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"A strange feeling ".THE END!(Note-Pg 84) (Page 23)

rituka7 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 August 2007
Posts: 4589

Posted: 15 May 2008 at 9:16am | IP Logged
awesome part update soon.

-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 15 May 2008 at 10:51am | IP Logged

thnxx thnxx thnxx.....i hv no othr wrd..lol!..

thnxxxx.......its coz of ur comments only that i feel lykk ryttn...hehe....

fanatic 21 Goldie
fanatic 21
fanatic 21

Joined: 12 June 2007
Posts: 1856

Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:15am | IP Logged
loved it.......liked shona...shes too cute
Shaina_b IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 July 2007
Posts: 43706

Posted: 15 May 2008 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Too good!!!!Awesome!!!

Shona was soo sweet Smile !!!!!!! Uske sawal bhi ........... kaise kaise hote hai LOL LOL LOL .......... uff these kids and their never ending questions ...... I swear yeh toh humse bhi char kadam aage hote hai !!!!!!

Waise too bad Aalekh was there and Raj had to end his leg pulling!!!!

But Navin ne kaafi galat baat boli ...... woh bhi apne behen ke baareme aisi baat Angry Angry Angry !!!!!Yeh usne kahi kaise?? Angry Joking mein bhi aisi baat???

Par ish baat ne Raj ki dukti rat par haath rakh diya Cry Cry !!!!!

Waise Navin is younger than Akansha ........ but still calls her by the name???? Confused Confused Strange!!!!

And yes now I really hope everything gets sorted out!!!!

daisy_luvs_ ff IF-Rockerz
daisy_luvs_ ff
daisy_luvs_ ff

Joined: 29 June 2007
Posts: 8835

Posted: 15 May 2008 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
awesome awesome and awesome part Clap

shona is just toooooo good, her questions r really something....a cutiepie

and navin ko pitna xhahiye aise raj ki dil dukhane ke liye!!

buy convoz r really superbbbbbb
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 1:57am | IP Logged
thnx..shona is a darling..


heyy navin was jus kiddin....yehi toh hain unn doostton mee pyar...pullin each other's leg.....raj also does dat...navin also does dat.....soo navin was jus kiddin....dats how deir frndshpp is....
nd raj ko thoda bura laga kyunki uska connection already naina ke saath hain.....so he connected it dat way...

dint i say even though navin was youngerr to aky they got along very wel...discussing about their younger siblings nd stuff their pranks nd all......dey were very gud frnds aur tumhara frnd tumsee bada hoo tum usko naam see hi bolatey hoon na....

thnx.....same thing navin was jus kidin....mera bechara navin...lol!...he was jus playn the fool wid raj...

Anyway next tym ill see to it aisa koi scene na ho...!!joo mere readers ko pasand nahi..
sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2005
Posts: 19994

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 2:00am | IP Logged
update plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
-Tina- Senior Member

Joined: 14 April 2008
Posts: 605

Posted: 16 May 2008 at 4:32am | IP Logged
At the dinner table...

NAvin-So akyy yahan achanak i mean any good newss (Navin said with a raised eyebrow)

Raj--News??..Well Navin itna to pakka hain di isnt getting a divorce...so you dunt need to get happy...aur koi good news hain kya di...Am i about to get a little prince soon?(Raj said with a sparklee in his eye)

Navin--Or have you found another girl for Raj..(navin burst out laughing)

Aky--Stop it both of you...Cant i come just like that to visit my bro and friends..

Raj-Ofcourse you can visit your bro and your bestes friend....(looking at navin)

Aky--Raj i pull your leg that is fine...I am married with akid you noe...and your still pulling my leg...

Raj was silent for a while..

Raj--Heard of extra-martial affair?? LOL LOL

Aky--Shutt up..,... Smile

Shona who was silentnly playing with her ball behind the tablee heard the word

Shona--Means what veeru da??... LOL LOL

Raj was shocked.. Confused

Aalekh-Raj tujhe kitni bar samjhaye hain...bachoon ke samne tohh thang se baat kiya kar...bachoon ko choti umar mein begadey ga kya? LOL LOL

Aalekh exchanged hi-fi with Navin sitting nnearby... Tongue

Raj--Uda loo jitna mazak udana hain uda loo....Mein barabar badla longa... Embarrassed Embarrassed

Raj lifted shona and placed her on his lap...

Raj--Baby your a good girl na....its not for good girls... Big smile

Shona--Okk veeru da... Smile

Raj--My sweet baby..(raj kissed her on the forehead)

ANd Raj gave Aalekhh and NAvin a beautiful smile.. Smile

Naina gave shona some juice to drink.

Shona--Niaa your so sweet... Tongue

Nia--Ohh baby not sweeter dan you.. Tongue

Shona got down from Raj's lap and went to Naina..

Shona--I like you...

Naina--I like you too..

Shona--(said lightly) You are sweeter than veeru da....veeru da dint give me a chocolate still... Angry

Naina laughed..

Raj--Ohh my angel...changing sides huh...for one chocolate....very good...we will see today night....you sleep with you Nia today. Big smile ..she'll keep you awesome company...you knoe just like you shes scared of darkness too Embarrassed ....you wll have a good time..

SHona heard that and ran back to Raj..

Shona--Nononoon please let me sleep with you....sorry sorry veeru da. Dead Dead ...please...You are the bestt...I love you LOL ...let me sleep with you...

RAj smiledd at her innocence.....she said I love you...she said it so casually....he was all smiles...

Raj-Okkk my little angell i forgivee you......you can sleep in my room.. Big smile

Shona--Yeeeeeeppppiiieee!.. Embarrassed Embarrassed

Aky--Gawd this girl....at home she fights if she doesnt get her place betwen her mom and dad....here she refuses to sleep with me..

Navin--Nicee na....if her dad comes you noe her mom and dad can have some privacy LOL LOL ...(navin said with a wink)

Aky--Navy...please stop it.. Embarrassed

NAvin--Yea yea your feeling shy...haha... Embarrassed

Raj--Navin did you hear rosy is not welll.. Big smile

Navin--What happened to her?? Ouch

RAj started laughing.... LOL

Navin--You.. Angry

Raj--Mess with my sister youl get it back... Smile


After dinner!..

Shona and Raj in Raj's room...
Aalekh and Navin in Navin's Room....(though Aalekh wanted to be badlyy with neelu)(they dint allow them) LOL
Naina and Aky in one room..
Neelu alone...(praying aalekhh could sneak in)

Aky-SO i have heard a lot about the pranks you and Raj played when you were here... Tongue

Naina-Well those were different days...we had loads of fun..then i went off to singapore...when i got back Raj was a different guy...a big successful business man....he doesnt have time for these useless pranks anymore..(naina said trying to behave normal)

Aky--Yeaa Raj has changed over the years...noww profesionally hes par excellence but somewhere he is missing out on lot of other stuff...like I mean you knoe he doesnt get time from his files...he believes only in love marriage and he wont have an aranged...only if he pampers some girl....he'll get her...he says there arent girls of his type in the world...haha....

Naina dint say anything..

Aky-So how was singapore?

Nain-Great...it was really good....



Shona lay right beside Raj...Raj running his hand in her hair.

Shona--I missed you veeru da...

Raj-Me too..

Shona--Nia will be ther alone...she is also scared can we please go to her.. Tongue

Raj-Baby Mommy is there with her...

Shona--Noo mommy will sleep in two minutess with so much noise...Nia will be disturbed and scared....please lets go to Nia...please...

Raj--Shona no..

Shona --Veeruu da pleaseeeee Wink

Raj-babyy others are sleeping....all will be disturbed.....

Shona again fake tears Cry Cry

(this lil one surely knew how to get things done from sweet RAj)

Raj--Ahh noo baby dunt cry.,...Well go and see Niaa ok..

Raj had said dat....there was no way he was gonaa put the bell....all of themm would screw him up Ouch ....so did he have a choice??

Raj(in his mind)--That pratice will help me today.. Wink

A big smile on his faceee Smile

He took shona with him and closed the main door..and went downn to the place where the pipes were....he traced the pipe which lead to Naina's room....it dint take long....he had climbed it atleas a 100 times or more...d only pipe which looked little less brighter than the others...haha...

He told shona to stand there down quietly and not move from her place.......and started climbing the pipe....old days flashing in his head...and a big smile on his face..

He went as usual reachin Naina's window...which he knew perfectly to unscreww...he did it...it was an easy task...he entered the room quietlyy without any noise...and there she wass lyingg downn looking as beautiful as ever...wide awake...in a noodle strap gown....she lookedd cute ..

Raj--(in a whisper)--Naina..

Naina got the shock of her life seein him at the window...why was he doing that..she pulled the blanket over her to cover her properly...

Naina about to open her mouth....raj came forward kept his hand on her lips..

he felt her lips warm up...

She was dumbstruck....his feel....it felt just the same...her lips ached to feel him....his hands...his lips.....she brushed her thoughts away

An akwardness filled the room....Raj kept staring at her and he knew what she felt...

Naina told him to go out and she would come behind..

She qickly put on the second piece of her night suit...which was like a over coat...and went out..

Naina--What on earth are you doing??

Raj laughed.. LOL .It was just the same dialogue she used to say evryday when he used to climb the pipe...and everyday to the same question he would say "romancing with my girlfriend"...but could he said that today...he held himself from saying that

Raj--Naina this is shona's work...she needs to meet you now..lets go down she is waiting..

THe went down and shona was literall screaming when she saw Nia...

SHona--Hii niaa. Smile Smile

Nia--Shona....why arent you sleepingg...

Shona--I was thinking bout you...you are scared of darkness too....i want you to be with me...dunt worry veeru da is there...he will take care of us...... Tongue Tongue

Naina looked at Raj..

She managed to get shona back up in the room...Nia put shona to sleep..

Naina Raj and shona on the bed...shona in the centre...sleeping peacefully now...

Naina was about to open her mouth when she saw Raj sleeping too...

She pulled up the balnket for both of them....saw to it they both were comfortable and left the room.....


Next morning...Raj got up early and shona was still asleep.........Raj went out and got the shock of his life Confused ...there on his sofa lay Naina her night suit a little out of place Tongue ....and her hair all messed up....he saw her and smiled...she preffered to sleep on the sofa even when there were 2 other rooms and there was lot of place on Raj's bed tooo..

Just then the sun rays fell in the room and Naina woke up....

NAina looked around....

Naina--Oh gawd...(she adjusted her gown nd made her hair)

Raj--What happened..??

Naina--Ohh your' up??

Raj--I guess..this aint my ghost..

Raj--Why did you sleep here?..I mean there was s...spacee inside and there were 2 other rooms...and your room too...in the next house..

Naina--Well we convieniently closed the door of my house i dint have any key to open it LOL ...so i just sat down her laughing at LOL myself and feel asleep..

Raj laughedd with her... LOL

Naina--ok i guess they would have got up i should get back before bhai puts a missing complaint against my name ... Smile

RAj was laughing again.. LOL

NAina--I'll see you at breakfast.. Tongue

Raj--Hmm...with my litlle angel.. Wink

Naina--YEa LOL
And naina walked out!...

SHe reached her door and found the newspaper nonoe had picked it up...

But the news caught her eyes...



Mr.Rajveer Singh Shekhawat popularly called RAJ in the Business World and who is One of the highest post-holder in C&G-Delhi has proved himself yet again.The latest techno contrat of India's leading Businessmen The Mehta's has been Won By C&G under the guidance of Mr.Rajveer again.Call this Efficiency Smartness or Mere Luck,In this year three contracts of the Mehtas have been brought to market and all hae been won by Mr.Rajveer.Times of India conveys greetings and best wishes of all Delhi'ites to Mr.Rajveer..Way to Go!!

Naina felt proud after reading that...She dint knoe why but she loved the feel....

Naina--Apna mooh dekha hain..itna serious lag rahe hoon....haha....kuch dino mein thekh ho jaogey!... Embarrassed Embarrassed

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