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KKK-Apr 28-May 1: Bala demands!!!

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2008 at 7:11pm | IP Logged

Episode 300 -

The + 1 students are all waiting for Bala to inform that he's no longer in their team, but Bala doesn't know this.  The boys are thinking about who would best reveal this matter to Bala.  Bala walks in, and scolds them for not saying sorry earlier.  He adds that he was mad at them for not waiting the other day during photo session.  However, Rocky opens the matter.  Bala is confused, but soon, the boys clarify and inform that he's no longer needed in the team.  Bala is hurt and thanks them before leaving. 


Bala is with Priya.  Priya apologizes for all this mess, and takes responsibility for making him stay back in the team.  She is willing to unite Bala with the +1 boys, but Bala doesn't want to!  Later Bala gets emotional about having to challenge his own friends for such betrayers (who have embarrassed him).  Priya tries to comfort, and asks if he's mad at her.  Bala adds that he's mad.  Priya too wants to leave the +1 house, but Bala advice not to and that he'll take care of his problems.  


Kishan is entertaining the +1 class with his Kadam (Pannai); Mintu and Karthika tease Priya that Kishan is playing the instrument for her.  Soon, Puli n Co. tell Kirpani that Kishan is going to impress Priya and take her away from him.  Kirpani wonders what to do, and the boys suggest he dance (obviously in hindi).  Kirpani goes to the front, giving Priya a romantic look.  The two jokers are going at it without realizing the presence of Gabriel Sir.  As soon as he sees GS, Kishan drops the Kadam, but Kirpani is still dancing romantically, and bumps into GS.  GS punishes them by asking to hit each other with a stick.  GS then advices the rest of them that they are not here to play, and that education is important.  He then goes on to add that some professors are just spoiling the kids, referring to Jeeva.  GS requests all those who have not completed their records to stand up, and gets Kirpani and Kishan to hit the slackers.  Puli is upset about having to received the blow from Kirpani, while Kishan is crying, since he's the one to punish Priya.  Soon Kishan breaks down in front of the class adding that he can't do this.  He cries out so loudly (funny scene to watch indeed). 


Pandi is elated and shares the good news (about Bala being kicked out of the + 1 team) with Pachai and Rags.  Pandi is happy that Bala has finally learned a lesson, while Pachai is concerned since he can't believe the + 1 students' guts.  They also ask Pandi about Priya's stance, but Pandi adds that she as usual showed how much she cares for Bala with her tears.  Pachai wonders what they should do to calm Bala down, and asks Rags for an idea.  Just then they see Thalah coming their way.  As soon as he sees them, Bala goes up to them, but soon leaves without saying anything.  Pachai and Rags are upset, and the latter feels pity for Bala. 


Rishi and Unni spot Bala and talk about his loneliness.  Rishi wonders if Vineeth knows about this, and Unni tells him about informing Vineeth.  Unni thinks that Vineeth would be elated inside, but Rishi opposes.  Rishi feels pity for Bala, and asks if they should go talk to him.  Unni agrees to give it a shot.  As soon as they approach, Bala ignores them.  Rishi urges Unni to speak.  Unni asks how he's doing; but Bala feels that they are teasing him at the request of Vineeth.  Unni then requests he join them again to show the +1s who they are.  Rishi and Unni try to convince that they're doing this b/c they care about him.  But Bala doesn't believe them, and gets irked.  Rishi remains calm, but Unni is provoked by Bala's attitude.  Soon Unni and Rishi begin to fight physically.  Screen freezes. 


Kanavugal thodarum….

Episode 301 - Priya reveals the truth about Vineeth hiding something from Rags

The +1 students all look down!  Some of them regret whatever they've done (Shree's team), but Rocky defends the decision (Rocky's team).  They then decide to go with the flow. 


Pandi is teasing Rags about something, and Pachai wonders what the matter is.  Pandi requests Rags to share the news, but Rags refuses; it turns out to be her dress in preparation for Rag – Bala's first rehearsal!  Pachai wonders why such a sudden change in her decision.  Rags maintains that she was advised by Jeeva and Co to dance, but Pandi suggests that it is due to her sympathy for Bala (Rags denies this).  Whatever the case me, Pachai adds that if she's not interested then she should pull out!  Hearing this, Pandi teases Pachai about being jealous over Rags dancing with Bala.  Pachai is furious at Pandi for his nonsense but calms down as soon as he sees Bala.  Bala approaches them and informs that he's pulled out of the dance competition since he didn't want to force those (i.e. Rags) to dance with him.  Pachai wonders why!  Bala maintains that a lot of things have happened, and he no longer wants to fight with any one.  He apologizes for his behavior and takes leave since he wanted to be alone for a bit.  


+ 1 Shree group are sitting together.  Puli soon wonders who the next Thalah is.  The rest add that this is a complicated issue and want to drop the subject.  Soon Puli beings to tease Shree as the next Thalah, but the rest turn the plate around on him!  During their conversation, they tease each other by saying "Thala Priya Varah"!  Soon Puli sees Priya coming and informs the others, but the rest ignore this… thinking that Puli is trying to fool them once again.  In addition to this, they speak badly about Priya.  Priya is angered hearing this, and gives them a piece of her mind once they realized her presence.  She adds that she'll remain by Bala's side and will no longer be their friend.  


Rags, with Pandi and Pachai, sees Priya sitting alone.  She wants to tease chandramuki, and upon hearing this Pandi is shocked!  To clear Pandi's confusions, she shows him a sample (bad mouthing)!  Soon they approach Priya, and Rags requests Pandi to sing a mokkai song.  Pandi sings and dances at the same time.  They then go about teasing her with what has happened.  In the meantime, Pandi sympathizes for Priya in his mind voice.  Rags then goes and tells Priya (indirectly by saying Pandi's name) that she'll soon experience the pain of having to be separated from their friends; after all Priya has separated Bala from her.  Priya decides to leave without talking back.  Pachai and Pandi suggest Rag not tease her, but Rags maintains that Priya should know what it is like to be when separated from friends.  


PT goes to Bhai kaddai to have some food.  Just as Bhai inquires PT on where Kishan and Kirpani are since they had accompanied him last time, these two boys approach PT.  The boys yet again ask for a chance to perform in the cultural day – they show a sample of their duet performance.  During their dance, they push PT side to side.  An agitated PT chases them away.  Seeing this Bhai shows a sample of his sillampaatam and asks for a chance. 


Rags is happily listening to a song; Priya is jealous by the fact that Rag is happy; she further adds that Rags has the guts to tease others.  Rags doesn't want to fight, but later adds that Bala deserves this for having to follow someone like Priya.  The two argue – during which time Rags remains fairly cool.  Seeing this, Priya tells Rags that she can make her cry in a minute and tells her that Vineeth knows a truth about Rags that he is hiding from her.  Rag is concerned. 


Kanavugal thodarum….

Episode 302 -

Rishi wonders what the matter is with Unni.  Unni tells him about his dad's wishes to see him become as a doctor.  Rishi bursts into laughter adding that Unni will never be able to!  Unni says that he'll try.  Just then Rags walks up to them and asks for Vineeth.  Rishi tells her that he's absent for the day and wonders what the matter is.  Rags tells him that Vineeth is hiding something from him.  Rishi is a little shocked but asks who told her.  Rags replies that Priya told her this information and adds that Priya doesn't play pranks on people.  Rishi tries to convince Rags that Vineeth would never hide anything from her.  Rags is still not convinced.  After Rags leaves, Unni wants to know Rishi is looking all freaked out!  Rishi tries to play it down, but soon is forced to tell him what the matter is – i.e. Rags mom being alive.  He requests Unni not to tell this to anyone; after all, Unni wouldn't since he too is close to Rishi and Vineeth.  


Pandi, Pachai and Rags are having lunch.  Bala is sitting alone just a few meters away.  Rag informs the others that Bala doesn't have lunch.  Pandi wonders why such care for Bala all of a sudden.  Rag tries to cover it up saying that she doesn't want to get a stomachache after wards.  As such, Pandi sings a song to Bala to get him to come.  But Bala is tensed up by this.  Pandi wants Rags to call Bala, but the latter refuses to.  Hence, he calls Bala, during which time Rags takes off.  Bala goes up to Pandi and scolds him.  Pandi and Pachai tell him that it was Rags idea and that she's no longer mad at him.  They want Bala to feel free to join their group again!  Bala is happy to hear this. 


Puli is crying (I thought a little baby was crying but it turned out to be this Puli), while the rest of the boys, Mintu, and Karthi watch him.  They wonder what the matter is.  Puli wants everyone to be considered a hero and not a comedian;  Karthi tries to cheer him up and he images the song Neethanah antha Kuyil yaar vittu.  He later tells them that he is upset by the fact that Rishi is dancing with the girls.  Karthi soon adds that Rishi isn't a bad guy after all.  Puli is shattered (with the song Neeya Pesiyathu en anbe).  To add to his dismay, Rishi comes stylishly and talks to Mintu/ Karthi in Malayalam about their rehearsal.  Puli tries his best to put down Rishi, but fails miserably.  The girls happily agree to practice for the song Rishi had selected!  


PT goes to the Bhai shop again for food; Instead of Bhai, he finds Kirpani and Kishan.  The guys yet again ask for a chance to participate in the culture program.  They explain that the only way to make their dream come true is by convincing PT, who can then convince PT, and Princi.  A man, calling himself as a friend of PT, tries to help the boys, adding that once upon time PT and him were class mates.  He even claims that his certificates are with PT.  PT is vexed since he himself is having a hard time finding his certificates!  


Pandi and Pachai are telling Rags about how much Bala has matured – the way he is handling all the situations as of late, especially the way he pulled off from the cultural shows, and his reluctance to be a part of the +1 team in the first place.  Rags wonders why he's changed, to which Pandi replies that experience has changed him.  The boys request Rags to speak to him, but the latter maintains that she'll speak whenever she feels like it.  Just then they see Bala; Bala wants to leave, but soon before he leaves, Rags apologizes to Bala!  Bala thinks that Rags is sympathetic of him, and hence explains that he wants a friend who will understand him and be by his side all the time, not one that comes with sympathy.  He further adds that this is who he is, and tells them that he'll wait for them, till the day they fully understand him!  He takes off.  The screen freezes on a saddened Rags. 

Kanavugal thodarum........

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kadhambari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2008 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
thanx ash. what is this bala's problem yaar!!!!!is it with vineet or with Vineet's friendz he is behaving like a small kid.
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2008 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
thanks ash

i was very irritated to see bala behave like that
GGG3 Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2008
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Posted: 29 April 2008 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Unni Rishi fight? Seems to be inter-party collision.
Thanks for the updates.Once again vijay tv is off air in our area.You are my saviour aisha.Thanks to IF and your updates,i am catching up with the proceedings.
duckquack92 Newbie

Joined: 25 March 2008
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Posted: 29 April 2008 at 9:47am | IP Logged
fight was bala with unni n rishi,na? also cnt see it...
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 29 April 2008 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Yeah...Rishi feels sorry for Bala and hence wants to talk to him...but Bala mistakes this and shows his anger....unni is also angered by Bala's words and the two start fighting....

There is really no reason for Bala to blame Vineeth!! he seems to not understand Vineeth at all!!!
Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
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Posted: 29 April 2008 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the updates AishBig smile

So now Unni and Bala fights? Grr...Bala has only himself to blame, no one else Confused

kadhambari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 August 2006
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Posted: 29 April 2008 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
oru thendral puyalaagi paatu Rags'ku thaan porundhum.i guess KKK director himself is confused - 1.when did she change her mind abt thalah Confused ; it bala refusing 2 dance with rags Tongue ;3.Rags behaving like priya Angry & Pandi & Pachai feeling bad for Priya Ouch.OMG,save me.

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