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Ishq Hua FF LKT Hot New Part 27!!! (Page 56)

angel00 Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2008 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

micKTnlaksh-wow, thanks for your wonderful comment!! I can't believe that you actually joined this forum to read my ff...thank u so much for liking it....these are the comments that always encourage me to continue my ff!!! Thanks for takin the time to read it...i will surely pm u once i am done with the next part.
angel00-Wow, u read the ff in one day?? Yes i haven't seen u on the forums before!! Thanks for complimenting my work....i really appreciate...i hope that i can continue to write well for all of you all the time.
yess !! i finished it in 1 day ! tht's how gooooood it was :) !
im not new , but i was just thinking to comment after im done reading, lol
np , ur doing great , once again please please continue on with the ff it is THE BEST ! lol
 take care .
with lots of love
ur fan kiran :)

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nandini v. Senior Member
nandini v.
nandini v.

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cool FF..keep it upBig smile
mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 25

Mumbai, India


It was 3 a.m. in the morning, and the bahus of the Virani house were still gathered around Shivani, when finally the girls came in the room.


Zinu-Mom, Badi ma, Chachi, please aap teeno so jao (you three go to bed) it is really late.


Aaliyah-Yes my three mami's please go to bed, we are here…we will look after Shivani Di.


Ganga sighs-Are you sure Zinu beta? Will you four be able to give her, her medications on time?


Damini-Also, she has a fever, I have no idea why….will you put cold water pads on her forehead?


Bhoomi-Ha badi chachi, we will!


Nandani B-Come on, Shivani will be fine….her sisters are hear to take care of her.


Nandani V was on the bed on the right besides Shivani, patting her head worried why she had a fever; she wasn't even paying attention to the conversation in the room, when suddenly Ba tapped her.


Ba-Nandani beta, dekho maine Shivani keliyeh yea kadwa kadha banaya hai….we will apply this on her forehead, which will then reduce her fever. Tum chinta maat karo, hamari beti itni bhi kamzor nahin hai.


Ganga slowly grabbed Nandani off of the bed, and all four ladies left the room, while Ba gently applied the herbal medication on Shivani.


Zinu-ewww Ba, yeh aap kya laga rahi ho? It smells.


Ba-Zinu, beta yeh jo kadha hota hai na, kerela ka hota hai….it is so bitter that it takes away any illness. Jaab tum, bhoomi, Laksh, aur Nakul bemaar hotay thai na, mein yahi use karti thi.


Pari-Magar ba, I thought you used to make that juice from the Tulsi plant to make our sickness go away.


Ba-Pari beta that was when you guys had severe cough.


Bhoomi-Mujhe yaad hai ba, mein bohot roti thi jab dadi bhag ti thi mere peeche woh pilane keliyeh. After I cried and drank it, I used to come running to you and sleep in your lap; once I fell in your lap, I fell asleep.


Zinu-Ba's lap had that magical touch right?


Ba listened to her grandkids talk about the past, she sat there smiling being proud of how her grandkids were just so wonderful. After she applied the herb on Shivani, she kissed her on the hand and then wished a goodnight to the girls and left the room.


Bhoomi stood there, staring at Shivani nodding her head, and then finally put the blanket on Shivani properly. Zinu fluffed Shivani's pillow properly and then Pari and Aaliyah started to make their beds so that they can go to sleep. Finally when all three were on their beds Bhoomi turned off the switch.


One by one all of the room lights in the Virani house shut off, and everyone fell asleep, waiting for the next day to begin.




Kt-What do you mean? What exactly are we going to do now Maryam?


Maryam sighs-I will explain to you when it is the right time Kt, please just let me do my job right now. K just do as I say, sit down on this relaxing chair and close your eyes. (Kt closes her eyes) Now open them. Here put this on your head…(she gives a portable shocker to kt to put it on her head)


Kt- A shocker? Why


Maryam-Please just trust me.


Kt nods-k.


Kt relaxed her body and was ready for anything that Maryam did, she wanted to know what was going on, and so she waited patiently until Maryam was done with whatever was needed to be done.


Maryam-Now Kt the questions I ask may make you feel as to why I am asking them, but please you have to trust me, and please answer them honestly or else what I am trying to do will not work, I repeat will not work. Please, please answer your questions honestly and clearly.


Kt nods innocently.


Maryam-Kt, so how was it after so long talking to Laksh last night?


Kt-huh…I mean it was wonderful I felt like I was at the top of the world.


Maryam-So finally you like someone! I am really happy for you. (Maryam keeps a close eye on Kt at all times)


Kt-Yea Maryam, I'm sorry for not telling you for so long, but you and Wahida were right…I do like Laksh a lot.


Maryam-So I guess this whole Manthan and Radha story should end huh?


Kt-Manthan….(Kt gets scared)


Maryam ready- Yea Manthan….


Kt starts to get flashbacks of Manthan trying to kill her, and she then sees Radha her twin being killed in front of her again, and begins to think as if it is her. She holds her head as she starts to get a headache. All of a sudden Maryam hears a little cry, a little cry of a little young teenager.


Maryam-Why are you crying?


Kt's voice changes to a little girl's voice and her face turns all innocent looking and her cheek bones sag down.


Kt's Personality-He's going to hurt me! Why are you talking about him?


Maryam-Who's going to hurt you? Kaun ho tum?


Kt's Personality-He's going to hurt me Maryam di?


Maryam-Maryam di? Kaun ho tum…..I can help you.


Kt's Personality-Mein….(cries more) Mein


Suddenly everything changes, the crying stops and this time the face changes, this time the face turns more mature and yet has an evil look rather than an innocent one.


Maryam in her mind-This is definitely sakshi.


Maryam-So tum Sakshi ho abh?


Sakshi-Why are you doing this, you can't get rid of me….no matter what you do.

Kt cannot think for herself….and that's why I'm here….and will always remain.


Maryam-So, Sakshi, what do you like to do?


Sakshi-I can be mean, and kill….oh you know what maybe I'll kill you first….listen you….do not mess with me….this over here, that you are doin…Kt won't open her mouth…I will not let her tell you anything, I always listen to what is going on….then that stupid kid came out crying like a little wee baby…god she is so fricken annoying. Do you have some wine by the way? I'm thirsty.


Maryam-OH so miss Sakshi, is the miss cool shoes huh?


Sakshi-Don't try to make friends with me, it ain't going to work….gonna give me some wine or not?


Maryam-Kt doesn't drink that kind of stuff and so I am not going to let you put any of that poison in her.


Sakshi laughs evilly-Oooo your are just wasting my damn time then.


Before Maaryam is about to say something, something new happens and she discovers it. After Sakshi left, Kt's face changes again, and this time her face turns to a seductive sexier look.




Personality number 3-Nahin….Sakshi to gaye….(her voice so seductive and trampy) If only you were a man, I would pour out my heart to you. (smiles) Magar tum to ek Ladki hi ho…..aur ha woh Laksh…(smiles seductively) woh itna bhi bhura nahin ha….usko to mein kabhi bhi (winks at Maryam)


Maryam just sits there extremely shocked by this new personality who was some what of a slut.


Maryam-Abh tum kaun ho? Aur woh ladki jo ro rahi thi? Woh kaun thi?


Personality 3 smiles and laughs- woh….bachi hai…..Radha….hamesha cry cry cry….aur kuch bhi nahin….(she unbuttons Kt's shirt) bohot garmi hai yaha…nai?



Maryam-tum kaun ho?


Personality 3-kaun mein? (smiles) mein Lina. So hum teen hui…Radha…stupid crybaby….Sakshi, and me the hottest of all, Lina.


Lina-now if you are done irritating me, can we go out somewhere, and you know (giggles) find some hot men….




Lina laughs-Tum kaun hoti ho mujhe rok ne wali….


Lina gets up and is about to walk out of the door, when suddenly Maryam takes a portable electrical shocker, shocks Kt mildly, while Lina grabs Maryam's hair pulls it but then finally leaves. Kt is back and now once again Maryam calms Kt down, and puts her in relaxation mode. Except this time another type of relaxation where Kt was just put to sleep.


Maryam finally after Kt sleeping walks to the right side of her room and turns off a switch to a camera that she had set up especially for cases like these. She had to record this especially to show to Kt, once she woke up.


Maryam talking to herself-Wow, three personalities? This is just getting more and more complicated….I need to call that doctor in Mumbai….she is new but I think I can trust her because her last name sounds really familiar as if I heard of it. (she looks at Kt and sighs) While she is sleeping, I should go grab coffee for the both of us, cause she will definitely need it for that headache….especially after the shock. Wow that Lena chick really pulled my hair….(she touches her head in pain)


Maryam then to relax and take to a break leaves Kt to sleep for a cup of coffee. Maryam takes the elevator down all the way to the kitchen and whips up three cups, for Wahida, Kt, and herself. She was with Kt examining her for more than 3 hours now, it was the afternoon already. Could it have been that long Maryam wondered while warming up the cups? Finally, she took the elevator to the basement where Wahida was. Wahida was obviously had a lab coat on, so Maryam too put one on and purified herself before going into the lab. Wahida was mixing some chemicals here and there just experimenting and talking to her boyfriend Akash on the phone. As soon as she saw Maryam she immediately hung to ask how the investigation was going.


Wahida-so whats happening up there?


Maryam-you know I cannot tell you what happens up there.


Wahida-Man, I know you can't but this is our Kt we are investigating, don't you think I have the right to know about my own cousin?


Maryam sighs-I suppose so….well I happened to just figure out that not only is there a Sakshi but also two other gals. I am still wondering if there are any more of them.


Wahida-Three? (sighs) this is getting really complicated, how are we going to solve all of this in such a short time?


Maryam-I found a new psychologist who specializes only for patients with Multiple Personality Disorder….and her name sounds extremely familiar and trustable.


Wahida-Name, well obviously let me guess is her name Wahida? That should be familiar right?


Maryam-No, (laughs a little) this is why I love you so much, always trying to bring that smile on my face….


Wahida-Well look at you, you have ugly black bags under your eyes..,jeez…I'd guess you have the Disorder rather than Kt.


Maryam-Wahida, tum bhi na…bilcool pagal ho…


Wahida-waise bhi, kt kya karahi hai?


Maryam-I put her in relaxation mode except part II.


Wahida-hmm the sleeping pills I'm guessing?


Maryam-yup, can you believe it's already 4 in the afternoon; we came here at 10 in the damn morning….seriously we have no life…


Wahida-Ahh no you have no life….I do.


Maryam-yea sure if that makes mixing chemicals to make experiments for lets say 10..11…12…uh 7 hours a life, sure so you do have a life (sarcastic).


Wahida-you should try it, it can get fun you know.


Maryam laughs-chalo abhi, leave all of this and come drink coffee with me…oh wait actually its time to wake Kt up now…its been 2 hours….well you should be up there to watch the video.


Wahida-what video? Wait no…you took a video of her in you know her little bhootni mode?


Maryam-Wahida, shut up she is not a bhoot….now chalo…


Wahida quickly put an end to all of her chemical reactions by just adding in neutralizers and both sisters quickly ran into the elevator then went to the kitchen for the cups and went right up to the patient room. Finally Maryam shook Kt and then slowly Kt woke up once again looking all refreshed.


Maryam and Wahida looked at Kt and smiled. For two seconds they all just smiled at each other normally and then Wahida quickly gave a cup of coffee to Kt.


Maryam sighs-Ready?


Kt confident-You know I am ready for anything.


Wahida quickly ran the tape in the VCR and played the video. For the whole 3 hours Kt's stared at the TV looking at herself and her personalities shocked and just totally freaked out not knowing what to say she finally looks at Wahida and Maryam. Wahida was equally surprised as Kt was since she just saw three different people in Kt.


Kt-wow…I have no idea what to say.


Maryam-It's normal….here we have some Vanilla wafers please eat something with the coffee while I explain everything to you.


Kt-please do.


Wahida just remains quite interested in Maryam's little theory.


Maryam-K you have three different personalities in you which have taken over your brain very drastically. Kt I don't know exactly why or what is bothering you but I am not going to ask you….they are the trigger words that may bring one of them back, and so if they do come back, I'm sorry but I will have to shock you to bring you back.


Kt-Its ok…(looks concerned) do it if you have too.


Maryam-Radha is the little teenage kid inside of you….who is crying because of (trying to be careful of what she says) listen all you need to know is that be careful when you go to India.


Kt-I can't go to India in this condition….no one knows anything about this or what happened at our Prom a couple months ago.


Maryam-Kt whatever im going to say won't help you…you need to help yourself….that is the only way that will cure you. But in other words just trust me.


Kt-Ok I am totally confused….


Maryam-I know but this is all I can say to you…please understand.


Kt sighs-I will….well I'm going to go to the bathroom I have to freshen up again…I need to shower.


Wahida-The towel is in the closet right next to bathroom….


Kt-k thanks hun.


Kt left the room and right next to the room was the bathroom. Kt went to take a shower.


Wahida sighs-At least tell me the whole thing.


Maryam-You know Radha, she is the reason to why Kt is like this right now.


Wahida-Tell me something I don't know Maryam…I know this already.


Maryam-Please let me finish…don't talk…well anyways whatever happened to Radha has effected Kt in such a way that her brain and mind are not itself. Her mind has divided itself into god knows how many parts; I mean we only know ….her mind is divided into her three personalities.. ….caused by that event. Kt is not telling us what happened which won't help her to get her mind as one….she needs to tell what happened that day when Radha was murdered….and so that she can be helped…this is the only way to bring all of Kt's mind to herself; I think that Kt at times thinks that she is Radha and not Kt; this can happen to twins…especially when they look exactly like each other; Kt SAW what happened to Radha…this is why she acts and thinks she is Radha at times. Radha is the first personality, the teenager who was killed, Sakshi happens to be the second personality who protects Radha and Kt; she is supposed to be the elder part of Kt who is the dominant personality of all. Lina (sighs)


Wahida-Lina just happens to be a slut from what I saw in the video. Maryam, I understand the first two personalities but not Lina…why is she there? I mean Kt and Lina are complete opposites.


Maryam-Lena is the fun part of Kt….she is the naughty part…who wants to have fun and love.


Wahida-well at least it makes perfect sense now that you explained it all. Well who is this doctor in Mumbai, what's her name?


Maryam- Well I didn't catch her first name….but I only know her last name.

Since she is new, her first name wasn't really up there….


Wahida-well who is she and why does her name sound so familiar to you then.


Maryam-her last name sounds familiar to me not her name..


Wahida-Ok just tell me already maybe I will know.


Maryam-Dr. Virani….she is new female psychologist specialized in Multiple Personality disorder.


Wahida-hey this last name does sound familiar, maybe its just a common name..which is why we think that. Anywayz…Doctor Virani…I really hope she can help Kt with this problem…


Maryam-I have my fingers crossed….she happens to live in Mumbai and studies the problem Kt has…this is such a coincidence. …. I really have my fingers crossed.


Wahida-Dr. Virani….hmmm who is she?


The part ends with a determined face on both Wahida and Maryam.


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loyalkashion Senior Member

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Posted: 21 November 2008 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
awesome part
pretty scary how there are like 3 people in kt
please update soon
i think the doctor is pari or archita guys
thanx for pm
update soon
please pm when u update
Kiran1018 Goldie

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Posted: 22 November 2008 at 2:12am | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful was nice to know more indept of the suspense of kt's personality disorder...i was really quite interested while reading....all the information i was just trying to soak it all in.
you know...i just loved the way you tied in all the 3 personalities....firstly, when i read about all three girls...i m like what? is this sakshi and lina related to kt?.....i understand y radha...infact when you wrote a little girl crying...i guessed it might be radha.....but later as i kept reading...i loved maryam's explnation of kt's different shades of personality relate to each of the three girls....that was very creative.
also another aspect of this part i really really like is the fact that even though the mystery behind kt is out.....i mean about her multiple personality disorder, there is still a mystery left as to what really happened when radha was it still keeps the readers wanting for more.
so hopefully u will write soon again.
take care
angel00 Goldie

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Posted: 22 November 2008 at 7:42am | IP Logged
that was fantastic (:
pretty weird having 3 personailties in kt ?
but it's reallly intresting sooo
keep up the wonderful work
nd please please continue soon :)
luv u nd ur ff.
ur fan kiran (L)

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Riyaa147 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 November 2008 at 8:00am | IP Logged
it is really nice partClap
poor kt hope she gets better and so does shivaniCry
Plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soonTongue
aishu_fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2008 at 10:11am | IP Logged
OMGGGGG!!!shiviiii!!Im so soosososoossosoososos sorry for the late comment!u have noo idea how busy ive been!!! god so may things have been happening and i cant veen think stragiht!! anywhooo omg ur too good!!tht sooo freaky 2 no 3! presoalities! u no tht remind of ht emovie sybil,she had 16 or 18 ppl inside her cuz her mom trotured her like  freak when she was littlle...soooo sad!!
god the deatilas...and the doesnt sound like some made up gibberish it sounded professionali duuno wat to say other htn ur too good!!ur my inspiration!!i need to go tdo my ff!!;(

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