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Sapne kuch unkahi si - Prt 1&2Upd [Pg 2] (Page 2)

Cool_Dipti Goldie

Joined: 17 October 2006
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Posted: 17 April 2008 at 3:20am | IP Logged

              Part - 1

Preethi - Uncle....good morning! Hug [She runs and hugs Lalit]

Lalit - Arey Preethi. Tongue ..howcome ur up so early? Its usually Pari who comes to me every morning! Ermm

Preethi - oh! ..I thought I was the second one as usual..Why? ..Am I first to hug you today?..wheres Pari di ?

Lalit - I don't she not there in your room?

Preethi - No uncle... Ermm

Lalit - strange ....Pari...beta Pari ..[Lalit calls out aloud]

Meanwhile someone walks in the terrace ..Dressed in saffron coloured salwar ..with bangles in hand & anklets in the legs ..The wind blows heavily ,she moves the string of hair which falls on her eyes & then feels her fingers are wet with her own tears .She goes & leans against a wall & slowly brings her hand foward & looks at the pic & says :-

Pari - Happy birthday papa..[ her tears fall on his picture] .. Cry

    Meanwhile ..she hears the voice of her sister & uncle calling out for her..

    Pari - Gosh...they're coming here...main kya karoon tasveer ko kahan chupaon? . [She tries to quickly hide the picture behind her but...before she cud]


   Lalit -'re here!...thank God..& what is that in your hand??

   Pari -Nothing uncle...nothing at all..

    Preethi - Di!...dont us na..

     Preethi pulls the picture & sees it & becomes still...Then Lalit takes it and sees ..

     Lalit - Oh..Dev's picture....

     Pari - Nahi uncle...I was just...

     Lalit - You don't have to give me explanations Pari beta..I know its Dev's birthday today.... Embarrassed

     Preethi - Oh yes!...main papa ki birthday kaise bhool sakthi !

    Pari - Uncle...Im sorry main is tarah terrace main aakar...Im very sorry..I don't know what u must be thinking about me..

    Lalit - Its ok Pari beta...there is nothing wrong in you remembering Dev..because even if I try to fill your dad's absence ...I still cannot give you what his presence can..right?

 Pari wipes her tears & hugs him...

    Preethi - Now will you both please stop with your emotional talks..before my ears burst! Confused LOL

    Pari - Preethi.. Shocked .[Pari calls in a stilled manner] shut up!. AngryLOL .[and they all laugh]

    Lalit - lets go down...I think its gonna rain.

        Lalit ,Preethi & Pari walk down meanwhile it starts raining heavily...

                                                              RATHOD HOUSE

Yash - Ah!...I love rains! Embarrassed [says Yash with his hands outside the window] ..what about you bro??

There is silence..

Yash - Bro..Im talking to you!...Its raining..& its lovely isn't it?

Silence again....

Yash ;- Bro..are you dead...or something???

Raj - Not so fast Yash..

Yash - ah..I wish you were.. Confused

Seema - Yash!..what are you blabbering? Angry

Yash - Sorry Ma..I was just kidding...he takes all my girlfriends what do u expect me to say ? Confused LOL

Raj - I never take them from you..they come to me on their own  [Says Raj lying on his bed with a novel in his hands]

Yash - Nothing there to feel so proud of bro! Angry ....LOL

Seema - ah! both will never change! [says Seema & walks out of the room]

Yash - you seriously dont like rains?

Raj - nah..

Yash - why?

Raj -They bring nothing other than slush in the roads.

Yash - Gosh! are that typical. Confused ...forget it!...rains should be know what they call rainy season as??....they call it as "Pyaar ka Mausam". Embarrassed ..&

Raj-  and also as Slush ka mausamConfused

Yash- Bro can u?..
Raj:- Shut up yash..before my ears burst !

Yash - ok ok...I will not start with my love stories ..but you tell seriously dont believe in love?

meanwhile ...

Pari - No Preethi..I don't ..Love cannot be described..its a should be felt..

Preethi - how do you know its just a feeling? ..unless you've felt it can you be so sure??

Pari -why?...have you felt it... 

Preethi - No di I haven't..

Raj - Then shut up..

Yash - but... 

Raj - shut up Yash!

                                         In the evening...

Pari -   Preethi ... Im going to the DVD you want to come along?

Preethi - No di...

       Pari went walking all alone on the road ,a set of drunken men rode past her in a jeep & took reverse & stopped by her side..& started teasing her for a ride...Pari began to feel uncomfortable....she didn't know where to move...meanwhile a Toyota corolla sped the road & stopped past her...Pari saw a very well-dressed man getting out & walking towards her ..he came in front of her and said

Stranger - Neha..where were you??...

Pari is confused & asks him sofly ..

Pari -Neha??

Then he comes to hug her...she moves aside he catches her tightly & whispers into her ears..

Stranger - Act smart..& save urself from them..

Pari understands his intentions & says

Pari - Oh Raj!...Im sorry Im late...

Stranger - Shall we leave?..

Pari- She nodds uncertainly & gets into his car..

The gang of drunken men look at them & then depart...She sees behind & says..

Pari- Thank you ..thank you verymuch..

Stranger -Its ok...

Pari - Many I know ur name?

Stranger - Raj

Pari laughs & says..

Pari- Oh no..I mean ur real name...

Raj laughs in return...

Raj - my name is Raj ..Raj singh Rathod..

Pari looks a little amazed & then says..

Pari- oh...Im Pari ..Pari Deskmukh...

Raj- Hi pari..where do I drop you ?..

Pari - Oh no..I'll manage..

Raj- formalities..

Pari-  ok....Moviebuzz DVD library..

Raj - Oh..I was heading there too!

Pari felt strange about such a co-incidence..she thinks "How can his name be Raj..whereas I just imagined b'coz I had to..or maybe a real co-incidence...then how can he too be heading to the same library to which I was" Ermm he trying to ...before she finished thinking..the car stopped all of a sudden & the road was quite deserted...

Raj - Oh no...the tyre is punchured!

Pari gives a shocked look! Shocked ... 



                                      ~~~~~~FREEZE ~~~~~~ 



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cute_samrah Goldie

Joined: 24 October 2007
Posts: 1355

Posted: 17 April 2008 at 3:39am | IP Logged
lovely part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! superb story con't soon
MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 November 2006
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Posted: 17 April 2008 at 11:12am | IP Logged
nice start
Cool_Dipti Goldie

Joined: 17 October 2006
Posts: 2244

Posted: 17 April 2008 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
               Part -2

Pari felt strange about such a co-incidence..she thinks "How can his name be Raj..whereas I just imagined b'coz I had to..or maybe a real co-incidence...then how can he too be heading to the same library to which I was" he trying to ...before she finished thinking..the car stopped all of a sudden & the road was quite deserted...

Raj - Oh no...the tyre is punchured! Confused

Pari gives a shocked look! ...

Pari - Oh God!..ab???

Raj - ab...lets get down..I'll see if there are any proper tyres in the dicky.

   Both Raj & Pari get down ..Raj opens the dicky & shouts to her saying..

Raj- Im sorry..there are no tyres..

    Pari thinks "Oh God..what do I do now???...I think I should leave , b'coz anyways I was supposed to walk my way to the DVD library.....but how can I leave him alone?..he was the one who helped me..shall I leave or not???...but...this isn't the route I usually take..The DVD library is on malls road..& which road is this? Ermm ..Oh God! come I never noticed when he took this route!. Shocked ..This road also looks so lonely, dark & deserted.. Shocked Did he purposely bring me ...?? No Pari!..don't let your imaginations go wild!"...

      Pari was tense to her nerves ..meanwhile Raj comes up to her..

Raj - Well..I think we should just walk down because there are no mechanics here..I have called someone up to fix the problem in the car & bring it to me later..So I guess we have to walk our way...

   Pari thinks " what is he saying ? walk our ways? he planning to take me somewhere off in the deserted road..what are his intensions?"

Raj - Pari?..what happened..what are you thinking?

Pari - Kya???.. Shocked I mean walk where? the DVD library??? late in the night???..& after all these problems!

Raj- whats wrong with you?..aur maine kab kaha that walk our ways to the DVD library??..I just said walk our ways..that means u go wherever u want to..

Pari - Haan haan...what do u think of me? bring me to this lonely place & say that the tire is punchured & then tell me to walk my way ?

Raj - So what do you want me to do??..Leave you home?..alright..

Pari- better not..stay away..I dont know where you'll take me ..fooling me again..

Raj- fooling you again???..when did I fool you firstly?

Pari- Then tell me where is the DVD library?..This is not the way to the library..I never take this route..

Raj -But I do...

    Pari sighs in an irritated manner..

Pari- Ah!..God..main iske saath aayi kyun?? Confused

Raj -Excuse me!..Mujhe koi shock nahi tha tumhe apne saath bitanay ki!...Infact you should be thankful to me beacause I saved you from those..varna who knows where u wud hav...

Pari -Hold on....firstly..who says you saved me???..saving someone is not as easy as you did...asli saving toh tab hoti..agar tumne un gundo se mere liye lada see thats real saving ..when you fight for someone..

Raj- Firstly I dont do that So called "fight saving" for anyone whom I see..I do it only for people I really love..

Pari - ..your impossible! Angry

Raj- So are you..

Pari - Urghhh! Angry

Pari gets irritated ..turns away & walks of from him..

Pari- Oh God..main ab kaha jaoon?..Uncle & Preethi would definitely wonder where I've gone for such a long time..There are also no taxis here..ab main kya karoon?..[says Pari as she walks]..

Meanwhile Yash drives the car with headphone on his ears...He is immersed into the music & does not see Pari walking in front of the car..

Pari - Wow! finally there is a car on this road!..shall I ask him for a lift?..No how can I?..Just now that stupid Raj bugged me..ab phir se nahi!..

As pari walks ..she sees Yash's car heading straight towards him...

Pari - why is he coming straight? if to hit he sleeping or something??? ..

Yash doesn't notice with his concentration towards the music in his ear..Pari shouts to make him stop but he fails to notice her scream..& by the time he notices its too late ..The car hits pari & she falls unconscious..Yash stops the car in a shock..

Yash- Oh God..yeh maine kya kar diya!...

Yash takes her in his hands and says -

Yash- Thank God the car didn't hit her badly ..just a small cut in her forehead ..but yet..she's unconscious..

Yash thinks for a while...

Yash - Hospital would be unecessary for this small cut..I guess I'll take her home..Ma will treat her with her jadi-bootiyaan..

Saying this ,Yash carries her & lays her in his car..and then drives her to his house..
   At home he narrates everything to his mother..

Seema - Oh God many times I told you not to wear the headphone of yours while driving! Angry

Yash - Sorry Ma..but time to think about the headphone...lets treat her Ma.

Seema grinds some leaves of Tulsi & Neem & applies it on Pari's forhead..& then a little cream..then she applies bandage to Pari's forehead..

Yash - Ma..will she be alright now?

Seema - Im not a doctor to tell you that..but maybe she'll gain conscious after a few hours..till then..let she rest here..

Yash -yes..let she rest here..[says Yash & then repeats in shock] can she rest here?..This is Raj bhayia's room & you know he will not bear all this for single minute..

Seema - But beta..Raj is not at home right now & thats why you also brought her here..when he comes..I'll explain him everything...he'll definitely understand..

Yash- Ok Ma..

Meanwhile the door bell rings..

Seema - Oh, Raj is come I guess Shocked ..

Yash shuts his eyes & says

Yash -Oh no!

Raj comes murmuring in...

Raj- If I only catch hold of that girl even for once ..I will give her back in such a way that she never forgets!!.. 

              ~~~~~~~~~ FREEZE ~~~~~~~~~

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jdsean Goldie

Joined: 23 January 2007
Posts: 1006

Posted: 17 April 2008 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Great part. Continue soon
Devotion. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 May 2006
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Posted: 18 April 2008 at 2:41am | IP Logged
nice story.........
plz continue soon
cute_samrah Goldie

Joined: 24 October 2007
Posts: 1355

Posted: 18 April 2008 at 3:51am | IP Logged
nice part.....................
le_me_star Senior Member

Joined: 06 October 2005
Posts: 710

Posted: 26 April 2008 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
awesome part yaar Clap Clap Clap!!!!!!!......yash is soo hilarious ROFL, apne hie bhai se jalta hai LOL!!!...not his fault that all girls go behind him Tongue!!!.......raj n pari meeting was interesting Wink.... i can't belive that she misunderstood him  n his intentions Cry...par smtimes that happens when u have gone trough such an experience Confused. i know how difficult is for yash to live without music (i know coz i'm a music freak LOL)...but i don't get crazy while driving Tongue, now pari at the rathod house n in raj room Smile......cant wait too see his reaction when see her there!!!!!!!!!!!!...........cntinue soon plzzzzzzzzz.......can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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