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aaliyah Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 5:37pm | IP Logged

The episode begins on Malhaar telling the court that this (arjun) is not Sahil as Sahil was left handed and he couldn't do anything with his right hand (typical answer isn't it). Everyone is shocked. Malhaar apologises and says that she was mistaken and that perhaps her Sahil has gone really far from her. Malhaar then starts crying.

Outside the court Samay and kajal walk out together. Arjun is standing on his own. Malhaar walks up to him and arjun tells Malhaar to believe him that he isn't Sahil and that he hasn't even seen her before. Malhaar apologises to arjun and says that she made a mistake and the only difference between him and Sahil was that Sahil was left-handed and he is right handed. Then Samay comes behind Arjun and Malhaar and claps. He taunts Malhaar that she is a great actress and did a great drama in the courtroom. Samay then says to Malhaar that she is no longer in the courtroom so she can stop doing this drama. Arjun says "bhaiya yeh aap kya keh rahe hai". Then Samay shouts at arjun and tells him that he shouldn't dare act like that in front of him and he knows that him and Malhaar are together. Malhaar snaps back at Samay and tells him that this all might be a drama for him but it's her bitter reality that she has lost her love today. Malhaar then leaves crying.  Arjun then says to Samay that he shouldn't have done that and that he hasn't got sympathy for someone else's feelings but no matter what happens he will get his kajal and will go to any extremes to prove he's Arjun. Then kajal joins Samay and Arjun. Kajal says to Arjun that it doesn't matter what he proves as her heart doesn't believe he is Arjun. She then goes on to say, "You are just his look-alike and can never take Arjun's place in our lives". She then leaves with Samay leaving Arjun upset.

Next scene Kajal is shown searching her room. She is looking for the floppy. Samay walks in and Kajal tells him that she can't find the floppy. Samay says to kajal that "of course the floppy will not be here" and says that the look-alike might have taken it. Samay then reminds kajal of the time she thought she saw arjun in her room and then the door closed. Samay suggests that he must have stolen the floppy and read all their secrets. Then Nitu and Manmeet walk into the room. Manmeet tells kajal that he's got the floppy. Then kajal is shown thinking that if papa has the floppy then how come the look-alike knew everything.

It's evening. Samay is shown impatient in his room. He is pacing his room thinking about everything that arjun said in the court. He is confused. Kritika comes into the room. She asks Samay if he's worried and then says that she can understand. Samay seems very annoyed (not at Kritika but at arjun). He says to Kritika that "of course she understands but they cant do anything…a stranger has entered their lives and turned it upside down…we are just standing here helpless while that stranger is ruining our lives." Kritika asks Samay that there must be a way to get out of this web of lies." Samay says that there is no point as he (arjun) is very clever and has planned this game very well. Kritika then suggests to Samay that perhaps they should see Malhaar, as she is the only one that can help them find out the truth. Kritika tells Samay that she will go to the hotel and find out more about Malhaar.

Its night. Kajal is on the phone to her doctor. The doctor advises kajal not to take any stress and in her condition she needs to stay happy. The doctor then tells kajal that she will talk to her later as an emergency has come up. Kajal puts the phone down. Kajal looks at arjun and her wedding photo. She holds it and remembers a sweet moment she shared with him. The flashback shows kajal sitting on her bed getting ready to eat some imli. Arjun comes and sits next to her and takes the imli off her. He looks at kajal and says "what are you doing…the doctor has advised you not to eat too much kattha (bitter). Kajal then smiles and says, " I can't help it…I cant control myself". Arjun looks at kajal sternly and says " how come you can't control yourself…what's wrong with you…you should take care of yourself…what if something happens to the baby". Then kajal makes a sulking baby face and says, "I'm sorry I made a mistake but why are you scolding me". Then arjun says " arrey tum naraaz ho gayi…ok I'm sorry" and holds his ear for forgiveness. Arjun asks kajal why she doesn't take care of herself. Then kajal smiles at arjun and says, "because I have you to take care of me" they both smile at each other and hug.

Kajal's flashback ends and she starts crying. She says, "Arjun when you left me you didn't even think how I would live without you". Then the sad Kkoi dil mein hai song is played and flashbacks are shown of Arjun's death and sweet moments shared between arjun and kajal. Kajal starts crying again.  The phone rings. Kajal picks it up think it's the doctor. She says, "Jee doctor". The person on the other end is arjun talking from a phone booth. Arjun asks kajal is she is crying and then asks her if she is ok (as she was talking to the doctor)." Kajal tells arjun that he doesn't need to do this drama. Arjun then says " what I'm doing a drama…a person who survived death for you…why would I do a drama…how many dreams we had for our Abhimanyu and now it seems those dreams will just be deserted." Arjun then asks kajal how he can convince her that he's arjun. Kajal tells him to stop and says that he doesn't need to convince her he's arjun, as she knows he is not her arjun. Then arjun says, "Ok please don't get angry…its not good for your health…but please believe me and agree otherwise I will have to say what I don't want to say in court". Then kajal says that he can say whatever he wants it doesn't bother her and hangs up. Arjun is upset. Kajal thinks that she knows this look-alike will go to extremes but for Arjun's sake she will have to fight him to every extreme.

Next scene is shown of the court. Inside the courtroom Gayatri tells the judge that it's proven that there are two people with the same face (Sahil and arjun) but now they need to decide which one out of these two died. Then arjun says to the judge that before the case goes any further he wants to say something. The judge asks arjun what he wants to say. Arjun says "I can prove that the man that died in the party that night was not arjun Punj but I need permission to talk to Mrs Kajal Punj on my own". Samay interrupts the court and says that he should not be given permission as kajal is pregnant and too much pressure isn't good for her. The judge warns Samay that he is interrupting the court. Samay apologises and sits back down.  Then Gayatri tells the judge that this is about someone's whole life and identity and perhaps there is something personal that both husband and wife know but cant say in court. The judge grants permission for arjun and kajal to talk alone but says that a person (police man) will keep watch of them while they talk.

Then Kajal and Arjun are shown in a separate room. Arjun is talking to kajal (which we cant hear) and kajal is listening to him carefully. Inside the court everyone is waiting impatiently for their return. Samay gets a phone call and leaves the courtroom. He goes outside and it's Kritika on the phone. She tells Samay that she went to the Mumbai hotel that Malhaar said she was staying in but found no information about her there and also phoned the Delhi number but there was no reply. Samay asks Kritika if she's sure. Kritika says she is certain as she asked everyone there but they did not know anything.  Samay tells Kritika that this isn't good as Malhaar was the only one that could help them. Samay then tells Kritika that he will talk to her later and goes back into the courtroom.

Samay enters the courtroom and the judge is giving his verdict. Kajal and arjun are holding hands. The judge says that Mr Arjun Punj is innocent. Samay interrupts and says, " no this isn't right, this man is not arjun and he's not Kajal's husband". Then kajal says "no Samay this is arjun". Samay says, " What are you saying kajal". Kajal then says, "Samay we made a mistake in recognising arjun…arjun has told me all the things that only a husband can tell his wife…believe me this is arjun" Samay says "I don't believe this …this man is very clever". Kajal tells Samay not to say anything else. She goes onto say " fate took my arjun away from me before and if I lose him again I will not be able to live". Everyone is shocked. Kajal is crying and says to Samay that "believe me this is my arjun and the father of my baby". She looks at arjun and both of them smile with tears in their eyes. The judge then says that "looking at the proof and Kajal Punj's evidence the court declares this man to be the real arjun Punj." The whole family is shown happy whereas Samay is upset and angry.

Next scene shows Samay coming outside the courtroom. He's trying to phone Kritika but can't get through to her. Kritika comes and Samay tells her that the look-alike was cleverer than they thought and that he fooled the court and kajal into believing he's arjun. Kritika is shocked and asks Samay how could kajal believe him. Samay says they need to find Malhaar. As Samay says this he sees Malhaar. Malhaar comes up to Kritika and Samay. Kritika asks Malhaar where she was and that she was trying to get hold of her. Kritika tells Malhaar that she is the only one that can prove this man is Sahil. Malhaar tells Kritika that she should not expect her to lie and that she has accepted that this man is not her Sahil but is Kajal's husband Arjun. Malhaar then starts crying and walks off. Samay and Kritika are shocked.

Someone holds Samay's shoulder. It is arjun with kajal next to him and his and Kajal's family behind him. Arjun says "bhaiya please believe me I am your arjun, don't you recognise me, don't you recognise your own blood…the blood that is running in my veins is the same as the blood running in your veins". Then Samay mocks arjun and says, "Oh thanks for telling me that otherwise I wouldn't have known…ok I believe you but now you prove it". Arjun says, "Prove it, how?" Samay says "with a DNA test". Everyone appears angry at Samay. Then nitu ask Samay what he's talking about. Samay says that what he's saying is correct and this look-alike knew a DNA test would prove him wrong so that's why he talked to kajal on her own to fool her. Then Manmeet says, "this is your thinking, but my heart says that this is our arjun" then Samay says "if you think that then what harm is there in having a DNA test." Kajal interrupts Samay and says "because relationships are bonded by the thread of trust and you don't need a DNA test to prove it…and I have full trust on my arjun and our relationship". Then Samay looks at arjun and says, " So in the end you used your clever games and won". Arjun looks at Samay with tears in his eyes. He says to Samay "yes I have won…but I also promise that soon I will win my brothers love and trust." Arjun then tells Samay that he will have the DNA test. Everyone is shocked. Samay then grabs Arjun's arm and says "chaloh (come)". Samay and arjun leave, leaving the family surprised. Episode ends.



jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 5:42pm | IP Logged
Aaliyah thank god u saved me from writin detailed updates coz i did write one a min ago but it werent detailed n sice u posted this den i wont hav to write it out proper thanx, u should becu a coolbie u no, keep up wid da gud job aaliyah. thanx for savin me from loads of typing.
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update! ikdmh is about to start in about 3 mins! gotta go! thanks again!
mango Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 6:24pm | IP Logged

wats wrong with samay y doesnt he believe that the person is arjun

and thanx for the update aaliyah i was waiting for it  

Edited by smisha - 07 January 2005 at 8:41pm
Selina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 7:10pm | IP Logged
DNA Testing, Finally!
*Anjali* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Samay's upset b/c he received the disappointment of a lifetime---he can't marry Kajal Clap  Thanks for the update, Aaliyah!
Sumita Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
He is upset because he might be the cause of Arjun's accident and his death plan.
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2005 at 8:41pm | IP Logged
I think he is not really Arjun at this point...who knows ekta can turn the story any way she likes it...I have literally stopped watching her serials...they all are sad...Angry

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