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KNII Apr 7 - 10: Foul Play by MA n Co.?

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Episode 63 -

Sakthi is warning Shree not to pollute the water in the field since it is used for agriculture itself.  Shree, while mimicking Vijaykanth, adds that he had arrived here to flirt with girl, but is unsuccessful thus far.  Just then they see Kuyil arriving on his motor bike.  Both of them stop him, but Kuyil is in a big rush.  They want to know what the matter is, but Kuyil doesn't know want to share it since he finds Shree very competitive, and hence will ruin his plan.  Sakthi assures that Shree will not do anything.  As such, Kuyil reveals to them about young girls gather at the temple.  Sakthi scolds him, but Kuyil isn't bothered and takes off (while warning Shree not to even come there)!  Shree too is interested and requests Sakthi to go along with him.  


At the temple, girls are tying red/ yellow cloths on the tree branches.  Just then Kuyil enters and begins to flirt around with them.  Following Kuyil are Shree and Sakthi (though these two are not actively participating);  After a couple of the girls leave, Shree requests Kuyil to stay within limits, while Sakthi advice them to leave the place and goes off to pray.  Shree, in the meantime, is willing to partner up with Kuyil, and the latter readily agrees.  


Sakthi, in front of the Lord, closes his eyes and prays.  A few moments later, Divya along with Aish, and Vaish, reach the same spot.  Vaish and Aisha are excited seeing Sakthi there, but Divya requests them to stay quiet.  After praying, Divya opens her eyes and takes a look at Sakthi (who is still praying), but looks away upon seeing him open his eyes.  Sakthi too looks at Divya.  The two are playing a game (it seems), however, Sakthi notices something (looks a little mad) and leaves.  


Divya is in the lobby thinking deeply.  Sakthi soon approaches the lobby and stands on the opposite side.  Divya stands up and looks away.  Sakthi disappointedly tells Divya that he didn't expect her to behave like this unlike what he had imagined – i.e. that they understood each other well.  He then asks her how dare she!  Divya doesn't know what he is talking about.  He adds he didn't expect her to act like this even thought she was mad at him.  She still doesn't know what he is talking about.  He then tells her about the ring.  It doesn't ring a bell for her!  But the moment he tells her about the ring symbolizing their love.  She takes a look at her hand, only to find it not there.  She is shocked, while Sakthi is accusing her of throwing away the ring he had gifted her.  Before she could say anything, Sakthi adds that whatever she said earlier (while he was putting the ring on her finger) was all a lie.  She tells him that it must have been misplaced some how and that she definitely did not throw it away.  Sakthi still doesn't believe her and firmly tells her that she's lost his trust.  After Sakthi leaves, Divya is walking back and forth thinking about it.  


Shree and Kuyil are walking along the road.  Kuyil wants to know about girls in Singapore, and requests Shree to take him to Singapore once.  Shree has no problem with it and adds that they can go on Kuyil's mo – bike.  Kuyil wonders if they need the passport/ Visa.  Shree assures that they can go on the bike, since he's been there many times.  Kuyil agrees and takes off leaving Shree on the road.  Shree shouts at Kuyil!  Kuyil, after reaching a few meters, stops and tells him that he is not a foot to believe Shree and that he is aware of his plan (i.e. to go to the town to buy liquor).  He further requests him to come back to the village on his own!  


Divya while passing by, notices Sakthi sitting at the corner of the foyer.  She goes and sits by him.  She emotionally asks if that is how much understanding he has of her; She promises that she did not purposely misplace the ring and that she is upset (more so than him) about losing the ring.  She further adds that she loves him so much (and that he knows more about it) and hence would never have thrown it away because she was mad at him.  She confesses about having to look for it everywhere and not being able to find it. She requests him to speak to her.  He keeps silent.  She further adds that she would not have taken the ring from him in the first place if she was going to remove it!  After all, amidst all those problems they had gone through, she was wearing it.  Sakthi isn't convinced and takes off.  Divya tries to prevent him, but he leaves anyways, leaving her to cry.  


Divya is sitting on the swing in the middle of the foyer watching Sakthi teach Maths to his sister.  Kuyil brings the young coconut that Sakthi had asked him to bring.  Sakthi requests him to go cut the young coconut.  Divya often would look at him.  But the latter isn't bothered.  Aish enters and teases Sakthi for teaching his sister.  She then asks Divya if she wants to play chess, or go out.  Divya isn't interested.  Seeing Divya all dull, Aish wonders what the matter is.  After not getting a response from Divya, Aish asks Sakthi why Divya is upset.  Seeing this, Divya scolds her for asking such question, and offers to play Chess with her.  Just then MA walks in to the house, and wants to fight with Sakthi for not having to come to her house.  Sakthi adds that he was little busy, but MA replies that he has time to think about other things (while looking at Divya), yet has no time to come to her house.  He apologizes and adds that he'll come soon.  MA wants him to go with her right now.  Sakthi agrees and gets ready to go.  MA doesn't like the Tee he is wearing and requests him to change it.  Sakthi looks at Divya and readily agrees to change it and leaves.  MA, in the meantime, teases Vaish.  As soon as Sakhi gets back, MA adds that he looks like hero (Of course, Divya doesn't like this but what to do).  Without wasting any time, Sakthi walks outside (even without saying anything to Divya), and MA follows him (giving a look to Divya).  


Sakthi and MA arrive on his mo – bike.  MA's dad is sitting by the foyer and is cleaning the old photographs.  MA rushes in and informs him of Sakthi's arrival.  MA's dad isn't bothered.  When Sakthi enters the house, he's a little shocked to find his uncle behave that way.  But soon says hi to him.  MA's dad asks MA to offer a chair.  Instead, Sakthi goes and sits by him.  Sakthi wonders why he doesn't come to their house and all that.  MA's dad wonders why Sakthi never thought of coming to their house instead, in these three days.  Sakthi adds that he was a little busy.  MA soon brings a cup of coffee and offers it to Sakthi.  He wonders if Sakthi has plans to go back to Singapore.  Sakthi responds that it is all up to his dad.  MA's dad further adds that all that while Sakthi was away in Singapore, MA would actually always talk about Sakthi (and hence gave him a hard time).   But he then accuses Sakthi for not bothering about them anymore.  MA jumps in and adds that Sakthi was always thinking about them while he was in Singapore.  The dad is unresponsive and offers Sakthi to have lunch.   Sakthi readily agrees! 



Ninaivugal thodarum....

Episode 64 -

Kuyil takes Shree to a coconut backyard; He then goes through all the leaves to find four bottles of Kallu (Liquor).  Shree is delighted and thanks Kuyil.  Kuyil adds that it is Shree's luck that they found the bottles some unknown person hid there (since liquor is abandoned).  Shree is a little shocked, but soon joins in the party.  They drink and sing songs.  Shree is drunk and begins to wonder around.  He soon bumps into two men, and scold them before asking them to drop him off at Sakthi's place.  The men readily agree and beat him up. 


Back at Sakthi's house, Ayya and co are seated to have their lunch.  Divya is serving but Sakthi is missing.  Vaish is sent to bring Sakthi.  They are having lunch, and Ayya wonders who made the food.  After finding out that it was Divya, he is all praise for her. Upon hearing this, Sakthi is hesitant to eat, while the rest of them thank Divya for a delicious meal.  Sakthi soon informs his dad that he isn't feeling well and hence he'll eat later.  Ayya wonders if he should call the doctor but Sakthi says that he'll be fine and leaves.  After the meal, Ayya goes to Divya and adds that Sakthi is a lucky fellow.  Divya is all smiles, but soon gets all sad! 


Vaish brings Sakthi a glass of milk (sent by Divya) since he hasn't eaten anything.  Sakthi rejects it, and hence Vaish leaves the tumbler on the table.  Just then Sakthi notices a ring on Viash's finger, and immediately asks how she got it.  Vaish tells him that it is Divya's and that while they were playing Divya had asked her to keep it safely.  However, both of them have forgotten about it.  Hearing this, Sakthi feels very bad for having treat Divya that way.  


Divya is walking back and forth (poor girl).  Sakthi approaches her.  Upon seeing him, she walks away, but upon hearing Sakthi call her name, she stops.  He apologizes to her for scolding her, and tells her about what he found out.  Hearing this, Divya is delighted and is soon seen to run.  Hurray the ring is found and most importantly, the two are patching up….


A bunch of men approach Kuyil, who is sitting at the tea shack along with Shree.  They want him to read and tell them about a letter that is in English, since Sakthi is not around.  Kuyil thinks how he is going to handle this, while Shree is a little surprised by the respect the men are giving Kuyil.  Shree wonders how Kuyil is capable of speaking English, since he's only studied till Grade 3.  The men inform him that after Sakthi, only Kuyil is capable of speaking English, and request Kuyil to say a few words.  After much reluctance, Kuyil says Alleluia….Praise the God.  Shree laughs it off, and thinks that this guy must have picked it up while begging in front of the church.  Shree then wants to see him read the letter.  Kuyil takes it, and decides to act all smart.  He reads gibberish!  When the men ask him for the meaning, he tells them that the government is awarding them with an award and 50 000 Rupees/ person for having to live in an extensive family.  Shree is aware that Kuyil is making up a story and decides to get him in trouble.  He requests the men to get Sakthi (who is on his way) to read it.  Sakthi reads it, while Kuyil is requesting him not to.  He tells them that the bank loan is due soon, and that they must pay it back to avoid getting punished.  


Ayya is in his coconut patch, while his family Joshier (astrologist) enters.  Ayya wonders if the Joshier had checked the couples (Divya – Sakthi)  horoscopes.  The Joshier adds that the two's horoscopes match to perfection, and that they do the Nitchayathartham (engagement) within the next two days, or else they won't get another mokurtham (good time) within the next 2 months.  Ayya soon phones Chandru (Divya's dad) and informs him.  Hence they plan to do the engagement soon!  


Ninaivugal thodarum…


Episode 65 -


Sakthi's mom calls Divya (who's in the balcony) and informs that Ayya is calling her.  Just then Sakthi walks by and his mother lets him know as well.  Both of them (Divya and Sakthi) exchange looks (it seems as if they still haven't talked L).  Ayya is on the swing, surrounded by his men.  They are talking about the preparations that need to be done for the engagement!  Seeing Sakthi and Divya, Ayya smiles at them and asks Divya if her dad had informed her of anything.  Divya says no and hence Ayya informs both of them about the sudden plan.  Both are shocked and Divya wonders why so soon.  Ayya maintains that this in itself is already late and asks them to get ready so they could go and purchase all the necessities. 


MA is happily getting ready in front of the mirror.  She has a broad smile on her face.  Just then, Vaish goes to MA's house and knocks on the door.  MA receives the door and lets her in.  On their way in, Vaish wonders why MA is all dressed up and adds that she's looking really pretty.  MA is very shy, but Vaish tells her not to be too shy and informs that she's going to plug some Hennah leaves.  Upon being inquired, Vaish adds that it is for Divya Anni.  MA is confused and doesn't know what she's talking about.  Vaish tells her about Sakthi marrying Divya and the sudden engagement plans.  MA is shattered, and begins to cry. 


Vaish is putting Hennah on Divya's hands.  Aish sings a song from the movie Kizhakku Cheemayilley and adds that soon Divya will settle down in the Village.  Divya doesn't mind it, after all it is for her Sakthi.  Aish doesn't stop teasing her, and sings more songs.  When Divya asks her to stop, Aish adds that Divya will soon marry her lover boy, and as such this is her last chance to tease her since the focus will be on their FN after marriage.  Vaish knows what FN stands for – First Night, and asks them why they decorate the rooms.  Divya scolds her for it.  In the mean time, Vaish is sad that Divya and Aish will not be there to sing songs for her when she gets married (Romba assathan!).  Aish assures that she'll be there and will the song Ooororum Pulliya maram (Paruthiveeran).  Vaish chases Aish.  Divya smiles it off.


At a liquor store, Kuyil and Shree are drinking.  MA's dad is also at the shop, drinking.  Kuyil later asks Shree about his friendship with Sakthi.   They soon begin to argue about who knows Sakthi better.  Along this line, Shree adds that he knows a lot about Sakthi's personal matter – Sakthi, Divya meeting, fighting, living together.  MA's dad notes all of this.  Kuyil and Shree later leave, but MA's dad is thinking about Ayya's ability to judge since his own son is at fault (he's talking about the panchayarthu theerpu that Ayya had given Saravanan a while back).  


MA's dad comes home only to find MA sitting in the dark.  He finds MA all down and sad.  He apologizes for drinking but gets no response from MA.  He sits by her and finally gets her attention.  Upon being inquired, MA adds that no one can solve her problems.  MA's dad tells her that he will try to solve her problems.  Hence she tells him about Sakthi getting married to Divya and that no one really understood her feelings.  Moreover, she tells him that it is too late, and they can't do anything about Sakthi anymore!  MA's dad silently gets up and leaves.


Kuyil approaches Sakthi (mad at Sakthi for not sharing personal things with him) and asks about his relationship with Divya back in Singapore, adding that Shree (his new buddy) had revealed everything to him.  Sakthi is tensed and wonders what else Sakthi told him.  Kuyil also mentions the living together but since he's not capable of understanding English, he asks what it means.  Sakthi tells him that it is the street name.  After Kuyil leaves, Sakthi is tensely thinking. 


ninaivugal thodarum...


Episode 66 -


Sakthi calls Divya on her cell; She's unable to attend since she has hennah on her hands.  He calls her repeatedly and finally Divya carefully answers the phone.  He inquires why she didn't pick up earlier, and she explains that she has hennah on her hand.  He then tells her to come up to the balcony; she wonders why, but Sakthi strongly tells her to come up.  She agrees to go up. 


At the balcony, Divya wonders what the matter is.  He keeps silent.  Divya adds that she has a lot to do since she's the daughter in law of the house.  Sakthi then tells her that she can go.  Divya knows that Sakthi has something important to share with her, and asks what the matter is.  He then opens up and tells her he's worried that something bad might happen at the last minute.  He informs her about Shree's big mouth and is worried if anyone else had heard him, which could possibly reach Ayya's ears.  Divya is shocked and wants to know they should do.  He then firmly adds that he's ready to face anything that comes in their way since they did not cross the limits.  After Sakthi leaves, Divya seen thinking. 


MA is deeply thinking and is soon approached by her had, who is drunk yet again.  He tells her that he has never fulfilled her needs and adds that there is nothing wrong in her liking Sakthi.  He further adds that he'll definitely get her married to Sakthi by asking Ayya, who apparently will never deny!  She looks shocked!  He firmly adds that only she will get engaged to Sakthi.  


Shree, on the swing, is lamenting over the absence of Nandini.  Just then Sakthi approaches him and requests him to come to the room.  Shree follows!  In the room, Sakthi offers some money along with his baggage, asking him to leave.  Shree is shocked.  In the meantime,  he wonders why he had revealed everything to Kuyil.  Shree then promises to quite drinking (Ya right), and hence Sakthi lets him stay. 


MA, at the field deeply thinking (such a boring character), is noticed by Sakthi who is riding on his mo – bike.  He calls her but she is not responsive, hence he approaches her.  She doesn't look happy seeing him.  Sakthi wonders what the problem is, but she doesn't say anything.  Sakthi adds that he is there for her (oh oh), and cheers her up.  He then asks her about Divya and whether if she likes her.  She turns the question on him regarding Divya – and he adds that he likes her very much, telling her about the marriage plan.  He then asks her if she's ok with it, and she replies that as long as he likes her, she's fine with it.  He further adds that she must be present at the ceremony in order for anything to happen, and he means it.  After Sakthi takes off, she is seen crying. 


Chandru and wife have arrived at Ayya's place.  They talk about the golden memories.  Soon their kids join them – Aish and Divya delighted to see them.  Sakthi too is happy at seeing them. 


MA is sitting alone and is thinking about what her dad (marrying her off to Sakthi) and Sakthi (expecting her presence) had told her.  She thinks and thinks and thinks…….


Ninaivugal thodarum……


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kasturikas Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2008 at 8:36am | IP Logged
ok.. looking 4ward to the update... hope the reunite soon
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2008 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Finally, the two are beginning to patch up...just hoping that the MA doesn't spoil it for them....

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annoo Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2008 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Story was moving fast in Singapore. Now they r dragging.And now they've changed the director.
bluegal Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2008 at 4:22am | IP Logged
thanks aisha for the updates, i really had no time to see the eps.

and thanks annoo for the info about the director change part.

i too think that its dragging way too much. it was slightly better at chandru's place but once they are at ayya's place, its kinda boring plus with the spoilsport muthalagu, im not totally enjoying it Confused

i just hope that shakti & divya gets engaged & married soon. then later maybe the story will focus on whether they can return to singapore or they have to stay back in the village.

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usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2008 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Thx aisha for the double updates.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2008 at 8:36pm | IP Logged
Now that MA's dad knows the truth, he might try to cause problems at the engagement event! I really hope they don't drag it...I'd want to see the event tomorrow (but i doubt it)!
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2008 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the updates aish Embarrassed

Its all because of stupid Sree. At divya's place, he was the cause Angry now here too Angry Sakthi must chase this Sree away Angry Angry Im sure MA father is goin to use this to stop the wedding....

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