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KNI Apr 28 - May 1 - MA’s dad comes forth

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2008 at 6:04pm | IP Logged

Episode 75 -

Ayya is with his men talking about the problems in the village.  Soon Sakthi's mother approaches him and lets him know about Divya being disturbed.  They wonder if the two – Sakthi and Divya – have any problems, and later put down that thought.  He then wonders if she is missing her parents, to which Sakthi's mom suggests that they were the ones who wanted to stay back.  Hence, Ayya decides to call Sakthi and ask if everything is ok with Divya.   Sakthi is a little tensed hearing this and tries to hide their problems from his parents (by saying that everything is perfectly normal).  Ayya suggests he take Divya out alone, to which Sakthi's mom opposes since they're engaged and is not appropriate.  Instead, she suggests they all go out.  Since he's busy, Ayya asks the rest to leave, but Sakthi's mom wants him to come as well.  Hence, Ayya informs Sakthi to tell everyone about going to the temple first thing in the morning.  


Divya, in her room, is switching the lamb on and off repeatedly without realizing the presence of Sakthi.  He takes a seat on the opposite side of the bed, and watches Divya who is in deep thought.  He then calls her; she startles and comes back to earth.  Sakthi wonders why she's sitting like that.  She doesn't answer him and just stares at him with her big eyes.  He tells her that she should not be thinking too much about MA, and advices her not to take this as a big issue.  He informs her of having clarified the matter with MA, and that there is nothing between them.  He felt a little embarrassed while talking to MA about this.  She still stares at him!  He tells her not stare like that and it is all because of him.  She has a smile on her face that she's trying to cover up.  Sakthi then tells her about the plan tomorrow and asks her if she had eaten yet or not.  She says that she's yet to eat, and hence he asks her to come and eat.  The two walk off. 


The girls are getting ready.  Vaish asks if Divya is ready and wonders where Aish is.  Divya replies that Aish has gone to the market with Paaty.  Vaish is shocked since Ayya might get mad.  Divya clarifies that it was indeed him who had sent her away.  Sakthi's mom calls the girls, adding that Ayya is waiting in the car.  


Divya is seated in between Sakthi and Vaish, with the mother sitting at the back.  Divya once looks at Sakthi, but the latter is looking outside.  Ayya (at the front) tells Divya that he had been busy and that is why he couldn't take them out.  Sakthi's mom informs them about the important meetings Ayya had cancelled to come with them.   Divya adds that he could have taken them another day.  Ayya prefers to take care of his dear visitors!  The car is traveling along a bumpy road.  Sakthi and Divya make contact; Sakthi gives give a nasty look.  Sakthi has an innocent look!  Ayya then shows Divya a place that reminds him of Sakthi's childhood.  He wants Sakthi to tell Divya about it, but Sakthi prefers not to.  Ayya actually wants to and tells her about those days when Sakthi and Kuyil use to skip school to play at the place without the parents knowing.  On one such day, Sakthi fell into a well but somehow hung onto the rock for an entire day (mainly because of the respect he has for his father) till people saved him.  Divya looks at Sakthi, and so does Sakthi.  They are silent for a while.  Ayya gets a little emotional and thanks God for saving Sakthi – who means everything to him.  Yet again, their (Divya – Sakthi) shoulder brush!  Divya is irritated and swaps spots with Vaish.


At the temple, the priest greets them, and wonders if Sakthi had forgotten the temple after he left to Singapore.  Sakthi clarifies that he had to stay their for work.  Priests adds that even if he does, they'd never forget him; he moves on to tell that MA is the one who thinks of him the most.  Divya's reaction change a bit.  The priest further adds that MA comes and prays for Sakthi everyday!  Sakthi hesitantly looks at Divya, who is now thinking about it.  Ayya laughs and adds that the two – MA and Sakthi – were like twins.  The priest informs them about MA offering prayers today, since it was Sakthi's natchatra naal.  Divya is furious now, and looks at Sakthi (who is feeling a little uncomfortable) weirdly.  Ayya further adds fuel to the fire by saying that indeed it is MA who has alavu kadantha paasam for Sakthi.  The priest then request everyone to come forward.  Divya and Sakthi stay back for a bit.  Divya just gives Sakthi a nasty look.  Sakthi leaves first and Divya follows.  


They are praying at the sanithanam.  A disturbed Divya is standing behind Sakthi and watches him praying.  He soon looks at her, and she looks away.  The priest offers them prasath.  Throughout the whole time, Divya is looking very sad.  The priest then tells them to come around the sanithanam.  Yet again, everyone else leave first, while Sakthi and Divya take their time.  Sakthi looks at her and then leaves.


O.k. guys 7 has started for today's episode!!!


While they are coming around the Sanithanam, Ayya spots MA.  He's excited to see her!  He talks to her and wonders why she no longer visits their house.  In the meantime, Divya is not happy seeing her, while MA also looks unhappy upon seeing Divya.  Ayya shares his happiness about her offering prayers to Sakthi.  He then introduces Divya to MA, but Divya tries her best not to let her anger out.  Ayya scolds MA for not coming to the engagement, and adds that he'll talk to her father about it.  The priests request them to come watch the pooja.  They all pray, including MA.  


Ayya thanks the priest, while the rest, including MA stand, behind them.  A village man, along with his wife, and new born (not really) approach Ayya to get blessings.  He then wants Ayya to name his daughter.  He asks Divya and MA for suggestions.  MA adds that he should choose a name instead.  Ayya then decides to name the baby with his marumagal's name.  Sakthi and Divya are happy, but this happiness doesn't last that long.  Ayya names the baby Muthazhagi.  Divya is shattered; Sakthi too is a little shocked, while MA is all happy, and gives a sheepish smile to Divya.  As they get ready to leave, MA takes leave.  But Ayya actually wants her to come along with them.  They all walk toward the car, while Divya is not happy at all.  Screen splits on Divya.


Ninaivugal thodarum….


Yet again, too much importance for MA……this MA is going to give us a double head ache….don't know why everyone really like her.  Poor Divya she is being hit hard!!!

Episode 76

Divya gets into the SUV, followed by Vaish and then Sakthi.  MA stands outside, hence tells her to sit.  As such MA sits by Sakthi.  Divya is furious; she keeps on checking on them.  Vaish in the meantime finds it boring and gets the driver to put songs – Partha Muthal Nazhey Unni!  Divya loses her patience and requests Vaish to sit on her laps to make it less crowded (and most importantly to avoid Sakthi and MA to come in contact!).  This doesn't work out either.  She soon requests Vaish to sit in b/w Sakthi and MA, and gets Sakthi to move closer to her.  Divya indeed is brave! 


They all go down to a Saree shop.  Divya sits by Sakthi to look for sarees, while Sakthi's mom, and Vaish are helping MA pick a saree.  No luck for both.  They can't seem to find the ideal saree.  Divya picks one and asks Sakthi if that is alright, but the latter doesn't like it.  But soon after the girls choose their sarees, and Ayya asks for the bill.  After paying, they are walking down the stairs to leave.  Divya and Vaish leave first.  But before the rest (Ayya, wife, Sakthi, and MA) leave, a well wisher (reputed man) walks by and inquires them on their well being and apologizes for not making it for the engagement ceremony.  He then looks at MA and wonders why the 'bride' looks down.  Divya sees this, while the rest feel a little shocked.  Ayya then clarifies that Sakthi did not get engaged her.  The man apologizes for the inconvenience and adds that according the villagers, Sakthi was to marry MA since she's his murai ponnu.  Ayya then tells him that instead Divya got engaged.  The man doesn't leave it there and adds that he was expeting Sakthi to marry his murai ponnu.  MA gives an innocent look, while Sakthi looks at a angered Divya.  After the man leaves, everyone leave very much confused.  Divya stands by the door of the store yet again thinking about what is happening around her.  


In their room, Divya and Aish watch Vaish praising her looks.  Aish scolds her and as such Vaish  adds that Aish is the most beautiful out of the two (Divya and Aish).  Aish is elated, but this soon dies down, since Vaish tells her that it was her first lie ever.  Divya laughs at it, while Aish chases Vaish.  Soon they settle down on the bed, and get Divya to wear the new saree that she got.  With must hesitation, Divya agrees to wear it, but it turns that the sarees got switched by accident – she ended up getting MA's saree.  Divya gives yet another look! 


Sakthi is riding his motor bike and sees MA walking down the road with a bag in her hand.  Upon being inquired, she informs that she is going to Sakthi's place to drop Divya's saree.  Hence, Sakthi offers her ride, but she doesn't want to, and insists Sakthi to give it Divya.  Sakthi is upset by the fact that she is hesitating to come to their house – the reason being Divya.  He tells her not to bother about what others (i.e. Divya) are think and asks why they (MA and Divya) are behaving like this.  MA still refuses, and hence Sakthi leaves with Divya's saree. 


A drunk Kuyil takes someone else's motorbike.  The owner, who is also drunk, chases, but fails.  On his way, Kuyil finds that the bike is out of fuel.  As he gets down, he falls.  Just then the owner, along with a bunch of men, approaches him and asks why he stole the bike.  Kuyil keeps blabbering, and the guys beat him up! 


Sakthi goes up to Divya to give her the saree, but Divya asks if he had visited MA's house.  He explains that he saw her on his way, and hence took the saree from her.  Divya refuses to take it (asks him to give it back to MA), blaming MA for taking the saree on purposes.  Sakthi tries to defend MA, but soon tells her that he'd go and give it to MA.  


Sakthi is at MA's place and offers the saree to her.  MA wonders if Divya had said anything, but Sakthi maintains that it would suit her better than MA.  He then requests her to wear the Saree and show it to him (Sickooo!!!Dead)  She does the favor DeadDead!  She stands in front of him cladding the saree and smiles; he goes up to her (with a smile as well) and adds that she is such a wonderful girl and is finding Divya's attitude towards MA hard to digest.  MA's reactions changes!  Really this is too much; why would anyone want to see his murai ponnu in a saree that too when no one is around!  


Divya is in her room combing her hair.  Sakthi approaches her and tells her to get ready to go out to a movie (two tickets)!  She says no!  He wonders why, but she keeps quiet.  He (in a romantic mood?) then tries to explain that she is still confused about the MA matter and adds that no one can separate them – b/c they are in deep love!  She then softly tells him that she doesn't like seeing others showing too much care for him, and wants him to herself.  Sakthi laughs at her and promises that he'd never marry anyone other than Divya.  She seems happy!  He further tells her that they are not here to have fits, which is indicative of the lack of understanding.  She cheers up a bit, and agrees to go to the movies with him.  


Ninaivugal thodarum…..


I'm finding this Sakthi character very confusing (multiple personality) …… he is no longer that close to Divya; in fact, I was expecting him to ask Divya to wear the saree and show, but instead he asked the wrong person!  This is hard to digest!  If he really loved Divya, he would avoid asking MA for such idiotic things.  Moreover, MA (if she is a good person) should forget her passion for Sakthi, and at least try to solve the problem by confronting Divya!  But this silent brat will not do this! This serial's lost the charm that it had once upon a least it will remian like this till the day Sakthi forgets MA for good!!!

Episode 77 -

Vaish takes a set of keys and requests Aish to teach her how to drive, that too without letting anyone know.  Aish reluctantly agrees! She shows Vaish how to start the car, and they end up going for a ride, during which they come across Kuyil.  After a bit of tiff with him, they go off.  A short while after, MA's father comes from the opposite side on his bicycle; Aish not noticing him bumps into him, causing him to fall without any injuries!  However, the man begins to bad mouth Aish and slaps her.  He also gets Aish and Vaish to pick up everything.  Vaish tells him to forgive Aish since she's Sakthi's sister in law, but the man doesn't let go; he comments on her dressing sense and calls her a brat (since she's from Chennai).  Obviously we know why….b/c he's wanting to marry his daughter to Sakthi… what a selfish country brute!


Divya is waiting for the two on the swing inside; as soon as Aish and Vaish gets back, she wonders where they went on the car, adding that everyone were looking for them.  Aish keeps silent with her hand on where she got slapped, seeing this Divya wonders what the matter is; Vaish explains that Aish had bumped into to MA's dad, and even though he did not get hurt, he ended up slapping Aish.  Divya removes Aish's hand from the cheek only to find a red mark.  She is really angered by that man's behavior and calls Sakthi.  Divya asks Sakthi what is wrong with MA' dad since he slapped a grown up girl; Sakthi is confused and asks Aish what happened.  Vaish ends up answering the question.  Divya further exclaims as to why he would go about hitting harshly.  Sakthi tries to tell her that they shouldn't make this a big deal, since the fault is with them!  Divya isn't surprised by that answer, adding that she expected him to support MA n Co.  Sakthi explains that he is thinking practically.  Divya cuts him and adds that there is a limit for everything and asks him to convey this to MA and her dad.  She then takes Aish and walks inside.  Vaish follows them.


Aish and Vaish are coming from the temple; both of them are talking about what they had asked from God.  Vaish wants Divya and Sakthi to get married soon (choo chweeeeeet) so she could go visit Singapore!  Just then they see MA walking by.  Aish is angered seeing her.  MA stops there, and goes up to Aish to apologize for her dad's behavior.  Aish is extremely surprised! 


At home, Divya is on the swing reading a book; Aish, coming from the temple, offers her prasatham and tells her about the 8th wonder of the world – i.e. MA, in contrast to her usual behavior of ignoring Aish and Divya, apologizing!  Vaish, in the mean time, goes over to Sakthi and offers him prasatham, and he ends up over hearing Divya – Aish conversation.  Aish adds that MA seemed nice, however, Divya doesn't get convinced.  Divya adds that MA's dad cannot be forgiven, and asks her to forget the apology from MA.  Aish tries to tell Divya that MA is nice, but is soon asked to leave.  Aish teasingly sings a song and leaves.  Sakthi then sits by Divya and tries to tell her about MA, but Divya doesn't want a certificate for MA's character.  She, instead, requests him to do whatever she had asked him to do – i.e. tell MA n co about not crossing the limit! 


Sakthi is riding his bike and spots MA's dad on his way.  Sakthi offers a ride to the man, but the latter turns it down nicely, saying that he'll take a while.  The man then tells Sakthi that he'd drop by his house to talk to Ayya regarding an important matter!  Sakthi wonders what the matter is, but the man adds that they'd never hide anything from him and that he'd find out tomorrow.  Sakthi is happy that this man has at last decided to come to their house.  


Aish is chasing Vaish and they end up circling Divya who is on the swing (prolly her favorite place hehehe).  The trio are having fun, but soon MA's dad walks in and shouts at them for making a lot of noise (what the heck is his problem….after all this isn't his house).  The girls are shocked; but Vaish greets him and Sakthi soon approaches him.  The man asks for Sakthi's parents, but since they are out, he decides to come back later.  Sakthi wonders what the matter is, and the man replies that he's here to talk about MA's marriage.  Sakthi is delighted, and asks who the groom is; the man adds that it is some one they know but doesn't tell who it is.  Sakthi (with a smile) looks at Divya, who seems a little suspicious.  Before the man left, Sakthi asks him to eat, but the man adds that he'll not eat till MA is married!  Divya is definitely bothered, and calls Sakthi to speak to him!  


Ninaivugal thodarum……..


Don't know if MA's father will actually talk to Ayya in tomorrow's episode or not (it all depends on the script writer's hands) but if he does, there is going to be a lot of problems and the man will tell on Sakthi – Divya living together!  They've already dragged the story a lot in the village; it is time they move on with the story!  I'd be pretty frustrated if this MA problem b/w Sakthi and Divya prolongs!!!  I'd rather have the man confront Ayya about it and get a nose cut!  


Moreover, if Sakthi keeps having a soft corner for MA, Divya should definitely ignore him!  Then only he'll realize Divya's pain! 

Episode 78 - Video has not been uploaded yet :(........

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annoo Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2008 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
Thanx a lot Aish. U saved me frm watchin this stupid episode. Is tht Ayya mad? How can he say twins once and marumagal next?
If they come to know MA's mind, then i think everyone will welcome her as daughter in law. Stupid serial. I wont watch it anymore.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2008 at 8:21pm | IP Logged
No problem Annoo Tongue! Ayya considered MA (who's Ayya's sister's daughter) and Sakthi as twins perhaps they were really close when they were young. But a man of his caliber shouldn't hurt a young women! If he was going to name the baby, he could have gone for his wife's name but instead named after MA!

Sakhi for a change seems to understand Divya b/c everytime his dad spoke highly of MA, he kept looknig worried!

Divya better clarify this whole MA matter soon and move on. I wonder what'll happen tomorrow, since they'll all be going in the car together (if they are to show it). But whatever the case be, MA scenes are total waste!
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for the updates gal Wink
bluegal Goldie

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thanks aisha for the updates Big smile

i was thinking since in villages, they place importance on relationships thus they treat MA well. i think it was an instinct on ayya's part (baby naming issue) and he is not to be blamed but he should have considered the feelings of divya when he mentioned marumagal. that was a mistake on his part.

the story is going downhill and dragging Dead
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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thanks aish

atleast sakthi understands thats good

If MA is DIL why ayya dragged divya in to all this Confused

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annoo Senior Member

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Shakthi was truly madly deeply in luv with Divya even b4 she proposed. After Divya's reciprocation, he seem to ignore her. Is this Shakthi's nature or all men's nature? Tongue
kadhambari IF-Rockerz

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Thanx ash.Not only shakti,total family is confusing Confused.The purpose they came out is 2 make Divya happy but they made her more Angry

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