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KNI Apr 21 -24: Divya slaps MA!!!

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2008 at 6:28pm | IP Logged

Episode 71 -

Divya is folding the cloths.  Sakthi approaches her (referring to her as Forever Fairever Azhagi) and asks her why she didn't leave with her parents, adding that she can't live without seeing him.  Divya stares at him and wonders if he can live without seeing her.  He happily replies that he is capable of!  Divya (her reaction changes) exclaims that the main reason why she stayed back was for him, and later warns that if he not stop, then she'll leave for real.  He keeps bugging her and hence she walks away, but soon before she walks far away, Sakthi takes a hold of a hand.  He wonders if she can really live without seeing him, and she adds that she can if he's capable of.  Hence he tells (jokingly again) tells her to leave;  Divya gets really upset.  Seeing this, Sakthi reveals that it was all a joke! 

Sakthi, Aish, Vaish and Divya (who is sitting across Sakthi) are playing cards.  Aish is passing around peanuts.  While they are playing, Divya grabs a handful of peanuts from the container and offers it to Sakthi, who happily accepts it.  Seeing this Aish wonders why such differential treatment by Divya.  Vaish adds that afterall the two are going to get married soon - husband and wife.  Aish soon begins to teace the two about how beautiful they are looking, expecially hearing the news about their marriage.  Just then Vaish asks Sakthi if he'll be following their traditional way of calling the wives - i.e Vaadi/ Poodi (irrespective).  Hearing this Aish adds that they too have certain ways of calling the husbands.  Hence begins the argument.  Vaish adds that if the wife ill treats the husband, then they can be drawn into Panchayat, to which Aish replies that they too can go to the court.  As such, Vaish requests Sakthi to call Divya in that manner.  Sakthi, at first, hesitates, but soon swings to a romantic mood, and calls Divya as Vaadi - with his voice raised Tongue!  Divya is fuming!  Aish too wants Divya to reply back to it!  Sakthi challenges her, since he doesn't want her to.  Divya is refusing to, but soon is forced to say Ennada (what?).  Sakthi is a little suprised by her guts, but Vaish doesn't leave this there.  She calls everyone to tell on Divya and runs away, before Divya tries to get a hold of her.  Sakthi is laughing while Divya is really scared. 

MA (who's still sick) is at home looking for her dad, who is still not home despite it being pitch dark out.  After a while, she decides to go look for him.  On her way, she sees Sakthi going home on his bike.  Sakthi wonders what she is doing out so late, and she tells him about it.  He offers to go pick him up, but MA adds that no one really knows where he since (when he's drunk).  Despite being asked to leave, Sakthi suggest they both go looking for him. 

In the meantime, Divya is not able to sleep even at 11.30 pm.  She takes a drink of water, and thinks about the incident that occured while they were playing cards.  She laughs at it, but soon walks over to Sakthi's room only to find him not there. 

Sakthi, while looking for MA's father on his moto bike, feels MA's head on his shoulders.  He stops to wonder what the matter is; MA gets off and informs him that she's not feeling well.  Sakthi adds that they go get medication instead. 

Divya is getting a little scared; she looks for him everywhere but can't seem to find him.

At MA's house, Sakthi is by MA' bed offering her food.  She adds that she feels too feverish, and doesn't take the piece from him.  Sakthi decides to feed her (Angry); she eats without any hesitation.  He offers her medication and tells her go to sleep.  MA thanks him and suggest he leave, since it is getting dark.  Sakthi doesn't want to till her dad shows up.  He then decides to call home, but finds no charge on his cell phone.  MA has this happy look on her face. 

Divya, in the meantime, tries to call him several time but is not able to reach him. 

MA stairs at him like crazy whlile the latter is suggesting that she sleeps.  She is enzoying every moment of this and has a smile on her face.  Sakthi decides to stay by her side (Sakthi is way tooooooo false beliefs to MA) while she is sleeping.

Poor Divya, is all worried and is not able to sleep. 

Next morning, MA finds Sakthi on the chair - fallen asleep.  She looks at him and smiles.  She then goes to get a coffee and wakes him up.  Sakthi too wakes up and takes  the coffee from her.  MA's dad arrives, and upon seeing Sakthi there, he gets a little irritated.  But before he could say anything, MA scolds him for no bringing the medication on time.  Rather she praises Sakthi for staying by her side all night.  Sakthi too gives a piece of his mind adding that if he (MA's dad) keeps doing this, then he'll take MA to his house.  MA has smile on her face (Sakthi please stop eliciting wrong thoughts).  MA suggest he stay back and eat, but Sakthi wants to go home since people at home will be looking for him.  But he adds that he'll come back after taking a shower.  MA's dad looks at a happy MA's face.  Sakthi leaves.

Ninaivugal thodarum...

It seems as if the plot will revolve around Sakthi - Divya and MA.  Can't believe that Sakthi is not able to read MA's mind; Divya will def. be mad at him for being too close with MA (time after time), afterall any girl wouldn't want her fiance to be close with another women.....Sakthi better realize this soon before it is too late. 

Episode 72 -

MA's father realizes that MA is mad at him.  He tries to explain the reason why never showed up last night, but adds that it in fact was good – since it created an opportunity for her to be with Sakthi.  MA's father is elated to see his daughter happy. He adds that the happiness of Sakthi taking care of her must have cured her.   He wishes to see his daughter live happily ever after.  MA has a smile on her face, but is also thinking about something. 


At Sakthi's place, Vaish is on the swing.  Divya offers her a cup of coffee/ tea and also takes a seat on the swing.  While sipping her coffee, Divya sees Sakthi (with a new hair style) coming in.  Sakthi greets her and walks directly into his room.  Divya is curious to know where he had been all night, hence she walks over to his room. 


In the room, she asks him where he had been.  He tells her that he went to get a hair cut.  She wonders where he had been all night, adding that she called him but his cell was switched off.  He tells that he had low charge on his phone, and hence couldn't call (while at the same time looking for his missing cell phone).  Upon being inquired further, he lies to her that he had been to a late night show with his friend, but since it was too late, he was requested to stay back.  She asks why he never bothered to call from his friend's cell, but Sakthi yet again lies that his friend does not have a cell phone.  She wonders who this friend is, and Sakthi tells her that it is Sunil, his childhood friend.  She gives him a serious look.  To calm her down, he adds that he wanted to take her as well, but is much relieved that he never did; otherwise they would have both had to stay over at the friend's house.  He then asks her if she was waiting for him; she readily nods.  Just then Kuyil walks in asking for his cell phone to play games on it.  Sakthi scolds him (after all he had left it at MA's house), and walks over to take a shower.  Divya is still not convinced, it seems. 


Sakthi is styling his hair, while Divya watches him from behind the door.  As soon as he sees her, he looks a bit guilty but goes over to her and tells her that he'll be back after half an hour.  She wonders if he is going somewhere really far, since she wanted to go to the town to buy some things.  He adds that he'll take her out after he comes back, which is not that far away.  Divya is not happy, but before he could convince her, Vaish brings in the cell phone telling him what MA had told her: he forgot his cell phone at her house, and that she's made food for him and is waiting for him to come join her to eat.  Divya is really shocked/ angered.  Sakthi feels very guilty.  Divya angrily takes off to the room, while Sakthi follows her.  She shuts the door, but Sakthi it knocking on the door desperately to explain what had happened.  His efforts go in vain, while Divya feels very much disgusted.  


A bunch of kids are running away, trying to escape from Siruthai (cheetah?).  Kuyil stops the kids and ask them what the matter is; the kids warn him about a siruthai coming furiously.  Kuyil ignores it!  He sees a bunch of men from an SUV.  He wonders who that Siruthai is, and it turns out to be a dwarf.  He recognizes that man immediately to be from his village, the same guy who Kuyil had punished for stealing mangoes.  Siruthai adds that he is a rowdy – who had committed a lot of crimes, and is here to take revenge on him.  Kuyil takes it lightly, challenging them!  Too much build up there!!!!

Aish helps Divya collect some cloths from the balcony.  Aish wonders why Divya is so down; Divya denies!  Just then Aish adds how shocked she is by the village men – who seem to have a Chinna Veedu (except Sakthi's dad).  She warns Divya about Sakthi, joking that he too might keep MA once they are married.  Divya gets really mad, and scolds Aish that if she ever talk so cheaply of Sakthi, she'll chop her.  However, Aish adds that she better be careful, since MA seems to close to Sakthi - not knowing that Divya is already mad at Sakthi for what ever he had done .  Divya gets really mad and leaves.  She goes downstairs and thinks!  


Sakthi is in his room flipping through a book.  He sees Divya by the door, who soon walks over to him and inquires why he had lied to her.  Sakthi adds that he never wanted to hide on purpose; But Divya seems to have lost faith in him.  He gets up and explains what had happened that night! She asks why he lied.  He apparently did not want to upset her, and hence he ended up hiding.  He asks her to not take it seriously.  Divya is not convinced, wondering about the chances of him lying in the future.  She doesn't want to be cheated.  Sakthi softly asks if this is the way (cheaply) to think about him.  She adds that he's betrayed her, and finds his love not true!  After she leaves, Sakthi takes a seat on the bed thinking about what she had said. 


Ninaivugal thodarum…


Well, I'm not sure what'll happen next, b/c most of the time, when these two fight they don't really show how they reconcile!  But whatever the case be, Sakthi better not lie to her ever again.  More over…

Episode 73 - Big smile

Sakthi is on the swing, thinking about what had happened!  He looks over at Divya's room door, and soon walks over and knocks.  Divya opens after a while.  After exchanging a few glares, Sakthi tells her that he wants to speak to her about some things.  Hearing this, she too wants to clarify a lot of things.  He looks at her with a bit of disappointment.  Just then Vaish rushes in and tells him about MA wanting to meet him.  Divya looks weirdly.  Sakthi (nervously) asks Vaish what the matter is.  Vaish doesn't know but apparently it is urgent.  Divya looks at him with a bit of anger.  He also looks at her not knowing what to do (mavane…nee mattum pooo….apurom irrukidi).  


MA (standing by an auto) is anxiously waiting for Sakthi.  She soon starts cry; the auto driver tells her that they've waited for a long time and urges her to go see her dad, who met with an accident, at the hospital; he adds that she not trust high class people.  But MA has faith in Sakthi, since he'll not deny her (romba thaan – too much pa).  


Surprisingly, Sakthi is still at home (on the swing), thinking yet again.  After a while, Divya stands by her room door, and watches Sakthi.  When Sakthi looks back, he finds her standing there.  He takes a glance at her a couple of times - Divya has a hopeful face.  


MA still hasn't left yet; the driver keeps maintaining that she not trust him, and that it is time they leave soon.  After a while, MA (crying at the same time) gets into the auto.  


Continuation of the above scene (with Sakthi and Divya).  Sakthi walks over to his room, while remains at the same spot.  He walks out with his motorbike key and goes out, briefly stopping to look at her.  She is shocked with tears rolling down her eyes.  He goes outside but soon stops.  He looks back at her, and then decides to sit there.  Divya can't seem to understand her man (nor can we).   


MA keeps looking back from the auto to see if her Aasai maman (Sakthi) is following.  She is definitely saddened. 


Aish and Vaish are playing in the water by the field.  Sakthi asks MA (god not again...this character will not stop talking with MA) why she had asked him to come.  MA explains that she wanted someone to go along with her to the hospital.  Sakthi soon takes a hold of her hands (Angry this is not necessary...and is not expected....), and apologizes for not coming.  He begs, asking if she's mad at him.  MA seems very happy.  Noticing the two is Aish.  She also shows the scene to Vaish, adding that Sakthi is romancing two ladies, Bhama (Divya) at home and Rukmini (MA) here.  Vaish tells her that they are friends, and she not speak like that.  The two ignore it and start playing.  Sakthi, with his hand clung to hers (Angry are you romancing or what....) wonders what her problem is.  She hides the matter (about her love for him) and tells him that she's a little depressed after the death of her mother.  Sakthi adds that he's hurt seeing her like this and assures that no matter what, he'll be there for her, till his death Confused.  She is happy.


At home, Divya is applying nail polish to her nails.  Aish and Vaish enter and try to scare her.  Aish's efforts go in vein (Divya doesn't get scared), and hence gets mad.  They tease each other.  Soon Aish and Vaish plan out how they are going to get Divya.  Aish, then tells Divya about the romantic movie, namely Kadhalikka neramillai, at the open field.  They add that this is a new movie, with Sakthi and MA as the lead pairs.  They tell her about the two holding hands and calming each other down (i.e. romancing).  Divya gets irritated and asks if it really happened, not realizing that the two had build it up a bit.  She leaves with a lot of disappointment.  Vaish pities her, but Aish adds that she not say anything – after all they wanted to play around with her emotions.  Divya in the room feels very uneasy about what is happening around her.  She nearly starts to break down. 


MA's dad calls MA, telling her to go and grab the keys for their kulla theyvam (Temple) at Sakthi's place.  She wonders why; he adds that ever since her mom passed away, he has adapted bad habits (drinking), and hence feels the need to change.  More over, he wants to pray for MA, so that she could get married to Sakthi.  She looks a little sad. 


MA goes into the house and asks Vaish if mama is there.  Vaish (she is not Sakthi's sister) adds that Sakthi, his mom and dad have all gone out.  Upon being asked for the keys, Vaish tells her that it is in Sakthi's room.  MA then goes to get the keys herself.  She looks through a bunch of drawers, and on the opposite side, she comes across a really nice picture of Sakthi (looking cute in it).  She is delighted to see it and decides to jack it.  She looks at the door to see if anyone is there before hiding it with her half saree.  But the moment she looks up (all happy), she sees Divya!  She gets frightened.  Divya looks gives her a look and then slaps her hard.  She then takes the photo from her (gets mad by the fact that it is of Sakthi) and warns her not to do it ever again.  


Ninaivugal thodarum….


Wow a really good episode today...was extremely happy to see Divya slapping her Clap


Episode 74 - I'm extremely sorry guys, but unfortunately I will not be able to update today's episode anytime soon since I'm working on a paper that must be submitted in tomorrow; hence if any of you want to update episode 74 please feel to free to do so....if not i'll do it tomorrow for sure.  But here is a brief synopsis:


as soon as sakthi comes home, Divya calls him over and tells him about what MA did...he (casually) advices her to take it easy, and that there is nothing wrong b/w them adding that he knows a lot about MA more so than what Divya knows about MA.  Divya maintains that MA is in love, but Sakthi tries to convince her...yet agian, the patch up scene was not shown! 


Sakthi at MA's house speaks his mind out!  He tells her about what Divya thinks, adding that whatever Divya is thinking is wrong, and hence there is nothing wrong in them talking!  He then wonders why the two (MA and Divya) hate each other.  Just to clarify, he asks MA if she has any feeling for him.  MA keeps silent, and cries!  Confused  Sakthi still doesn't get it, but at least he's expressed his feelings today - that he loves Divya and he has no feelings for MA! 


MA's dad asks if she's brought the keys and requests her to get it asap.  She agrees, with a bit of hesitation. 


Divya, wtih Vaish, are coming from the temple and soon spot MA.  They exchange looks (Divya is irritated, while MA thinks about being hit by her the other day Wink).  Vaish goes and talks to her, but Divya wants to leave soon.  Just before she leaves, Vaish invites MA to the house for lunch.  MA agrees.  While leaving, Divya looks at MA! 


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annoo Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2008 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Hi Aish,
U missed few scenes. Shakthi takes her in his bike. She sleeps on his back. Then he finds out that she's sick. He was touching her fore head,neck Confused to see the temperature. Then he buys her medicine and feeds her bread Angry. Then stays at her house to look after her in tht night.
In the mean time Divya is just thinking about the pleasant day she had with Shakthi. Then she goes to Shakthi's room. She is disappointed to see his empty bed. She tries to call him.
Shakthi's mobile doesnt hav enough charge. Next day morning Shakthi is seen sleeping in MA's house. MA is very happy gives him coffee. MA's dad comes back with the medicines(he went to buy last week). Shakthi scolds MA's dad saying tht he'll take MA to his house, if her dad doesnt take care of her. MA is vey happy to hear this.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks Annoo, it took me a bit of time to finish updating since the videos weren't buffering well...but really the Sakthi - MA scenes are really annoying............It'z totally not a pleasure to watch! Wonder where this will land Sakthi in....

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annoo Senior Member

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Friends,Shakthi touchin MA's fore head n neck cannot be justified. Sameway Shakthi feeding MA was really too much. Is Shakthi a split personality? How can he forget Divya completely when he's with MA?
I dont think its worth watchin now. I really miss old KNI? It was more realistic,enjoyable. I think KNI lost its charm after the change in director.
What do u feel?

Edited by annoo - 21 April 2008 at 8:25pm
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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I totally agree with you Annoo....a man engaged to another girl, should refrain himself from doing whatever Sakthi did....after all, such activies should be considered as crossing the boundary! And it seems as if Divya's is off his mind everytime he interacts with MA - the director is not portraying the Sakthi character well anymore.   
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for the updates Embarrassed
kadhambari IF-Rockerz

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Thanx aisha.shakti is unaware of MA's intentions,he is going 2 be in big trouble b4 he realise.

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sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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thanks ash

sakthi is really too much

yes KNI has lost its old charm.

remember neths how we all were excited when this serial started Confused

Edited by nallu - 22 April 2008 at 5:34am

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