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~*Harshad FC..Iss ’Pal’ ko jee le*~

angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:08am | IP Logged


Hey Guys..Welcome to the 11th Fc of Harshad Chopda..
Well I thought we should have a new Theme this FC since its a very special FC for all of us...

Let me tell u a story.. A story of a Shining Star...

May 17th..1983.. A star was born in the small town of Gondia...

The image


He aimed at the stars though he pursued Engineering @ Pune..He Knew his place was right up there..

He made up his mind and participated in Citadel Mr.Pune contest..

He ended up being the runner's up and then the Journey began..


He Then participated in Grasim's mr.India contest which provided him the platform..

The Star then landed up in the role of a Baddie..Karan in Mamta..He was noticed and he was seen as a bright shimmer in the skies..

The entered the TV world a shy and coy Cadet Ali Baig in the very popular serial Left Right Left..now the world realised the future of TV was here..

But he wasn't satisfied..The star wanted to shine brighter and thus he entered the world of Amber Dhara as the cute Akshat..


 And now..The man who rules our heart..The only 'Prem' in our Life...


The man who has redefined 'prem' in our lives.. i am sure u have guessed whose journey of life it is..


Yes Gurls it is none other than.....

And the Journey still continues and may the star shine brighter in the skies of Tellydom...






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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:09am | IP Logged

Harshad's Journey continues and we his Fans hope we could contribute in this Journey of his..making it a smooth and safe Journey of his life..

heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif

heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif

From where I started to where I am today
The journey has been long & tiring
from nothing to some thing I am today
It's not been an easy journey.

Tried with luck; Tried with hard work
Tried with destiny too
But nothing worked for me.
It's not been an easy journey.

Found love but lost love too
Found friends but lost them too
Found money, even lost that one too
But the journey continued

Today I stand facing the world
It's beckoning me to start all over again
While I miss my love
With whom I could start the journey again

I called up my love to join me again
In the journey of life that never concludes
Loser! ! She called me
The lesson of journey never concludes.

I want to move on without my love
Even without my friends & money
As life moves on; I move on with it
To a journey that never concludes

Walking alone on this path
With guts and determination
I want to continue the journey again
A journey where people would remember me
As the man who won million hearts

heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif 


We Fans hope this journey and the process of Growth of Harshad as an actor and a human being continues forever and no obstacles ever block ur road to ur destination..

heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif 

heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif heart49.gif

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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:09am | IP Logged

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifDaisy - delohttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Yojana - angelic eyes

  http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifSwati - lrllikehttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Vaishu - lrl rocks

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifVandana - togepe30http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif


http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifZee - farislovehttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif


      Preeti - CINDRELLA      

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifAnupama - anu_2701http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

   Prerna - Prenz~13    

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifPooja - mahek-e-gulabhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

      Ranju - ranjitha        

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifRabi - cute_rabihttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

    Subha - subha2601    

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifKanak - tere_binhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Dhvani - dhvanisoni

      http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifMansi - *mansibhatia*http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif


Samreen - friskysam

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifMannu - master_blasterhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Rakshita - rakshi_sweety


Fariha - fariha17

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifMehrun - anam_mehrunhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif




Shivani - delhi_princess


http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifRajeev Ki Heerhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif










     ~rahul ki rani~      























Dia - soooperfan

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifAshi - ~ashi~http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Nishant - lrllover

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifTazy - sweety_rajveerhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Rani - rani2310

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifMinnie - minz~12http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Zikra - huda_aalekh

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Wida - wida

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Jess - mz.jess

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Wasima - sallu_lover

http://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gifPriya - belle4uhttp://aliera.hacks.arizona.edu/~bluebird/cute-collection/flowers/peachflower---5.gif

Niti - liya16

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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:09am | IP Logged



A quiet simple man who can do something unexpected to shock you.

Taurus man mostly medium tall, strong with good health, good strong body.

When he talks, he likes to turn his head to one side on one direction.

His body will be quite straight, facial structure tends to be square shape more than other shape.

His eyes sparkle with liveliness

Even when he is in love, he is still a free wild bird. He is sand in your palm, the more you want to hold it, it will slip out.

If you stand and hold it still, it will stay that way

Don't set the rules and draw a line for him, he will not stay.

When you are with him, he will think only of you. But an hour later he could change his mind

He is very patient with other people, but very impatient with himself.

His world always turning and it will not stop just because he loves you

If he up sets, he will show it right away. If something has gone wrong, he will blame his own carelessness instead of blaming other people.

He sincere to his friends even to some friends he does not like. He likes to do odd things and surprise other people. He could be fully dress in a nice suit and jump in the pool

He could slap your back so hard just to make you turn around to see he has flowers in his hand. He never wants to get too close with anyone for he thinks living in reality is living by you.

He does not care what people think when he behaves weird.  He could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at him and think they are so narrow minded

He does not likes to follow conformity, but always want to search for new ventures, new mystery. He will interest in a life of a millionaire as much as a life of an old man selling newspaper on a sidewalk vendor.

He likes to search and analyze people and things. He will analyze his friends or his girl friend, and once the mystery is gone, he will search for new puzzle to solve

He can not easily understand thing, so he will gradually learning about you till he fills up all his questions. He knows so many people, but he has a few friends.

He looks for quality friends than quantity friends.He will be close with some friends shortly and move on

He always feel lonely even surround by many people. He could create his own little world, and sometimes no one would understand him.

He looks only for future and he thinks he lives for the future. He may wonder how many people think like he does, but he does not want to be like the others

A man with a conflict personality He is a cool, understanding, able to work   well, and very artistic. Taurus man could be an artist.

He could  shock you as much as he is able to clam you down when you up set. He is a free spirit who likes venture, but when he wants to be alone, do not touch him but to let him be

He won't disappear from the crowds too long, he will be back. He will give you straight forward opinion or comments, but will never advice what he thinks you should do.

He does not like people to tell him what he should do too. He thinks each individual dreams and thoughts should be very private

He will use his brain not his body strength, so he will let other guys compete. He has a certain satisfactory in life and hate to force him in competition.

He may seem careless, but actually he is a thinker and a stubborn one

He sees anything in details and not easily trusted people till he thinks he knows them well. You can just smile and he will think why and what are you smiling about, and if you are pretending.

Once he trust you and accept you as a friend, no one can say other wise to change that for he will not listen to gossip

He will be honest and sincere to his friends. He hates lies, so he will not tell you lie. If he finds it is   necessary to lie, he will find other ways not to tell you or avoid telling you anything.

If he really has to lie, you will never be able to tell that he is lying. He can really keep secrets, so you will hardly know that he is a lonely soul. If you want this kind of guy, you have to be an interesting person

He has to be curious about you. Hell for him is "No Freedom", so if he marries you then you should know it is the biggest decision in his life. Always be interesting, and then you could have him beside you.



Birth Date is : 17

 People born on the seventeenth day of the month work steadily towards their goals with fierce determination. They invariably get what they want in the end, although they usually experience a number of setbacks along the way.

Yearly prediction of Taureans:

General life:

As far as work is concerned, this will be an excellent year for you. You will be at your creative best. A good year for scientists, computer engineers, teachers and administrative staff. You will win awards and recognition from the government. Long-pending legal issues will be settled in your favor. Your close friends will support and encourage you. There is a possibility that you may buy a new house. Romance is in the air. You must be careful with your subordinates. Politicians will get more support from publics.


Those in finance, real estate and publishing will do extremely well.


Domestic life will be excellent.


Travel will enable you to meet new people. This will be an enjoyable change in your routine.

Lucky months:

February, April and October.

heart23.gif heart23.gif heart23.gif heart23.gif

Prediction for the year 2008

The year ahead for Tauras people..

New directions, optimism and opportunities are all yours this year

Your drive for success will be founded on foresight and planning.

You may make mistakes, but you''ll be easily able to make amends.

It's time to wrap up loose ends and prepare for the future...

You''ll avail of the chance to make a fortune in the areas of personal resources and talents..

It's also an excellent year to establish or reafirm romantic ties...

Friehdships could emerge stronger than before...

Try to be sociable and meet new people..

Pending legal matters may not have the desired outcome...

Work related travel will be a part of life..

Don't be an impulsive shopper..



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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:09am | IP Logged

The image


The image















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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:10am | IP Logged


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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:10am | IP Logged

Just a month Left Now..

Guys wondering what I am talking about..


May 17th..A Wonderful Day for us..

Next month marks the 25th Birthday of our 'Prem'


So u must be thinking why am i so..The image


This year is very special for all of us and am sure for Harshad too..
The image

It means a new beginning of a fresh start.. A New Role..New Fans and New Dreams..!!


So what are we waiting for Guys..start posting ur msgs for Our hero and start the countdown till May 17th..

The imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe image

I will edit the Page everyday till the next month and keep posting the messages as and when 'Premis' post their messages..



The imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe image

The imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe image

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angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

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Posted: 16 April 2008 at 5:10am | IP Logged



This is our FC no#12..When we first began we never knew what FC's are..I started the topic in CFC section for Ali/Harshad in April 2007 and then Mods closed it..LOL We wondered why..? Then realised there was a 'NON' existent FC for Harsh..Thats how it all began..

The negan our quest and Journey for Harshad Fan Club's..

But chalo we revived that..Wink.It was basically a meeting point of we 4 ardent Harshad fans then, where we spoke about Harshad'We didn't have many active members then'Tongue

Then the next 3 Fan Clubs were started by Daisy..We had so many discussions and we will cherish all the moments spend there...We had a real fantastic time..Clap

I remember it was during our second FC in August, that Daisy and me got to know that Harshad is doing new show called ''Amber Dhara''..

Gosh we were elated...We couldn't wait to see him as Akshat...We all waited and finally Akki hit the screen with our 3rd FC...

We Went Ga-Ga over Akshat..He was soo cool..soo different and we couldn't believe we were seeing Harsh in a totally different avatar..Akki was amzing and so was Ali..So we discussed both..

Then we got to know that he has lost the case and he will have to quit AD...Awww a very very emotional period for us...That FC has the most lovliest messages for Akshat..People who really adored and loved him

Our 4th FC again started on a rocking note'It was dedicated to our most favourite Akshat.....Aaaahh what a better way to start..We got to see Harshad in the ITA...That was a drooling time for us..lolHis fans went beserk..lol...Then unfortunately our FC went through a rough patch for 2 weeks...But then we were back, ready to rock and roll...

And our 5th FC was started by Me..Daisy says " Yoj has done a brilliant job, and made our FC really colourful and so lively'Its holiday time and winters have set in'Keeping that in mind our FC is rightfully celebrating Christmas and New Year'"

Touchwood, but we had a good time there.We discussed about almost related to Ali..Be it Ali-Rajveer..The best mentor-student relation..or be the love birds..Ali-Pooja..The FC had it all..

Ya there has been an overflow of some real HOT HOT and intense modelling pictures of Harshad too...Girls have been drooling and its hard to control them..lol..On special request Daisy has been posting so many pictures of Harshad'

We have had only 1 MOTW (Member of the week) till now 'Me..lol

We have had some great discussions on Ali's character and his chemistry with his various co actors'Though there is much more to discuss..

The 6th Fc started by Swati finished off in record time with some awesome discussions of Harshad's choice of roles...and many other things

The highlight was definitely our ''Caption contest'' where we got a rocking response and it was a huge hit..Thanks to all the members for making it so successful..All were declared winnersClap

Swati was our second MOTW in the FC..Big smile

There was a dampener with some articles issused by Tony Singh in the media..But as they say..Its better to just move on..Forget the past and rejoice on whats gonna happen nextBig smile

That was the Fatsest FC..We finished the FC in just 9 days..

The 7th,8th FC went on @ a rapid speed with new members joing us..Great discussions..

But it was in the 8th FC when we came to know Harshad is bouncing back..He bagged the lead role of Prem in Ekta's new serial on Star 'Kis Desh Mein hain mera Dil'.. Our Joy knew no bounds..We were completely elated and more so for Harsh..He thoroughly deserved the role..


We had an essay and poem contest on Harshad too..Though the entries were restricted..But we got some real cool prizes courtesy Swati..lol'Swati I will always cherish those gifts..hahaha'

In order to revive the good old days, I have been posting so many old stills from LRL'We miss those old golden days..

The next 3 FC's saw tremendous response..New Members joining in..New discussions about Prem..The 'Only' Prem of our Life..Loads of Love and Support for Harshad was the highlight of the FC's.. The response Prem has got and we hope still gets is phenomenonal...


One of the biggest achievement of Harshad last year had been that he was nominated in the list of the 100 most sexy men of Asia, by a British newspaper Eastern Eye''..

He also did a show called Amber Dhara'' on Sony'Where he was loved and appreciated by all

We also did have loads of interviews of Harshad last year..Some good and some not so good..The interview on India-Forums was the best last year..


The Year 2007 also witnessed the interview of Our 'Prem'Embarrassed

Our new FC's has also welcomed so many new members and helped us know them better..They have gelled in so perfectly with us'That's the best part of Harshad FC..We all are quite jovial I, actually we are all MAD..Its just that we always try to keep the mood of our FC very light hearted..

Another highlight of our FC has been the posts'We don't chat and spam and our FC is too colourful'Helps it maintain a fresh look'.

Harshad too has been really supportive..He has made it a point to visit our FC's..He went through almost all the pages of our 2nd FC..He has absolutely loved everything about it..And was also over whelmed seeing the FC's..He in some ways motivates us to carry on..lol

 Special mention of our rocking members:-

Yojana : Yoj..What do I say about her..Had she not been this FC would have never happened..She has been there with me all the time, being my greatest support..Can't thank u enough Yoj..U mean a lot...


Swati : Swati is another member who has also been instrumental in the functioning of our FC..Her witty messages and posts have made this place such an amazing place to be in'..U were terribly missed in our last 2 FC's dear..But here she is'All set to rock her most favourite Harsh FC..Lovee u loads Swati..


Vaishu : I can't thank Vaishu enough for giving our letter to Harshad..A lucky fan to meet Harsh...Get his autographs for us..Get some real amazing pictures of him..Its because of u too Vaishu that 11th August wud be a memorable day for us..

Vandu :Who can forget Vandu..She has written such fabulous analysis on LRL and wrote for a few episodes of Amber Dhara just for us and Harshad..She is not too regular, but she adores us and Harshad and vice versa...Vandu you are terribly missed..

Preeti : Here comes our coolest caption writer of Harshad FC..It was her captions that Harshad read out to me and laughed for 5 minutes..Preeti u rock'Seriously u put a smile on our faces everyday..

Gauri :Another ardent fan of Harsh and lucky to come and meet him in Bombay all the way from Oman..Though she can't be regular on the FC..She had given us an update of her meeting with Harsh and a few lovely messages..Though we know you cant make it here ..But you will always be his biggest fan..!!

Anupama : Hmm Anu..Though she is not too familiar with IF and dosent enjoy posting messages much, But she again is a hugeee fan of Harshad..She has posted a few messages and is again one of the lucky fans to meet Harshad..Hope to see u much more Anu..

Pooja : Awww Pooja is a sweetheart..She met Harshad and got some real fantastic pictures of Harshad for us..Thanks a lot Pooja..We also hope to see u in our FC..

Ashi : Our most rocking member Ashi..She loves discussing all sorts of scenes from LRL..Bashing the DJ's and she has gelled in so perfectly with us..

Nishant : Nishant is now one if our most rocking member..He writes some amazing captions..loves pulling my leg and has suggested so many discussons which has helped our FC to go on and rock..Thanks NishantBig smile

Mannu- Thanks a lot to Mannu for all the amazing videos of LRL and all the stills from the show..U have really worked so hard for providing us all pictures of Ali'..Ur captions too rock Mannu

Rakshita : Rakshu thanks a lot for ur beautiful Avi's and the pictures and participating in our FC

Sarah: The newest member of The FC..She is a complete Crazy person..May i call her Harshad Fanatic..She has done such sweet things for Harshad and her craziness makes us feel happy and proud that she has joined the FC..

Mehndi: One of the most creative people of the FC's..We are so glad to have Mehndi with us..She is one among us..Crazy bout Harshad..She has been so co-operative and enjoyed each discussion with us..

We welcome our new members Sarika..Zirka..Tazy...

Special mention of Dia..Rani..Anjali ..Mansi..Sangeeta..Wasima..Zuman..Jess..Bhavna..Priya..We Love u guys..Thanku soo much for being there @ the FC and supporting Harshad and our efforts..Thank u soo much for always being there with ur fantastic comments and feedback..

 Thanks to Zee..Kiran Di..Subha..Samreen..for visiting us..

Guys keep loving our FC and keep loving Harshad and support him in all his future endeavours..

Cheers to all Harshad Fans'U guys rock !!!! 


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