Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Ishq Hua FF LKT Hot New Part 27!!! (Page 59)

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awesome partClapClapClap
can't wait to know who the doctor isTongue
and I too want wahida and marayam to tell lakshya about ktEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soonTongue

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shivi di! u r my role model for writing! ur an excellent writer! i luv how u made the details and veerythign was superba s usual!
short update but thts ok! it was still awesome! luv u
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awesum partThumbs Upum gr8 fan of ur new here.but um readng dis ff frm the beginning.plz update soonSmile
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SHIVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic update yaar!!!! now u hve me at the edge of my seat dying for more!!!  is the doctor pari? oooooo will wahida and maryam rly tell? cant wait to kno!!
omg roshu was in this part!! awwwwwww i loved her scene!!
Shivi's seemed so upset...she better not do anything to herself or else im comming after her!!
overall great update shivi! cant wait for more!
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Update 27

Day 1 (1 more day Before Kt leaves for India)

Mumbai, India

Everyone was wide awake as the sun rose into the sky. The sky was extremely blue and not even one dark rainy cloud was in sight. As usual Tulsi, Ba, and the Bahu's of the house were aligned at the Tulsi plant praying and smiling like always. The men of the house were all behind them also praying, this was something new, that Tulsi made them do. Since she's never seen them pray Tulsi wanted them to, and at a time where she knows they prayed. Finally, the men ran towards the living room where the cups of tea awaited and their newspapers placed where each sat. Karan and Sahil quickly sat on the dining table sipping and reading the daily news; while Gautam always relaxed on the sofa, and now since Anu was living with them currently, he also joined Gautam by the sofas.

The ladies were finally done doing their spiritual rounds around the Tulsi plant; each one them pouring water and then finishing their prayers finally.

As soon as they were done praying they all ran into the kitchen thinking of the menu for today.

Ganga-ha to aaj lunch pe kya kare?

Damini-uh?.we haven't made Dhokla's in a while, how about that?

Nandani V-Good idea, and the kids always love them?so I guess that is perfect for lunch.

Nandani B smiles then sighs.

Nandani V-Kya hua Nandani di?

Nandani B-Kt loved dhokla's too, I don't know why but I wanna see her so badly. I haven't seen her in 4 months now?.and now I am dying to see her.

Ganga puts her hand on Nandani B's shoulder-Nandani Di, don't worry, she is coming tomorrow... she will be in front of your eyes all the timerelax

Damini-yaad, hai when all the kids used to fight when the dhoklas ran out; especially Kt and Laksh.

Ganga-aur ha, Laksh always made kt cry, and then in the end he always ended up giving her all of the dhoklas.

Nandani V-those were the daysand like usual our camera man Ganga always recorded every moment of our childrens lives. We should watch some videos later when she comes. Anyways, I'm gonna go check up on Shivani.

Ganga-Oh wait I'm coming too.

Damin-Ruko tum dono she is probably still sleeping, leave her alone. Let her rest and I'm sure the girls already handled the medications and the other things they were supposed to do.

Nandani B-So, we figured out what we are making for lunch, what about dinner? Better yet what about breakfast? Those useless patis of ours will be coming cranky to eat before going to the office.

Tulsi walks in-Don't worry, I will solve that.You four start preparing lunch. I will make the theplas and the parathas for breakfast, and you know the kids they always eat cereal so we don't have to worry about them.

Ganga-Jee ma...Aree Damini, lets prepare for the dhoklas while Nandani and Nandani Di will start cutting the vegetables for dinner.

Tulsi-Oye Ganga, make sure you make the kerela ka juice for your papa. You know he needs to eat healthy, so no parathas and theplas for him.

Damini-Ma, I'm way ahead, I've already grinded half of the kerelas.

Tulsi smiles and then all of the ladies began their usual kitchen chores, while the men were still reading and drinking the tea.

Laksh's Room

Laksh woke up extremely early and had ran into the shower as fast as he could. He looked into the mirror and smiled cutely, then sprayed his cologne on himself..finally sniffing his armpits to see if they smelled well. Making a little face, he grabbed his deodrant and swiped it on. By the time he was dressed and extremely hyper Nakul walked into the room, scratching his butt, extremely sleepy.

Nakul-Laksh did you call me?

Laksh-yes, my brother (all smiling and hyper)

Nakul ran up to his brother confused while half of his eyes opened, and then gently touched Laksh's head.

Nakul yawns-Are you okay laksh, I mean it is 7:30 in the morning, why are you up and then screaming wakin me up?

Laksh-Bhaiya you promised that you would help me today!

Nakul scratching his butt again-Promised what Laksh? I don't remember anything.

Laksh-Bhaiyya just run and shower quick, I'll explain the rest later.


Laksh quickly pushed Nakul out of the room dragging him into the bathroom, then he threw Nakul's towel at him.

Laksh-Now go!

Nakul whined and made a little sad face, still tired from the late night dragging, he had a flash from last night, back to Prerna's amazing face, and then slowly flashed to his sister's injured health. He yawned mumbling to himself then finally ran into the shower. Laksh quickly sighed and smiled to himself.

Finally he wanted to go see Shivani before he and Nakul had left to run his errands and then to the office. He gently slid opened the door and noticed that Shivani wasn't there. Finally after being a little shocked of seeing her missing he smiled and knew where she might've been. He yet again gently closed the door slowly smiling looking at his other sisters sleeping and his going to be bhabhi Prerna. In about a minute or two, he was on his way up to the terrace. He first breathed in the fresh air, and then shrunk his eyes looking at the bright sun. Then he quietly walked towards the swing, where Shivani was sleeping peacefully with the blanket he had gotten for her when they were little. Shivani was in a position where she looked extremely tiny...her face was all curved while her lugs were curled towards her chest; just like a little baby. Her hair flew as the wind blew. Laksh smiled shaking his head.

Laksh thinking in his head-Shivani's habit has still not gone. Every time she couldn't sleep she came out at night for fresh air, of course always bruised herself while trying to walk up the stairs to the terrace. Finally falling asleep on the huge swings. When I come up, she is always in this position with this blanket, hair out looking like a three year old. This time instead of seeing the scars and bruises she had received while coming up the stairs, I notice the injuries she had gotten from falling off a cliff. (he sighed). Looks like falling off the cliff made up for falling down the stairs. My little sister, always the clumsy one.

He finally walked up to Shivani and gently patted her cheeks, and then fixed her blanket; however the little touch woke her up.

Shivani-Hi bhaiya. (she smiled gently)

Laksh-shhh?go back to sleep loser?.you need the rest.

Shivani-Bhaiya you know that every time you come up and found me here, your little touch on my cheek ALWAYS woke me up.

Laksh smiles-I know...but look at are a mess...go to sleep.

Shivani gently got up, as Laksh helped her sit up, she groaned in pain a little. Laksh punched her cheek gently.

Laksh-so what else are you going to trip and fall off of? (laughing)

Shivani-I don't know.

Laksh-You can't even take two steps without tripping and falling on your face or butt.

Shivani laughs-oh man...I really made an impression on all of you all these years huh?

Laksh smiles-Yea

Shivani-Looks like it is early, and you are awake? (puzzle look) wait don't say anything?

Laksh-uhhhh ok?

Shivani holding her head since it was in pain a bit.

Laksh-hey are you okay? maybe it's the sunlight giving you a migraine.

Shivani-no bhaiyya I am fine. So Kt BHABHI is coming tomorrow, that is why my brother is so happy, hyper, and awake this early. I'm never woke up this early for any of your sisters...I guess it's an exception right?

Laksh laughs-You know if you weren't so messed up right now...I would so chase you down...but then again you would probably fall flat on your butt or face.

Shivani-ha ha very funny. Go. Your gonna get late.

Laksh smiles and kisses Shivani gently on her forehead.

Laksh leaving-Hey stay in jogging and falling anymore...and feel better.


Laksh finally came downstairs when he noticed Bhoomi and the girls looking worried...he immediately knew why they were so nervous and lost.

Laksh-Don't worry she is fine, and she is up on the terrace.

Bhoomi finally sighed in relief as did the rest of the girls. Finally Bhoomi ran for a shower since she had a long day ahead of her. Prerna and Pari took the second bathroom together, Pari took a shower first while Prerna brushed her teeth. Finally Prerna was showering and Pari was brushing her teeth. Both were talking at the same time; next after Pari's brushing was over, came in Aaliyah to brush her teeth, while Zinu showered and vice versa. Bhoomi was already out of her bathroom, and came in Shivani. When there were a lot of people waiting for a shower, they always used this rule.

Bhoomi-Hey you feeling? You made a great clumsy move last night babe.

Shivani smiles-I know di..which this is something you all say to me when I get bruised up!

Bhoomi-great to have you back home SAFE...please do not give me a scare like that ever again. Oh yea before you say something you know what we have to do today and you cannot back out! (smiles in a evil way)


Bhoomi-Shivani you promised, and this what sisters do together...I want you there with me please!

Shivani defeated-Fine. (mumbles while walking into the shower) Why is everyone waking up so early today?

Bhoomi-Because unlike you tripping and breaking a bone..we have errands darling! (laughs)

Shivani shutting the door-Whatever.

Downstairs, Laksh was already seated at the table on the right side of Karan.

Karan and the rest stared at him surprised seeing him up way before his time.

Sahil-Uh beta..did you finally believe in waking up early resulting in a successful life?

Gautam laughs-Please...he is probably up for a reason.

Karan-Jo bhi ho...Beta please get to the office on time, we have a meeting with the London wale Delegates. Is Nakul coming with you too?

Laksh-Jee chote papa..we are both just running an errand fast and then will reach on time at the office.

While the men talked about their business and their day schedule, Tulsi walked in with a full plate of parathas, and Ganga walked in with a tray of 7 glasses of orange juice. Damini walked in with a jug of water, and Nandani V walked in with a full plate of theplas. They gently placed the food on the table, while Nandani B went out in the garden to give the kerela juice to Mihir.

Nakul finally walked in, not to late.

Damini-Wow, why are my to cuties up so early?

Nakul-ahhhh badi ma...your little cutie phrase always brightens my day!

Damini laughs-ha ha...maska maat maro...yeh lo tumhara juice and your plate hon.

Nakul sweetly-Thank you badi mom!

He gently sat in between Anu and Laksh.


Ganga-ma, can you please give the orange juice from there it's time for Ba's medication.

Tulsi-Beta, I'm going up there anyway...I have to do a foot massage on her legs give me I'll take it.

Ganga-oh yea Ma don't forget kaal Ba ki appointment hai doctor ke pass for her regular check up.

Tulsi-ha beta yaad hai.

Tulsi leaves and then comes in Nandani B laughing.

Ganga-Kya hua Nandani di?

Nandani B-kuch nahin Ganga...Mihir uncle is so stubborn, he didn't want to drink the Kerela juice I had to force him to drink it!! Finally after running around trying to make him drink it, he got tired and gulped it down, poor Uncle.

Ganga laughs-papa is like that...he hates that juice but it is healthy for him.

Dining Room

Laksh-Bhaiya..I'm done just meet me down at the garage; I'll be in the car. Or yea...ek baar bhabhi ko bhi mil kaar anaa! (laughs teasingly)

Nakul whispers-Laksh, I'll get you for that one.

Laksh-yea yea sure sure whatever. Bye Dad, Bade Papa, and chote Papa, bye Anu Uncle!

Gautam-Please come on time beta!

Nakul-Bye, and we will be on time, relax Bade papa.

Gautam-That's when I worry, when you tell me to relax!

Nakul smiles shaking his head-We will be on time, bye see you later!

Nakul and Laksh left, while the men were still eating and relaxing since they still had an hour and a half till they left for work. Upstairs, the girls were all out in the room doing their usual beauty tantrums...Bhoomi was curling her bangs looking beautiful as always in her yellow and pink shirt and tight blue regular jeans. Aaliyah was still debating on what she should wear and kept on walking around wrapped in a towel. Pari and Zinu were already dressed and headed downstairs with a beautiful salwar Kameez on. Zinu had a black one on with white diamonds embroidered, while Pari had the same kind on except hers was orange and blue. Shivani was straightening her long silky hair until her phone rang, on her bed.

Bhoomi-Shivani, your phone is ringing pick it up.

Shivani without watching where she was walking bumped onto the edge of the bed and knocked over the fan that was on a chair. (this really did happen to me lol)

Aaliyah and Bhoomi both stared at her, and then shook their heads.

Bhoomi-Tum phone pick up karo...I'll fix the fan.

Shivani limped now and picked up the phone while walking out of the room for privacy.


Person-Di, are you ready for your trip tomorrow?

Shivani-What trip?

Person-Hey bhagwan are kidding me? You have to go to a conference tomorrow in London for your job!

Shivani-Shit! I didn't even tell anyone about it here yet!!!

Person-What? I figured you would you were so excited for it so you would tell?

Shivani-I was..only Bhoomi di knows, but she hasn't told anyone yet and keeps quiet. I had a lot of distractions lately so it slipped.

Person-Well you better tell them TODAY! You cannot let the opportunity go...if you do get this job there..what will u do about your business here?

Shivani-I'll shut it down.

Person- Great...your are doing exactly what you tell others not to do.

Shivani- hold on, I need to get to another room, before someone hears my conversation.

Shivani quickly ran into the guest room and closed the door behind her.

Shivani-This was supposed to be a surprise that I never got to tell anyone.

Person-Look, I'll handle everything here...but you can't run away Di! I know why you want to get that job there, so that you can run away from your problems here. Which I think is totally wrong, you are the one who always tells me not to run away from things, and here you are doing the same. Also you know a lot of people are counting on you with this new building you opened.

Shivani-Ok, relax I didn't even get the job yet...I still have to talk to my dad! I'm hanging up now.

Person-good luck, bye!

Shivani quickly ran into her room where only Bhoomi still was, she closed the door gently behind her.

Shivani-Bhoomi Di, I have to go to the conference in London tomorrow!

Bhoomi-I know you do, but how? You are definitely not in shape to go...and no one will let you go.

Shivani-Well they are just going to have to let me go.

Bhoomi sighs-Look babes...tell Dad first, explain to him and then see what he says. You know I will always support you no matter what. It was me who told you to finish your graduate school for your major...and you did...and you did a wonderful job. Tell dad not will be really harsh and will refuse right away.

Dining Room

Aali, Pari, Zinu, and Prerna were all on the breakfast table waiting for Shivani and Bhoomi, while Tulsi and the other women had finished eating their breakfast and were back in the kitchen. The men were in their rooms now getting ready to leave.

Shivani quietly walked in to her parents room where Karan was combing his hair; she gently closed the room behind her.

Shivani sighs-Dad I have to talk to you about something in private.

The Mall

Nakul was constantly laughing and looking at Laksh's face which was extremely miserable.

Laksh-yea...keep laughing...when you have to get advice for Prerna Bhabhi's gifts I will do the same.

Nakul-Sorry, Laksh its just that you are being extremely crazy. Look just relax....breathe...think about what Kt likes. You told me that she is a simple girl right? then get her something simple.

Laksh-How about this dress? It is beautiful and she will look gorgeous in blue.

Nakul sighs-Laksh, dekho this is not need to take it easy. You haven't even told her yet that you love her. She will be confused if you get her something this big. Here come with me.

Laksh walked with Nakul confused as he took him into a really beautiful shop where there were so many beautiful jewelry; however Nakul took him past that to another area.

Laksh stood confused of what Nakul was trying to do.

Nakul-get her this.

He took a beautiful Ganpati murti and handed it to laksh.

Laksh-This is awesome bro!! I think she will love this!

Nakul smiled at his brother...he noticed that Laksh was extremely happy and was glowing; being in love made everyone look different and he saw that difference in his brother today.

Laksh told the employee to wrap up the gift in a beautiful box; he handed the Murti to him and looked back at his brother. He quickly hugged his brother tightly.

Laksh-you are the best Bhaiya!!! I love you!!!

Nakuls laughs hugging Laksh back-I know I am the best! Now let go of me before people think we are gay Ouch!

Laksh-Bhaiya you are a did you know what to get Kt?

Nakul sighs-You see Laksh, Prerna's told me a lot about Kt; she said that both of them have similar likes and dislikes...she also told me that Kt is a very simple...girl who is even despite of living in America, is traditional. So I immediately guessed that she would love the Ganpati Murti a lot.

Laksh-Wah bhaiya are a genius!

Nakul-After your relationship with her becomes strong and you have confessed your love for her, you can get her that blue dress okay.

Laksh-Yes love guru!!!

The guy who worked at the shop quickly came with the box beautifully wrapped and handed it to Laksh. Laksh handed the box to Nakul to hold on to while he paid. Nakul looked at the time and noticed that it was time to leave.

Nakul-Shit...we need to go Laksh! We have to get to the office. The people from London and Italy are coming for a very important meeting.

Laksh and Nakul hurried and drove to the office as fast they can before they hit traffic. Thankfully they had arrived before their dad and uncles did. Only the usual workers were working doing their usual errands. Since Nakul drove extremely fast they had gotten there early; so they both went to their cabins and began their work early.

Karan's Room

Karan sees Shivani and gives her a big smile...and immediately hugs her gently.

Karan-Your know u gave us quite a scare there!

Shivani laughs- I do that often don't I?

Karan-So what do you wanna talk about...whatever it is hurry it up? I have to go to work beta.

Shivani-Please sit dad...your gonna need to.

Karan-uh oh sounds serious...kya hai?

Shivani-Dad I'm leaving tomorrow!

Karan laughs-uh huh...where to? (sarcastic)

Shivani-Dad I'm serious there is something that I've been wanting to tell you for a long time. Remember the week Laksh Bhaiya came back from the USA and I started to attend some classes and I began studying a lot??

Karan-Where are you going with this? That was summer classes because you didn't do well in college.

Shivani- Wrong dad. I did very well in fact I was one of the top students all year from the beginning dad just like Bhoomi di, Laksh and Nakul Bhaiya.

Karan-I'm confused...then why did you say that you had failed a semester?

Shivani-I never said that you and Mom assumed that and so I went a long with it now dad please stop interrupting and listen. I received an invitation for one of the top best Graduate schools that week and so that was where I was studying all this time. Not for a business major but for another major Dad. I don't want to do Business I never did. I want to do something different. I mean I know that I didn't have to work since everything in our business belongs to us kids in the future anyway...but I want to do something on my own. I want to become something great so you guys would be proud of me. I mean Laksh bhaiya and Nakul Bhaiya are doing extremely well...Bhoomi di opened her own Beauty Business....oh crap speaking of that..I'm gonna miss the opening sale.

Karan-I always knew my Shivani would be different..but where are you going?

Shivani-Dad...I have a conference in London tomorrow I'm going to be gone for three days and maybe permanently.

Karan's jaw opened up wide shocked and disappointed.

Karan-NO no means no you are not leaving us permanently. I thought hmm 3 days for a conference not bad but permanently? Shivani you can't even walk properly before tripping into something, causing, or falling in some trouble. How the hell do you expect me to let you go out of a country? especially by yourself? No sorry, unacceptable.

Shivani sighs-Dad I have to do this you can't expect me to live yours and moms dreams forever, I have my own dreams too so what if I am clumsy?dad I can take care of myself. This is and always was my dream dad to go into this field...and I have the opportunity to take can't just let your daughter walk out on a opportunity like this can you?

Karan's head lowered, he fell into extreme deep thinking debating to himself in his mind. He couldn't decide whether to let Shivani go or not. Finally looked back up to Shivani smiling.

Karan-Go pack your bags, I will drop you to the airport myself tomorrow.

Shivani teared up and immediately hugged her dad happily kissing him on the cheek.

Shivani-Thanks dad thank you so much!!!! (then suddenly the smile faded) Mom? what about her?

Karan-I'll take care of it I will not come in the middle of my little child's dreams. Go if you want to your mother and I will always be proud of you, Bhoomi, Laksh, Nakul, and Zinu. But if anything come home you know we are always here for you.

Shivani-Dad relax I don't even know if I will get the position or not ye, I might even come back and began here if not there.

Karan-I know you will get it I know you will. Ok chalo I have to go to work You start packing. Let me know what time you have to get to the airport tomorrow; just call me around 12:30 lunch time. Oh yea I'm gonna tell mom BUT you know she will get very sensitive about this I will convince her but after that you do what she tells you to do.

While this conversation was going on, Nandani was outside of the room and she had heard everything. Karan grabbed his suitcase and opened the door and saw Nandani in tears angry but sad.


Shivani turned and saw her mom crying and looking at Karan confused. Shivani walked towards Karan and now all three stood looking at each other.

Karan-Nandani since you have already heard everything you know what to do.

Nandani-No Karan you can't let her go to London...Shivani you are not going anywhere.

Shivani-par mom!

Nandani Stiffens up-NO I can't help the fact that you would be in London while I will be always worrying thinking if you are hurt or not, in the hospital or even alive!

Karan-Don't think of it like that Nandani bad thoughts will always have bad outcomes if you think positively you will only see your daughters happiness.

Nandani convince-Fine BUT Shivani you are to call me everyday every hour and tell me everything how your day was and just so I can hear your voice to see if your alive. (laughs nervously)

Shivani argues-Mom! (then remembers what Karan told her) Fine I will.

Nandani-GOOD now Karan, leave you have to go to your office and Shivani move your butt downstairs and eat breakfast.

Karan-What if I decide to stay here with my beautiful wife?

Nandani smiles-nice try go your getting late and u have an important meeting today remember

Karan-Oh crap I do infact

He kisses Shivani and Nandani both on the forhead and on the way runs into Bhoomi and hugs her. Bhoomi notices that Karan is happy, and sees that Shivani was happy and then finally understood that everything went okay.

Nandani than dragged Shivani down the stairs where the other noisy girls were and then went into the kitchen.

Shivani-hi girls!

Aali-Its about damn time you came down we were waiting for you.

Zinu-Here you go guys (she gave the girls their glass of orange juice)

Prerna looked at Shivani and smiled immediately.

Prerna-Everything is okay na?

Shivani-yea actually it is

Bhoomi clears her throat-Ok girls here is the plan today we are going ring shopping!!! I have to pick out a ring for the engagement and so does Prerna?so we need you girls for opinions.

Prerna-Actually Bhoomi di I was thinking if we can go some other time?you see my (interrupted)

Bhoomi cutely-Yes, Kt is coming tomorrow right? Ok fine here is the plan again you all come with me to choose a ring for your Jiju then tomorrow when Kt comes we can go to look for a ring for Nakul with Prerna. Sounds good Prerna?

Prerna-Yea also Bhoomi di your Grand Opening for The Bhoomi Beauty Shop is opening in two days don't you have to prepare for that too

Shivani-yes, actually she does Bhoomi Di I have to apologize, but I won't be back from London on time for that.

Aali, Pari, Zinu, and Prerna together-LONDON??

Bhoomi-Yes, our smarty clumsy pants of a sister has to go to a conference in London tomorrow. It's three days long and if she is offered a job she might be there permanently.

The whole room went silent for a while and they all started to laugh.

Prerna-You just fell off a cliff

Pari-Got injuries and

Zinu-and you do know no one is going to let you go! (laughs again)

Aali-Not only the falling off the cliff miss clumsy bumped into her bed and knocked down the fan in the morning while trying to pick up the phone.

Everyone started to laugh again, including Bhoomi and Shivani.

Shivani-Haslo haslo laugh all you want but you all will be crying when I don't come back.

They all went serious again making the room silent and then after that they just started eating their cornflakes and sipped on their orange juice. Prerna finally spoke breaking the silence.

Prerna-So lets have a lot of fun today with Shivani Di and wish her all the best for her job there in London.

Zinu-Not only for the job Bhabhi but for other things too?like good luck for not being so clumsy.

Aali-You know Rohan won't be there over over again saving you like an angel.

Tulsi walks in angry and interrupts their talk.

Tulsi-Enough girls we all know that Shivani will be fine in London?.she just needs to be careful but there is no need for all of you to bring her down like this.

Shivani-Hi Dadi.

Tulsi-I'm really proud of you beta Nandani just told me about everythingit is normal for everyone to worry when the daughter of any house leaves alone for something. You just pack your bags and get that job. You know we all have your back.

Mihir came into the room happily-Shivani beta I heard great news good job! Also don't forget to have fun when you are there?go sight seeing. London is a beautiful place right Tulsi

Tulsi-Oh so your talking to me now?

Mihir-Of course how can I not talk to my wife, right girls.

The girls giggled listening to their cute dada dadi have a little mini fight.

Tulsi-So you are only talking with me so you can have a taste of some theplas and parathas. Well you don't know me that well do you  Abh chalo its time for your medication and here is a glass of orange juice.

As the time ticked to 11:00 a.m., the girls left to go to some jewelry shops for rings.


Night Time

Kt's Home

After Kt had finished taking a shower at Maryam and Wahida's home, they all decided to go at Kt's and make dinner together and have fun before she had to leave for India.

Kt-You guys, we have to so go shopping tomorrow, I have to get gifts for so many people in that house.

Wahida winks-Also LAKSH right?

Kt smiles-Him too, and so I need you two to help me.

Maryam-A question Kt, how many people live in that huge house?

Kt-Believe me?.in your huge house its only Wahida and you?whereas in that house a lot of people stay.

Maryam-And that would be?


Maryam-and of course him first.

Kt-k stop interrupting me?.Laksh, Nakul his older brother, and Zinu their younger sister, Ganga Aunty, Sahil Uncle, their parents. Then, Bhoomi Di, Shivani her younger sister, Nandani Aunty, Karan Uncle their parents. Next, Eklavya Bhaiya, whom does not live with them because of business work, and his parents Damini Aunty, and Gautam uncle.

Wahida-WOW, crap man that is 11 people yaar!!

Kt-shh I am not done?Ba, Tulsi Dadi whom they named me after, and Mihir Dadu. Then of course My mom, dad, and Prerna. So that would a total of 17 people in that house.

Maryam whistled and like a woah kind of way.

Maryam-And you are going to go there??? Wow, what if you don't get a long with someone??

Kt-No way these people knew me ever since I was a child and I hung out with Laksh, his brother and his sisters a lot when I was a child. We have a great bond with each other.

Wahida-Thats nice isn't it then it is fun living with a big happy family.

Kt-Plus Ganga aunty like recorded a whole bunch videos of us kids when we were little so my whole child hood was there.

Maryam- Anywayz now coming to the point Kt, what are we going to do with our little personality problem

Kt's smile fades-I have no clue seriously I mean mom, dad, nor Prerna knows about this they will freak out if I become Sakshi, Radha, or Lena. This is what I am really really worried about. Did you have any plans in mind

Maryam sighs-A few well we did find a doctor in Mumbai for you that can help you out; this I've already told you so don't worry about that part but I think that Laksh needs to know about you so at least he can handle you when you do go all freaky on them.

Kt-I don't know what if he doesn't like me anymore if he finds out that I am mentally ill

Wahida-Shut up Kt you are not mentally ill it is something that you are suffering from that can be cured if taken care of on time.

Maryam-Yes, Wahida is right and plus we need stop talkin about him right now

Kt-Don't worry Maryam I'm wearing the shocker so just shock me anytime I need it.

Maryam sighs-I'm sorry Kt but I think this is exactly what you might have to do. Tell Laksh, and take this shocker with you use it whenever you need to or know that one those personalities are coming out. Shocking is one of best solutions from letting other parts of your brain to trigger the other personalities out.

Kt sighs-I'm just really worried; I was so excited when I was going to go see my parents their child hood friends as well as mine. Now because of this disorder it ruined everything I was excited for. I was looking really forward to see everyone, to have fun.

Maryam-Relax in a month I will try to come and see you and help the other doctor. But for now the shocker (hands it to Kt) is our only hope for now.

Kt scared-Maryam, shock me now my head is hurting and usually this is how one of them comes out.

Maryam quickly started to look for the control remote, Wahida got up to help Maryam. Finally Maryam found it and she shocked Kt.

Maryam-Sorry, but tonight I wanna spend some time with Kt, not Radha, Sakshi, or Lena.

Wahida-I never want to spend time with any of them even though it would be hilarious to hang out with Lena!! (lolz)

Kt-Wahida, not funny seriously!

Wahida-Sorry I'm just trying to lighten you up.

Kt-I might call Laksh tonight I also have to give them my flight number and arrival time.

Maryam-kt remember that you have to tell him about this.

Kt sighs-I know I know I have to. Well maybe I think it would be better if you told him Maryam.

Wahida-Yea it'd be better if we did it will be hard for Kt to explain it Laksh and we don't want you who to come out when she is talking to him.

Maryam-I will tell him when you leave tomorrow so that way you don't have to hear it or turn into you know (makes a hand gesture)

Kt nods gently, and then all three walk into the kitchen to begin eating a very late night dinner. They had done so many things that day, and the time was went by without them noticing. All the stress was building up between Wahida, Maryam, and Kt. Wahida and Maryam didn't want Kt to go to India, but they had no choice. Kt was scared as well, but she had no choice either. Kt agreed to come to India as her own choice; her parents did give her and Prerna a choice, she really didn't even have to go, but she missed her mom, dad, sister, and Laksh. Mom, dad, and sister was exceptional, but Laksh was different she loved him unconditionally. He was the only guy who looked at her differently; was there whenever she needed him; she saw something in his eyes that most men lacked. Kt didn't know what, but that was the reason she was deeply in love with him. She couldn't express her feelings so well because something had always gone wrong.

The worse part was that, she was scared that if she confessed how she felt, she would trigger one the three personalities, which would destroy everything. Kt tried her best to look less worried, but Wahida and Maryam knew it was just a mask she had on. It was about 10:00 at night, and all three girls brought all of the delicious food onto the table. Maryam had made her round rotis, and made awesome salad. Wahida had made her mouth-watering paneer tikka, and Maryam had made her tasty Chinese noodles and dry Manchurian. All three were excited to eat the food they had made, because these were all of their favorite dishes.

While eating, they all talked about what Kt will be doing when she goes to India. They tried their best not to talk about Laksh, but just in case if they had to, Kt had the remote for the shock right by her side ready to press it anytime. Even she didn't want to spend her little time with her cousins being Sakshi, Radha, or Lina.

They took their little time eating a little bit of everything, and having lots and lots of laughs about jokes, and the old days. Obviously all three of them were ready if any of them needed the Heimlich due to laughing resulting in any choking. It was 11:00 p.m. when they had finished cleaning up the table and kitchen. They ate so much, that they couldn't even laugh anymore.

Wahida groaned-I will never ever be able to eat that much! Damn man my tummy is killing me this is not good. I bet I gained some pounds from all of that food.

Maryam laughs-Wahida relax in an hour we can even do some burning off if you know what I mean! (she winked at both Kt and Wahida)

Kt-you mean like old times?? Blasting the music off, and jumping wildly dancing??

Maryam-Hellz ya. Just like the old days when you, Prerna, Kt, and me always drove Nandani mami sooo much! She always joined us dancing after though remember.

Kt-yea I remember, my mom is awesome?.that is why I love her. She is different she knows when to have fun. Anywayz what else is the plan Maryam?

Maryam-Oh uhh I don't know (she walks backwards and grabs a pillow) How about a pillow fight!!! (hits Kt gently).

Kt quickly runs towards the sofa and grabs a pillow and whacks Wahida with it on the butt. Wahida finally runs and does the same. All three whack each other and have the pillow fight for an hour finally they get so out of breath they fall lying on the carpet trying to catch their breaths. Out of know where while lying on the floor, Kt starts to shake violently Maryam notices as well as Wahida they both run towards Kt. Kt is holding her head tightly screaming in pain.

Kt-Find the remote fast I can't hold them off for that long I can hear them (she screams) look for the remote dammit hurry

Wahida and Maryam frantically search for the remote while Kt is screaming in pain trying to stop the voices in her head as well as the pain she was getting

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hey Shiv!!! Its me Bitu...i am at Masi's house so i am using her sn lol! I read part 26 NOT FAIR!!! It was too short....Shivani is crazy...she is going nutso in her head i think! How can she think about runnin away from her life like?? anywayz...when i finally come to comment i see that you have another update up...NOW THAT IS LONNNG! LOLZ I will read and comment that later!! lol
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RESERVED... i promise that i'll edit the last one and this one soonLOL
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