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Chaska Meter Chart #104 - Check Out!!!

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Rank Shows I-F Members Rating (0-4) Points from Hits (0-4) Points from comments (0-2) Total Rating (1-10) Last Week's Rating (1-10)
1 Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na 4 4 2 10 10

Aastha is welcomed into Shubh's house. At the Reception Party Anu and Saksham don't leave a chance to insult Aastha's family. Shubh sings a song for Aastha. Vinay drinks alot and later insults his own family and Aastha. Shilpa meets Marc Kapoor a director and her hopes live again of being an actress. On the first night of Shubh and Aastha, Chhaya gets an attack and Shilpa calls Aastha and tells her, Aastha gets tensed and so Shubh takes her to the hospital. Shubh and Aastha get back home in the morning to which Shubh's mother gets angry and Aastha takes care of the situation. Shubh-Aastha share a cute moment, on the other hand Anu-Saksham have planned something big against Aastha and her family.
1 Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan 4 4 2 10 10

In Goa Bhavishya kidnaps Ranbir and takes his place. Kajri fears Yuvraj getting close to Niyati
1 Aek Chabi Hai Padoss Mein 4 4 2 10 10

The episode continues after holi.The effect of bhang is over and its side effects are like a burden on Urmi and Sandeep. The whole muhalla knows about their love affair and everyone's pointing fingers at them. Some are in favour and some are against their relation.
1 Kasturi 4 4 2 10 10

Anita tries to make Kasturi look bad in from of Maasi but it backfires. Robbie seems to getting closer to Kasturi. Anita tries to place the blame on Kasturi concerning her lost necklace. Robbie gives Kasturi the divorce papers, he imagines that Kastrui has slit her wrists. There are some romantic moments between Robbie and Kasturi.
1 Maayka – Saath Zindagi Bhar Ki 4 4 2 10 10

Mahi don't want to go on honeymoon, shabd gets angry and leaves. Mahi gets the women back to her house. Durga known that cherry want to ruin Jeets life to and don't want this to happend. At mahi's house the women knows everything that Mahi's mom knew and Mahi don't know if she should believe her being her mother or not.....
1 Rock-N-Roll Family 4 4 2 10 10

This Week ''Joshi Family'' Were eliminated from the Contest.
1 Saath Phere 4 4 2 10 10

Kakasa transfers the property to Chirmi's name. Chirmi takes advantage of the situation and refuses to transfer the property to Urvashi's name. Urvashi kidnaps Chirmi's children and Saloni tells Nahar. Nahar decides to save Chirmi's children.
1 Dil Mill Gaye 4 4 2 10 9

Ridhima is declared as IOTM and she is responsible to monitor the interns. All the interns decide to celebrate Holi in basketball court. Nana bring ladoos with bhang in it, all the interns eat ladoo and start dancing on jai jai shiv shankar. Finally Ridhima eats it and goes crazy, Armaan takes her home where she confesses her love for him.
1 Khwaish 4 4 2 10 -

Sumeet/Kabir returns with the name of Kamran. He's getting married to a girl Hina, who Hadi and Naila call their daughter. Nadira has poisoned Zareen's mind extensively - she's trying to persuade Zareen to get Azaan married again. Kamran feels awkward around Hadi and Naila and finally confronts Naila, who reveals the whole truth to him. Though he'd promised he'd help after hearing her story, he's too overwhelmed after hearing the truth and so he just walks away
2 Banoo Mein Teri Dulhan 4 4 1.5 9.5 10

Bindiya doesn't like Divya's prescene but much to her dismay, Amar shoves her off. She attempts to poison Divya's food, but feels guilty and doesn't do it. Amar and Divya are beginning to remember more moments of their past life, and Sindoora wants to research on whether Amar and Divya are really Sagar and Vidya. Everyone plays holi, and Amar and Divya have a close scene together.
2 Amber Dhara 3.5 4 2 9.5 8.5

It is an emotional moment for all as Amber Dhara being their final show together as conjoined twins. We se an emotional Dev present at the venue. At the hospital, Monty has finally gained consciousness as is in a position to throw some essential light in the Kamini murder case. ACP Wagh is informed about Monty's recovery and he immediately rushes to the hospital along with Akshat. But the hooded figure reaches the hospital before them and is all set to silence Monty, forever.
2 Sitaare – Zameen Par 4 3.5 2 9.5 -

and Mr & ms tv are Swapnil Joshi and Purbi Joshi.
3 CID 3 4 2 9 10

This week's case was "Katil Kaun? Duhari Uljan."
3 Sapna Babul Ka...Bidai 4 3 2 9 9

Sadhna marries Alekh against her mama's wishes and goes home to take his blessings, but instead he disowns & humiliates her. Sadhna proceeds to do her bidaai on her own.
3 Santaan 4 3 2 9 -

Tapasya sends gifts for Gayatri-Parikshit through Adi. Chandni tries to refurnish the Dixit house, but Kartik refuses. After visiting Anusha's house he changes his mind, but decides to pay for everything himself. Anusha slaps Shubh for playing a prank on her, and she is also very rude to Suhana. Adi plans a surprise for Namrata
3 Sangam 4 3 2 9 -

Rahul Mehra is impressed with Sagar. Sagar gaves Ganga from some drunk guys. Kaveri confides to ganga about Sagar's recent behaviour. Ganga tries to talk to Sagar, but theu get into another fight. Shanta's bua indirectly accuses Ganga of Shekhar's death. Ganga is forced to make breakfast for bua, and misses the meeting, so sagar is appointed MD. Gudiya is missing from her bus.
4 Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil 4 3 1.5 8.5 7.5

Lalit meets Balwant, and Balwant lies to him that along with Balraj & Teji Heer also died, and while at the station, Prem & Heer almost come face to face but no. Prem is performing a pooja for Heer -Balraj -Teji, when Lalit tells the whole truth about the whole family dead, Prem is heartbroken. In Ludhiana, Daljeet with Balwant plans to get their daughter, Ashlesha married to Prem, and write a letter, telling Lalit, that Balraj wrote it, which says that "If anything happend to him, or Heer, Than to get Ashlesha married to Prem" On the other hand, Heer & Meher reach Ludhihana, and are about to come inside the house to face the Junejas, but are stopped by Daljeet.
5 Alladin – Jaanbaaz ek Jalwe Anek 4 2 2 8 8

Aladdin used his magical tricks and manages to escape from prison. But the soldiers succeed to capture them again. Aladdin finds the lamp and rubs it to get Genu out. Genu saves Noori and Jasmine. Aladdin promises Sultan Mizan that he will get Jasmine back. While flying on the carpet over the land Genu tells them that he is loosing his powers.......
5 Mera Sasural 4 2 2 8 8

Heer and Omi's marriage doesn't happen. News comes that Omi has gone missing.
6 Teen Bahuraniyaan 4 2 1.5 7.5 8

Vrinda tells Sumit all about Sameer -Janki, Sajan get remarried and Vrinda & Sumit say Good-Bye to the MB Mansion and leave. A new girl, Kajaal is introduced, while all the Gheewala clan, tries to make Mahesh agree to get re -married, Sameer sees Mahesh with a girl, Swati, and all the Gheewala family thinks wrong, but it is found out, that Swati is like a sister to Mahesh, and that he wants to get Swati married to Akshaye. Indu -Koki -Bhavna fight, where Indu taunts them, and finally says to get Mahesh to meet Kajaal, and TM take permission from G Kaka, MB & Sunanda.
6 Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki 3 3 1.5 7.5 6

Parvati tries to find out the truth behind Aditi. Aditi slits her wrist and Parvati donates blood, which Chaya uses to instigate the family against her. Ishaan is jealous of Ashutosh and Gauri's closeness. We find out that Aditi has a medical condition. Parvati seaches for Narayna Devi.
7 Mein Aisi Kyun Hoon 4 1 2 7 -

Shradha sees Anwar on Holi and suddenly gets her memory back. K-Aai and Vivek walk out on Vikram, to go live with Shradha and Anwar. Chandu breaks Sanju's engagement with Vikram. Vivek asks Neetu for Rachna's hand, but Neetu refuses, so Rachna tries to comit suicide. With Rahul's help, Sanju decides to get Rachna and Vivek married. Rekha challenges Mehek, and comes out on top. Sanju stands up to Neetu
7 Kayamath 3.5 2 1.5 7 3.5

Saket knows the truth about Ritwik and breaks up with Sukriti. An elated Alaap tries to console Sukriti, but is beaten up by Milind for going near his sister. Milind, Ayesha, Neev, and Prachi go to Pune. Milind offers Prachi a ride to the mandir and both are caught in riots. Milind is injured while protecting Prachi from ruffians.
7 Parivaar – Kartavya Ki Pariksha 3 2 2 7 5.5

Meghna blackmails Radha, so that she can stay at Nerulkar house. Shlok realises he loves Radha. Sonalika tells Radha to stay inside the house during Holi. Shlok expresses his love to Radha and she slaps him. He puts red colour on her. Shlok tells Radha that he won't give up on her so easily.
7 Ghar Ek Sapna 4 1 2 7 6

Bunty's kidnappers find out that police has captured the guy who went to receive the money. The bhai kills vicky out of anger. Sujeet & Nana enter jus on time as bhai was also planning to kill Bunty. Devika is shattered when she finds out about Vicky's dark side. She tries to commit suicides and is admitted in the hospital. later on Cynthia and Rishabh find out that Devika is pregnant. Amarnath is not able to forgive her and also blames Uttara for the circumstances.
7 Karam Apna Apna 4 1 2 7 7

Shivangi gets her memory back and knows that she is Gauri, but decides to keep it a secret until she can prove her innocence. Mahen knows about Nisha (Anupam's sister's) reality and tries to stop her, but Nisha hits him with a rod and ties him up. Anupam lets go Mahen and the man who brought up Samar. The two of them reach the wedding only to see that it's over. Last scene shows Nisha is all tied up in a room, so who married Samar?
8 Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai 3 1 1 5 5

Siddhi tells Prathna that she did this all to test them, but to seperate them again Su-Rio frame Sid for Mohini's murder. Varun bails her out.
* Our Chaska Meter list for this week only covers the top 12 shows. For other shows please check out the respective sections at India-Forums.
A lot of team work goes behind this chart.
Thanks to trina1, ammmu, NadiaIqbal, Shariefah, modish, *Piku*, MainEkHasina, ~Saraa~, gk_09,~*~rachu~*~, nibbles, Saara COMB, *mad*, Dark Love, Simply_Smart, *Kruthi*, *Shifali*, Fazila~, Anuradha. Smallwonder, umi82990, *Aman_I*, kimi_dost, cuteluv & JK_5.

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Way to go BKACN! Clap Clap Clap

Thanks for posting this Vijay Bhayyia Big smile
ATP2211 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 5:05am | IP Logged
DMG is on 1st..!! Clap Clap Big smile
TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 5:07am | IP Logged
cool! good to see chabhi at the top again. Clap
Born-star IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 5:07am | IP Logged
wow dmg 1st Clap Clap Clap

thanks vijay bhai
Parachute. IF-Sizzlerz

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Embarrassed Holi was one of the best epis of DMG Clap
TwilightLovee. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 5:34am | IP Logged
DMG at number 1!
The holi epi was the best!
*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 5:35am | IP Logged

Great!!... Big smile Embarrassed

Hopefullyy soon dv also comess there LOL

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