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India Updates 01/03-06

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Kareena is looking at Prem [who is inside the car]

He gets off the car and asks her if she was alright.She says she was ok and asks him what was wrong with her, also asks him to get out of there as soon as possible coz it was time for Tushar to arrive.

Prem is grumbling that the day had begun very nicely, Ruhi was in a pleasant mood, they had planned a date and then he received a message in his mobile from Tushar saying kareena was in trouble and he had to come to that club[lake club or so]immediately.He shows the message to Kareena.She tells him that he must have done it to bring them [Mr.And Mrs.Sood]together.Prem tells that he was not Mr.sood and even if Kareena was Mrs.Sood , he was not Mr.Sood.He tells her that he had left Ruhi to help Kareena and she was asking him to leave immediately.He reverses his car, again parks next to Kareena, apologises for scolding her and leaves.Her mom n jia  have seen them speak[they are inside the club and come out insearch or Kareena]Both like the couple and decide not to disturb them.Kareena is thinking of Tushar :where he was .


Tushar is absolutely drunk and is with Pammi.They have parked the car infront of a gate .Tushar is thanking pammi for the brilliant idea of sending the message to Prem and themselves spending the time together.

Pammi asks to be introduced to his parents soon .He likes the idea and also asks to be introduced to her parents.He asks her to intro him immediately as they were already outside the gate.She says they must have already slept andhe shouts that they have slept and them leaves.The guard inside the gate overhears the words[they must have slept]and is waiting for pammi.Pammi waits for Tushar to leave[She is walking towards the building].He leaves.The guard by them calls the inmates of the building and tells them that he has caught the thief.The inmates surround her and interrogate her,The guard tells them that she aslo had an associate who has left.He tells them that she knew they were asleep and wanted to loot their place.The people are angry.They call one of the inmates to identify the culprit[he was the person who had seen the thief earlier]He asks her to turn around.He tellls them that since he had seen the thief from behind, it was necessary.Pammi finally agrees and turns .He says it was not the thief.She heaves a sigh of relief and runs her fingers over her hair.Suddenly he says that she was the thief.The thief had also run the hands over the hair similarly so she was the one.Pammi doesn't know what to do.

Kareena is happily thinking that even if Tushar was not there, she had enjoyed the New Years eve with Jia and mom and they had a good time which was most important.

They return home.


Pammi calls Kareena,tells her she was in trouble and had to help her, Kareena refuses, Pammi tells her that if she didnt, Tushar would get to know her identity and indirectly Kareena was also in a fix.


Prem is with Ruhi inside the car.He switches off his mobile .She tells him that they were an understanding couple, that though their friends had broken up with their partners, they had not.She asks him if he remembered those days in the college when they for hours together...He is nodding his head.He says she was inside the laboratory and he was outside.She also reminds him of his fall from the stairs when he first saw her.He tells her of the fall from his cycle the second time and the fall from the first floor the third time.She is surprised and tells him that he had not told her about these incidents.He tells her that she had not asked him about it.

He is about to propose to her when her mobile rings, it is her fahter, she gets out of the car to speak to him.

Prem is thinking happily that this was the right time to tell her his feelings,he would propose  to her with the ring which he had purchased from his 2 yrs savings.

She comes back, he is again about to tell her but again is cut off by another call.Ruhi tells him she was sorry,each time they were disturbed by a call for him but this time it was hercall which was interrupting them.

It is Kareena, she is speaking as Naina and asks Ruhi if she has not recognised her.Ruhi tells her she sounded different.She says her voice sounded different as she had to shout at kareena at the Radio Curry the entire day.Ruhi is telling her to fire Kareena.She asks to speak to her son.Prem gets to know it is Kareena and exclaims'Maa'!Ruhi is confused, she asks him if he didn't call her mom.Kareena tells hi he had to come at once, as Pammi was i trouble.He says it was impossible.She says, if Pammi wa exposed,then Kareena would be and then she had to go back to Chandigarh which was the end of his show.He finally agrees to go.[all the time maintaining that he was seaking to his mom]


Tushar reaches home and flops on his sofa.P.Ksees his plight,is grumbling about the new year and the strange way of celebrating it late night.Tushar fails to recognise P.K and asks who he was.P.K is telling him that as a kid Tushar had pissed on p.Ks clothes many times, and now he failed to even recognise him.Tushars,mobile rings, it is Pammi.P.K receives the call, the people snatch it from Pammi and shout to P.K that they had her with them and if he wanted her he had to get her.P.K says that he was P.K and was not a thief but people came to him requesting him to find out thieves.The people think that it was a huge gang of robbers as the mobile said they were connected to Tushar Pandey, but the person on the other end claimed he was P.K.

Pammi calls him again, this time Tushar picks it up,again the people pull it from her hands and begin telling him she was in their custody and so on.

Tusahr tells P.k he had to leave as RJk was in trouble.P.k offers to go by himself, Tushar wants to go too.Finally both go towards the car, Tushar looks too drunk to drive.p.K doesn't know to drive properly, suggests they go in an Auto.tuahar says he would drive, fianally P.k decides to drive, he starts the car, it goes backwards, Tushar tells him he had to shift to first gear.



Prem and Kareena reach the place, Prem calls her Laxmi, Kareena calls her Padma.the people are confused.They ask the who they were.Prem acts as if he was speaking to the commissioner of police over the phone and tells him they had found her.Kareena also tells the same thing.The people ask them what they were speaking about and why they called her different names.Kareena tells them that she had the habit of walking in her sleep and even at present didnt know where she was.To prove her point she slaps pammi many times,and when Pammi screams, tells taht she was then awake.She tells them that she would respond to Prem only if she was called Laxmiand to Kareena if called Padma.Prem tells them that she was the only daughter of a Business Tycoon in London and asks them waht right they had to even touch her.The inmates blame one another and finally let her go.Manwhile Tushat has reached the place and rushes to save RJK.He is shocked to see Prem and Kareena there and exclaims 'Kareena'!




Missed the important first half of the episode[but Kareena somehow manages to escape from the situation as usual ]

Neelu and Tribhuvanji have gone to Delhi after giving charge of the office to P.K.

P.K is proud of the position he is in and is boasting .Kareena decides to teach him a lesson.She asks a colleague to call him .He tells that he is calling from the income tax department and wanted the accounts by the next day failing which he would be arrested.

P.K doesn't know how to accomplish such a task at such a short time.Kareena and all in the office decide to help on one condition :P.K stop acting superior.. With everyones help the task in completed in time.P.K is happy and thanks them. Kareena says that he had to treat them with a party.He says he was too tired and further, what would Neeluji say.So they tell him that they had worked hard overtime, and helped him with an important job,so she would not mind.He agrees.They also make him dance!!By then, Neelu and Tribhuvan arrive, Neelu is shocked and disgusted to see P.K dancing and partying at the office and asks them what was going on at the office.




Everyone is terrified and is at a loss of words. Kareena accidentlydrops her mobile .Neelu asks P.K to meet her at her chamber.She blasts P.K for holding a party and asks him the reason for doing so.He tells her that he had saved the company and narrates the events. Neelu is patiently listening to him but can take it no more .She scolds him and tells him that she had already submitted the accounts before leaving for Delhi and the officer had called her to inform everything was fine.She now wants to know who asked him for a party.

He says it was Kareena.She asks him to send her to the cabin.

Tribhuvanji is telling his employees about the journey.He is telling about the flight, that the toilets were so congested and so on.He opines that the trains were better.[the dialogue was funny]By then P.K comes out of Neelus cabin with a fallen face, and asks for Mrs.Sood.Everyone begins to search for her.But all of a sudden Mrs.Sood is not to be seen in the office.Neelu comes to P.K and asks him the reason for not sending Mrs.Sood. He tells her they couldn't find her.[P.k is also shown searching below the tables]

One of the employees 'Rajani '[she is addicted to novels]is reading a novel.Tribhuvanji by this time is worried about Kareena.Rajani tells him that in the novel, the heroine is kidnapped and goes on with the story.Now Tribhuvanji is sure that Kareena has been kidnapped. He calls Prem's mobile to see if Kareena was with him.The call is received by Ruhi who is at Prem's place[Prem is busy in another room]She tells him he had the wrong number[Tribhu asks to speak to Mr.Sood]He is puzzled to see that he had dialed the right number but it was a wrong number.He asks P.K to go some place with him and tells him they had to file a complaint at the police station.They decide not to call but go personally.In the car, Tribhu tells P.K that he was positive that Mrs.Sood had  been kidnapped also tells him that Prems call was received by a stranger. Suddenly they see a park and decide to walk around.Tribhuji sees a baby on the lawn,identifies him as' tillu'[Mrs.Soods baby]P.K who is uncertain at first later tells that he resembled Tillu,but tells Tribhu that they had to confirm first by telling something to him which would make him Pee[He had mentioned some word]Tribhuvanji wantsto do no such thing , lifts the child, and both are about to leave when a person comes running and asks them to hand over the child to him. They are quarrelling.Tribhu and P.K tell that he was Tillu, Mrs, Soods son and they were taking him.He tells he was not tillu but [some other name]and that he was his son.Finally the person calls the policemen  nearby to sort out the matter.One of the police[there were 3 , 2 looked like constables]exclaims that atlast they had caught the thieves redhanded,apparently many kids were missing and they were on the lookout for the kidnappers].P.K and Tribhu tell him that it was Mrs.Soods kid .He asks them where she was.They tell him they were searching for her.The police has had enough P.K tells that they were speaking to the owners of Chamatkar.The police feels they are trying to influence him and wants them arrested.





P.K and Tribhu try to convince him they were not kidnappers.Finally, Tribhu acts as if he is calling the commissioner of police  and speaks as if they were great friends.The police men apologise and disappear.Tribhuvanji asks the person if the kid was really his.He promises I  the name of his son that it was his child.

Tribhu asks P.K how it could be possible.P.K tells him that Mrs.Soods  dadaji had told that there were 7 people who were alike in this world and maybe this was one such case.Tribhu asks P.K not to tell anyone about their narrow escape that day.

As soon as they reach office,they see Kareena at her desk.They ask her where she was all this time.She tells them that her mobile was out of order as it had fallen down and she had gone to the building infront of chamatkar to get it  repaired.


Neelu calls her into her cabin.She asks her if she had asked P.K for a treat.She tells her[p.k is also standing in the chamber] that someone had told [he]was too tired ,everyone decided to help, and worked overtimeto finish the job in time.Someone asked for a party, infact everyone wanted a party, but someone told that Neeluji would not tolerate such things in her office,to which someone else tols that Neeluji condidered her employees as her family, and she was not a stone hearted person.She would never mind giving a treat to her employees that too after they worked so hard.Neelu is flattered and asks her to leave but not repeat such things in future.


Swapnali's mom tells her daughter to act ill[she is lying on her bed with a nurse standing nearby].Neelu enters the room, sits next to Swapnali on the bed and asks her what she had done to herself.Her mom tells that she didn't eat nor sleep.It was 18 days[1+8=9 remember?]since Tushar rejected her and she was upset since then.Neeluji is trying to make swapnali drink a glass of juice.Swapnali refuses.Her mom tells that she was holding a fast for Tushar  and so she didn't drink juice .Neelu forces her to drink it and thinks that she wanted a daughter in law just like her[who would take care of Tushar].

At the office Neelu tells Kareena that at the womens club, she [Neelu ]had to speak on the topic:Women's problem'.She asks kareena to write the speech for her in hindi[says some at the club failed to understand English adds  that she understood English well]


Kareena is cursing that she had to write a speech that too in Hindi for a topic in English!

She begins with the addressing part. Then feels bored and  begins to write something about Miss[not Mrs] Kareena Sood being in love with Tushar.She becomes aware of what she was writing , crumples it, throws it into the dustbin].She finishes writing the speech and keeps it inside her purse.Neelu comes to Kareena in a hurry and Kareena hands her the sheet from her purse.


Kareena at home is eating food when her sis asks if she had bought what she wanted, she goes to bring it, opens her purse, finds the thing but then gets the sheet .Absent mindedly she[Kareen]opens the sheet and is shocked to find Neelu's speech neatly written in it.She realizes her mistake and hurries to the club.

At the club, Swapnali's mom is praising Neelu and introduces her to everyone.Neely comes over to the stage, takes a seat infront of the microphone,removes a sheet from her purse and begins to read:

'Good Morning!Tribhu is surprised so are others as it is evening.Neelu corrects herself and tells again 'Good evening'

Then reads  something about discussing about their problems regarding fashion mini skirts bikini……by then every one including Neelu is shocked.

Now neelu is reading  the lines before telling it aloud!.She feels the next line was a decent one and begins :


So lets sip hot tea and enjoy the morning  by welcoming the one and only..Tushar pandey!!

and lo behold!Kareena is standing infront of her with a guilty sorry face.


As you all might have guessed, Kareena had given Neelu the script  of the radio show 'Whats your problem'.

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thanx for the updates
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Thankz For Sharin

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Thanks for the updates.
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thanks anshu...great update..

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Thanx a lot for ur update anshu. I missed this show whole week. I think Tribhu will the first one to get to know real Kareena.
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Thanks for the update........your the best
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thanks for the wonderful updates!

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