it)

SHe started laughing...

Aalekh--Aky noes?

Raj-Umm yep!..

Aalekh--Okk njoy...beware i might come to trouble you anyday

Raj-well I am sure you wont come to this place.....you hate it.......there are thousands of obstacless

Aalekh--WHy not where are you tell me...i'll say if i will come or no LOL LOL LOL

Raj--Ohh You think I am so dumb!!..

Aalekh--Never knoe..in love you can get dum...nyway njoy..

AKy-So he told you?

Aalekh looked at neelu...Obviously she dint noe the whole story ...it was them who put it inn their head years back...


Aky-I am so happy for my brother..

Aalekh-We all are..


Naina and Raj reached lovers point!!..

Raj-We have so many memories with this place naina...this box...(pointing to the lovers box)...its so true...you are with me today...and i promise i wont let go of you until death!..

Naina--Even beyond!!...after death

Raj-Dont talk about death so fast...After you die...I wont be able to live..I will also die then I'll meet you in heaven!!..

Naina looked at him


Raj and Naina--NAhh!!!...

Naina-AFter all we have bladi ruined so many people....how the hell will we go to heaven....we are going to hell...so see you in hell.....

Raj-Which was the worse prank we ev ever played??

Naina--Very tough to decide...definately the one on aalekh..hilarious

Raj-Which one?

Naina-Remember how they were trying to fix us up...so I went up to Aalekh and tried seducing him and stuff...told him I Love You and stuff.... LOL LOL LOL and you did the same to neelu...there face was worth watching!!....it was like cross connection!!... LOL LOL LOL

Raj and Naina had a hearty laugh

Raj and Naina smiled....they spent almost half an hour.....just remebering all the good times...talking non stop

Raj finally looked at Naina...told her to stop..

He kept staring at her.....He cupped her face...pushed his head in the front...she smiled....

He placed a soft kiss on her lips...like she would let him go....she took his lips into hers......a soft kiss turned into a deep and passionate one...naina could feel the pressure increasing...but they both enjoyed themselves to the core!!...

Raj broke..

Raj--Naina your my life man....cant live without you..

Naina--Same here Raj...

Raj-Dunt go again...anywhere..

Naina--I wont!!.....

Raj smiled...

He again took her lips into his....kissing her with all his love...man it felt great!!.....

Lost in each other unaware of the pair of eyes looking at them!!!!!!!

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