Aviyal story contest!!

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Ok, folks, At last Roja found time to attend to this. I am sure
by now all of u have forgotten about this contestEmbarrassed - so let me remind u all - We announced an "Aviyal Story" contest involving minimum 4 serials /10 characters. We thank Nallu and Suram for being the real sports and sending an entry each. Both will be published here as a mark of respect for their sportiveness. The question of judging does not arise because it will be an injustice to both of them. The development team salutes them both for their co-operation and a siggy will be made soon for both of them. The content of the siggy will be a surprise - and u all know that mad Roja can do any thing and get away with it. Once again we thank
and Suram Thumbs Up

Story by Nallu

Meenakshi Kalayana vaipokamae

Meenakshi has accepted the love of saravanan at last & Cute love scenes have followed.Love means there will be problem(From this point my story central theme, Saravanan-meenakshi marriage).Though Azhagi(her marriage was fixed with saravanan by meenakshi to save him from encounter by inspector pandi) has gracefully accepted their love ,kamatchi(saravan's mom) ,Pandi & Murugasan (Azhagi's bro & dad) did not accept. So durai pandi (meenakshi's dad) have asked them to run away. He will not accompany them as he is too old to run.

So on an auspicious day saravanan & meenakshi decide to run away & get married. They run side by side without holding hands (They never touch each other even with little finger).None of their family or friends accompanies them as there is fear of getting caught.

So running running they reach Chennai from madurai & saravanan dashes on Sri(KNI). Sri being an adherent supporter of love promises to help them & takes them to divya's house. Divya & sakthi are surprised to see them. So the modern love pair meets the village love pair. Sri explains the situation to them & they are also ready to help them. They decide to marry them off in Mylapore kapalishwar temple & get the marriage certificate there itself so they don't have to face legal problems. Sri asks meenakshi & saravanan to be in hiding & sakthi & himself will take care of all wedding arrangements.

Divya takes meenakshi to her room to take rest. Divya & meenakshi start to discuss their story. Meenakshi is surprised to hear that they lived in the same house in Singapore & divya is surprised to hear that they have not even touched each other though saravanan is her own mama & they too lived under same roof for some time. Two ladies talking means they forget the world isn't it? Saravanan & sakthi are left in the hall alone. They are sitting with a sad face as there is no food & they are hungry. After waiting for so much time sakthi decides to go & get food from hotel , but instead of going out he comes inside running.

The reason for that is there is police jeep outside. He asks saravanan to go inside & hide. The inspector is none other than arunachalam (anjali). Inspector Pandi has contacted police control room to find the eloped pair. Arunachalam has heard that meenakshi is so beautiful with the cutest pair of eyes & has started his hunt. Sakthi asks why he has come & arun shows the photograph of meenakshi & enquires him saying that his sources say they saw a girl matching this description just now. Sakthi says this is his fiances house & he doesn't know a girl like this. He begs arun to leave as his fiance will kill him if she knows this. Arun leaves saying my eyes will always be on you.

New problem has started now. Sakthi & sri decide to contact arun's wife as only a wife can stop any hubby. They go to meet Collector Thulasi & ask her help. She promises to keep her hubby away from meenakshi & since their area will not come under her jurisdiction she asks them to go & meet arase who will help with police protection.She gives a letter explaining their problem to arase.

Next stop is to meet arase. Though arase is neck deep in problem now she gives a letter to Mylapore police inspector advising him to give protection outside temple during the marriage & she asks one of her faithful followers to keep an eye on divya's house & keep informing her. She also advises sakthi & sri to go & see her daughter Selvi as she is very good in marrying off people who have problems like this.

Sakthi calls selvi ma & explains the situation. Selvi being selvima readily accepts to come to divya's house. She can't refuse also since it's her mom's recommendation.

Selvi ma reaches divya's house. She really likes Saravanan – meenakshi pair & tells the whole plan to be followed. She even offers to marry off divya & sakthi. But they refuse saying their parents are ready to marry them off.

The D day has arrived. Meenakshi & saravanan get ready as mappilai & ponnu. Everybody have assembled. Saravanan is insisting he will drive the car(he even drove the car when he got kathi kuthu). Meenakshi orrutufies her mooli to calm him down.Sakthi drives the car & they reach the mylapore temple. Their police protection is in full swing. All go inside & meenakshi & saravanan are surprised as meenu's dad durai pandi,Dr.anbhu, nila, azhagi who have come to attend their wedding(courtesy selvi ma).

Marriage takes place with keeti melam & nathaswaram & saravanan ties the thali to meenakshi. Suddenly aghiri nandhini solgam is heared & baby anjali appears. She blesses the pair saying kannan will arrive to solve all their problems & disappears.Everybody is happy. The marriage took place without a hitch.

After  a few years-

Saravanan is having little kannan (or shud I say little saravanan)in his lap & singing the song' kannan vanthan kathai sonnan mazhalayal en kodumbham enaithan' Meenakshi comes calling kanna kanna come & eat. Kannan rombha bigu pannuthu.He takes a cooling glass from his pocket & wears it like his dad & runs away saying mom I don't like ur cooking I am going to eat in grand pa's hotel.Meenakshi says appanuku pulla thapama poranthuruku & shouts saravana catch him before he runs out. Meenakshi & saravanan run to catch their son kannan


List of serials and characters

Four serials

Madurai-Meenakshi & Saravanan (lead pair),  Azhagi, Kamatchi (Saravan's mom) , Pandi & Murugasan (Azhagi's bro & dad) ,Durai pandi (Meenakshi's dad), Dr.Anbhu, Nila(another pair - cousins of lead pair),Kannan - my karpanai character
kadalika neramillai-Sakthi, Divya(lead pair),Sri-friend
Anjali-inspector arunachalam ,Collector Thulasi, baby Anjali (ananthavali amman)



One beautiful afternoon in "Patta Padaikira veyyil"..Mr.Eashu is sitting in a park bench, pendha-pendha muzhifying like a ginger thinna monkey. Sitting next to him like Valli-Devanai are OQ and Gujju-mami.  OQ mooka sindhing and GM thitting in Gujjuish language.  "Abhi cannot be your daughter, I will not accept it". 


"Ice- ice, paal ice" –SKPD walks in pushing an ice-cream vandi, hearing GM's words, angrily says" Of course not, Abhi is MY daughter-yenakku porandha ponnu".  Now Gujju Maami looks as if she has swallowed two bees!!!  OQ starts wailing like a siren, in between saying NO NO NO, my Abhi is a gem.  SKPD gives her a sarcastic look and says, "Loosu pombala,…Abhi yen ponnu dee, Yennai maathiri thaan iruppa." OQ's siren wailing starts.  Here Easu ..veruthhu poi sings—"sothanai mel sothanai podhum ada saami".


GM covers her ears and says"Yov nirutthuya,  imsai thaanga mudiyalai,"  then triumphantly says-" Yenna irunthaalum Adhi maari varuma??? Yenndoa stomachla piranthunaalae Adhi is so good!!"


A round figure in saree and thodapakkattai in hand, turns around and yells—"Naan thaan Adhi dee, Moodhevi, kaithe , kasmaalam, innadi nee penaathikkinu keere???  One vavuthulla naanu yeppo di poranthukinnen???  Kaila inna keethu paarthiya? Thodapakattai.. mavalae..podava kooda wrongsu sidela kattikinnu keera loosu nee, inname, odambu eppadi keethu??


GM turns white and says.." My God!! My sweet boy..what happened to you?? You have become a FAT woman!!!  Adhi -doing a rudrathaandavam …yaara paathu gundu nnu sonne??? Kolai vizhum, nee mattum inna en thodappa kuchi kanaka olliya va keera?? Vanta pesa, Mavalae,ore adi..vaai vethala-paakku pottukkum!


Suddenly, there is terrible feed-back and everyone covers their ears. Bayangara build-up oda,  in comes Adhi shouting at the top of his voice" Naan intha Abhiya kollamaa vidamatten, She is giving me so much torture.  SKPD stops eating kuchhi ice and says "I thought that Abhi was against Shanthi, and who the hell are you?" Adhi spats and says" Olaraadhey man!! I arranged to have Shanthi killed and she is dead now." SKPD grins evilly –" LOSER!!!! Shanthi is alive and kicking!!!


Easu sogamaa looks at GM and sings " Thennaiya pethaa ilaneeru, pillaya petha kanneeru"..Parthiyaa, naan yenna sonnen,  Aadhi  has killed Shanthi." 


Thodapakkattai Adhi – Dhoda, anthaanda perukkitu varalaam nu pona, athukulle, keyvannuku kirukku pudichikichu.. mothalla keivi penaathikkichu, ippo neeya?? Yov, naan Gangaavathaan killingsu panninen!!  Veyyil la kunthikkinnu irukka solla mandala keera masaal allam urugiduchu, intha keyathukku!!


Mike Muzhungi, looks like an ingi thinna korangu.and says" What? Ganga is dead? I thought that she went away somewhere!!!  Sari Adhi laughs like Gadothgajan and says "Mundam, Ganga is a man!!! Saniyannungo, allam loosa keethungo!!"


Minister who is jogging in the park with his Veshti and  a few adiyaals also in veshti, Background song" Paruva mae ..pudhiya paadal paadu" --sees Mike M and laughs histerically and says-  Maappu Rekha vaippa unakku aappu!!"


A plump girl with painted face and pattu podavai walks in talking on cell phone, stops her conversation, looks at minister and says" idiot, I kept aappu for Kasturi".  OQ and GM exchange suspicious looks and vaayulayum vayathulayum adichukittu scream at Easu.-Now Who the heck is Kasturi?? Un moonjikku innum onnu thevaiyaa??


Rekha is exasperated and mutters" che, car-la walking polamnu vantha ore loossu mayama irukku.  Mike M vayile irunthu liter-literaa jollu coming..asks " Rekha! You look better, did you some facial done?" Abhi and Thols walk in and Abhi says, Adhi, inge yenna panre? Unakku vekkama ilaa?  Thols stares blankly at everyone, expressionless!


Round Adhi throws her thodapakattai on the floor in anger and yells- Kaithe-kaithe, yenakku innadi vekkam, naan podava kattikiren ille? GM cycle gappula screams- "Abhi, I am going to make you suffer!!" A loud voice comes like asareeree, "shoo, summa iru" says Anandham Abhi," U making ME suffer? I can eliminate U right now."  Mike M yells Yei, athu yennoda mummy dee!!"  Shanthi of Anandham walks in and says, "Ava kandippa seivaa!!! Avalukku athu alwaa saapidara maadhiri!!"


Mike M and Anandham Abhi get into a fight, SKPD is cheering Abhi giving drum beats on his motta thalai, and makes bad remarks about minister jogging in veshti, and they both get into a fight.  GM and OQ look and Easu and sing" Vaa vaathiyaare vootaande, nee varaangaatti naan vuda matten", get into a fight about who is going to take Easu home.  Rekha bumps against Sari Adhi and curses her.  Adhi promptly gets her thodappam and starts hitting Rekha.  Kolangal Abhi and Anandham Shanthi are doing a cheerleading dance!! Thols gets randomly beaten by everyone!!


All of them are fighting with a vengence  tho – half dead and exhausted. Two Angels appear-one small and one big and sing-'Anjali anjali anjali…minnum min-mini min-mini min-mini'

Big Anjali Angel tells Small Anjali Angel  "Yellam Avan seyal Kettavargalukku odhai kandippaaga vizhum!!!"  SA laughs, gleefully.and says-"Antha Thols yen ippdi adi vaangaraaru??  BA says, "I have put a Spell..Ange Paar"  and there SA sees, every adi that falls on Thols is falling on CJB, Cheyyar Ravi, Vaathu Kapoor and rest of the directors and creative heads!!!  


BA and SA say- yetho nammal aanaa udhavi.  Makkalukku konja naal serial paarkarathule irunthu viduthalai.  It will be a while for all these people to recover!!!   Ensoy, Makkalae Ensoy!!!



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Way to go girls Clap Clap Clap
I havent read the story yet, but will do that and post my comments Embarrassed
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Congrats ladies.   Clap Clap Like Meli, I will read later. Big smile
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vow,congrats suram & nallu.Nallu,meenatchikalyana vaibogam super Clap Clap Clap kalakallo kalakkal.
Meenatchi-saravanan kalyanam unga script'laiyavadhu nadandhey,i'm happy.'Kanna unnai thedugiren vaa'nu,naan wait pandren namma serial'a ippo.selvi thalaimayil kapalishwar temple'nu kannu munnadi nadathiye kaatiteenga kalyanathai......superb.

suram,u'r characters are not familiar 2 me,so i can't comment on it.i like it. Clap Clap.
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u posted the stories here roja akka thank u so much Big smile

suram thats a super story Clap Clap

i am laughing like anything though i have no idea abt some characters LOL LOL LOL

finishing touch super ROFL

suram i think u shud start writing Ck now so we get more of ur stories to read. Wink

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Suram, it's really hilarious. Ella seriallayum same character names irukkunnu adai vechu sema kalaichu irukkenga.
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Oh! that was funny Suram. LOL
I think I can identify some of your characters!
Madras bashaila yenga paarthalum poondhu velayadura kannu neeyi..

Nallu.. romba azhaga story yezhudi irukkeenga..
Even though I'm not familiar with the characters, your story is quite interesting.

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congrats nallu and suram for the contest. Superb stories guys.

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