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WPV April 21st: Parv, Parvati and Parvati

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Posted: 21 April 2008 at 11:02am | IP Logged

Monday, April 21st 2008



"Parv, Parvati and Parvati"

Mukul Dev comes down the stairs purposefully, introduces himself as Vijay Agarwal and tells the AGs that although their surnames are coincidental, his arrival is not. He has been searching for Aditi for a while, and is here to take her back. Aditi shrinks back and looks at him slightly fearfully. Kamal tells him that all they are concerned with is why Aditi has come there; Vijay tells him that Aditi will tell them all what her relationship to him is.

Aditi steps forward to reveal that "Vijay Uncle" is her father's childhood friend, and wants to say more, but stops. Vijay concludes that he was responsible for Aditi after Parv's death, but after a month of living with him, Aditi ran to India to search for her mother. [Well, you can't have been a very good guardian then, if she couldn't bear to be around youOuch. And why is she so scared to see him?]

Chaya retorts that Parvati is Aditi's mother, and Vijay agrees that "Parvati bhabhi is Aditi's mother". Everyone, including madam Parvati herselfLOL is shocked....again. Chaya looks delighted, but thankfully Vijay continues. "Not your Parvati Bhabhi", he tells them. He tells them that Parv's wife and Aditi's mother was also called Parvati, and that Parvati died on the day Aditi was born. In the same hospital, our Parvati aka Janki was also admitted at the same time, although she was in a coma [Haila! Whaa - ?Confused]. Parv, as her doctor, had to spend more and more time there at the hospital, so decided to keep his daughter Aditi there with him [I'm guessing this was a few years after Aditi was born, because she was a little girl of 7 or 8 when Paro played with her, and Paro couldn't possibly have spent 8 years in that hospital]. Parvati/Janki began to get better but she had lost her memory [of course she had(!)Dead] and couldn't remember the AGs or her previous life. Aditi and Paro began spending time together, and sometimes, when Parv had to leave the city for work purposes, Parvati used to take responsibility for her. [OK, tell me something - all this happened: Paro lost her memory, began to look after a little girl etc etc, and Narayani Devi did what? Stand there like a lemon? Didn't she ever tell Paro about the time she "lost her memory"??? Height of stupidity, I tell you...Ouch]

Vijay continues that this is the reason Aditi saw her mother in Paro, and Paro too loved her like her own. Now Paro remembers the flashbacks in vivid detail; playing with Aditi, hosting a birthday party etc. Vijay says that one day, Narayani Devi came to London and brought Paro back to India; this was when she got her memory back, and when she forgot about Aditi [so Narayani left Paro alone to fend for herself in London when she had lost her memory?!Ouch]. When Paro left, Aditi was distraught and refused to believe that she wasn't her mother; that's why she came here to find her mother.

Chaya doesn't believe the "story", and wants proof. Calmly, Vijay hands her some photographs of Parv and his wife Parvati [Parv and Parvati, lol] around the time that she was pregnant with Aditi. Of course, this is not our Paro, but someone else. Chaya is gobsmacked ROFL [Isse kehte hain muu-todh jawab!]. She hands the photos to Kamal, who looks at them carefully. Aditi is shocked and upset, and Vijay tells her that he wanted to tell her the truth, but she left before he could do so. As Vijay is talking, Kamal breaks into uncontrollable laughter, and Vijay asks him what is so funny. Kamal sarcastically tells them all that they should be laughing their heads off. He taunts Chaya, insulting her and telling her to go open "Chaya Detective Services"LOLLOLLOL He gets serious, and tells her to admit that she was wrong about Parvati, and that she falsely accused her; but he knows that she won't, because they are all cowards! He tells them that not everything your eyes see is the truth; sometimes you have to listen to your heart. That's why he burned those reports, so that for once they would be forced to rely on what their hearts were telling them was right. Parvati bhabhi can very well forget her memory, but never her righteousness.

Parvati thanks Vijay for telling the truth; today the family suspected her entire essence, her relationships, and he has come as her saviour. Vijay tells her that Aditi is his best friend's daughter, and it is his duty to take care of her, and that's all he has done. Thanking him once more, she leaves. Om calls out to her, but she doesn't listen.

In her room, Parvati remembers everything that Chaya said, even that she should leave the house. She remembers Om asking her the truth. Kamal begs her to open the door, but Parvati despondently tells him to leave.

Downstairs, Vijay and Aditi make arrangements to leave [shouldn't she apologise for all the mess that she, albeit unknowingly, created?], and Vijay tells her to get her bags. Parvati comes down with Aditi's stuff, and tells them all that she has to say something before Aditi leaves. She tells them that alongside Aditi, she too is leaving the house.

Parvati tells Aditi that though she is not her mother, they do share a bond, and perhaps even God wants to see them together. Aditi has no one in the world, and even though Parvati has an entire family, no one is really hers. Therefore she suggests that they should become each others' support. Aditi hugs Parvati happily. Parvati turns to the family and tells them that she has no complaints from them; they said what they wanted to, and she heard them. But when they don't have any manner of respect or trust in each other, there is no point in her staying here. Kamal tries to stop her, pleading with Om to say something. Kamal tells Parvati that she cannot leave their home, but Parvati retorts that this is not a home, it's just a building. The building is intact, but the relationships are extremely weak. Even Vandy tries to stop her [where were you when she needed you most?!], but Parvati turns to leave, not a tear in her eyes.

Om calls out to Parvati, telling her to stop [This is the scene from the SBS vid - I keep expecting Parvati to turn around and say to Om "Okay, let me just pack your bags and then you can leave"LOL]. He asks if she won't even stop for him; he tells her about the time that he lost his memory, and how alone he felt then. Now he realises why God saved him in that accident; because he was supposed to be reunited with his Parvati. He fought death to come back to her, and now if she leaves, how will he cope? He takes blame for everything and says that he will leave. He tells Parvati to imagine that Om never came back; but he refuses to let her leave. Grabbing the suitcase from her hand he pulls her towards him, and reiterates that she will not leave the house. He holds out his hand to her, and she takes it gladly. The family (minus Chaya, as per usual) are happy; Om and Parvati are together once more.


Comments: An interesting episode, but I can't help but wonder that this is not yet over; why would they get Mukul Dev, an established actor, if all he had to do was come and reveal the truth and then leave?? Why do I think there is more to the story? And as Mukul Dev revealed in his interviews, his character is shrouded in mystery; is he good or bad? And another thing; I fully accept that in real life unnconnected people can have the same surname, and can meet as well, but this is a TV show - why would someone deliberately use a surname twice, esp. if that surname is of the most important family in the show? Is Vijay's surname really a coincidence, or is he somehow related to the AGs?Confused Or is this just a case of lazy writing on the creatives' part...?

Also, that whole story about Paro losing her memory has so many flaws in it I don't even know where to beginOuch. When the leap happened we were shown that Janki's doctor was a "Dr. Thompson" who did her skin grafting etc, and Narayani was by her side when the bandages came off. There was no mention of a Parv Sanghvi or of Paro losing her memory. And then there was that doctor who Shruti called to AG House during the Trishna days, and he wasn't "Parv Sanghvi" either, and I certainly don't think that Narayani would have left an already vulnerable Parvati alone in London long enough for her to form an attachment with some random kid. 

I am very pleased with the portrayal of Parvati today. Not because her "chasteness" is once again secure, but because of her reactions to all of the events around her. Pre-Janki Parvati would have cried a lot more, and simply gone to her room till someone called her down to do puja/make dinner/something equally mundane, and she would have forgiven them in a heartbeat. But post-Janki (and post-Narayani Devi) Parvati has got back that self-esteem and self-respect that she so needed; the scene in which she goes to her room and remembers the hurtful words of her family members is very poignant, and the scene after that, when she comes down and decides to leave with Aditi, is spectacular. There is no anger in her words, maybe a little bitterness and lots of sorrow, but no anger; rather, she trembles over her decision even at this moment, and yet she is resolutely practical: why stay with people who don't and will never trust you? I think its fabulous that the creatives are keeping up the "Janki" aspect of Parvati's character - truly, after spending 20 years alone and learning to love and respect herself in the way that Janki did, it makes sense that her character has evolved and grown, and I am glad we aren't reverting back to old, meek, and helpless Paro.

And I wish someone would slap Vandy Maasi and the elders a few hundred timesOuch. All they seem able to do is a) accuse Parvati, b) stay quiet when she needs their support, and/or c) cry and beg her not to leave. I mean, come on! As if they don't know why she made the decision to leave! I have always maintained that the "Buddha Brigade" were always better off with Trishna; at least they had reason to complain then. Parvati does nothing but live for them, and yet they somehow always manage to find a new way to tear her downDead. Maaji needs to get up and throw her meddlesome daughter out onto the road; it's high-time she left.

On a fun note, did anyone else notice that Ishan and Vijay's hairstyles were exactly the same?! ROFLROFLROFL

Did people also notice that though Om stated that he will leave the house instead of Parvati, he didn't actually make it out the door? ROFL

Today's Top Players: Mukul Dev (rather than "Vijay) - I really like Mukul Dev's acting style, and am interested to see what else he has in store for us in Kahaani; Kamal, for that hilariously sarcastic laugh, and his undying support for his bhabhi; Parvati, for reasons stated above, and Sakshi, for her spectacular dialogue delivery and voice modulation; that little tremble in her voice as she turned to leave was just pure genius.

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Thanks for letting us know. Take your time.
Ranbirrocks IF-Stunnerz

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Take your time Vasu......and thanks for all the hard work.. Big smile
xx Natasha xx Goldie
xx Natasha xx
xx Natasha xx

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fanx for the update x
Sheren Senior Member

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Thanks, nice episode
copter Goldie

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wow, great episode, brightened my day up Tongue

gr8 update vasu Clap
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Thanks for the update.
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Cool Smile but I still don't think Om was at fault. It was that stupid Chaya who created all this ruckus Angry

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