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KNI Apr 14 - 17: Divya’s love for Sakthi

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2008 at 5:30pm | IP Logged

Episode 67 -

MA is thinking over what her dad had said about marrying her to Sakthi no matter what. 


Shree and Kuyil are by Sakthi while he gets ready for the engagement ceremony.  Shree suggests Sakthi wear a belt for his vhesty, but the later doesn't want to.  Hence Shree tries to steal the belt from Kuyil and is frightened to see only an aruna kayuru.  Sakthi is then left alone to get ready. 


Divya's mom and sister are helping her get read – she's wearing a blue saree with green border (my favorite color combo).  Aish so badly wants Divya to wear a particular bindi, and the latter gives in.  Sakthi's mom is soon seen to help her.  After the mother's leave, Vaish takes a photo of Divya and Aish together.  


MA, in the meantime, rushes to her house to find her dad.  She anxiously looks every where for him and is unsuccessful.  She then thinks for a second and takes off (am assuming to Sakthi's house). 


MA's dad happens to be drinking alcohol by a tree bottom.  He looks very distraught. 


A restless Sakthi is walking back and worth in his room.  He soon calls Divya.  He asks her if she's ready, and the latter wonders why he's rushing.  Sakthi adds that he's sad since the parents have decided to postpone the marriage for another 6 months.  Divya acts all cool about it although she too seemed a little shocked at first.  Sakthi tries to get her to admit that she too wants to get married soon, but she (a bit shy) asks him to hang up.  After hanging up, Aish goes up to Divya and asks if Sakthi was talking about first night, and the latter scolds Aish.


MA's dad is still at the same place drinking and thinking about his daughter's life/ marriage.  At Sakthi's place, Shree sees a man eating too many bonda's all at once, and decides to change his name to Bonda Mani.  Back to MA's dad, he finally gets up angrily and walks off.  


The preparations are being done in the hallway, with a lot of people around.  Chandru looks a little saddened, and seeing this Ayya wonders what the problem is.  Chandru adds that every time he feels the scar on his head, it reminds him of Ayya.  They then talk about how lucky they are for getting their kids married.  Ayya wishes to see their kids develop a good understanding between each other just like them (Ayya – Chandru).  The ceremony is to begin, while MA's dad is still walking.  


Sakthi requests the bride the groom to come out.  He then requests Vaish to go bring Divya on behalf of the groom's side.  Sakthi first walks out (he looks happy and shy) followed by Divya (along with Aish and Vaish).  Kuyil wonders why only the groom is shy.  As a reply, Aish adds that because she was brought up in a city unlike Sakthi.  To this, Kuyil suggest Sakthi take a class (how to be shy) for Divya, which may be expensive. 


Divya is asked to get blessings from the parents, and the priest reads out the manuscript.  The marriage is in August.  In the meantime, MA watches all this from outside.  Chandru and Ayya exchange the plates.  Divya and Sakthi exchange looks – both are happy (and the latter looks a bit romantic).  MA is shattered and leaves. 


A random man lets MA know that her father is on the road side, fully drunk.  She rushes to find him.  Upon seeing her, he requests her to take him to Ayya's place so he can stop the ceremony, but MA adds they go to the house instead. 


At the house, MA's dad wakes up and starts to look for MA.  She's no where to be found.  He then recalls what she had said about wanting to die after her mother's death.  He frighteningly walks outside looking for her, and soon spots her by the temple.  She is shedding tears, but as soon as she sees her dad, she covers it up.  The dad tells her how frightened he was, and adds that she not worry about anything – because he'll definitely get her married to Sakthi no matter what.  He promises to God, and adds that if her love for Sakthi was true, then she'd definitely get married to him.  The screen freezes on MA.


Ninaivugal thodarum….


Episode 68 - A total waste!!!


Today's episode was all about MA.


She is crying over what has happened thus far - Sakthi getting engaged to Divya.  She is thinking over and over agian!  Soon she wipes her tears and takes off.


She walks along the field, far away from her home.  One the way, a man from her village asks where she is going, that too alone.  She makes an excuse that she's going to her aunt's grave.  The man warns not to go alone, but she adds that she can manage it.  She moves on. 


A bunch of men get off their vehicle and begin to drink beneath a tree.  Soon they see MA walk by, and decide to harass her.  She isn't aware of the men following her.  After all, she's shattered, and stops by a deep well.  She stands there for a while thinking over what has happened.  The men are standing behind her, and just before she could jump, one of them takes hold of her hand.  The men then forcefully take her along with them.


They are driving, while MA is struggling to free herself.  On their way, they see another van parked in the middle of the road; But no one really notices that these men are upto something.  They then reverse and drive till the evening, but still haven't done anything bad to MA yet.  At one point, one of the men wants to let go of her, since he doesn't want to get in trouble.  The others oppose, and hence he stops and walks off.  The rest, one by one, follow him to convince him.  At point, they leave MA alone in the van.  As such, MA escapes.


She reaches her house and cries more.


Over all, no Divya nor Sakthi sad.......


Ninaivugal thodarum...


Episode 69 -


Chandru approaches Ayya who is on the swing, and laments how hard it is to leave this village, since it where he grew up.  Ayya suggests he stay in the village, but Chandru finds it difficult due to his work (the only way to make moeny).  Chandru then asks Ayya where he'd prefer their kids (Sakthi and Divya) to live after marrige - i.e. in the Village, Chennai, or back to Singapore.  Ayya doesn't seem to know the answer - after all do the parents go by their selfishness of getting the kids to live by them, or let them live in Singapore, a place they'd enjoy!  He decides to go with the flow.  Chandru adds that what ever the case be, he's happy that the engagement ceremony went well.  As a reply, Ayya adds that he's extremely happy and lucky to have found Chandru's daughter for Sakthi.  He (Ayya) gets emotional over this.  Chandru calms him down and tells him that he'd try to find a suitable guy for Aish in the same village so that he can move to the village as well.  Chandru then informs Ayya that he, along with his entire family, will be going back to Chennai tomorrow morning.  Ayya reacts negatively and strictly tells him that no one can leave for another 10 - 15 days. 


Divya is in her room thinking about what has happened thus far.  She has a smile on her face when she thinks about Sakthi being shy at the ceremony.  She then recollects her thoughts about all the moments she had with Sakthi while in Singapore. 


Just then she hears Sakthi (the voice so doesn't suit Prajin) calling her.  When she turns around, she sees Sakthi standing near by.  She's shocked!  Sakthi asks if she was thinking about their flashback.  She denies, but Sakthi begins to tell her about each of those moments she was thinking about.  Divya is pretty suprised to hear Sakthi tell her exactly what she was thinking about.  Just then Sakthi asks her if she was thinking about something important.  Divya adds that there is nothing else, but Sakthi wonders if she was thinking about the thing he had always been asking her for.  She says no, but he so badly wants it.  Divya refuses first, but then moves closer to give him a peck on the cheek.....but soon realizes that she was dreaming!!!


She soon decides to visit Sakthi (who is now wide asleep) in his room.  The moment she walks close to him, she thinks about the time in which she emotionally expressed her love for him.  She then sits close to him on the bed. 


While Sakthi remains in deep sleep, Divya talks to him.  She wonders how he got into her heart, referring to how much she disliked him at first.  She then adds that she has fallen deeply in love with him and finds it difficult without seeing him.  But she's willing to go through this pain; after all it is a great feeling.  She shares a peom: Nee swasipathaal, naan uyir vaalkindreen.  Her love him has made her possessive - she finds it very difficult to see him talk to other girls, and wants him to realize this.  She then wants to his him, and wonders if she should Tongue


Ninaivugal thodarum....


Better than yesterday!!!!  These two share very good chemistry!!!


Episode 70


Sakthi and Kuyil are at what seems to be like a mall (perhaps they are in town?); Kuyil is all praise for Sakthi, but the latter requests him to stop.  Kuyil is happy that his friend is taking him to an 'AC bar'; Sakthi plays along and adds that he'll only buy him the drinks and Kuyil has to pay for the side dishes.  Kuyil requests Sakthi to not leave him behind once he's drunk.  They walk into a show room;  Kuyil wonders where the bar is.  Sakthi informs him that it is behind the show room.  Sakthi soons stops Kuyil and tells him to go to the bar that is located behind the place (Godrej) and to save seats for them.  He warns that if he doesn't, then he'll get really frustrated.  As such Kuyil leaves, but Sakthi is relieved in getting rid of Kuyil while he does his AC shopping.  After all, it was a lie.  Sakthi looks through a bunch of ACs from Godrej with the help of one of the staffs, while Kuyil looks all over the place for the AC bar.  The latter is unsuccessful and goes to ask the security guard for the whereabout of the AC bar.  The SG chases him away.  In the meantime, Sakthi pays for his purchase and as he walks down stairs, he finds Kuyil sitting there.  Kuyil tells Sakthi that he couldn't find the place, but Sakthi acts all made adding that he was waiting for half an hour.  Kuyil requests they go now, but Sakthi doesn't! 


MA is sitting in front of the house (pitch dark outside); Sakthi comes to her house on his bike.  She doesn't notice him coming, but when he calls her name, she looks at him and keeps silent.  After a while, she requests him to come in, but Saktih adds that he is mad at her for not showing up for the engagement.  He further adds that if she had cared (like he does), she would have definitely made it there to help out at least; but finds her very ignorant.  He then wonders if she doesn't like him, and asks her for a reason as to why she never showed.  She denies right away, and adds that she's in pain.  Upon being inquired, she adds that her dad was drunk and hence it took a while to bring back to the house, at which point, the engagement was over.  She explains that she has so much anbu (love as in care?) for him and that she would do anything for him.  She also adds that she suffered a lot without seeing, while he was in Singapore.  Sakthi understands her (Confused man Sakthi is not picking up the meaning behind MA's words....common Sakthi...this is not what you think it is....!!!), and adds that he got a little upset not seeing her at the event, and that there is no hard feelings. He apologizes. 


At Sakthi's house, Aish and Vaish are dancing for Theepidhikka song, while Divya watches them dancing.  Soon Viji (Divya's mom) calls her;  she doesn't want to go but Divya suggest that they go, hence both leave. 


Ayya, Chandru, and their respective wives are in the lobby; Ayya wonders why Chandru is adamant about leaving.  Just then the girls (Divya, Aish, Vaish) come out;  Aish is scolding her dad for distracting them.  Chandru is suprised at seeing Aish behave like that even in front of Ayya.  After teasing her, Chandru asks if Sakthi would like to join them this evening to Chennai.  Sakthi is shocked and looks at Divya; he whispers what the matter is; she gives an unhappy face (Ayya is noticing these two).  Before Sakthi could give an answer, Aish raises her voice and adds that she doesn't want to go back to Chennai till the holidays are over; she adds that she's willing to sign a document saying that she's not their daughter.  She then suggests they take Divya with them.  Sakthi looks at her, and she cutely gives a sad face.  Chandru then asks Divya if she wants to go, but she replies that she too will sign the document!  Chandru laughs it off and wonders if his daughters really like the place or what.  Divya tries to give an excuse that she wanted to come with them, but the rest tease her.  In the meantime Sakthi watches her with a smile.  Chandru jokingly asks if Sakthi had done something to her.  Seeing this happy moment, Ayya tries to convince them to stay, but Chandru wants to go back. 


MA is lying on the floor, looking very tired.  Just before her dad went out, he comes to say bye her, but finds that MA has a temperature running.  He wants to take her to the doctor, but MA declines.  He tells her to rest, while he goes to buy medication.


Chandru and Viji are getting ready to leave.  Ayya, and Aish want the two to come back in a week or two.  The rest gather to send them off.  After the parents leave, Sakthi looks at Divya, who smiles at him.


Ninaivugal thodarum....


The way MA is talking to Sakthi, it seems as if she's in deep love with him...but Sakthi doesn't seem to get it...this is very ironic! He should have picked it up...more over, he himself should be careful with his words...he keeps showing so much care/ paasam towards her...i so don't want this to back fire....

So what do you guys feel about the story in general...I think they are dragging now.....but it is always fun seeing Divya and Sakthi together....

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annoo Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2008 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
I think last week Shakthi said tht he'll not even move if MA doesnt come for the engagement. Now he doesnt even bother to see whether she's there or not. Then y such dialogues? Is Shakthi a dual personality? He was different one in Singapore n Chennai. He was diff in village. Again now he seem to be normal as in singapore/chennai.
Anyways it is gud to see tht he is not giving much importance to MA.
Director sud stop showing regular serial villain. Then it'll be more interesting.
annoo Senior Member

Joined: 08 April 2008
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Posted: 14 April 2008 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Aisha thanks a lot for the updates. I read ur updates and watch only the scenes involving Shakthi/Divya. I just cant stand MA n co. So i dont watch those parts. Thanks a lot for making the days pleasant.
Ur updates r so early today. So were u waiting for it eagerly like me? Its worth(today) cos atleast the ceremony is over and MA now knows tht Shakthi luvs Divya deeply.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2008 at 8:41pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by annoo

Aisha thanks a lot for the updates. I read ur updates and watch only the scenes involving Shakthi/Divya. I just cant stand MA n co. So i dont watch those parts. Thanks a lot for making the days pleasant.
Ur updates r so early today. So were u waiting for it eagerly like me? Its worth(today) cos atleast the ceremony is over and MA now knows tht Shakthi luvs Divya deeply.

Hi Anoo, I too enjoy watching Sakthi/ Divya scenes...the two are so cute!  The reason why my update is so early is b/c they showed a lot of MA/ her dad, and hence it made it easy for me just quickly summarize it!  Otherwise, those days that contain a lot of Divya/ Sakthi scenes, I tend to take my time, mainly b/c i don't want to miss any bits of it while updating.....

I was somewhat looking forward to today's episode, but then again , I so badly wanted to avoid MA's parts....I must admit that I was more anxious last week than this! 

And you're totally right about the dialogue Sakthi had told MA the other day...i too was wondering if he had forgoten her or some...but I think it is better if Sakthi not give MA too much importance....I'd highly appreciate that....but since there are still 6 months time before marriage..any thing can happen...however, I don't to see the jodi split due to MA...

sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 2:44am | IP Logged
thanks god atleast the ceremony went without hitch

though we have to wait for marriage for 6 months LOL LOL
bluegal Goldie

Joined: 07 January 2007
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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 4:10am | IP Logged
thanks aisha for the updates Big smile

i thought shakti looked bashful during the engagement LOL
Shalinikanthan Senior Member

Joined: 24 February 2007
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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
thnx aishaa. gr8 update. I think da maaiage dont happen remember this s shakthi's flash back of his past love. so I think they seperate and goes bak to their normal life in singapore. Hmm I hope It doesnt happen at all.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2008 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
I seriously am getting mad since the story is giving toooo much importance to MA..they are showing her suffer soo much which suggests that soon some thing unexpected will happen (i.e. calling Sakthi - Divya marriage off, and then get Sakthi to marry MA)....if that ever happens, i think i'll stop watching it but...for the time being, i'm watching it for the lead jodies...

And BG, you're totally write regarding Sakthi's looks during the event......:):)

And Shallu....i'd rather have the couple stay in singapore than in this village... at least that way, they are away from MA and her dad...

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