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KKK Apr 21-24: Bala along Pach's path!!

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2008 at 7:32pm | IP Logged

Episode 296 -

Mintu and Karthika are walking by and soon get drawn by Puli. n Co's getup.  They are all wearing sun glasses, and the girls wonder if they are ennacting Kamal of Raja Parvai.  Puli denies right away, and offers to do a demo to help them identify their getup - very stylish slow motion actions!  The girls can't seem to make it out!  An agitated Puli reveals that they are members of billa team, and are looking for Nayathara and Namitha, and hence wonders if the girls are available!  Mintu gives Puli a knock on his head.  The girls then request Puli n Co. to show them their strengths - i.e. beating Vineeth up, just the way they showed off to Priya.   The boys' reactions change completely - and without a choice, agree to take the blow once again. 

Vineeth is playing with a basketball, and soon bursts into laughter seeing Puli n Co. (along with the girls) walk all seriouly - like big Thatahs.  Minut n Karthi are shocked seeing Vineeth in a happy mood, but the boys are all crying it out in their mind.  Soon after, Vineeth asks if they can begin the game!  Puli reminds the girls of the rule (them walking without turning around).  After the girls leave, all four get blown away by Vineeth! 

Everyone have gathered by the school grounds, including +1 and + 2 students.  Pandi (with Rags, Pachai, Vineeth, Uni, Rishi) wonders why such a gathering.  Pachai gives lame excuses, and Pandi maintains the story.  Uni requests Pandi to stop teasing , and while the rest laugh at Pandi. 

Taking this wrongly is Bala, who tells the +1 students that his fellow mates are laughing at them.  Shree tells Bala to let go of it, but Puli wants to bug them in return.  He begins with the volleyball game, but soon is cut off by Rishi, who refers to Puli is a crow!  Ignoring this, Puli keeps going, but Pandi teases him again.  One of Puli's buddies covers his mouth, adding that he not say a word again!  Just then Princi and Jeeva walk in and ask the students how they are progressing in preparation for the cultural day.  Pandi adds that his team is doing a drama, but adds that he doesn' t know much about the other team.  Princi is shocked hearing this and adds that they must all work together for this cultural day event.  He orders Jeeva (after a long time) to get the students to work together and leaves.  On his way, Princi stops and calls Jeeva.  He whispers into Jeeva's ear asking if he had said what ever Jeeva wanted him to.  Jeeva says yes and asks Princi to maintain his seriousness.  Pandi asks Jeeva what Princie had said.  Jeeva tells them that who ever isn't goint to adjust to these conditions will be dismissed from the college, according to Princi.  The students are all thinking.  Jeeva then asks if they are ok with working together.  All them remain silent, and hence Jeeva assumes that their mounam is sammatham (that they all agree). 

All the + 1 students (minus Thalah) are discussing what they should do about Princi's request.  Puli is mainly opposing it (Vaai petchu only), but everyone else are hesitant to say no since the conditions werr laid by Princi.  Puli then asks Priya what she thinks, and wonders where Thalah is.  Priya suggest they make the decision for once and then get Thalah to follow that.  Kiran adds that there might be a foul play here, but Rocky adds that it is evident that Bala is playing a game - after all he was waiting for a moment to get back with his fellow mates.  Priya warns them not to say bad things about Bala, but Kiran continues talking about Bala and Rags.  Priya is agitated and wants them to stop!  Rocky then suggest they wait till the program lists are distributed.  Puli in the meantime teases Rocky as to why he always gets such a BGM of high profile. 

Rags is with Vineeth; the former asks if Vineeth had looked into her mother's matter.  Vineeth adds that he is looking into it but is not able to a whole lot.  She adds that ever since she received the call, she feels that her mother is alive.  Vineeth assures that he'll try his best.  Just then Pandi, Pachai, Uni and Rishi approach them.  Pandi wants to know what the matter is - since the two look very down.  The two try their best to hide it but soon Rags ends up telling them about receiving a phone call about their mom.  Hearing this the boys are shocked, and Pandi thinks about what Bala had said - about helping out Rags.  Pandi wonders why they didn't tell them earlier, and soon begins to cheer all them up with his mokkai jokes.  Vineeth decides to change the topic and asks them about the duet with +1 students for the cultural program.  The boys are teasing each other, but Rags suggest they wait till + 1 students decide what they want to do, and Vineeth agrees with her.  Pandi, in his mind, is scolding Vineeth for hiding and then diverging the conversation away from Rag's mother's matters, adding that he'll get the guy back soon. 

The students have all gathered for yet another meeting.  Pandi suggest that, due to the frequent number of meetings, they bring food along.  His friends tease him.  Priya in the meantime is teasing Bala about having to wait for the reunion with Rags, via the program.  Bala stairs at her (angrily) and teases her back, involving Vineeth.  The two then laugh it off.  Jeeva then approaches the students, asking them all to sit down.  He reads out the list as follows - all targeting the chief guests:

- Kirpani + Kishan: Miruthangam/

- English Drama - Unni, Rocky, Tom, Aaadi

- Dance - Vineeth and Priya (Vineeth is not happy, but Priya is very happy)

- Kirpani sings - for bathroom break

- Dance - Rags and Bala (both are suprised, yet saddened; Priya soon asks Bala not to act, and as such Bala shows his happiness)

- Standard comedy - Pandi and Puli

- Then Teacher's show

- Group Dance: Rishi with the girls

- Poem by Pachai

The only two happy beings are Priya and Bala, but the rest seem unhappy.  Jeeva sings a song and leaves.

Kanavugal thodarum....


Episode 297

Pachai tells Pandi that Vineeth must be hiding something regarding Rag's mom, like Bala had suggested.  Pandi, as always, begins to tease Pachai by saying that what ever the case people should always speak up openly (i.e. Pachai's love matter).  Pachai is getting annoyed, but Pandi actually suggest they speak with Vineeth regarding this matter.  Pachai wonders where they can find Vineeth, but Pandi assures that he'll soon enter the scene – after all they know the script writer.  Like Pandi suggested, Vineeth arrives with Rishi and Unni.  Pachai wants to talk to Vineeth, and asks if he's hiding anything.  Vineeth doesn't get it, so Pandi clearly asks if he's hiding anything about Rag's mother from them.  Vineeth denies, and adds that he only knows the phone call matter.  Hence Pandi suggest they give the phone number (the number that has entered on Rag's cell phone) to kathiresan inspector to find out the culprit.  Vineeth asks if they don't trust him or what, but Pandi suggest that it'll be good if everyone knows so they can all help find Rag's mom.  Vineeth agrees.  Just then Pachai wonder why Rishi is extremely quiet.  Hearing this, Rishi tries to cover it up by playing along with them.  


Priya is with Mintu and Karthi.  Mintu urges Karthi to start the matter (not known yet).  Karthi asks Priya about the secret behind her popularity.  Priya wonders if they asking about her being the reason behind Vineeth – Bala splitting.  Mintu denies, but instead wants to know if she's planning of splitting Kishan and Kirpani.  They then inform Priya about the boys teasing Kirpani. Priya doesn't like others teasing her boys; instead she wants to tease them.   Karthi adds that the boy had already left.  Priya then calls him and sings a song – and all of a sudden Kirpani appears.  They decide to also call Kirpani, and who too appears within seconds.  She then asks who likes her the most.  Both say their own names, but the girls want the boys to say a poem for Priya.  Kirpani starts of with a funny poem in hindi, followed by Kishan.  Priya adds some lovey dovey dialogues.  The girls want to guys to go one on one, but the boys deny and escape.  


In + 2 class, Pandi and Pachai are teasing Bala for being a little pissed – the reason being the rehearsal for their dance competition with Rags (it wasn't clear if Rags refused or not).  Pandi teases that Bala must have been freaked out by what song Rags was going to dance for.  Rishi and Unni wonder what song he's going to dance for.  Vineeth plays along adding that he's going to dance for a love song.  Jeeva walks in to the class, and asks how people are doing (in pure tamil).  Pandi adds that the students aren't happy with the decision to join the two groups.  Jeeva suggest they accept the others as their friends first before thinking about the dance competition.  Pachai is aware that it was all Jeeva's idea; Jeeva admits that it was his idea, but adds that it was Pandi who had helped him choose the pairs (to get the best combination).  Pachai is scared, especially of Rags.  Jeeva then adds that they'll only be here for another 6 months, and wants everyone to collaborate and enjoy the moment.  Jeeva finds everyone so quiet and tries to cheer them up.  


Rags, Pachai, Rishi, Uni, and Pandi as a group, and Priya alone are waiting for others to join them to begin their rehearsal.  Pandi adds that Priya is waiting for Vineeth, while Rags is waiting for Bala.  Unni is amazed by Jeeva sir's ability to try an unite those who are not in good terms.  Hearing this Rags adds that she isn't like this, but Pandi jumps in and adds that Bala has gone to learn all sorts of dance.  Rags then asks if Vineeth will dance with Priya, to which Pandi replies that he will definitely – after all it was the princi's order.  The boys then suggest that Vineeth is trying to escape Priya's nuisance while dancing, and Rags after practicing with Priya.  Just then they see Vineeth coming up the stairs – to everyone's surprise, he is limping.    Pandi and co. are elated, while Priya is not happy.  Pandi decides to tease Priya by singing the Raga song.  Vineeth requests them to stop teasing and adds that he actually slipped in the washroom for real.  He then walks over to Priya.  She smiles at him adding that she knows the truth – that this is all fake – and that he must dance no matter what (after all it is a competition).  He requests him to come to dance practice soon and leaves.  Pandi and co rush to Vineeth and start teasing him a bit more.  


+1 students are waiting for Bala at the usual side eatery shop.  They want to talk to him in person.  Bala arrives and scolds them for not being detailed enough on the text message, especially Puli.  Rocky and Co. add that they are planning of boycotting the cultural event, since it seems to favor their opponents.  Bala wonders how they will say no to Jeeva sir.  Rocky replies that they are willing to say it directly.  Bala then asks if Priya knows this; Tom adds that she doesn't but expects her to refuse to this since she is interested in dancing with Vineeth.  After a while, Bala tells them that they can think about it tomorrow.  Rocky is certain about their decision.  Bala is angered by this, since they've made a decision without him.  Rocky decides to clarify that Tahalai is no longer the same and that he is very much in 'love' with Rags.  Bala is really mad and is forced to raise his arm against Rocky.  The rest of the boys try to get a hold of the two.  


Kanavugal thodarum….


Episode 298 -

Priya – the mediator – is with Bala and the rest of the +1 boys.  Shree wants Bala to apologize to Rocky.  Bala refuses to apologize.  Priya then tells Bala that what ever he did was wrong; but Bala argues that the boys talked badly about them.  She doesn't mind the boys, after all, whatever they said is true (Bala longing to be with his best friend Rags, while Priya wants to be with her buddy Vineeth).  Priya then explains to the boys that it was because of Bala that they were able to win.  Kiran agrees to whatever she said, but finds Bala's love (paasam) for his friend hard to absorb, since Pandi and Pachai seem to be bugging/ teasing them big time, knowing that Bala won't say anything.  Priya advices that they take things easily, and that they show their strengths in the competition.  She then requests the two say sorry to each other.  In the mean time, all the other boys are talking in their mind.  After having to wait for a long time, Priya decides to leave, but Bala stops her and says sorry to Rocky.  The latter too apologizes.  Priya wonders if they really mean it.  Hence the two decide to hug each other.  


Pandi, with Pachai and Rags, is teasing Pachai about having to say a poem, instead of dancing.  He finds Rags too quiet and asks her to smile at his joke, and the latter to teasingly smiles.  Pandi (casually) then asks Rags why she's being serious, and begins to tease her about having to dance with Bala, who is apparently a better dancer than Pachai.  Rag refuses to dance with him, but Pandi adds that she must, after all, it is the princi's order.  Pachai tries to help her, but Pandi adds a bit of Bala puraanam.  What ever the case be Rag is certain about her decision.  Just then they see Bala arriving, hence Pandi suggest she said it directly to Bala.  Pandi speaks proudly of princi's decision, since + 1 team is shattered by it.  Bala clarifies that the boys are going to dance well, and adds that his partner be ready to practice soon, once the song selection is done.  Pandi tries to tease, but Bala adds that it is fate that they have to dance together.  Pandi wonder what he'll do if Rags refuses to dance.  Bala adds that it'll only hurt the cultural show.  Rags gets irritated and wants to leave; Bala tries to tease her a bit.  She gets mad and directly asks him what the problem is.  He wants her to come to the dance practices.  She wonders what'll happen if she doesn't, and he maintains that it'll only hurt the school, since this show is being held to raise money for the school, via the NRI.  Before he leaves, he tells everyone that "naan illamal aval illai; aval illamal naan illai".  


PT is enjoying the song Puthi ulla manithar ellam.  Jeeva scares PT by mimicking Pricie.  PT freaks out and wants Jeeva to stop mimicking (Jeeva also speaks like TR).  Jeeva then adds that teachers should not fall asleep in school, and requests him to help out with the school cultural day.  PT refuses, and turns around.  Just then he hears Princi's voice, ordering him to help, but PT (thinking that Jeeva is mimicking) refuses once again.  Princi is there for real, and the moment he finds out, he is extremely scared and imagines himself as being kicked out from the school (with his suitcase on top of his head).  Princi scolds him of backstabbing.  Without much punishment, Princi requests him to help out with the cultural show. Jeeva takes this moment to inform Princi about the drama by the teachers, adding that it is PT's idea.  PT refuses, but Princi welcomes the idea. 


Vineeth teasingly asks Rags why she is so short; Rags takes it easily.  Just then they see Priya, and hence Vineeth requests Rags to leave first, since he doesn't want Rags to be hurt by whatever Priya says.  Rags wants to know why he is fearing Priya – and adds that there is something between the two of them.  Vineeth tries to clarify that there is nothing and wants her to leave first, but Rags refuses and walks along with him.  Priya teases Vineeth why he's leaving without talking.  She wants to speak to him alone, especially about the dance practice.  Rag adds that he will not dance with her.  Priya and Rags then challenge each other: Rags adds that there will not be a dance show; while Rags maintains that it'll definitely happen.  I think Priya will blackmail Vineeth about revealing the truth to Rag.  


Bala walks and soon spots Rags sitting by the bench.  He approaches her, and stops in front of her.  She keeps quiet.  Bala is vexed by her attitude towards him (i.e. not speaking).  He adds that she was able to apologize Pachai, and Chris but not him.  He further adds that he didn't commit a crime and wonders why she is avoiding him despite his efforts to apologize many times – forgetting his self respect (because he treasures her friendship more).  She still keeps a serious face.  He finds that Rag is no longer the same person she used to be – cool calm and collective, adding that if he had known about her before then he would have definitely avoided her.  She prefers this option of him avoiding her, but Bala is finding it very difficult since he can't seem to distance himself from someone very close.  Rags is certain about her decision.  Seeing this, Bala warns that he's getting mad by her behaviors!  Rag wonders what he'll do.  He adds that he won't do anything to her, but will definitely do something bad to himself (that Rag will regret her lifetime).  He distinguishes himself from Pachai – in the sense that he's not scared to face it.  Rags is shocked to see him speak like this.  He leaves it up to Rags and leaves.


Kanavugal thodarum….



Episode 299  - I'm extremely sorry guys, but unfortunately I will not be able to update today's episode anytime soon since I'm working on a paper that must be submitted in tomorrow; hence if any of you want to update episode 299 please feel to free to do so....if not i'll do it tomorrow for sure.  Hope this is ok Smile

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kadhambari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2008 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
No priya,only then reunion is possible.if she is there only problems are expected.

duckquack92 Newbie

Joined: 25 March 2008
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Posted: 22 April 2008 at 4:34am | IP Logged
Oh - can we see d dance of these guys n gals here.....waitng d Rags dnce here....2 see d calm silnt girls dance, opposite 2 as she in jodi no 1
kadhambari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 August 2006
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Posted: 22 April 2008 at 4:44am | IP Logged
hey,i didn't read the update fully yaar in the morning.lot of things happened after that.OMG,i'm looking forward for Bala & Rag's dance is going 2 be a gr8 pair.

All the rest deserves their portion but i don't like priya & vineet pair.i thought kiran & priya pair here like jodi no.1,anyways i will miss monisha with vineet.
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
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Posted: 22 April 2008 at 5:28am | IP Logged
overall a good episode.

priya was so cheap when she clapped hands when jeeva announced her & vineeth name Confused

thanks ash
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 16286

Posted: 22 April 2008 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Vineeth is was really funny LOL to see him limp! Poor guy everyone knows that it is fake...

I really hope Bala stops hanging around with the +1!
kadhambari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 August 2006
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Posted: 22 April 2008 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
I'm sure aisha,bala will soon come back 2 normal as it is really getting tougher 4 both,+1 boyz & bala 2 adjust with each other.

But he shudn't do any hasty decision in Rag's mom issue.Then Rag's foster parents & Rags will be in gr8 trouble.
bluegal Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2008 at 2:32am | IP Logged
thanks aisha for the update Big smile

in the ending of ep 296, jeeva sings a song before leaving.. he actually sang this song: eshwara, vaanum mannum friendship kondathu unnal eshwara from the movie jodi i think LOL

actually i think priya should have been paired up with kirpani or kishan instead of vineeth LOL

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