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Karan/Armaan & Riddz/Shilpa HEAVEN 51

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:07pm | IP Logged

(Courtsey of Tumhari Khushi)

Welcome to Armaan & Ridimaa a.k.a Ridz HEAVEN!

Rules ( Please follow them)

1. Discuss Armaan-Ridduma or Karan Shilpa here only. No discussion on other people or characters. Please remain on topic. No off topic discussions allowed.

2. Please when discussing private lives, please do not bash KS's respective partners. One can dream, but we cannot break someone's relationship so keep that in mind.

3.  You can discuss Armaan -Riddhimaa here. Please make sure that you don't discuss other chracters too much here, For that you cna go to the Osais which is made for all characters.

4. No refrence to burning, stabbing, roasting a character. They are mere characters who are walking in actions that the creatives has made them. Also no abuse of characters, actors, directors, creative heads. etc. It is NOT ALLOWED!!

5. Lastly, Have fun. Be postive and enjoy AR Mania ...

Mantra of the thread: Postivism. AR will get through all the odds and will come togather.
Patience - We will wait to see Armaan and Riddhimaa togather.
Mania - We will never let go off our Mania for AR!

Part 51

Ever since DMG has started, there have been many posts about Armaan and Ridz, So I thought that we might as well start an apperication thread where only Armaan & Ridz fan can discuss well, Armaan & RidzzEmbarrassed

So, welcome everyoneee!!

Banner Courtsey of *Jenny1000*

Armaan - Played by Karan Singh Grover. Has acted in various serials. But his most popular has to be Sharad in Kasuati Zinday Kay & Abhimaniuyu in SS.

Dr. ArmaanBlushing
(Pictures taken by me, Don't claim as them your own)

Dreamy right, Am I having all girls fall in love with him?Day Dreaming

Moving on.. We have Ridimaa or Ridz, or Ridzie whichever you want to call her..

Played by Shilpa Anand - Has done various south movies, but this is her debut with Television.

Dr. RidhimaaDancing

She is sweet and adorable, He is hot and happening. She can't stand him, He irrates her way too much. He feels he would not irrate her that much if she would not react to it too much. She wants to ignore him but she can't. They bring the romance into the hospital.

Dr. Armaan & Dr. Riddhimaa -

They met at the baskebtall court, They hated each other, they loved irrating each other, they became friends, then they fell in love and things were never the same..

AR MANIABlushing

So, this is a thread dedicated to Ridz-Armaan, Fans of Shilpa, & Karan  join in and share stuff about the most rocking couple who have captured our hearts within just a week of the showBlushing Note: Kara and Shilpa are both discussed here so don't make threads for AR, Karan or even Shilpa sole threads..

AR Heaven: Hall of Fame
Read Previous Threads:

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Armaan & Riddhima Heaven: Part 48

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Armaan & Riddhima Heaven: Part 49.5

Armaan & Riddhima Heaven: Part 50

Guys, don't post any more threads of Ridz-Armaan, let's discuss them both here!

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:08pm | IP Logged

"Ouch" screamed someone..
" Hey Jenny, are you okay?
" I am fine Fary , I felt like Muskaan today"
"Hahaa, tell me about it. Anyways, why are we here?
Jenny: Why are we here? Good question! Oohhh
Fary - Karan & Shilpa are getting married?
Jenny: No Fary! We are here to present the first part of the awards ceremony?
Fary: Which ones? SPA? I doubt DMG will get an awards, all bawkas show will get awards.
Jenny: Arree Nahin! The AR/KS Heaven Awards!
Fary: Oh. Ohhhhhh!!! Ahh of course..

Welcome everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to AR/KS Heaven 50th Awards Ceremony!!!

Jenny: Omg !! 50th Heavenn!!
Fary: I know, Congrats yaar!
Jenny: Hehe.. Thanks.. So shall we move on to the first segment of the awards!
Fary: Yup def, am dying to see if I won any awards
Jenny: Fary!
Fary: Hehe.. Anyways.. The first award is...

The Most Craziest Member:
Jenny: I think it should go to Melwish, You and Shammu! You guys are so crazyyy!
Fary: Awww thanksss!
Jenny: So here I open the awards...The winners are...
Fary: Winners?
Jenny: Yup, there are two..

FARY ( Fizzwizz) and Melu ( Melwish)Clap

AHHH congrats guysss!!!!!

Fary: I won? Oh my goddddddddd!! Thanks so much.....

Jenny: You're welcome and you deserve it!!!

Here is your prize:

Jenny: Congrats Fary & Melu! You both seriosuly deserve this award! My Thread Toppers!Clap

Fary: Thanks Jenny! So sweet of you..

Jenny: Fary, you wanna do the next award?
Fary still hogging her award..
Jenny: FARYYY!
Fary: Huh? Whoops! Sorry guys! I am back to normal.. Yes, next award is...

The most Optomistic Member:

Jenny: Hahaa.. That award should not belong to me at all!
Fary: Me either! But Who will get it?
Jenny: I don't know, open it nah!!
Fary: Accha theek hai..

The winner is...........
any guesses::??
Jenny: Faryyy!!
Fary: I am dying to know tooo!! It's......


Jenny: Way tooo goo Nisha!!ClapClapClap
Fary: Yup, and here is your prizeeee!!!

Congrats and keep being Optomistic for us!!!!

Jenny: Hmmm.. The next set of award is so cute.. You guessed it right, the most cutest member of the Heaven award!!!

Fary: This is tough, isn't everyone an angel?

Jenny: Fary, us angels? I don't think so !!!LOLLOLLOL

Fary: True. We are evilEvil Smile

Jennny: That we are...

The most Cutest Member award goes to...


Fary: Muskaan? Isn't she in the show?
Jenny: Fary!
Fary: Look, Muskaan is played by Dhristi and also Sapna's real name is Muskaan tooo!
Jenny: Yeah you're right but we also have a member..
Fary: Oh yeah! Hehehe...

Congrats Muskaannn!! Here is your prizeee!!

Looking at her watch..
Fary: Is our time running out?
Jenny: Yeah, we just have to present the last segment of the awards! Then Nisha and  Rimzi will take over..
Fary: Accha.. The next award is really special..
Jenny: Yup! and This one , I didn't have to really look at votes cause the winner was already there..
Fary: Yup Yup...

The Most Evil Member of the Heaven goes to....

Without a doubt!!!

Shammu ( Shammy)Clap

Here is your prize:

............................................................ ............................................

" Asmaani Rang Ho'', Pyar Ki Bundh Ho.. Tu Zindagi"Day Dreaming

" Rimzi, what are you doing?"

" Shhh... Armaan.. Armaan Armaan"

" Snap out of it yaar, Stop going Armaan. We all know you are crazy for Armaan but we have a job! If Jenny find this out, We are dead, do you realize this?

" Huh?" Oh yeah.. Why couldn't Armaan be a prize"

" Yeah right. Armaan being a prize would be dangerous. He would get split in so many different ways"

" Trueee.. "

" Anyways everyone welcome to the AR/KS Heaven AWARDS!!!

" You notice that we are in red today Nisha? "

" I know I know. It's Armaan's favorite color"

" Yup,  he looks so hot in the basketball promo.. sighh"

" Rimzi, awards???"

" Oh yeah, Hehee.. I am Ramasha"

" and I am Nisha.."

" I am so glad we get to host this right"
" I agree yaar"
" So what is the first set of awards??"

" You mean 2nd set?"

" Yeah Yeah.. "

The next award after Evil award is ...

Most Angelic Member..

" Oh , I wonder who will get this award?"

" Well, Rimzi. I feel everyone is Angelic, so it's confusing"

" Ahh, I am tired. When we do we get to eat?"

" Rimzi, think Armaan"

" Oh yeah.. Umm and the winner is Nisha?"

" I am the winner?"

" I meant read the winner"

" Accha...."

It goes to....

NancyClapClapClap Congrats! Here is your prizeee!!

Your prize:

" I am really tired Nisha"

" Rimzi, here, I am putting a song just for you"

It's Falak Tak from Taashan...

" Achha, I like that song..."

" Good.."

Our next award is.....

Most Creative Member in the terms of Art

Rimzi" Art?

Nisha: Like, sigs and all..

Rimzi: Hmmm..,

Nisha; You want to read it..

Rimzi: Sure...

It goes to....
Two people ....

Fary & JennyClap

Congrats girls! Here is your prizeee!!

Rimzi: I think they deserve it what say?

Nisha: Everyone deserves their prizeeee!!!

Rizmi: By the congrats Nisha!

Nisha: For what?

Rimzi: You won a prizeee in the last segment?

Nishaa: Oh thanks !

Rimzi: I wonder if I will win anything or not?

Nisha: I am sure you wil... Moving on,..

The next award is.. Again Most Creative Member but in the terms of posts....

It goes to...

Most Creative Member ( Posts)

goes to..

JennyClap and MelwishClap


Here is your prizeee

" Are we done? I am hungry"

" Rizmi, one more award.."

" Oh DMG is coming on, I wanna go.. come on..."

" Stop it Rimzi.. Here is another song...

Tu Zindagi...

Oh I love you Nisha!!!

Rimzi stood and danced listening to the song..

Nisha: Well, I guess I'll present this one...

Most Shy Member goes..


Here is your prize:

" Rimzi"
" Hmm.."
" Time to go, come.. I'll treat you a ice-cream from Shammu's factory"
" I want vanilla"
" Sure, come on"

.......................................................... ..........................................

Rock & Roll Soniyee....
Where's the party tonight???
It's time to discoooo!!!

Sanya: Hey everyoneee!! This is Sanya here , presenting the 3rd part of the awards segment for tonight! Hope all is well! It's Fridayyyy!! and there is no DMG! My heart is broken...Broken Heart

Rida: Hey everyone! I am Rida! Hey Sanya, what happened?

Sanya: Hey Rida! No DMG today...

Rida: Arree so what!! I came just watching the BB matchhh!!

Sanya: What? It aired already??

Rida: Nope, an old onee...

Here, everyone cans eee itttt!!!

Armaan and Riddhima share a close moment

Sanya: Thanks so much Rida! That made me feel much better!

Rida: No probs. I know we are so AR crazyyy!!

Sanya: Oppss..

Rida: What happened?

Sanya: We are here to present the awards!!!

Rida: Oh yeahhh!! Let's present them..

Sanya: The first award in our segment is...

Craziest Riddhima fan!!!

Sanya: I wonder who will get this. I like Shilpa a lot, but Ridz....

Rida: I don't know, let's open it up and see.....

Sanya: Okay, it goes too....

Gagan & RidaClap


Rida: I won?

Sanya: Yup, Congrats to you and Gagan!

Here is your prize:

Rida: Ahhh thanks everyone who voted for meeee!! The next set of award is ....

Craziest Armaan Fan!!
it goes to...

Hinal & FaryClap

Congrats to both of you!! Here is a prize for you guysss!!

Rida: Wow, but to all that didn't win, don't worry, we all are a crazy bunchhh!! Don't consider yourself less then othersss!!

Sanya: I agree with Ridaaa!!! Great work alll!!!

The next award is can anyone guess.. It's most important one....

It is......

AR Fantatic...

Rida: Gosh, this is such a tough one. All love AR dearly, but who will take this title away??

Sanya: Whoever takes it away will def be lucky! I wish I could get this award! Anyways, The winnes are....

Jenny & FaryClap

Congrats girlsss!! Here is a prize for youuu!!

Rida:  Wohooo!! Congrats girls! You do deserve ittt!! Let's see what the next set is.. Ahh I know who is gonna get this one...

Sanya: Let me see the category. Oh... Only one person is gonna get this award..

Rida: Let's see what all voted for...

Sanya: Hehe... The award is...

KS Fantatic...
and it goes to...

Without a doubt...


Congrats!! Here is a prize for you:

Rida:  And there goes the hooter, Time for the next person to take overrrr!!!!

Sanya: Yup, Congrats everyoneeee!!!

.......................................................... .......................................

Dum Dumm..... Dumm.. Ahh how does the tune go again??

Sonia: Hey everyoneee!! This is Sonia here at the beautiful AR/KS Heaven presenting awards here....   I was wondering how does the Salsa tune go again? You don't what I am talking about?  Here check it out... Refresh memories while I get my lines togtaher..

Armaan and Riddhima dance to Salsa

Sonia: You all must be getting ready to kill me for refreshing such wonderful memories right!! Well,  I am here to present some awards...

Let's see what the first award is...

Most Complicated Member..

Sonia: Hmmm... Wonder who is gonna take this.. Well, it goes to.....

FaryClapClapClap Congrats hun! Here is your prizeee!!!

Sonia: You know what the most complicated character in DMG ? You got it's Riddhima.. Ever wonder why she is so complicated?? But nowadays, her character has become more complicated. First she hated when Armaan touched her and was near her and now she is planning things so he can be near her all the time.. Funny nah!! Anyways, the next set of award is....

Most Pessemestic Member...
and it goes to...
Fary yet againClapClapClap Congrats dear! Here is your prizeee!!!

Sonia: Moving on.. The next award is ....

The Most Dramatic Member...
and it goes too...
Faryyyy!! It's a hatrickClapClapClap Congrats dearrr!!! Here is your prizeee:

Sonia: The next award is quite funny. I don't know what the heck is that suppose to mean, but it's the...

Most Ancient Award and it goes to...

RamshaaaClap Congrats hun!! Here is your prizeee:

Sonia: Accha guys am  off now! Congrats to all the winners! I wonder who wil host the next segment of awardsErmm

.......................................................... ................................

Maula Mere Maula Maula Mere......

" Hey everyone, I guess you weren't expecting me here, but I decided to contribute some way to the awards so here i am to present to you an award!! This way I get some screenspace too.. Oh, I haven't introduce myself. I am Shelly!!

The award I am gonna present is...

Most Oldest Member.. and it goes to....

JennyClap Congrats!!! Here is your prize:

............................................................ .......................................

Papa Ki Pari Hoon Mein.. Sab Ki Di Hoon Mein..

Hey everyone! I am Gagan! I am here to present the next award.. Thanks to all those voted for me for my award! I shall treasure it alwaysss!! The next award is ....

The Most Newest Member...
and it goes to...
MuskaanClapClapClap Congrats!! Here is your prize:

  ............................................................ ............
"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me , he loves me not , he loves me..

AHHH, He lovessss meeeee!!!

Hey everyone! Melwish hereee!! I am here to present the next awards , Yup, I get to present 2. I am so cool!!!

The first award is ....

Most Hyper Member... and it goes to...

MelwishClapClapClap and NiyaClapClapClap Congrats! Here is your and My prizeee:

and the next set of award is the ....

Most Active Member... and it goes to...

Melwish againn!! Congratsss!!! Here is the prize:


Ishq Hua Ishq Hai Hua.... Main Dil Tujhko Diyaa....

" Hey everyone.. It's the rocking N & N here.."

" Yup, It's Niya & Nancy" Hope all is doing well.

We are here to present the last part of the entire awards! We hope you have enjoyed the awards!!!

Here is the first award...

It's the award for...Most Funny Member..

it goes to... Fary & MelwishClapClapClap Congratss!!

The next award is...24/7 Here Member!!

Niya: I wonder who is here all the time?Stern Smile

Nancy: The one who is here always, never leaves the thread and helps it reach higher and higher..

Niya: Truee!! The winner is...

JennyClap, FaryClap & MelwishClap

Congrats girls!!!

The next award is... Most Child-like Member...

It goes to...

Niya & ShellyClapClapClap Congrats girls!!

Niya: I wonnn!!

Nancy: Congrats! You won 2 awards!!!

Niya: Thanks Nanncyyy!! I am so happy.. Thanks all who voted for meeee!!!

Nancy.. Moving on..

The next award is..Most Day Dreamer Award...
It goes to.. SanyaClapClapClap ( Sanya21) Congrats dearrr!!!!

Nancy: Wow, these awards are soo cool nah Niya!
Niya: I agree Nancy..

The next award is...Mr/Ms. Basanti..
and it goes to...
RamshaClap Congratssss!!

and now for the last set of awards, we have a special guest who is gonna give these awardsss!!
Here they comeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Hey everyoneee!! Thank you so much for making us feel so special with your posts, crazy ideas! You guys rockkk!!!!Clap The next award is...

The Overly Obbssed Member...
Hmm.. this should be funn...
It goes to....
Fary & JennyClap Congrats!!!

and now I shall present the next set of award...

This award is called.. Lifetime Achievement Award...

So how do you think should get it Shilpa?

Shilpa: Ahh.. I am not tooo sure.. What about you?

Karan: How can I say? Who it belongs to? Give me that letter...

It goes to.....

JennyClap Congrats!!!

Thank you for loving us so muchhhh!! You guyss rockkkk!!!!Clap

~ Love Karan & Shilpa:

Thanks everyoneeeee!!

Award Segment Script: Jenny
Labels & Banners: Sabrinaa!!

Hope you enjoyed the exclusive awards showwww!!!

Watch out for the top 20 scenes countdown - coming soon..Embarrassed

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
AR Golden Scenes Countdown

* Coming Soon*

JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
Angel & Dodo's Wedding

* will edit*
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:09pm | IP Logged

Coming soon
JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 90812

Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
KS Alliance Party

Sigs.. Feel free to use

President- Jenny
Vice-President: Fary
Secretary: Sanya
Communications Director:

Edited by jenny1000 - 26 April 2008 at 1:16pm
-tanya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
forevercharmed IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2008 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
wow congrats to all the winners!! Clap Clap Clap id love to join the Heaven and actually keep up LOL if you all dont mind! Embarrassed


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