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Ishq Hua FF LKT Hot New Part 27!!! (Page 7)

mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 5


The Conversation on the phone (still)


Laksh tells Bhoomi, Shivani and Nakul that the girls name is Krishna Tulsi.


Shivani whispers—Krishna Tulsi? Wow beautiful name, she has our dadi's name in it.




Kt on the side—Mom, ek minute.


Nandani—ok honey tum phone pe baat karke anaa.


Nandani finally leaves the room.


Laksh—so the name is Krishna Tulsi huh?


Kt—kya??? Tumhe kaise pata chala?


Laksh—umm ur mom jus said it.


Kt—okay I have had enough now.


Laksh—no, wait don't hang up jus yet.


Kt stands on the line rolling her eyes and yet still having fun wondering who this person is.


Kt—eh chilgose mere paas time nahin hai, jaldi kaho jo kehna hai


Laksh (laughs)—I know that u know that this is a prank call, but jus think…what if this person u r talking to is going to end bein ur life partner.


Kt—oh please, apni yeh bakwas baand karo, and get a life. Awaz se to aisa lagta hai ke tum sharif ho aur bato se, (sighs) please. If u don't know how to prank call people then don't, cause u certainly don't know how to. U talk so stupidly and so…(interrupted)


Laksh—arre, tum to mujhe janti bhi nahin aur already insult bi kaar rahi ho. I know how to prank call, its just that ur boring.


Kt—Haaa? Boring, come on…phone tumne kiya aur boring mujhse ke rahe ho.


Laksh is about to say something when Shivani picks the phone up.


Shivani—oye? Mere bhai se aise baat maat karo.


Kt—aree, abh tum beech mein kaise aa gaye?


Shivani laugh—nothing Krishna Tusli, im jus jokin, u see my brother here never ever sucks at prank calling; I think its u…..i guess ur voice was attractive. I think u got to him.


Kt—wow, even the sister flirts….saab pagal hai, aur mujhe bhi pagal kardenge.




Kt—oh nothing, jus nothing….BYE.


Laksh comes back—aree ek baat to suno ….mujhe bhool na maat…..mein phirse phone kar sakta hoon..


Kt—tum bohot pagal ho…..U HAVE NO LIFE.


Laksh—bye darling?


Laksh hangs.


Kt back at home looks at her phone and just gets confused but then ignores it.


Nandani walks into Shivani and Bhoomi's room and  catches the kids doin mischievous deeds.


Nandani—acha, to aap saab yeh kaar rahe ho?


All four turn around, Laksh drops the phone to the ground.


Laksh—uh,  choti ma?


Nandani—listen I'm not going to yell at u kids…..but next time…(she looks at them really angrily)


The four gulp scared thinking that they were going to die that day.


Nandani—next timet…..i won't let u guys have all the fun.


All four look at each other confused and weird out.


Nandani—why r u guys all lookin at each other like that?


Shivani—mom, ummm we thought we were goin to die today.


Laksh—koi baat nahin chachi, next time we will surely call u.


Nandani winks at them and smiles—ok, now its really late please go to sleep, all of u.


As the boys leave to go to their rooms Shivani and Bhoomi walk up to Nandani and kiss her goodnight. All in SN go nighty nighty. (lolz)


Basu's House


Prerna—Why do you look so annoyed?




Prerna—well mom's been callin you down for the past 10 minutes…and u haven't uttered one word.


Kt laughs—man u won't believe what jus happened


Prerna—Kya?? Kya hua?


Kt—some loser calls just now and was prankin me….i mean it was jus ridiculous


Prena—hey he can be ur admirer


Kt—oh please that's exactly what he said… I was gonna fall for that


Prerna surprised—well u never know….i mean u know what I mean right?


Nandani walks into the room seeing her daughters still talking to one another.


Nandani—yeh dekho, u girls are jus impossible…yeh kya Prerna…I sent you up to call Kt down and instead u r chatting here

Kt—Mom sorry, kya baat hai.


Nandani—ha kya baat hai?? Ha yaad ayaa, don't we have to eat dinner still.


Kt—ha im hungry mother!!


Nandani—oh now u r hungry….chalo abh tum dono…hurry please.




Laksh and Nakul are sleeping when suddenly laksh's stomach starts to growl. Laksh gets up and turns his light on. He quickly goes and wakes up nakul.


Laksh—Nakul Bhaiya…bhaiya.


Nakul mumbling—wha wha? (wakes up) Kya hai laksh, let me sleep.


Laksh—Bhai, im hungry.


Nakul—then go eat, let me sleep though.


Laksh—theek hai bhai, go back to sleep.


Laksh smiles and turns the lights off in his room, he turns the dim light on and runs downstairs to the kitchen. He takes out a bowl, milk, and cereal.

Then he tells himself that he should eat this since its light. While eating he thinks about the girl on the phone.


Laksh says loudly—Krishna Tulsi, Shivani was right, it is a beautiful name, just like my dadi's.


While eating he tries to think how she might look like.


Laksh thinks outloud—I hope she isn't like those miniskirts. She probably has long hair, she sounded like a decent girl, her voice was so different, so…I don't know, there was something about her….hey bhagwan mein bhi na…thinking about unnecessary things….


Laksh then finishes up his little late snack, washes his bowl and runs back to sleep.


Basu House


Here kt also finishes up eating her dinner and helps her mom clean up the kitchen table while Prerna and Anu in the kitchen wash the dishes. Prerna scrubbed the dishes and Anu washed them.


Prerna—Papa, wash them properly, last night when we were drying them there was some liquid on it still.


Anu—tum chup chap kaam karo, or else ur dead! Tryin to get me in trouble with ur mother. I know both urs and Kt's plans. Always getting me in trouble. ( now he makes a teddy bear face) I still remember for not washin the dishes properly last month I had to sleep down here in the cold rather then in my room (tone gets a little naughty angry) where it is comfy and warm.


Prerna—oh dad, it probably wasn't all that bad.


Anu—oh cut the crap.


Nandani walks into the kitchen and gives an evil smirk.


Nandani—hmm, what are father and daughter talking about here?


Prerna—umm nothing mommy, just school and tests….


Nandani—acha? (nandani laughs)


Kt—Mom, im done with my job can I go off to bed now.


Nandani—ha beta go ahead.


Kt walks quickly off into her room, she quickly lights up 5 candles in her room which were the flavor of vanilla. She opened her window slightly breathing in the fresh air. Her long silky hair flies in the air. She quickly runs into the bathroom and changes into her silky night robe. As soon as she got into the robe she quickly closed her room indicating that she didn't want to be disturbed and if something was important then the person would knock. Although the Basu's were a pure Indian family they still had a little bit of American traits. Everyone in the house was given their own privacy.


Kt then goes into her front drawer to get a key out. Once she had gotten the key out she went into her closet and in there another closet and took out her diary. She always wrote a diary, so that she can quickly jot down her thoughts or whatever she felt like to write. There were really no secrets between her and Nandani because they were not only mother daughter but great friends. Usually girls lie to their parents to sneak out and see their boyfriends; both Kt and Prerna could not keep anything from their mom. That was their relationship, it was different, they all shared everything with one another.


Finally, in the diary Kt started to jot down her thoughts.


Dear Diary, Time; 10:00 p.m.

          Today was a great day as usual; school was another regular day, notes, lectures, teachers blah blah…same stuff everyday. After coming home everything changed, my parents discussed about moving back to India. It felt very good that they wanted to go back to their country. Even I want to go to now, see how it is like, after all I am still an Indian. Then I got a very unusual call, god knows who it was. Prank calls….god that was one boring one, (then Kt began to think about what laksh had said, each and every word, she smiledalone to herself)Could he be right? Is there really a true love, or any thing about coincidences? Can two different people from different sides of the world ever be together or even meet? Can a person I never talked to ever come into my life, ever??? Wow, I became pretty deep didn't i? I feel so confused though. Well whatever you know my motto diary, study, study, and more study. I have decided to devote my 8 years of life to become a doctor and to help others, and I will. Nothing like a boy or anything like that can come and distract me. Especially not now!!!! (then she wrote down, Can any distractions come? She looked at it for a few seconds, then erased it)

End: 10:20


After finishing up around 10:20 kt began to yawn, so she put her diary back in her secret hiding spot where no one knew about. The room now smelled very good; it smelled like French vanilla, Kt sniffed and felt relieved. She then quickly blew out all the candles except one. She went and lowered the window a bit, and cuddled back into her bed for a good night sleep.

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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

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my fav part: "you have no life" rofl..I love that convo!! Clap
maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2008 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Wah mystery.... You write the descriptions so well and it is amazing.... Everything is picturesque Clap

Ho ho... To yahan KT ko bhook lagti hai wahan Laksha khaata hai aur use yaad karta hai... Yahan Laksh so jaata hai aur madam ko unki yaad aati hai... Hoie... Kya reslation hai... Everything is practical yet is happening at the same time Tongue

Riyaa147 IF-Rockerz

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very great part also love the conversation on lakshya kt can't wait untill they meetEmbarrassed

Plzzzzzzzzzz cotinue soonTongue
Dr.Smart Senior Member

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Fantastic job..It was great....can't wait to

mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2008 at 3:35pm | IP Logged

Sign this petition for Pulkit's return!!!!!! We all need to make a difference and get him back!!!

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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You guys a little problem, u see i won't be able to update anymore till the weekends because im starting to forget that i have to study!!! this may be the last time i will update on the weekdays; now i will have fresh updates for u guys on the weekends; hope u all understand.

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aishu_fan IF-Dazzler

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ay man!!tht was truly amazing!!!i luvved it soooo much!!!!I LUVVVED THE prank call the most!rofl!!!!it was soo funny when kt's like,ab behen bhi flirt kar rahi hai!!!hahahah!!!great job yaar!!c ya on the weekend!

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