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FF-SoulMate finale Page 27 29/07/08 (Page 7)

matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 May 2008 at 2:01pm | IP Logged
Part 7

The weekend was here in no time and the children had planned a few things up their sleeves but they knew their Dad well he could smell a rat from a mile off. They'd have to make it as if it was all a coincidence. Lucky for them Dadi was coming with them on their trip. Jannat was so not looking forward to the comic convention boy her brother was such a nerd. Computer freak and a nerd to boot. It's a good job this matchmaking was going to keep her occupied.

Malika made sure that Kanya had every opportunity to spend time with Ranbir than the children. Ranbir already like Kanya which was a good sign. Normally Ranbir hated being aroung female company and generally had men's night out. The twins were bright but had a knack for getting caught by overacting a trait they got from their Dad.

J-I don't want to go to this stupid trip Dad. So boring why can't Armaan be like any normal boy. Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman list is endless.

A-J tu itna chid thi hain kyun. You get to see fit guys.

J-Dad dekho na. Woh phir se mere saathbak bak kartha jaraha hain. You are such a duffer. Mein ladko se nafrat karti hoon. You stupid ladka. Mere saath lad ke dekh doonghi kaan ke niche.

A-It's true tu ladko se kehta hain ke you hate them but you drool over Shahid, Zak Efron and Shia Labaeuf. Mein ladkiyon ki moo nahin lagti.

J-Lagega kaun. Tujse to koi bored hi ho sakthi hain. I'm a kid you duffer. I like action and dance ok it just happens that they are the people that are in what i watch.


Kanya couldn't help but laugh with Ranbir looking a little sternly at Armaan.

R-Right bacho this is getting out of hand. Armaan leave your sister alone. And Jannat leave your brother alone. Har waqt tum dono kuch bhi leke jagda karte reh jate ho. If you carryon with this you aren't going to either of these place.

K-I'd do as i'm told if i were you guys.

They had finally arrived at the convention and were in line for all the cool gadgets and comics. Armaan was like a kid in a candy store. He was definitely an all out cute geek. His eyes lit up when he got to see all his favourite characters. He knew they weren't real and that it was just people in costume but he loved seeing what was in and out. For him this was fashion. It was one thing that was his own and sought solace in comics to get away and escape away from not having a mom. Jannat was the best sister a guy could ask for and for her he'd do anything but sometimes they felt so lonely and it got too much for them. Comics just helped him imagine a better place out there where if bad happened it would get rectified. His Dad was his Hero but he hated him being so depressed. He sure hid it well apart from their birthday. Hope this plan to get Dad and Kanya together works they deserve a little happiness.

Kanya looked at Armaan and felt so much happiness in just watching a little boy in his element. He knew everything about Comics. Kanya had been to see Spiderman all three of them and Superman but only for the guys that was what made Kanya smile so much. In just a matter of 1 week she had gotten so attached to the children that she had managed to avoid thinking about her own family and the bad atmosphere between herself and Pooja D.

M-Ranbir beta jhake dekh Kanya ok hain ya nahin while i tend to Jannat. She is sulking for being bored. (Malika knew that her grand daughter was fine but she needed an excuse,)

Ranbir wanted to ask his mother to go instead but thought it would be rude so he walked over to Kanya's direction. Kanya was too busy with Jannat. She was trying to see why Jannat was upset.

K-Whats up? Did Armaan say something?

J-he is so mean. He said he was going to spoil my day and no wonder i'm a brat. He's the brat.

K-Is that all you know he is just trying to enjoy himself. You too will enjoy it if you let yourself.

J-Sometimes i wish i was an only child. Then i'd get my way. Its always compromise.

K-You are very lucky you have each other cherish it. You never know when it all gets taken away. You love you brother na?

J-Yeah! More than i want to admit he will never let me live it down. He gets all ew about it him being a boy.

K-Sometimes we all get on each others nerves you know. But we need not get angry at them just time out.

J-I'm so glad you're our nanny. Youre so understanding. Do you have a brother?

K-I had a brother. We too used to fight and love each other like you guys. Now go to your brother and show him that you want to be part of this convention even if it bores you a little. I'm sure he'd like that.

J-Kanya you're the best.

K-You're the best now go.

Kanya wipes away her tears that just fall. Ranbir was watching Kanya with his daughter. How much Jannat had taken to her just proved how much she was missing female interaction. Just a shame his nieces were too busy with their own lives. He loved the way Jannat's face was so bright after kanya just effortlessly explained things to her.

R-I couldn't help but overhear your conversation about your brother. Sorry about his loss.

K-It's ok. I'm kind of over it.

R-You're not are you. If you want someone to talk to i'm an expert on that You can talk to someone.

K-It's ok. I don't want totalk about it. I wasn't there when it happened.

R-Thanks for what you said to Jannat.

K-Its my pleasure she is such a beautiful child you know so much innocence. I wish i could be like that again. Ap bohut lucky hain.

Kanya leaves and the day end there with Ranbir looking at Kanya as a wise girl before her years ahead. She too had suffered a loss. Must be painfull having no support system. Kanya couldn't believe her eyes Ranbir asked her about her feelings normally he's so reserved and keeping himself to himself.

Armaan and Jannat meet up. To check how things are going on. If there Dad was warming upto Kanya.

A-How are things on your front?

J-Brilliant nobody would know that our fight was a fake. We played it cool but this is snail pace we need to kick it up a few gears.

A-I still think you shouldn't have pried. She didn't look comfortable.

J-We need to use this to our advantage. Dad sympothyzes with her because of mom.

A-Yeah but she might not be ready.

J-That why we need to be careful. We need to make a
fool proof plan this is like baby pace.

A-you're telling me i don't want to goo to your thing.

J-Like i wanted to come to this thing.

A-We'll come up with something big but only after seeing results.

J-Don't want to get caught.

They all went home. Ranbir did his boring work while Malika told her son about Kanya doing some work at the office. He told her they are short on staff because of a bug goin round so she can start after she drops off the children to school.

What will be in store on Jannats day out.

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Sallu- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2008 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
wow loved da part..kya dimaag paya hain inni baacho nai lol..
plz update sooon..!
punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2008 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
great update
continue soon Smile
KC294 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2008 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
i loved it...
pls continue soon
kanyaa91 Groupbie

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Posted: 08 May 2008 at 12:38am | IP Logged
hmm it was very interesting
continue soon Smile
janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2008 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
gr8 part...
matwamango IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2008 at 2:27pm | IP Logged

Part 8

Recap-Twins day out with Ranbir and Kanya turns out to be fun. Twins tested out phase 1 time for two.

Kanya has worked in Ranbir's office for a week now for 3 hours a day taking weekends off to look after the children and she is absolutely in awe of Ranbir's commitment and ethics at work. She had never seen such a hardworking father before with so much intelligence. No wonder he had achieved so much in a short amount of time. In that 1 week Kanya got to see Ranbir's seriousness as an employer to his employees and he was very strict on time, quality of work and took no prisoners. He actually scared her and fascinated her at the same time. But at home he was the opposite. A devoted father and son that was like everybody else trying to juggle family with work just like her Dad did for their family when he was alive but Ranbir had something that made him more like her a part of him missing despite living for someone else. He had a family yet there was a loneliness in his heart and eyes that only sparkled when his children were there but when they are out of his sight he was back to the darkness. She could see it in his eyes.

Ranbir was also extremely impressed with the quality of Kanya had produced and her ideas were new and innovative no wonder she passed her degree with flying colours but for the first time he was disappointed by the way he selected his candidates. He chose experience over youth. From now he would change this and actually give youngsters a chance. Kanya has a future in business if guided correctly and given the opportunity. Ranbir was taken in by her strength and could relate with losing a loved one and taking refuge in something to keep you busy. He admired her courage. She was so wonderful with his babies and couldn't thank her enough for giving them time and guidance. She reminded him of Rani in so many ways. That fighter spirit. Kanys helped him so much with his workload that he just about managed time to spend with the family.

The weekend had finally arrived and it was Jannats turn to go to the Amusement Park. This is where phase 2 of their plan would kick in. They would make Ranbir and Kanya spend some alone time with each other away from work and them. They all made a family day out. Jannat knew what she was doing she had spoken to Kanya about a lot of things and she had shared the things that scared her the most like heights, loneliness, darkness, spiders, cockroaches etc. In casual conversation when Armaan was teasing her about being such a wuss and Kanya had then let her feel it was ok to be scared. Everyone has a weakness and a phobia of something.

Armaan was enjoying himself so much with his computer games and riding in the cars. It was fun for him Jannat thought yeah i plan all the cool things and dumbo there gets to plan all the boring trips that i find boring. Boys totally selfish amd matlabby. They bought Candyfloss and loved the whole sweet taste Ranbir had a pack to himself as did the children, and Kanya but Jannat finished hers on purpose so Ranbir gave his to her he didn't have a sweet tooth like the kids he was more into savoury. Kanya decided to give some of her Candy to Ranbir but he wouldn't take any.

J-Dad you are so rude if someone offers you something you shold try at least some. Mood methi hogi aur energy bhi hogi after all you do have to keep up with us and sugar has loads of that.

R-I don't want any and mujhe force mat karo.

J-Dadi ko batao. Kanya is being so nice aur aap. Ek baar kake dekho.

A-Yes Dad do as she says or you won't hear the end of it. Crazy hain. Aur Dadi ko aggar usne batadi to aap geye. Bohut ziddi hain aap ki tara.

J-What mein aur ziddi that's it tere aur mere katti. Dadi ko dono ke bare mein kahongi. Dadi. Dadi.

R-Armaan leave your sister alone. Dad ko pareshan mat karo. Kah leta hoon mere ma. Yeh damkiya kis ne sikaya.

J-Trust me you don't want to know. (Winks at Armaan and him back to her.)

A-Chalo chalo hum rides mein jaate hain.

They both go for a ride on the spinner and on the roundabout Kanya enjoyed the children having a laugh and a blast. She loved their expressions and this reminded her so much of when she was a child with her siblings and those brought tears to her eyes. Ranbir was looking at Kanya and Malika was looking at both of them and the children finally came off their rides. They loved what they were seeing. Their Dad concerned. They knew he was a sweet guy but he never was like this to any women as he never spent time with them. There was a first time with everything.

M-beta Kanya tum nhi rides pe chalo. Tum bhi enjoy karo.

K-Jhi mein rides pe nahin jaati. Mela pe bhi nahin gaye kyunki mein comfortable nahin.

J-Dad ap bhi rides pe jao. Kanya ki saath. Woh akel shayad woh darthi hain. She is scared of heights and We are too young and short to go on theimn height restrictions.

R-Mom ap jaye na?

M-Tera dimaak to karaab nahin tu mujhe keh rahi hain.

R-Mein nahin jaa sakhti hoon you know.

A-Dad stop being a sissy we know you are scared.

R-Armaan don't talk to me like that.

J-He won't. Dad dadi is old kuch to taras kijiye Prove that you're not scared you need to be on her side. Don't let he get bored she needs some decent convo with an adult.

K-It's really ok mein ride pe jaati nahin. I'm fine. Its ok Ranbir. Its true i am scared of heights but i am enjoyung myself.

Ranbir thinks she's right maybe he does need to be more involved. These kids are definately too used to their own way.

Will Ranbir be forced to do ride with Kanya.

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KC294 IF-Dazzler

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me first... i love both ur ff's...
great update...
pls continue soon

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