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Family Disorder (completed)

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Peace, love and compassion was what she was brought up with. She had always seen the beauty of the world; living in the beautiful city of sand, Rajasthan. Though she was an orphan, she received love and compassion from her neighbors. She had a small world of her own. But how long could she depend on her loved ones, her friends. She had to stand on her feet one day and become independent.

Whilst he lived in the real world; where people had no time for each other. Success was there aim, popularity was there fame and failure was a shame. He had a family, who he was stranger to, he learned emotions, feelings, love and compassion was just a commodity. His only motive was success.

In search of her independence she moved to Mumbai.

 For her money was commodity, whilst for him it was everything. For her love was everything, for him love was fake. He was filled with arrogance and over confidence; whilst she was filled with passion and self-esteem.

When she came face to face with Angad Khanna, she was faced with a challenge. I present to you the story of Angad Khanna and his small disordered family who were brought together with the help of Kripa Sharma.

Chapter 1   -   Pg 1

Chapter 2   -   Pg 1

 Chapter 3   -   Pg 1

  Chapter 4   -    Pg 1

 Chapter 5   -    Pg 1

  Chapter 6   -    Pg 1

 Chapter 7    -  Pg 2

 Chapter 8   -   Pg 2

Chapter 9   -   Pg 2

 Chapter 10  -   Pg 2

Chapter 11  -   Pg 2

Chapter 12   -   Pg 2

Chapter 13   -   Pg 2

Chapter 14   -   Pg 2

Chapter 15   -   Pg 3

Chapter 16   -   Pg 9

 Chapter 17   -   Pg 15

Chapter 18   -   Pg 19

Chapter 19   -   Pg 22

Chapter 20   -   Pg 27

Chapter 21   -  Pg 32

 Chapter 22   -   Pg 37

Chapter 23   -   Pg 42

Chapter 24   -   Pg 52

Chapter 25   -   Pg 57

Epilogue     -   Pg 61


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Chapter One

A petite woman sat dressed in a simple white salwar kameez, on an aged creaky wooden chair scanning the old computer's screen, her fingers moving swiftly across the keyboard. She groaned when darkness surrounded her, the computer screen going blank. She slumped in the chair, her fingers patting her temples. Sighing she stood up, walking outside in the shadows of the hot blazing sun.

An old wrinkly man smiled his crinkled smile seeing her pout. "Electricity gone?" he asked

She nodded, still pouting "it always when you need it the most" she muttered

He sighed, smiling "Don't worry Kripa, it will be back soon". Silence remained until he asked her a question that had been bothering him for a while "why do you want to go Kripa? You have us"

She smiled turning towards him "Yes, I have you. But there's no guarantee that you'll always be there"

"Of course we will" he argued

"I know you'll always be there for me uncle" she said taking his hand between hers "but after you go, who's going to be there? I have to learn to support myself. In a way I am already supporting myself. I'm using my parents money, I'm living in there house but moving to Mumbai will help me be a little more independent. Over here I know that you're here. So no matter what happens everything will be okay in the end. In Mumbai I'll have no one to depend on, so I'll know I have to do something. Please try to understand me uncle"

He sighed "I understand your point Kripa but I'd prefer you going when I married you off. Not like this; living all alone"

"I don't want to get married right now uncle" she said releasing his hand "it's too early. I need to get settled and I'd like to know the person I get married to. I don't want an arranged marriage"

"Well, I can't say much except good luck then" he paused lifting her chin "please think about it Kripa; this decision can change your life" she nodded quietly as he sighed.

Kripa was a stubborn girl when she needed to be. She lived alone in her maternal home. Her parent's had died in a storm which emerged years ago, leaving there eight year old in the hands of the villagers. She had lived in a near by orphanage for almost ten years, taking her parents dwellings legally at the age of eighteen.

She was a modest girl who had received compassion and affection. Although she was orphan, the villagers had always showered her with warmth and love. The reason could be because her father was the man who introduced new reforms in the small village. He brought reality and justice to the village. He was indeed a clever man, but his intelligence was used and abused, which caused him to shift into the smaller village in Rajasthan.

Kripa was a beautiful woman. She had a petite build, creamy complexion. Her eyes were big and bold, holding the innocence of a child and the strength of no being. She was a strong woman in front of the world who was Independent but her heart was just as soft. She was the innocent little child by heart, whose parents had left her to face the big bad world.

She looked up through blurred eyes at elderly man who was a fatherly figure for her. Rustam uncle was her father's best friend. He had helped her father move to Rajasthan from Mumbai years ago. After her parent's had passed away, he had tried to adopt her but had failed due to legal issues. Although he couldn't adopt her he had always been there, supporting her at all times. Rustam uncle and his family were the family she could have had if her parents had still lived.

She had decided to move to Mumbai, where her family originated from. She probably had many relatives in Mumbai, but they were only related in name. They didn't care for her; they cared for her fathers bank balance. Her eyes shone with tears remembering the negligence she received from her relatives, whilst Rustam uncle who was only a friend of her father had showered her with love and compassion.

"I'll miss you so much" Kripa cried hugging him around his chest

"You can still change your decision" he suggested hopefully

She looked up with wet eyes "no, I won't quit, I cant change my decision "

He caressed her hair affectionately "as you wish" he kissed her forehead "take care and phone as soon as you are there, ok?"

"Don't worry uncle; I'll take care of myself" she kissed his cheek and boarded the train. She looked on with tears as she departed from her home town, looking forward to a new life in the crowd of Mumbai.

She had found an apartment before going to Mumbai. She could pay the rent for the first couple of months with the money her father left her, but she wanted to work and add to the savings so that she could help someone in need.

Kripa looked around here and there in search of a taxi. All of them were loaded with passengers. She felt nervousness seep into her heart as she observed the crowded streets of Mumbai. Standing on her tip toes she scanned the streets for an empty taxi. She caught sight of an empty taxi across the street and signaled for it. The taxi driver started the taxi, ready for his customer whilst she blindly walked on the road towards her destination. Unaware of the rough traffic of Mumbai she came into contact with a silver Audi R8. Fortunately the driver had halted the car before there could be a serious collision, whilst she collapsed with fright.

Gaining her composure she stood up with the support of her bag to find a handsome man step out the car. He was gorgeous. His fair complexion slightly tanned from the burning sun, whilst his eyes held a fiery passion with streaks of gold, symbolizing his superiority. His cheeks were held high with his high cheek bones. His strong jaw line showed his manliness looking perfect with his thin lips, his light stubble just adding style.  His strong, tall built intimidated her as she watched him walk towards her in something that looked like anger "Are you blind?" he screamed. Oh, his voice was just like him, strong, bold but a little aggressive.

She looked down in guilt "I'm sorry" she whispered feeling stupid

"What sorry?" he yelled "what if something happened to my car?" he questioned "It's not cheap" he grunted

Kripa looked at the man stunned. How could someone be so heartless? She thought. He was worried about a car which could be repaired or even bought again but he was being so ruthless. He didn't care about a being that he could have crushed; but his costly car which was well, lifeless. Was the car as pricey as her life? "It was an accident" she retorted "I was in a hurry"

"Oh please" he retaliated "if you were in a hurry, you could have seen the way. My car could have been damaged"

Frustration brew within her "I said sorry" she said gritting her teeth

"Sorry my foot" he growled "next time watch your way" he turned to return to his car

She glared at him. God may have given him good looks but he surely had forgotten the humanity factor. She walked ahead to her taxi her mind troubled with the previous incident as she drove away to her new home in Mumbai.

"I'm absolutely fine uncle, don't worry"

"Are you sure Kripa? You sound upset. What happened?"

"Its nothing, just a little homesick, that's all. It'll be ok" she assured

"As you say dear, take care of yourself, alright"

"Yes uncle, don't worry. Bye"


She sighed leaning against the sofa. Life had been hectic since she had stepped into Mumbai. She had found a small, cozy, furnished apartment which she could afford for a few months. It was a nice place to live but it still lacked the warmth of a home.

She had been missing her parents more than ever in her in the past few months. She had started to feel a sudden emptiness in her life, which had led her to Mumbai. She had started thinking about her future a lot. Where would she go? What will she do? She had felt burdened and tense, thus she took her first steps by moving to Mumbai.

Sighing she turned towards the television flipping through the channels. He was there. The same man who had insulted her for his stupid rich car was on the news getting congratulated for yet another victory for a murder case. She glared at the television with an angry pout. If he had cared so much about a person's life he wouldn't be risking her life for his car.

Shaking her head she switched the television off, laying flat on her sofa. Her thoughts flowed back to him. How could people respect a man like that? It was just so wrong, it felt wrong. Growling she held her head. She had to stop thinking about him.

Weeks later, Kripa sat on her couch gazing at the newspaper article, her friend Ridimaa had showed her. Ridimaa was a doctor who worked in a near by hospital. She was engaged to her fellow colleague Armaan. Kripa had met her a few weeks ago, after helping an injured boy get to the hospital. She was a very helpful and caring person who had caught her attention instantly. Between her visits to the little boy, she would often meet Ridimaa. Their meetings had blossomed into friendship in very little time.

Ridimaa would often visit her on the weekends. She had brought her fianc along with her once or twice. At first Kripa was hesitant to welcome them so openly but their friendly nature had her melted in a puddle in no time.

In the little time Ridimaa had known Kripa, she could tell she was very lonely despite the many people around. She was a very helpful person, a little too helpful sometimes. She would often busy herself so much, she would forget herself. For these reasons Ridimaa felt very protective towards her. It was almost like she was her little sister.

"So, you want to go for it?" Ridimaa asked, tapping the newspaper

"Shall I?" she asked unsure

"It's your choice Kripa; I know you love children, so I thought maybe you'd like this"

Her lips lifted slightly "I think I should go for it" she looked at Ridimaa, her face glowing "Thank you so much Ridimaa" she exclaimed hugging her

"Kripa" she laughed pulling apart "I did nothing okay"

Kripa giggled "you're helping me find a job"

"And helping you find is nothing okay!" she exclaimed walking towards the kitchen "what's cooked?"

"Rice; want some?" Kripa asked following

"Mhmmm, I'm starving" she said looking through the dishes whilst Kripa smiled watching her


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hey faiza,

are you going to restart all the chapters..over again....??? could u just post all the old chapters and start again please...dying to read the new part thats y Embarrassed
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Chapter Two

A week later Kripa sat in the corridor of Khanna Enterprise. She had called them the day Ridhimaa showed her the advert, thus being called for a job interview a week later. She looked around at the well dressed staff. They all seemed to hold class and style but they seemed rather lacking in hospitality.
Her chain of thoughts was broken with the call of the receptionist "Miss Sharma" she repeated
"Umm yes?" she asked lifting her head
"You can go in" she said "last door to the right" she pointed
Kripa nodded. Standing, she tugged at her skirt, then walked down the corridor. She came face to face with a large wooden door with the name 'Aditya Khanna' inscribed in golden letters.
Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door "May I come in?"
"Come in" she heard. Stepping Inside she took note of the fine interior with the classy black and white furniture used giving a classic but modern look "Have a seat Miss Sharma" he ordered in his deep baritone. She sat on the plush leather chair facing a tall handsome man with light stubble on his cheeks, small brown eyes accompanied by thin squared glasses. His thick brown hair was brushed back neatly complimenting his grey suit "I'm Aditya Khanna" he introduced putting his hand forward.
"Kripa Sharma" she answered taking his hand "Nice to meet you"
"My pleasure" he answered looking at the petite lady "Alright Miss Sharma, let's get started" he rubbed his hands together then picked up a file, skimming through the pages "How much do you know about this job?" he asked
"You need a baby sitter to supervise your children when you are out" she answered unsure
"Correct. I need a baby sitter. I have to go out quite a lot so there is no one I can leave my kids with" he sighed "You're not the first person who has come for this interview. There have been many people.  Why do you think you are more capable of this job than them?"
"I may be a better option because I have experience in this department. I use to help look after children at the local orphanage in my village so I know how to cope with children"
"Before I can offer you this job there will be terms and conditions you will have to agree to. Are you ready for that?"
She nodded "If they suitable then I agree"
"Well, to start with I may have to leave the kids in situations of emergency; therefore I will need you to be there immediately. Be day or night" She nodded "Although I may employee you to look after my children, I will not allow you to take them outside the house. I don't want to be taking any sort of risk" she nodded again giving her consent "and lastly you will not interfere in any family problems. I shall warn you from before you may see things that you may not like but I will not tolerate under any circumstances, you becoming involved in my family problems. Do you agree Miss Sharma?"
"I agree" she said quietly
"If you cannot make it on time more than three times then you will be fired" he informed "I am very strict about punctuality and attendance therefore I will not tolerate it too much unless it is in a case of emergency" he paused "Tell me Miss Sharma, How likely are you to be caught in such a situation. Let's say out of ten" he shrugged
"I'm not so likely to be held in such a situation. I have no living family. I have an Uncle who lives in Rajasthan and a few friends who live in Mumbai. That's about it. So I should be here nine out of ten times if there is ever an emergency"
He nodded seeming pleased "Well, I'll be happy to hire you Miss Sharma" she smiled delighted "But before I offer you this job; I will need some sort of identification. It's part of my company's policy. Although you will not be working in this company, I would very much like to follow the policy. And it is also for the safety checks. I have a whole company to run and I can't risk taking up someone with a criminal history or anything similar. I hope you understand Miss Sharma."
She nodded "Most of my documents are still in Rajasthan so I won't be able to get anything before a week" she informed
"That's absolutely fine Miss Sharma as long as I get those documents. I'll arrange you an appointment with my company's lawyer. He'll see you a week from today at ten o clock. He'll see you documents and you'll sign the contract papers with you. The contract will last for a period of twelve months. It will be extended if I feel you are capable are more time"
"Yes Sir"
"Congratulations Miss Sharma" he said stranding taking her hand "you are appointed if you sign the contract next week" he pulled his hands back picking up a small card "Take my card. If there are any problems you can call the office and I'll see what I can do to help you"
She smiled taking the card "Thank you Mr Khanna. It was a pleasure meeting you. Have a good day" she greeted before leaving the office all smiles.

"So?" Ridhimaa asked settling down with a coffee "How was your interview?"
Kripa smiled distressed "it was good. I got the job. Just a few formalities left" she answered then groaned "he asked me to bring proof of identity for safety reasons and I agreed. I phoned uncle and it turns out my passport expired two years ago. It never got remade so I'll have to send an application off for a new passport which in the least will take a month. I need it in a week's time. I've got a medical card but they want at least two documents which prove my identity" she sighed looking at Ridhimaa "What am I going to do?"
Ridhimaa smiled "Well I can write you a reference if they accept that. You should call and find out. You'd get in quite easy if you have a Doctors reference"
Kripa smiled widely "Oh thank you Ridhimaa" she exclaimed hugging her "Thank you so much"
"Hey" Ridhimaa said pulling her apart "why the tears?" she asked
Kripa shook her head "Just feel like it. I guess the leap I took from Rajasthan to Mumbai is getting to me. People are so different here. Almost heartless if you ask me; In so many parts of Mumbai there are poor people hoping for a better future and those who have so much are just so careless and horrible. They don't see the value of small things"
"Oh Kripa; what happened? What brought this on?"
Kripa laughed wiping her tears "not much, I guess I've just been thinking to deep. I'm trying to understand the people over here"
"Well stop thinking so much. You meet good and bad people Kripa. Your thoughts or opinion isn't going to make a difference to them so just ignore these feelings and for god sake forget that Car guy. You're never going to see him again and he won't see you. He probably doesn't even remember you. So don't waste your time on people like that"
"How did you know I was thinking about that?"
"Oh don't you know" Ridhimaa teased I read minds"
"Yeah Right" Kripa snapped throwing a cushion her way
Kripa rushed into the huge concrete building out of breath. She was late to her appointment by ten minutes. Not that it was her fault. Could she be blamed for the horrible traffic of Mumbai? She straightened her clothes then walked towards the reception area.
 She had called Aditya Khanna a few days ago regarding the reference letter Ridhimaa had wrote for her.  He had allowed it for the time being but had told her he would need to see those documents as soon as possible. That was okay for her, as long as she got the job.
She watched the receptionist talk on the phone, then turn to her after saying goodbye "How can I help you?" she asked
"I have an appointment at ten o clock with Mr Aditya Khanna's lawyer. I'm really sorry I'm late. I was stuck in traffic"
The lady smiled "What's your name?"
"Kripa Sharma"
She typed her name in and scanned the database; confirming the appointment, then picked up the phone dialing a few numbers "Mr Khanna; Miss Kripa Sharma is here. She had an appointment with you at ten o clock" she paused "Alright sir, I'll send her up" she put the phone down "you can go up. Third floor, Last door on the right"
Kripa nodded "Thank you" she walked to the elevators, patiently waiting for the third floor. She walked down the corridor coming face to face with a similar door to Aditya Khanna's. Instead it had Angad Khanna inscribed in golden cursive letters. She knocked on the door "Can I come in?"
"Come in" a deep husky voice replied. A rather familiar deep voice she thought as she entered. She was surprised to find the same fiery eyes staring at rather impatiently. It was that rude man who had almost knocked her over with his car two months ago. It was really disturbing that she still remembered him. He was a stranger to her. She wasn't supposed to remember but strangely she did. She came out of train of thoughts with a click of his fingers "Miss Sharma I don't have all day" he said rather irritated
"Sorry" she mumbled
"What sorry?" he barked "I value my time very much. I don't appreciate late comers" He sat in his expensive leather chair picking up a file "I'm Angad Khanna, I handle the legal matters of this company but you will be working with him at home so he insists you have a sign a contract. Mr Khanna should have explained the terms and conditions to you. Read through the terms and conditions and then sign your consent on the file. You will be paid Rs 1000 for every hour you work" he paused giving her the file "sit down Miss Sharma" she nodded sitting down "I've been told you would be bringing  a reference letter and a document for your proof of identity " She nodded again pulling out some papers from her purse. He looked through the papers, then photocopied them "Miss Sharma we don't normally accept reference letters since it's something we need anyways. But since you say your passport has expired I shall give you a month. I need to see your passport. So I'll be seeing you a month from today" he paused to check his diary "at four o clock. I expect you to be on time next time Miss Sharma"
She sighed nodding. She skimmed through the document then signed her consent "When do I start working?" she asked uncomfortably. The man was very disturbing. He held this arrogance which angered her to no end but he seemed almost too mysterious. She sighed shaking her head. She better pay attention otherwise he'd snap at her again.

"Honestly, I can't believe I met that man again. Ughh, he is so rude" Kripa moaned into the phone. As soon as she got home she had called Ridhimaa. Ridhimaa had been busy and didn't attend the call but called her as soon as she was off duty to hear Kripa complain and moan about Angad Khanna.
"Well, at least you won't be seeing him so much. I mean he works in the office right and you will be working at the house" she comforted
"Yeah that's true. I'll be seeing him next month for some legal stuff but I guess that's about it, unless y contract is renewed or something" she sighed playing with the button of her shirt "I'm going there tomorrow. Mr Khanna wants me to baby sit tomorrow"
"Well then best of luck" Ridhimaa wished
Kripa smiled "Thanks" she paused, a sudden thought coming to her mind "you know what's strange. His second name is also Khanna"
"Oh come on Kripa. Stop thinking about him already; anyone can have Khanna for a second name"
"I guess so" she smiled to herself "what are you and Armaan doing on Saturday?"
"Nothing much; we've got duty till two then we're free. Why?"
"Well then Saturday evening you're having dinner at mine"
"We'll be there"
"You better be" Kripa laughed rolling onto her bed

"You're Early Miss Sharma" Aditya commented glancing at his watch
She nodded "I thought I'd come early to avoid being late"
"Well in that case I'll introduce you to my children" He looked towards the stairs instinctively "Ayush, Abhi" his loud voice boomed "come downstairs"
Two adorable children came running down a series of stairs stumbling before their father. They straightened up looking at him then looking at Kripa curiously. They were cute kids. One slightly taller than the other. The taller boy was thin with a pointy nose, big brown eyes and pink puffy cheeks. He looked cute standing in front of his father, his head lowered, his eyes wondering everywhere.
The smaller boy was just as cute with a little chubby fat. He had the same puffy pink cheeks his brother possessed, lovely brown eyes hidden behind round glasses and a thick mop of brown hair. He looked at her with his mouth slightly open, two teeth missing. He was clearly an innocent. Kripa smiled at them politely, already feeling overwhelmed seeing such gorgeous kids. She hoped they were just as gorgeous with their attitudes.
"This is Ayush" Aditya said pointing towards the taller child "and this is Abhi"
Kripa smiled "There cute kids" Ayush scrunched his nose whilst Abhi smiled displaying cute dimples in both his cheeks.
Aditya saw his wife coming down the stairs dressed in a simple pink sari "this is Sanya, my wife" he pointed. He took her by her arm bringing her closer "say hello Sanya"
Sanya looked at Aditya then a Kripa "hello" she mumbled
Kripa felt a little awkward. She almost felt like Mrs Khanna didn't like her presence in the house, but then again she could be reading too much into it "Hello Mrs Khanna" Kripa greeted, then paused "are there any instruction for me to follow?" she asked
Aditya nodded "Make sure they eat by eight and please put them to bed by ten. I shouldn't be too long but just in case, stay till we are back"
Kripa nodded dutifully. Aditya bid goodbye, coaxing Sanya yet again. Once they left she turned towards the children and smiled hoping they would be nothing like she had experienced with her family so far.


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Chapter Three

Aditya Khanna almost seemed like a ruthless father when she had met him. Especially the comments he had made for the safety of his business rather than his children. But then again, she could be reading in to it too much. Aditya Khanna may have seemed rather insensitive soul but his children were not like him. Ayush was slightly cheeky but children are meant to be. Abhi was smaller than Ayush and was just as sweet and adorable. He was a quiet boy who appreciated nature over manmade objects made.

Ayush was running around the house looking for something or the other to get rid of his boredom. Whilst Abhi for some strange reason was staring at the carpet, almost as if he'd discovered the biggest secrets "what are you doing?" Kripa asked sitting next to him on the plush leather sofa.

"I—I" he looked away in panic

Kripa held his small hands "I won't laugh. I promise" she pinched her throat in promise. He looked towards her curiously "smile" she coaxed. He smiled once again displaying his deep dimples "What were you doing?"

"I was looking for something" he murmured

"On the carpet" she asked with a raised brow

"I was looking for faces"

Kripa smiled "let's do it together"

He looked at her in amazement "will you really look for them with me?"

"Of course" she smiled "when I was small I use to do that a lot"

"Really?" his smile widened making his dimples tighter "Dad say it's rubbish and time wasting"

"It's not" Kripa kneeled in front of him "it's your imagination and everyone has a different imagination" she cuddled his chubby cheek "come on, let's look for some faces" Abhi smiled and looked down at the cream colored carpet, pointing them out once in a while.

Kripa turned her attention away from the carpet when she heard a shout from upstairs "I'll be back in a minute" she mumbled standing and walked towards the stairs. She didn't really know the way through the house so it took her a few minutes to find where the voice was coming from. She walked through the hallway; then stopped seeing Ayush standing at a distance looking frightened. She rushed to him, kneeling down and asked "what's wrong Ayush? Why are you crying?" she asked wiping the tears streaming from his eyes "and who was that shouting?" He remained silent, clutching onto Kripa's Shirt whilst she cuddled him closer, concerned "you okay?" she mumbled, feeling awkward. It almost felt like there was someone watching her. Instinctively she turned to glance backwards and froze.
Angad Khanna stood behind her dressed in casual jeans and a jumper staring at her and Ayush furiously. She gulped nervously and stood straight "Mr Khanna" she murmured "what are you doing here?"

He seemed more angered with her question "I should be asking you Miss Sharma. You've been told to look after Aditya Khanna's Children. Not let them wander about, breaking things" he growled
"Oh" she said dumbfounded.
"I think you didn't hear what I said clearly Miss Sharma. I don't want them wandering about. Do you understand?"
She nodded numbly "it won't happen again" she muttered.
"It better not happen next time" he warned "Now get back to work" he said slamming his door shut.
Once he was out of sight, she turned back to Ayush in worry "Are you alright Ayush?" she said caressing his face. He nodded hugging her around her neck. She smiled lifting the boy up in her arms "Well, not to worry. I'm here. No one can do anything to you while I'm here" she whispered taking him down the stairs; where Abhi still sat gawking at the carpet critically.

Kripa lay in the comfort of her blanket, her thoughts going back to her evening. The children were cute and just as innocent, but there family wasn't. If they lived in that family too long their innocence would drown in the brutality the family seemed to carry.
She rolled onto her stomach feeling uneasy. She would have to work in the same house Angad Khanna lived in. Ayush had told her he was his uncle, Aditya Khanna's brother. What bothered her so much was his behavior. She understood to an extent why he would be rude to her. She was a stranger to him. But what had Ayush done. He had merely dropped a vase which was plastic. How could he shout at such a small child? Especially when the kid was his own nephew? Well, that explains why Aditya Khanna wanted a baby sitter for his kids rather than having his own brother look after them she thought feeling her eyelids dropped. Soon enough she was snoring softly, sound asleep.

"I have to say; you're a better cook than Ridhimaa" Armaan complimented

"Thank you, but I think you shouldn't compliment me too much in front of Ridhimaa" Kripa teased. It was a Saturday night; Armaan and Ridhimaa were at Kripa's apartment for dinner as promised.

"So Kripa how was your first day at work?" Ridhimaa asked "I haven't had a chance to ask. It's been so bus at the hospital lately"

"It was good. The kids are adorable" she replied smiling slightly, then sighed "and apparently Angad Khanna lives there as well"

"Really?" Ridhimaa dropped her spoon "how come?"

"He's Aditya Khanna's brother" she muttered "and he has got to be one of the meanest people I know. He doesn't even know how to behave with his own nephews, let alone me. I completely sympathize with Aditya Khanna for having a brother like him" 

"Well then he doesn't know what he's losing out on. You'll come across a lot of people Kripa. Good and bad. You have to learn to ignore it" Ridhimaa advised

"I'm being ignored" Armaan whined interrupting there conversion "And might I add, it's very rude"

Kripa chuckled whilst Ridhimaa slapped his arm "Oh be serious for once Armaan"

"I am serious" he shrugged "I was being ignored"

Ridhimaa narrowed her eyes watching him grin "Yeah right"

"Hey" he defended "stop glaring" he moved his chair closer to Kripa's "if you be mean to me, I'll marry Kripa" he teased taking hold of her hands

Kripa giggled "God can't be unfair to me" she said pulling her hand back "He's already been unfair with Ridhimaa" she teased

Armaan heaved a sigh "fine, I'll just have to find someone else who will appreciate me more than you two" he scoffed in mock anger

"And if you do; I'll kill you before Ridhimaa does" Kripa threatened in jest

Ridhimaa smiled watching her fianc and friend tease each other. There teasing banter set her mood. She had been a little upset for a few days, although she was very good at hiding it. Her father was suffering from lung cancer because of his excessive smoking habits. Her mother had died too long ago. If she lost her father she wouldn't be able to bear it.
She hadn't known Kripa for too long but the short time she had known her, she had come to love her like the little sister she never had. Kripa was a sweet girl, who for some reason she could share everything with. She had a lot of friends in the past but no one had come close to what Kripa was. She had felt that instant connection when she had met Kripa.
Armaan On the other hand was another story. When she had met him, he was nothing but annoying. He use to cause a lot of trouble when they were interns. He'd play pranks, never pay attention in classes but still managed to top most of the classes and that was what irritated her the most. But the same things that would irritate her then would make her smile now.
Armaan and Kripa glanced at Ridhimaa to find her eyes shining with unshed tears. Immediately they stopped there teasing banter, paying attention to her "hey Ridhimaa" Armaan said softly taking her into his arms "What's wrong sweetheart?"
She smiled shaking her head "it's nothing, just thinking"
"Oh, then you're definitely not thinking about me" Kripa and Ridhimaa looked at him confused "well, she wouldn't be crying if it was me" he shrugged "she'd either be blushing or angry if it was me" he teased

"Armaan" Ridhimaa whined shaking her head "you're impossible"
He grinned "you know you wouldn't want me any other way" he winked. Ridhimaa smiled bashfully leaning into his chest "So Kripa! What are planning to do while you're not babysitting?"
"I don't know, I'll just go with the flow, see if I find something interesting to do" she shrugged
"Why don't you help us out at the hospital" he suggested
"I haven't studied anything to do with science Armaan so no. I was a math's student at university and believe me, it was a very boring degree"
"Awww my bad" Armaan sighed "I was hoping for the company of the young beautiful lady" he winked
Kripa smiled shaking her head "stop flirting Armaan---" she was cut off by the ringing of the phone "I'll be back" Kripa said walking towards the kitchen "Hello" she greeted picking up the phone.

"Hello. I'm Mr Khanna's personal assistant from Khanna enterprise. Sir has told me to inform you, you need to babysit his children immediately. He needs to leave to Bangalore for an urgent conference for two days"

Kripa groaned pressing her temples "right now?"

"Yes Miss Sharma. He will be leaving in two hours" she replied, then held up

Kripa muttered under her breath walking towards Armaan and Ridhimaa "what's wrong?" Ridhimaa asked noticing Kripa constantly grumbling

"Dinner's over" she announced dropping on the sofa "I have babysitting duty"

Ridhimaa chuckled "stop sulking, you chose to work there"

"Yeah" she pressed her temple "let's just hope I don't face that freak again"

"Then what happened?" Abhi asked frowning at the moment of suspense. Kripa lay beside him, patting him to sleep. She was telling him small short stories, trying to put him to sleep. She smiled kissing his head "Then the fox leaped out of the bushes to get its prey?"
"What's a Prey?"
"It's the food of an animal"
"What does a fox eat?"
She kissed his cheek "foxes eat rabbits"
"Why does it eat rabbits?"

"Because it's their favorite food"

"But rabbits are so cute" he grimaced "Doesn't the fox the rabbit cute?"

"Oh Abhi" she caressed his hair "you ask too many questions"

"My teacher says the same" he played with his fingers "is it wrong to ask too many questions? My teacher gets angry"

"It's not wrong sweetheart. But right now it's time to sleep" she sat up "come on close your eyes and go to sleep" she ordered. She patted his head, humming a rhythm until sleep came to him. She looked down at the sleeping child and smiled sweetly.
Ayush had fell asleep ages ago. He had been tired from days play and fell asleep exhausted. Abhi was another story.  He had told her he missed her and then told her what he did at school that week. When she had finally coaxed him to go to bed, he had insisted on a story. The boy was adorable, so full of innocence she was scared for him. The neglect the two boys faced from their family was horrible and she was scared it would affect them negatively in the future.
Kissing the two boys she slipped out of the room. She strolled down the stairs picking her bag from the sofa. She didn't know if she was supposed to stay here or not but she wasn't told to so she supposed she wouldn't be staying. There uncle was home for the night anyways so it shouldn't be such a big problem. He couldn't say anything to the sleeping children.
"Where do you think you are going?" she heard his booming voice demand.
She turned to find him standing by the sofa. Taking a deep breath she prepared herself for whatever was coming "I'm going home"
"I think you forgot what was written in the contract. You will look after Aditya Khanna's children in his absence; and clearly he is absent right now" he scoffed
"I know he's absent" she retorted, her teeth gritting "but their asleep right now. I'll be back before they awake in the morning"
"I think you didn't hear what I said clear enough" he said stepping closer
"I did" she said with narrowed eyes "and I also said I'll be back before their awake. I don't see a problem with that Mr Khanna"
He glared daggers at silently "You're going to stay here tonight" he muttered "your rooms to the left of the children. I want you awake before them because if I hear a peep out of those kids, you won't see the end of me" he threatened then stomped up the stairs angrily.
She sighed pressing her temples. He could have just told her and avoided an argument with her. Oh he was so frustrating. A few moments with him had her all hyped up and ready to kill. She walked up the stairs unconsciously cursing him.
Stepping into the room she realized she had nothing with her. Her clothing and necessary toiletries were at home. Sighing she walked out of the room towards the door at the end of the hallway. She gathered all her courage and knocked.
Angad opened the door annoyed "What's the problem now?" he barked "Do I need to instruct you on everything you do while you're here"
"I need to go home for a few minutes. I wasn't told that I was supposed to stay the night and so I don't have any of my necessities" she said irritated "unless you want me to walk around with my clothes creased, looking like a mess"
He rolled his eyes in annoyance "this is the last time I'm letting you get away missy, so unless you want your job you better hurry up. You've got half an hour to be back"
"But half an hour's too less. I'll take me a few minutes to find a taxi first" she pointed
"I don't care how you do it. You have half an hour. If you are late then I'm not guaranteeing you anything" he retorted closing the door.
"Ughh" she groaned muttering curses under her breath. She called Ridhimaa, apologizing for the late night call. She picked her up and helped her pack a small duffle bag which would last her two days.
She reached Khanna house on time despite her worries of being late and was relieved. After another argument with Angad she retired to her room. She changed her clothes and dropped on the bed too tired to worry about tomorrow. Yawning she stretched her aching muscles and fell asleep contentedly on the soft mattress.

Her eyes blinked open with the bright sun blinding her sight. She pulled the covers on her face too tired to awake but was interrupted by a loud thump on the door. She groaned closing her eyes trying to drown out the pounding which only got louder "I'm coming" she yelled rubbing her eyes. She opened the door to find Angad Khanna staring furiously at her. His eyes fiery eyes glared daggers at her, his mouth set in a grim line, his teeth clenched. Kripa gulped preparing herself to face Angad Khanna and his so called anger.


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Chapter Four

Ayush giggled watching Kripa hold her head, her fingers pressed to her temples. Who could understand more than him why her head ached "Get use to it aunty; if you want to stay here you'll have to listen to him everyday"

Kripa looked at Ayush "Your uncle is evil"

Ayush chuckled "I know. That's why we have a different babysitter every month"

"You actually notice all this stuff" she exclaimed surprised at how much the kid had gone through

He nodded sitting next to her "It happens all the time"

"You're a strong kid Ayush" she said stroking his head

He flexed his tiny muscles "I haven't got any muscles yet"

She laughed "You don't have to have muscles to be strong. Not every muscled man is strong"


"Really" she blinked, smiling widely. He smiled back hugging her around the neck.
Angad had given Kripa quite a shouting in the morning. She listened to his nagging for a good half an hour. She had overslept this morning by an hour. Of course it wasn't so wrong in her eyes. Especially considering it was his fault she was so tired last night. She had made a mad dash home because of him so it wasn't entirely her fault. She couldn't god more when he was called for a business associate of his.
She didn't know how long she would tolerate his behavior. After all she had some self respect. But she couldn't leave Abhi and Ayush to suffer his ignorance and unexplained anger. They were innocents and needed to be cared for properly. She didn't have the heart to leave their innocent souls in the wicked household. She wouldn't back out because of one person's behavior. She would stay for them. Leaning back into sofa she silently cursed Angad wishing for a better future.

"I'm bored" Ayush complained, his hand under his chin "Can't we go out"

"No" Kripa answered "You're not allowed to. Where's Abhi? Play with him"

"Abhi" he frowned "He's boring. He never enjoys playing with me"

Kripa smiled "well then play something you both enjoy"

"But there's nothing like that"

"Hmmm" she tapped her chin in thought "Do you have snakes and ladders?"


"Bring that and call Abhi. We'll play that"

"Abhi won't play; he'll just sit there" Ayush complained still sitting at his spot

"Trust me" Kripa said crossing her legs "He will. Now up you go. Go and get the game and Abhi"
Minutes later Abhi, Ayush and Kripa sat sprawled on the carpet staring at the board game "I told you he won't play" Ayush grumbled.

"It will take a while" she murmured then turned towards Abhi "Come on Abhi you can start first"
He looked at her baffled "I don't know what to do"
She sighed "Alright then let's try it this way. What do you see on the board?" she questioned

His eyes were fixed on the board "a snake and a ladder with numbers" he answered shortly

"Ok" she picked up a small red counter "what's this?" she asked

Ayush looked at her bewildered "What are you doing?"

She held her had up "Shhh" and looked at Abhi "what's in my hand Abhi?"

"A counter" he answered also confused

"Good" she put the counter at the starting point and rolled the dice "what number does it say on the dice?"

He looked towards her and then down "four"

"Ok, so now what do we do?"

"Move the counter" he answered

"Then move it" she stated. He looked at her puzzled; what was she doing? He looked down at the snakes and ladders board, picked the red counter and moved it four steps and looked back at her for confirmation "There's a ladder on number four" she pointed. He looked down and moved the counter up the ladder. She smiled "Did you like that?"

"I don't know" he looked down mystified

She sighed "Ok, let's do it another way" she held his face "close your eyes and imagine you are the counter"

"But I'm not"

"Imagine Abhi, Think" she watched him close his eyes "can you see yourself?" he nodded "now imagine you are standing in front of a wall with snakes and ladder" he squinted his eyes "what do you see?"

"A black snake" he whispered "and a tall ladder"

"Great, now go four steps aside and step on the ladder before the snake gets you" her eyes sparkled

A few moments later his eyes in excitement "I did it"

She smiled affectionately "you did" she kissed his chubby cheek "now come on, let's do the same on the board, imagine the counter is you and do what the dice tells you to" he nodded his head animatedly while Kripa laughed at his enthusiasm.

Ayush beamed jumping to select his counter for the game "you're the best Kripa aunty"

"Why, thank you" she answered, a smile gracing her lips as she selected her own counter
"How was your weekend?" Ridhimaa asked sipping her coffee. They sat in the hospital cafeteria after Kripa's long weekend at the Khanna's.

"It was good" she smiled "The kids are cute. We played all weekend. Stuff I haven't play for a while actually" sighing she took a sip of her own tea "My parents death anniversary is coming up into two weeks. I've been missing them a lot lately"

Ridhimaa covered her hand "well they wouldn't be happy to see their daughter sad and depressed. They would want to see you happy. So miss them without grieving about it" she advised

Kripa smiled at the meaningful words "Yeah, I guess. How's your dad?" she asked pushing her hair back

"He's okay. Doctor Kirti said everything's going fine. I trust her" her fingers played with strands of her hair "Dad's been worried lately. He keeps talking about me getting married. I don't think Armaan's ready. Neither am I. I can't get married knowing his critical state"
Kripa moved forward hugging her "he'll be fine Ridhimaa. I know you're scared for his health. But trust me, he'll recover pretty soon" after Ridhimaa calmed, they parted "where's Armaan?"

"I'm here" he said sitting beside Ridhimaa "How's my darling doing?"

"I'm fine" Ridhimaa replied

" Actually I was asking Kripa" he teased

"Armaan" she whined "be serious for once"

"I know you love me the way I am" he kissed her hand "How about dinner tonight?" Ridhimaa ignored him stirring her coffee "I asked if you want to go to dinner tonight?"

"Oh, Are you talking to me?" she asked

"Of course I am"

She smiled cheekily "I thought you would want dinner with Kripa" she teased

Kripa and Ridhimaa laughed at Armaan's sulking face "If that's what you want" he took Kripa's hand "I don't mind" he smiled goofily

"Sorry to break your heart Armaan but I'm busy" she replied chuckling

"Then tomorrow, what's say?" he raised his brow humorously

"Armaan" she moaned breaking in to fits of laughter "stop teasing"

"I'm not" he laughed and kissed Ridhimaa's cheek "I'll pick you up at eight"
"I'm fine uncle; honestly" Kripa assured

"Are you sure? You don't sound fine" Rustam said concerned

"Oh it's nothing, just a little cold; Mumbai isn't as warm as Rajasthan"

"Oh ok" he sighed "it's not like you're going to tell me anyways"

"But I'm fine, it's just a little cold" she defended "I'll talk to you later, someone's at the door" she said as she heard the doorbell ring.

"Ok, take care of yourself and phone me if you need anything"

"Yes uncle, I'll phone, bye" and she hung up and rushed to the door. She opened it to find a woman dressed in a pink salwar suit. The woman was beautiful with big brown eyes, pink cheeks and full lips on her glowing skin. Kripa smiled awkwardly and asked "Umm, can I help you?"

"Hello" she pulled her hands out eagerly

"Hi" Kripa held her hand

"Can I come in?" she asked

"Oh, yeah, come in" she moved aside a little clumsily, escorting her to the living room.

"I'm your new neighbor, Sanjeeda" she introduced

"Oh, I'm Kripa, nice to meet you Sanjeeda"

"I know it's silly of me to just come in like this but we just moved in. I don't know about the places around here yet; so can I borrow some eggs?" she asked candidly.

"Oh umm, sure" Kripa was surprised at her frankness. Kripa would take quite a few weeks before talking so frankly. Oh well she thought taking the eggs out of the fridge, not everyone was like her. She gave a small bag with four eggs in them.

"I'd love to meet you again Kripa" Sanjeeda spoke "for now I'll leave, my husband's waiting" she smiled and left out the door. Kripa looked at the door amazed; the lady came in a flash and left in a flash. She smiled to herself, she sure had wacky neighbors.
Oh great, Kripa thought annoyed. She had just planned her day out with Ridhimaa but it all went down the drain when she was called to baby sit. She loved the kids a lot but she didn't like that uncle of theirs, who seemed to be there every time. Plus the fact that they called her at the weirdest times annoyed the hell out of her.
But since the three weeks she had known the boys, she had seen a difference in them. They seemed a little happier than they were when she started working. She hoped she could make them happier. The boys were adorable and they deserved the best.
Ayush and Abhi had become quite attached with Kripa in the short time they had known her. They liked the way she pampered them but still told them off for anything wrong. Ayush and Abhi had started to spend a lot of time together. They played together; something they hardly did in the past.

Kripa reached Khanna house after cancelling her plans, her nose wrinkled in slight annoyance. When she walked in she found Aditya waiting for her in the main seating area.

Aditya glanced up on hearing footsteps and smiled pleased "I'm glad you could make it on time Miss Sharma. Sanya isn't feeling very well today so I want you to look after the children till I'm at the office. I'll be late" Aditya ordered "the kids are still at school, so you will leave to pick them up with my driver in ten minutes and come straight home from their school"
Kripa nodded silently listening for any other instructions he gave her. Sometime he found it very weird how Mr Khanna was always the one giving instructions and not Mrs Khanna. It almost seemed like she didn't exist. Her kids never mentioned her, her brother in law had the same story. The only person she saw with her was Mr Khanna. And even then, she'd hardly heard a word out of her, not even the slightest encouragement towards her children.
Kripa observed Sanya Khanna in the ten minutes she was there before leaving to pick up the kids. She didn't seem like she wasn't well. She seemed perfectly fine walking around mindlessly upstairs. Kripa had often felt very uncomfortable with her, almost as I Sanya didn't want her here but god knew what the real problem was.

Heaving a sigh she left to collect the children from their school. She smiled watching Abhi beam at her sight, whilst Ayush looked somewhat grumpy, looking like that grouchy uncle of his. Moving forward and she took their small hands in hers "what's wrong Ayush?" she asked concerned

"I hate my teacher"

She chuckled, it seemed no one really liked there teachers "what happened? Did he shout at you?"

"Yeah" he looked towards her "he told me that I'm a lazy boy who's proud of my money" he complained

Kripa looked towards him sympathetically. If he wasn't brought up properly he would soon end up like that and his teacher was just encouraging that attitude by labeling him. "I'll talk to him" she assured blinking her eyes "now come on, cheer up; we have a lot to do today?" she grinned when he smiled and turned to Abhi "How was your day Abhi?"

"Good" he spoke excitedly "we did painting in art today" he said showing his art folder
Kripa smiled affectionately "what did you paint?"

"I painted my family" he answered climbing into the car. He pulled out his painting from his folder and showed his picture "That's mom" he had drawn them as stick figures, coloring over their bodies in bright colors. Her eyes zeroed onto the figure he called his mother. He had painted in dull grey and black colors which made it stand out in a dark sort of way. "That's dad" his father was a simple straight body with his head high, perfectly displaying his arrogance, blue colors painted over his stick figured body "That's me and Ayush" he pointed towards two smaller stick men in orange and blue with smiles on their faces "that's uncle" he had painted his uncle at a distance from the family, just like his father, straight, arrogant, looking high, showing his superiority. She didn't blame him for the distance; he surely was a stranger in the family, it seemed they were only biologically related and that was about it.

"Who's that?" Kripa pointed

"Oh, that's you" he smiled pointing to the stick figure dressed in red, her hair drawn in curly scrawls "your Kripa aunty so you're my family" he stated innocently. His gesture brought tears to her eyes. Abhi was so innocent; living in that house of his, his innocence would fade away, getting lost in the worldly demands. She kissed his cheek, a soft smile adorning her face.

"When will you leave this house? You've already left an eternal curse on this house. How much more do you plan to do" Angad taunted, glaring at her
Sanya looked at him with a mixture of fright and nervousness "curse" she whispered
"Oh now don't give me that look. I know you're not scared. Everyone else might believe but I don't and I never will"
Her tear framed eyes looked at him confusion "believe "
"Oh, how fake can you get woman? Don't you leave a chance? You couldn't take my piece so you bought your children in. And now you want to make it worse with that loud mouth baby sitter of yours" he turned to glance sideways but caught sight of Kripa holding the kids. He glared at them "hear me out all of you. I'm not going to be influenced by any of you. Understand! You better understand" he said pointedly glaring at Kripa who glowered back at his stomping feet.
Sanya looked at Kripa nervously and fled up the stairs to the sanctuary of the room. Kripa stared at the empty space which was filled with voices of argument before. What was happening? She thought bewildered


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Chapter Five

It wasn't right; Kripa thought. Something was wrong. She knew it was wrong of her to interfere in their family matter but they didn't understand what effect it was having on the children. She sighed and sipped on her coffee. She still remembered how Abhi had held onto her legs seeing his uncle shout like a mad man, whilst Ayush simply looked disgusted. Ayush was too small to handle such situations. She knew he understood everything because he reacted much more maturely than he should have. He was merely a seven year old and he was trapped in a prison of strangers. They were his family only in name; if they cared, they would never fight in front of him.

Tired, she stood up and stripped out of her clothes walking into the shower. Hopefully a warm shower would cool her down. But it didn't; she couldn't stop thinking. How could Angad Khanna be so callous? It was understandable if the conflict stayed between the adults but why did he involve the children. She was disgusted. She soaped her body, letting the water flow on top, washing it off. She couldn't help but think about Sanya and Angad. Why were they arguing? It seemed Angad wasn't happy with Sanya living there; then why didn't he move out. There were many people who preferred living alone rather than with their families. He didn't have respect for anyone. Aditya Khanna was his bigger brother and he called his name so coldly. The man had a heart made of stone.

She pulled a white towel gown over her bare body stepping out of the shower. Sanya Khanna was a mysterious woman. Her eyes were baffled, like she didn't know of her own purpose of living. It seemed there was much more behind her silence. She didn't talk to Kripa at all. There was something about her; there was something going on and it made Kripa feel uneasy. She pushed her hair back with the brush taking out the knots when the doorbell rang. She looked down at her current state and then at the door. Tightening the belt around her robe; she opened the door slightly "yes, how can I help you?" she asked

"Have you forgot me so soon?" the woman screamed

Kripa peeped her head out "Oh, Sanjeeda right?"

"Yeah, I thought you forgot me" she smiled "can I come in?"

"Oh" Kripa moved back opening the door "come in"

Sanjeeda smiled knowingly at Kripa "I thought I'd drop down for a chat; I came in a hurry last time"

Kripa smiled genuinely; the lady was loud but very friendly "Yeah, just give me two minutes; I'll be back" and she disappeared in her room, soon emerging with a black skirt and white top "sorry about that" she apologized

"It's ok" Sanjeeda smiled "I understand; I came before but you weren't home"

"Oh, actually I work and I don't have a fixed time of when--"

Sanjeeda opened her mouth horrified "are you a prostitute?"

"What?" Kripa blurted horrified "no; I'm a baby sitter?"

Sanjeeda giggled "sorry, it's just that you said there's no fixed time. I was watching Chameli last night, so it struck me"

"Oh" Kripa looked embarrassed for her outburst

"Don't be embarrassed" Sanjeeda spoke "My husband says that I speak too much and I always end up embarrassing someone; I want to prove him wrong"

Kripa smiled "I'm fine, I was just stunned that you would think I'm a prostitute" she giggled

Sanjeeda sighed "Yeah, my husband says I watch too many Indian movies"

"Do you have any children?" Kripa asked

"Yeah, I've got a daughter" she said "My husband's looking after her"

Kripa chuckled "Your husband must be very sweet"

"He is" she smiled dreamily "we've been married for nearly three years now and he hasn't ever complained about my bad habits"

Sanjeeda was a loud woman, but good at heart. She talked a little too much but was just as comical. Kripa became fast friends with her. She was a sweet lady who had beauty with brains. Kripa was surprised to learn she was a writer. She earned a lot but didn't boast about it and on the other hand, the Khanna family seemed to have forgotten so many boundaries for their money.

"Something wrong Ayush?" Kripa asked noticing his glum behavior

"No" he looked away and sat on his bed "There always fighting" he stated after a few seconds of silence

Kripa looked at him empathetically and took him in her arms "Ignore them Ayush; they won't stop even if you tell them to"

Tears slid down his soft cheeks "but they always fight; I can't ignore them all the time"

Kripa wiped his cheeks "you know what I do when I'm depressed?" she said. He looked towards her earnestly "I sing" she smiled when his lips curved

"Do you really sing?" he asked innocently

"Well" she sat on the floor "I do when I'm alone; I don't want to embarrass myself now, do I?" she winked as Ayush giggled

Abhi walked towards the two "I want to hear you sing" he demanded

"I don't know how to sing" she replied

"But you just said you sing when your sad" he reminded

"Yes, but if you hear me sing; you'll get scared" she replied giggling

"Oh come on Kripa aunty" Ayush took her hand "We won't make fun of you" he grinned "we promise"

"Yes Kripa aunty" Abhi sat in her lap "sing for us; please" he asked pleadingly

 "Ok" she smiled and kissed their cheeks "what shall I sing for you two?"

"Twinkle, twinkle" Abhi requested; Ayush scrunched his nose but didn't protest. Abhi was his smaller brother so he would let him go first.

Kripa smiled towards the two children and sang "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" she pulled her hand high opening and closing it "How I wonder what you are!" she put both her hands up; shrugging her shoulders "Up above the world so high" she pointed out the window "Like a diamond in the sky!" she made a diamond with her hands "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!" she finished taking there faces in her hands " How was that?"

"It wasn't bad" Ayush started "but it wasn't that good either" he chuckled at her sulking face "Ok, ok; it was nice"

She smiled "and what about you Abhi?"

"Can I listen to it again?" he asked; Kripa smiled whilst Ayush looked on bored of the nursery rhyme.

 Kripa repeated the sequence then looked towards Ayush "you don't like nursery rhymes do you?"

"Well, I'm a big boy so no" he answered "now can I request a song?" he asked

Kripa raised a brow "I was only going to sing one"

"You sang again for Abhi" he pointed


"Be fair; you sang one for Abhi, sing one for me now" he commanded

Kripa sighed "Do I have a choice?"

Ayush grinned "no"

Kripa shook her head sang a song of his choice soon ending up singing many songs; starting with quiet songs moving to louder ones making an awful lot of noise "What the hell is going on over here?" they heard Angad.

Startled; Kripa sat up straight "umm, nothing, we were singing" she answered

"Other people live here" he barked "I don't want to hear a word from you" he ordered turning back

"But we're playing" she moaned

He turned back and looked at her sternly "you get paid to look after the children Miss Sharma; not play around like a fool"

Kripa felt insulted and retorted "well this is my way of looking after children" she felt Abhi tighten his arms around her waist.

He glared at her "Then change your way Miss Sharma; this is my house not yours"

She lowered her eyes not wanting to be insulted further "Yes sir" she answered "go to hell" she muttered as he left the room.

Ayush giggled "you should have said that to him"

"I don't want another headache, do I?"

He smiled "Yeah, let's play monopoly"

"Come on" she took Abhi in her arms and sat on the bed as Ayush set up the game.

"Where have you been? Its' been ages I've seen you"

Kripa sighed and sat on the sofa "I had to baby-sit for a week and then they called me again three days ago; I'm tired" she pressed her temple

Ridhimaa smiled "you want something to drink?"

"Yeah, I'll have a coffee"

She walked to the kitchen counter "So? How's it going?"

"Great, Ayush and Abhi are adorable but there's something going on their family" she leaned her head back "I know I shouldn't really get involved but Ayush was upset the other day; it's affecting the kids"

Ridhimaa sat next to her as the coffee brewed on the stove "Don't get involved Kripa; it might cause trouble"

"I know" she sat straight "but Ayush and Abhi are mentally disturbed; it's not right"

Ridhimaa heaved "what do you want to do?"

She held the sofa "I don't know"

"Try talking to their parents once; if that's what makes you feel better" she held her shoulder

"I guess"

"It's not of your concern Miss Sharma" Aditya answered

"But sir, you don't realize what effect your arguments are having on your children" she retaliated

"Are you some kind of child psychologist that you understand what affects them and what doesn't" he demanded leaning on the desk

"I know I'm not supposed to interfere in your personal matters and I'm not, I'm only asking you to keep it out of the children's sight; they are very upset about it" she said "if you don't stop; your children will drift away"

He looked at her sternly "and why is it that only you've noticed how upset they are?" he questioned "why haven't the past workers complained

"Simply because they didn't want to get involved; I don't as well but I care about Ayush and Abhi and I know how it feels" she spoke truthfully

"Look Miss Sharma" he looked at her "All I can say is that it's ,my personal matter and I know exactly what to show and what not show my children; plus even if I listen to you not everyone will agree"

"I have never been a millionaire, but I have enjoyed a crackling fire, a glorious sunset, a walk with a friend and a hug from a child. There are plenty of life's tiny delights for all of us. If you do a little of this your children will be happy. If you can't avoid arguing in front of them then at least take them out, spend more time with them; they'll feel better"

Aditya looked away "I have other things to do miss Sharma. I can't neglect them, I haven't got a lot of time"

Kripa sighed and stood up "well then try your best Mr Khanna, it's for your children's future; it's serious" and she left the room.

Aditya Khanna sat back on his chair; he'd tried before but no one was ready to listen to him. Angad wasn't the person he was before. He had changed. Their relationship was different before but since Aditya had got married his attitude changed. He was fine at first but he suddenly changed at that critical time. Their parents had passed away and he just drifted apart blaming them for things he hadn't conveyed till today.

Aditya knew he had neglected his children but he had other things to do. His wife couldn't look after their children. He gulped; he couldn't reveal the reason to anyone. His wife wasn't in the state of looking after the children. He held his head; maybe he should start spending time with his children. As much as he loved his children, he couldn't ignore his wife's state, his brother's negligence. It was too much to bear. In his tension he had neglected his kids and he knew he had to fix it before it was too late. But how could he solve the other problems around him.

He had disciplined his children strictly. It was a way to solve problems, not increase his problems. He had always maintained himself, showing off the work he did, trying to hide his problems from the world but no one would understand him. Angad had left his side long ago, he was drowned in worldly fame, lost in the crowd. And his wife; she was fine but things changed suddenly. She malformed, his once talkative wife was the silent women who sat in the darkness of their bedroom, wasting every moment they could have spent with their family.
"I'll be there in fifteen minutes" Kripa replied

"Be fast otherwise we'll end up giving you the surprise instead of Ridhimaa" Armaan answered

She rolled her eyes "Oh come on Armaan" she walked down the stairs "I'm sure you're not blind  or thick that you'll surprise me instead of Ridhimaa" she pushed her hair back "besides, I just finished with my meeting, it takes time"

"Yeah, yeah; hurry up"

"I'll try my best" and she hung up colliding into a broad chest "Oh, I'm so sorry" she picked her phone up and looked up to find Angad Khanna looking ever so annoyed with his papers on the floor.

Kripa sighed as she watched him glare "watch where you're going Miss Sharma"

She rolled her eyes; she was in a hurry and in no mood of getting snubbed "you could do the same Mr Khanna" she moved to the side and rushed down the stairs, ignoring the infuriated Angad Khanna.


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Chapter Six

Aditya looked down at his sleeping children. They were so innocent. What had he done for them, nothing. He was too bothered about his own problems to realize his children's pain, the care his children needed. He held his head watching them breathe silently in the silence of the night. He kissed Ayush's forehead and then Abhi's without realizing when the tears slipped down his cheeks.

Ayush crinkled his eyes and opened them "Dad" he mumbled half asleep and sat up "what's wrong? Why are you crying?" he asked wiping the tears

Aditya avoided his eyes "nothing, I think something got into my eye" he patted him "go to sleep, it's late" he left leaving Ayush curious. Why was his dad crying? He had never seen his dad cry. He never cried when they fought, then why now?

"Thank you so much" Ridhimaa spoke landing on the sofa "That was a real surprise"

Kripa smiled widely "Glad you liked it"

"Hey" Armaan interrupted "why are you taking all the credit?" he handed a mug to Ridhimaa and the other to Kripa "it was my idea"

Ridhimaa whacked his arm "you are so full of yourself"

Kripa giggled "Armaan, who's the one who forgot it was Ridhimaa's birthday?" Kripa reminded

Ridhimaa looked at Armaan wide eyed "you forgot my birthday again?"

"No" he defended "Kripa's lying" he scrunched his nose "why would I forget your birthday Ridz?"

Ridhimaa narrowed her eyes "don't lie to me"

"Ok" he groaned "I forgot but I was the one who organized the thing"

"Not to forget with Atul's help" Kripa reminded

Ridhimaa glared at him "you're useless"

Armaan whined "Ridz, I forgot ok! But  you should be thankful that I gave you a party"

Ridhimaa looked at him with her mouth unconsciously open "What do you mean by I should be thankful"

He blew a sigh "Ridz, your taking the wrong meaning"

"I'm not"

Kripa popped the crackers in her mouth "and if you two start fighting then I'm leaving"

"Your not" Ridhimaa intervened "stay where you are" she ordered "you promised to stay with me tonight"

"Yeah I did" she sighed "so is the fight over?" she asked comically

"Well no thanks to you" Armaan plopped on the sofa beside her "you didn't have to mention that I forgot and Atul helped me"

She giggled "I thought Ridhimaa would want to know"

"Yeah, yeah" he grabbed the cracker she picked up and pushed it into his mouth "there's something called sharing" he mumbled, his mouthful whilst Kripa glared at him.
"Did you talk to him then?" Ridhimaa asked. Armaan had just left a while ago after emptying half the fridge, not to forget all of Kripa's crackers as well.

"Yeah" Kripa sighed "I went to get my pay cheque and talked to him then"

"What did he say?"

"What I expected" she lay down "he said that it wasn't my business and I shouldn't interfere"

"I told you" Ridhimaa lay beside her "I had a feeling he would say that"

"Oh well. I just hope he took my advice seriously, Ayush and Abhi need him" she rolled onto her stomach holding her chin "I mean there's no use of talking to his wife, she doesn't even talk to me; she's strange" she pushed her hair back "and that stupid uncle of theirs, He is just so cruel. He never leaves a chance to insult me"

"Everything will be alright Kripa" Ridhimaa said pulling the blanket up "stop worrying and go to sleep"

"Ayush, what are you thinking about?" Kripa asked "I've been watching you since I've come. Why are you so lost?" Ayush had been quite since she had come. He was never so silent. He always talked about one thing or the other.

"I don't know if I should tell you" he looked at her

She smiled "if you want to then tell me, if not then don't. It's up to you"

He looked down "Dad came to our room three days ago" he started. Kripa looked at him curious "he was crying"

"Crying?" she looked at him "why?"

"I don't know. Dad never cries"

She took him into her arms "you're a big boy Ayush, the eldest. It's your responsibility to look after your dad. I know your small but you can at least ask him why he was crying? I'm sure he will tell you"

"Will he?" he asked looking at her

"He will, just give him the respect and love a father deserves and he will tell you" she held his chin "it doesn't matter how strict he is or how he has treated you in the past but he loves you and always will"

Ayush smiled whilst Abhi watched them feeling left out "I want to paint" he whined

Ayush and Kripa looked at him and giggled "ok, we'll do what you want"
It was strange, Kripa thought as she walked down the stairs. Aditya had just arrived from work while his wife still roamed around the place looking almost scared. But there was nothing to be scared of. Sanya Khanna was mysterious, sometimes it seemed like she didn't live in this world. She hardly ever spoke and didn't even interact with her children, she only stared at everyone. She had seen her talk to Aditya many times, clinging to him as if scared, argued with Angad at times but she never talked to her. It was wrong to be thinking of these things repeatedly but their strange behavior had her curiosity thriving.

Kripa broke out of her chain of thoughts when her name was called. She looked back to find Angad Khanna standing at the top of the stairs, watching her like a hawk. She raised a brow and asked "Yes Mr Khanna?"

"Walk carefully" he answered "the vase you were about to drop is expensive"

She looked to her side and then back at him embarrassed "sorry" she mumbled and walked out of the doors whilst Angad grinned like he had won a battle.

"Your daughter is so cute" Kripa spoke cuddling Sanjeeda's daughter

"Thank you" she smiled "Would you like something to drink?"

"Just water" she smiled

Sanjeeda handled her a glass of water "so where are you from?" she asked

"Rajasthan" Kripa smiled sipping the water "I was born in Mumbai but I've lived all my life in Rajasthan and I ended up here again" she sighed

Sanjeeda smiled "it looks like Mumbai doesn't like a population decrease"

Kripa chuckled "I guess" she put her glass down "What about you? Why did you move to Mumbai?"

"Hmm" she tapped her chin "Amir got a transfer" she started "I was fed up of living in Delhi anyways. It was boring and the main industry is in Mumbai. How could I miss the chance to meet all of them" she said dreamily

"Industry? What industry and meet who?" Kripa asked baffled while the little girl drooled all over her

"Industry! You don't know what the industry is? The Bollywod industry"

"Oh" Kripa spoke amused

"It doesn't matter" Sanjeeda replied "I want to meet him once in my life and my dream will be true"

"Uhh, who?" Kripa asked stupidly

"Oh come on; everyone knows him" she said; Kripa looked puzzled "Shahid Kapoor, he's so handsome" she drawled drifting off into her dream world

Kripa couldn't help but smile. The lady sure was an entertainment package. God knew how her husband coped with such a loud, energetic Wife.
Meanwhile Ayush knocked on his father's office, well it was a study but a home office as well "come in" he heard. Aditya was surprised to see Ayush at the door "Ayush" he mumbled befuddled "why aren't you asleep? It's almost eleven"

Ayush looked down "I wanted to ask you something"

Aditya put his files down and walked towards Ayush "are you alright?" he asked concerned

Ayush looked up confused himself. He had expected a shouting but his father asked him if he was alright. He smiled "Yes dad, I wanted to ask you something. Can I?"

"Yes" he held his hand leading him to the sofa "what's wrong? What do you want to ask?"

Ayush looked up at his father "I—I"

"What is it Ayush?" he asked

"Why were you crying the other day?" he asked all of a sudden

Aditya looked away "I wasn't crying. I told you there was something in my eye"

"I'm a big boy dad, I know the difference"

"Ayush, go to your room, we'll talk tomorrow" he ordered

"But dad—"

"Ayush listen to me"

He lowered his eyes "yes dad" and walked out of the room, the questions still floating in his mind.
Aditya stared at his disappointed son step out the room. He sighed; Ayush had never asked him anything like this before. He wasn't expecting such a question? Was he unfair to Ayush by not letting him know? But then again he was too young to understand. He wouldn't understand what his worries were. He pushed his hair back holding his head. Since Kripa Sharma arrived nothing was going right. Everything was in chaos. She was giving him another tension. What was she doing? He thought.
"I was busy" Kripa retorted a little annoyed with the sudden call

"Busy my foot" Angad answered "when I say I want you in the office immediately, I mean it"

"Well I don't travel in expensive cars like you Mr Khanna. I have to hire a taxi" she barked

"Then what do you expect me to do? Buy you a car" he growled

"I can do that myself" she answered "Now coming to the point" she sighed "why did you call me?"

He glared at her. She always answered him back and he was going to lose his patience one day "We need your documents that are official papers that will prove your identity" she was about to interrupt when he spoke "it's necessary; we gave you the job because of the doctors reference but we can't keep you on the job too long with that only" he sat down "You have a week, either give us some kind of proof of identity or resign"

She bit on to her lip "I'll try"

"Not try. I want it done in a week. Seeing as your month is almost up, its time I see the legal stuff" he said carelessly "no problem for me Miss Sharma if it doesn't happen but it will be for you" he said with a shrug of his shoulders, a grin stretched across his lips.

"Dad didn't tell me" Ayush said disappointed

"Ayush" Kripa lifted him into her arms "he probably didn't want to upset you" she looked down at him "don't think about it" she advised "how' school been going?" she asked diverting his attention

"Fine" he grunted "I hate my teacher. He's always shouting at me"

Kripa chuckled "what happened now?"

"He shouted at me because I smiled"

"What?" Kripa said between giggles "smiling isn't bad"

"I said the same, he said I was answering him back"

Kripa blew a sigh "your teacher is weird"

"I know" he looked at her "can't you be my teacher. Everyone will love you"

"I'd love to but then who will baby sit you?"

"You" he answered "I know you love us" he boasted

She pinched his nose "it's not as easy as you think" she looked over at Abhi "what are you doing?"

"I was wondering, why is a bed called a bed?"

Kripa smiled "why is your name Abhi?" she asked

He tapped his fingers to his chin "why is my name Abhi?" he questioned.

Kripa laughed and kissed his chubby cheek "you're so cute" whilst he looked on baffled.
"Miss Sharma, I understand you're concerned for my children and I appreciate it as well but I don't like your interference"

"I don't understand Mr Khanna" Kripa mumbled confused "I cleared everything last time"

"You did" Aditya sighed "but I've seen the change in my son. He seems to question everything he sees'" he looked at her "and it's never happened before"

"Then why don't you answer him. I'm doing my job" she retaliated

"Then do the job in your limits" he taunted

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work and that's what I do"

He sighed "you don't understand Miss Sharma, I already have my wife to worry about and your concern is adding to the tension" he blurted

She looked at him curiously "Your wife?"

He looked away "you can leave. We'll continue this discussion later" and he turned away


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