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Character sketch

Angad khanna

He is 26 years old.He is a music teacher.It was his ambition to be a music teacher.He lives in mumbai.He is a jolly personality.He flirts around with his female colleagues but everyone knows that its just a joke.

 Vivaan khanna and Mainka khanna
Vivaan is angad khannas father.They are a mdiddle classed family.he loves his wife a lot as well as his children. He works in a bank and is very happy with his life.Mainka is angad khannas mother. She is loving...caring and kind. She is a house wife and loves her children more than anything and she treats her daughter in law as her daughter

Pratham khanna and Gauri khanna
Pratham is the elder brother of angad khanna.He is 29. He works in a office as a assistant directer. he is married and has a child who is now nearly 6 years old. Gauri is prathams wife and is very sweet loving,caring and attached to her in laws.

Anjali khanna and Kavya nanda
Angad khannas smaller sister who is in studying to be a doctor .She is 23. She believes friendship is the most important aspect in life.She is engaged to Kavya nanda who is a brain surgeon. He is 25. He is a great personality, he jokes according to time but is very calm and kind

Aliyah khanna
Angad khannas smallest sister.She is 20 years old and loves to enjoy life .she is studying law and plans to become a lawyer in the future

Sahil Khanna
He is angad khannas nephew...gauri and prathams son who is nearly six. He goes to school. He is naughty like angad. He is mostly fighting with aaliya.

Kripa sharma
She is 24, She is a dance teacher. She teaches dance. She has just shifted from masoori to mumbai with her family and is in search of a job. She is a kind of serious personality.She takes life very serious,hates annoying people well except her family members and a few close friends.She is fond of children.

Satya sharma and radika sharma
They are kripa sharmas parents, they are proud of there daughter and wish there sons who are smaller than kripa make them proud like kripa has. Satya is a manager in a bank and has been transferred to mumbai. Radika is a house wife, she loves her family a lot, her sister lives in mumbai who she will meet soon after 25 years.

Sagar sharma

He is 15. He is joyous,jolly loves to annoy kripa,but settles down when kripa gets hyper.

Soham sharma
He is 11 years old.He is cute ,and kripa loves him more than sagar because he doesn't annoy her,instead he respects her and they have the perfect sister brother relationship

Nitya nanda
She is kavya nandas mother, she is loving caring and she is radika sharmas sister who lives in mumbai. She is a widow and lives with her father  in law as well as her son.

Yash nanda
He is kavya nandas grandfather.jolly ,loves his grandson, and he is very fond of angad because of his jolly behavior

Shabbir agarwaal
He is 23 and has just become a lawyer.He lives in mumbai and is a close friend of kavya nanda.

The rest of the characters are staff members in the school.


engaged to dev.English teacher


gonna get engaged soon. History teacher


married. Hindi teacher


Married.Science teacher


engaged to kaajal. Maths teacher

Maya and Surya

The dance teacher of the school, who is soon going retire and her husband is the head teacher who's name is Surya.


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yay...ur posting this one again,,,...thanks
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Kripa sharma lives in masoori with her family, she learnt dance because she enjoys dance and she later started teaching it within a school. Now she has to move to mumbai because her fathers job has been transferred to mumbai. She has applied to a few places in Mumbai and as soon as she comes to Mumbai she is going to go for her interviews.

Angad khanna loved music so he learnt music, he sings well as well, he could have become a singer or a musician but because he loves kids so much he decided to teach music which he does in a primary school.He flirts around with other teachers but is aware of his limits, and every one know he is never serious so nothing goes wrong.

anjali got engaged to kavya a month ago and soon is going to get married to him.kavya has a jolly grandfather who is fond of angad. His daughter in law nitya became a widow 8 years ago. Nitya has been informed by her sister radika of there arrival to mumbai and she is waiting for the day to come

Angad and kripa have never met....they are both of opposite characters.angad is jolly where as kripa is serious.angad is patient where as kripa is impatient.kripa hates flirts where as angad just flirts. The only common thing i can think right now about them would be...they are stubborn and love children.

Will these two ever be able to meet?if they meet how will they cope with each other?


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Part One

The city was noisy, sounds of cars, people, traffic and stalls could be heard since it was morning, when everyone would head for work. Moving towards the quieter areas of mumbai an beautiful big house is seen with a board in front of the house saying 'khanna house'. In the house a women was busy helping her husband get ready

"come quickly today vivaan, we have to visit anjalis in laws today"

"ok, I'll try my best"

"not try your best , you will come early , and i mean it"

"ok madam , no need to become angry, is anjali awake?"

"yes she is, shes doing breakfast with aliyah, gauri is getting sahil ready and karan and angad have already left for work"

"mainka you say the same thing everyday"

"well, you ask me the same question everyday, and my answer will always remain the same"

"ok , now please put this tie on for me, I'm getting late"

Mean while downstairs, a young girl is scolding the other girl with another elderly women watching them

"aaliya you better not be late today" said anjali

"i wont, promise"

"aliyah, i mean it, last time you were two hours late, it gives a bad impression to my in laws"

"come on di, im sure they don't mind, they love you to bits and anyways, i was busy with a book in the library"

"the books are much more important to you, but still, come on, your supposed to take care of time"

"ok, ok , I promise I'll come early today, just give me a call"


"By the way anjali did you tell angad, I've informed karan"

"oh, no, i forgot to tell him, bhabi please tell him, pretty please, im getting late"

"ok, drop sahil to school on your way, and aliyah please come early"

"yes bhabi"

Aliya, anjali and sahil took a leave, whilst Gauri sat down on the sofa and lifted the phone, she dialed a number but to her luck the phone was engaged, so she dialed the school phone number. On the other line an old man, wearing thick glasses with a black suit lifted the phone


"hello, Surya uncle"

"oh , gauri, how are , how are you feeling"

"im fine, can I talk to angad, his phones not working"

"yes, just hold on, I'll call him"

The principle called a clerk and told him to send angad to his office. The clerk headed towards the staff room where a man stood in the middle with everyones attention diverted to himself.

"Mukti, dear, you broke my heart"

"What did I do?"

"Whilst I'm alive your getting engaged to someone else, and your asking me what have you done"

"enough with this angad, we're getting late for class, and anyways whats your problem?" said Mukti laughing

"problem" he leaned against the wall and said "oh , what problem can I have, dadi and mansi ji are already married, kaajal already broke my heart when she got engaged to dev and now you"

"ok, ok, enough with the joke , get up , we are late"

Just then the clerk entered the staff room calling for angad

"sir is calling you"

"ok, anything serious"

"no, you have a phone call"

"oh, ok, thanks" angad headed towards the office and attended his call


"hello, angad, come home early today, we have to go to anjalis in laws today"

"Bhabhi, why are you telling this to me, anjalis the one who needs to go"

"angad , just come early, dont be late"

"ok, See you later"

"bye" With that angad headed straight towards his class since he was already late.

At lunch time he went to the dance room and sat with an elderly women, who had her hair tied up in a bun, with a pink salwar suit.

"dadi, whats the matter today, you look absolutely beautiful"

"thank you, and now tell me what you want"

"hmm, you always figure it out, ok, um i need to go home a little early today so can you talk to the principle"

"ok, and the reason"

"anjalis in laws"

"ok, just wait here, I'll be back"Maya convinced the principle and angad headed home once he finished his lesson after lunch.

As always, angad was fifteen minutes late, but not more late than aliyah, she was forty five minutes late and anjali was ready to burst as soon as both of the criminals stood in front of her

"What did I say, i said be here by two o clock and right now, its nearly three, What the hell is wrong with you, cant you read the time"

"Sorry" they both said heads down

"what sorry, this is not done, why were you late"

"I got stuck in the traffic anjali" replied angad

"I had a meeting with our collage professor" aliyah said bluntly

"Excuses , excuses, i don't want excuses" Shouted anjali "now hurry up, im giving you ten minutes, i want you down within in that time, because of you two we're late again"

"ok, anjali, let me remind you, im your big brother, so use a little respect next time" angad taunted "its fine with me now, but once I'm married please don't shout like that, I'll feel insulted"

"sorry"she replied guilty, with her head bowed

angad left to change his clothes, he didn't take anjalis shouting bad at all since he knew anjali was very possesive about her relationships, but when it came to kavya , she was a little too possessive, oh well that was her problem, angad thought.

They finally arrived at anjalis in laws, they settled down with everyone separated in groups.

"You look really happy, nitya, you excited"

"of course I am, Shes coming after twenty five years, I'm on cloud nine"

"Where are they planning on staying"

Satya wanted to hire an house here, but how can they live here, whilst I'm here" nitya replied

"Yes thats true, who else is coming"

"Her children, shes got three children, I haven't seen any of them since she left when she was pregnant with kripa"

"kripa, nice name, do you want us to come to the airport"

"no, its alright, its just that I would love it if anjali comes, since she is our daughter in law"

"she will be there, I'm sure she doesnt want to miss this opportunity"

On the other hand, anjali and kavya were busy amongst themselves in the garden

"So anjali you coming tomorrow"

"of course i will, you don't look so excited"

"well, There like intruders, i mean come on, I've always had silence when I work and now that there gonna be here its gonna be quite noisy"

"kavya, your just too much, selfish, only think about your self, no time for me even"

"hmmm"he wrapped his arms around anjali "well after our wedding im all your" he said making anjali blush

Whilst inside, the atmosphere was totally different, angad and bauji were laughing, cracking stupid jokes every second.

"that was so funny, why don't you tutor kavya, he needs it"

"bauji, if he wants to live in peace its best for him to stay the way he is with anjali"

"bhai, your making a joke out of me again"

"when did I make a joke out of you"

"who else are you talking about"

"well I was talking about your mother in laws, sisters, husbands, daughters, mothers, sisters, sons to be wife, got a problem"

"ha ha ha...bhai that was so not funny"

Whilst kavyas house was noisy, with so many people around, faraway from mumbai was a place peaceful, calm and pleasant. Whereas in mumbai everyone would live in havoc, over here everything was organized, making the scenery ever so beautiful with the green grassed mountains surrounding the city, Masoori.

Close by, on the outskirts of masoori, There were a few small but beautiful houses lined up in an open green field filled with fragrances of the millions of flowers and the greenery surrounding them.

The house in the middle, was beautiful, with brown bricks made of clay clearly visible, whilst the house was itself set up in a beautiful interior itself, with the people so beautiful.

"Stop, I said stop, get back here now sagar" Kripa yelled on top of her voice

"Catch me first" He replied

"sagar, please give my anklets back"

"no, not at all , i want to sleep, but with the sound of the anklets i wont sleep a bit"

"I'm gonna tell mom"

"go tell mom, see if i care"He relied tripping on his smaller brothers leg

"ouch soham, keep your legs in place"

"stop teasing kripa di" he replied innocently

"what ever, kripa di, kripa di is all you think of" He answered running forward to save him self from his sister whilst he waved the anklets in the air.

To kripas fortune, he bumped into his fathers broad chest. Her father looked tired and sweat beads were clearly visible on his forehead from the blazing sun and the hard work all day.

"Sagar, why are teasing my princess, give her the anklets back"

"Papa please tell him to give it back, I'm practising"

"but papa, she is disturbing me, and shes always dancing"

"But that doesn't mean you interrupt me and--"

Sagar interrupted"I had no option other than that"

"sagar please give it"


"sagar, please, i need to practice"

They were once again interrupted by there mother who walked out of the kitchen with her sari tied to around her securely. she had a wooden spoon in her hands with stains of curry on there, she walked towards her husband taking his bag.

"Satya go and freshen up I'll look after these two"

"thanks radika" saying this he walked off

"you two started again, give us a break for once"

"mom he took my anklets"

"but shes been making noise all day"

"Thats it-hurry up now ---sagar give her anklets back and kripa pack them up, if your taking them" she commanded strictly

"mom, why did dad have to transfer now"

"yes, but I'm happy your papa got the transfer, after so many years I'll visit my sister, I mean I wasn't even there when she became a widow"

"hmm---who else is there"

"kavya, her son, he's getting married next month and bauji , her father in law"

"wedding, interesting"

"ok, now go and sleep, you have to be up early for the flight"

"yes mom, just give me 10 minutes, I've got to call up a school for an interview"


"yes, I'm gonna start working as soon as I'm there"

"ufff- you and your career, what's so special about teaching dance now?"

"I like it"

"I don't know how your husband will handle you"

"who said I'm getting married"she shouted whilst going towards her room, after a few phone calls she tucked herself into bed and waited for her destination---mumbai.


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Part Two

Angad sat on the beige carpet of the staff room holding Maya's hand in his, flirting for fun. He had to go to Kavyas house again today since the sharma's were to arrive, but he decided he would come a little later because he didn't really have anything special to do there.

"Dadi, i swear, if you weren't that arrogant principles wife then I would propose to you"

"Really" she replied pulling her glasses down her nose"whats so special about me"

"well" he said counting on his fingers "your perfect in every way, you cook, work, you're a house wife along with a perfect career woman and most of all your the most beautiful lady on this planet earth"

"hmm--thank you" she said smiling

"so then dadi" he said getting on to his knee,"will you marry me and leave your husband for me, for my love" He said with puppy eyes

"not now--at least"

"ouch"angad clutched onto his heart"you broke my heart once again dadi, whats so special about that aggressive principle"

"look behind you" she said curtly

angad turned his head and found the principle looking down at him through those big framed glasses of his "oh s--sir---you---what are you doing here"

"well, just to tell you Mr khanna your 5 minutes late for your class"
"I'm sorry sir"he stood up"I'll take a leave" he said leaving the staff room tensed.

Maya and the principle chuckled at his behavior "this boy I tell you will never stop flirting" the principle said sitting next to his wife.

"yes, He's so cute, did you need something"

"yeah, actually I came to tell you that someone phoned in last night to replace you"

"great, I want to handle the office with you, I'm getting old"

"no your not, your always sweet 16 for me"

"ok, ok, stop flirting like angad and tell me who is this person who phoned you"

"well, he names kripa and she's coming from masoori"

"here we go, angad has another girl to flirt with now"

"yeah, just hope the best for her"

Nitya was getting restless waiting for her sister, at the airport along with her son and daughter in law.

"why aren't they here now, they should have been back by now"

"mom they just started to depart"kavya said trying to calm his mother down.

"yes your right, sorry I'm just a little over excited"

"There they are , come on lets go" she said as she spotted them.

"where, i cant see them"

"there" nitya pointed too

kavya and anjali looked in the direction she pointed at and noticed an horrendous sight, a fat lady, who's skin was almost slurping down her, hanging on to her with a short skinny man, who was dark and crooked along with three kids, looking alike to there parents.

"Mom, dont you think maasi is a little too --umm-- fat"

"no, not at all, she looks the same as she was twenty five years ago"

"mom, I thought satya uncle was very tall and strong"

"yes, he still is"

"your joking mom, he's nothing near tall and strong. I don't think so"

"what are you two talking--" then she noticed the imperfect couple they were staring at "uff, not them, the ones behind them who are standing with the two boys"

"Mom, maasi is beautiful" kavya exclaimed

"yeah" anjali confirmed "but you said she has three children"

"yes, may--"

She was interrupted with the voice of her sister "didi, I missed you"

Nitya embraced her sister, tears of happiness welling her eyes "me too, your still the same, just as beautiful"

"no, its not the same, now I'm a mother of a young daughter"

"daughter, where is she?"

"she's coming, she went to the toilet"

"oh, ok" she turned towards satya "how are you? your still as healthy, bauji will be pleased to meet you"

"I'm fine" he replied with a smile "here are my son's" he introduced

"there so cute" she pulled there cheeks "this is my son kavya and she's my daughter in law, anjali"

"Hello" they greeted in unison

"Kavya"satya embraced him "you've grown a lot, your were so small when we left"

Kavya flushed a little embarrassed, whilst anjali smiled broadly.

"Didi, he's sagar" radika introduced" and he's sohan my youngest"

"Sagar looks just like his father" she commented "and sohan" she pulled his cheek again "just a handsome and cute as your mother"

Sohan and sagar smiled rather nervously with this stranger pulling there cheek time to time.

Kripa walked towards her parents frustrated "mom, these people are mad, they don't even know how to--" then she realized the strangers and self consciously said "oh, hi, I'm sorry"

"Its ok, kripa right" nitya said

"yeah, umm maasi"

"yeah, I'm your maasi"

"kripa, what happened?" her mother asked

"nothing mom"

"mom, its a little obvious, not all people can handle kripa di now , can they?"

"shut up sagar"

"sorry di" radika said a little embarrassed "my children are a little um"

"its fine radika, what else are children there for. She's just as beautiful as you"

"thanks didi"

"mom, shall we leave" kavya interrupted "i think they would want to rest"

"oh yes, come on, lets go" and they left with anjali and kavya following behind

"you've got an interesting family there"

"interesting, please, I don't wan to know, the bigger one is very aggressive"

"kavya,shes your sister

"correction cousin"

"ok, ok,cousin but still sister in a way"

"fine" he sighed and walked forward.

Anjali became fast friends with kripa. She may have been aggressive but she was a sweet person. Kavya sighed and hoped it wouldn't be much of an interruption. Everyone settled down in the house, rested.

That evening, the khanna family came to visit the sharmas and nandas.

"hi, radika, right?" mainka asked


"mainka, she's my sister and radika this is anjali's mother"

"nice to meet you"

The elders continued with introductions and there own talks,where as angad and sahil sat with kavya and anjali to a corner chatting.

"so kavya, you like your cousins"

"the small one,whats his name again"

"sohan" anjali replied

"magnificent anjali, you already know their names"

"shut up bhai"

"ok, ok, so you were saying kavya"

"his quiet and sensible so not a problem for me"

"how small is this kid, I mean kids and quiet, your joking"

"he's eleven"

"hmm, interesting"

"the middle one, oh he is a pain, him and his sister are always fighting, he's always teasing her and is a non stop talker"

"great, bauji, we got company" angad winked

"yeah right" anjali replied "and kripa is just great, she's also a--"

"She's not great the way your describing, she's an anger package, always angry, impatient"

"a girl" he drawled "how old is she?"

"whats it with you asking the age bhai, even if you do flirt with her, you'll regret it"

"yeah, I agree" kavya said "there's no chance here and its time you leave someone"

"no one can reject me, I'm too cute to be rejected" he replied mischievously "where are they?"

"there asleep" kavya answered.

A while later, sagar and sohan came down the stairs. Seeing all these strangers, sagar nervously asked "kavya bhaiya, where's mom?"

"she's in the kitchen"

"thanks" and he walked off, leaving sohan standing there confused and nervous.

"hey, you must be sohan, aren't you?"

"yeah" hes said nervously

"why are you standing there, I wont bite" he joked

Angad being a teacher knew how to handle kids. Within a nick of time sohan sat with them laughing and enjoying himself.

Sagar came back to find sohan so mixed up with these strangers. He stared at them, when he was interrupted "your sagar, right?"

"umm, yeah"

"what you standing there for, come here, we wont say anything" angad said

"Oh, um, I'm not use to talking to strangers"

"strangers" angad looked around "where?" Sagar laughed, this man was fun "thats better?" he smiled "by the way, I'm angad"

"sagar?" he shacked his hand

Soon sagar was also talking, chatting, with the big group. Kavya got ot know his younger cousins more, knowing there not as bad.

"where's your sister?" angad asked "doesn't she want to meet us?"

"if you want to meet her, you'll have to wait till the week end"

"why's that"

"for now she's asleep and wont wake up till tomorrow morning"

"morning? is she that tired?

"you could say? she's got an interview tomorrow"

"interview?"kavya asked surprised "that quick"

"doesn't she want to, you know like chill out before working"

"no, I'll be glad"

"why, is she annoying"

"yeah, of course she is, its so noisy when she's here, she's always practicing"

"noisy?" kavya said "I don't like too much noise"

"yeah, I noticed, you and kripa di are the same, both are workaholic"

"workaholic?" kavya said "oh, ok"

Kripa walked down the stairs, dressed in a plain black chiffon sari, with her hair in a single plait, with a file in her hands and purse on her shoulder.

"Kripa" her mother called where are you going?"

"for my interview"

"kripa, take a days rest at least"

"mom, I've rested enough, I don't need more rest"

"but kripa"

"bye mom"

"kripa, how are you going to get there? you don't know the ways"

"I'll find my way mom, I have the address"

"kripa, please don't--"

"bye mom" and she left


"kripa is just like kavya"

"yeah, but she doesn't understand. She gives too much time to her work" she sighed as she watched the closed door

Kripa headed out in search of a school to work in. Whilst the principle was going to be late today. Angad, kaajal and dev had a free lesson, so they sat in the staff room chatting as always.

Angad, as always was in the mood of mischief "guys, lets go and see whats in the principles office, he's coming late"

"are you mad?" dev exclaimed

"If we're caught, we are so dead" kaajal added

"come on, we wont be caught, sir said he's going to come after eleven, we've got enough time, the rest of them are in lessons"

"then go" dev said "we're not taking the risk"

"yeah, I agree with dev"

"well what else was expected from you kaajal, you were obviously going to give your to be husbands side"

"angad" she hit his arm "its not about support, its about what your doing. I'm sure your own wife wouldn't allow you to do such things"

Angad sighed. The two were never going to listen to him.

Angad sat in the principles office wearing his big glasses trying to see why he wore them. He picked up a few papers and sat down on the principles chair, leaning back.

As he leanedback on the comfy chair, he heard a sift knock on the door. Kripa stepped inside "may I come in sir"

angad was confused at first, but thought to play along, after all he had the chance to flirt with such a beautiful being.

"sure, umm, how can I help you? Oh have a seat first"

She sat down in front of him "umm, I applied to replace the dance teacher"

"what?" angad shouted

"excuse me" kripa said, looking at him confused.

Angad looked at her shocked. Why was she replacing dadi? Oh well, he thought, lets get to know her.

"Is there anything wrong sir?" kripa questioned

"oh, nothing, um sorry for that" he cleared his throat "so your here for your interview"

"yes sir"

"whats your name?" he asked, pretending to scan the laptop


Kripa, he thought, I've heard the name before. "whats your hobbies" he asked

"excuse em" she asked weirdly

"tell me, your hobbies"

"umm, dancing"

"are you married?"

"what has this got to do with the--"

"answer the question" he interrupted

"no" she replied



"have you ever been on a date?"

"you have no right to ask me such personal questions" she said, standing up

"sit down" he said, she did as he said "I justed wanted to know, or you could say I'm asking you out in away?"

"what kind of questions are these?" she raised her voice "and your married, your wife will b so appalled knowing hat her husband does around here. I can call the police on you for this behavior"

"chill, chill" he said coolly "the names angad and I'm single, who said I'm married"

"I don't care" she stood up "I'm not working here" she snatched her file from angad.

"by the way kripa, I have just got to say this but you look absolutely sexy with that black sari"

Kripa's mouth opened "how rude? I will definately call the police on you if you don't stop this nonsense"

"hey, cool it. You know, I consider you go for modeling, you are so fit and toned. Your body is so curvaceous--"

"thats it" kripa turned around.
At the same moment, dev came rushing to the office "angad, get up, the principles here"

"Oh shit" he quickly se the papers and gl;asses aside and rushed out of the office.

Kripa stood there confused and angry. A few seconds later the principle entered his office "ah, you must be kripa"

"yeah" she said

"Hello, I'm mr agarwal, the principle"

"but then, whop was that man?"

"man, what man?"he asked confused

"I'm, what was his nae again, angad"

"angad, Oh, his always up to some mischief, I'll sort him out. So miss Sharma, tell me, are you willing to replace the dance teacher"


"ok, so we can start with the interview" The principle interviewed kripa. He was quite impressed and offered her the job.

At lunch time he called Maya agarwal to his office. "you called me" she asked entering

"yeah, this is miss sharma, the one I told you about"

"Oh, the new dance teacher"


"Your very pretty kripa"

"thank you" kripa relented

"Ok, so I'll introduce you to the staff in a while, but for the first few sessions, I''ll train you, you'll get to know the kids as well, then you can start teaching"

"yes ma'am"

"everyone calls me dadi here"

"ok dadi" she smiled

Maya led kripa to the staff room. The teachers were scattered in groups. Angad sat with mansi and mukti, flirting as always. His back was facing kripa.

"Can I have your attention" dadi anounced, they all looked back "this is miss sharma, she's going to replace me"

"why dadi,a re you leaving?" kaajal asked

"no, but I cant work as good now, I'm goign to assist the principle in the office"

They alls stood up to greet there new colleague "meet her kripa, she's mansi"

angad's head shot up as he heard her name, then a grin formed on his face. One by one, she was introduced to everyone. Finally Maya came to angad "and this is angad"

Kripa looked up and burst out "you"

"yes me"he took her small hand in his big one and kissed it "nice to meet you kripa"

She immediately pulled her hand back, looking at him disgusted.


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Part Three

All the staff members turned tp look at angad and kripa. Dadi, looked towards kripa confused then towards angad's smirking lips. She moved her glasses down her nose and asked "angad do you have an explanation?"

"me dadi, Oh come on"

"angad, tell me the truth"

He looked down "you know me dadi"

She sighed "but she just came today" angad looked away, whilst kripa looked baffled. "now come on, apologize"

"dadi, its my habit, everyone's use to it and she will be soon. Why should I apologize" he argued

"angad please"

He looked at Maya pleadingly but her decision was firm "ok, sorry"

"now thats my boy" dadi patted his shoulder, she turned to kripa "dotn take him too seriously, its his habit. He doesn't leave me behind either, although he knows I'm the principles wife"

"its ok dadi, I'll try to ignore it next time"

"thank you" she touched her cheek affectionately "let me show you around the classrooms" she walked ahead, with kripa following behind.

"god, it was a small joke" angad complained once they left

"what exactly did you do?" dev asked

"I just asked her if she would want to date me and complimented on how sexy she looked"

"she was definately supposed to be nice and smile" mukti replied sarcastically

"mukti" he whined "why are you giving her side"

"I'm not angad, I'm saying whats right" she sighed "forget it, lets go other wise we'll be late for class again"

"lets go" he followed behind.

Kripa walked inside her new home as soon as the doors opened "how was your day?" her mother asked

"great, except" she trailed off "forget it"

"hmm, ok, go and freshen up, you'll feel better"

Minutes later kripa walked down the stairs to find kavya sitting downstairs alone. She felt awkward and looked here and there.

"why are you standing, sit" kavya said patting the seat next to him.

"umm, yeah" she sat beside him unsure "where's mom?"

"Oh, she's gone to the temple with my mom"

"sagar and sohan"

"they went with her". Silence fell in the room. Kavya decided to start the conversation "so kripa, you like dance"

"yeah" she replied with lowered eyes

"why?" he asked

"because I like it"

"come on kripa, you don't need to be so formal. I'm not as bad as you think"

"I didn't say you were bad" she replied quickly

"I know, but your very formal. I may not seem as exciting as I am. So tell me, why do you like dance?"

"dance is my tension relief"

"really? he asked surprised. She nodded. "but then again, you could have become much bigger, I mean you know dance in bollywood and all"

"yeah, but I love children, its fun teaching rather than gaining fame in dance"

"your so much like anjali's brother. The only difference is that he likes music rather than dance"

She smiled "can I ask you a question?"

"go ahead"

"Why did you ant to be a brain surgeon?"

"hey, your stealing y questions, it doesn't matter, I just want you to open up. You seem to be rather opposite what I've heard about you"

"what have you heard about me?" She questioned and soon they both were immersed in a deep conversation, knowing each other. They were quite similar and not at all bad as they thought the other was.

Kripa walked into the staff room to find dev and kaajal in front of her. "good morning" she greeted

"good morning" they said in unison

"how was your day yesterday?" kaajal asked


"and what about us?"

"your all very nice except--Oh forget it"

"Did someone just mention my name?" angad asked entering the staff room, grinning.

Kripa turned around to find the most unwanted person for now. She sighed and moved to her cabinet. "good morning" he greeted

"whats so good about the morning after seeing you" she mumbled

"kripa, forget about yesterday. Come on, don't be angry for the past" dev advised

"yeah kripa, it will be a better day" kaajal added

"leave it guys" angad interrupted "miss arrogant doesn't know how to be nice"

Kripa turned around and questioned "what did you just call me?"

"what you are" he simply answered

"well, mr who-ever-you-are, look at yourself before saying things to others"

"see you just proved me" kripa huffed.

"angad, be nice, don't make her angry" dev retorted

"Ok" he said "I'll be nice" he looked at kripa "so kripa" kripa looked away.

"kripa, come on" kaajal said "don't be stubborn"

Kripa felt embarrassed and replied "ok, I'll be nice as well as long as he is"

"you know what?" angad announced. They all looked at him "that red colour is doing wonders to your skin. You look hot" he said with a grin

"what?" she exclaimed

"yeah, seriously, but I think you should keep your hair open. I mean, I'd love to see your hair open, it will make you look even more"

He was cut off "you expect me to cope with this guys?" kripa questioned pointing towards angad.

"well, this is angad for you" kaajal answered

"Oh god. I cant cope with such a person" she retorted

"I'm not that bad and trust em you'll know after one date with me and I'm sure you will"

"Oh please" she blocked her ears and diverted her attention to her work.

Kripa stood outside the school gates waiting for her father. He was supposed to pick her up today. He was coming home early and promised to pick kripa up.

A few minutes later a car came and stood in front of her. Angad rolled the window down and asked "want a lift?"

"no thanks"

"come on, I wont mind, I'll enjoy it as much as you"

"Your starting again"

"what" he questioned "what am I starting

"look" she pointed her finger towards him "I don't need a lift, so go"

"why do you talk with so much anger"

"whats it to you?"

"well yeah, its all about me because you only talk to me like that"

"you got a problem?"


"and do you think I care?"

"of course" he replied with that dirty grin of his

"keep dreaming" and she walked off to her fathers car which had just arrived.

She sat down next to her father "who was that?" he questioned

"a colleague, he wanted to give me a lift"

"Oh, ok" he started driving "me and your mother have to go to dehli for a few days, there's been a death in the family"

"who?" she asked

"you don't know them, there far relatives. we have to go for formalities. Nitya didi is coming with us too"

"why cant we go?"

"It will disturb your job and sagar and sohan have to be at school so its best if you stay"

"ok papa, as you wish"

The elders left on a Wednesday's and were to return the following Wednesday. The khannas visited the nanda's every weekend and as always, they were coming to visit on Saturday.

"kavya bhaiya, why do you prepare so much when anjali bhabi comes?"

"when you get married, then ask me this question"

"please" he made a face "me and married, no way"

Kripa lightly tapped his head " who else is in her family?"

"her parents, two brothers, a sister, sister in law and nephew"

"quite a big family"

"yeah, Are you planning to stay in you night suit all day?" kavya questioned


"then go and change, they'll be here in a few minutes"

Kripa left immediately to get changed. Minutes later the doorbell rang. Kavya opened the door with a big smile. The whole khanna family was standing in front of him. He gave them way to walk in. Mainka and Vivaan left from the door. They had to visit a relative due to some personal problem.

Angad was busy talking to gauri "and she is so irritable--"

"angad, wheres the hello and hi gone. very rude" kavya said with a smirk

"Oh please kavya. we don't need formalities" angad replied

"so how you doing?" kavya asked "hows life going?"

"great. In fact we've got a new staff member in the school to replace dadi"

"and let me guess, you were flirting"

"well, thats me. But the lady is arrogant. beautiful but her anger is as much as her beauty"

"there you go, you've got an other person to bother now" kavya teased

"yea yeah, hows life with cousins?" angad asked cheekily

"great, there all great company. Its like I've found my smaller brothers and sister"

"really, and what happened to, oh, they irritating and so annoying"

"come on, I hardly knew them at that point"

"true" he lifted his brows "wheres your cousin, I still haven't met her"

"she's gone to get ready"

Kripa walked down the stairs as soon as the words slipped out of kavya's mouth. "kavya bhaiya" she called, walking towards him.

Angad immediatley recognized her voice. He turned around to come face to face with kripa.

"you?" they both shouted in unison "what are you doing here?"

"uh, you know each other?" kavya questioned

"yeah kavya, this is the same arrogant lady I was telling you about"

"Oh shut up. You call me arrogant have you seen yourself mr what-ever-you-are"

"stop call me that" he exclaimed "I have a name"

"so, what do I do?" she retorted

He ignored her comment and said "The names angad"


"what do you mean so?" he snapped

"why are you telling me? I don't want to know"

"Well, I dont care if you want to know or not?"

"listen Mr, ughh, just keep out of my way"

"no, I wont what would you do?" he asked moving his head left and right

"Ughh, you know what, you are a pain in the neck"

"even better your a--"

They small argument was interrupted "will you two shut up and explain whats going on" kavya asked


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Part Four

Kripa stared at angad coldly, whilst angad smirked at her shamelessly. They had been arguing for the past twenty minutes. Everyone watched them, attempted to stop them but it all went in vain. Finally fed up, they all left to sit in the garden.

"this is all your fault" kripa complained

"Its you, because of you everyone walked out"

"Oh please, you started it" she retorted

"stop blaming me for it"

"well, I'm blaming the one at fault"

"please, they've known me longer than you, I've never done something like this"

"Oh shut up" she said walking towards the garden

"are you planning to make them leave the house?"

"Ugghh, of course not"

"well then don't go, they'll run away knowing that you'll start again" he teased

"you are so full of yourself" she retorted coming face to face

"and what you, miss stuck up"

"Oh shut up mr who ever you are"

"here we go again" anjali announced "looks like they're fighting again"

"There acting like kids" gauri exclaimed

"yeah, I've never seen angad so childish" kavya replied "kripa is a little high but this angry, I didn't imagine"

"kavya please, make them shut up. I'm goign to end up with a head ache" pratham requested

He sighed "it looks like I'll have to do something otherwise they'll start a world war three in the place" he said standing up. He walked inside to see them almost on the verge of strangling each other.

"Oh shut up, you are so disgusting"

"I'm proud to be, you got a problem"

"Yeah, I have, what you goign to do?" she asked

"will you two shut up" kavya shouted.they both looked at him "we've been trying to calm you down, but your not listening, I don't want to listen to a word"

"But kavya she started--"

"I said not a word and I mean it" he sighed and sat down "You two have forced me to treat you like kids" he looked at them "now, put your fingers on your lips and stay quiet for the rest of the time. I don't want to hear anything"

"but bhaiya. it was his fault"

"I said I don't want to hear anything kripa"

"It was his fault" she replied stubbornly "I don't care, I'm not going to do anything"

"kripa listen to me"

"no, I don't care" she replied stubbornly, stomping up the stairs in the room.

Kavya looked at her helplessly. She was one stubborn person.He looked at angad who was going to say something but was interrupted "no, I don't want to hear a word. I mean it". angad looked back at him complaining but said nothing. Everyone enjoyed there day, but angad and kripa stayed quiet. Kripa stayed in her bedroom, whilst angad watched the others silently, cursing kavya.

Once again angad sat in the staff room irritating kripa. It was her second week and she was really planning to leave, but her self esteem stopped her. It was angads fault not hers so she shouldn't leave her job. It was early break time and angad sat in front of her disturbing her in one thing or the other.

"stop this nonsense" she shouted

"what? what am I dong?" he asked coolly

"Oh forget it"

"forget what?" she ignored him "hello" she still didn't reply. He mischievously replied "oh, come on I know I'm too hot to handle but I'd love it if you spoke"

"shut up angad"

"thats better, now you can tell that kripa is present in the staff room" she glared at him "by the way, that blue colour is making you look sensuous, Oh, if only I could"

Kripa immediately stood up" whats your problem?"


"well you donkey, I don't want to talk to you so just stop disturbing"

"Really. umm, what are you then a mule" he laughed

"You monkey"she hit his chest" donkey, cow" she continued hitting his chest, whilst he protested. Suddenly his chair fell back, with him falling down, bringing kripa with him. Kripa continued beating his chest, trying to defuse all her anger whilst he stared at her innocent face.

Angad and kripa were both busy with what they were doing, when they were interrupted by a cough. There eyes grew wide and they suddenly parted. They stood up with there heads bowed, embarrassed as the principle and the staff members watched there faces turn red.

"what was all this?" the principle questioned "what were you two doing?" he demanded

"sir this is all kripas fault" angad started. Kripa glanced at him, giving him a glare.

"kripa" the principle asked "do you have an explanation"

"sir, angads lying"

He looked at her "Liar, you started it all"

""no I didn't" she looked at the principle "he's lying sir"

"sir you saw everything" angad clarified "who was on top, me or kripa?"

"but sir, he started it all"

"no you started it"

"Oh be quiet, yous tarted with all that"

"shut up" the principle shouted. Embarrassed angad and kripa's heads descended. "when ever i see you, your fighting like kids. Your teachers not kids, Your setting a bad example"

"sorry sir" they said in unison

"its alright. This better not happen again. Get back to work" he ordered and left.

Once the principle left, they relaxed but tensed again hearing the staff laugh. Kripa looked away flushed, whilst angad grinned shamelessly as always.

"Were you two really fighting or were you doing something else?" dev asked cheekily

"hey, it was an accident" angad replied walking to him.

"excuse me" kripa said and immediately left the staff room. Dadi followed her to the toilets. "kripa" she held her face "come on, it happens sometimes, no one will tease you"

"dadi, I didn't do anything" she said, suddenly tears spilling

"I know" she wiped her tears "don't cry" she embraced her "angad is getting naughtier day by day"

"It was both of us. But he always starts it" she complained wiping her cheeks.

"He's like that" she held her face "now come on, smile" she smield slightly "a big smile" kripa smiled widely and embraced dadi.

Weeks went by. Angad had started too feel for kripa. Before it was his usual flirting habit, but kripa was different. She fought against him and he loved it. He was becoming serious, there was a strange attraction in between them. He enjoyed fighting with her, it was a way a couple would fight, only they were unknown to the fact.

On the other hand kripa being very stubborn showed her anger to angad every minute. But she was no different. It was her stubborn behaviour, her stubborn mind which never allowed her to agree to the fact that she was equally attracted to him. She loved his flirting, it made her feel special and then the fights, so childish but cute. She was person who never let anyone know what was in her heart.

Holi was on its way, angad and kripa waited to see each other for holi celebrations, secretly, yearning to touch each other.


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Part Five

The morning of holi was hectic. The nanda's were visiting the khanna family for holi. They would celbrate in the big garden of khanna house. Everyone was so busy, they forgot to wish each other. Everyone was ready but kripa was taking her time. Kavya sent the rest of the family, promising to come later with kripa.

He knocked on her door "kripa hurry up, everyone's left"

"two more minutes, bhaiya"

"you've been saying that for the past half an hour"

"Bhai, please wait, two more minutes, I wont be longer"

"hurry up"

Minutes later kripa walked down the stairs, fixing her scarf on her neck "sorry I'm late, I woke up late"

"why did you take so long, I was meant to wish anjali first"

"Sorry bhai" she looked guilty "you should have left"

"no, I'm not that selfish now, come on"

"yea" and she followed him

Anjali's eyes searched for kavya. He was no where in sight. Nitya came forward noticing her impatience "Are you looking for kavya?" she asked with a glint in her eyes.

"yeah" she replied with lowered eyes

"he'll be a little late"

"is there an emergency again?"

"no, he was waiting for kripa"

Hearing Kripa's name angad interrupted "why is he waiting for kripa?"

"She wasn't ready"

"really, she takes that long to get ready for holi" he asked amused

"Bhai, shut up. Mom, why are yous standing outside, go inside, Mom's waiting for you"

"yeah" she held her cheek "kavya will be here soon"

Anjali's eyes lit up as she saw kripa and kavya walk to her "hi" she shouted from a distance.

"Hi" they replied together

"kavya you took so long"

"sorry anjali, it was my fault. I woke up late so wasn't ready on time"

"its ok, I don't mind"

Angad being the person he was interrupted again "She went to sleep late. Why? Were you thinking about someone, or shall I say me?"

"cant you stay without interrupting" kripa retorted

"no, I cant help it, My habit forces me to" he replied grinning

"Oh god" she muttered

"what are you going to pray for? Me, Don't worry, I'm free and all yours" he said with his long arms spread

"kavya bhaiya, tell him to shut up"

"angad stop it" he scolded

"kavya, who are you listening to. She doesn't know how to enjoy, lets enjoy, leave miss stuck up alone" Kripa grumbled

Anjali replied "Bhai, no jokes, I'm not in the mood"

"joke, who said I'm joking" he said with that smirk playing on his manly lips

"shut up" kripa said

"sorry I didn't hear anything, what did you say?"

"I said shut up"

"Say it again"

"am I singing that you want me to sing again"

"no but your voice is just as sweet"

"Oh forget it, theres no use of arguing with you"

"and you learned that today"

"Here we go again" kavya stated

"lets go inside" anjali said pulling kavya's arm

"yeah, I guess" he said walking with anjali, whilst kripa followed them, with angad trailing behind.

Angad had invited the staff to holi, They arrived with there families, whilst vivaan and karan had there own colleagues joining them.

The Holi Prayer was performed. After taking the holy sweets, everyone left for the garden, where Holi preparations were made.

The family and friends were scattered into various smaller groups. Kavya was busy with anjali his own small corner. The elders stood to a side, with there friends, talking and chatting about there own things.

Kripa stood to a corner, lonely, but happy. She didn't like colours and never wanted to touch the colour unless she had to.

Angad who stood at a distance with dev, sagar and prem, mukti's fiance seemed to notice the petite figure in white untouched, without a spot of colour.

"sagar, why is kripa standing there alone?" angad asked

"Oh, she doesn't like colours"

He giggled "what, It's holi and she doesn't like colour"

"yeah. If it was in my hand, I would make sure she was fully coloured, but I got in trouble for it. I ran behind her with colour and she locked her self in the room and didn't come out till the next day. I only tried then, I was shouted by mom so I'm not going to try anything on her"

"where has your sister come from?" angad asked amused "She doesn't take a joke. She's always red with anger and now she has a problem with colours"

"I know, but cant help it. She think the colours are going to destroy her skin"

Angad, dev and prem burst into laughter. "seriously, kripa is different" dev exclaimed

"true" prem added "from what I've heard kripa is a very irritable person"

"I'm going to colour her today and no one can stop me" angad announced

"trust me, she'll never allow you" sagar informed

"you want a bet" angad challenged

"its a bet" sagar said with a smile

"just watch me" and he walked towards kavya and anjali with dev " Hi guys, whats up?"

"the sky" kavya replied

"very funny" angad retorted "what are you guys doing? Look over there, kripa is all alone, no ones playing with her"

They looked at her "Yeah, we left her alone"

"lets go and give her company" anjali said taking kavya's arm

"I'll join you"angad added with a grin

Kripa noticed the small group coming towards her from a distance with colour filled hands. Suddenly nervous, she turned and ran before getting coloured. Angad noticed and ran behind her.

"what happened?" kavya asked baffled "why did she run"

"she doesn't like colour" dev announced

"then why did you people tell us to play holi with her? Its not pleasant do something against her will" anjali argued

"Angad's already gone" dev said smiling, pointing to the running couple.

"kripa" angad shouted

"angad" kripa looked behind "stop where you are" she ran faster "I don't like colour"

"I don't care" and he ran faster

Kripa ran towards the house. As soon as she was inside she locked the door. She sighed, congratulating her self.

"not so fast" she heard and turned to find angad in front of her with both hands filled with colour, whilst he devilishly grinned at her.

"Oh shit" she mumbled. Immediately, she turned around in attempt to unlock the door, but it was too late. Angad caught her waist, squeezing her body with his. He turned her around and wiped his colour filled hands on to her face, coloring her face and neck.

"angad, eeew" she hopwled "eek, angad stop it"

"hmm, you just got into my hands, I cant leave you so soon"

"I hate you" she scowled

"thank you" he replied, rubbing his hands onto her continuously

"stop it"


"please angad, stop it now" she said quiet, realizing her closeness.


"angad, leave me"

"why should I" he asked, realizing her soft body pressed to his.

"angad, enough of the joke, its not funny anymore" she said quietly

"Ok, after you give me a kiss I'll leave you" He stated

She looked at him strangely "angad this isn't a joke" she said struggling

"I'm not joking" he said bringing his face closer

"angad, leave me" she said pushing onto his broad chest

"After my kiss" he said, holding her struggling hands

"angad stop it other wise I'll scream"

"go ahead, the door is locked and the noise outside is enough for them to hear you scream"

"angad please" she asked pleadingly

"I'm waiting" he said descending

She closed her eyes tightly and moved upwards to touch his lips to hers but instead she heard laughter. She opened her eyes. He had released her and laughed shamelessly. She glared at him, pushed him and left from the door after unlocking it.

Sagar smirked seeing kripa's face and clothes covered with colour "I have to know how angad bhaiya did this?" he said aloud.

Soham patted sagar after watching angad run out behind kripa "why is angad bhaiya running behind kripa di?"

"well all I can say is that today di is a gonner" and he walked towards angad.

Soon kripa ended up in the middle of the crowd, with everyone targetting her. She was horrified and drenched with colour. Kripa glared at angad time to time, whilst he grinned back proudly, throwing colour on her, pushing her around, soaking her with colour. Whilst kavya and anjali's eyes caught there intimate contact, as well as Maya and mainka.

Kripa cursed angad under her breathe, whilst rubbing her skin. She had been in the shower for the past hour trying to take the horrible colours off her body. She was going to kill angad when she saw him. Th horrible colours were penetrating her skin.
As kripa entered the staff room the next morning, she found angad and dev in the staff room. "good morning dev" she greeted

"good morning" he replied

Angad waited for his sweet greeting but it seemed kripa was in no mood. " very bad manners kripa" she looked at him, whilst opening her file. "no hello, no Hi, where's my greeting"

"shut up" she retorted

"Fine, I'll spend the day with your sweet shut up today" he replied, winking at her.

"Dev tell him if he doesn't shut up then I wont leave him"

"I don't mind" he replied "I never want to leave you anyways"

"dev" she avoided angad "tell him to shut up"

"sorry no chance"

"Dev tell him , I wont let him out of my hands today"

"Fine with me, I'm your prey and your the hunter" he kneeled in front of her "your most welcomed"

She grumbled and said annoyed "dev"

"Hey, calm it. If you two want to fight then fight. Don't involve me" and dev walked out of the room.

As she saw dev leave, she practically walked up to angad and strangled him "Kripa" he gasped "what are you doing?" he asked, choking "kripa let go"

She set his neck free "You stupid cow, it took me two hours. Two whole hours of mine went to waste because you couldnt mind your own business and leave me spotless without colour" she shouted

"so, why are you getting so angry?" he asked as if nothing happened

"great, first you smear me with colour without my permission, then you involve nearly everyone and you expect me to be calm" she screamed "that stupid colour wouldn't even come off"

"simple, you should have called me to help you clean up"

"You are sick" she stated

"I know I'm hot"

"shut up"

"I dont want to"

"What ever"

Angad pulled kripa by the waist, his hands touching her bear skin, pulling her into him "just admit it, you loved it" he whispered

"loved it my foot, leave me"

"not happening"

"I said leave me or I will scream"

"go ahead"

She opened her mouth to scream, but angads hands blocked her mouth, whilst he smirked at her miserable state.


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***Bheege Pal*** COMPLETED!

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Author: freezinme   Replies: 1023   Views: 210694

freezinme 1023 210694 02 December 2009 at 5:05pm by angelic shaz
"I Can Never Forget U"AR FF completed 14/10

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Author: Riddss   Replies: 239   Views: 45117

Riddss 239 45117 26 November 2009 at 9:18am by Riddss
AR what i did in love pg20n21 17.10 completed

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Author: xarmaanx   Replies: 197   Views: 41107

xarmaanx 197 41107 23 November 2009 at 9:31am by krazy4kash

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